The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Our Goal

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 5, 1973
Master Speaks
First Directors' Conference
Master's Remarks
Probable Location: Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY
Translated by David S. C. Kim

From now on, the formalities for this kind of conference should consist of prayer, song, a short speech and some remarks from someone who is appointed -- this is all to initiate this kind of conference. Also, a record of this kind of conference should be kept from now on. And when you end it up, you end with prayer. The same format goes for your state conference, your regional conference, the commanders' conference, whatever -- even in your church center. This is a new tradition you have to set up as a part of your faith in Principle and the movement. Whenever three people gather around this kind of formality -- singing and prayer -- somebody has to say something. Then you go to the conference business and end with prayer. Always consider the length of the meeting -- one or two short songs, then a short prayer, then the conference business. Especially the leaders like you people -- you are the core, nucleus, leaders of this movement. You should follow this rule, whenever two, three people gather, you have this formality. You must be seriously involved in the depths of the Principle message, creating an atmosphere of faith. I will show you the pattern from now on. Then I will do the song and prayer and I will designate somebody. How about Jon Schuhart? You have to sing something, then we will get down to business.

[Song -- "I'll Never Leave You Anymore"]

Prayer -- David Kim:

Our beloved heavenly Father. Thank you for this wonderful gathering at this conference, in which we are to discuss many things, to promote this work, to set up an ideal kingdom on earth, Father. But we have to get through the fight, because Satan holds everything under his control, so we are going to attack with heavenly weapons, and we will smash all these elements of evil. We are here for this; we have been trained, we have been studying, we have been in fellowship in this conference, Father. Bless each one of us this afternoon and this morning, so that we can really be reaching the goal we have planned, to elevate our spirit and body to the level of perfection, because we are going to follow our True Parents. Father, stimulate constantly our soul and body, which have to move together as one unit before we do anything to attack the enemy camp. Father, rule over our hearts and minds in this session of the conference, so that we can get lots of fruit out of this country. We are grateful that we are here in Belvedere and in attendance with our True Parents and we walk together horizontally, our loving brothers and sisters. Father, always let each of us feel that we belong to you, we are children of our True Parents. Be with us from this moment until we depart to go to our battlefield; encourage us, stimulate us and give us spiritual manna. We ask all this in the precious name of our True Parents. Amen.

Now, I would like to ask Jon Schuhart -- but this time our Father will give encouraging remarks. He will now give a message called "Our Goal."

Our wishes, our hopes are not necessarily for us only. Our wishes and hopes are representing God's wishes and hopes, too. We must know what His wishes and His hopes are. Number one is to conquer the spiritual Satan; number two is to end the Satanic sovereignty of evil on earth. Whenever you say "Heavenly Father," you have to think of these two things: spiritual Satan and substantial Satan of this sovereignty of evil on earth. Without our victory over both Satan and the sovereignty of evil on earth, we cannot fulfill His cherished desire and hope. In that sense, our heavenly Father will look at you before He is doing something to Satan or the evil sovereignty of this earth. He will look at you first. This is called, in the Principle message, the "Standard of the Principle." This is the Principle: Lucifer, the Archangel, should be under Adam; the reverse situation caused this problem of the Fall, according to this Fall, so this is the reverse of this sovereignty. The same thing will apply to this earth: the sovereignty of this earth should be under Adam.

With this task of both victory over Satan and the sovereignty on earth, completely crushing them, we have to think of our ancestors as not fulfilling their mission and their responsibilities. This kind of punitive resentment, this unfulfilled task, we have to clear. Also it is their fault that we have to go through this path of indemnity. What does God think about prolongation of this realization of the ideal sovereignty on earth? It is derived from the failure of our ancestors. Whatever would our heavenly Father think when He looks at the past? Also, we have to think of our mission: not only are we the conquerors of the spiritual Satan and substantial evil sovereignty on earth, but we also have to liberate our heavenly Father, who still wishes us to fulfill this task unfinished by our ancestors. So we have to have the lead over this very Satan, this very earth of evil sovereignty; in our project we have to attack. Also, we have to return it to God. Naturally, we have to fight its battles, we are the ones. If we cannot win the victory, we will be under the old Satan again; and if we fail, our God will be plunged into God's restriction by the Satanic force. Then this means that we are leading our God into a more difficult situation.

We have to initiate this battle -- especially America, who is the leader representing the free nations. We are the ones. Also, our group, you people are the only leaders who initiate this kind of a gigantic battle. Our goal is to liberate the human heart under Satan and liberate our heavenly Father, who has been suffering so long. This is our goal. Is this clear now? This is a short speech.

