The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Our Present Mission

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
August 4,1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

The world in which we live and we ourselves are results of something else, so we cannot solve our problems on our own. We say we have responsibilities; but they don't actually begin with us; we inherit them from our predecessors. Even though a certain past begins from me, it will not end with my death, but will be passed on to someone else. However great a success we may be able to attain, it will become a resource to later generations.

What we have accomplished will be passed on to our descendants; for instance, what your children do will be inherited by their children, who are our grandchildren. On the horizontal level, too, we live in one generation, but what we do on an individual level will be spread to the family, tribal, national, and worldwide levels. This is so because what human beings are doing is manipulated by God; behind the human scene God's will is working. God's Will will be manifested through an individual, and an individual doing God's will must pass on what he accomplishes to other people on broader levels.

The inner will of God was manifested through Adam. What Adam was doing was connected with God's will, and what he was accomplishing was going to be passed on to later generations. He was living in the present, and what he was doing was going to be passed on to future generations. This transcends time. For instance, Adam was living in the present moment but God's will was in eternity; and he was living in the present moment, but his future will be connected with what he was doing at that time

In light of the Principle of Creation, we can say in the strict sense that what Adam was doing will be fruitful in later generations, not in his own age. Centered on himself, Adam's work will be fruitful when he establishes the foundation of four positions, with his own children as the fruit. This kind of four positional base must be the pattern or formula for what we are doing. It will be passed on generation after generation according to God's will. Without God's will, nothing will carry meaning.

God's purpose in creating Adam came from goodness. Without goodness in God's will, nothing could have been fruitful. So what Adam did would have been fruitful and would have been inherited by later generations only when what he did was good. Then what is evil? Evil is anything that is contrary to goodness. Goodness is derived from God; it begins with God, is inherited by man, and when man bears good fruit it will be inherited by later generations. So what is evil will not be derived from God, but from the other source, and it will not be fruitful as God's will would want it to be.

Due to the human fall, the human stance became different from the original. In the inner self of a human being Satan came to exist instead of God; what man has done was fruitful according to the lineage of Satan instead of God. If it had not been for the human fall, God would abide in our inner self, and what we are doing would be what God would have us to do, and what we are doing would be fruitful as the will of God and be inherited by later generations. But things contrary to that are happening in this world. Because of the human fall, a will contrary to God's is working in us, warring with our mind, which tends toward God.

It is something like this: centering on myself as a magnet, we must line up through the North Pole and South Pole, the Arctic and the Antarctic. But instead, we are going East and West, instead of North and South. The difference in the angle makes us more or less evil. If the angle is crooked we are that much evil, and as the angle is widened, we are more and more evil.

Then how do we adjust the angle? If we leave everything in God's hands, it's simple. But we cannot expect God to do everything for us, so we must struggle harder on our own. If we could place ourselves in the position of Adam before the fall, the question would be simple, but since we have a fallen nature, we must struggle hard to adjust ourselves to the original position. That is our stance. So unless we struggle hard to put ourselves in the original position, God cannot work. That much we should do ourselves.

When we study the situation in Adam's time there was Adam himself, God above him, and the angelic world around him. God, of course, was there to help Adam to do good, and the archangel also was supposed to help Adam and minister to him; but the archangel went wrong and turned the opposite way. So many evil spirits came into existence. Evil spirits around us stop us from going too far, instead of helping us. Satan is the entity which is easily barring our way from going to God. God is compelled to leave mankind in the hands of Satan at present, but He is looking forward to our future. What we are going to do from now on will depend solely on our struggle.

From God's point of view, we are fallen from our original status or present situation, so He is looking toward our future. We have something to do with the present; that's what we should do on our own. According to the Divine Principle, in order to be able to put ourselves into our original position, we must win against Satan and come back to God by ourselves. That's what fallen men should be doing at the present.

Then what is evil? Evil exists not only on the spiritual level, but on the physical levels too. The people around us and the society around us are said to be evil. Unless we are able to fight against Satan and win over him on the spiritual level and physical level, too, then we cannot go back to God. That means we must fight against myriads of satans in the spirit world and also against the people around us who are keeping us away from God. We must win over them. This principle applies to individuals, families, nations, and the world. Do you follow me? (Yes.)

This truly being the way of fallen man, we as individuals must fight hard to win over satanic power or satanic people. We must not forget that there is always satanic power all around us on the spiritual level, so we must fight against those powers and win over them. God's will is to have us win over those powers on the physical and spiritual levels, and as men, too, our goal or our mission is to win over satanic power and come back to God's bosom.

Then we can draw the conclusion that unless we go through all those stages on the individual level -- fighting against evil power on the horizontal or physical level, and then on the spiritual level -- winning against the last one of the satans, we cannot say that we are safely back to God's bosom, never capable of falling again. Then is it possible for a man to fall? It is almost impossible.

