The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Address To Prayer And Fast Participants, Part 1

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Barrytown, New York
July 29, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mr. David S.C. Kim

I am very, very glad to see you. You are healthy. You are full of vitality. Actually, Father planned to spend two days with you, since you arrived with victory, but he changed his mind. While you are listening to Principle lectures, he wanted to be on the sea to catch fish for you. In order to feed 600 people, it is not an easy job for him to catch enough fish in only two days. The first day he did not have much success because of the weather. So he took a drastic measure, as he always does, and for 24 hours he battled on the ship and on the sea in his heavenly boat. On the second day he made a record -- 162 bluefish for you.

On the first day he caught 47 tuna, which are very hard to catch, because this is a very tricky fish. But now there is a total of 202 fish waiting for you. You may not understand the significance of catching fish like our Father does, but there are two parallel events going on. The first is catching fish in the ocean, and the second is your study of the truth of life and resurrection, the words of life. The problem is that the Western and the Oriental ways of reasoning are opposite. Usually, Oriental women are not in favor of going out to sea. If he adopts the opposite way of reasoning, I don't know whether American women would be in favor of his going out to the sea or not. (Yes.) Then his theory is proven. I understand those who are shouting with enthusiasm are from the girls' circle. You have no experience at all in fishing.

He analyzed, observed all men of the crew who were with him for a few days. Now I see they are hesitant to go out if he calls them again to come with him. You are young people, so for the future's sake, you have to learn many things. You have to experience many, many things. It is still mysterious for you, all of you; you have a treasure, a heavenly treasure in which we have a new philosophy, a new thought. We have some material with which we can build a new culture, a new civilization for the world. For those who are not academically oriented people, this material seems very simple when you listen to the Principle and the lectures on Unification Thought. But for those who are academically advanced, those who really are educated people, they will be fascinated by this content-really more than they have searched for-it is really a heavenly treasure. They will value it.

It is an amazing thing. Through the Divine Principle, all areas of thought, even Christianity, which has never touched the core of God's providence, can easily be understood. A distinct, clear picture will be grasped through the lectures in a short period of time. It is mysterious, a mystery.

In this gigantic scheme of new thought, new philosophy, a new explanation of the universe is emerging. This means that God is behind it. We are not just guessing. We are presenting the truth, not just based on imagination or guesswork. It is fact. Who made all this? God made, revealed all this. Also, this fact is verified, confirmed, and systematically, scientifically proven. Does this kind of truth emerge accidentally? No. This appearance of new truth in the Divine Principle is a miracle of miracles in the 20th century, because things of the past, which all philosophers and thinkers have been searching for thousands of years have never touched the core of this issue. Now it has appeared while you are on earth. This is a decisive fact, that through the Principle, an explanation of the heavenly kingdom and earthly kingdom is given which shows that there is a connection between heaven and earth.

There is only one hope for mankind, which is fallen. It is through this message. Let me give an example. There are many ways to reach Washington, D.C. There are highways, minor roads in the city, small towns to go through, avenues and lanes-many ways, roads through which you can reach the destination. If anyone discovers a shortcut to Washington, D.C., many people will seek it. Even those who are guides, might show you the wrong road, even though they are trying to force you in their way, you will never listen to them, because you know the shortcut and go the way of salvation. Then you will criticize them, "You don't know the truth. You don't know the world. You don't have the knowledge I have."

Then through whom does this kind of wonderful message for the new age, for mankind come'? Through our Father, Reverend Moon, it has appeared on earth. As you study, you learn from Adam's family, through Noah, Abraham, and Jesus that this period was a 4,000-year long dispensational course. It is systematically and very clearly explained, crystal clear in explaining the dispensational course. This message doesn't come from someone's imagination. Truth is beyond imagination. Truth must be factual. Fact should be based on substantial evidence. Based on its accomplishments or achievements, Christianity has no foundation. The only substantial foundation on earth from God is our Father. But this kind of accomplishment does not come without labor. Experiences and effort on his part led him to this important discovery.

Now, not only he is bringing it out but he is also practicing this truth on earth in physical ways and he is pursuing the realization of truth right now in his daily life. He ranks among other saints and philosophers. In his one generation he set up this, all this by himself, and is practicing and realizing his truth in a material sense in daily life. No other person in the past ever reached that level of thinking or reasoning. But he is doing it right now.

Let's look at Jesus. He confined himself to the Jewish people in that nation. Confucius confined himself to China. Buddhism started from India and reached only to the Far East. Mohammed was in the Middle East and African area. Beyond his nationality and tribe, he is influencing young people like you throughout the world, and he is influencing the Western world. This is the first time in history that both the Eastern world and Western world are being influenced.

This is an amazing fact, that 2,000 years of historical Christianity is far behind us. Also, they are looking at us, because of our tremendous advance in many areas which they may never have thought about. Within less than two years, the work he is doing in this world, and especially in America, has caused a tremendous anxiety and a dreadful feeling In the fundamental Christian world. They are beginning to realize this. But even if a partial segment of Christianity does oppose us, since they have no truth, they will be defeated; we are the victors. You have to have confidence in yourself and your ability. Your accomplishments count in every field. Let them oppose by all means, by drastic measure or whatever, we will multiply; they will decrease.

In the past twenty years, they have been persecuting me in every way, in Korea and in other places, but I have completely ignored them. Now as time gradually goes by, they are at the bottom, down, down, down, and they can't even compete with us. But Father does not feel happy when he looks at this process. Also, he has to save those who oppose him, so he is even thinking, of some measure through which his ex-opponents can be saved in the future. You should be that kind of person, so open-minded and open-hearted to embrace even your enemy. Would you like to be that kind of open-minded person? In every way, I want you to be broad-minded, open-minded and a person of tolerance.

Those who have enough tolerance can be available when an emergency arises, so I want you to be a person of tolerance, embracing everything, totally, any day. Even though you are on the verge of dying, you will not be influenced; you will be ready to overcome that situation. If a man of no confidence will become anxious, he will get into trouble.

The purpose of teaching the Divine Principle is to educate, train, and discipline the people to have confidence under any other circumstances, any hardships. Can you understand? Would you like to be that kind of a person? This Principle covers everything, heaven and earth, but it has to go beyond that. To become confident in everything, you should know the truth. You should be knowledgeable of everything. And that has to be followed by action, not just talking. Through the doors, you will be building accomplishments. Confidence, accomplishment, and achievement will bring the victory over all things. Those who have this kind of qualification will never receive any word of defeat.