Whenever you say "Heavenly Father" you curse Satan and his evil sovereignty. You have got to have a spirit of vengeance inside. So we cannot be loose or lazy -- we have got to be serious. If you are brave and determined, I will be with you. We will be the victors, and accomplish our goal.

So from now on we will conduct a business conference. Now, this is the time for him, the True Parent, to listen to your reports. We have 40 people and it is very hard for everybody to give a long speech or a long summary. If 30 minutes each, then we have to stay only 20 hours. Those who have nothing to report, you need not blab. Whenever you next organize a conference, remember to think of this: someone reporting from a state is valuable -- it can be spread over the whole United States -- good things, good strategy, something like that. Those who have nothing, don't speak.

We have to adopt a good method, a good manner of reporting good stories, substantial strategies; we have to share, we can have someone take little notes, next time we meet. Sometimes you have trouble -- not always good news -- then you present it -- you need some help from a higher level, the national -- regional level, that kind of thing you have to present. Whenever you have a successful story or instance, which has value to spread on our worldwide level, you may use the national publication at Headquarters, and also the Way of the World magazine, which can be used for this purpose -- so you have to send this kind of material to others. In this case, every other month, if we have this kind of a conference, if news comes, it will be evaluated by the American President, Mr. Salonen, who will pick up the material in more detail. You will have to provide this material. So, you have to prepare this kind of material whenever you come to good news or difficult problems to solve, international or national level, so prepare.

All of our movement's activities should be known on the worldwide level, to the worldwide Principle Family. Don't you feel curious about what Master is doing all the time? [Yes!] This is the axis: how we are the same throughout the world, the same thing. Exchange of news, this is the axis. How we are going to cross to him, in any way, that is the thing you have to think about. When you are giving all this information about him, when you tell your students or your members, you become one, they become close to you, because you are giving information about our Master. All Mobile Team Commanders received David Kim's letter or memorandum, saying that our Master -- were you very pleased to get it or not? [Yes!] The same thing. This is a special tie or connection to promote spirituality. So each state must ask, "Where is our Master, True Parents?" Even send some money bribing us in Korea: "Give us some information; you got it? " You have to do it that way. All the world will be doing the same thing; you had better start early. Those who are close to him, giving this kind of close information, will be much better informed, better treated by the people -- far better than Principle lecturers. You can get all the information -- Mother and Father -- or go back to Korea and stay with the children, and go to the school-and their daily schedules, if you get information -- lots of material you can gather -- that will be a wonderful source.

If you can get quicker information, you are in a far better position than the National Headquarters and Neil Salonen; and if you get it, it will be a wonderful thing, some information you get that even National Headquarters doesn't know, in this area. You will find the same thing in the One World Crusade unit region, State Representatives, Itinerary Workers, all these doing the same thing, centering on our True Parents. That is highly spiritual, very easy to work with; you will be respected, you will be in a really good position to work together -- because you become one centering on our True Parents. Do you understand? [Yes!] Your secret is the greatest position you are in -- how much you are centered on him, his information, his principled life, his future plans. You have to get information from some other source; for instance, yesterday he went to New York. You have to find out what happened. I have already given you something. He knows you people aren't too interested in what he is doing; you expect somebody to call you on the telephone and tell you what Master said in New York. I would like to have these American commanders or leaders become that way about him. In the future, you have got to have a movement as such. State Representatives, Mobile Commanders, somebody dispatch the reporter, heavenly reporter in Washington D. C. -- "What is our Master doing?"

This is a big issue. The same thing is happening in the Satanic world with Nixon, your President in the Satanic world. How much more important is my world. Shouldn't we have that kind of information? In the worldly sense, they are doing the same thing. So, if you don't know the times, what he is doing, what is going on, you are far behind. So, you just go to Washington, find someone, give them the money -- for airmail or something like that, and so forth -- to get the information -- axis of heavenly center to you. You will be in better oneness with your new members and territory of State Representatives, whatever. Then, wherever you go, they don't want to let you go -- they will all the time hang around you, because you are a person centering on our True Parents, you have something which they don't have. Then that kind of material comes naturally, our Master, our True Parents -- so pick it up, the higher level, already concerned about you -- make this kind of thing happen. You are competing on the horizontal level; this is good, in a good sense, in a constructive way -- competing with one another already: Mobile Unit [Commanders], Itinerary Workers, State Representatives, national and regional. Then, naturally, static will come up, since we are living in competition. Individual merit, results, accomplishment counts -- and your personality. Your individual merit, accomplishments and good results count. That is the same with Master: if Master has not merit, degree or accomplishment, something that somebody else doesn't have, why in the world is he the top? If he says something and does not accomplish it in practice, he can be useless. If you speak but do not practice, that is like a car with no wheels; you should have a wheel, but there is no wheel there. How are you going to move -- if you say something -- no practice -- one wheel? In a Western movie, how are you going to pull a stage coach?

