The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

How to train members and make the Kingdom of Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
July 6, 1973
Translation: Won Pok Choi
Washington House, San Francisco
10:00 pm, Friday evening

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Our Training System

(Mr. Sang Ik Choi begins interpreting; then almost immediately Mrs. Choi continues)

Mr. Choi translating:

He believes that from now on there will be great advancement because time is in our hands, Last year he mobilized 400 mobile teams, so he planned for more people, 500 people in a team. Next year he plans to mobilize about. 2,000 members, There are some people left from our movement in comparison with people who come into join our group. So, it is very important to make with our family within 6 months, otherwise they will not really understand the meaning of the group and leave.

Mrs. Choi translating:

In 6 months' time we must work desperately how not to let our members leave us and how to make them stronger members while we get new ones. We have many things different from other people; we are not like ordinary people in a sense. Once the young people join our movement they are apt to leave their homes, and they work just like crazy in worldly eyes.

They dedicate their lives. These three points have been making it difficult for us to get a good reputation, so we want to solve these problems. We want to train young people at Belvedere, our training center, and before they really dedicate themselves, we will wait till they go through the training and then decide on whether or not they will be strong workers in our movement. Up to the present moment the disadvantage was most of the people just hear the Divine Principles once and they are moved to the Heart, in way inspired, and then they join the movement saying that they would dedicate their lives and then after a while people are apt to leave us.

Those who are old in the movement, perhaps 2 or 3 years old in the movement, or 3 or 4 years and when we ask them they say they have heard the Principles only 2 or 3 times. They don't know the Divine Principles in depth. So in Belvedere during the 40-days training course we are going to have the trainees listen to the lectures 9 cycles, 20 hours for 9 cycles, then Victory Over Communist Ideology four times.

Of those who have gone through the educational program in the United States, you wouldn't understand our type of program. You are more used to your educational system in which you here the lecture and then discuss or ask questions, but with that kind of method we cannot have trainees listen to the lectures so many times. Through our experiences, so many years, we know that our Principle is the ultimate one, ultimate truth and there are no reference books in the library in order for us to study the Principles in depth.

Hearing As Many Lectures As Possible

First, to give us as many lectures as possible the only method; well, repetition is the only method that can equip us with the truth and when they raise questions, question can be answered by the lecturers later on after going through so many cycles. We have made it sort of a formula to have the trainees go through 9 cycles, after 3 cycles each giving the examination; so altogether 3 examinations will be given in 40 days' time and Master instructed all the European leaders to have the same type of training.

There is good reason for my having to do this. That means to unify the method, too. After the European leaders and elsewhere, they have been going through their types, each different type of training courses, so when I assembled them at the International Leadership Training Center in Belvedere, I found their methods varied and different from each other, and I wanted to unify the type of training course. So I instructed giving the same type of training course under Divine Principles and the same type of mobile team system, church work and mobile team.

Church workers and those who are on the mobile teams have to go through the training by taking turns, so after they have gone through the examination and passed it alone, they can either be a state representative and/or mobile team commander. In every church, lectures should be given 4 times a day, he told them. In the morning starting from 6:30 through and up to 8:30, from 8:30-9:30 we will have breakfast. From 9:30-12:30, lecture again -- from 9:30-12:30 they go out witnessing and bring people to the training center and then give lecture from 12:30-2:30 they will give the lecture.

Starting from 4:30-6:00 they give another lecture. From 8:00-9:30 again in the evening -- that means each day if you are living in the center you must hear -- listen to the Divine Principles -- 4 times. The reason why we are doing this is to have you studying in depth, the Divine Principles in depth, and unless you pass the examination by getting a grade of 70% or higher you cannot pass. In order to stir up the whole nation, this gigantic nation, in the shortest possible time we must train good leaders. Every member should be equipped or armed with the truth.

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, and Won Pok Choi -- circa 1965

Passing Tests

After you pass the examination by getting a grade of 70% or more, then you join with the mobile teams. If you pass by a grade above 70% there on the mobile team, then you are going to join international mobile team. After going through three types of things you are turned to the economic restoration project. (Master in English: Flower selling, candle selling, everything selling.) You have to go through flower selling, candle selling, every imaginable type of thing to raise money.

