The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Untitled Address On Training Plans

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 7, 1973
40-Day Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

This 100-day training session will be continued throughout the years. Former 100-day trainees and the new trainees will be treated the same. Everything, e.g., studying, eating and attending lectures, should be the same.

Now, I am going to explain the reasons why we are going to have this training session.

The purpose of the training session is to correct all the ways of thinking and ways of operation. As one measure, we started the operation of the mobile teams. This training session is designed also to accomplish that purpose. So, from the top-level directors and leaders, to the bottom-level members, everyone will be trained again. This is the reason why I appointed David Kim and Miss Kim to be commanders of the teams. Elder members were assigned as the commanders of the mobile teams. Also, all the State Representatives and Center Directors should be reformed with the new concepts and ways. Therefore, in the beginning, we put all the Center Directors under the commanders of the mobile teams. So, whenever the mobile teams go to visit a center, the Center Director and all members should work under the direction of the Mobile Commander. By this we wanted to establish a tradition of working together.

Also, there have been many problems. By this time, most members understand that we must go this way. Because members came to understand this, we therefore started this training session. Also, we have many State Representatives-but I don't think they are qualified to lead one state. However, we cannot pull out all the State Representatives, because we do not have representatives to replace them. So, I asked them to send three men from every state to be trained as leadership material. In the beginning, when we started this training session, I told them to give the lectures six times. So, you have to listen to detailed lectures for at least three times. If you do not understand in detail, then when you go out in the field, you will get in trouble because you cannot answer questions. So, if you study and if you listen to detailed lectures, then you can have the material with which to answer. Then, next, each lecture will be taught twice at moderate length. That means half the length of time of previous lectures. Then we have shortened the lectures about one third. If you listen to that many lectures, then you can understand. Then after that, you can make your own lecture outline. It means you can change your contents by different listeners. Then, you should have the Divine Principle test three times. Those who get good scores will be sent out. We will also have a vote. The trainees will select the good people by their votes. With all these things combined, we select those people to be sent out. All the leaders must understand the Divine Principle. So, because many directors did not understand the Divine Principle well, therefore, they have given lectures their own way and caused many troubles and made many people struggle. So, wherever we go, we have to find the same lectures on the Divine Principle. By doing this, if we cannot make good results, they are still not perfect. Also, they have to be the leaders not only of Divine Principle lectures, but also they have to know how to deal with economic problems and other problems of leadership.

Many Center Directors got a job and they work to earn money-and therefore spent only a small time on witnessing. Those who had a job before you came, raise your hands. This is not right. Center Directors should not have a job. When Master came here for the second visit in 1969, he appointed directors to thirty states; but at that time the directors had jobs. Because of that there was no development. So, if you have a job, then God cannot help you. So, Master wanted to change this.

So, to solve this problem, Master wanted to teach you to earn money in a short period of time. So, Master brought Japanese members-and through them he wanted to teach you how to earn money. So, Japanese brothers cannot speak good English, but they are earning money. Therefore, you should be able to earn more money than Japanese brothers. Every day they are earning $70 to $ 100, and some more than that. If you earn $ 100 then you can live for one month. So, this means that if you work for seven days in one month, then you can make money to support a center for one month. Also, you don't have to be confined to anything-you can work when you want. By doing this, we can solve the problem of being bound by economic matters-by candle selling and flower selling. Flower selling should be learned by everyone. The reason for this is that when someone buys flowers they cannot last for more than seven days, so you can sell to them again. But candles can last several months; if they don't bum it they use it for a decoration, and therefore we cannot sell them anymore. So, flower selling is the most important and most secret weapon for us. Even when you do not have any money, if you go to a florist and you work for one hour, then you can borrow three flowers. Then you can sell that and with that money you can continue your flower selling, and by this you can earn enough money.

The second purpose of this training session is to make you such a man that you are confident in making money. Thirdly, is to train you in public relations-activities of public relations. You have to be trained in contacting many people-lower class, middle class, and government officials. If you are not trained in this field, when you go out for the first time in centers, you will not have any confidence to meet high-ranking and government officials. New York is the largest and most famous city in the world; that is the reason why we are having the training session here. The people in New York City are very high culturally, intellectually, and in many other ways. So, when you go out and you say you are trained in New York City, then people cannot look down on you. Every week they are having a Rally for God in New York City. So, after you are trained in selling candles and flowers, you will go out to New York City and there you will train. When the New York Center director finds that you are qualified to be sent out to the field, then you will be assigned. So, before you are assigned as a Center Director or any position of responsibility, you have to be confident enough to witness and bring in at least one man per month. This is the problem the training session will deal with at this time.