Now, Father has accomplished so much within a short period of time, but he followed this formula: confidence and then achievement. Then you should practice his realization in your daily life. It is very puzzling for you, how he could realize or observe this gigantic content, or how did he do it? This is a curious point. If you are going to understand a sorrowful person, you must have experienced the same sorrowful situation, or you don't understand it. Just thinking or reasoning about the sorrowful condition does not work, unless you have some practical experience. Have you ever experienced sorrow and real pain? This sorrow extends from the individual and through the family, to the whole world. How much sorrow have you experienced for your own self? Not myself-daily needs, daily sustenance-but the deep problems of life have to be connected with my sorrowful feelings.

Have you ever thought about this feeling, extended to the family situation-yours or others? Through the Bible we know that all things are groaning under Satan's control. Have you ever plunged into yourself the universal feeling of sorrow and pain on the national, and world level? Have you ever tasted this true kind of meaning of sorrow and pain?

Beyond fasting one day, or one week, have you risked the problem of life and death? Have you ever really plunged yourself into the real issue of sorrow and pain? That's why you don't know the real heart of a sorrowful person. Human life is the road of pain and sorrow. Without knowing that, you don't understand what human life is. A person is great when, beyond the individual level, he senses and plunges himself into the experience of this kind of world and universal pain and sorrow. This person will be regarded as a great man.

Beyond sorrow, you have to experience pain in order to be a person of accomplishments. Have you ever experienced pain? The third experience will be resentment. You are unreasonably building up a grudge or resentment, influenced by others. You have to think of that area. When you look at this world from this aspect, this world is not a happy world; it is not a world of freedom, it is not based on the happiness for the whole world.

Then, seriously, we have to think what percent of this world, population, has been feeling happiness. Even though you Americans are leaders of the free nations and are more advanced, and even though to other nations you are very wealthy and look like happy persons, Master cannot see any very happy person in America. Are you happy now? Because you are a member of the Unification Church you are happy. Even though she is the target of envy of all nations, America is not a happy nation. The happy people of America may confront the terrible misery of sorrow and pain very soon. Don't you think that Americans cannot escape this kind of direction?

Now America is declining from the top to the bottom right now. This is just like an ocean wave, with ups and downs. Then who will be the friend of such a troubled world'? Shall we say, "Let them suffer with sorrow and pain. I don't care about it"? Shall we say, "You live in hell. I don't care about it. I will live in the kingdom. " We cannot do that. Those who avoid this aren't facing reality and may be the first victims of the pain and sorrow.

Now, America has been helping Korea in many substantial ways, through the military and economic aid. The land of Korea may not necessarily be below America all the time. The position may be turned around. Nobody wants to be doomed to destruction. Nobody in this world wants to be defeated or destroyed. But, we know the world is on the verge of perishing. Under these circumstances, when you look at this world, who is going to be responsible for this world of peril, destruction, pain, and sorrow? From the worldly sense, nobody even dares to think of saving them.

Some in political circles or authority may say, "We don't care about the Middle East. We don't care about Asia. Pan Americanism, isolationism may be fitting to us, the big nation of America. " They might think that way. America and other nations, especially of the free world, have had a fantastic experience through the energy crisis and gasoline shortage. This is a good lesson. This is symbolic of the tendency or direction of this world-shortage of gas, a shortage of conscience.

Again, when you look at this world of pain and sorrow and despair, who is there to declare responsibility for saving this whole world? Even if there is one person who will save this kind of problem world it will be fantastic. The great American nation never even thinks along this line that he is presenting to you. There is no hope from a worldly sense. Have you ever thought to save the whole world, with all its troubles? If one or any group even dares to save this problem world, it will be fantastic. It will be an epoch-making history for the whole world. If such a person appears, he will not do this kind of work to bring the results. All the history to come will consider him a great man. If this person appears and realizes it, the generations to come which taste his happiness, will even pull these people to their side to verify what this person has done for them and for the whole world.

We can conclude that this kind of a person, with this reasoning for the whole of mankind, will be the greatest of the great men. There is a vast difference between heaven and earth. There are power-hungry persons utilizing their power to become extreme dictators. There is a vast difference between the heaven and earth, between the two persons. Then the issue will be, "Where can we find a true person?" Some might say, "Let's look for this category of person from another culturally developed area than America. " Can you find this kind of person walking this cultural circle? You cannot find this kind of person in the cultural circle. We cannot find this category of person in this contemporary world.

A good person and a true person will appear, someone who is willing to sacrifice and taste the same sorrow and pain in the midst of the problem world. This is the way we have to look at the world. Who is the happiest or greatest person? Those who are trying to lead to a happier world, or those who are willing to sacrifice themselves in the midst of sorrow? Those who sacrifice. If the American people had sacrificed all of their fortune from heaven, and given it to the whole world, to save their problem of pain and sorrowful despair, they would have become the great people. But they did not. If somebody in this nation practiced it some time ago even though the nation may have perished the spirit of this kind of thought should remain forever.

It is logical that all of the ideal world will be occupied by the kind of person he described. Ordinary people may think, " What can we do? I have nothing to do with the pain of the family, group, nation, or world. I don't care about it." Then if he plunges into that world, to make the sorrowful and painful world into a happy and joyful world, he's got both worlds right there.

If America sacrifices for the world and the receiving nations that will make a harmonious trip. We can have it together. You should know that Father initiated this work up to this present time. You have to seriously think how he made it. What is our destination?

If there is a God, when He looks down at this earth, which side will He take: that of those who selfishly love themselves alone, that of those who care or the people who want to be at the front in sacrificing to save the world in the midst of its pain and sorrow? God will naturally take the side of the second. He is the Lord of this kind of category. The Lord and master will suffer first, so Heavenly Father will take the side of the second category of people who are sacrificing. So he set up the concept: "God is a God of pain and sorrow." He set up that theory and because of this, He can be God.

The conclusion will be that those who are God's people should take care of the pain and sorrow in the troubled world. If He does not take care of this category, He may not be God. Through history, all the sages, saints and prophets from heaven especially practiced this way. They realized this concept that Father set up. So he found out that is why God is existing. All the saints and prophets chose and explored this kind of road and destination. Even though those people suffered, were persecuted at that age and abandoned by that generation, because of God behind them, their names remain eternally. Do you believe that when he was young he was reasoning along this line? So, he has been thinking along this line.

