The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

To Succeed In The Will Of God And Our Responsibility

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 18,1973
Translator: Sang Kil Han

Here in the congregation are a number of VOC (Victory Over Communism) members who came from Japan yesterday. After hearing their leaders' reports, we feel that the Japanese church is going to have a hard, challenging life for many years to come. I foresaw that the world situation would come to this. I have done my very best, here in the United States this spring, to promote cooperation between Korea and free China (Taiwan), centering on Japan.

The situation of Asia in view of God's will and the dispensation for the free European countries

Basically, Asia will be protected if Korea, Japan and free China cooperate and assume the direction of Heaven. When you look at Asia from the dispensational viewpoint, keeping East and West in mind, China is an archangel country.

Korea, Japan and China play important roles in the last days. Through the Principle we understand why the territory where these three countries exist plays a crucial role in the last days. Whenever history turns to a new direction, everything is focused on the country which is in the position (or role) of the offering. How can we promote cooperation between these countries of Korea, Japan and China? The country of Korea cannot exist by itself. Without Japan, Korea's path in the future is unclear. The same is true for Japan; without China, it will lose its way.

As you well know, free China in October, 1971 was expelled from the United Nations; it lost its position as an archangel nation. What position is America in? It represents the world and must defend itself against communism. In the dispensational view it is the archangel nation which represents the democratic world and the western hemisphere. Thus, if America, in the future, fails to be connected to the dispensational direction, much indemnity will have to be paid.

What I have emphasized for Japan is not to lose sight of America. If Japan loses America, it represents losing the archangel; then Japan's path will be blocked. If the relationship between Japan and America is severed it will cause problems. From Japan's standpoint, it has already severed relationships with free China.

So, Japan and America must cooperate. Who can do this? They are entering the stage where they cannot do it by themselves. Thus, it now remains our problem to cultivate this understanding. We are the ones who have to work to unite Japan and America here in America. I began this work in 1972. We must bring together the three nations of Korea, Japan and America.

Moving toward that direction, we should bring Europe into this work. Why? If America is the Adam-type nation, England is the Eve-type nation and Germany. is to be the world-level archangel nation. The nation in the archangel position should be a nation which manifests itself In a divided form.

From this perspective, the nation of America is the Adam-type nation which represents western (free) European civilization. When we consider Asia and Western Europe, Asia is more Abel-type and Europe more Cain-type. Thus, America cannot help but be the nation which represents all Cain nations. Thus what if you fail in Asia? We will be able to extend the Providence to the realm of Western Europe. If we, centering on America, work with England and Germany in one final effort, we could manage to do what we failed to take responsibility for in Asia. Thus, what has been built in Asia is now being moved to the western world. All of the internal accomplishment is being extended. This is the strategy I have been following since last year. We will conduct many revival meetings. You must work with all your might until the end of 1974.

Japan's and Korea's situations must face a final test. Now is the optimal time, both internally and externally, for this work. In Japan and Korea, the question is how can we do our very best to end the second seven-year course. The second seven year course is the growth stage. Whereas the first seven year course is the course that parents trod, the second seven-year-course is for the children. Therefore, the second seven-year course is for the children to inherit from their parents, and to triumph as their parents did, in Japan, Korea, and even free China.

It is Japan's role to protect the freedom of China and Korea. But it is not doing that, instead evading Korea and neglecting China, too. They are not doing what they are expected to do. Therefore, you who are internally responsible, in the place of Japan, must take responsibility for Korea and China for the next two years.

Since 1974 is the beginning of a new seven-year course, we must reach and hold to a certain standard until that time. Today Korea's situation is critical. So is Japan's, and free China is no exception.

Japan -- a target for which USSR and communist China are covertly fighting each other for

Now communist China and USSR have broken relations and are internally fighting. Japan is not protecting free China. Japan recently recognized free China as the territory of communist China. That statement led the communist Chinese to naturally believe Taiwan is a part of communist China. Free China, which has been heavily dependent upon Japan, now has no alternative but to shake hands with the USSR. The USSR has long planned to move its arms on the Chinese border to a military base in the south. By making India its friend, the USSR began to possess the ability to blockade all of the Chinese coast. In its confrontation with China, the USSR has always thought that it was difficult to maintain its strategic position on the land, because of China's huge population; thus the best way to maintain superiority is to have the ability to blockade the coast.

What kept the USSR hesitant to do so till now? It has been America that has been steadfastly guarding the Taiwanese coast. But now America is not totally committed to protect Taiwan at any cost. America is not willing to protect Vietnam or the rest of Asia. However, America's original purpose of defending Asia has now faltered and it is on the verge of evacuating.

Now, since Taiwan got together with the USSR, naturally the USSR fleet came to make frequent visits to the Taiwanese strait. Knowing that America is not ready to crash against the Soviets, the USSR now is strongly pushing to come down south. A few days ago there appeared a newspaper article that in Pang Ho Island, a small atoll near Taiwan, the USSR is negotiating to build a naval base. When this materializes the USSR will be able to control all of the waters of southeast Asia to the gate of the Indian Ocean.

