The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

World Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Master Speaks
June 1, 1973
Probable location: Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY
Probable translator: Won Bok Choi

As you know, you are here today to celebrate World Day, or the Day of All Things. We must be proud of being able to celebrate this day even though the people of the world are unaware of this day and its meaning.

Originally, in the process of creation, God made the things of creation first, and then man. Everything had its origin in God. We know that God's intention of creating the universe was for Himself, man, and all the things of creation to have joy together in unity and harmony by forming relationships on a horizontal level. Figuratively speaking, heaven is above, earth below, and man in the middle. Through the Principle, we learn that man is the mediator between the spirit world and the physical world, between heaven and earth. When there is unity among the created things under the dominion of man, God can enter into unity with man and with all the things of creation on the horizontal level.

This was what God wanted, but due to the fall of the first human ancestors, His wish was left unrealized. After all, neither God nor all things alone haw the ability to unite the spirit world and the physical world -- only man can connect the two worlds. It is of primary importance to find a man for the mission of connecting the spirit world and the physical world, which had become separated due to the human fall. When this man is restored, then heaven and all things are restored through man. Without man, heaven and earth lose their meaning.

The Old Testament Age was the age in which man had to offer sacrifices to God. Only through the offering, could man lay the foundation for God, man, and all things to be connected in oneness. In the New Testament Age, our body serves as the offering, instead of the things of the creation. Through the offering, man would make his mind and body into one. Then God's love can come and abide in the person whose mind and body are perfectly one, centered on God. Before establishing World Day, the identity of this person who had reached perfection was a great question; centered on this person, the spirit world and the world of all things of the creation are connected. Man cannot meet this standard of perfection unless his mind and body become one, centered on God.

When we want to center our mind and body on God, we must be centered on God's love as the core. Due to the fall, disunity was brought about between man's mind and body, between man and man, between God and man, and between man and all things. Since the cause of the disunity was fallen love or false love, unity can be brought about only when true love is restored in man. In order to restore the world, we must have a man who has attained perfection by the unity between his mind and body centered on God's love. Then other men must become one with this man of perfection, centered on God's love. This central figure must become the incarnation and resurrection of God's heart and love before he is able to set up the standard of perfection for other men.

Our Unification Church proclaimed the day of the resurrection of heart to commemorate the emergence of this man. Without the resurrection of heart as the foundation, we can never expect to have the resurrection in substance. In order to obtain full resurrection, our mind must become one with God centered on His love, then our body on the horizontal level must become one with our mind which is already one with God. If our body is to become one with our mind which is in the sphere of resurrection, it must go beyond satanic accusation, which has persisted until now. Without our being resurrected in substance centered on God, we cannot connect God's loving heart with other people on the horizontal level. In the year 1960, I publicly proclaimed the resurrection of heart and resurrection in substance as the condition for the appearance of the perfected Adam and Eve. I guess to most of you the, terms, "resurrection of heart" and "resurrection of substance" are entirely new. I will tell you now, how I could set up Parent's Day in the year 1960.

Due to the fall, mankind lost their True Parents. The True Parents had to go through the process of, resurrection by becoming one with God before their, appearance as True Parents in the fallen, world where people are without True Parents. Centered on the True Parents, who were in unity with God's ideal were joined on the horizontal and vertical level in holy matrimony in 1960, after the marriage of the True Parents. For the first time in human history, the True Parents set the standard of true love centered on God. This standard is beyond the degraded standard of love in the fallen world, which was brought about by the fall of the first human ancestors. The immediate children of the True Parents and those who follow them as their spiritual children , have nothing to do with the people of the fallen world., The world is still under, the standard of satanic love, having nothing to do with God's love. Everybody, must have the relationship with God in divine love in order to gain the resurrection of heart.