Our goal is to earn $80 per week (Master corrects in English: $80 per day) -- in one day. It is less than what the Japanese members have as their goal. Well, their goal is $120 per day. So we must be determined to make that much money every day. After you get trained in that way and if you are posted in the local churches it means that you can earn some $560 a week, and then, well, it will be sufficient to make the livelihood. You will spend some $600 per month in each center; suppose $150 for the rent; at least $70 or more for the food and the rest for miscellaneous.

Don't Take A Fulltime Job

Those who go out to the front line in the local areas are forbidden to have jobs. In 1965, when I made my first world tour I visited the United States and I hosted people in 32 centers but they all withdrew -- 32 states -- but they had to withdraw because they wanted to have jobs -- not in the center. It is a desperate wound, he says. It has been a pity for us to have to withdraw because of the economic situation. So I decided to have them go through the experience of raising money so that they will not have to worry about how to live there.

A witnessing campaign starts and unless they bring in 3 members or more in a month's time they cannot go out to the front. I chose New York for the arena because the city of new York is a contracted form of the universe, world; and if you can't win so many members there you would not be successful in local churches. What do you think? Are you anxious to restore the United States at the earliest possible date or not? (Audience: Yes) If you go on with a slow pace like this how long, will it take to restore the whole nation of the United States? Can you restore it in 3 years-time with this kind of slow pace?

If you won't shorten the time by 1/3 you must I work 3 times as much as you used to. If you want to restore the nation in 1/10 the time you must struggle 10 times as hard as ever. If you were in the position of God would you want the people, want your people to restore the world at the soonest possible date or not? (Audience: Yes) How anxious God must be to have the whole world restored. God really is anxious to turn the world upside-down in the blink of the eyes. United we will become strong and unless we are in strong oneness we can never dream of turning the world upside-down. If one person, your leader, thinks this way and others go the other way around we can never have the world restored.

Obey Headquarters Directions

Upon one command from the national headquarters in Washington D.C. you must respond from every corner of the United States. Well, have we been like this, are we like that? So I am determined to train you hard enough to do that or to be that. As I stand here I can read your facial expressions and your glances are distracted sometimes, and your glances do vary, do vary like that. You must fix your glance, fix your sight upon the goal, not being distracted that way. When you want to shoot, you must set your eyes on the target. Your position must be right, the way you hold the gun must be right and your target must be fixed at one point with your barrel and the bullet being on the same line with the goal -- hit the target.

You are almost breathless when you shoot. That is also trinity -- 3 points in oneness. (Master in English: are you like that?) Are you like that? The way you are in the morning right after you get up and then the way you are at noontime and in the evening, are they one -- on the same line. (Master in English: are you like that?) Are you that way? If your attention is distracted your bullet is apt to fall in unexpected places so then it has nothing to do with the goal -- target. However many times you may try you will still be a failure -- you will end up in a failure. We must remember God said "'I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end." The line connecting the alpha and the omega before beginning and end must be a straight line, not crooked line like this.

Do you want to go through a shortcut to reach the goal or do you want to go zigzag, making a detour. (Audience: shortcut!) He would prefer to go zigzag. (Master in English: Is it right?) (Audience: No!) With the great course to get the goal you must have your childhood, youth end adulthood put together on the horizontal level -- line -- strait on the line. Are you determined? (Audience: Yes) Each one working? (Audience: Yes) (Master in English: Yes?) (Audience: Yes) (Master in English: Do you mean it, yes?) (Audience: Yes) (Master in English: Exactly?) (Audience: Yes.) (Master in English: I cannot believe it.) If you are that way you don't need me anymore. You can go without me. Do you have your own standard target? Do you have your target set before you?

Our Target Is Advancing To The Next Level

The target on the individual level, the target on the family level, tribal level, national level and world level must be focused on one point though the scope is being broadened as we go to the next level and status. (Master in English: is that correct?) Isn't that right? (Audience: Yes) Aren't your targets on every level situated in different places. Your target on the individual level is here, your target on the family level there, one here, one there. Isn't that true? You change from morning to night, sometimes you look at things this way, sometimes that. Isn't that true? (Audience: Yes.) Then how can I trust. you, how can God trust you if you vacillate all the time -- like this.

