The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

God And His Kingdom

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
August 11, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

"God and His Kingdom" is my topic this morning. In the world all people long for a central figure. We want the central figure to be unchanging and everlasting. Not only that, but also the central figure must be righteous and good. Such a central figure cannot be found in human society and we cannot make one. We know that the central figure must be a human being for others to follow, but since we cannot create one, from where can we expect such a person? We all know that not just any man can stand in that position, to be righteous, good, unchanging and everlasting.

Even in our imagination, we must have a figure who is unchanging, everlasting, good and righteous. Without such a goal before us, we cannot go on our way towards the goal set by God.

When we look at ourselves, we have our bodies and our minds. Let us closely study ourselves, trying to find if there is any quality in man to allow him to become such a perfect one. We have external man and internal man, our body and mind. Then between the two, which has more the quality of everlastingness and goodness? When we ask which is more righteous, we find that kind of quality in our mind rather than in our body.

People in general know that we have minds but they end there, without knowing further about some entity manipulating our minds. Even when we look at the mind, the views of people towards the mind are different from each other. When you study the mind superficially, minds always vacillate and there's no central power manipulating the mind -- there seemingly is no such thing. Then do we really know what our mind is like? We know that we have the mind, and mind is the subject to the external flesh, but we don't exactly know what the mind really is like.

We are looking for the true relationship of men centered on the mind, but we don't exactly know in what way that operates. We find our minds struggling to attain the goal of higher dimension, ahead of us and higher from where we are. We know that our minds tend to the goal of higher dimension, and if there is something good, something of higher value, the mind is always inclined to attain that goal. While our minds are seeking for things of higher value, on the other hand our fleshly side always tends to stop the mind from going towards that goal.

We know there's a vast difference from the man our minds desire to be and that which our body desires to be. Our mind is always teaching us to become a perfect man, but in the next moment its greed, its ambition, goes on to tell us that, "You must be the central figure of righteousness in your family, in your clan, tribe, nation and the world." Our mind is accelerating us or helping us expedite the attainment of the goal of individual perfection, clan, tribe and national or worldwide perfection, helping us steer the way to widen this goal of our being. But on the contrary, our fleshly side would bar the way or play the obstacle to that.

Then in human society where at all can we find real righteousness and happiness? As long as our mind and body go different ways, we cannot really attain that goal, but we must bridge the gap between the mind and body. There must be unity between our mind and body, and how at all can we attain this?

There are many kinds of human endeavors -- education, religious activities and all kinds of things -- but which is the right way to have our minds and body put together into eternal unity? Real happiness comes about only when we have our mind and body eternally in oneness, in harmony. In the position where we have our mind and body in utter oneness, then we cannot be dominated by powers other than the final or absolute power. We come close to that absolute Being and we ourselves resemble Him. Unless there is the possibility of our resembling the absolute Being, there is no such thing as happiness.

In the scope of a family, when you can bring the whole family into unity and harmony, you can call that family a happy one. Having made your family into oneness, you can play the role of the central figure there. You are the exemplary one there. Then we can draw the conclusion that we can attain happiness only when we make unity at every level of things, and with yourself playing the role of the center.

Then again we must understand that we must never change. There must be no changeability. The standard of measurement there -- for instance, the ruler or the scale must be one unchanging standard, just one. This one thing playing the role of the central or standard point, others must adjust their standards. The central one or the original one must surpass any other. Then that must be the eternal standard to which all others would adjust.

In human society, too, centered on an individual, you must find there an unwavering standard of life. You may try to make such a standard or follow such a standard of another person, or find it from an ultimate source. There must be a view of personality, view of life, which can never vacillate or change. And where can we find that? Unless we find that we cannot enjoy true happiness. Can our mind do the job? Can our fleshly side do the task? We can never dream of being able to find such a standard without our mind and body in oneness and in unity. But in that unity too, what we acquire must come through our mind. But sometimes and very likely we cannot trust our mind. And more than that, we are ignorant of what our mind is really like. Where there is ignorance we cannot really trust anything, and where there is no belief or trust, we cannot find clear goals.