If we are to go through these processes, it will take 1.00 days. Also, European members will go through the same training. Also, whenever we send out twenty members, we have to have more than twenty members to replace them. So, this is the reason why we brought thirty members here. So, we should have from eighty to one hundred members here all the time. When we finish this training session three times through, then we will have finished training for all Center Directors. Then all the Center Directors will practice the same method in their own centers. Also, when a new member comes and the Center Director recommends him to be trained here, then he will come here and also be trained. So, as training goes on and many new trainees finish training, they will go out into the field. We have several State representatives here, but they cannot go back to their own states. So, you have to have knowledge, power and also accomplishments. Also some states are vacant; therefore, among the trainees, we will assign. When a State Representative cannot earn one member per month over a period of six months, and we cannot find any results, then we will call him again. Then he'll be trained here, and another man will go out to the state. In that case, we will also keep statistics of your accomplishments. So, this will continue for one or two years. If those who are sent as State Representatives do not produce good results, then they will also be called in. The new trainees who go out will compete with the old State Representatives. The State Representative can come here for at least three times. That means that he can come back and go out three times. Even with that training, if he cannot make good results, then he will be transferred to another field-to business or another department. By doing this, all the Center Directors and State Representatives will stand on the same standard. If, during this training session, you are not well-trained and you are not qualified and do not get a good knowledge of the Divine Principle, then you will have to come back again until you get these things.

So, this means that all the front-line leaders must work hard and must not be defeated by the new trainees. By this competition we can elevate all our old standards. Also, this system will be applied in Japan and also in Europe. Until this time we didn't practice this system because we did not have enough members. Actually, we should have three times more Center Directors than we have now. But from now on, we will practice this system throughout the world. Do you understand? If you have any questions concerning this system, ask now. What do you think if we do it in this way'? Now we can get Divine Principle knowledge, solve the economic problem-and also contact people. After this, we will also select good leaders and give them Victory Over Communism and Unification Thought training. By getting this, directors and leaders will become more and more qualified. Whether you are in the first or second group does not matter. What matters is your power, your strength, your qualification. Even though you can give a good lecture, but do not produce good results, then you cannot get results. You always have to remember your strengths and your accomplishments.

Will the 40-day, training session become 100 days?

The training will consist of 40 days of training in Divine Principle, then selling, and then witnessing at the New York Center. You have to actually bring members into the New York Center. Here you are trained in everything which you will encounter when you go out. If it takes you two weeks of candle selling and two weeks of flower selling, then that makes one month-and then another month in New York Center makes 100 days. So, the study period is 40 days.

You also must have lecture practice. Before you finish you have to give a lecture here and everyone will criticize you. Whenever new trainees go out, whether or not they produce good results will also be evaluated. This means that all Center Directors and State Representatives must come and go through this training session. Whenever they come here, if they pass the test after the two weeks, then they can go to the next stage of training; then, in that way, maybe in 40 days they can finish everything.

Will we receive physical training.?

Physical training, too. Master may have you run across the George Washington Bridge and back. However, because we do not have much time, from now on you can make the plans. Sunday we had many programs, and that is also part of the training. Yesterday, after three games of pulling, the defeated one became the horse and the winner rode him. Master told them that they should not put their feet on the ground; some did not touch their feet but changed anyway. But sympathy should not be given at that time. Because he did not explain it all to you, then he did not punish those who did that. But you must go by the rules. Even though America is a free country, if you violate laws, then you will be caught and punished. You cannot do anything just as you want.

We started this training system here. In the future, all the leaders will be brought to Korea, and there we will have international training. At that time, we will go through difficult training. If you are not willing to go through difficult training, then America will be the last. This is not all the training you will have. In the future you will be trained in karate, Tae Kwon Do and Taichi. This means the "Art of the True Way. " Because, in the future, we may have to fight against the Communists; in that case, we should not be defeated, we should not be killed. So, we will be trained in self-defense - This is just the initial stage of training. If you say that this is difficult then you cannot be future leaders. So, to become an international trainee, you should be superior to any other leaders. So, whenever you finish training, then you have to be qualified as a good leader, and you have to set up a good tradition. You have not had the tradition so far. We do not have any tradition to be transferred from generation to generation. So, we will establish this tradition through the International Training Session.