In order to gather those scattered people into one point I have to have you go through hard training. If I leave you alone how can you become a strong one. If I want to have your head straight up like this, when you are like this, well, I have to straighten the position of your head all the time. Then can you claim freedom there? Like in the case of driving a car, I have to step on the brakes sometimes to make you stop. The first thing in the morning, when you wake up, you must think of the Principles, when you breathe you must think of the Principles, when you hear this, when you say this, when you go to the bathroom, when you walk on the street, you must think of this Divine Principles. This is the truth. Have you been like this? (Audience: No.) If you are in the position to be one in the Principles or the incarnation of the Principles then you establish the state in which you are crazy over the Principles -- day and night. If you are really in accordance with the Principles at one point you must be like that. You must be crazy over or be intoxicated by the Principle.

(Mrs. Choi went to take off her shoes; Master asks where she is going; she tells him and he says, "You are my tongue -- my tongue must not leave the place.")

The most important thing, the neck of the thing, is to have you listen to the Divine Principles as many times as possible and then your way of hearing, your way of setting your glance, your way of talking and thinking will be set at one point -- on one point. I applied that method to the trainees and after a long interval of hard training they all bowed down before me, being grateful.

Our Church Is The School Of Truth

Our church is, in a way, a school where we teach the truth. We are, the only church in the whole world where people are given examinations. Unless they pass the examination they can never leave the place. Those early comers have had to go through more than others because they have been sort of confident after so many years of experience in our movement. They went to the examination and they found that they got only a 30% grade, or 40 points, barely 50% or 60% while newcomers, they passed the examination. They would fail in one examination and. they downcast like this; second examination they fail again, they lose their face; third examination they still have to fail and then they are frustrated and they are scared, but they have to try harder until they pass the examination.

Well, I want to be sympathetic with them but I cannot help them save their face by giving them special privilege. I have to have them go through the examination and pass it. Before long for each and every one of you the same thing will come, You must prepare for that. After passing the examination you will be put to witnessing campaign and before that practice lectures. The same applies to every church; for instance in the San Francisco center there must be organized a committee of giving the examination and until you have the examination by the standard of the committee members you cannot pass it. You have been waiting for me, you must have expected a good gift -- present from me, but this is my gift. How do you like it? (Audience: Great)

From now on you must know that you have to go through the examination and have got to pass it. The first thing in the morning you must think of the Divine Principles, whenever you find time you must read it over and over again and even in sleep you must want to embrace your book before going to sleep. Well, by going through 3 stage; passing the examination of the Divine Principles after 9 cycles before; and flower selling or candle selling campaign where you must make $560 a week, the standard of this, and then a witnessing campaign where you must earn or bring in at least 3 members a month. After going through 3 stages like this they are sent to the local churches and those who are incapable of that must be sent to the Belvedere training center and be trained and sent out again, so before long those who are above 70% grade point alone can work as State Representatives or Mobile Team Commanders or even the members in the church and on the mobile teams must have that grade.

Hak Ja Han, and Won Pok Choi -- circa 1965

Training Will Make You Solid Members

By going through the training like this, well, they dedicate themselves for this course, and they become solid members by doing this, never leaving the church. When they know the Divine Principles in depth they have deep insight and after they experience the economic restoration through flower selling or candle selling they become confident and after the witnessing campaign where they bring in 3 or more members in one month they feel that they can stand on their own so even though they may be told to leave the movement they won't. They will never do that. So in that way we can get more dedicated members.

As for the first stage we give to the new-comers 3-day training, weekend workshop, 7-day training, then 40-day training (Master corrects himself) 3-weeks training then 40-day training and they are sure to become solid members. Well when they first come into the movement before half a year, before 6 months' time they must go through all those things. We even teach them how to handle their parents if they objected to our movement so they know the knack of the thing so they can sooth the hearts of their parents and win their parents' sympathy or win the hearts of those people and even have them join our movement, so there is no problem of persecution coming from their Own homes and there is no problem as to whether or not or not they will dedicate themselves to the movement and they are well armed with the Divine Principles, they have the confidence in economic restoration, they have confidence in bringing in people by witnessing to them so they cannot help but become solid members.

