The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The Providence Of God In Relation To The Human Viewpoint

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Barrytown, New York
August 21, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mr. Bo Hi Pak

First of all, I think I owe you an apology. This is sort of a vacation season when everybody goes to the mountains, and the lakes, for fishing and so forth. But you people came to this small room and squeezed yourself in, sweating for five days. This is in itself a great accomplishment. I'm sure most of you have a backache by now, because your way of life is not like our oriental way of life. You are not accustomed to sitting on a hall floor. I'm particularly sympathetic to our women, because I think men could sustain better, but I might have greater concern for some of our lady members than the men, because your patience may be running out. In your heart, you may ask yourself: "Is this the Unification Church way?"

I consider the most precious time in human life when you are still meditating and forming yourself within your mother's womb. While you are in the mother's womb that is the most critical and important period because that's the time you really create yourself: your limbs, your face, your beauty, and the whole formation of your body takes place in your mother's womb. And, as you know, a mother's womb is a very narrow place. Everyone is learning how to pray while in their mother's womb. You know while the baby stays in its mother's womb, it's in the prayer position: its hands in front, and bending a little forward. In this way its prayer position takes form in its mother's womb. So I want to consider this room in a universal sense as a mother's womb. The most important creation is taking place in this narrow, very hot, humid place. Yet, this is the place where the princes and the princesses of the New Age will be born: this is the mother's womb of the universe. Whatever harvest should come to you from this time on, I do not worry because you've been tested, you've been seasoned, and you've been hardened by the most critical and adverse conditions in the training period. Therefore, I'm confident that all of you will walk very proudly and independently in order to serve the purpose. So, do you have that same confidence? (Yes.) For that I am going to trust you.

The word "Hananim" means God. In the literal translation of Hananim -- "hana" means "one" and "nim" means a respectful term such as " sir. " What is the will of God? What is God's providence? Some years ago, I invited a famous theologian, a university professor, to come to our seminar in a training center, as I gave a lecture. After the lecture, the professor asked me a question, and one of our members asked him, "Do you know what the will of God is?" He mulled over the question and then shook his head and said, "Well, that question sounds very easy, but I find it very difficult to answer. " This man, a famous theologian, could not define the will of God.

Then how can Christianity be perfect under those circumstances? In ignorance there is no perfection. Then if that same question was directed to you young people of our church, what would you answer? [From audience: "God's will is to lay a foundation for the Kingdom of God here on Earth, the fulfillment of the three blessings bestowed on mankind in Genesis. When that's accomplished, both God and man will live. . ."I want the answer in one word-that's too long. In one word, what is the will of God? That is the realization of God's ideal. And what is the ideal of God? The perfection of man and woman so that they can realize the love of God-that is the will of God: the realization of God's love. The true realization of man's perfection in Adam and Eve and through them, from generation to generation -that is the will of God. That's 100 points in an examination. You can find no better word.

Was that will accomplished? That will was not accomplished. What must we do to realize God's will? God must re-create a new man and new woman. And is there such a person-a re-created man and a re-created woman? In a fallen generation, there is no such person in whom we can find perfection, because of the fall of man. It has been the work of God to restore this fallen generation step by step into the ultimate perfection of man. This has been the meaning of history.

You know very well from the study of the Divine Principle, that God started to bring the fallen generation into the servant level, then adopted son level, then true sons and daughters level-step by step. Then he is to become elevated into the True Parent position. This has been the process of history. This is the work of salvation and the providence of salvation and of restoration. It is more logical to know that God, from the moment of the fall of man, mobilized all the energy and resources that He could muster, in order to restore man from the position of enemy to servant, servant to adopted son, adopted son to true sons and daughters, and then up to the True Parent position. From the central position, you will expand step by step. This has been the way God has been working. And, as I said, all resources God could find were mobilized.

Many kinds of religions were mobilized. Some religions were equivalent to external religions and some played an internal role. So, there are external religions and internal religions. The central religion has to have an origin much deeper than external religion: in other words, the central one, which has to play the major role has to germinate before anything else. For example, the schoolteacher should be born before the students.

So there should be one central religion for all of God's work in order to originate the very movement that God intended for His work of restoration. To follow through the traditions in playing the role of central providence, there must be such a religion. In ancient days, indeed, Judaism played the major role when Israel was the central focus of God's providence. It originated in God and followed through to find God's Word and will, and further developed down into the modem-day religion. The central religion, since it is the central point of the universe, could not be shaky. Therefore, it has been tested and tried under adverse conditions, still preserving that old traditional sense of role. While all other religions come and go, that particular central religion must endure until the very last one of the accomplishments of the providence of God. That was the will of God.