Why would this happen? Because it is the Soviet Union's intention to defend itself from Communist China. The USSR wants to bring Japan under it's influence. By getting close to Japan it wants to apply pressure on communist China.

Let's look at the situation in Japan now. Both Communist China and the USSR want Japan, and you must understand that the Japanese Communist party belongs to the Soviets side. Thus communist China is paying great interest to the Japanese government. The Soviets believe to block the ocean is to block their communications. Once this is accomplished Russia is in a very strong position. You may not realize but recently Russians have been regularly making surveillance flights over Japanese Islands from the base in Sakhalin. They also have fortified troops there to 230,000 men. Under these circumstances in Japan, the election becomes favorable for the Social party and Communist party. As of the present time Japan is being led favorably to Russia. By mishap if Japan falls into USSR's hands, the entire island of Japan will become a Soviet naval port. After that it will influence all of the Pacific Ocean, at that time come into direct confrontation with America.

Thus it is my view that by 1976 no matter how reluctant Nixon may be to do so, America must defend the freedom of Asia. No matter how much you may dislike it and are against the idea to do so and want to retreat, America will and must commit itself again. When you commit yourself and reenter into Asia, it should be with great determination to defeat the enemy, communism. Then the question is, is America resourceful enough to do that? I believe that they are not.

Then who should bear that responsibility? This is what we must prepare for. Look at Europe. I spoke in Europe, too but every country, France Germany, Italy . . . . every country is swept under the influence of communism thus leaving England as the final base. No one in Europe is making any preparation.

The last resort to defend the world against communism

Now let us look at the world today: we will soon face the time when the fate of the world is decided. Who will take the responsibility? We are the only ones, no one else. What intrigued me most after I came to this country is that Christians are not interested in their own nation. Christians are not able to protect (keep safe) the country, nor are there any senators who are able to, either. They are only interested In winning elections but what happens to the country they were not paying attention to. They have that kind of thinking.

What then should we do? What kind of movement should we launch? We must make a movement to reunite Christians. You cannot think of senators without the color of religion. Those who believe in God must defend this nation. Senators, too, must stand up for Christian ideals before they can really move people.

What is the purpose of doing this? It is to defend ourselves against communism . By initiating such a movement here in America first, and then spreading the movement it will enable all Christians around the world to defend the entire world against the demonic reach of communism. In the event there is a threat of communism , Christianity should mobilize young people beyond the boundaries of nations to fight against communism. By uniting all Christians of the world and by sending them wherever there is the threat of communism we can ward off communism. I believe this is the best way to defend this world against communism.

In spite of the fact that America is the representative of the democratic world, is America capable of stopping communism? The answer is unfortunately 'no', Therefore a revival meeting should be launched centering on Christian thought. There is no other way. The first step is to solicit the support of the World Council of Churches. The world will come to notice us and appreciate our solution.

In this time of desperation, Christianity is externally confronted with the threat of communism and internally with the serious problem of division and is wondering -- which way to go, the Divine Principle will greatly empower them.

It will soon be noticed as a world problem. Better than working singly, we should try to reach from the top down. Christianity is today launching a revival meeting with Billy Graham as a center. We must do more than that. We should make a foundation so that we can suggest the solution to the worlds problem s more efficiently.

Who can do that? It is you. What is most urgent today is to enroll into the World Council of Churches, as I pointed out to Mr. Pak and President Kim Young Whi, we are researching it now. We are working on it though mobile team and itinerary workers.

Unless we make strong enough a foundation that helps Christians notice us, who would help us to do our work? So unless we make this foundation in the next two years, strong enough to launch an offensive against communism, we can not make ourselves ready to meet the tide of history.

Let us make a foundation before the critical time comes to America

In view of today's world problem and position of the democratic world which is being threatened by communist world, the situation in Asia is pressing America to force them to withdraw from Asia. As for the future of the USSR and America centering on the Pacific ocean, the Soviets are about to gain superiority in all fields. Who is going to stop this approaching threat during the next three years?

All 200 million Russians are completely armed with the ideology of communism and ready to march at any time. What about America? If they become confused, they will come to be destroyed.

Do you think that there is no underground aiding the activities of communists in the US? Also we have the racial problem between black and white. When it becomes too late there is no remedy.

Look in Asia, Korea, Japan and free China failed to take heed of what I warned and the situation became really difficult. The same will happen to America if it does not listen. What I forecast 5, 6 years ago is accurately coming to pass. Our International Victory over Communism Federation has in Japan, in Korea and also in free China a world-wide organization and we are standing forefront against Communism. If we do not win, do you think communists will spare us?

In this real question do we, or don't we have a chance of winning? (Yes, we do!) Communism today occupies one third of world population, and us? A mere 850 people according to latest figure. With that small number do you think we can stop communism? How? When we are being pushed like we are, God is wagering an advantage whereby we have a chance of winning drastic victory! God is anxiously preparing a way through which we can leap into victory. We must become leaders to meet that opportunity. There is no time to think in a "normal" way. We cannot succeed otherwise. The only way is to hold tight onto God with adventurous faith. Even if we do that, we do not have tens of years, rather we only have a few years. We are really short of people. How urgent I feel about this time! It is same with God too. We should grasp this opportunity with all our might so that even if we do not succeed we leave no regret. If we do our best, even if we fail, there is a way to revive. We are in that kind of time now.