Well, up to date when have not been here, well, things happen more or less in confusion; well, you who have barely come into the movement and your leader tells you to go out flower selling and you don't know what it's all about and you don't know the Divine Principles in depth, and you are compelled to do that and after a while you become frustrated and sometimes you are told to dedicate yourselves for the movement and you don't know what it really means. But you say yes, but after a while you fall away. You are advised to witness on the street and you become embarrassed and you cannot stand it, confusion comes in.

This Method Of Training Is Based On My Experience

There are many conditions to cause you to fall away, because the persecution is coming from your parents and that makes it hard for you to continue and then when you are supposed to dedicate yourself you are not quite ready to do that, you want to have a job, you want to enjoy worldly things and you fall away. Then you are told to go out flower selling and then you are reluctant to do that and that is another condition for you to fall away. Then in witnessing you are embarrassed to stand on the street corner or grab people to bring them in and, well, if you are not armed with the Divine Principles and if you do not have confidence you cannot do all these things, so you are apt to fall awry. Isn't that true? (Audience: Yes)

I have decided to apply this method after long years of experience. Now we have barely opened up the 12 gates to reach out, to reach out to the end of this world then I thought of the project of having open, I mean opening the International Training Center. That is why I bought Belvedere estate. What are the conditions to cause you to fall?

First, what is coming from your parents? (Audience: Persecution) Persecution coming from your parents. (Master in English: next?) Second? (Master in English: Dedicate) You are told you dedicate yourselves and you are scared (Master in English: Third?) Thirdly? (Master in English: Candle selling, flower selling campaign) Candle selling (Master in English: Fourth witnessing) Fourth we have to witness to the people daily (Master in English: Then what' s next?) You are told to bring in one person per month and that will scare you if you are not confident. You are apt to fail here and there. You cannot go by leaps: somewhere here you fall away. Well, I want to ask you a question, have you ever heard of your having to bring in one person at least per month? (Audience: Yes) Those who have never heard of that, hold up your hands. Okay, you have heard that you have to bring in at least one member per month, and those who filled that quota hold up your hand. Have you been bringing in one person per month? I don't think there is a single one here. We have accomplished that much. You are making me a liar. If you are like that can heaven be cooperative with you? (Long silence) Can you make me pleased with you? (Again no answer) (Master in English: Does teacher like that position?) (Audience: a few answer "no.")

What You Should Be Doing

Does your Master like that idea? (Audience: a few answer "no.") Well you may talk or say to yourself, "Oh it is too much; how on earth can you expect to bring in one person a month. Well, he wants to increase the membership, that is all." That is not the situation. You study the Divine Principles, you go out flower selling and candle selling, you go out witnessing to people, but why do you have to do that? Why do you have to do that? For my sake, for the sake of your church? Why don't you answer? (Several respond; one said 'to save lives.') What are you going to do when you save the lives of the people? What does it profit? After having saved the whole world what are you going to do? In a word, we must establish the Earthly Kingdom of God. Our purpose is that. The purpose of our witnessing to the people, the purpose of our saving the lives of the people is to erect the Kingdom of God on Earth, where the people can live in peace and harmony; for us to become the citizens, not just of the United States, but in the Kingdom of God. Those who think they are not entitled to the Kingdom of Heaven, hold up your hand. (Master in English: There is no one.) Not a single person here can be entitled to that.

Then why are you here at all? You must do away with that vague idea; it is just like any other church; if you are here for that, that has nothing to do with God. Those kinds of people will sooner or later fall away. Then how can we make ourselves confident or entitled to the Kingdom of Heaven? (Single response: By establishing it) In what way can we erect the kingdom? Just to study the Divine Principles? Or sell the flowers, witness to the people? (Single response: Studying and following the truth) How do you put the Divine Principles, that you learn into practice? Alright, if you are going to sacrifice yourself for the cause for what purpose are we doing this? (Single response: to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth) To establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Do you know there is the Kingdom of God on individual level, on family level, on national level and worldwide level. Where are you situated? Where are you? (Audience discusses what level -- says individual -- corrects to all, centers back on individual)

Do you know for sure of what state you are under when you have realized the Kingdom of God, on the individual level? (Single response: One with God) One with God. Are you that way already? You must know it in detail, clearly. Can I pose a question before you -- did Jesus succeed in his mission of establishing the Kingdom of God on the individual, both on the spiritual level and the physical level? Did he do that on the family level, tribal level, national level, and worldwide level. Then what's your answer to that. (Audience: No) If you are less than Jesus can you realize or erect the Kingdom of God? (Audience: No) It means you must become greater than Jesus in order for you to be able to do it. Are you greater, better than Jesus himself? (Audience: No -- One man says not yet) Then you are not entitled to the Kingdom of Heaven, you're not qualified enough to erect the Kingdom.

