The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

You could Join This Movement Because of Your Ancestors

Sun Myung Moon
April 3, 1973
God's Will and the World
Total Indemnity

The reason you joined the Unification movement is not that you have such great personal merit or strong faith. You could join because of your ancestors, the thousands of generations of your ancestors' sacrifice, service, and goodness for the sake of God. Therefore, what will become of you if you do not follow me and work for the nation and world? Your ancestors will be angry and accuse you of being irresponsible when you go to the spirit world; you'll have no place to go. But if you accomplish your mission and then go to spirit world, you'll be welcomed and served by your ancestors.

Remember that you came here not based on your own greatness; you've been mobilized by the spirit realm. I came here in order to accomplish a historic task, and God prepared the corresponding environment for me. It is in accordance with the principle of creation that the environment is prepared; everything in the world must go through a period of growth. Accordingly, spirit world mobilized you when I came.

Therefore, you should not lead an easy life. You should discard your habitual ways of thinking and you should set your mind on goodness; work with all your heart, remembering the standard of spirit which you received from me today.

Now let us pray.

Beloved, precious Father in heaven,

Throughout eons of history, You have established many religions in order to liberate Your grieving heart. By sacrificing many faithful central figures, You have been proceeding toward the ultimate victory of Your love. When I contemplate this history and how much indemnity was paid and how many people suffered, I feel very sorry for heaven.

You have prepared things so that we can welcome the new era. Let this Unification movement flourish on the earth. You made it possible, Heavenly Father, for Reverend Moon to come on the earth and disclose to us today these crucial words. Let us understand this message. We are grateful for You, and for this great world, and we show it by raising both our hands. We have pledged and we pledge again to march forward at the risk of our lives on any battlefield for the sake of Your will. We sincerely ask You, Father, to receive this, our resolution, with joy.

Here, representatives of many nations have gathered, beyond their own nationalities. Please guide and govern those here. You made us unite centering upon heavenly love, and You have melted together natural enemies and have been developing the sphere of love. Now we understand all these things. So we have pledged to You not to take any action which opposes the tradition of Your will, no matter what circumstances we are put in. We are grateful for the fact that we could pledge this. And please continue to encourage us so that we can become people who press on despite any persecution. We pledge to go forward effectively using our time remaining until we usher in the ideal world of Your will.

I sincerely ask You to guide us in the direction of Your will so that we can follow it unerringly. I sincerely ask this, and offer this prayer in the name of True Parents. Amen. 

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