Now are we to march on or retreat? (March on!) It's not easy. Therefore in your mind you should not forget that until the war is won you can not rest. You are the last emissary of God to save mankind. Now America too will come to experience lots of desperate situations. Before that time comes we must build our foundation and hoist a flag. People see us and say, "if we do like them, we can surely win over communism," We should become like that, every one will want to go with us. That day is not far away.

The method and way to win over Communism

In this perspective, we can rise fast because there is communism. If communism did not exist, Korea would not need us. Also, Japan's people need our thought. China and America too will become like that too. Without fail American will need us. Europe and whole world are the same.

Here are two problems. Firstly, we have to defeat communism and then secondly after winning how to contribute to the creation of a peaceful world. Do you have solution to these two questions? We must be responsible even after winning. Sometimes the second problem is even more important than the first.

Then do we have people like that? No. Therefore from now on after eating each meal we should devote time to education and more training. How, what is the method? It is to let them know that we are working for their sake. That is one way. Once we leave in people's mind that impression strongly, making a valuable contribution is not a problem. Do you agree?

Therefore you must enter into peoples' life, harmonize with all people of the nation, have a common heart, shed tears, fight together, and show all people that you are bearing the heavy burden in their place.

Now, the reason why we struggle is to prepare a solution to the issue of world peace after winning victory. It is to train ourselves to defeat communism and win. We must realize that we are doing these two things now. So we are looking at two sides of winning victory. This is why I said not to do advertising first. You must demonstrate and then advertise it. So we must begin with states and after that cover the towns and villages and organize through and show people that "without the example we exhibit we cannot save the world" To implant that firm idea is so crucial.

To take Korea as an example, college professors and other high level citizens say "we heavily depend on Unification Church". You are surely able to save this county, therefore please continue what you are doing even a few more years." In Japan too, people say that "within 15 years you can surely move this country so please work hard." The fact that everyone responds alike is the result of working steadfastly according to each circumstance. It does not bring us any immediate benefit but the foundations that have already been made have created a tremendous standard of expectation. This has surely resulted from our history of endeavor.

In the words of Jesus, "let us witness at the cost of our life"

We can demonstrate in deed to any county or any group of people how we like to revive and save the people of the country and let them agree in tears that we really lived for them. This is a formidable achievement. Should we or shouldn't we live like that? (yes we should) That is the only way to save the world. The reason we work for the country is not to receive, but to give. You must first give before you receive.

Isn't it correct in principle? First we must give. Often we are pressed for time because of our lack of resources; if I genuinely feel like that, inexplicably spirit world will always help. People will be motivated to want to do something in spite of themselves and wandering out to the street they will come to meet one of us. This is how spirit world works. Thus, the first day the captain should lead. The captain should speak with microphone -- Are you doing that? You should witness at least to one person and if you weren't able to witness to one person you should not even eat that day. If for 40 days you determine yourself you will witness or you will fast, you will surely find a follower.

Look, Now we have 850 people but by next year we need eight thousand people. What percent of American population is eight thousand? 30,000 to I Isn't it? Can one man move 30,000 men? In this case, as an emergency measure we should witness to a top senator, a state governor or a police chief. There is not other way. Then we need to train ourselves to be able to relate with them. . Though we lack in ability, with all this training and knowledge we gained in the course of such training, we should be able to persuade them with confidence. Would it not be true? If you eat all you want to eat and do all that you want to do, how nice would it be? But is not possible. Why would Father want to do such a difficult task?

You must understand that no one sympathizes with losers. Therefore, losers must become winners. Win legitimately. It is tens of times more difficult than winning by any other means. You must understand.

Do you think I am comfortable? America is not a small county like Korea is. In view of the situation of world today, there is no other way to go except that. But I do not despair. I have always walked between the peaks of good and evil. I am on it's border line and am always leading such a life. No one led this way and invited me to follow. I always stood in front. In Korea and Japan I had no language problem, but to lead tall people without the knowledge of language is not easy at all. And when I pull you, you resist. You think it is a very difficult life, don't you? You are not the only one. Missionaries must feel the same way now. Should we remain comfortable? What will become of America now? If there is a way, tell me. No one other than I can offer the answer. So there is no other method. If you run fast, there is a backfire. Some drop off, some falter. It is only natural.

Have you ever seen a war where there are no casualties and no dead? You must understand that famous battles and noted victories all have their toll proportionate to the degree of success. Are we going to advance or retreat? (Advance) Should I only care for America, or should I look after all world including poor Korea? (Other countries as well) with good reason, too. (We will finish and go help you in other country) The result remains to be seen after fighting.

So we must tighten the belt. Can you do It without tightening your belt? (we must tighten our belt). Eight thousand members of mobile teams must witness to one person at least. Since January 1 we have increased by about 500 people from 350. Even this result only came because I pushed . . .