If there is only one way to go back to God, what must this be? First of all, we must be able to put ourselves back into the position of Adam before the fall and leave everything there in God's hands. Adam before the fall knew nothing but God and His will. He had no one else around him. In his eyes there was no one else. He didn't think of his brothers and sisters, and other powers that were ready to influence him, but in his mind there was only God -- nothing else and no one else. Then God would tell you to become one who knows nothing and no one but God. Then to what extent must you be like that? You must put yourself in the position of Adam when he knew nothing and no one but God. But right at the next moment Adam fell because he put more stress on his own desire and his own glory. So we must cut off that part and be strenuous to put ourselves in the position of Adam before the fall, strictly before the fall. That is the only way for us to be able to go back to God's bosom. So all religions teach us to deny ourselves and live an ascetic life. But if one religion will teach us exactly how to go back to God, showing us the formula, that is surely the best religion through which we can go back to God.

Adam first fell because he was not entirely one with God and His will. So in order for us to be able to go back to God, we must first of all try hard to become entirely one with God, never separating ourselves from Him. Then how do we separate ourselves from earthly ties? We are one with our physical family, our neighbors, our relatives, our society and our nation. How can we cut off these ties? Without the human fall, those kinds of ties could have come after we became one with God. But without the first cause, unless we become one with God, God cannot recognize our ties with other things or people. On the other hand, Satan can recognize or approve of our being one with our satanic environment. But can God approve of it? No.

Man has been ignorant of this fact, and God has had to struggle hard to enlighten man to the fact that he, on his own, must try hard to cut off the ties with others. Then what is goodness? Goodness is to come back to our original position of principle or original goodness. God's law has been working through us, just as your constitution works in your nation. When the law says, "This is wrong," what you are doing along that line is wrong. And when the law says, "This is right," you must be doing what is right; you cannot commit sins or crime. We must know God's constitution instead of the worldly laws.

Then you should be obedient to God's law. If you become entirely one with God and work and move about only according to God's will as the law, then you can spread that way of life to other people and to your own descendants. For instance, Adam should have been one with God above and one with Eve, and then united in holy matrimony they would have given birth to sinless children; so they should have become one with God above, one with their children, and on the horizontal level one with each other as a couple. Those four should have been one.

The Divine Principle teaches us the three objective purposes. In light of that principle, if what you are doing is far from it and deviating from it, it can be defined to be evil. If you put Satan in God's place, everything will be out of order. Then your love as a couple will be centered on Satan; your love as parents towards your children will be deviated from godly love and will be united with the love of the satanic lineage.

In order for God to be able to save you, He must have you cut off your tie to Satan. We have male members and female members. You male members are in the position of Adam, while you female members are in the position of Eve. Then should your relationships be centered on a human level or divine level? (Divine.) So we can say we must go back to God. Then when we advocate having to go back to God, can we complain. (No.) In that government there will be no opposition party. You only have to praise God. That was the ideal. But are you back into God's bosom? So God's desire has not been completely realized. He must keep calling you back to His bosom. On your part, you must struggle hard to go back to His bosom and live His way of life.

How completely would you want to be one with God: Just 50 percent? Or 100 percent? (100 percent.) God being the absolute God, if you have only 50 percent divine nature, God cannot claim you. In His eyes, there is no difference between zero and 50 percent. Unless you are perfect, He cannot approve of you. But if you go over 50 percent, you may come into His sight and He will begin to recognize you. From then on, if you gain 60 percent, 70 percent, 80 percent -- He will be awaiting you; He will see the possibility of your becoming perfect. God's desire for fallen men is to have you become better than Adam and Eve before the fall.

When we closely study Adam and Eve before the fall, did they have any properties? If at all, what they possessed was only God. If the first possession of Adam's was God, what was the second one? Eve, his spouse. And his third possession? His children to be. Then his fourth possession could have been nature; all things then could have come under his dominion.

So in the original sense, what you as a human being without the fall could claim is God, your spouse, your children, and then all things. They will come under your dominion. Those were the four things you could possess, and that was the order of the four things, God coming first. Fallen men are groping in darkness in search of something absolute and unchanging. That's the tendency of human nature. Isn't it true? (Yes.) And after you have won that absolute being, God, you cannot remain still. You must search for someone to love on the horizontal level. Your wonderful goal is ahead, but you can't want to walk there all by yourself; someone you love should be going with you. Isn't that true? (Yes.)

Between lovers you want to share your valuable and cherished things. So you face your children, and want to share everything with them. In one family, what one person has is the possession of everyone. So what is happiness? Happiness is obtained when you have someone to share your joy with. When you are joyous over something, but your husband or wife does not take delight in it, and your children's attitudes are different from yours, then you cannot be 100 percent happy. In an ideal or happy family what the husband has is shared with his wife and children, and they are equally happy to enjoy the same thing; otherwise, you cannot call that home a happy home. For example, the wife owns a treasure; the husband is jealous of it and the children are jealous of it. That's not the way they should live. But if one of the whole family has a valuable thing and everyone shares the ownership and everyone takes delight in having that thing, then alone can you call that family a happy one.

