The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

The Unification Church has Appeared to Teach How to Repent for Historical Sins

Sun Myung Moon
August 5, 1973
True Man and Sin
Seoul, Korea
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 68
Unofficial Translation

What kind of position did Jesus come to represent on earth? He came as a true and genuine son, older brother, husband, father, uncle, grandfather and true and genuine king. Yet, people of his age arrested and killed him. Even if you kill one person, you cannot be excused. Then how can you be excused and forgiven for having killed the greatest king, whose authority covered all humanity ever since the beginning of human history? There is no way to forgive such a crime.

For this reason, there is only one way to be forgiven. That is you must determine to give up your life for Jesus sake and live as a living sacrifice. There is no other way to be forgiven. This is the logical conclusion. Therefore, the Bible says, "Whoever wants to save his life will die, and whoever gives up his life for my sake will live."

Look, if you kill your own mother or father, you will be branded as an unforgivable criminal. However, Jesus was the one true person. He was the only begotten true son; true elder brother, true father, true uncle, true grandfather, and true king since the beginning of human history. However, all human beings are villains on the side of Satan, who killed the lord. How can you, as such sinners, lift up your heads and noisily assert yourselves.

For what purpose has the Unification Church appeared in this world? It appeared in order to teach the path to atone and repent for this collective sin. In order to go this path, what kind of awareness must you have? Rather than focusing on teaching that your faith may save you, you must become self aware that you represent the evil world. You must be aware that you represent numerous kings, countless husbands, and a great many sons of this world. So, instead of pompously asserting yourself before Jesus, you must be determined to give up your life for the sake of Jesus.

If you stand in this position and give up your life, while loving Jesus and humanity, you may become an object, able to share in mutual inspiration with Jesus. Thus, you now enter the real path of salvation.

You must be aware of the fact that you are representing the world. Of course a man must feel that he is representing the world, but a woman must also feel that she is a representative of the world. You must be aware that you are sacred offerings for the sake of a historical victory, as well as that you are the leading figures of victory in this era. Since you are self aware of the fact that you killed the Messiah, you must offer before him your life for his sake, in order to indemnify the past. As you sacrifice even your life this way, you may receive his sympathy, through which you may participate in the glory of the resurrected Lord. You must have such a heart. Otherwise, it is the Principle's view that you may not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the standard of the path that I walk. Thus, I think about becoming a person who slept the least in history when I take a rest. When I face difficulty, I make up my mind to become the most suffering and hardest working person. With this attitude, there is nothing that I did not do in my life. There is nothing that human beings do that I cannot do. Up until now in the course of restoration, I have built up this foundation of victory by being the most serious about pioneering the path of hardship, despite facing persecution and opposition from my own people and the entire population of the world.


You must serve and sacrifice from the bottom of bottoms in order to become the true person

You must sacrifice and serve together. You will observe how your environment may be influenced by your actions. You must know that you need to go this path. Always, you think about the true person and sin.

When you try to educate your children, you should not just say, "You should be an admirable person." Rather you should teach them, "My children, you should go through this path in order that you will be admired by many people." You fathers must fulfill your responsibility as father. You older brothers, you must accomplish your responsibility as older brother. You elder sisters, you should complete your responsibility as older sister. In other words, you must know clearly how you should conduct yourself with your siblings as older brother, with your spouse as husband or wife, and with your relatives in order to become true men or women. Once you become a person who does not violate the etiquette of proper relationships, there will appear a path through which you can become a good citizen of the nation.

Patriots will focus on educating citizens of their nation, even though they must postpone educating their own children. You must be able to do so in order to be a patriot. Also, you should be the one who can harmonize and unify people. By so doing, you will help establish one nation. Also, our ultimate aim is the Kingdom of Heaven; you cannot say you don't care about people who live in the eastern half of a nation, since you live in the western half. The Heavenly kingdom is rotating from east to west. God's kingdom is spatially rotating. Therefore, we are moving forward to the ideal world, where he can be me and I can be him. We need each other.

You should visit a quiet place without being noticed by other people because you want to meditate, talk to God and to resolve problems with Him. By only dealing with man, you cannot resolve them. You have to confront God to get the answer. However, I suggest that it is the ultimate path of faith that you must walk, longing for nature, longing for Heaven and longing for the original man over a long, extended time. 

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