Through the establishment of Children's Day, the foundation on which we, as the spiritual children, could have a relationship with the True Parents was established. They, in turn, have the special relationship with God in divine love. In order for us to be worthy of Children's Day, we must reach the standard where we can connect ourselves to God in divine love with families marriage in the blessing of holy matrimony. Unification members must be united with Master for them to have this unity, they must first, of all, be united with Master in love. By their doing this, they have to form the relationship with Masters immediate children as, true brothers and sisters, thus connecting themselves with the True Parents as their own. That is the standard which makes possible the establishment of Children's Day. In other words, Master has been able to put his mind and, body into one centered on God on the vertical level. Then his union with his bride centered on God's love, Parent's Day could come about. Then, centered on the True, Parents, the external members should become one with their immediate children on the, horizontal level, and thus be able to unite themselves with the True Parents on the vertical level, thus the establishment of Children's Day is made possible.

As we have learned in the Principle of Creation, the establishment of the foundation of four positions centered on God is an historic event. For the first time, there exists a true family centered on God's love. Centered on this family as the mediator, all things are restored to their original relationship with God, centered on the first human family, which was severed at the time of the fall. Without this restoration accomplished, the restoration of ourselves to the original position would be impossible. All things were created in the beginning for the first man and woman, since they are in the position of dominion; but due to their fall all things lost the ones who could have loved them and appreciated them. Now that there is a true family centered on God's love, all things have gained the ones who will love them. Because of this, we can celebrate World Day.

World Day was established in the fall of 1963. Thus, in the Unification Church we could enjoy Parent's Day, Children's Day and World Day, which history has never before witnessed. Centering in Master's family, the whole nation of God's choice must become one, and centering on this nation, all the nations of the world must become one. World Day was established on the foundation of God's heart, the True Parent's heart and the Children's heart. In order to expand this foundation on the worldwide level, I made my first world tour in the year 1965, visiting 40 countries where I blessed 120 holy grounds. When I laid the foundation of holy grounds in 40 countries like that, the whole world came to be connected on the external level with our blessed families and naturally with God's will, which is our will also. On this foundation, I could bless more families on the worldwide level, connecting them with Parent's Day, Children's Day, World Day and finally God's Day. On the first of January, 1968, 1 finally set up God's Day. Without the human fall, God's Day should have been established first with the other days following, because God is the creator, and should rejoice over all His creation. Next should come the establishment of Parent's Day, the Children's Day and finally World Day. All these days could have been established at the same time.

Why, then, was God's Day established last? It is because the parents, the children and all things still remain in the sphere of satanic accusation, and only by restoring them through indemnity can they be offered to God as acceptable sacrifices. That's why the order was reversed. If you really understand the great significance of God's Day, Parent's Day, Children's Day and World Day, then the whole world will be yours; because according to the Principle of Creation, all things are longing to be dominated by the people who love them. In the future, God will keep pace with our movement by bringing, radical changes in the world so that our movement can develop as quickly as possible.

When you are asked if you have the love of God, love of True Parents, the love of children and love of all things, and you can answer the questions in the affirmative, then you are qualified to hold all things under your dominion. If you can really love God and love the, True Parents who love God, and love the True Children who love the True Parents, and love all things which love the True Children of God, then you are indeed the incarnation of God's love and the True Parent's love. Only with this qualification are you entitled to have dominion over all things. Love alone can dominate the world. If you are with this heart of love, all things will be connected to you; that is, you will have to be blessed with material wealth. This is how the Principle goes. If this kind of person cannot be blessed with material, then there is something wrong with the Divine Principle.

All things would want to belong to persons who love them most, wouldn't they? Who can love them most? All things will desire to have those who are the incarnation of God's love, the True Parent's love and children's love to dominate them. If you have this attitude in carrying out your mission to realize God's will, then not only your internal, but also your external problems will be solved; that is, you will be blessed with happiness and material abundance.

Now we are working in the United States, which has been prepared by God as the foundation for God's will. The rich natural resources of this country, as I see it, do not belong to just any citizen in the United States, since most of the people of the United States do not possess the love of God, the love of True Parents and the love of True Children. Because the founding ideology of this nation is Christianity, and Christianity is the external foundation to inherit God's heart, God blessed this nation centering on the Christian people. It was not only for the people of the United States to enjoy this wealth that God blessed them, but it was for them to use it for the benefit of the people of the world so that all people would be united into one in God's love through exchanging the things as tokens of love. If this powerful nation should lose God's love, God's abundant material blessing will be taken away and given to the nation whose people are receiving God's love.