Do you think you will progress if he lets you do your will or if you follow his will? [His will!] Then, if you are going to do this, then follow him, not the middle of the road. Excellently -- the best way you can follow him; then the dispensation will be speeded up. Public relations should be emphasized from now on -- information exchange -- city, regional, national and international levels -- a public office and information exchange on each level. Public relations needs some kind of informal, quick dispatch. These people -- State Representatives, Mobile Commanders -- will do, along this line, even if you are late in this area. If there is a vast difference when the information comes out, then the State Representatives -- under them are three, four churches, and they have a circulation of information like the Mobile Commander -- a comparison will come up -- he doesn't want you to lose National Headquarters prestige. You should have a staff of superior quality. So you have to be well staffed in this Public Relations Department. This kind of conference -- first time for this kind of conference in the United States with our Master. To those people attending, this is very, very important historically. So we want you to make a list and sign it and send it out. Later.

Now, because of this tradition set up today, after we die -- 100 years, 1,000 years later, and whatever -- three generations and mankind will follow, because you, setting this kind of formula -- they will follow as a tradition, it is very important. Forget about saying, "I will do a better job tomorrow." Forget tomorrow; do it now, today. This is the standard of a new tradition, today, now -- not tomorrow. When you think this way, say, "I will do it today; we will claim the victory." You must do it now or else you are losing. Conceptualize this kind of thinking. Understand so far? [Yes!]

Then, if you have nothing to report, skip over and say, "I have nothing." You have five minutes to say something. Summarize, if you have a lot to say. He wants to listen to your problems -- on a broad scale he knows what your problems are -- but he would like to listen then to the common problems in summary. He will give a solution. He has some idea, broadly, he has some idea. So, we will give you five minutes, and if you don't have it, I have one. Later, if you have something to say to Master by me, divide it up, give it to me; I am information officer for him, okay?

It seems to be discourteous to make you sit in the Oriental way. Since you are broader, and you are the Western cultural people -- he feels it is not polite. So, in the Oriental way, this kind of a form [sitting on knees], no other way, this way -- that other way of sitting is considered very insulting -- this kind of Oriental way is very hard for you; that is why he feels bad about putting you in this kind of way. We, the Japanese, this way -- this is a sincere attitude, of course, but at times very poor economically, so that sometimes we have a hole in the socks. Of course, this is a position of bowing and sovereignty to the elders. He thinks because of the humble attitude of the Oriental people, this way (of sitting) started. He does not want you to right now, but he is talking about later trying this. Now, elders can show to the youngers, right? Not the other way. From now on, I want you to adjust to this way, because up to now, when overseas Families come, those with long legs, they stretch, and he allows them to do that. But, from now on, he is not going to take that anymore. So, you have to change to this genuine Korean habit. Then they will say, "Oh, American Mobile Commanders, American State Representatives, American IW's are different from the early visitors of America to Korea who had not been trained that way." So that there is even a physical [change] in our movement. The same thing goes for diplomats: when going abroad. they should study the country's customs and courtesy and do as the tradition says. You are going to Japan and Korea often from now on. Don't think Master sticks only to the Korean, Oriental way of living, okay? You need training, but I cannot push you too hard -- so gradual training will be done. Even if sometimes harsh, you just overcome it. This is part of the training.

[Reports of National Headquarters followed]

As you have heard, the Republic of Korea, the government, President Park is trying to find or establish a subjective thought to compete with or challenge the communist theories in North Korea; so he delegated this kind of a job to Korean professors and intellectuals. Finally, after much research, they ended up with: "Now we can do that; we have to delegate this one existing -- three indigenous religions from Korea: the Heavenly Way Religion (Religion of the Heavenly Way), our ancestral religion in Korea, and the Unification Church -- these indigenous religions." When they finally ended up with one of the founders of the Heavenly Way -- he had a session with our Master, of course, before -- and he said, "Our Religion of the Heavenly Way is confined to the national level; we cannot develop more than that -- only the Unification Church is international, on the world level." They recommended us. So, as it ended up, they had to contact our church. And, more recent reports say that, as of April 1st, the Korean government

[Missing text due to tape change]

Then, the second training will begin in September. Then, all government employees will come to learn to smash the ideology of communism. You have no other way. So, this information is not widely spread in Korea. You have gotten the first impression because of this special training. This is all secret, but you got the literal translation from Mrs. Choi; you got a spiritual privilege.