Throughout all ages, there has been one human trait. You can claim four things: God as your Father, your spouse as your lover or best half of yourself, and your children as a copy of yourselves. Then by sharing with each other things of value, you can call yourselves happy. If you are deviated from that formula, you are a failure as a human being. You know that you need your spouse. But why is it so? You have just been vaguely feeling a need for your spouse without knowing the formula. Your spouse is more dear to you than your life. How much would you want your children? Is there anyone who wouldn't want children? If not, you are not human beings. And would you say, "I need only sons, no daughters?" Can you say that? (No.) God Himself has dual essentialities, male and female or masculinity and femininity. When you unite male and female in matrimony, you must have children, some male, some female.

When we think of the earth, it is round. There is a magnetic current at work. The magnetic line works as the center, making the earth revolve around it. One side represents plus and the other minus. The plus extreme and minus extreme, along with the North Pole and South Pole, make four positions. That is the principle of the universe.

When an electric current runs North and South, it creates another opposite, running from East to West on the horizontal level. And you will notice that on the top, the Arctic, plus and minus work together, and on the bottom, the Antarctic, the same applies. The lines in the middle spread out and become broader and broader lines. At the top and bottom it is narrowed down. All together, you can call the North plus and the South minus. What makes the North and South stronger than the horizontal part? It is because the current is more dense at the North and South. That is why magnetic force draws the line between North and South. That is what science shows.

The same thing applies on the human level. You and your spouse become one. You must be more strongly drawn to God's love than your spouse's love. When your love is God-centered, divine love and human love are concentrated together, and you can multiply children as God-created human beings. When you are in love in its truest sense, you bring God down, and the power of multiplying the children will concentrate there. In that absolute oneness between the couple, God's power of love operates, and the power of creation or multiplication can come about and you can give birth to children. Then we can safely say that where there is divine love, nothing is impossible. Many good things can be created.

Then can you say, "I need no East?" Can you deny the North? Can you deny the West and South? In order to make yourself stable and give yourself a solid bearing, you must have North, East, West, and South. You put yourself in the center, but your bearing towards your spouse is East; if the love between you and your spouse is absolute and the scope is wide, you will have more bearing on the East, and your scope of life will be broadened.

Wouldn't you want your spouse to be far better than you yourselves? Even though your scope is narrow, you want your spouse to reach out to the extreme West, and then with the two of you together, the scope will be round, reaching out to the far East. The contrary is applied to the women's' side too. That is the Principle of Creation.

Why does a woman weep when she is bereaved of her husband? What makes you cry? You cry because the four position foundation is the core of the Principle of Creation. If you lose your spouse, you lack something. So when you lack something you are not perfect. So the power of creation, the power of principle, will repel you. When you don't lack anything you are perfect, and you are encompassed by the warmth of the principle, or earth. But if you lack anything principled, then the power of repulsion arises, and you feel repulsed by the universe.

Have you ever seen the power of gravity? You have never seen it; but you have seen it working and you know that there is a power of gravity. In the same way, you must know that our human conscience also has the power of gravity. That power of gravity wants to draw God, yourself, your spouse, and your children into a oneness of harmony and beauty. If any one of the four is lacking, you become sad. When you have all three except God, you still don't feel satisfaction and grope hard in search of God or something which is God-like. So none of the four must be lacking. It is our human desire to have God with us. That is the first thing. If God is not abiding in us, we are more miserable than when we lose someone else or something else.

Without God as the center, when Adam and Eve united into one, they were not satisfied, because they were with Satan instead of God. They gave birth to their children, but they had to go through misery. Human beings are in search of something, because something is lacking or something has been lost -- that is God. Unless we possess God we are not satisfied.

In the history of restoration, God is seeking man, God is looking for man. On the other hand, men are groping in search of God. Only if they meet together can they give birth to children of goodness. It is because God exists that in the core of the Bible is the concept of bride and bridegroom. Only if Adam and Eve had joined together with God as their center, could they have given birth to children of goodness. That is an undeniable principle.

Then when you look for a spouse, never think that your happiness can come from your lover or sweetheart; it comes from God's love first. Why does what started from the North have to come to the South instead of into the center, where Adam is? Why does what started from the North come to the extreme South? Because the South is something like the spouse to the North. But why doesn't it draw a straight line instead of making a round line? It is because there is a plus and minus or male and female on the broader scope, and the line must encompass them, passing through them and protecting them. That is why we see a circular line instead of a straight line. The magnetic line draws a circular line, as you have noticed.

So everything in existence resembles that form, and becomes round. In human cells the same thing occurs. In everything of creation there is something like a magnetic power operating. This is because everything resembles God and God exists in that manner. God is the very beginning, or cause, and the results of His creation must resemble Him and have the same contour or manner. That is the principle. You must not forget that.

In Christianity we study about the Holy Trinity -- God, the Holy Son, and Holy Ghost. What exactly does that mean? We say God, Holy Son, and Holy Ghost, but there is something lacking, the Holy Christian, making the family. So the Holy Ghost must be the spouse to the Holy Son, and with those two united in divine love, multiplication can come about, giving birth to children in the holy family. You are on either one side or the other, but when you think of things in terms of yourself, you always put yourself in the center. So what you are is what your spouse is, and you encompass everything that is in the four positions. You are situated here at the present moment, but it all began in the past. Through your ancestry, you go back to the original cause. And with you in your present position, your future will be what you have done on the earth.