The year 1974 will be the saturation point, and we cannot allow America to lose its stand as a nation blessed with material wealth. That is why we are here -- to help this nation. In the early days of this nation, your Puritan fathers came to this continent for the freedom of worship. I know this nation is in the leading position in the world, internally by the Christian ideology and externally with the democratic ideology. Seen from this view point, we, the Unification Church members, are more important than the Puritan, settlers; we are going to establish a new America in the love of God. Do we love America more than the Puritan forefathers did? This is the question. We must have more pioneer spirit than all the Puritans who fought against the Indians to settle on the new continent. What is the purpose of our pioneering work? Our purpose is different from that of the Puritans who pioneered only to settle on this continent. We must become Puritans of a higher dimension in this nation, as a foothold, until we cover the whole world with God's love.

As I walk on the streets, I see many churches standing high as the symbols of God's love and Christianity. We must be determined to love this nation now more than any other Christian people have in the past, and to establish a world culture of a higher dimension than the Christian culture. If you love the churches, their buildings and their people and all things pertaining to them, more than the Christians, then they will all become yours. This is so because, as I said before, all things belong to those who love them most. We now see that the Christian churches are declining. We must revitalize the churches. This great ideology of democracy should be used for the whole world, but the United States is using it for the scope of Americans alone. We must motivate Americans to help the world to be a better place in which to live, encouraging them not to abandon the world as they are now doing. We must make America the world's foremost democratic nation. If we have enough members with such spirit and heart in every corner of this nation, we can move the Christian world as well as the people of this nation.

Again, if we have the spirit and heart to love the whole world more than anyone else, with the love of God, the love of True Parents and the love of True Children, then God is compelled to give the whole world to us. This is in accordance with the Principle. The reason why God blessed America was because the Puritans were united into one by the love of God, transcending national consciousness in fighting against the old powers. God blessed this nation because the people of this nation were united into one centered on the Christian ideology, again transcending national feelings. If America should go on practicing true democracy on the worldwide scale by loving the people of the world, she will continue to be in the leading position among the nations of the world, and continue to enjoy God's blessing. But now, she is on the verge of being deprived of the blessing.

The grave problem of this nation is that it is under the threat of communism, the common enemy of God loving people, and especially of the Unification Church. In the face of the threat of communism, all the freedom loving nations of the world must be united into one transcending national boundaries. We cannot allow the threat of communism to deter us; it should rather strengthen us, because we will take the rebuff as a challenge to become better than them, transcending national boundaries. We must love the world more than the communists love the world. The communist world has a type of unity brought about through force and violence. We, as God loving people, must be united into one in divine love, or we will be deprived of God's blessing. It is easy for people to be united with those who have the same interests, but wouldn't God want us to become one even with our enemies? Thus, divine love is our great weapon to conquer the satanic world.

Here we have members from Korea, Japan, America and elsewhere. In the providence of restoration, it is emphasized that Korea, Japan and America must become one. These three nations historically have had hostile feelings towards one another. First of all, Korea and Japan have been enemies. On the other hand, Japan and the United States are not on good terms. Also, America, in a way, is responsible for the division of Korea, because she participated in the Potsdam Conference where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin decided on the division of Korea. America cannot avoid the responsibility, because she was the major power in the Second World War. Fortunately, the United States has been aiding Korea and created the condition to be forgiven. If these once hostile nations can be united into one, this will be an historical event. Centered on the will of God and Master, we are accomplishing this unity, and the people around us are a witness to it.

Of the three nations, Japan is the most responsible for the disharmony between them. At the time of the fall, Eve ruined the two male beings: Adam and the archangel. Likewise, Japan in the position of Eve has as her enemies Korea in the position of Adam, and the United States in the position of the archangel. Japan as the "Eve" nation is externally blessed with material wealth; but there is a good reason for that. Then, who can make these three nations into one? Eve alone cannot do it. Only Adam can do it. At the time of the fall the archangel seduced Eve and Eve seduced Adam. So, in the course of restoration, conversely, Adam must be united with Eve and then with the archangel. America cannot save the archangelic nation of the United States by herself; therefore, the members of the Eve nation and Adam nation are here to aid America.