If we cannot accomplish our goal, try ten times harder

In this standard we must push to ten times harder. If we work ten times harder 500 people will become 5,000 people. So with this solid reasoning, we mobile teams must work ten times harder and IW's should cover ten times more distance. If it is physically impossible we should dedicate ten times more heart. If we had slept with a blanket on, we should now sleep sitting doing away with blanket. If we can't sleep sitting then we should sleep stomach down (Father laughs) Well, in this country you seep with stomach down, don't you?

Then you should sleep standing up. Can you do that? (Yes). You should do it happily? (Yes) Then, you go ahead and try. Let me watch you do it. Oh it's comfortable. . . . When you see me you always make me serious so you make me laugh a little now. Originally I am a pleasant person, I like to laugh a lot and play well too. That kind of father is now serious.

God has no one to depend on but us. There is no other way than that. The only one way is to unite with God's will. There is no other approach. If you say you will be responsible then I will gladly let you do it your way. Father is not a person who lives for power or honor but he cares for only one thing -- the will of God and future of mankind.

So now our conclusion is to keep marching forward. Going forward as we live, -and marching forward as we sleep, as we eat, as we rest as well. All we think of is to go forward. Now after the sixth of this month I will visit Korea, and even though you could not witness for anyone in last five months, in this one month would you witness to a person for this month? (Yes). IOWC team captains should resolve themselves like that, and members too. Set your heart on one person per month. Now every six months I am going to give an award to IOWC captains and it's members, to the best performers. One every six months, twice a year. I am preparing for it now.

Leaders must bring members into unity centering on heart

Now, those who have more then 20 mobile team members, raise your hands. (21, 22, 23, etc.) Old members should continue to engage in activities and newly brought in members should be given training. And new. members shall be trained to become your successors. Each mobile team should make plans and form a team. One will be responsible for training, and another for witnessing.

You must think about this. It is well that you give lectures and you hold revival meetings. But you should not conduct revival meetings without due preparation. So you should give lectures, master the lectures in 6 months time. That is the problem. You should continue to witness and solve your financial problems.

Think about this. It's very good that you lecture and hold revival meetings, but you shouldn't be holding revival meetings without a clear purpose. Lecture. You're supposed to lecture. How to master the Principle within six months -- that's the problem. And witness. In the future, I'm going to have to establish an itinerary worker system, so that if there are three good people in a particular place, one can offer to go somewhere else.

In the future, you have to keep changing the people as the numbers grow. You need to change everyone around. The thing to be careful about, though, is that the leader should not just send the new person out first. Instead, you should spend time working with each person. Decide how long you will work with each person. It can be four days, or even a week. Say it's a week. How many weeks are there in six months? Six times four is twenty-four. Twenty-four weeks. You have twenty-four weeks, so take each person and for one week concentrate on raising up that person. Do you understand? For one week, take that person wherever you go. Establish a close personal relationship. Talk with him. One week for each person. Of course, you are still leading the whole group, but pay special attention to one particular person for one week at a time. Tell him what his faults are. Tell him how a responsible person must act in society and personally. Give him detailed counseling within the context of God's will.

That is why we need to work to become one centering on heart. Once you've accomplished this, then it's just a matter of the leader standing in front and taking charge of the whole. They will follow you without hesitation.

The leader's attitude in lecturing and his topics of study

So, if you have twelve days, you can go through all the lectures twice. When you are doing that, the members will look at you and, if you are fulfilling your responsibility properly, they will say: "'Wow, our leader is really great!" But what happens if the member works hard to bring people to the lecture, but the leader gives uninspiring lectures? The leader loses one guest, two guests, and then three guests. If the leader loses as many as three guests, then the member will say: "Oh, it's no use." He will lose his energy to continue. That's why it's up to the leader to do well. For that reason, whenever you give a lecture, even though you give the same lecture many times, you must always be studying what points need to be emphasized so as to inspire the particular persons who are listening to you.

Your team shouldn't become low on morale. You need to become skillful in finding ways to encourage your team. These are some of the things you can do when you are lecturing. If the people in your audience are Christians, you have to show them the contradictions in the Bible. If they are fundamentalist Christians, you can say: "No matter how hard I tried to believe that Jesus was God, I couldn't." Also, you can say: "Just before Jesus died on the cross, he cried out, "Father, Father, why have you forsaken me?" How could he have said this if he himself were God? Also, Jesus was dead for three days. How could this be, if he were God? I had a number of doubts like this myself. No matter how much I struggled with these questions, I couldn't accept the traditional Christian answers to these questions." You tell a story like this in an exciting way. In this way you arouse their interest. You can even say that if the Principle didn't answer your doubts, you were prepared to give up entirely.

If you talk like this, they will be listening to you with wide open eyes, wondering what kind of teaching this could be. The more they listen, the more they realize that you have been through struggles similar to theirs. Work through their doubts for them. Give the lecture as a kind of testimony.

When you lecture the Principle, it finally all comes down to a logical presentation leading to a certain conclusion. You need to tell your audience: "'This is the way, and so it leads to that. And finally, the conclusion is this. Thus, from this standpoint, the Fall could only have been this kind of problem of love." What are the points that ministers are struggling with? You need to know that. If a minister comes to hear your lecture, give the lecture from his standpoint. You need to know what difficult problems the minister has in witnessing to his congregation, and you need to show him the solutions to those problems. That's the way you should approach him.