What do you expect of the women?

For the time being, a woman can be a State Representative or Center Director. Because Eve fell, women must work as pioneers. Women are much better at pioneering new centers. Is it true? (No.) How about men? It is true about the women, even in Korea and Japan. You have to be frank. Woman is better than man. Every state should have four centers or more-maybe ten centers. We have to cover as many states as possible; in that case, we have to have many women. Also, some State Representatives will be transferred to Center Directors or some other field -but don't be discouraged, because that might be better for you. In that case, if you go out as Center Directors and produce good results, then you can be assigned as State Representatives-so don't be disappointed. You cannot complain about anything. If we go by this system, then no one can complain against personal transfer or assignment.

Since our Master came he has made many changes in our church system. If this does not bring better results, then you can complain. If you complain even when we produce better results, then you are Satan. That is just for the sake of objecting against our system and our movement. So, if you find such men among old people, old members, then you have to fight against them. They cannot be forgiven. Even if an old member such as David Kim makes such a complaint, then he will be removed from his position. You have to understand this. So, you have to clear away all your old concepts - Also, Master does not do anything which is inferior to the things that are done by missionaries. Master is confident, and because of this he is making the changes. Do you understand me? I think you understand now. That is the cycle of training. Always you have to think that you have to finish this course within forty days.

Also, when a young man does not have any fear of living, then he is a very strong man. When a new member comes into our church, he has to go through seven days of fasting. This is to give him confidence. You have to have it continuously, not divided three and four days. Those who are over sixty years can divide their fast into two times. Those who did not fast for seven days, raise your hands please. Those who did not go through must go through and finish. To become a leader you have to go through many difficulties. You may encounter many difficulties, and to overcome those things you must be well trained. You have to have the confidence that you can go through and work without eating for seven days. Without such confidence and power you cannot defeat Satan, who has caused such trouble for thousands of years. Whenever you encounter great difficulties, you have to have in mind that you must go beyond this, go over this. In that case, God will help you. When you complain, then you cannot be given a higher mission than the one you are complaining about. During this forty-day period, you have to study hard, and have to make better scores so that you can pass the test. For study you can find study time in your house. We cannot give you special time as you want for study. Isn't is true'? You have to study all the time. Without knowledge, without a good background, you cannot become a good leader.

This summer, 120 graduate students will come from Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England. In that case, we may need $500 to $700 per person to bring them here. We will spend $70,000.00 to bring them. Our goal is to make at least one half of them our members. After they go back, they will become high-ranking officials and dignitaries in England. So it is very important to make them understand our Divine Principle and make them our members. If we do this, it will be advertised and transmitted to many people. During this session we will invite many permanent professors from Harvard and Columbia Universities. If this happens, then maybe American students will want to have a training session. By doing this, we also want to send you out. When those people come in, they can replace you, and you can go to universities and study. Our members, our leaders, should be qualified in every way -- knowledge, etc.

Some of you may be thinking that you are not making any real advancement. Don't think that way. After ten years you will be much more highly advanced than other people in today's society. In Korea such things are already happening. So you must be thinking of buying a university, and there we will send out members and let them have training. In that case, we can use university graduates for Center Directors. By this we want to change all our Center Directors. If you produce good results here, then you can be good international leaders. We have now mobile teams in every country; so in the future, we can have international mobile teams. You have to be world-famous orators and speakers. We can also mobilize the Little Angels, and they can perform. And also we will make a good orchestra and choir. So we want to buy good pianos. We will buy many musical instruments-we will buy the best ones.

If all those Europeans bring good results, then they will be assigned to the New York Center. We will make it an international center. We will set days for each nation; set a day of Israeli, and then invite all the Jewish people, and they can have a special program. Also, German day, when all German members will be mobilized, and invite all German Americans. Also, we will have cultural night, and have a special German program. If we have many such groups of different nationalities, then we can invite all the New York citizens and in Central Park have a special performance. It will be good material for mass communication. Last Parents' Day we had a musical contest, and this is just the initial stage. When we have forty members for each mobile team, in that case, we will train all forty members as one choir. Whenever they go and visit one town or city, then they invite all the people there and they perform singing, etc. After their performance, we will also sell our books and invite them to our lectures.