When you evaluate value, what is real and what is fake? What are the differences between the false and true? The chosen people of Israel have been shown that particular central role of God's providence. They have been tested and tried, but their origin was so true! They've been preserving the tradition. And therefore, the chosen people cannot be changed. I mean that day and night, they must be the same. It must keep the same quality, whether in joy or in sorrow. God wanted to preserve such people.

So when you look at Jewish history, it is the history of one misery after another. However, we can also see the evidence and witness that God has been working through the people constantly, and without ceasing. God is slowly but surely making this one people progress to establish the one sovereignty, one nation, that He can occupy and control.

The chosen people of Israel were in a position to represent the entire universe. They were to represent every man on the face of the earth, including the baby in the mother's womb, and all people outside. They should be representative of all universal qualities. Then, what would God want to do next? When finally the moment of truth comes, when the Messiah was born in that particular nation and to that particular people, then the Messiah must find people of a corresponding level. When he was in his childhood, he must find people of his own age or level. When he was grown up, he should find the corresponding grown-ups that he could walk with, and so forth.

So actually the chosen people of Israel were then being trained in piety for preparation for the one day when one man, the Messiah would be born. When the Messiah was born every component of the chosen nation of Israel was fulfilling their particular mission, in a different role. So eventually what will God desire to do? God was seeking one unchanged, perfected sovereignty that would last forevermore. That kind of sovereignty or nation centered around the Messiah was God's intention. If that became true, then that one nation centered around the Messiah would be an invincible force--even the Roman Empire could not do anything to stop this one rock foundation of God. Anything that hit and attacked this one solid foundation of God would be broken into pieces. But that was not done.

Why did a savior come? Because there was a gap between God's providence and human understanding or man's viewpoint. There was a wide gap. And the Israeli people were looking for the Messiah, in the form of a military conqueror. They wanted the Messiah to bring his own nation into world greatness, so they could enjoy power.

But they forgot one thing: the first job for the Messiah to do is to re-create and change that people, molding them into a new format. This the people did not understand. The people couldn't accept it; they revolted against the Messiah. The Messiah began to undertake the very first re-creation of man. In other words, all men, once they found out the appearance of the Messiah, must take the position of almost blind loyalty and obedience to the Messiah, and they all should accept the one will of the Messiah. This was a quality God was seeking among the chosen people, and they did not know it.

Now the Messiah did come to set the fire of revolution first, but the chosen people of Israel forgot the most important thing: the Messiah did come for revolution. The revolution, however, was not in the external sense, but in the internal sense: the revolution of man. But they could not accept the revolution. They only sought vain glory. Indeed, Jesus came for the revolution; he initiated the revolution. But that revolution could not kindle the hearts of the people. Therefore, the people who resisted and would not accept those revolutions were slaughtered and destroyed. Israel was no more and the historical tradition was gone.

Only the handful of people regarded at that time almost as outcasts followed Jesus Christ, to launch the war against Satan. These were the disciples of Jesus. Those early Christians who followed Jesus Christ after His resurrection, truly risked their lives and gave them up. And they never hesitated to make any sacrifice for the purpose of carrying on the torch that was kindled by Jesus. So Christianity took up the mission of bringing the internal revolution of Jesus into external translation-so it will translate into human life. That was the purpose of Christianity.

Therefore, indeed, Christianity has taken up the role of the central religion of all the religions of the world. And Christianity went through tremendous persecution, trials, tribulations, difficulties, and many deaths. Christianity had to follow Christ facing adverse conditions, animosity and enemies on the individual level, family level, society level, tribal level, national level, and even in the Roman Empire. But eventually the war against the Roman Empire succeeded. It collapsed in front of Jesus' army.

The reality of history, how Christianity itself has won out, is the most vivid evidence and witness to me that there is a living God. Why? Think of it! Jesus was crucified at the age of 33. He was almost unknown, uneducated, in the eyes of the people. And he was regarded as a traitor by his own people. Jesus' circumstances in his own lifetime were miserable. At the moment of his death, he had no friends. Even his own disciples betrayed him. His family members betrayed him and turned against him. So actually, he was really the most miserable, defeated person under the sun. Would you think he could come back to life and change history? At the moment of the miserable death of Jesus, would anybody think that that man by dying could turn the world upside down? Could you assume that even the Roman Empire would collapse in front of him?