So, you need to know their minds. Your feelings toward them should not be to think of them as "sons of vipers." Instead, put yourself in their position and feel for them. Let them know that you have been through a similar situation. When you were in that situation, you were looking for something new, and this is where you finally wound up. You can say: "I was surprised by what I heard. I thought, 'How can this be possible?' But after giving it deeper thought, I realized that this is exactly how it must be." And so on.

But you are always looking down at your books while you lecture, so you don't have the flexibility to adapt to the situation. Once you've got somebody, you need to be able to start giving them inspiration immediately -- as soon as you open your mouth, words of inspiration should start coming out. To inspire people and to influence them, you have to rely on your own personal feeling of inspiration. You take that and you push with it. So, sometimes you may be lecturing with such fervor that you start perspiring even In a cold room. That's what's necessary. Sometimes you might pound the desk in front of you. When you feel inspired and tears begin to well up in your eyes, then you can suddenly interrupt the lecture, and just let the tears flow. That situation should help to get your message across. In that kind of situation, if the person giving the sermon begins to shed tears, the audience is also inspired. If the speaker and even just a few members of the congregation begin shedding tears together, then the entire group can be turned around. The whole group will become a sea of tears. When that happens, you should turn to the person who began weeping with you and say: "How much pain, how much difficulty, you must have gone through for you to start shedding tears from hearing me speak?" You come to share the same heart, and you feel the joy of seeing one life being resurrected. This brings more tears to your eyes. If I shed tears first, then the whole group just cries. That's what is necessary. After shedding tears in this way, even the son of a burglar won't be able to oppose you. That's what we need.

A kitchen stove can't heat anything up until it itself is hot. In the summer, something would have to be cold before it could cool off anything else. It finally comes to the problem of the leader. Whenever the leader is going to give a lecture, he should say -- even if only to himself for a brief moment -- something like: "Father, I am now going to give a lecture." You have to make a habit of this. "Let there be no one who will hear my words today and have their heart wounded so that they fall away. At least, let them go away from my lecture better off than if they had never come at all." Then, if the lecture goes well, you should feel gratitude, and report everything in prayer. This is the kind of life you should lead. Also, before you lecture, always pick up the Principle book and prayerfully read it over, page by page, even if it is a section you think you know well.

Whenever you give a sermon or otherwise address a large group of people, you are standing in a very serious position. If you read the Principle book, then through that, God will give some words or some other form of inspiration. So that is the way you must train yourself. Also, even if you are feeling a guilty conscience for some reason or have been through some bad experience, you need to put all such feelings aside for the time that you are speaking. At home, your wife may be lying sick in bed, there's something amiss with your child, or someone has sent you a nasty letter. But once you stand at the lectern, you must wipe all such thoughts from your mind.

You cannot mix public and personal matters. You have got to know that. Don't you think so? You don't know how to do that yet. That's why you need to wipe away that limitation completely.

Life on the mobile witnessing team and your attitude toward the members

Another thing you need to watch out for is that it is easy for the leader of a mobile witnessing team to start taking things for granted. What does it mean to take things for granted? For example, let's say you have fundraising members. Don't be happy only if they come back at the end of the day with more money than they have ever raised before. When you receive the money they have raised, always be aware that this money contains the blood and sweat of those who have worked for it. That is why public funds have to be taken so seriously. Also, when your members go out, you should be so concerned for them that you say to yourself: "Oh, how much I miss them! I can't wait till they get back!" When they are out, you want to keep the door open for them. You want to go out of the house and wait for them outside. You can't help but start walking about a mile in the direction from which you expect them. That should be the attitude of your heart. A leader should never nap during the day. If you have to lie down, pray a prayer of repentance, saying, "Father, last night I did such and such work, and I am so tired now that I have to lie down. I will sleep for just a few minutes." Then, if you should sleep longer than you intended, you have to repent. If those who are out working see such a person taking a nap, they think "This rascal. He is exploiting us."

At one time in Korea, I worked in a factory. There was no sleeping during the day at the factory! If someone were so tired that he couldn't endure, he might put his forehead down on the table and meditate for a few seconds. How can there be any rest for someone who hasn't fulfilled his responsibility?

The responsibility of the wife

I imagine you think that it would be nice if everyone on the mobile witnessing team could have their wives with them, and you could share your love with each other there, don't you? This is where the problem is. Can you love God more than your wife? Can you love the members next after God? And can you love the people to whom you are witnessing next after them? You have to love these three before you love your wife. And what woman would be happy if she were married to a man who actually did love these three before her? Consider this: The husband is tired from giving lectures, but the wife is satisfied. She says: "First, give me some love, and then go lecture." But the man is tired. So, tell me honestly how you would answer her in such a situation. (Laughter from the audience.) That's what I'm afraid of. If you build up your mobile witnessing team to forty members within a week and bring in forty new members in a week, then after that it will be all right. Then, everything will be all right. Don't you think so? What would happen if you took your wives with you? There would be many problems.