Within our church, you can develop faster than your friends in the world. When you become older than fifty, then you will be the presidents of companies and business firms, not just Center Directors. In that case, you will be qualified in many ways, and therefore you can lead your subordinates very well. In the established churches, ministers become older than sixty and they have no place to go, but in our case this is different. Master is preparing for that, too. You never think about that. You are not losing anything by coming into our church. If you follow Master's instruction, then you are sure to become world-level leaders. Do you think Master is qualified to do that? (Yes!) It is not only words, but he will actualize it. By June we have to have 400 members for the mobile teams. By the end of next year we have to have 2,000 members for the mobile teams. If you have strong confidence that you can do this, then it will be done. If you have no confidence, then you cannot make it happen. Even though you have confidence, there are many things you cannot accomplish-so how can you do anything without confidence? So, first you have to have confidence. Also you have to have confidence that God must hell me.

Now I heard many things-and also, in New York Center, one girl came and received a revelation from heaven about Master and about our church. In the future, there will be many things like this. If you think you are working alone, then God cannot help you. You have to think you are working with God; then He can help, and you have to think God is my subject. When you have this confidence, then God wants to work with you. When you encounter difficulties you have to think not only 1, but God also is facing these difficulties Himself. God cannot help you because there is a condition that you have to make. Wherever you go, whatever difficulties you encounter, you have always to think that you are the object of God and you are working with Him and then He will help you. So, if you think God is going through more difficulties, then you must suffer more. If you go with this spirit, then God will help you with everything. For you to get cooperation from God, you have to think always that you are doing this for God, and that God is doing more than you. So, you have to comfort God and go through difficulties.

A rubber band has elasticity; if you stretch it too much, then it won't come back to its original state. In our case, it must not be like that-however hard we stretch, we must come back to the original state. When man has such spirit, then man will not lose anything and God will help him. When Master is praying, he prays as if he is turning the globe upside down and within five minutes he perspires. You have to pray with strength. Prayer is the hardest fight. When Jesus prayed at the Mount of Gethsemane, the Bible says he shed sweat and blood. Do you know the necessity of prayer? Did you experience any results from your prayer. You have to have such an experience, too. You have to have confidence that for whatever you pray to God, will come. What you prayed about, you should not be doubtful about. If you believe that anything will be realized as Master directs you, then everything will be so. Don't make your range short-you have to have a long-range plan maybe for ten or one hundred years. We are not working for three or four years in the future. We are working to establish a ten-billion- year tradition. Therefore, you have to have that kind of long-range mind. God wants such people and wants to establish such a tradition. So, I ask you to have strong confidence.

President Kim is having the greatest responsibility. This is the second session. So President Kim must establish the tradition. I think maybe this training session should be gone through a third time. The reason why I brought Mr. Furuta is to take over this plan, because Mr. Kim must go back to Korea. Then Mr. Lee will come here. After this, then all Americans must take over. Also, all the best men out of the State Representatives and leaders will come here and take over. There are many people who think I am the oldest member; therefore, I should be able to do this. That is not so. Sometimes new blood is more important than an old branch. If you become a branch which can bear good buds, then you will have good value. In that case the old branch can remain.

There were several Korean missionaries. If their work continues, then they can finish. Old members do not count as much. This is a fair way of development. So no one can complain against us. Also, you are already on the field of international competition. Those who were trained here, if you are defeated in the field, you are ruining Master's reputation. You have to keep up Master's word and Master's reputation. So far, Master has been proud of Korea and Japan, but he also wants to be proud of American members. If you do a better job than the Japanese members, then he will send -them home.

Because you are not doing that much, and because you do not have that many members, you have to be resolved to make greater accomplishments. Do you understand that? Then you have to do it! Before sending out new trainees, he will listen to their lectures. In business, when you want to make interest, you have to invest capital. In spiritual work, if you do not invest anything, then the result cannot have any relationship to you. Witnessing is also delivering. Master knows that if you are to make other men more than your children, then you have to pay three times more than you pay to your own children. Whenever you bring new members, then you have to take responsibility for them. If a man wants to go out, if you want to bring him back, then you have to give him a strong explosive experience. Also when you are on the platform, don't think you are alone. Then you are putting your body deep into the earth, just like you are put as a nail from heaven. You have to have the confidence that nobody can move you away from this place. When you are fighting to be the winner, you have to be stronger than your counterpart. So you have to have the spiritual power to overcome your enemy. When you give a lecture, sometimes you have to experience that your clothes are wet with your sweat or you shed tears. Sometimes you have to be resolved to become a sacrifice on this platform. With this determination, if you give lectures, then all the listeners will be moved. You must be a man of motivation. If you give words without power, it becomes like a record player, and you cannot give life. You have to store your energy. You also have to pray.