You must know the great significance of my having brought Japanese members to work under me with America as the foundation for our world mission. Regarding the United States and Europe, the former is in the position of Abel, while the latter is in the position of Cain. If the European members become one with the American members, that represents the unity between Cain and Abel. When Master as Adam and the Japanese members as Eve together become one with Cain and Abel, unity in God's Will will be brought about. Master must love the United States more than he would love Korea; Japanese members must love this nation more than they would their own country, and the European members must also love America more than they would their own countries. Then America cannot perish. The American people in the position of Abel must be willing to sacrifice themselves before Cain. To Adam and Eve, the archangel is in the position of servant, so the United States must be exemplary in serving other nations. According to the Principle, American members have to go through more difficulty than the Korean or Japanese members. If you are not willing to do that, I will make you do that. If you carry out your mission, America will never perish. If the United States cannot carry out its mission as Abel, the mission will be shifted to Cain. This is true in light of the Divine Principle. By the year 1980, the three seven year courses will be over, and our strategy centered on America must be carried out to the full extent by that year.

Now you know why Master has to push you hard. This is not just a story I am fabricating; the Divine Principle teaches us this. In our movement, there are people from many nations once hostile to one another being united into one -- that's what makes our movement great. Once united, we are such a strong group that no. other power or "ism" can split us apart. In the future, we will set up the tradition of a, new culture which will be different from the democracy of the United States. It will be in the form of democracy, but it is not going to be a democracy in which individualism will prevail. It will be a democracy for the sake of the whole, that is, for the sake of the world, and for the sake of heaven and earth. So, purely individualistic thinking must be annihilated. Individualistic people would ignore their nation and the world, only thinking about themselves. We must love America more than any other nation. If we love America more than anyone else on the family level, national level, and worldwide level, then God's blessing. will fall upon us, and we can influence the whole nation. Who, except Satan, can object to us in that case? The opposing power will be either expelled by God, or removed by us. All the things of creation will be willing to belong to us.

Again I must say that all the things of creation belong to those who love them most. In America, I can see many who don't love their belongings at all. All things are entitled to the love coming from God, love coming from the True Parents, and love coming from the true children. For example, you must take good care of the car you are using, just as you take care of the clothes you wear. On the streets of New York City, there are many dirty cars which are dented and damaged. Beautiful women and smart looking men are often seen driving dirty cars. This is a great contradiction. You must take good care of your car, giving it due respect and love. We, as members of the Unification Church, should ourselves feel injured when our cars are dented and scarred. Americans are without love for all things, and, in fact, are not loving human beings in the truest sense. They seem not to love their own children; if they really did, they could not get divorced and leave them so easily.

I have had the experience of sinking into deep appreciation of an apple, of holding it in my hand, and gazing endlessly at it. This happened when I was in prison under the communist regime in North Korea [Hungnam Special Labor Camp]. Twice a year the prisoners are given one small apple each -- on January first and on May first. Some of the apples are rotten, while others are worm-eaten. When they distribute them, one never dreams of finding a good one. We had to pick out one, each at random. Everyone was very serious it was I something like drawing lots in order to decide our fate. But as soon as each prisoner had his apple, he would devour it right away. However, Master would first pause. to appreciate the beauty, the color, and the shape of the apple, thinking, "I should first savor the color, and then eat the apple." Then, I would not feel like biting, into the apple at all. I simply could not eat it because I wanted to further appreciate the color and smell of the apple. In a way I was in love with the apple, and I was proud of myself being in love with it. However, it was a regulation in the jail that no one could keep what was given to him longer than one day. So, finally I had to eat it, after giving thanks to God.

If, I could love even a. small apple like that, how much more should you love your car? Have you ever loved your car as your child? [No.] Then, will you be loving your car from now on? [Yes!] When you, really, love your car and become one with it, even at the point of danger, other cars cannot collide with yours, though you had been going at full speed. With faith in God and confidence, in doing things you will advance and grow.