Then what will happen when you sympathize with a man of pain and sorrow? What kind of person will you be? If you win these people troubled with sorrow and pain, once you try to give everything, then that person will qualify. If the person of sorrow and pain receives something beyond his pain and sorrow, he will be satisfied. The problem is that because of the fall, we have no real family, no true parents, no real father and mother, no real brothers and sisters-everything fell. That's the problem right there, the fall.

When you look at the aspects of sorrow, what are they'? It's very simple. Because of the parents, the children are sorrowful. Sometimes sorrow comes through the relationship of a husband and wife. This is a family pain. Also, it expands to national pain and sorrow, and then world sorrow. We can put some of the universal, cosmic sorrow there. The sorrowful man receives the whole cosmos and whole world, the good nation, good tribe, good family, good parents, good wife or husband, and good children. It's all. That's the answer there.

If the real individual, family, and world are given to the person of sorrow and pain, what will happen" The solution will be right there. Then naturally, unnecessary sorrows and pain shall go away. Then if we are given all this kind of "real" thing, everything has a solution. Then if this person with sorrow and pain has real ones, does he feel sorrowful or painful? No, even in the midst of a painful situation he will not feel pain; he will feel happiness and joy. Even if his neck is cut, he will feel happy.

Because he can be a real individual, real husband, real father of his family, real leader of the nation, and whole world, he can feel sorrowful and painful. Even in the midst of that, he will overcome that situation. If you die even in the midst of sorrowful tears, that is not pain or sorrow. That's a glorious thing. We have never experienced such real tears of sorrow of real parents, real father and mother, and real leader. If we experience that, we will be beyond pain and sorrow.

Everybody has the desire, when dying to die surrounded by his or her real husband or wife or real sweetheart. That is the human feeling of real love. So, even if you die in the midst of sorrow and pain, that's not sorrow; that's joy and satisfaction.

I have sought this heavenly research. This is the only remedy, formula, recipe for overcoming sorrow. This is the beginning of the appearance of the Unification Church. This is just a beginning. If we give this kind of heavenly formula to mankind and the whole world for overcoming sorrow and pain, we will have a fantastic message. Even our Heavenly Father will be in the midst of this formula. If Father comes down here, the Heavenly Father comes down: that's not an unhappy situation. If the real individual, family, tribe, nation and world were formed centering on God, there would have never even been a terminology of sorrow and pain.

The only universal key to solving the problem, centering on God is the real individual, restored individual, real family, tribe, and nation. If it's given to the whole world, that is the only one left. This is the real issue to put into practice. This is a gigantic task to put this into a practical setting -- not necessarily a blueprint -- through which this new concept of the ideal can be realized in this world.

God wants to eradicate this unhappy and evil world with pain and sorrow. The problem is, what kind of relationship exists between the individual and God? That's the main issue: God and you, the individual.

We can look at the relationship between God and man from several points of view. What are they? One possible relationship between God and man is the master-servant relationship. So, when it develops a little then there will be some possibility for the relationship between God and man to be on the adopted sons and daughters level. Some may think that there is a possibility for a relationship between God and man, as true son (not adopted) and daughter relationship. If there is a God, how are we going to realize this relationship? He just described three kinds of relationships. If God is evil, He will use man as a servant eternally. But God is a good God and He will use discipline and training, to raise the standard beyond that of the master-servant relationship.

Because He is a God of goodness, and not of evil, God will maintain the relationship of master, but He will first come down to serve on the level of servants. So, if the servant does not know how to serve as a servant, God will tell him the qualifications of service as a servant.

For the second level of relationship, God may pick up the good servant and elevate him to the level of adopted son or daughter. God is a good God and so wants to have His own children. So from the adopted children, He will pick up and choose His real sons and daughters. God naturally uses the selection process, because He cannot trust all of them. Even among the servants, He will pick up some of them, testing them. Sometimes He gives a test. Sometimes He gives the pain and sorrow intentionally, to try out whether he can be selected for raising up to a higher level.

From the early days, before he read the Bible, Father was thinking along this line which he is giving to you. He thought about this gigantic scheme from God's point of view. When master looks at this kind of selection, from God's point of existence there is definitely a God existing. God exists. So, with this concept, he searched the Bible and found a similar thought in the Bible, which to him is a great book. In this way, human history has developed and evolved.

Now, this concept is just fitting to the Divine Principle. The Old Testament age was the age of the master-servant relationship of man with God; the New Testament age is the adopted son and daughter stage, and the Completed Testament age is the true son and daughter relationship. The role of substantially raising this on earth, from God's point of view, has been taken by Christianity for 2,000 years. Christianity is the religion which sympathizes with the man of sorrow and pain. Christianity developed in the midst of death, right in the dungeon of death, where they comforted the dying person. They sympathized or comforted the dead and dying. That's how God is a God of human history.

Also, God is a God of practicality. He is not just guessing. Through all kinds of symbolism, He practices this theory. So, we have to meet God in the reality of this world. We have to know what God is doing right now. In the future, what is His plan? If this formula fits together, you don't have to look for God; God will be right there with you. Not only theoretically but in a practical sense, our God is in the midst of us, in our history.

So, in order to initiate this kind of work, you have to proclaim, "I am going to do this kind of thing." What kind of a person can you as an individual be in the presence of God? Would you like to be a servant? An adopted child? Real son and daughter of God? Even among real sons and daughters, some are pious sons, sometimes good, sometimes naughty, sometimes very good. There are three kinds of real children: the more loyal and pious, the ordinary and the opposite A class, B class, and C class children. I want you to be the pious, A class, children of God. So, if you want to become the A class children-pious, good children-you are supposed to compete with God.

Any father wants his son or daughter to be superior to the parents, so God wants anybody to compete with Him. He will welcome it. Later, you will get the blessing and as husband and wife, you will have children. You become parents at that time. No parent likes to have children inferior to himself. Isn't that so? Everybody wants to have his children superior to himself. (Yes.) Likewise, God wants you to be superior. Then you have even to compete with His strategy, to be better than Him. If Father says, " You do it, " you say, " No problem at all. I will do more that that."

First of all, you've got to have no more suspicion or doubt than past saints, sages, and prophets had concerning God's will. You should be more loyal, without even the slightest part of doubt toward God and truth-that's important. Not the slightest doubt-that is the first qualification. Even if the parents are the cruelest parents, picking on you and persecuting you, you will say, "I have no doubt at all." You should be that kind of children. God will welcome this kind of children.