If you put yourself on the vertical line, would the cause come from elsewhere than the North or above? You must draw the straight vertical line with you in the center. Like water, you flow downward; you prefer to have it flow on a straight line. You are the fruit of your past ancestry, and what you produce here in your present life must be passed on to your descendants on the straight line downward.

Your present life is the totalization of your past life or ancestry, and your future will be what you produce here, added or passed on to your descendants. Today is the fruit of the past, and the future will be the fruit of the present. In that way, the stream goes flowing downward. But due to the human fall, instead of our ancestry being from God, it was derived from Satan. No our way of life is crooked, producing different angles. The ideal world of divine origin should have been straight and vertical, and then the four positions could have been on the right bearing.

The human fall was caused by the evil works of the archangel, so in restoring yourselves you must have someone in the position of the archangel without the fall. So, you have your ancestry helping you out in that way, but you have different family trees. Some people have good ancestry; some have evil ones. From the viewpoint of God, what would make the difference between our good ancestry and bad ancestry? In our own family tree, too, there are good ancestors and bad ancestors; the good ones can help us to become good, because they are more or less on the side of God. Your ancestors are in the position of the archangel; if they are on the side of good, they can play the role of the archangel without the fall, helping you to grow better and better.

Again, I must say your good ancestors are in the position of the archangel, who was supposed to minister to and help Adam in the beginning; so they are helping you, in the position of Adam. All throughout human history, in the process of restoration, God's purpose has been to create in you as individuals a perfected Adam. So your ancestors who are on the side of good are in the position of the archangel, ministering to you and helping you to grow good. Then do you have the clear picture of what your ancestors are doing in the spirit world? (Yes.) They are in the position of whom? (The archangel.) The archangel. Then they are in the position to be able to help us.

If your ancestors are very good, they cannot only help you, but fight against the evil power in the spirit world in place of you. They are doing that for you, without your knowing. That is the principle. In order for them to be restored to a higher level of spirit world they have to do that. However, there is one condition. If you have faith in God and struggle hard to come back to God's bosom, then your ancestors can help you. But, if your trend of mind is not bound for that, they can never help, they cannot reach you.

Then what would your evil ancestors be doing? They would want to drag you to make you deviate from the original way. Even though they are your ancestors, their trait is so made that they will bar your way instead of helping you. That is what makes you different when you are born out of good ancestry or bad ancestry. Then if your ancestry is mostly bad, what would you do to go back to God? You must go through more indemnity and pay a greater indemnity toll.

If we say we have good ancestors, it means that while on earth they had done good things; it means they had already gone through a portion of indemnity for you. They paid the indemnity toll while on earth, centered on God's will. Centered on God and His will, they lived sacrificial lives, lives of goodness on earth.

There are two ways of going through indemnity -- one is for God Himself, and one is what you pay for God's will to be done on earth. One is to pay the indemnity toll for you to love God, and the other is to pay the indemnity toll to love mankind, which is God's will. Why would your love of mankind correspond to the indemnity you pay for God's will. It is because God's will is to save even the last human being and future generations. So those who walk on the path of restoration or the path of God's will must be able to pay some indemnity to love God and some indemnity to love mankind.

The definition of indemnity is to deny yourself and go the opposite of the way of the world. At first in the Garden of Eden, Adam fell because he rejected God and followed the way of Satan. Now in reverse we must reject the satanic way and go back to God. Satan rejected not only God, but His son and daughter, His family, His children, and the would-be society. Due to Adam's fall, this happened. So all was nullified and satanic beings came about -- family, society, everything. Isn't that true? (Yes.)

So, in the reverse way, we must deny everything satanic. Secular things must be denied. You are stained with the worldly or satanic way of life; you must scrape all those things out of you, so you have to deny yourselves, beat yourselves, and go through difficulties and hardships in a sacrificial life. You must try hard to deny yourself, but on the other hand, you must at the same time be able to do some positive work in building or ministering to the central family in God's sight, or in building some other good families, good societies, good nations, and a good world around you. If you will go through the indemnity course, then you can expect something good, some grace coming from God. That comes on the individual level, family level, national level, and worldwide level. But before anything else, you must realize that while you are doing your best to accomplish that on the spiritual plane, your ancestors are working hard hand in hand with you. Do you realize that?

You must again remember that in order for your ancestors to be good ancestors, they had to do something good on earth at the sacrifice of themselves. The core of human structure being the family of four positions, the greatest difficulty they had while on earth would have been the difficulty of sacrificing their families. While doing that, they could have been faced with opposition or persecution from their own parents, from their own spouses, or from their own children. That is why in the Bible we read that your family members will be the harshest of your enemies. Your enemy will be in your family. The persecution coming from society or from a nation, is nothing compared to what is coming from your own family.