Then what is our mind at all? What is the human mind is the ultimate question. Where does it originate? Does it start from ourselves or from elsewhere". If you define it to have originated in yourself . you must be able to manipulate it; but when you find you cannot manipulate your own mind you must imagine

that it comes from elsewhere than yourself. It is not of human origin but of an origin far above the human level. We can never define that it is from man himself. If we can imagine that there must be something of higher dimension which manipulates our minds, we are safe to lay out that kind of hypothesis; and as in science, that hypothesis can be proven later on.

Then as we find such a thing of higher dimension manipulating our minds, and through our minds our bodies, then at last we can sight the goal and we find our direction.

Then through what channel can we reach that goal? In human society, because of the fall, only through religions can we find such a goal and get associated with the final or ultimate Entity. If you are sure you have found something like that, you must feel that you have five senses other than the fleshly ones working in you to define that, and you must have such personal experiences. That kind of sensation must be stronger than what you feel and see and do using your five physical senses, and it must be experienced by your own self.

In human relationships, too, you find your minds working among yourselves, but in these minds there must be something -- for instance human conscience working towards a goal of higher dimension, and you must have your mind always associated with that power coming from above. On the human level, too, when in your past you have been tasting good food, seeing, artistic things, and hearing music and all those things, then you don't want to go down below that level. In the human conscience the same thing applies. So you must look up to something of higher dimension than your level always, and you cannot expect that coming from below your level. And when you acquire or attain a goal a little higher than the level you are enjoying, now, the next moment you want something of a still higher level.

Everyone is sure of the fact that Our mind is working towards that goal, not our fleshly side. You know about that only too well. Since all human beings without exception are struggling towards that goal, trying to get associated with things of higher dimension, we must go on struggling for that goal, looking up to the spiritual side. It doesn't matter what the name is or what His name is, but when we call Him God, our minds are always inclined to have some relationship with Him. But we see a vast difference between the level of our minds and the level of that ultimate Entity. How vast the distance must be between God and our minds!

There must be contents, particulars, and ways for us to reach that goal, God. We must be able to bridge the gap, or bring our minds closer to Him. We say we must educate ourselves, train ourselves and discipline ourselves. All those things start from our mind, with our mind at the base.

But we don't know what our mind is like. That's the question. And we cannot trust our mind. It always wavers. It always vacillates. We find it is not absolute. It is always changing.

So in human society even our ideal, the moral standard, is always changing, hopefully for the better. It has been changing and it is changing now, and it will continue changing. Changing sometimes means progress towards a goal of higher dimension, but we must always adjust ourselves bound for that goal, not the other way around. If we find ourselves inclining to lower the level of our conscience, we cannot even call ourselves human beings. We must discard ourselves or deny ourselves in that case, and try to lift ourselves up, setting ourselves on the path towards that goal.

When we find ourselves and others below the level of conscience, there's no human order. We must finally say that we would have to destroy this world or the past standard of life. There would be no value, no standard, nothing of God's recognition, and we would come down to the level of animals. In that case where would all the human beings be destined? They would be doomed to danger and despair and darkness.

Then, as our title says, there must be the standard of God's Kingdom. Where can you find God's Kingdom at all? Which of the two in us, the mind or body, will set the standard or find one? We have come to the conclusion that it cannot start from our fleshly body but from our minds. God is the ultimate entity which is never changing, and eternal, and His Kingdom also is of that quality. Then can our body fit that? Though our mind has the tendency to want to have that goal, even our mind is far below that level as it now is.

But can God alone erect His Kingdom? No. He can do the job only in unity with a man resembling Him or in oneness with Him. The erection of the Kingdom of God must start from one man like that, but where can we locate this man? Is the man just a man of moral value? Well, when you say moral value it means based on our mind. Then can you find such a person in the religious world? Yes, we must look for such a person not among just moral people but among religious people.