If she is angry toward her husband, then she will be likely to take it out on the members like this. (Laughter from the audience.) It's possible. If that happens, it would be worse than if you had never brought her along in the first place. If you want to do that, then I am thinking of having you change places with your wives. They would all take part in the lottery and you would do like this. I think that's a good idea. (Laughter from the audience.) Doing it one on one, the way you do it is not simple. Raise your hands, sisters, if you have confidence to do that. (Laughter from the audience.) You may think it's a simple matter, but if you go, you have to do all the cooking. If the wives go, they have to cook all the meals as a mother would. You have to do all, the shopping. You have to work so that your husband will be satisfied enough to say: "'It's a lot better having her here. I need her as my wife." The biggest problem involves the problems which arise among the women themselves. If there is a woman among the members, then that member will try to wrap her skirt around the wife (translators note: that is, take the wife under her wing). If the wife doesn't become someone she can use, then there's trouble between the two of them. The member will try to pull her down. If the wife joins the team, she needs to embrace all the members as quickly as possible. She must assimilate them to her and win them over to her side. Otherwise the women will say: "How about that woman! How about that leader's wife! Let's just sit back and watch how well she does." And then they don't do any of the work. They try not to do any of the cooking. In this case, the wife should go and do everything. She should cook a delicious meal, and then tell the others to come. Maybe she can go out and buy some gum for them as well. (Laughter from the audience.) After that, the unmarried women will feel good about the leader's wife, and feel that they should say so to the others. Once you get that far, the wife can make these women her own.

If, on the other hand, the wife goes in from the beginning with the feeling that everyone has to do what she says just because she's the leader's wife, then she will be beaten back. Everything will fall apart. Do you think I'm right or wrong? (Audience: "You're right.")

The men are not much of a problem. All you have to do is cook the food a little tastier than they're used to and wash their clothes for them, and they really appreciate it. Sometimes when the male members are sleeping you can go and take their clothes off them and wash these for them. (Laughter from the audience.) If you do that, they will really appreciate it. It will increase substantially -- even double -- the amount of work they can do during the day.

If you start complaining in front of your husband, if you are not completely free In your relationships and start to have a complaining expression like this -- even a little -- then this has an effect on all the members. That's the problem. ("What happens with the unmarried brothers?") What do you think happens? They think: "I should get a wife like that and be in that position."

Team leaders for United States

So, now lets discuss the mobile witnessing teams. Within six months, we need forty mobile witnessing team leaders. So this is what I am thinking: In cases where a mobile witnessing team leader does not have twenty members, I will assign a person to be responsible for the state. That person will go to the state and witness to ten new members. These people, then, will be organized as a mobile witnessing team. By witnessing to ten new members, the person assigned to that state can become the leader of a mobile witnessing team. I think that will give him the incentive to work quickly. Then, if headquarters makes the announcement that each mobile witnessing team will be given a van, everyone will work as though they were on fire. What do you think? If, instead, we send two more people to work under the team leader -- three in all -- there will be ten new members in no time at all. At the end of June, we can gather again. At that time, I would like to do this for all the forty-eight states. Then, for those who have ten members, we will buy a van. Those who have forty members will receive a car or bus. This is the kind of effort that we need. If we have this kind of competition, then this plan will go forward rapidly. Wouldn't this be a way to gain quicker results? Which would be better? Do you think I might be right? This is how I think we can grow. If twelve people are sent out each week -- three times four is twelve people sent out to create new mobile witnessing teams.

If each week we send out twelve people -- four teams of three people each, including the team leader -- then we can create four new mobile witnessing teams each week. A team leader and two assistants are assigned four different places. Three times four makes twelve, right? We are preparing to create four new mobile witnessing teams in this way.

Thus, if we figure forty people per week for each of the four witnessing teams we create, how many will that make? Forty people for each team will make 160, right? If we get 160 people, we can move America. And then you have the existing membership. So, you have the 160 members of the witnessing team, and if you multiply that by four, you have 640 members. If we can have 800 people in each state, including the state leader and the church leaders, we will be able to move this country of America. How many people will that mean in all the fifty states? 40,000, right? It takes twenty, thirty years to build up a foundation to become a U.S. senator. Wouldn't you like to be in such a post? (Yes). I'm not just making idle talk here.

Now, each of you needs to make a financial foundation in the future. Suppose that the Christian church then begins to move. We will join forces with the smaller and weaker denominations and join the larger, traditional denominations. This will be how we conduct the ecumenical movement. They will be invited, and they will come.

So, we need to work quickly to get people a with university education. When college graduates join, they can be educated here. My plan is to pick those who show promise and assign them to specific tasks, even if they have not been in the church very long. From now on, you. should be concentrating on how to send three university graduates from each state to this facility every month so that they can receive training.