Why Couldn't Jesus Accomplish His Mission?

We must know clearly the reason for Jesus not being able to accomplish his mission both on the spiritual and physical levels, and when he was on the cross, when God turned his face from him and in darkness he passed away; only spiritual resurrection was possible, so if we don't know clearly the reason for his failure we cannot undo the failure and accomplish the mission left unaccomplished by Jesus. (Master in English: Don't you think so?) (Audience: quietly yes) Then what must be the reason for his not being able to erect the Kingdom on Earth? What is the first reason? (Audience discusses possible answers) (Master in English: Family level persecution) Even before that did, Jesus become one with his parents? (Audience: No) If he had been one with his parents what would have become of' him? There could have been the possibility of his erecting the Kingdom of God.

Did he become one with his brothers? (Audience: no) In John 6 we read that even his brothers derided him, were scornful toward him, well, telling him to go to Jerusalem and witness to the people instead of remaining in the small remote village. Did he become one with his relatives? (Audience: No) Well, the people in his own clan were scornful to him saying that he was possessed by the devil, Beelzebub; was that true? (Audience: Yes) Did he become one with his 3 main disciples? (Audience: No) What about the 12 apostles? (Audience: No) 70 apostles? (Audience: No) Did he become one with the chosen nation of the, Israelites? (Audience: No) That is the reason why be could not erect the Kingdom on Earth.

Then we have to restore the situation, making ourselves a success in place of him. That means you must have better parents than Jesus did. You must leave better brothers and sisters than he did. You must have a better clan or relatives than Jesus had. You must have better churches under you. You must have your spiritual children who will exceed the 3 main disciples of Jesus, the 12 disciples of Jesus. You must have your own chosen nation who will be cooperative with you. Then you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you can erect the Kingdom of Heaven and be established there on the individual level, family level, tribal level and national level and worldwide level.

How Can We Establish the Kingdom of Heaven?

You must closely examine what's happening in the world and decide on whether or not you can establish the Kingdom on those levels here under our movement; if not you must wrap up your belongings and leave; you had better leave the church. If you find it true that we can establish the Kingdom of Heaven by our efforts here then you must solidify your position and work pouring out your whole energy, time and life. Do you believe you can do that? (Audience: Yes)

With what knowledge are you going to do that? (Audience: Divine Principle) In the world, everything being false, we must use the word true and this is a wonderful word; you have true parents, true brothers and sisters, true family, we are going to have a true tribe, true nation, true world. We have to restore them to the original position to be true. When you use the word "true" it means you have things the other way around and what is it? Well, Jesus failed to build the true Kingdom of Heaven and we must make it possible. In the Unification Church we teach the True Parents.

If you have True Parents above you, you are in a position greater than Jesus already. It is because Jesus didn't, well, wasn't able to play the role of True Parents, and he could not get the cooperation from his clan, his relatives. Here in our movement we love each other as brothers and sisters more than we do our physical brothers and sisters. Is that true? (Audience: Yes) If this is true, something great is happening in our movement; you must know that, and more than anything else our philosophy is to marry among the members in the family. We are different clans, different tribes. What. We are doing to build is the Kingdom of God. This is exactly what Jesus wanted to build in his lifetime. Isn't that true? (Audience: Yes) You now have what Jesus didn't have. You now enjoy what Jesus didn't enjoy.