Then among the religious people, too, what kind of religious people? From the religious people who long for the salvation of themselves and pray for their own well being and prosperity? Do we find such a person among those who want to attain that level on the individual level, or family level, or levels wider than that? Even on the individual level, that person of our desire must set his central thought connecting with the ultimate goal, then broadening the scope of his attainment.

Then we can safely say that we can find such a person among the religious people who would not set their goal on the individual things but on broader things such as the family level, things on the national and worldwide level. Unless what he does on the individual level can go in unison with or in conformity with God's goal for all mankind, we cannot dream of finding such a person.

From this viewpoint let us examine human history and the existing religions. Then our conclusion is that the moral world is the thing of the past. We don't have to handle the moral world. We must transcend the educational goal or the moral goal.

What we want to do is find such a standard in the religious world. But from observation we know that in most of the religions people just try to attain the goal of their own happiness, praying for that always. And such religions are not our goal.

Which is better, people who want to become happy for their own sake or become happy for others' sake, or those who want to sacrifice for the sake of others' happiness? In order for us now to be able to play the role of the central figures we must be taught to work for other people, even sacrificing ourselves for that goal. The central figure of the higher dimension with the ultimate happiness and righteousness could be found among those who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the happiness of all humankind. Then in which religion can we find such persons? Where is such a religion? That religion must be of worldwide level.

We have seen we have four big religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Confucianism. Among those four, which is the closest to God? In which of the four religions is the relationship between man and God the closest? Which is it? (Christianity.) Why is it so? (Father-son relationship.) Yes, you say because Christianity has the father-son relationship between God and man. But more simply why is it? Why? It is because there is an everlasting relationship centered on love and life. Can you comprehend it? (Yes.) That is, our life is related with His life and originated from His life, so we cannot think of ourselves separately from that relationship. We have inseparable ties between our life and the will of God because there is love coming from the divine origin working in us.

In oriental philosophy we strongly think even though couples can separate from each other, we can never be separated from our parents. Why is it so? It is because in our relationship with our parents there is life stream running through lineage from our ancestry to us as their fruit. If we deny that, we deny ourselves, deny our own life.

But between husband and wife, the love does not originate from the life relationship. Of course it is desirable for any husband and wife not to be separated, to go together eternally, but if either of the two relationships would be cut off, you would rather have the relationship between the husband and wife cut off, not the tie between yourselves and your parents. In other words, you can never cut off the tie between you and your parents, however hard you may try. That's something you can never cut off. Maybe the children have changed not to recognize their parents, but parental love never changes. That's in general true. It never changes. Isn't that true? (Yes)

That is why even prodigal sons and daughters can come back to the bosom of their parents. When you come back, you are sure they will not reject you. You will find they have been waiting for you with outstretched arms.

But if there is disunity and rupture between husband and wife and their relationship is cut off , they very likely are going to become enemies instead of friends. And you would just hate to look at that person you have loved. Well, both of you feel that way towards each other. But between sons and parents it is never like that. As I said before, the children may feel that, but it is never like that with the parents.

To that philosophy oriental people are more inclined. So, the orient means the origin in my vocabulary. That's their nature. But in the Western world I find that you think more highly of the horizontal relationship between husband and wife, rather than the vertical one between sons and parents. This is the very reason that disunity and rupture and disharmony is prevailing in this society.

When we think that education is important, in our family when we were growing up, what kind of education started first? The education between parents and children, or the education between husband and wife? (Parents and children.) Yes. That's the order of education, order of love relationship.

Even in Western homes, you had once been educated to love your parents. Then you wanted to have your spouses, and at that stage, too, you must not discard the love towards your parents; but you somehow forgot that love to find the other. But vaguely you have the idea that very desirably, you must have the consent of your parents to have your spouse, to determine your spouse. Even in a vague way you have that idea, isn't that true? Even in the Western world? It is because love is originated on the vertical level from Someone absolute.

So in our ideology we must arrange things like that on the theoretical base, and have people realize it and recognize it and carry it out.