[Audience Participant:] Maybe someone from Korea will call us up and bribe us for this information.

[Leader]: This is factual data, so you have to have faith in what you are doing, prepare for it, the Divine Principle. This is a fact. You have got to prepare. It is, coming.

Now, you will be curious: what in the world is your spiritual mother and missionary [Miss Kim] doing from now on? So he [Master] is going to give you some information. Between 1973-1974, she is specially assigned to explore her field of academic specialization, theology. She is going to set up a new Unification Theology. From now on, she is going to be a lecturer and author, That is an honorable title. She, as author and lecturer for our Unification Church, will (by 1974) be finishing her book, called Unification Theology. From now on, she will be coming and going. In both Washington, D. C. and Belvedere there will be a place for her. So she will be recruiting some staff assistants to make this publication possible. Pray. She needs your confident and constant prayer. How about that? [Applause]

[Reports from Mobile Unit Commanders followed.]

When you have a public ministry, when you are a minister of our Master and this Principle work, do not stand by yourself. That means you have to pray. You have to start preparation based on prayer. Don't come out to the public without a prayer foundation. You must not think you are alone: why? When you stand at the pulpit, you have to remember that Satan is right there. He is working against you. That is why he said that you must not think you are alone; there is our enemy Satan right there, in front of you. If you do wrong this time, now, the only thing is that you will be accused by Satan -- Satan's accusation. All the people (10 people or the number you have) will be led to the Satanic side. You are serious now, don't think you are not. You must be conqueror, winning victory over Satan. Conquer, then all things come back to you as a victor. I am a sword, you are a sword. You are a knife, sharpened sword. You are to become a heavenly sword. Now, you think you have the handle to the knife, but you think God holds it, not you; even though you are holding it, God holds it with you.

Then, when you prepare in this way, you stand out with this belief. Then when you fight Satan, heaven will be with you, right there, immediately. Then, when you hit the enemy, others will come and come after this way. If you hit first, hit successfully, you will get it. When you are crying, already the congregation will be crying. When you laugh, everybody will laugh. Why? You have it right now. So, everybody feels like heavenly troops, actual troops marching on. Then you projected that actual feeling, then you did it in a spiritual sense. This is the Principled way: subject, object, give and take, multiplication, and power is generated. Then, if you do this for 10-15 hours, you are lightened, you are happy, you are very, very even -- and you don't feel tired. Even if you are perspiring, from the hard labor of preaching, you will feel wonderful. This kind of result will come. Why don't you pray harder and prepare for it?

When you write with heart, with tears, the recipient will have the same effect, your crying, the same heart you had when you wrote. It is natural, then, that if you cry hard, really, your neighbor -- or the person beside you -- there will be a chain reaction. The same goes with a joyous or happy thing, the same thing we can share, this same Principle. The worst and the best one very quickly multiply. Do you follow me? The worst and the best of things both multiply very easily. Two extremes can multiply very easily. When you are the preacher, the minister, instead of the worst, you have to take the best part. You are adjusting now, you are handling it now. So, you have to start from goodness, the good standpoint, every minute. The others started from evil -- you are good -- naturally you shall win. So, you must prepare when you teach, when you stand at the pulpit.

Three hours of preparation with prayer is necessary if you are going to present one hour of lecture. A one-hour lecture needs a three-hour preparation, with firm prayer, and then you will get it. You ask the question, "What can I do -- I have no time?" Then your sincere, serious prayer, if you have no time. In an irritating atmosphere you are most anxious -- that is the worst condition. You should be serious, and in a short period of time, pray to God. You must be serious -- the same feeling as if you were in a courtroom receiving the judge's verdict. That serious a nature you must have. Then, with this kind of a heart you come down and you grasp heaven, stand at the pulpit, preach and present the lecture; you will be rewarded. Is it clear now?