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, and Won Pok Choi -- circa 1965

Your 12 Disciples and 70 Apostles

You are now doing things that. Jesus could not carry out. Do you have better parents than Jesus did? (Audience: Yes) Do you have better brothers and sisters than Jesus? (Audience: Yes) Do you have better family? (Audience: yes) Better relatives? (Audience: Yes) We are relatives, we are clan, new clan; we are a new tribe. we are a new tribe composed of people from so many nations. If people were cooperative with him he could have chosen his disciples from his own relatives, which would make things a lot easier, but he had to choose his disciples out of the fishermen, and, well, he was not supposed to do that. He was supposed to choose his disciples out of his relatives like John the Baptist, who is one of his relatives. Now we are here to accomplish the mission left unaccomplished by Jesus and we have to restart all over again to restore ourselves, restore our families, restore our tribe and clan and then restore our nation and our world by restoring 3 disciples, at least 3 spiritual children, 12 and then 70 and 120 disciples -- spiritual children.

His 12 disciples and 70 apostles are sort of a bridge between his clan and the world. (Master in English: Not world, nation.) Nation. (Master in English: You understand me?) (Audience: Yes) They failed to play the role of the bridge so there was no family, no nation. (Master in English: Is it true?) (Audience -- No answer) We have our family here, our clan here, but our goal is the nation, and between those two there is a gap. We must build the bridge there and we must have 12 disciples under us and 70 apostles. It is the duplication of what happened in Jesus' time. 12 disciples must be restored, 12 disciples and 70 apostles. Well, his 12 disciples represent 12 tribes while 70 apostles represent 70 elders. Originally 72 was the number. That is why I blessed the 72 couples. In the Bible we read in one place 70 apostles and in another place 72. That is the number 12 multiplied by 6. Before getting your own 12 disciples or your own spiritual children, you must bring in at least 3 spiritual children because in that way we to restore the position of the main disciples of Jesus, the 3 main disciples of Jesus who did not cooperate with him. Originally his 3 disciples were chosen out of those 12 that he already had, so that means you have to have 12 under you.

In your lifetime you have to bring in 120. This is the number which is very significant from the Old Testament age also the New Testament Age. Jesus tried to do this, but accomplished it only on the spiritual level during the time of his 3-1/2 year public ministry, so for us to be able to restore this both on the spiritual and physical level, we have to double the time, so have a 7-year course. That is how the 7-year course came about. You understand?

The Number 7 and the Kingdom of Heaven

Number 7, in a way, is the number of perfection; after 6 days of creation God took Sabbath on the 7th day. Seven is the double number of Jesus' three and a half years ministry. Do you know the reason for his having to say three and a half; it is because he had three full years of ministry and going over that we must add at least half a year, 7 is the number with three and a half doubled.

In order for the Christians to reach the Kingdom of Heaven, they have to go through the 7-year course at least that is why we have the expression the 7-year tribulation. That is why a phrase like 7-year tribulation, comes about. Do you understand? (Audience: Yes -- someone is dozing off) This is no place for you to doze off. I am going to leave for Korea tomorrow and this is my last place to stop in America, so I am serious. I am going to give you precisely, in detail. (Master in English: I am talking, this is the place, this is the time so you are not to sleep. Do you understand this much?) (Audience: Yes) (Master in English: YES?) (Audience: Yes) Then what must be the reason for my telling you to bring in at least one member per month? That means 12 persons a year, making it 84, during 7 years, 84. (Master in English: 12 disciples and 70; that makes 84 disciples) 12 and 72 make 84 (Master in English: One year equals 12 months.) 12 month's 7 times is 84 exactly, so that we have to…

You understand me? (Audience: Yes) That is why we should bring in at least one member each month, you understand? (Audience: Yes) You must clearly understand that without your bringing in one person a month, you can never dream of building the Kingdom of Heaven on #earth. (Master in English: Do you understand that point?) (Audience: yes) (Master in English: Exactly?) (Audience: yes) Jesus has been desperate to carry this out and I am also desperate to fill it up and accomplish it and have you accomplish it. Our goal is to erect the Kingdom of God on Earth, but how, in what manner in the complete sense? By us, our bringing in one person per month, fulfilling 84 people in 7 years' time as the condition to build a bridge between the things on the individual and family levels, to the national level from where we reach out to the whole world. (Master in English: You saw that, reach, reach, approach that point, that time, heaven on earth. This is true; these are not my words. This is Bible's teaching so that we, everybody, have the truth to live in their lives, 84 members in 7 years.)