God will never allow Satan to invade anyone who is, perfectly one with the Divine Principle, or anything which is completely one with that kind of person. God will, protect them and Satan cannot claim them. Isn't that true? Every day before leaving your home wouldn't

you comb your hair, dress yourself neatly, and look In the mirror to see if you look all right? Likewise, when you want to use your car, you must see if you have enough gas, if the brakes and other things are working well, if the engine sounds proper, etc. Are you doing this every day? If you are, not, you are apt to have, an, accident. If your car is damaged, it means that you will be injured. If you don't take good care of the car when you are using it all the time you are like a thief, because you, are not entitled to the car when you don't love, it. You, are using it as if it, is yours; so you are a thief. If you don't give your car loving care, when it demands it, you are like a thief. You are exploiting the car when you are not entitled to its service and it serves you right, when you have a car, accident. When you decorate a room like this hall is decorated, you want to do the best job. Then you are so attached to the decorations that you are unwilling to take them down; you want to leave. it even after the celebration. When you wear your clothes, you don't want to throw away the old ones; you are more attached to the old, clothes and want to take care of them by cleaning and laundering them. If you cannot connect yourself with material things in heart and love centering on the Principle, you can never connect yourself with God or be united in oneness with Him. If you clearly know this, then you, can automatically love the material things, and take good care of them loving them whether or not people tell you to do this.

You, blessed couples, do you love your spouse? You must love your wife dearly, but when you go to work you must love your work as you love your wife. You must put your work in the position of your external wife or in the position of your own children. When you leave your home for work, you must go with the feeling of great anticipation as though you miss your work. When you leave work for home, you must feel joyful anticipation and longing to see your wife and children. That is, in face of anything and everything, you must love your work as you would love people. That kind of person will never perish.

It was with this attitude that I made one trip every day to Su Taek Lee Factory. If you love the people and all things you will be loved by God and blessed with material abundance. I have a record of having made three trips to Su Taek Lee Factory in one day. No matter what that thing is, if you love it, you miss it, and if you miss it you want to go and see it. Our members at the factory would feel funny and strange when I would visit so often, and would whisper to each other, "Why does he have to come again and be here all the time?" In proportion to the ardor you hive for your work, you will be blessed with greater material wealth. That's the Principle. Unless you have this kind of heart and love toward all things, you are not entitled to celebrate World Day. With this type of person, though he is alone, he is not lonely, because even a pebble on the roadside becomes a friend with whom he can communicate. Then you can talk to the pebble saying, "When were you born? Maybe millions of years ago? Then you must have suffered a lot." Or to a blade of grass, "Where are your ancestors from? What is your story -- how did you come to live here." Anything and everything has its past history, its present situation and its future hope. Seen from this viewpoint, any plant, no matter how trivial it may look, and any animal, however insignificant it seems must be treated with love and heart as part of God's creation. For the person with this attitude of heart, every material thing will be his friend and will be ready to be used by him.

It's only natural that the material blessing is close at hand. Now you are going out flower selling and candle selling. Those who are with heavy boxes of candles may complaining: "Oh, how heavy these are! I never dreamed of having to sell candles when I joined the Unification Church. But I guess I have to do it. " Then, you will try to sell them, but no one will buy them. On the contrary, your attitude should be, "My dear candles, today I am more blessed since I have you." Then you should go out selling with a light and happy heart, as though you were distributing gifts of love with a smile radiating on your face, then more people will buy the candles. Those who will buy your candle will feel as though they have been given gifts. Some will buy more than expected without realizing what they are doing. Try to sell with that kind of heart and attitude, and if you don't sell a lot, then you can tell me that I am a liar. After the flower selling contest the other day, one of the girls testified that she felt like giving the flowers to the people as the gift of love. I felt then that it was exactly what I was going to tell you. This is the Principle. It has got to be like that. Miracles can be performed in this way.

What must be the desire of all things? Their desire must be to be used by the people who love them most, just as woman's desire would be to have the husband who would love her most. Without love, life will be meaningless. What is the purpose of our being here today? We are not here just to celebrate World Day, but to learn to love all things. Have you come with that in mind? We must know that all creation exists for the sake of love. Birds would sing and fly about from place to place for the sake of love. Even the magnets tend to unite, the plus with the minus; that is also due to the power of love. People want to meet each other and be united into oneness with each other; that also is because of love. Many greedy people want to cooperate together to gain wealth, position and power. But without God centered love, they will meet with rupture and division.