While in cooperation with you, your ancestors want you to do something for them. That is, they want you to broaden the foundation for the whole ancestral tree. If a certain good ancestor of yours is helping you, if he had gone through the indemnity on the individual level, he would help you to go through the indemnity on the family level. And if you live and pass away to the spirit world, you will help your ancestors pay the indemnity for the establishment of the foundation on the national level.

Until we win over or annihilate the last Satan, your whole ancestry and the whole spirit side will be helping you; they will never stop doing that. Do you follow me? (Yes.) Until we annihilate the whole evil world, they will never stop doing that. So if any religion is really working for divine love, then those who are in that religion must carry out their mission of saving the whole of mankind, because that is God's will. If any ancestor of yours pushes you to do that, he will never stop until you save the whole of mankind, because it is God's will. These ancestors did the same while on earth.

The course of history will be widened as it goes along. There has been an age where God's will was realized on the individual level; and as time goes by there is another age in which people work on the family level, and then the national level and the worldwide level. People who lived in one age, have a different level from those who lived in the next age and still next. Even though they came from different ages, people went through the same amount of indemnity or hardship. What they went through was on both the physical and spiritual levels. People living in one age, inherited what their predecessors accomplished. Their scope was broadened, but the amount of indemnity they went through was about the same. The purpose of paying indemnity is to perfect ourselves both on the spiritual and physical level.

Our past, reaching to God, means things of the spiritual level. Our present self is on the physical level. So everything we do must be done both on the spiritual and physical levels. Due to the human fall, those two levels were invaded or stained by satanic power. Being in the satanic world, we must win over the physical Satan on the external level, and on the internal level we must fight against and win over the spiritual Satan. After we win over Satan on both levels, we will become the victors on both levels.

Then, what we are doing is inheriting what our ancestors accomplished. That is why the Israelite people put emphasis on tradition, because godly tradition is very important. What we accomplish will be passed on to future generations. When we win over Satan both on the physical and spiritual levels, unless our future generations inherit that and accomplish until the last Satan is annihilated, what we have done will not be fruitful.

When the perfection of the family level is accomplished, the next generation will inherit it and work on the national level; the individual level and the family level accomplishments will be added to widen their scope. The successor will inherit from his predecessors what they have accomplished on the individual level and family level, and adding to that he will accomplish the national level. In inheriting the tradition laid by your predecessors there is a difficulty. It is not simple. There are different formalities to fulfill in order to inherit what your forefathers have done; and then you must add your portion of indemnity. The scope of the indemnity is wide, and you must struggle even harder than your ancestors. Then the scope becomes larger and larger.

This generation, inheriting things of the past scope, must add more to it, and the scope of their indemnity will be broader or bigger than the previous generation. Your ancestors went through a fierce battle against Satan, but your battle must be more fierce than that. Then, what the next generation inherits from their ancestors will be broader in scope, bigger, and more difficult. So your battle against Satan must be a fierce one in order for you to win the goal. In the topmost place, the whole world will be restored into godliness. That will be the latter days and the close of the age in it's truest sense. Then God's will on the vertical level will be developed on the horizontal level, and the whole world will be saved in godly love. Both on the spiritual and physical levels, they will annihilate satanic power and restore the whole world into godliness, and then alone can we say that we have erected the Kingdom of God on earth.

Then, where do we inherit the traditions coming from the ancestors, starting from the individual level and then the family, tribal, national, and worldwide level? Up to the present time, what the passed-away saints and sages have done was not connected. God would have the people inherit those things, but they didn't know how to inherit them.

The reason why we needed to go through the indemnity course is due to the human fall by our first ancestors. It was due to the first human parents. Then who is the Messiah or Savior? He comes as the True Parent of mankind. What is the purpose of his coming as the True Parent of mankind? He comes in order to win over the satanic power prevailing in the world and to win on the spiritual level, too. Because he comes for that purpose, his mission will not stop or will not be accomplished until he has won over the last Satan of the world.

When he comes, he first fights against and wins over satanic power on the spiritual level, and then comes to the physical level, fighting against satanic power physically. So, in order for anyone to accomplish his mission and win over the physical Satan, he must know how to win over Satan on the spiritual

level. Do you understand? (Yes.) In order for you to win over physical Satan, you must know the trait and nature of Satan. Do you understand? (Yes.) Then what must be the principle through which we work on that? We must be able to distinguish between Adam before the fall and Adam after the fall.

Again I must say, we must win in the archangel's position. We must first of all put ourselves in the position of the unfallen archangel and win things on the individual, family, national and worldwide levels. This is the course because we are the totalization of our ancestors, and our ancestors are in the position of the archangel.

Jesus came to accomplish the mission left unaccomplished by the ancestors of the whole humankind. Jesus Christ was in that position. Do you follow me? (Yes.) Not only the ancestors of your individual family tree but the whole myriads of spirit men who had lived on the earth and passed away must be indemnified by one man, the Messiah; the Lord came for that purpose. Before being able to save the world he had to put himself in the position of the archangel and go through all the indemnity; by paying the indemnity he could save all those living in the spiritual world. So he had to pay the indemnity for the whole of mankind who had passed away; then he was going to save the whole world on the physical level.