Then has there been any such person in the Western world who would never forget parental love, even though you had to dissolve the relationship between husband and wife? That's not the way things should be. We cannot just vaguely teach people that parental love and the love between parents and their children are important, but we must feel that the young men and women in our church have learned that. So, the order of our education here is to teach you of the love between parents and children and then love between brothers and sisters, and then love between husband and wife. That's the order of love. Unless you can love your parents -- and if you are in the position of the parents, your children -- you cannot love your brothers and sisters, and unless you can love your brothers and sisters, you cannot love your spouse in the real sense. Then you must love your brothers and sisters as your parents, and you must love your spouse as your brothers and sisters and your parents.

Then what are the wishes of the husbands and wives? You would want your husband to love you as though you were his sister and his mother. And that love originated on the vertical level will come to you, and there's nothing more to be desired, to be wished for. In that case you feel like loving your husband -- well, vice versa, of course put husband's brothers and sisters in your husband's place, and the husband's parents in place of your husband. So, there will come unity and harmony in that family. Then alone can you safely say that the tie of love between husband and wife will be as strong and as important as that between the brothers and sisters and the parents and children. From then alone you can create and build an ideal family, which is the fundamental unit of the society. If you cannot find the ideal in your homes, you can never find any society or nation of such kind. Your family being the fundamental unit of the whole human society, how can you build the ideal society without your being able to find or build such a family? Can you follow me?

In that sense, oriental philosophy far surpasses Western philosophy, but it is now being invaded by the Western philosophy. Rev. Moon, however, has been working to correct it, to put it into the original status.

Let us go back to the mainstream of our thought. In Christianity we find love and life relationships between man and God in the father-son relationship, of course. That's what makes Christianity the core of all other religions. Among the Christian denominations, ours is strongly advocating that, and we claim that the father-son relationship must be that between God and man. In human society, too, we must put more stress and importance on the father-son relationship, and then the relationship between brothers and sisters. (He thinks I am going far ahead of him. I am paraphrasing or interpreting this.)

What are the contents of Christianity? We put more stress on life, love and sacrifice, coming from those two. Nothing else is there. That's the very core of the thing. That's the very core of what Christianity is, and we want to apply it to our Family.

Then what would God and Jesus want us to do? If Jesus was in the position of son to God, we can well imagine that God had been educating him in that way. Jesus was educated by God. Then Jesus learned to know that God was the Source or Subject of his love and life, eternal love and life. He knew that. Then he knew that God was existing for the sake of himself, and God was sacrificing self for Jesus' sake. He must have known that.

Then, with what ideology would God educate other people? I mean, how would Jesus educate other people? Jesus knew that all human beings on earth are brothers and sisters under God. He was looking for people or wanted to produce people, educate people, to find God and love God and recognize God as their life, source, and the One who is sacrificing Himself for the sake of mankind. He tried and tried to teach people, and when the people did not absorb his education and rejected him, he continued that to the end of his life, even sacrificing his own life.

He said that he was the symbol of the life and love and way -- the means to sacrifice for others in the love of God. Then for him that was the way of the cross when people rejected him. So, in this world of the fall, where there is real love and life, there must always follow sacrifice -- sacrifice for others

In Christianity, we have the bridegroom and bride ideology, and since it was not realized in Jesus' day, it comes to the day of the Lord of the Second Advent for the revelation to be realized. The core of the teaching of Jesus towards mankind was that people must love God as their Parent and love others as their brothers and sisters, and then alone we can build a real home based on the divine love between husband and wife. I must again emphasize that we must learn three kinds of love: first, love towards our parents; love among the brothers and sisters; and then love between husband and wife. With those three loves totalized and put together, we can really taste the true kinds of love, and then we can build good homes and good societies

Christianity alone is the religion where they teach that kind of love relationship, so when God seeks a man who can lead all humanity, he must find one in Christianity, in the Christian world. That's what makes Christianity the religion of all religions, the most important religion of all. In Buddhism we see that the teaching is vague as to the relationship between God and man, and they put more stress on the spiritual world. Islam is just the imitation of Christianity, I should say, and Christianity applied in the wrong way. In Confucianism they teach things more or less of moral standard but not exactly the relationship between man and God. So, Christianity is the only religion which teaches the core of the Divine Principle.