In that sense, Father does not accept Jesus' Gethsemane prayer, and the prayer of Jesus Christ on the cross, "Father, why has thou forsaken me?" He does not buy that kind of terrible statement. It should be more than that. He should have stated more than that phrase. Under any circumstances, individuals should have no complaint at all, even under the cross. Even if under those circumstances you die, you will remain so. Heavenly Father is far above fallen mankind. Even in the worldly sense, parents will admire this kind of son, how much more the Heavenly Father. If you make this kind of statement, He will be with you, in the same sorrow and pain. He will be in the midst of you. You have to be the person to stimulate the Heavenly Father in an intensive way.

You will want to be the only one to influence the Heavenly Father in this way, being good children of God. Father had such a determination in the early days. So since that time, Father has not had the slightest complaint to the Heavenly Father-spiritual storm, hurricane, and persecution-under any circumstances he continued the statement he made. With this concept and practice, he explored the spiritual world, and now he has set up the tradition with all this truth. You must not think this is an easy job; you must not think this is the new tradition. But with this concept and practice, he explored the spiritual world, and now he has set up the tradition with all this truth. You must not think this is an easy job; by himself, without unity in the spirit world, he cannot begin his work of ministering on earth. That is not an easy job. You may think, "How in the world did he do it in a short period of time?" You may think this is very easy but he had to explore a tremendous job.

Unification in the spirit world and the Unification Church on earth-this is the tradition he has set up, up to now. Because he is proclaiming, "I am thy son, " since that time there is nothing to be dreaded or worried about. It was his duty, because God has been suffering with sorrow and pain for so many thousands of years, as His son, to visit first to the dungeon of hell with sorrow and pain. He traveled to that place. That means he did any kind of job, any kind of occupation, everything in the world. As of now he is doing the same thing.

Unless you have practical experience as a leader, you are not a real leader. Father never prayed for himself. He never said, "Please do something for me. " Instead, he prayed, "Centering on God's will, I will save the whole world. I don't care too much about my family (Mother is not here) because Heavenly Father and the spirit world will take care of her better than me, so why am I serious?" His only concern is the will of God. We are carrying the will of God. Let's go into the hurricane and typhoon; let's have that kind of attitude. Any kind of a hindrance will be smashed away.

Do you think it is an easy job for an Oriental to come here and do this kind of work in America? Is it an easy job, or a difficult job? It is most difficult job. Compared with you Americans, how much harder is it for him to accomplish all these things. The harder the better for him, because when he gets into trouble, he will bring the victory. If I like to, I can use these people 24 hours without sleeping. I will do it far better than them. You say, "Twelve o'clock is time to go to bed." You are thinking. "It is time to have lunch. " The main point is that even the sleeping and eating time should be good all the time. If you sleep for the sake of sleeping, it is not good. If you sleep for God, it becomes good. If you think, "Because I have many things to take care of, because of physical limitations, I'm sleeping -- then that's good. If it is centered on you, that's not good. Good is the eternal element, so 24 hours should be centered on God on a continual basis. Now if you say that out of 24 hours, just the morning is good and then the rest of the afternoon is not good, not God's will, your activity is of no use-cut it off. There is no continuation there. A continual basis, centering on God's will, is important. Wherever you are, whatever you do-sleeping, eating, working, witnessing, and so forth -- if it is centered totally on the will of God, it becomes good. Are you that way? Not yet, huh? In the process you just have lots of complaints. Instead of being totally dedicated, you are one-sided all the time. Instead of using both hands, you use just one. Instead of both legs, you use just one. That's the partial will of God.

When he came to America, and saw the members doing this kind of half dedicated work, half centered on the will of God, he became furious. Because of one person's attitude, he thought, 20 million Americans are dying. It's a serious question. As for statistics, 360 thousand of the total population are dying away from this group every day because they know nothing about the new message. One hundred percent of the population is dying and 200 million people are dying, going to hell, not knowing the truth.

So Heavenly Father will be painful in His heart. This is the only message through which salvation comes. Because you are tired, because you are not doing this kind of job for the dying souls of mankind, you have to get up. Even when you die, centering on God's will, with left-over business, you have to fulfill. He thinks you have never yet reached that stage of total dedication. If Father gives you a little pressure, you are frightened and you just become vegetables. God cannot pick up the really good children from among this kind of people. Maybe that kind of people will come under the servant category, or at the most, adopted children of God, but not real children.

In his early life of faith, he never tasted persecution. Why didn't he? Even in the dungeon of hell, near to death, he never felt that persecution. Even though he bled, he never prayed for himself for God to help him. Near to his death, he picked up his blood and raised hand, praying for all mankind, "Father, accept this blood. " That kind of prayer he offered to God, not -Help me, God". He never said that. That means Heavenly Father loves our Master, Reverend Moon, our Messiah. Why does he give you this kind of story? Because you don't know the true history of the Unification Church, you don't yet know the real heart of the Heavenly Father and the heart of our True Parents. If you reach that state, to touch the heart of the Heavenly Father, heart of the True Parents, a spiritual connection will be automatically formed right there. Because the world of heart is the essence of the unity of the whole cosmos, you will automatically be connected to him. Those who frequently or every day see the True Parents in dreams or visions, raise hands. Those who see our True Parents in visions or dreams raise your hands, please. All Unification members should reach the stage in which even in dreams you can see the True Parents. In the higher level of the world of heart, even if our True Parents are not with you physically, they will always guide you in spirit, and you will see our True Parents appearing to you.

This is the real characteristic of the Unification Church. No other religion or group has this. In the Christian world, it is very hard even to see a vision of Jesus Christ. But contrary to that, if you come to the Unification Church, totally dedicated, exploring the world of the heart, even within a week you can be guided in your dream or visions to see our Master. All those IOWC Commanders and directors think they know the Principle well, but to him, they have a long way to go and they are many years behind what he originally expected.