Before the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, the passed away saints and sages had accomplished a certain level of things; but the next generation could nullify that. The levels rose and fell, up and down, having no connection with each other. The mission of Jesus was to connect all those things, and by going through a bit of everything he was to accumulate all those things and connect them together in God's will. Jesus himself had to go through a bit of everything, so he laid the foundation of indemnity on the individual level, family level, national level, and worldwide level, even on the spiritual level. So his followers, by just believing in him, can inherit what he had accomplished, and then from then on must fulfill what is due to us. Do you follow me? (Yes.)

With the coming of Jesus Christ the road is paved leading to the end of the world, because of his having accomplished so many levels of things on the spiritual plane. If you have faith in God and inherit what he accomplished on the spiritual plane, you can accumulate your deeds from then on.

What is the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven on the spiritual level? That is the world after the last Satan on the spiritual level is annihilated. Jesus Christ could establish the spiritual Kingdom of Heaven after going through all those stages. Do you follow me? (Yes.) With this you will have the clear picture of what the spiritual world is like, in what manner the spiritual world is organized.

But Jesus, even though he erected the kingdom of heaven on the spiritual level, left the physical level of things unaccomplished; he had to die. He has to come again because there is a portion of work he left unaccomplished. After having victory on the spiritual level, what was left? The physical level of things. He must come again to win the victory and establish the physical kingdom on earth. Then, he cannot come as a spirit man, but as a physical man, in the flesh. That is, he has to come again not in the clouds as a spiritual entity, but as a man in the flesh. If he comes again, he must inherit what was accomplished on the spiritual level and start from there on. He will work in a man who has the power and zeal and capability of winning over the satanic power on the physical level.

This physical man must be able to inherit everything accomplished by Jesus Christ, and then be able to accomplish his mission on the physical level, erecting the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Before his doing that, he must himself go through a bit of everything in the battle against the satanic power in the spirit world, and then he will start his mission on the physical level. By fighting the battle on the spiritual level he will learn the principle of winning over Satan on the physical level, and he can accomplish the dual mission.

So the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent, must go through all those things both on the spiritual and physical levels, up to the worldwide level, until he has erected the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When this man comes, if the Christian population of the world cooperates with him, he can build the Kingdom in no time.

Jesus lived only to the age of 33, but if he had lived longer, he could have established the Kingdom of God both on the physical and the spiritual levels.

So the Lord of the Second Advent, at the age of 33, should have started his worldwide mission. And after seven more years, when he was 40, he should have accomplished his worldwide mission with the help of the Christian world, if they had helped. But because of their lack of faith and their non-cooperation, he had to go through seven years of tribulation. The seven years of tribulation is what we read in the Bible. In those seven years chaos and confusion and corruption will come to the world.

When the Christian world rejected the Lord of the Second Advent, it meant that the 2,000 years was annihilated and he has to go through a bit of everything, spanning those periods of time. If he is supposed to restore the 2,000 years in his lifetime, he must be able to contract it into a period of time coefficient to the number 2,000; so he is supposed to be able to do it within 20 years' time, because he cannot live to be 200. That is God's will, to have him accomplish his mission in 20 years' time, instead of 200 or 2,000 years, if he is going to succeed at all.

So human history is going through these 20 years of turmoil, chaos, and confusion. Those crucial years are from 1960 to 1980. During that period of time Communism will perish, as well as democracy. Democracy is more or less ideal, but it is a man-made theory, which is doomed to perish when more valuable things come, because it is not of God's origin. Then a theory or doctrine will come into existence which will include the good points of Communism and the better points of democracy.

There have been so many philosophies and "isms" in the world, I should say they are now roughly divided into three: Communism, democracy, and religious ideology. Democracy was born in the middle ages when theocracy passed away and religion was separated from politics. So our conclusion is that in the future an age must come when politics and religion will unite into oneness, into one ideology. A religion must come from God which will bring politics, religions, and many "Isms" and philosophies together and discover the com of the things. If the Lord of the Second Advent fails in doing that, he cannot play the role of the Messiah.

In order for him to be able to erect the Kingdom of God on earth he must come with the religious doctrine which will excel all other religious doctrines. He must come with a political philosophy excelling all other political philosophies and all other "isms" and ideologies. With this, he must conquer all of the philosophies and ideologies and absorb them into oneness and enlighten them into the ultimate truth. Then this religious group will be the most dynamic one which can compel any similar groups to become one with it. If he cannot do this, he cannot save the whole world.

God is working behind the human scene, making it possible by corrupting doomed ideologies and such things, during the years from 1960 to 1980. In the history of the Unification Church we are going through three seven-year courses, starting from the year 1960; we are restoring through paying the indemnity toll what our predecessors failed to accomplish. Ours is the only such group which does this, knowing the formula of God's will. By the end of 1974, our second seven-year course will be completed. From 1974 to 1976, the 200 years of American history will be concluded. The 200 years (the coefficient number of 2,000 years) of American history must be concluded with a fruition of God's will, or else this nation will perish.

