The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973


Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 1973
First 100-Day Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

It is important for you to know about heart in order to love each other. Therefore, I am going to talk to you about heart. Heart is a very difficult word to translate from Korean into English. It is of deeper meaning than heart -- a loving heart, a sensitive heart, a caring heart.

Heart is the source of love. There was an ideal in God, as we have an ideal in our heart. God's ideal can be realized through man. Then, what is the instrument within man of God's expressing His heart? In order for man to realize God's heart, we are male and female. Unless male and female beings come together and are united, there is no way for God to express His love. Unity is the measure of your love ... Joy in marriage. If you have your spouse, or an opposite entirely one with you, working with you toward one goal -- joy comes about. When you are happy, there is always you, as the subject, and someone else, as the object. In direct proportion to the degree of love in being one with each other, your joy increases. The core of love in the truest sense is something which attracts each other, and once you are united you can never part from each other. You hate to leave that person and hate to lose that person. So, love means to be united in oneness, internally and externally. Unless you find oneness, you cannot find joy. When you are one with a person, you don't want to be separated from each other, and you want to be with each other for eternity, and you don't get tired of each other. Which is first, unity or love?

You can love yourself when your mind and body are in harmony with each other. If you love yourself when your mind and body are separated from each other, then your love is of no use. When your mind and body are united into one, then your love will be eternal, and will be protected by God. Unity is the beginning point of love, and then love can come there. This is God's ideal. But unless God can find one whose stand is in accordance with His ideal, He cannot be happy at all.

He cannot love that person. Do you understand? [YES!] The Principle being the core of the thing, we, in our movement, claim unity first, before anything else. And then we talk about our heart and love. Then only can our ideal be realized. Before the ideal can be realized, there must be unity, and then love.

In the beginning, when God created man, He had an ideal. Logos was expressed in a male being and a female being and in their unity, God's love can be enjoyed by them. To repeat, God's ideal is there, then unity must come about, then love will be there. When you use your eyes, those two eyes are focused on one thing, and then your vision plays the proper role. Likewise, when any subject and object are united in love, love is expressed there. It is true that, when your nostrils are balanced and unified in their effort to smell things, unity is expressed, and when you smell things, the love of God appears. When you use your mouth too, if it is crooked, it cannot function properly. And when you have two ears, if one is wrong or gets sick, then you cannot expect proper functioning out of them. Unity and harmony must come about, and then joy or love can come.

If you quarrel with a brother or sister, then God, as the Parent, cannot love either of you. If you have your own children, you will know. If you have a group under you and they fight with each other, would you love them? Where there is harmony, there is beauty, and where there is beauty, love can come. In Matthew, Chapter 5, in the Sermon on the Mount, it says, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." Being sons of God means being loved by God. When any two fingers want to grasp something, they must come and meet at the tip, like this. When any two people love each other, they want to embrace like this, not turn their backs on each other.

If two hands would be united like this, the very deepest places are touched and invaded, in a way. Being united is the expression of love, so when you love each other, you wouldn't let go of each other. If there is no love there, you may do this anyway, but you can be separated. But if there is love there, the magnetic power of love will pull you together, like this, and you cannot be separated.

To be united means to be perfected in function. Between nations, too , if any of the two nations are united, God's love will be there, and they will be blessed with good luck and fortune. There is an Oriental saying that where there is harmony in the family, everything can be done. Where there is unity and harmony, there is the love of God, so the ideal will be realized there. In the ideal family, the husband and wife must be one, like this. Among the children, "'a" and "b" must become one, "c" and "d" must become one, and so on, and all together they are in harmony, like a symphony orchestra or a beautiful painting. With love there, no other power can put them asunder. So, we can come to the conclusion that if and when you want to receive God's love, you must be united. If that is done, you are already living in the Kingdom of God on earth. From there, the straight path to God is reached. Anybody, if asked if he wants to receive God's love will answer in the affirmative. If you really want God's love, what should you be doing? What two things must be united into one in you as an individual? Your body and mind. That's the basic thing. First of all, you must unite your mind and body, then God's love will be there with you. Then, with that done, you can proceed on to be united with other people, and then the degree of God's love with you will be deeper and broader. Have you ever had the experience that your mind and body were entirely one? Have you thought it possible? In the real sense? You are trying. You try hard, but your mind and body are sometimes far apart, then get a little closer, and then are separated again and zigzag like this all the time. There is a Korean saying that our mind fluctuates and vacillates from morning to night. Also, mountains never change, but the human mind is always changing. So, before wanting to be loved, you must try to have unity within yourself. But in this world, everybody wants to be loved by others, without trying to become one with them, understanding their hearts. In that way, one can never meet, never receive, perfect love.