Don't worry about your children

So, we need to create the same kind of people. We need to train them. If you do as I tell you, you will be able to see the dawn of a wonderful age. If you don't, however, you won't be able to see such an age. You shouldn't be concerned that you have no home and that you are sometimes separated from your children for this work. You don't have any time to go anywhere -- and then comes the time to give birth to the baby. Try giving birth in the bus. That baby will be an historic person! (Laughter from the audience.) It will be recorded in history. Don't you think so? It will be written in the history of the Unification Church, and everyone who reads that history will say: "They say. . . that that boy has come to our state" and they will all come out to see him. (Laughter from audience.) Would that make you unhappy? The animals have their offspring even in rock crevices and in the fields. There's no reason that people can't do that. You can do it if you have to. You have to go to such lengths in order to fulfill God's will. When Adam and Eve had their babies, do you think they had a house like this, or were surrounded by doctors and nurses? There was only the two of them, so what else could they do? If you think that way, you will be healthy, your babies will be healthy, and everything will be like that. If you're going to worry, you have more important things to be worried about. (Laughter from the audience.)

If you think like that, you have nothing to be worried about. You have to think this way. (Laughter from the audience.) It is because you think this way that you can be satisfied even if you aren't treated particularly well. If you think that things have to be a certain way then. Don't worry. If I see a husband and bride together and the wife's womb is as big as this, I think to myself: "I'll bet those I people are worried about where to have their baby." I know more about such things than you. That's why we need the mobile witnessing team leaders to do well. What do you need to be concerned with now? You need to be concerned with sending trainees to Belvedere. If we are to continue the training in Belvedere, the state leaders and the mobile witnessing team leaders must be responsible for sending at least three college graduates here every week. How to send three college graduates a week to Belvedere for training -- that's the main issue. It may not be possible to accomplish this immediately, but you need to make preparations so that you can do this eventually. I have just finished naming people as team leaders, and your concern should be how to secure 400 team members as quickly as possible. You need to do it by the end of June.

This time, you need to do this without fail.

Write this down. In the beginning, three trainees a month. After that, 400 witnessing team members by the end of June. After that, those who accomplish their responsibility will be applauded every six months. After that, there is the distribution of books. The idea is to buy thirty copies each. Everyone should buy these. In the future, all the witnessing team members will be required to buy these. If you can't carry them with you now, just keep them somewhere. You absolutely need them. The next step will be to establish churches as quickly as possible.

What comes after that is that you need to set the goal of your witnessing activity at bringing one new member every month. Emphasize this always. Even at mealtime and at meetings, you should emphasize that each person must witness to one new member every month. The desperation of saving one person's life needs to be felt to the marrow of your bones. This is not necessary just for you but also for the members of your mobile witnessing teams. The church members, too, need to have this goal deeply in their minds. Your thinking should be that you cannot eat lunch until you have done this. If you fail in this goal for a particular month, you might skip all your lunches for a month, or something similar. Do you understand? Mobile team leaders until now just listened to me say "One person a month," but no one has accomplished it.

As I said before, if you figure on thirty days in a month and you only work eight hours a day -- even if the witnessing team members work just eight hours a day not including their meal times -- you have 240 hours a month. If you spent that time lecturing the Principle, how many times could you give the whole cycle? At twenty hours a cycle, you can lecture the entire Principle twelve times over. Isn't that right? And lend out a book to one person every day. One at a time, until they are all lent out. Take back one copy and lend it out to another person; take back another, and so on. If you have thirty copies, you will be busy just telephoning all the people who have read the book. You don't need to go somewhere else to witness.

When you get to know the thirty people who have read them the Principle, you will find that this group includes a variety of people. "Oh, yes", someone might say, "everyone in our family read it. So and so read it and said it was very interesting. . We'd like you to come over and talk to us about it." This is the kind of movement that you have to create. Go family to family. You can tell someone: "I'm going to your home so gather your relatives and friends." If someone says the book is too difficult to read, tell them you would be glad to come over and talk to them about it. You can visit them in the evening or late at night.

Later we will put the Principle lectures on cassette tapes, and have all our members carry these tapes with them. Once you have these tapes you will be able to witness all you want. You can give the "Principle of Creation" tape to one person and the "Fall of Man" to another. You can record your own tapes if you like. Witness with the books and tapes all you want. Tell people, "This is really interesting. You ought to listen to It." The main emphasis of our witnessing should be individual to individual. My instruction is not just for the mobile team members because they move around, but for the general church members.

Universities, churches and prominent people

University students from Britain will be coming here for training. This should be made know to Americans. You can gather professors in your state, then call on someone to come and give them the Principle workshop. Someone can come to your state for one or two week training depending on what the people want.

Go to the universities. At the time the classes finish and the professor leaves the classroom go right in and start advertising your program. Then draw up a list of names. If you are planning a training session in two months time visit the class every ten days, about six times in all. That way you can surely get the whole class to attend. don't you think it's possible? (Yes).

In the process of this activity the mobile team leaders should pay particular attention to mobilizing the campus. If only the university president becomes interested. . . University presidents have a foundation in the community. With an introduction from the president, its no problem to meet the senator of that state or the police chief of that city. You will have no problem.

What comes after that. The leaders of the established churches. How can you approach them? If possible the team leaders can get thirty Principle books and lend them to the ministers. They will be grateful. When you find a minister who is not opposed or who likes the content, go an give a sermon in his church. Establish a relationship with him. Visit all the ministers and divide them into three categories. Those who are supportive, middle and opposing. Additionally make a list of all the churches in your state. In the not too distant future we will hold seminars in each state and invite those ministers. These seminars can be held on Saturdays or for three weeks during the week when the ministers are not so busy. There will be no charge for the seminar. This is something we have to do. The supportive people can be a bridge to the others in the middle category. Then if these people can come to support us we can work through them to those who are opposed to us.