Yes, among you, there are many people between the ages of 30 and 33. Think of it! Would your death turn this world upside down? You wouldn't think so. But when you see that God is clearly on your side, 100 percent, then that is very possible, because God is almighty, unchanging and everlasting. The history of Christianity is not the work of one man, Jesus, but is a work of God. God by His power alone, can raise Christianity from death and bring it out into the world. It's a miracle of miracles that one man age 33, who died miserably, left the greatest of all revolutions in succeeding generations up to this point. So this one thing alone is most vivid, eloquent evidence that God is a living God, and that He is alive.

Then, why? Why did the Almighty God develop Christianity up to this point? What's His purpose? Because He has His own will, He wants to fulfill His own will. He has His own mind. And what is accomplishing the will of God? The will of God is the realization of the ideal of God. Then, in order to fulfill His ideal, God must find one ideal man, a man of perfection. He must find one ideal woman. He must find such a man and such a woman in the universe. When you know this much-that the will of God is ideal -then it's most natural!

You will find in the book of Revelation, the most eloquent descriptions of the Second Coming, and the concept of the bride and bridegroom. God wanted to see the Marriage Supper of the Lamb fulfilled. God wanted to give out His love, but where would God want to give that love? As Christianity has generally thought, we just go up into Heaven in the mid-air or somewhere. But no, God wanted to pour that love right here, on earth, because this is the very earth upon which God intended the fulfillment of His ideal. Most world religions have a concept of a Second Coming, but vaguely, in many cases. But Christianity has this concept of the Second Coming crystal clear. It hits the point.

Then, just what else does man want? All men have a desire to be a very important, essential person in the universe. And when you say man, there are two different types, male and female. Then what does a woman want? A woman wants to became a perfect person. A man wants to become a perfect person. They both want to become a perfect person. And, a man wants a perfect woman, and a woman wants a perfect man. A perfect man wants to meet a perfect woman. No man wants another man! A man wants a woman; a woman wants a man, a perfect man, no question about it. Do you think that God did not know that? Automatically, God knows that perfect man cannot sustain himself alone.

In this universe, can we see any perfect man? The perfect become very ugly for us. What is the highest goal of man? To reach up to man? No, not quite! Alone, perfect man cannot sustain history and joy cannot follow. So God needs the reciprocal relationship. This is where the joy comes from. This is where love can be realized. So perfect man must be complemented by perfect woman.

Put yourself into God's position: I'm sure you must think that way. In our feeble human wisdom, we can think that far. To think of it, still, the perfect wisdom of God, can't we think that far? There's no other answer that God can come up with. This is the answer. The ideal of God can only be realized upon the perfection of men and women. This is the answer, this is the ultimate goal. Then when you read the Bible, the Bible corresponds to this ultimate goal. It's calling and bearing witness to that ultimate goal. So it must be the truth. So it will fit perfectly to the mind of God, and it fits perfectly to our human reasoning. So, don't you want to see men of perfection? Then, how about God? Yes, God wanted to see perfect man.

In the Garden of Eden, before Cain slew Abel, he had a mind and an ambition to kill his brother. If he could overcome that particular ambition, that crime would not have occurred. But he did not know the consequences of that particular crime. No, he did not even have the slightest idea. Noah's second son, Ham, when he discovered his father naked, drunk, and sleeping, and covered the body of his father, did not have even the slightest idea what kind of awful consequences he was inviting. When Abraham overlooked the birds, without cutting them, he did not realize what kind of consequences he was inviting. When Moses struck the rock twice, by his rod, he didn't even have the slightest idea what kind of consequences he was inviting. There is no doubt that John the Baptist, even after he bore witness to Jesus Christ as the son of God, did not know what kind of tragedy he was inviting for his own people and the world by not following him.

All these things looked trivial and small, but these things were determining factors in history. And today's Christian world does not know. Because they turn against the Unification Church, they are going into ruin, they are going down the drain into the ditch. They did not know. They might say, "Well, only Reverend Moon will say that. We aren't going to accept it." But you wait and see what will happen.

Now, by the same token, we are gathered in this room today. Without knowing the historical significance of the day, we might not feel too serious about this occasion. But you will see! History will tell you that this was a real historical moment, the turning point for the nation of America, and the many nations of the world.

It could be possible, if we bring the victory in our forthcoming endeavor, the New York Crusade, that we shall go on the victorious path towards the ultimate victory of God. However, if you bring failure this time we will never know what kind of misery we are inviting. World history will record this day and your subsequent work in New York City for the Madison Square Garden Crusade. Now, this is the time when we must turn New York upside down and fight side up! The destiny of three billion people of the world hinges upon our shoulders and on what you do in the next couple of weeks.

We do have determination and the world and the destiny of the people is on our shoulders. But you must know that the time has arrived! We must have determination. We must demonstrate that conviction in the forthcoming weeks. Can you understand the seriousness? Nobody can have the power to deny that this is the moment, the crossing-point of human history. So, when I see this reality, this is the most serious moment of truth. The showdown is coming, you know, inch by inch, so you can imagine how serious I am.