We must look for leadership, true leadership, in the religious world, and in the religious world, as I said before, Christianity is the core of all religions. The reason for Christianity's being the core of all religions is that in Christianity we teach the love and life relationship with God and the way of sacrificing ourselves for the sake of others. That's why I chose Christianity. It is not because my parents had been Christians before my birth, and it is not because the tradition tells me to do that, but I found that in Christianity that kind of core teaching exists. And, I thought it was only too natural to draw the conclusion that in Christianity alone, and through Christianity alone, we can save the whole world, because there we are taught to have the relationship between God and man based upon divine love and life.

Then what must be God's Kingdom? Unless He finds an individual who is God-like or who resembles Him, He cannot have him erect a Godly family and then Godly clan, tribe, society and the world. So the core of the thing is man in the tie of divine love with God, and his family around him.

There can be just one Kingdom of God, not two kinds. Then God must be anxious and eager to educate people to have that kind of love on the individual level and the family level and all other levels. God has been struggling hard with all out effort to find such a person, and since he has been looking for such a person in the Christian world, if in the Christian world any such group surrounding that kind of a personage appears, that's the religion of religions. Can you understand? (Yes.) Then is there any such personage in the world and any such family? (Yes.) What do you mean by "Yes?" Can you find such a family in America? (Yes.) I have not been able to find any such family in America, so I struggled hard to make one of my own. Father would have anyone make such a family, and in that case, in case He finds such a family built before Him, He cannot but love that person and that family. You know too well that in the Unification Church our ideal goes that far. There is the most wonderful thing, and the most dreadful thing, too. Dreadful because it is going to destroy the satanic world. In the Christian world if we are going to find such a group and such a family, where can we find one? Where at all?

When God is anxious to find a nation of such standard, even though that nation may be homogeneous in worshipping God, God does not want that nation to confine itself to things of national level without having a broader sense of love towards all mankind. He would not choose that nation but he would like to have that nation love other nations and educate the whole population of the world so that through that nation and through the central leader of that nation He could erect His Kingdom. This nation must transcend national boundaries. Viewed from that standpoint, America is prepared soil for that because the American nation was formed by having people from all nations; and if you really had created and embued unity in this nation under God's ideology, this would be the best place. Here alone God's ideal could be realized.

You are the spirit to other nations, and you are blessed more than other nations because you have the tendency and possibility of blending all nationalities and colors and all things into ultimate oneness. Then why did God bless America most of all nations? It is safe for us to draw the conclusion that God blessed this America because there is the possibility of making the whole world into ultimate oneness and harmony and love starting from this nation, not elsewhere.

Then what has made America prosperous like this? What made it so? That was the Christian ideology. Isn't that true? (Yes.) Without the Christian ideology you could not have become like that, transcending national boundaries, and even 50 states, you know, could not accept the federal government in unity and harmony.

Then without Christian ideology there would have been rupture and you could have created the second Europe. Like the old world, there could have been disharmony. Before your forefathers came to this continent, there had been, in Europe, disharmony, rupture and persecution of Christian people. That's what made your forefathers flee from their own countries to come to settle on this continent. And, their way of life was to worship God in freedom.

If in the new world -- America -- as in the old world, if there is corruption in the new Christian world it means second doom or peril. If in the midst of peril and corruption even in the Christian world, there sprouts up one group which thinks dearly of the life relationship and love relationship between man and God and would be ready to sacrifice themselves for the salvation of mankind, that's the only religion God would be using as His instrument.

Seen from God's point of view, too, God would want a group of all Christians who would set the goal of higher dimension where they teach divine love in life. In the Christian world, if that kind of group is found, the Christian world will never perish, but there will be reanimation and revitalization to have it come to life. Is there corruption in the Christian world in America? (Yes.) Then are the young people of America glad over the fact or sad? (Sad.) You are the only group of young people who are sad over the fact, but other people feel freedom, and they leave the church and then they feel as though they are liberated. It's the sign of peril coming to the United States.