Then, first of all, what must we be doing? That's right, unite our mind and body. When you have made your mind and body united then you have nothing to do with Satan. But we have learned something here. When you make your mind and body into one, centered on whom do you do that? God. When you mind and body are united into one, it resembles God in perfection, so God will play the role of subject to you, as a perfect object. Try to feel it. You must be able to feel God's love actually being with you when your mind and body are in harmony. When your mind and body are quarreling with each other and are separated, you feel that God's love is leaving you. You are in a triangular relationship with God. If your mind is apart or separated like this, in triangular form, God will be farther up here. If your mind and body are still farther from each other, God will be high up here.

If you can love one person, God's love will be there in proportion to the depth and size of that love. If you can love many people like this, God's love will come in proportion to the greatness of the love, to the depth of the love. Those who are in Abel's position must be able to subjugate Cain, not in such a way as to conquer him, but to love him, and warm him up in more harmony, in unity. Abel wants more unity. Unity is the first thing. And if you love anyone at all, you want to love him, risking your life, at the cost of your life. Then you can even overcome Hell. No Hell will be there. If you are disunited, if there is disharmony, Hell is always there in your mind. Then, in the fallen world, when religious people offered sacrifices to God, they cut the offering in two. That means that one-half belongs to God and the other belongs to Satan. By the action of cutting that in two, they are sacrificed already. So those two are an acceptable sacrifice. And then if God can receive those halves as acceptable, there is unity, and God's love is there. When you love someone, you always find that person is sacrificial to you. When you love a person, there is already unity between you and that person. We want to be united with someone, and then God's love comes there, so our purpose in uniting with others is to receive God's love. Then God's ideal will be realized. Do you understand? [YES!]

The same theory can be applied on the family level. If there is unity between nations and the people of the world, then God's love will surely be coming to reflect from that. Again, I must say there must be unity, then God's love will come about, and then God's ideal will be realized. Not only among people, but the relationship between man and nature is the same thing. To love nature is to become one with it. You must feel a closeness to nature. He said that if your mind and body are united into one, then God's love is reflected there, and if you are the reflections of God's love, then nature is attracted to you. That's the starting point of everything.

Suppose you want to write in a notebook. At that moment, yourself and the notebook are close, close and one. In case you love that notebook, and pour out your whole energy and soul into it, then work and writing can come out of it. You must have a strong view of this. Before you do anything, you must contemplate that thing and be sure that you are one with it, or with that purpose. Then you start doing things in harmony and oneness, and the love of the work you are doing will be realized as the idea is actualized. In looking at things, too, you don't want to just vaguely look at things and see it in your vision or sight. If you focus your attention, using glances from the eyes, you can sort of pierce through the thing, and that thing will be yours -- you are in it and it is in you, in complete oneness. If your glance is focused on one point, then, from that point it will go like this -- and the scope is broader. When the two meet at one point, then it will go on forever. Then we can see the cubic world instead of the horizontal world. It's very logical. If your two hands meet like this and press each other hard, like this, there would be something squeezing out, like creativity coming out. And if you go and meet another person and are united with each other, from then on creativity comes about. In that case, even though you are alone, you are not by yourself. Always move from a triangular base -- God is there, with your mind and body. Those three are one. Your mind knows that, feels that, and senses that you are not alone, that you are not lonely. Your body feels that. Your mind knows that, and your body knows that. It is natural for God to know that, too. In that case, can you be dishonest, can you tell a lie, when you realize God is always there?

This is the whole nature of our conscience, looking at you, watching you. When your mind is telling a lie, when your mind is cheating your body, or when your body is cheating your mind, then it means that you are cheating God, cheating the whole Creation, and cheating your parents and brothers. Your mind and body being the core of the thing, if those two are united into a strong oneness, you can become one with God, one with your parents, one with your brothers and your whole family, one with your tribe, one with your nation, and one with the whole world. If you are honest, you want to become one with each other, and to unite your mind and body. If you are dishonest, it means you separate yourself, and you are destined to ruin. This formula must be deeply rooted in your mind. Sleeping or awake, whether you eat or study or not, you must always be remembering this thing -- and then you are already receiving God's love. You realize that there are six elements in human life. You will be either happy or unhappy, either going somewhere or coming from there. You must be eating or resting. In order to be able to overcome unhappiness, you must be able to unite. That's God's strategy to win the human heart. In order for you to win someone's heart, you must apply the same thing. When your mind and body are in perfect oneness, you can even hear your mind singing, and you feel light, as if you are flying and dancing about. In that case, you look at the whole world, and it is so much more beautiful with your mind like that. It's as if you have eyeglasses of unity, and you are looking at things through God's eyes, through good vision; and through those eyeglasses, everything in the whole world is beautiful, and no ugliness is there.