Centering on the year 1976, the two previous years and the two following years are the most important; in those four years this nation must do something to save the nation and the world. God designated President Nixon for the term ending in 1976, but if you go against God's will and impeach him and repel him from his presidency, the doom of this nation will be terrible. After seven years, all the people of this nation will know that they should have listened to Reverend Moon, taking his voice as that coming from God. Then they will repent; but it will be too late. If the Senate and the House listen to my voice and do not impeach the President, from then on God will designate this nation for a mission of a higher dimension, to save the world from this arena.

In the whole world I am the only one who is so desperate in the effort to save President Nixon, to save this nation. When I started my mission here in this nation three years ago, I already foresaw this happening, and from that time on I mobilized my PR members and had them get in touch with Senators and Congressmen to persuade and convince them. So by now, most of the Senators and Congressmen know me, most of them personally. We are at the point of a transitional period.

As I said before, I am not pro-Nixon, but pro-God, and I am doing this because it is God's will. I would rather say that I am not pro-Nixon, but pro-America, because this nation is still loved by God. So you must be very serious in carrying out your mission. There is already a sign of rupture in the Communist world because Red China and Soviet Russia are fighting against each other. In the democratic world, too, all the nations are living for their own interests. Even in the highest democratic nation, the United States, there is a rupture between the presidency and the people.

If there is only one way left, you people must expect the Unification Church to do the job. Starting from next year, we are stepping into the third seven-year course. Those are the most crucial years, and we must be desperate in accomplishing our missions in those years. In those important 20 years, we will go through the indemnity course on the individual level, national level, and worldwide level, until we reach out to the end of the world on the physical level. When we accomplish all these things, then the kingdom of God will be established on earth, both on the physical and spiritual levels, having nothing to do with disharmony, hatred and war. Do you understand? (Yes.)

You must remember that the topic of my speech today is "Our Present Mission." And I must remind you of the fact that our present task or mission is connected with what our predecessors have done, and what we are doing will be passed on to our future descendants. Now we understand that we have inherited what the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, had done, centered on God's will, and we will accomplish the mission left unaccomplished by him and pass it on to the glory of our future generations, spiritually. We inherited what Jesus accomplished on the spiritual level, and we will accomplish our own mission on the physical level.

So we must lay the foundation or tradition of victory while on earth, at present, on the physical level. At present, all the Unification members are in the process of accomplishing their missions on the physical level. So, however trivial you may seem, you are with a divine mission of untold value. We have here members from France, Germany, England, Holland, Japan -- so many European countries and Asian countries; we have here white people, yellow people, and black people. But what you have in common is God's will and God Himself as the center, and what you are going to accomplish is the will of God to erect the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. What we have inherited on the spiritual level from our predecessors will be accomplished on the physical level. That's what we must remember.

You just don't know what I have gone through back in Korea. I could not start my mission with the cooperation of the Christian world, they rejected me. With the Christian world, all the people of Korea rejected me, including at first the government, which was very harsh on me and persecuted me. But I went through all those obstacles and won their favor at last; I had to do the same in Japan and in many other Asian countries, including Free China. I came over here three years ago and I was faced with hardships and difficulties and even persecution coming from the people whom I was going to save and for whom I was going to work. Then I was able to go through all those difficulties, and in three years' time I won a certain stage, making my name known to the people and winning favor from the policy makers too. That's what I have gone through in 14 years.

The Christian churches in America are still opposing me, but among the laymen there are many who are convinced by our doctrine, and even the President of the United States is asking me for certain jobs to do. As you well know, we are the only group that can save the Christian population, because they are being corrupted. The young people are leaving the churches. If they would only come to us, when we offer to have debate with them, they would be defeated in a short interval of time.

I am working as an Oriental man with the youth from all over the world; this is the witness and proof that I can make the whole world into one centering on the youth of the world. I am the only one of whom the Communist people are fearful. I am a man of question and riddle, and we are the group of question and

riddle. Now we are at the there should of our third seven-year course, and in those years ahead of us there will be many crucial things happening in the world, making it easy for us to pave our way to the end of the world. God will be helping us to do so.

Some 12 years ago when I started my mission in Korea, we rented a one-room house, and I talked about coming to America in 10 to 12 years to work for the nation and the world in America, and nobody believed me. But this has been realized, and we are here now. When I said that back in those years it sounded as though I was going to catch the star in heaven. And I want you to believe me when I say that after seven years we can reach out to the end of the world; every man on the earth will know about us. Can you trust me and believe me? (Yes.) Then you are the happiest group of people in the whole world.

In conclusion, I must again emphasize that your mission is to inherit what your predecessors have done on the spiritual level and do the things unaccomplished by them on the physical level; then at the completion of our mission the ideal Kingdom of Heaven will be erected on earth. You must never forget that your Master here has gone through so much difficulty and hardship in fighting against and winning over the satanic power on the spiritual level; by inheriting the mission from his predecessors, he has then done so much on the physical level. He will accomplish his mission both on the physical and spiritual levels, and he is sure to accomplish his mission of erecting the Kingdom of Heaven on earth while on earth.