Unless there comes into existence a group where a new tribe will emerge under the leadership of man, as in the case of the Jewish people of God's choice, unless this chosen people will do something to change America' and the world, there's no hope for the world to be changed or saved. In other words, in America we need a stronger Christian group with a strong ideology, because all other ways have been proven to be a failure. If, maybe, black people would emerge

with a stronger leadership than others, you must be able to follow that leader. Despite the race, you must follow the leadership and you must realize the bitter fact that in the Communist world or in the satanic world in general their power is to destroy this world of religion, the world in which they believe in God. So the first target for the satanic power to destroy is Christianity, and their final target within Christianity is how to destroy the family, which is the core of divine love here.

For God's part, He wants to find a person with his family built according to that ideology; and reversely, for the satanic part they want to destroy the whole of Christianity by corrupting the family. That's what it is now. Do you have the power to straighten up and put in the original order your family, your society, your nation? Do you have the power? America does not have such strength. You have so many universities, but can those universities create such youth? (No.) Can the youth graduated from these schools put Christianity in good order? (No.) Then who will start that? (We will!.)

Yes, we can do that if and when what we are doing comes from God. In educating the people, we cannot give them blind education just to obey God and believe in Him. All through human history we are the fruit of the divine lineage -- divine will, and we are the only group as such to be able to save the world. As I said before, if we put more stress on our fleshly side, we cannot carry out the job.

Well, in the world even of Christianity they have been putting more stress on the mind side and on the conscience; but, if through our mind and conscience God does not work, giving us the life and love relationship and touching our hearts and inspiring us to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the rest of humanity, no group can work God's will. It is most thrillingly important that in our church we talk about the heart of God. When we understand and feel and experience the heart of God, it is natural for us to feel the life and love relationship between God and ourselves, and this is the most wonderful thing. We learn that here, and when we put it into practice to reach out to even the last one in all humanity, we are sure to save the world.

We can conclude that this is the only religion, and God has been looking for this kind of religion because here we teach that we must be able to love our God as our parents first, and love other human beings as brothers and sisters under our Father, God. Love between husband and wife is emphasized next. With all those loves totalized, we will love all humanity, and that is what makes our group the most wonderful one. Do you understand? (Yes.)

As it now stands, at least, no such religion will possibly be found elsewhere than in our group where God can rely on the people to erect His Kingdom, the Kingdom of God on earth.

Then where does God's kingdom come from? It comes from the idea, divine idea. Through our conscience and mind we are a group of people which try to learn and put the ideal into practice.

There are many, many, many men of conscience in the world, and at the best they have been thinking of the well-being of their own nation, if not their family. But, in our church we want to be happy after making the whole of humanity happy. By humanity, we mean all the nations, all the races. All are children of God, and only after having made children of God -- our brothers and sisters and God happy, can we be happy ourselves. This is the best ideology.

Well, in brief, we must be able to love God as our parents, and we must be able to love our fellow men as brothers and sisters, and love our spouses to make a real couple under God's love. Then alone we can erect the family of God's love, and a clan, tribe, nation and world of God's love based on that.

So we are a group of people looking for True Parents, true brothers and sisters and our true spouse. From then we have our clan, nation and world.

In a sense we are going the reverse way from the way people of the secular world are going. From this point of view, we must re-evaluate what we did after the Watergate issue. A great stir will come about in this nation -- it has already begun coming in this nation -- because there is disharmony between the government and people, the Senate and Congress, and among fellow countrymen. Is it right that people are really happy to see President Nixon resign from his office? (No.) That's something like this: people loving to see this nation declining faster. While some of the Americans see these things as the saddest

things, there are many, many others who are happy over the fact, and who are they? The happiest ones are the Communist people; you must know that fact. Those people who call themselves liberal are more inclined to Communistic ideology.