The Divine Principle covers up to Jesus Christ's ministry, the dispensation centering on Jesus Christ. Nothing is mentioned in the Divine Principle about our Master and our True Parents yet. You should understand how the dispensation of God's restoration providence is being fulfilled right now, not 2,000 years ago. You will lag far behind if you don't listen to what he is saying, teaching, and preaching-his special message to you. Unless you study, you will be far behind, because the Divine Principle never described it. Are you curious to know all what is going on?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if the True Parents were given a nation by somebody. Have you every thought about that? What would happen if our True Parents got the whole world? What is he going to do? Do you even dare to think, "If I could provide our True Parents, freely, without any interference for his ideal family, can I do it?" Have you ever thought about that kind of thing. You should see what his ideal world, ideal family looks like before you die. So, we have to realize before our physical deaths. We have to realize what the ideal family life can be like.

Father is going to approach you, to teach you what the ideal family looks like. You have to realize this before you go to spirit world. Don't you want to do that? So, in order to be in this category, you have to have a solid foundation within you. Then on a solid foundation you can build up the house. In order to build it, you've got to have good building materials and a screening process. Some kinds of dust have to go out. All the secular dust or dirt has to be taken away. This period is really a drastic changing period. Change will take place.

He is offering a variety of activities to you, sometimes giving you the chance to witness; suddenly you go raising funds, suddenly you go to a three-day fast, then suddenly you go to a demonstration. Such a variety of activities will come to you as a screening process. This screening means the formation of your foundation for yourself. Sometimes you have to hammer and punch, all kinds of construction activity is going on. Sometimes you complain, "I am an old-timer. Why did they put me on this sort of lower job, manual job?" Some may complain about it. Father senses everything that you think and do. Then this means that the total concept of centering on God does not fit. This means that the person will be egotistically oriented, not God's material; you want to be your own material. That's egotistic.

His idea is to build a beautiful heavenly building in which you can enjoy the ideal family life. So, the interior decoration should be well done. Practically, he supervises and gives some idea, but he wants to improve it more. So, do you think it is a very easy job to do all those things'? This is a hard job, but you have to think as that; the person who initiates all this should work harder than you people. The chief contractor of a big building usually worries about it all the time, day and night, and even after work.

But you are builders or carpenters in whatever section you may be assigned. You do your part, but the chief contractor has to think of the total. Master is doing that. So, you should understand a different dimension than what you have been thinking of. You want to be your own kind of material, but Father wants you to be another material to fit the record or third dimensional building of the kingdom. So, his idea is different. Do you prefer this new tradition to build it in a nice way, would you prefer a poor way"? Even at the sacrifice of ten thousand or a hundred thousand people, he is in the position to carry out the eternal building of the heavenly kingdom.

Americans of the next generation will want the permanently built kingdom for them, not temporarily. I don't want you to be a temporary spectator; I want you to be a participant. You will be the master of the building of the kingdom. Would you like that'? Two categories of people will appear; one is those who Just work hard but go away as a spectator. The second is the lord of the building of the kingdom of heaven. Would you like to be the lord of the whole thing, or would you like to be the servant of the program? A servant is not responsible for anything. An irresponsible person is a servant. He is concerned about the money, the reward. He is not concerned about the work to be done.

Those who come to this Unification Church be cause of friends or the excitement, and so forth, will, can very easily be in the category of spectators and visitors, just going away. Those who regard the Divine Principle as just an ordinary book, will be among those who will go away very soon. If the Divine Principle is the only book left in this world, what would you do with it? When he wrote the original text of the Divine Principle, he thought: "This is the only one of value." What if this original manuscript disappeared? Our True Parents thought, "If I died, what would have happened?" The world will come and go; there will be no hope in the world. Have you ever thought with this seriousness about the Divine Principle? You have to think seriously of this Divine Principle textbook. It is the source to which the individual, nation, tribe, and whole world, will be fatally related: heaven and earth depends upon this one book.

Those who don't recognize the value of the Divine Principle, how can they develop their spirituality to the level of connection to the world of heart? It is impossible. The best way to overcome the situation is to become childlike, just as Jesus said.

In the early days, Master realized that the Heavenly Father loved him most. It is definitely true. Then with this concept, "I belong to Him; I am His son," all problems are solved. The Heavenly Father put him in the worst situation in this world, but he knew that God loves our True Parents. Eventually the Heavenly Father led him through the path of turmoil and gave him the final stage of perfection and comfort and a safe place. Because of God's love toward him, Master realized why He put him in such a dungeon of hell, because God wanted to give more love to him. This is the formula; he got it in the early days. Do you understand the testimony he is giving?

This is a different part of the connection between the Heavenly Father and him. He knows God loves him most, but in practice, God put him in the opposite position. Most of the time it looked like He didn't love him. This is the problem. So, he had to go through persecution and a hard, painful, and sorrowful path, in which he may think God did not love him. After all this tribulation given by God he felt this way temporarily, but in the long run, he knows that God loves him, so he interpreted it as, "He wanted to train me in order to give more of His love. That's why He put me there." So, he solved the problem.

Those who complain in the life of faith have great difficulty in getting total salvation. Even if the other members of the family do not recognize you, it doesn't matter, if you really are centered on His will. The problem is how you, the individual, will fulfill your responsible part. I understand that during your four or five days training session, many inconveniences may have appeared, or are appearing to you, before you go back to your own states. He understands that hardship. From the Western point of view, this kind of seating arrangement looks oriental; it is incredible, they cannot understand all this. So, he sympathizes with you in this part, but you have to overcome it. Sometimes your legs are accustomed, sometimes your hips will be a little uncomfortable. Now you are managing very well. Because of all this, I love you more, and I appreciate you for all of this. Thank you.

The world of heart is being initiated in relationships like this between him and you right now. Sometimes the world of heart is not necessarily the happiest occasion. Sometimes it is sorrowful and painful. If, centering on his will, it is more sorrowful and painful causing a deeper relationship, more love comes from above. This is the secret.

Father has experienced many, many things which you cannot even imagine. Occasionally, he goes to New York City, and happens to see your fund-raising team. Even at a distance, he thinks of you people, who are working hard in downtown New York City. He saw many kinds of people responding to you, in different ways-sometimes complete rejection, sometimes half responding, half ignoring. But you accept all this - Under these circumstances I if you are rejected by the satanic people, you have to remember the connected world of heart, the Heavenly Father and True Parents. He is connected with you, and you are loved all the time you are with him.

If you feel that God is giving you this chance to be more elevated spiritually under these circumstances, you may think, "Oh, Heavenly Father is giving this chance to offer me a higher, more responsible position," then this prayer will directly infiltrate the heart of the Heavenly Father. When Father looks at this kind of thing on the street when His children are receiving rejection, he feels he is receiving rejection the same as you people receive it. So, he feels oneness with you.