You must be grateful that you are endowed with life in this period of time, to be able to work with me and to become co-workers in building the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. You are in the position of the archangel that had nothing to do with the fall, ministering to the son of God, and in cooperation with him erecting the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. Now is the time. You are doing greater work than Jesus Christ, because Jesus did his mission only on the spiritual level, without being able to erect the Kingdom on earth on the physical level. But you are doing the job left unaccomplished by him, and you are going to complete the mission. Not only that, but you are the direct descendants of God and true sons and daughters to the True Parents. You have common parents as brothers and sisters, and in brotherly love you will erect the Kingdom of God in cooperation with Master as your True Parent. After a while, you will be blessed in the holy matrimony, although Jesus himself failed to go through that.

When you are blessed, I will bless you with the heritage of what I have accumulated. History has never seen a man who with godly dignity can bless couples in holy matrimony and have them establish the Kingdom of God on earth, with their descendants being the citizens of the Kingdom. Your descendants will then be rid of satanic accusation, and they will be entitled to be the citizens of the Kingdom. You must be filled with awe in front of solemn duty, but you must be grateful and happy that you are endowed with life in this age as the son of God, as the son of the True Parents. You are going to accomplish the mission left unaccomplished by the passed-away saints. You are doing the mission of Jesus Christ. After having accomplished your mission as a successful archangel, you will inherit the mission of Jesus and accomplish the mission on the spiritual level. And with the cooperation of the True Parents, you will accomplish the mission on the physical level, being able to erect the Kingdom at last. These are not just man-made words, but this is the truth and will of God. This is not anything vague, but this is concrete; we have already been shown the formula for going through. With this formula we can bring into light what our past saints have done under God's will, and our way is so enlightened that we have a bright vision of how to go.

We have a special terminology, "True Parents." Adam and Eve failed to be true ancestors to sinless descendants, but starting from here, when we have completed our mission, we will see the Kingdom erected by our own hands, where people will see no sin. If we can accomplish this mission in the prepared arena of the United States, it will be much easier for us to reach out to the whole world. It was under God's will that the United States was formed with people from so many nationalities, and if the people of the United States will make a strong oneness in harmony under God's love, they will be stronger than any other group. So we will become united into oneness under God's will and have other people engrafted to us by absorbing them into our ideology; that will enable us to erect the Kingdom, starting from right here.

If this nation will receive us, the whole nation will be saved and the first worldwide indemnity course will be completed. Then the second course of restoration through indemnity is to absorb or to enlighten the Communist world. And the third and final course of restoration is the restoration of the whole spirit world. Then alone will the spiritual world be liberated from the bondage of sin. By being able to do these three alone, we will accomplish our mission. The True Parents' mission is to have us do this, and with our cooperation to save the last one of the whole population of the world, including the spirit world, and hell, too. It is a vast story, but it is a reachable goal -- concrete and full of vision.

At one glance you are just nothing, but if you are one with God's will taught by Master, by the Principle, you will be dynamic people. In ignorance you could do nothing, but now in the enlightenment and knowledge coming from God, you have the zeal and capability to do the job. You are on the battlefield under the command of God and the True Parents, and you will dash forward until you fight against and win over the last one of the satanic power. From morning until night you must be strong warriors. However fortified the fortress of Satan may be, however big the obstacles that are laid before you may be, you must go through them and win the goal. You must never forget that we are in the position to carry out this mission which is assigned to us by God. We are the princes and princesses of God to liberate the inhabitants of the spirit world, present population of the world, and future generations, from the bondage of sin.

If you are not able to complete your mission while on earth, your descendants will have to go through the same course, never being able to be liberated from bondage. Even with you, it will be far more difficult to carry out the job without my being alive on earth. In spirit world, however hard I may try, if you are not attuned to my channel, I cannot work through you. That's what makes it more difficult to work at that time. So you must realize the importance of the present moment. I want you to be able to carry out your mission while on earth, and in order for you to become qualified enough for that I am training you in this way. I want you, in cooperation with me, to inherit all those things accomplished by our predecessors, to do the job left unaccomplished by them, and to erect the Kingdom on earth for your future descendants.

Now do you have a clear picture of God's will and God's blueprint of how to make this world the Kingdom of Heaven? (Yes.) Even those passed away saints, they were assigned a small portion of their mission and they did not grasp the whole picture of what God's blueprint was like. So you must be very grateful that you have learned all these things, and with the clear picture, you are going to accomplish. You must feel deep in your heart the presence of God and the blessedness of your being endowed with the mission. We must complete our mission and be ready to pass on what we have done to our future generations.

The Bible teaches us, "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." In the darkness of ignorance you cannot liberate yourself and others. I want you to work hard to accomplish your mission with all this clear picture. If you are resolved to carry out the job, will you please hold up your hands in pledge before God.

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