You Must Build Your Own Kingdom of God?

He doesn't need an interpreter. (Master in English: This is the formula for it. Do you understand?) (Audience: yes). Jesus was desperate to carry this out in his lifetime and we must be desperate to carry this out in our lifetime by filling up the quota, and God is anxious so anxious to have us carry this out. If you are going to bring in 2 members per month, well, the time will be shortened by half; if you bring in 7 people, 1/7 of the time will be needed; when you bring in 10 members each month it means that the time will be shortened by 1/10. Now I have taught you all these things in precision and you cannot complain in hell, in the darkness, that I didn't teach you anything like this. You can never complain.

Well, who will build your own Kingdom of God? Can you expect me to build the Kingdom for you, or should you yourself do that? Unless you build your own Heavenly Kingdom you are not entitled to that. How many people are you determined to bring in a month, every month? (Audience: slow in answering -- at least one.) So eating or sleeping will be no question at all compared to the urgency of your mission. Well, who knows, going out at the threshold you may fall down, pass away, and you are destined to go to hell. It is true, it is the truth in light of the Bible record and with this knowledge you must be desperate to carry out the mission. You want to build the Kingdom, and then you want to live in the Kingdom, don't you? (Audience: Yes) Then your work is worth doing and you must do it at the sacrifice of your own self. If you entertain vague ideas like the present day Christians, you are not going to the Kingdom of Heaven. They have just a vague idea, but our teaching a is clear, concrete, fundamental one, practical, too.

Our truth is both scientific and logical. Do you really want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven? (Audience: Yes) If you really do, hold up your hands. If you are going at all are you anxious to go as fast as you can? (Audience: Yes) If it is true you cannot afford to sleep all through the night. Knowing this, Master, for 7 years has been sleeping only 2 hours per night. I felt I cannot afford to sleep even that long.

Our Current Seven Year Course

If I sleep longer during that time who knows how many lives will pass away without knowing the truth and are bound to hell. Our ancestry would be harmed. Being conscious of that I was fearful of my falling asleep because we are not sure whether we will pass away while we sleep. You must be serious as to think when you come back from work and when you take off your shoes you must think of whether or not you will be able to put on the shoes the next morning to walk on the street.

Well at the door before entering your home, you must pray hard, clinging, hugging the pillar maybe, asking God to let you live on and accomplish your mission. For each and every one of you there is a 7 year course. Master, too, had to go through 7 years. If you can accomplish your mission in first 7 year course, so much the better; if not, a second 7 year course or even a third 7 year course may be needed. In 21 years you've got to accomplish your mission -- at least within that 21 year interval of time.

This is the formula course -- well, but for this I would not have gone through so much difficulty and trial. Well, armed with this theory -- everything is under this law, so, if we are sure of this formula then we have to bring so many member's within the 7 year course; if we have 1000 solid members then after one year it means we will have 12,000, 2 years (Master in English: 120,000) 120,000; 3 years multiplied (Master in English: One million what?) then 1,200,000; then in 4 years how many? (Master in English: 13,000,000; 5 years?) 5 years? So it will be easy for us to cover the whole nation in 7 years' time. If we are well armed with this theory then when we go with this calculation before long the whole world will be turned upside down. Is that true? (Audience: Yes)

You are entitled to inherit the Kingdom of God

We cannot deny this. It is the knowledge of the Divine Principles. It is the pre-schedule of what's going to happen. This was the condition, condition I set before you last year, one person per month. And I told you the 3 year course from 1972 -- 1973 -- 1974 and the most crucial years and the most important years and at that -- during that time you must fulfill your quota. This corresponds to Jesus' public ministry, but we must be able to accomplish Jesus' mission left unaccomplished by him during those 3 years' time.

(Master in English: Jesus' time -- that is national level. This time is world-wide level; our time is the first stage -- the spiritual and physical level. Jesus time is only on the spiritual level so this time is very important.) From 1972 to 1974. (Master in English: you understand clearly in your brain -- in your brain, in your head?) (Audience: Yes) (Master in English: Yes or no?) (Audience: Yes)

If you really know you must put it into practice. Well, you know this way better than anyone else in the whole world, so you are in the position of God to carry it out. You have no excuse and you are with this knowledge -- with this knowledge and if you put it into practice you are entitled to become the son of God; then you can inherit the Kingdom of God.