Sometimes, Father walks among the pedestrians and the fund-raising team greets him. Then he feels guilty, because he lets these people do this kind of work. Always, when he looks at the girls who are not well dressed, he thinks, "You wait for a while. I will give you the best dress. " He thinks the same thing of the men. So, he feels this way whenever those who are working hard pass by. Then Father feels, "By all means I will be the victor over the whole world. " So, victory will go to you people. This is the heart of God, the feeling of the Heavenly Father.

If on the street you complain, what will happen? Nothing is accomplished. If you carry this kind of heart under any other circumstances, you are in good shape. When you look at him making all these gigantic accomplishments in his short life time, you have to think, "he is able to do any thing he feels or wishes. So, I want you to be like-minded to him. " While you are young, you need training and discipline. That's why he invests this program, for your sake.

During this period of training, you have to know who our True Parents are. Your main purpose is not for yourself, but how you are going to sacrifice yourself for the world, to eliminate sorrow and pain in this world. His wish is for you to keep this in mind: you are sacrificing yourself to bring the Heavenly Father to the man of sorrow, pain. You are working for an ideal, real family, and nation, and the whole world. Your mission is concentrated on this matter.

Under any circumstances to come in the future, if you complain about something, you will be left out. Even though you feel you are incapable, you have to adjust yourself. Even with your limited capacity, you have to try hard to fit into this gigantic program scheme. He is thinking of his chosen elite-the best of the True Parents as being nearly 360 people from 120 nations. From these three people will become members-the 360 genuine-best elite of our True Parents. He wants to compete with them, of the hardship and suffering he can give them, they can survive and accomplish with him.

In the heavenly boat, until 12:00 a.m., Father did by himself everything, fishing and arranging everything. Then after twelve o'clock, he went to the back and just gave the new instructions what to do. Then when we caught lots of fish and were very busy, he intentionally ignored that busy time. He just lay back, and mended the net. It looked like he was not conforming to the situation. If from early evening Father sat in the back, it might cause complaint, but half way through, he sat back, so there is no room for complaining to him. If he did it the other way, they would be curious why Father suddenly did this. Very soon he has to transfer all this responsibility to his children. Everything he set up, he will transfer to you people.

Father has been planning a gigantic, worldwide scheme. He will choose his elite from special persons and special nations. So, he wants you to have a great hope, and not stand still in your present situation. You have to advance all. the time, through hard work and serious training and discipline.

In the past, future, and present, our True Parents are the only persons who can do all this. Do you believe it'? There is nobody like him in the past, present, and of course, in the future. He has both idealistic and practical qualities. Without these qualities, you cannot be a world leader. If he goes out on the sea, nobody knows he is the founder of the Unification Church International, Reverend Moon. That's a false Reverend Moon." This is really fantastic.

So, you have to realize that meeting him is more than a coincidence. You have to know whether a good university or college has discipline and stricter rules and regulations. The same thing applies to the heavenly kingdom. You are so happy to know that. Throughout the world, millions and millions of people are desirous to have him, now and in the future. All the ideal goals of each religion and their founders, prophets, and saints are being fulfilled centering on him right now. All the martyred spirits from the 400 year period after Jesus during the Roman Empire, had a real ideal in their hope, but they did not see it. The time has come; you have it. They longed for it but they never even dared to see it. They are longing for you, because the resentment of these martyred spirits will be fulfilled centering on you. So, this is the place where such people put their hope for their liberation.

You have to understand that all the celibate life of the nuns and priests for so many long years was to meet this glorious day of hope for restoration. They had this realization in mind. Now you have it. Also, we know that the people of Israel, even though they were chosen, because of their failure, would not have realized this kind of setting and this kind of hope for all mankind and for the whole world. Many, many billions of Christians throughout the world prayed for the time of hope which you are realizing here. This is where they are looking but you have it while they don't. This is the place which the past saints and sages longed for, to see this day of hope. Why had they suffered so much with sorrow and pain? They have suffered to see the realization of this glorious day, which you have right now.

The founding fathers 200 years ago worked hard. Why? They worked to realize this kind of setting, for the hope to come. This is the place they were longing to see. For 6,000 years since the fall, God has been directing history to realize this new civilization and new culture, centering on this glorious nation of America. Also, this is the place Jesus Christ hoped for; he who would have liked to have realized 2,000 years ago this scene with you here right now. You have to know that you must be superior to Jesus' 12 disciples 2,000 years ago, by all means.

You've got to have more zeal, more determination and more accomplishment than Jesus' disciples 2,000 years ago. You have to realize that from God's point of view, He has trodden the road for 6,000 years, looking for this time which we have. He has been longing for it. Now, this is the place where God meets our True Parents and meets you people, the restored children of God. How much our Father has been longing for this time, to form this kind of trinity, centering on the Heavenly Father, our True Parents and you, to eliminate sorrow and pain in this world, to form the real individual, family, nation, and entire world. This place is more valuable than any historical relics to which many people have paid tribute, and lots of merit. This is far superior to any historical remains.

The entire Unification Church family has a heavenly mission to introduce our True Parents' face and name to the whole world. If you cannot introduce our True Parents to the people physically even through his photograph, they have to set up the condition of having met our True Parents. Otherwise, they will be in trouble in spirit world after death. Even if they did not see our True Parents physically, if they are shown the picture and asked, "Do you know this person?" and if they say, "I know him very well," that word itself will be the greater condition. For a billion, million dollars, you cannot buy this historical fact that you have met him, and further that you have been instructed and trained and disciplined by him. This is a most glorious, historical fact for you. You have to think that this kind of setting is serious.

This is really a heavenly puzzle. You have come here-consciously or unconsciously and then you are working with him to do all the heavenly tasks with heavenly responsibility centering on his will. This is a fantastic fact. Your physical condition is awkward and inconvenient, but spiritually this is a magnificent setting. You have to remember that. You have participated in a three-day fast for the nation and the whole world. It is a great condition, with symbolic and physical meaning. Father asked of the nearly 600 people a few of you must have complained within your heart. Did you? (No.) Then if nobody complained, that will be a fascinating, fantastic thing.