What will happen then is that when there is an effort to oppose us the ministers will start fighting amongst themselves. Those who haven't yet heard God's word in the Principle will be admonished by those who have. Those who understand the principle will say: "Who are you to say such things? These are things we couldn't know from our theological perspective." To those who oppose us, give them the Principle book and tell them: "Here, you've been opposing us, but read this and see what you think." Do you understand? (Yes). We have to do this work as soon as we can. So go and meet them all. Don't go empty handed, take the Principle book with you. Giving them a book gets the whole thing started. One thing you need to do is to read a book or two on modern theology, systematic theology, church history and the history of theology.

The next thing to do is to meet the prominent people in your state. Here too, you will need the Principle book. If you have the three books, "Divine Principle", "Critique of Communism", and "Unification Thought" -- you can create a movement of lending at least one of these to anyone you meet. That will enable you to develop a vast network. Do you understand? First mobilize the campus, then the established churches. Then you can work with the prominent people in your state. How well you are able to do this will determine the foundation which you can establish.

Plan for the 21 city tour

I am thinking to conduct a speaking tour of twenty-one cities at the end of this year. (Applause). I want you to choose the twenty-one most important cities. Which cities would you pick? We will include the seven cities .Where I spoke last time, so we need fourteen new cities. We will have to go to Boston. (Audience: St Louis). Also the important states. We need to go to Denver, Texas, someday we will establish a major place in southern Texas. So Dallas. My plan for the future is to establish training centers on the same level as New York in Washington, St. Louis, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco. Los Angeles and Dallas. Come on now, choose the 21 cities quickly. (Various voices offer suggestions). We need to give priority to the cities with the largest number of members.

Beginning next October, from October 1, its best to have a rally one day and take the next day off. -- Oh, that means we will need nearly three months. We are going to do it. Starting from New York. October, November and December. You have to have someone ready to give the talk in my place, just in case something happens to me. Next year we will do all fifty states. We will do that by the end of May, then no one in America will be able to say that they never heard of Rev. Moon. After that it will be your turn to stand at the forefront. For this purpose you too will need to lay your foundation. You have to witness. You have got to witness. Do you best until October. On the tour I may decide to speak in English, so you have to do well this time.

All right. Tomorrow, go down to Lincoln Center and reserve the hall. The same one as we used last time. This time lets fill the hall beyond capacity. The New York church has to grow to accomplish that. That should be no problem, June to October is five months, that is plenty of time. You have to do it if we are to lift up New York. (laughter) From now on, negotiate and reserve the speaking venues according to the tour schedule. Borrow the money for the reservation fee if you have to.

You will be paid back later. There should be no changes in the speaking dates once they are set. Make the dates certain and reserve good places. Would it be better if I were to give you the money to pay, or do you want to pay yourselves? (We will pay.) Well, thank you. But you will have to sell tickets. How much did we charge last time? (Twenty-one dollars). How much should we charge this time? Three dollars? Lets make it two dollars. It's much better than not charging anything.

You have a lot to do, if I am going to leave in July. In July I will go to Europe for two weeks. I will come back at the beginning of August. We have to think of gathering everyone in Europe in one place. They must be jealous of you Americans for monopolizing Father. You have to work hard so as not to lose out to the Europeans. Lets see, we will meet next on the first day of July. People who are nearby can come here on June 1, because that will be the Day of All Things, and there will be a ceremony conducted here. You are welcome to come if you like.

Fathers Prayer.

Loving Father, We are now faced with a tremendous responsibility and task. May your blessing be on these people here who are about to return to there places of mission, placing their calling before them and re-determining themselves to become people who need have no shame before Your will.

May they become sons and daughters in whom You can take pride, persevering in the face of difficulty, and hastening themselves along the path that must be traveled in order to realize our hopes and accomplish Your fervent hope.

Father, through this meeting we have created for ourselves a new opportunity. We have established at least a symbolic foundation for setting up global witnessing teams in the fifty states. We pray You will add your power, because we know that human strength alone is not sufficient. With You in the center, we will defend America. We will make this a country that can fulfill its responsibility in expanding the new foundation of glory and in establishing Your sovereignty and Your kingdom.

We ask Father that You watch over the nations of Asia, particularly in Korea and Japan Your children are working hard. We ask that You afford them Your protection. We sincerely pray that You will give them the guidance that they beseech of You.

We pray that You will give Your particular concern to the overall situation today in Europe. May the perimeters of Your victory be expanded, so that people will know that You are alive indeed and that You have a hidden plan to place the forces of unification on the ramparts of the world.

May You take charge of all that we do. We have decided on a new plan that will take place from the beginning of October until December 22. We pray that You will allow all our actions to proceed smoothly. We thank You for the Divine grace you have given us today. Look down upon us now as we bow down before you with hearts ever desiring to travel the path of blessing. We offer this prayer in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

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