Questions and Answers

(Master in English: Now, do you have any questions?) If you have any questions to pose you may ask them.

Question: How can we become one with the True Parents as individuals?

Answer: First of all you must know and understand the Divine Principles in depth and you must experience the heart of God through all human history to reach the True Parents and you must know the hearts of the True Parents. There has been a gap between us and God in the past, in the present and in the future. In the days to come and so we must erect a bridge to fill up the gap.

To understand and experience the heart of God is the most important thing. If you really understand God's heart and experience it as yours then you want to dissolve His grief so you don't mind if you sacrifice yourself to carry out the cause set before you by God. You must remind yourself of Jesus' prayer at Gethsemane: "If possible let this cup pass from me, but not as I will but as You will." On his mind is only God's will -- God's will -- nothing else.

Question: When our spiritual children leave the family how much time or how much effort should we put into bringing them back?

Answer: You are responsible for the life of that man, that person; so you must be responsible to bring him back; even though you may have to spend your lifetime to do it. In Jesus time his main disciples, even his main disciples rebelled against him but even after his death, when he was resurrected, he came to visit his disciples first and wanted to inspire them to work for the Christ. Well, as far as my mission is concerned I'm in place of Jesus having to carry out the mission unaccomplished by Jesus, so, it is my mission to save the Christian Church and next even the communists, the God-denying people under communism.

Question: When we teach lectures, how long should we pray before lectures or what kind of attitude should we have?

Answer: The purpose of praying is to have our hearts filled up with spirit and zeal, so if we are zealous, even without praying, we can go out giving lectures and it will be a success; with prayerful mind you can do that.

Master Prays

And let us close our meeting with prayer:

Our most precious Father, we thank you that we have this precious opportunity to get together with our True Parents, Father. Oh, Father we are so grateful that we were born in this age, where we can enjoy our True Parents, live with the True Parents, Father. We are taught precisely what to do while in the Christian World; people are entertaining just vague ideology, vague faith in God, Father. Oh, Father, we are thankful that you do not remain as the Creator and we are the created; you as the Master and we as the servants; but you are telling us that you are the Father to us as your children, Father. When we are the children we must burden your grief, oh, Father. We want to take up the responsibility on our shoulders, Father, until we can subjugate the last Satan, to annihilate them from the earth, oh, Father.

Oh Father, let us be used as your instrument to reach out to the last man in the whole world, Father, to open up the gate to reach out to every corner of the earth, Father. This is our mission. We know this. But by knowing this alone we cannot do anything; we must feel this in our hearts, Father. Oh, Father, oh, Father, allow us to experience your heart, your grievous heart; we want to be children of filial piety to you, oh, Father. But when we want to feel it, we are sometimes cool; we are sometimes without zeal, Father. Please let us feel heat and ardor and let us feel how anxious you are to have us win the goal by having, using us as your children, Father.

There are so many Satans around us; in the world, Satans are so active, Father. But we don't mind the persecution, Father, coming from the world; we don't mind the trials and difficulties we have to go through, Father. We are only grateful we can do this in place of you, Father, and we are sure that at the end before long, we can build the Kingdom of God on Earth where all humanity as brothers and sisters can live in harmony and peace, Father.

Without us, no one else can do, can carry out this mission, we know that, Father. Oh, Father, people in the world are blind to the fact, we are the only ones who are living in the light, Father. Oh, Father, we are in actuality, having and being taught by the True Parents, Father. Oh, Father, let. this moment be a precious one and let what we are taught be put into practice, Father, by our own selves today, the days to come and all through our lives through eternity until we will have won the last soul on the earth. Oh, Father, let this happen through us, Father, through us as individuals, Father.

Oh, Father, even though we rest have us rest for the sake of the Kingdom; even though we sleep, even though we eat; even though we work; let us do this for the sake of the Kingdom of God. We are prepared to carry out. your will, Father; let us think of your will alone. Let. us say things about your will; let us act out and put your will into practice, Father. That's our desire; and let our desire be realized under you, Father. Oh, Father, when we pray we pray all this in the precious name of our True Parents -- Amen. 

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