If you really appreciated this past three-day fast, you will never be defeated in your life of faith. This is your defense line. This is the protective shield for you in your life. You will claim, "I did it to save this nation of America." Also, you are in a position of doing it for God and for heaven. You did the three-day fast for the True Parents. Then you will be officially recognized for doing it. The True Parents and the Heavenly Father will give you new direction and have new expectation of you. Because of this accomplishment, performance, I began this conference. That's why he initiated this kind of five-day conference, after the three-day fast. Father thinks that through this kind of special training you will set up a new zeal, a new tradition, and also a new foundation for your life. You will be the model of the whole movement in the United States. Can you determine yourselves during this period?

When you listen to the Divine Principle lectures, depending on the lecturer, there is some different flavor or presentation. It has the same contents, but if there is a different way of presenting it, it will be different. The depth of the words will be endless. The depth of truth is wide and deep, because you don't know the world of heart; you know nothing about it. Eventually, you have to reach to the realm of the real heart of God; so, I want you to have a trip to that kind of state.

What is the fall, originally? It originated from selfishness. This time, restoration means sacrifice, instead of being self-centered. You have to be giving out, sacrificing yourself for others: it's very simple. His three-year ministry, 1972, 1973, 1974, is now passing by, so he is descending. Instead of staying on a high, climactic peak, now he is descending. That means that from now on, the American family should take over certain areas by itself. That's why he has a new system set up, giving the American family a chance to fast by itself.

Up to the present, all financial support has come from the overseas family, especially the Japanese brothers and sisters. Also, the spiritual aspect has been guided by the overseas family. Soon, the American family should be self-supporting and independent. Which do you think is easier: to restore a small nation of Japan and Korea combined, or a gigantic, nation, territorially? Which is easier to restore: one nation, America, or Japan and Korea? America. Why is it difficult? America is a multiracial combination, a melting pot, so various cultural and racial backgrounds make the restoration more difficult. A simple, single nation like Korea or Japan, even now, is mono-racial. A mono-racial nation is easy to control. So, in this country there are too many races, too many things coming up, too much freedom, and too many debates. It is quite a difficult job to synthesize all these differences.

Father has been thinking, he has to train you more harshly than the mono-racial nationalities German or French. America should be more trained, more disciplined. If you say yes, would you like to be defeated by Japanese brothers and sisters? We need a strong spirit; intensive training is needed. The Unification Church movement will fail if it starts wrong from the beginning. We have to start right and strong. It is proper to strengthen the system, and give intensive training and discipline before beginning the right dispensation centering on this nation. Logically or theoretically, is it true?

So, you have no room for complaint because all the Japanese brothers and sisters and German brothers and sisters never had complaints. If you have complaints, you should complain why you were not given more jobs, hard training. That kind of complaining is fine. You have to resolve yourself to be that kind of a responsible person. The reason why he especially trained you this time is to indoctrinate this kind of spirit from him in your heart. There will be a correlative standard between you and him, because you can pick up all these things free of charge. Without much suffering and hard work, all is given you. Your position is to do a better job, and accomplish ten times more than our True Parents and our Heavenly Father did. Do you understand me?

So, we have to determine ourselves to be that kind of people. His eight-city Day of Hope tour will begin in the month of September, and this is the last dispensation centering on this nation. He wants you to have a oneness with him during this eight-city Day of Hope tour. You have to accomplish quite a lot, because this is of such tremendous significance for this nation and for the whole world. You will set up the accomplishment with a new tradition.

Before you go back to your states and work on your local level, even though you had in your mind some kind of complaining elements, he wants you to forget them. From now on you have to determine yourself to head in a new direction, and you have to be proud of yourself as a special heavenly army task force in your area to bring success and pick up this heart of the True Parents and the Heavenly Father. He wants you to be victors. You have to save this nation of its sorrow and pain. You have to sacrifice yourself, giving real value to this nation. This is a short-cut to saving the whole world. You are responsible for this nation, for your local level. You are the sacrificing spirit, plunging into the sorrowful and painful situation. Only by doing so will you be able to save the whole world with its sorrow and pain. This is the only way left for our True Parents, Heavenly Father. So, by taking responsibility for taking over the world's sorrow and pain, you have to become a real champion and victor. So, he wants you to be this kind of a person with a new resolution, a new determination, in this special seminar and training.

Father does not want to be beaten by the Heavenly Father. The same thing applies to you. You don't want to be defeated by me. Why don't you be a superior group commander in every way? If you do it, you will receive more love from our True Parents.

You have to do your job beforehand before our Father's commandment of instruction. Will you, do it? He is asking a general question: do you think this three-day or four-day training session is fantastic, or wonderful? (Yes.) Father has information that the majority of the people expressed a desire to continue one more day. I'd like to verify it. Is it true that you wanted to stay one more day? Unfortunately, we cannot survive without water. But what can we do about it? So, he will officially give you permission to stay one more day here at the Barrytown university.

Now, the ten International One World Crusade field commanders are here, and the directors are here. Father instructed them to join with you one more day. Then they will talk to you people, and a comprehensive report will be given to Father sometime tomorrow. Today is the 29th of July. Sometime when Mr. Sudo's lectures are over, Father will be ready to listen to the ten IOWC commanders' comprehensive reports.

Now you American field troops will be going away at least the day after tomorrow, in the morning. Then Father officially invites the honorable IOWC commanders to Prince Kook Jin's birthday on August 1, 1974. You will stay at Belvedere. The ten commanders will stay overnight to be at the celebration.

On August 2, Miss Glenda Moody's track team will bring 40 black college students to visit in Barrytown. So, there will be a chance for all the IOWC commanders to see these people. Then on August 3, all the honorable IOWC commanders are invited to Father's boat, "New Hope, New York" and you will leave for the field on August 4th.

So, since you Americans took over as self supporting, you should not be defeated by your excellent Japanese brothers and sisters on the fund-raising team. Can you do it? (Yes.) We will wait and see. This time is a time of special grace for you. Are there any questions from the audience? Then Father will ask one question to all the audience. Please, all who had a hippie experience, raise your hands.

(Mr. Kim: They are heavenly hippies, all of them! terrible! terrible!)

We have to save hippies first. You are the older generation.

A second question from Father; those who have been drug addicts, or have had drug experience, marijuana or whatever, raise your hands. (Mr. Kim: More than that, you are ex-convicts, wow! Corrupted American society!) So, we have to save all drug addicts, too.