Even before I made the Watergate Statement I had known that Nixon was wrong, Nixon is wrong. He knew that it was a lie that he was not involved in the Watergate cover-up issue. But I knew that in this corrupted world where more evil can come or is already prevailing, a President in his office must have the right, that kind of right. He must have the right to discharge or dissolve the Senate and Congress. Then the Senators and Congressmen are in the position to be able to be discharged or dissolved by the President, and how can they impeach the President? That's the order of the thing.

If you have enemies, there are two types of enemies, the internal enemy and the external enemy. This external enemy, which is the Communistic world, is going against the democratic world. In order for a democratic nation to stop Communistic power from invading the country they use the CIA. And, you know what the CIA is doing in other countries. Or, do you think what they are doing is not sinful? It is a horrible sin. Then is it written in your Constitution that to use the CIA to corrupt other nations and dig out other nations' secrets is not a crime? Is there any such written statement in your Constitution? They are doing unimaginable, horrible things, saying that they are doing that for the sake of this nation. To set up wire-taps, to do that is no question. They can kill people, you know, keep people hostage; all sorts of evil things are being done.

Viewed from that standpoint America herself is committing crimes against other nations. In the ultimate sense, the American government is committing crimes, and this means that the American people are in the collective way committing sins, and America as a nation is a sinner. They are committing crimes. What they are doing justifies themselves because they are doing that in the belief that they are going to destroy evil power, saving their nation and protecting their nation from being invaded. And, compared to that, what President Nixon did is just nothing. What if by the wire-tapping he found that in the Democratic Party they were using money coming through channels of Communist background and he had discovered it and disclosed it? It could have made the President the most famous and foremost President among all other Presidents. Wouldn't that have been possible? Then you could have praised him, long recording his name as the most influential and famous President of all.

There has been the possibility of his finding that kind of thing, horrible thing, and if that kind of possibility, even a particle of it existed, would you not give him the right to do that? So, in my view, he has the right to do that, and the Presidency is for that, and if he is without that kind of right there's no power whatever and he will be just a puppet. If you would think that the President has committed a crime in trying to find out internal enemies and if you are ready to impeach him, then you must impeach yourself first. All the Americans have committed the crime, and in that sense your President should not have resigned from his post. Don't you think so? (Yes.)

Before long in American history it will be recorded that my statement was right and if they followed that statement they would not have brought whatever corruption and danger is coming ahead. Nixon himself was wrong in resigning. If he had pushed on, God was ready to help him. If he had listened to me, taking my voice as from God, then he would not have done that. He could have thought up a better way.

In the opposing power, I am sure there is Communistic power working behind the scenes. They came to threaten to kill him if he did not resign, and that's what compelled him to do so. I was right, and you can justify our statement because we are all sinners in the sight of God, and since we are sinners we have no right to cast stones at other sinners. That's why I advocated forgiveness, love and unity in the time of trouble and difficulty.

In that sense we loved the Presidency, not the President, so you must make your stand very strong and clear, that you can have confidence and let others have confidence. So, we will never change in our attitude and in our ways to help this nation. We are going to help the present Presidency and help him do the right thing. Are you ready for that? (Yes.)

God has so prepared this nation that from here the ideal world will be erected. God, seeing the corruption in this nation, is sad but has not yet left this nation. That's why I came over to this nation of America and started working here. And our work will see no end until we will recover this nation or restore this nation under God's will. This nation and her people are not yet aware of the fact that Master is here at the call of God and what important things Master has already done and is doing and is going to do for this nation. If they reject him, oh how sad God must be. I want you to be even stronger than ever and try your best to change this nation and stop this nation from going to destruction, and lift your people up and have them head for the eternal goal.

We must stop the corruption of Christianity in this nation. We must stop the families from being broken up. We must stop the individual from being corrupted like hippies and going to pieces. If we are not able to do that, this nation will be hell. Are you confident that without our helping this nation, this nation can be restored and prosper again? (No.)

What we are doing is character building; by character building I mean the perfection of individuality and the perfection of families, clans, nations and the world. We are the only group to do that. We are the religious group of the highest dimension as it now stands, at least, and through us alone God can build the world of love and unity and life and harmony, which is the Godly Kingdom on earth.