I am mobilizing every ounce of energy of the Unification Church that I can muster. Some of you do not even have a serious attitude, and even doubt me. But while you are doing that, there are the thousands and thousands of members in Japan and Korea fasting and really almost giving up their life to commit themselves to the limit of their life, in prayer for this crusade. You are the frontline soldiers. Then your job is to live up to their expectations, and do more!

So, do not become a person that says, "I did not know!" Now you know! It's a very mysterious moment, one that you never even dreamed of, never even thought of! That is-in a way-the "great and terrible day of the Lord" at your hands. There is no chance to "do over," only once. One word, every action, everything you do-there is no second chance. So you must attach yourself fully to your center, and you must turn.

Internally, we are in an ideological battle. In seven Western states, the Communist party is now organizing seven state rallies. We are rallying for a God-believing ideology on the East coast of the United States. When we put up our posters, the Communists take them off. Then I told our people, "Do not lag behind them. " In other words, be aggressive! If they rip off one poster, put up ten! The battle has been well-fought already by our young people, the members of the New York Church. Now, you're joining the rest as frontline soldiers. I do not want you to discourage them; but you must give them encouragement so that they can even be uplifted. They've been doing a good job.

You have the name: The International One World Crusade. In fact I have been proud of the One World Crusade and say so at every opportunity I can get! And, therefore, the New York members of our Church are trembling in a way. "Well, the Intentional One World Crusade is coming to our city? What can we do? We must not be behind them!" Now, have you the resolve to win over them? If they woke up at four o'clock in the morning, what would you do? (Get up at three!) If they got up at two o'clock in the morning, what would you do? (Get tip at one!) If they got up at 12 o'clock, what would you do? (Not go to bed!!!) If they don't sleep, what would you do? (We wouldn't want to sleep!!!)

Then I want to ask the New York members, would you be behind them? Would you be defeated? (No?) Now, International IOWC'S, "Will you win, or will you be defeated?" You outnumber them. You know, they are small in numbers and you have much bigger numbers. You already have that advantage. But you never know, not until the showdown is made. You know, it's like two legs, the New York family and the International One World Crusade. Which would you choose, right or left? (Right!) But New York already took the right side so there is only one left. So we will see which side will be stronger, which will be the cripple. What I really want is two strong men, so that we can really win the victory.

Now, finally, we come to the moment for setting the slogan or motto. The slogan is "I didn't know." In ancient times, our ancestors failed because they didn't know. Now, we're winning because we are so overwhelmed, for we didn't know that this was such a wonderful moment. We didn't know it. In other words, this particular slogan was an excuse for the failure of our ancestors. But we are making that very excuse a point of success in our time. So, all these people ahead of us used it as an excuse, and they were always saying, "We didn't know. " But, this time, we didn't know it was such a great mission. Because we didn't know, now we know we will win. So you are the subject. Each one of you is the champion, the forerunner in kindling this internal revolution of man.

So, what shall we do with New York? New York will become our dough, dough as in baking bread. We'll eat it up. New York will be our dough and we will mold it into beautiful biscuits and eat them one by one. So, everyone is determined, right? Raise your hand for determination. I said beautiful twice because one is for internal beauty, and one for external beauty.

Throughout history from man's viewpoint, the excuse always was, "We didn't know the providence of God!" Small, trivial things, bring such important consequences. "We didn't know!" they said. However, compared to those trivial things in which our ancestors in biblical history failed, Madison Square Garden is a gigantic occasion. So you can see, a small bird can bring such misery. Striking the rock twice brought such misery. Now, how much more so if we do not do God's job right at Madison Square Garden, it will have universal consequences.

Look at your palms. This hand now becomes God's hand. They can touch in His name and do things for His work. This eye will see His things. This body will be invested for His work. We are living in such great times. Let's make our resolution once again at this historical moment. The great time and hour has arrived. And our chance is here at hand. So, what you do and how much you fulfill your responsibility shall enter into the course of history and the destiny of mankind. Therefore, today, I spoke on, "The Providence of God in Relation to the Human Viewpoint. "

Have you eaten tuna fish? No? I bought two giant tuna fish, one for internal revolution and one for external revolution. I feel happy to see your smiling, glowing faces, and also your applause. It is such a powerful, energetic applause. Now that gives me assurance that you will fulfill your promise. So, I'm very happy, because you will make me happy. Thank you very much. Sometimes we will meet in New York. Do you understand me? Let's conclude this meeting with prayer.

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