Please research on the topic, how to restore the hippies and drug addicts. Already this program is going on, centering on Washington, D.C. Father has already established already some new moral association. So, this organization will deal with this area. According to his new thinking: the corrupted hippies and drug addicts coming is a sign this nation's corruption and destiny of destruction. If many black people got together and made a big demonstration to awaken white hippies and drug addicts, a national movement can be launched. Then black people will use the slogan, "You white hippies are doomed to quickly destroy yourself with this trash. However, we black people are not going to follow that pattern." So, we might initiate that kind of a movement to awaken the public. Then through this we can disparage that kind of pattern; young people, especially black people, don't have to accept it. Then white people will be frightened or awakened, and receive the warning to correct this situation. Then with this kind of movement, of not following the white people's tradition of drugs and hippies, we may get international attention.

So, in a sense, this kind of track team of black people under the leadership of Miss Moody might be helpful in certain periods of time. Through the black people, something has to be done for the nation, especially for the white people. With this future perspective, Glenda Moody, our sister, is becoming famous throughout the nation right now. As time goes by, the Unification Church will have separate black congregations on the state and local level. Then Father will directly guide, supervise and teach the black people a true pattern of life. So, I will put a

heavenly competition between the white Unification Church members and black Unification Church members.

Father has approved the 40 young black people coming here with Glenda Moody. So, the black people of our church should have a great hope for the future and be determined to do his will. White people are clapping, while the black people are quiet, but this commendation goes to the black people. But you are black and white combined, anyway. You are the same; that's why applause comes from all the whites.

Please simplify yourself, carry very simple luggage. Your gear should be ready to go any time. So, be ready under any circumstances. Keep a simple physical environment.

Father is seriously launching this movement to save hippies and drug addicts. So, very quickly this movement will be launched. You have to be aware of this, pray for it, and be ready. A national campaign will be initiated when we have accumulated lots of research through your people: why is it bad, what kind of phenomena happen, after effects, and so forth. So, a pamphlet will be published before launching this kind of campaign. We should have more publications on this matter than any other social agency dealing with this matter. This is a good chance to mobilize, and influence the public through this project.

Please, those of you who are here at the moment who are in a leadership position on the local level, collect all material available in your locality, in your state, and synthesize it. Forward it to the national headquarters for further consideration.

By March 1975, national headquarters should be ready with all the publications. So, pay this attention on this issue. Because this area is good room for Communist infiltration, we have to take initiative. This is a very urgent project. When you go back, follow what he has said.

Third question: Those who have a Christian background, raise your hands, please. Those who have no Christian background, raise hands. Are all of you Jewish people? Most of them. We have to save Christians. When you go back, you have to initiate how to bring Christians to the perfection state.

Question: In January of 1970, I was spiritually given a plan about the same thing he was just talking about, how to raise up the black folks and how it would cause national concern. In June of 1972, 1 actually heard the Principle, and I joined. I was led to come and actually present this plan to you and see how you think.

Answer: Father thinks about the three races, yellow, black, and white. Orientals can contribute in the spiritual aspect, white people can contribute in the analytical, scientific area, while black people can contribute in the physical area-physical educational development of physical fitness, the area of health. That's one of the reasons Glenda Moody's project with black young people is very fantastic. From now on, two thirds of the athletes may come from black people. Even basketball teams have a dominant population of black people. The talented area of black people is in this physical aspect. So, the short cut for black peoples' achievement in this world is the physical area. So, Father has a special concern in this area.

Question: Will you make a movie on the mission of Jesus, as you said, some time in the future?

Answer: Yes, in the future, if the manuscript is favorable. Even a movie company is being formed right now in Japan. So, we have a contract to make that kind of movie, not only about the life of Jesus. So, we have a higher level connection in the movie industry in Japan.

Question: You talked a lot about the American family. I don't know what to do, ever since I joined the family…

Answer: You have to consult with the state representative or the IOWC commander, who will give you some direction. If you do a good job in your present environment, you will be picked up; you will have a new direction. Then see how many people you can bring to the movement. You have relatives'? You have to convert them. Then if you have this kind of foundation, gradually your position will be developed on a higher level, and you will be regarded on the state level. Automatically you will contribute more to the state level or national level.

Question: Father, what do you think will happen with President Nixon in light of the new development?

Answer: Even if many people label somebody as dying, not all of them will die. If this dying person, Nixon, is revived, then Reverend Moon's name will be more popular and famous, right? He may plan one more fasting campaign during the final stage of impeachment proceedings, at the Senators' level. Now the proceedings are in the judiciary committee.

Father's past strategy has been based on contacting many Senators. In the Senate forum, if they cannot get more than two-thirds of the vote, impeachment will be automatically cancelled. So, he is exploring this area right now.

(Inaudible question.)

The criterion is how seriously you love the soul or the person. Then that will give room for reaching out to be with him. Have you ever thought you would die for one person? You have never experienced that? Your degree of loving others is the barometer of the heart of God. What degree of loving others is the barometer of the heart of God. What a magnificent thing it is to save souls, to give life! Giving life-that is salvation. If you love somebody, giving them life, that means you are a sacrifice.

Then if you expand to the wider scope, practicing it, you will then automatically reach the heart of God and the heart of the True Parents, then become in oneness with them. That's the only thing: practice loving other people. So if you complain that you dislike something you should do, that is the enemy right there. You have to do it willingly, with appreciation and thanksgiving. You have to blame yourself; "I am not loving others so seriously. " If you have no thanksgiving, you have to blame yourself. To love other persons, you have to sacrifice yourself. Can you understand?

(Question from a member from India.)

Most of the Indians are communicating with the spirit world. Those people who receive that they have to unite with Reverend Moon will be easily united. There's a lecture there on the principle of resurrection. Father says that through prayer you can easily have access to these people. You have to realize that in the early days, the Unification Church started not from witnessing, but people received instructions from spirit world, and came to the Unification Church headquarters. Those who came to this group had been prepared by God to meet him for fifteen or twenty years.

He has heard the story that during your three-day fast, some spiritual phenomena happened. Is it true that some man from Munich, Germany received something and is participating here? Is it true?

(Yes, but he's not here at Barrytown. He had to go back. Initially, he received that America is prepared to establish the kingdom of heaven. Then he wanted to talk.)

This kind of vertical aspect, spiritual, psychic phenomena, is happening throughout the world. We have amazing testimonies. The reason why we don't emphasize this too much is that the public does not understand spiritual phenomena. They think we are crazy or something like that. That's the reason. why we don't emphasize this so much. But this is a factual phenomenon.

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