Before anything else you must be able to have your mind work with God in unison with God's demand, and then your sensation of love towards God must be more than that between the brothers and sisters and within the couples. By our doing that, we can build our perfect individuals, and from there on we can widen the scope to build the Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

This has been a short talk of several hours but there is included every element and core of divine teaching, so you must never forget this and be confident to put it into practice to build the final Kingdom of God on earth with our hands. Everything starts from us. You must have the confidence. The Kingdom of God will be erected by our own hands. The Kingdom is in your own mind, in your own self, in your family, clan, tribe, nation and the world. It will come about.

What Jesus was going to do was that, to erect the Kingdom in the world. And what the Lord of the Second Advent is going to do is establish that Kingdom, but he cannot do it all by himself. That is what makes you important, to work with him. You are in the subject position to build your own home in Godly love and your own nation and the world, and you are the subject, not the world, nation, or your family. You are in the position, as of God, to convey your love and life towards other people, and other people by having implanted that love and life will extend that love on the family level, national level and worldwide level. And it all starts from you as individuals, and you must know your own value in that sense. You must know the Kingdom of God starts right from yourself. Do you understand me? (Yes!) You must never change. You must never vacillate, waver on the way. Are you determined never to be changed and just live and die for the cause in this movement? (Yes!) After hearing me, I hope the idea of the nation has become clear. Do you have the clear picture of what it is, what you are going to do? (Yes.) Even the whole world may shake, but you will not be shaken, you will not be stirred or moved. Can I believe you?

If you are really determined to carry out your mission with faith in God and with the confidence to move other people's hearts, then you are no different from what I am, and you are in the position of the master to other people. You can do greater work than I have done because I am now standing on the worldwide base at the age of 50 -- over 50 -- but you are now on that same base while you are in your 20's or 30's. Then your hope is greater than mine. What you are going to do is going to be greater. Don't you know that? (Yes.) I want you to have great hope, and be entertaining that hope. You must bum yourself out to kindle the whole world into animation under God's will. If I were in my 20's and had done this much work, you can imagine how much I could do in my lifetime.

Suppose God is still looking for one and asking people where He can find that kind of person, and they will say Rev. Moon, Rev. Moon.

You are young people of reason and young people of criticism, and you can judge on your own. And you have come here and settled here because your heart is moved and touched and inspired. In the outside world people are changing all the time, but we are in the ship on that heaving sea of life. When you are in the rocking boat you must be more stable, have balance, and you know, strength is needed there. Some of you may have thought, "Oh, we fasted and prayed, kept vigil for the President, and we did not expect this to happen; and what is going to happen now?" You don't have to worry about that, God will take care of it, and what we have done will be fruitful in a better way. We'll never change, and we may have to have longer fasts and prayers for this nation, and as a group of people entitled to be God's children we must be helping out this nation in every way possible.

I see our PR teams back here and I want you to have this kind of notion implanted in you. You will work even harder to convince the Senators and Congressmen how to love this nation and work for this nation. I think our members all over the country and all over the world would lend attentive ears to what I am now talking about, the Watergate issue, after the turmoil. You are the first to have heard me talking about the Watergate issue and what it is going to mean in the future, and I want you to be really confident and with stronger will power work towards the goal. What you have done will be recorded in the history of America and will be known throughout the world and people in later days will find that our ideology alone will be the core ideology, leading the whole humanity to the goal of salvation. It can be applied to politics and everything, and only the love and life relationship between God and man alone can do the job, and we will do the job of erecting the kingdom of God on earth. In the history of God's providence we will be recorded and remembered.

Ahead of us there's only victory, no failure, because we will never bend our task until we gain the victory. I want you to continue on your way with more strength and courage.

Now you know how to explain to other people and other members, with the same zeal and energy.

We have only a month or so left toward Madison Square Garden, and the eight city speech tour will be able to show our fruit to other people, so I want you to strive for that goal. Everything we do, especially the Madison Square Garden campaign, you must realize, is connected with God's will. Do you follow me? (Yes!)

Shall we pray?

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