Also, at Belvedere, you have to experience many things. At night you can look at the moon and stars and daytime at the sun-you have to have various experiences. Now you have to study well and not come back again. Do you have confidence? (Yes!) Now, you know, originally Master wanted to make a time schedule, but if we made this, then Master would not have time to speak. So, we'll have a special program, too. Sometimes you have to ask Mr. Kim to proceed quickly. Then you will have extra time. If you can have spare time, then Master can come and speak. So, you have to finish quickly. For 120 days the tradition will be set up, he thinks. Are there any other questions?

We have fifty states, and within 120 days all the State Representatives can be changed. That means that we finish three times, then all State Representatives can have training.

When we succeed and don't come back here again, will you come here and visit us?

Master wanted to visit other centers but he did not have time to. He was busy meeting many senators, to mobilize many spirit men. Did he tell you that he is mobilizing? To get the cooperation of spirit men, we have to make a condition on earth. Senators represent their states; so if they surrender, then by that condition, their ancestors can cooperate. So, when Jesus came he had to have the cooperation of government officials, and also from Judaism, from both sides. Same thing. At the present time, we have the same situation. Now Master is working to obtain the cooperation of government officials-and then, church leaders. When this circuit is completed between the government and churches, then the spirit world can work. This is because Cain and Abel come together on that condition. This is caused by Master; therefore, Master, Abel and Cain are three stages, horizontally. By this, the Old Testament Age spirit man and the New Testament Age spirit-man become the Completed Testament Age spirit-man.

This is the most important problem Master is facing now. His major aim is not visiting senators. If the government officials and church leaders object to our movement, then we have to come under persecution. Also, this year, he is planning to have a revival meeting, maybe for seven months. By this we have to link horizontally all the government officials and important people, through our movement. When senators are linked with our Master, the Center Directors and senators will be close. If the top-level leaders are united with Master, then all the people will be united with our church. Because of this work, Master needs much money. Also, Master needs many good looking girls -- 300. He will assign three girls to one senator-that means we need 300. Let them have a good relationship with them. One is for the election, one is to be the diplomat, one is for the party. If our girls are superior to the senators in many ways, then the senators will Just be taken by our members. So Master thinks he has to meet more than sixty senators. Up to last time he met nearly twenty-eight senators. In that area he is very busy. Even though he wants to visit rural centers, he cannot spare time for that. When Master goes to your center, he will probably hold meetings up until 3:00 a.m., because he does not have time to rest. Also, I don't think you have many members. So, even though he cannot visit, he has more urgent problems - Also he must visit other counties, too. He thinks it is more important to visit European countries; better to have a relationship between subject and object. To have a good relationship with other countries is more important than visiting your countryside. In 1965 he visited 40 states. He made all the conditions. In the future, Master will not have much time to speak to you. He will have many things to do. So, this is the best time.

Our lectures will be held two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and two hours at night. So you have to listen six hours in one day. More State Representatives will come, and twenty members will be assigned..

Should we put more emotion than intellect into our lectures?

First, you just understand, and then combine knowledge with heart.

First you must understand. Always you have to think we have to experience what Master experienced when he first taught the Principle. So, whenever you do anything you have to have both heart and purpose. When you go out to sell candles, you have to think you are doing this to sell, but also to feel God's heart. You are doing things to restore sacrifices to God's side. You must think that you are contributing that money to heaven. Your body represents the New Testament Age, and the Old Testament and New Testament are combined in your work-that is, Cain and Abel. Uniting Cain and Abel together, centering oil your heart, you are devoting this to Master.

So during this period of time, you have to devote all Your heart. During this forty-day period you study harder than any other time. So whenever you feel sleepy you have to wake yourself up. Those who did not fall asleep while you were listening to lectures, who did not doze, raise your hands. You should not doze. When you are listening, to lectures then a spirit-man-a Frenchman, Dutchman, etc.-may ask you to study harder. Also many martyred people are looking for your good work. This is Just like a period of offering sacrifice, when you listen to the lectures. I think this is enough for tonight.

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