What is our purpose of life? In fact, you are not living for the sake of yourself alone. We live, we move about, and we do things for the sake of love. Some people, at least, do this for the sake of God's love, which is the ultimate source of human love. How wonderful is the fact you are not living for your own self, but for the sake of God, whose love enables you to undergo all the hardships and miseries without wavering. If we know that our purpose in life is as such, we must make it a rule to live our everyday life centered on God's love.

If you have this attitude and philosophy, you can turn these United States upside down, even though you are small in number. We are sure of that. It is a question of time. In the year 1965 when I made a tour of the United States covering the United States in 43 days, I meant to plant God's love everywhere. I am confident that I love America more than anyone else. So, it is natural that America is going to be turned upside down by me. At least God loving people must be inspired by our movement. Even though I cannot reach out to everyone, the spirit world will mobilize to move the hearts of the people before I arrive. This kind of phenomena is going to occur more frequently.

Everything starts from love. When you are at the table before your meal, if you love the food more than you did yesterday, then you can enjoy the food with more appetite. If you blessed couples know this, how can you fight each other at the breakfast table? With the ring, which is the symbol of love on your finger, how can you fight and beat each other? Whenever you look at your ring, you must think of your loving husband or wife. When you know that even the trees in your garden are waiting for the love coming from you blessed couples as their masters, then can you fight each other in their presence? If your family is centered on love, it will become an ideal family. And all things will sing in praise of your family. Even thieves would not dare to break into your house. If you respect me and like me, it is because I have something different from that which common people have, that is, the love and heart towards everyone and everything of God's creation. When you look at electric lamps of different voltages, wouldn't your eyes be attracted to the brightest one? We must have the idea that everything and everyone would exist and act for the sake of love as their purpose. Any one creation cannot live all by itself, but only in relation with other things of the creation.

Everything in God's creation is important. So, you must love all things as though they have a spirit. Even when you are moving a thing to another place you can talk to it and say, "Wouldn't it be better for you to move over here?" Then it will respond to your tenderness. You must always do things with this love. When I push you hard to go out to local towns to witness, then you must go there and act with deep love. When you think of the fact that you are there to inherit God's love to the people and introduce them to the great world of love, you will enjoy the work however hard it may be. Only after going through suffering, can we realize the purpose of love.

This is the way of hope, the way of love and the way of life. If you think you are doing this for the sake of Master, being utilized by him, would you be happy to do this? You are glad to do this because by doing this you can save America and the whole world. Your original mind knows this automatically, that's why you do not try to complain against me. If you do complain, I will have nothing to do with you in this life or in the spirit world. Then you will become stragglers. If we have loving hearts, then God will be with us; and if God is with us, we will enjoy constructive changes -- everything will result in success.

In proportion to your depth of understanding of the Principle you will enjoy parent's love, conjugal love and children's love, centered on God, who is the ultimate subject of love. Such a person who enjoys these things can realize the kingdom of God both on earth and in the spirit world. To him love is a thing of ultimate importance. So, even in the face of death, he knows that he is born for the love which can be attained only after going through death and misery. Those who think it is only natural to have to go through sacrifice and misery to attain success can dominate misery and even death, without allowing misery or death to dominate them. Jesus' resurrection could come with this foundation.

Just imagine, we are born to love each other. What do we have our eyes for? It is to see the things we love. What do we have our ears for? It is to hear words of love. What do we have our nose for? To smell things that we love. What do we have our mouth for? To eat things that we love and to speak the words of love. If you think like this, how happy you will be. Are you miserable people or happy people? Every element is in your possession when you have the right view of life. You must clearly understand the ideal world will start from you as an individual when you are with God's love, which you can put into practice in your daily life in human relationships. Love will start from you. reaching out to all things, as it originally started from God reaching out to you.

We come to the conclusion that we are entitled to enjoy all things only when we are in love with them. That's the attitude and manner in which we should celebrate God's Day, World Day or Day of All Things, Parent's Day and Children's Day. I want you to be entitled to these celebrations. Now that you have this understanding, if you are resolved to live like this, hold up your hands.

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