If our Master is the real Son of God, that which is given by Master is of such a value that you wouldn't give it away for anything. Suppose the Son of God gave you a handkerchief. That handkerchief is worth more than gold, more than life, more than anything else in the Satanic world. If you are a real son of God, whatever humble place you may lay yourself down in is a throne or a palace. Is that true? [YES!] Then our clothing is no problem, and the place where we lay ourselves down is no problem, because we are already rich, we are the princes of God. What kind of attitude must be created in ourselves? We will not feel hunger or thirst, difficulty, persecution, or anything which the worldly people think is hard. In our way there is happiness, joy, and love. If you have God's love reflected in you, you want to reach out to every corner of the world, because God's mind is like that. If you have that attitude, the people around you will be attracted to you like iron filings to a magnet.

If you are in the front-line witnessing to people, in case you fall to bring people, It's not because God is not there, it's not because the people are bad, but it's because of yourself, being without love. In that case you are not a subject, capable of uniting the object. If you are united with someone, there is already love, like air coming into a vacuum. If your mind and body are really one, you feel God's love there like an electric current. Then you forget about fatigue, forget about misery and hardship. You can experiment with that, and it will prove true. When you want to give a lecture to the congregation, you want to have God speak through you, so you must have your mind and body united, or else God cannot be with you. And before speaking to the people, you must repent if your mind and body are separate. Pray before God in repentance, shedding tears, and in deep prayer you must beg God's forgiveness, and then you can start talking. In that case you can be the spokesman of God. God may speak through you. The first step is for your mind to become one with God, and then your mind will become one with your body. In that case, God can work through you. Go on and try it, and it will prove true to you.

So, you must have unity first, because without unity there is no love -- unity first, love, and then God's ideal. You must think with God, say things with God, and outline things with God. The base of those three elements -- unity, love, and ideal -- is heart. Heart is the deeper expression of the mind. Starting from heart, unity, love and ideal are all realized. We are told that everything starts from God. The core of one's self being heart, everything starts from there. Since our heart is the core, then God is the object. But in relationship to God's love, our heart is in the object position. When heart and God are put together, they love each other. We must know that the basic thing is our heart, our infinite heart. Creation came about from God's heart, a heart of love. With those three realized -- unity, love and ideal -- there is no distinction between the three -- unity is love, love is unity, ideal is unity, ideal is love. Then why are those three ultimately one? Unity can come about on the horizontal level first. Two elements are one like this, and then God's love can come there, so we have a vertical relationship. Then love will be the director of those three. And the three form a circle or ball, and they spin around. Then the ideal can come about.

To repeat this, there must be unity on the horizontal level between the two, and God can become one there. You can have both a horizontal relationship, and a vertical relationship, and those three are put together with perfect love. And with the other three in perfect love, it takes a form like a ball spinning around, and they will be in ideal harmony throughout all eternity. When you dance about, all around, you don't make a distinction between your place and your partner's position. There is no distinction between you -- you can stand in his position, and he can stand in your position. There is no distinction between the positions. There is no bond that can be omitted from that. There is unity, love, and ideal. Is everything clear to you? Knowing alone cannot do anything. If you really know that, put it into practice.

Suppose you are on this level. To evangelize means to elevate people to your standard, then help him or her to be united with God. Then that person is yours. You are the owner of that soul, and you can return it to God. Ownership in the real sense can come about through that. For God, too, unless you become one with Him, He cannot possess you. You say to God, this is mine. In that case, you must be loving that thing and your ideal must be realized through that. If those three are realized in you, you cannot be anything else other than a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. Is that clear to you? You can never learn this kind of thing from the lectures on the Divine Principle. There is profundity in the Divine Principle, and when it is applied to everyday life your spiritual standard will be elevated more and more. You must always be thinking of unity, unity, unity. When you smell, smell unity. Eat unity, see unity, and hear unity. Everything must be unity first, and then love and harmony, and then the ideal.

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