You try -- it works. Then you will sense that God is living, God is alive, and you will think, "I am not alone," even though physically you are alone. That is what he meant by your not being alone. Now, if you experience in the east corner, then the west corner, then the south corner, and then the north, you will be multiplying your confidence. Then you will spread this kind of power throughout the world. That is why preparation is important before you do something for souls. When you receive somebody physically, you prepare, if you have invited somebody to your house. You are doing the same thing -- a heavenly reception for the dead soul that comes to your house. The same thing: how much will your guest be pleased at your house, smile -- the same thing. In a spiritual sense, you are preparing so that that soul will be glad, will follow you, will come to you. Don't you think that this is logical? You must prepare spiritually the same as you would prepare physically if you were receiving people.

Even our True Parents, our Master, is not relaxed at any time. All the time he is under constant pressure and anxiety this kind of a state of mind. On that basis he is still living. He is expecting, all the time, direct heavenly instructions from the heavenly Father. He is expecting these any time -- so he is ready, he is prepared all the time. Without other preparations, such as old notes -- if you stand with this man you can talk freely. God will use your body as an instrument. You just say anything, spontaneously, just like our Master. You see how our Master talks: anytime, suddenly, he has not time to prepare, no need for him. You will do the same thing.

The problem is, when you treat somebody to something material, you have to put it together, like cooking. Cooking something is a tangible thing for the guests. The same thing is true spiritually, even though you know the Principle. Of course, Master is the founder and originator of this; but with this preparation, you should have the recipe, heavenly spiritual recipe to feed somebody. That is another area you have to prepare for. You should be open-minded, to learn many things from others. There are many, many things; many, many people; many, many areas. Still, our Master is open to learn. All the time, he concentrates on learning, studying. You will fail completely if you think, "I, the Director, am such and such -- I know something." You will be out of the picture if you think that way. This is wonderful: ex-President Farley Jones became one of the Mobile Unit Commanders; though it looks like a [demotion] , it is a wonderful chance for him to learn and develop many things. Are you happy now? If you had stayed the same way, if things had stayed the same, it would be very monotonous, this way, sometimes. You must have multiple-aspect functions and motions. Sometimes you cannot say, "I don't like it." How you have to sometimes like it. Sometimes you feel like this. So, if you don't like this way, you will not be happy when the time comes that you will have to do this. You have to accept every position. Our Master, he says, is multiple-oriented. If need be, he will go to a labor camp -- he will do that, right now. He has done everything in human society, every occupation. If we are going to save the person in the dungeon, we have to go to the dungeon -- to sense it, be with them, know it; otherwise, you cannot save that kind of a person. You have to think that there is a high mountain there; that means there is also a deep valley somewhere around the mountain. Is that clear? You have to train this way, before you get old, within you must know this, before 30 years of age.

Suppose you are a ship. You want to go this way and that, sometimes right and left, sometimes winding. Do not think that this ship should always go the straightest way. As human beings in this world, we have to think -- we have to go back to the other world, and we have to learn many things while we are on earth -- sometimes good and sometimes bad, sometimes worse, but you have to face all the walks of life that a human can tread. Sometimes good things become bad ones; bad ones become good ones, too. In case you are in a bad spot, who knows, your heavenly chance may be open for somebody. Sometimes world famous chances for an individual will be open. So you don't have to discriminate that way. So you have to be open-minded; seek some things, even though sometimes you have to go to the attic or the basement -- you must be constantly searching. As a spiritual leader, you should have this kind of attitude. Before you get old, why not follow the directional area -- learn from experience. Don't you think all aspects of human life are searching? You don't know where to go. Always be happy, be joyful within your heart. When you are crying, nobody is going to join you. So, be happy, be joyful, giving thanks. So I want you to literally try smiling all the time, trying to smile. Learn how to dance and practice it.

So, this is the situation: everybody has a weak point and a strong point; so you have to get your friends, your workers, your brother or sister to supplement that area for you -- then you can perfect that area. You have to serve that person; you have to love him in order for him to follow you. So that person is important to you, to perfect your job; he will supplement, fill the gap of your weak point. By loving him, by working together, respecting him, that is the only way. As a leader, you have to be a real friend at the worst time, in the most disastrous situation. You have to be a friend -- at the most joyous time you have to be a friend, the saddest time, most sorrowful time, the happiest time. Then; through three categories of this instance, you really become friends; then you will win the heart of the people. Do not miss that chance. If you are working together -- your friend or brother -- this is a good chance forties together, to fulfill our heavenly mission. This has been the secret word; he kept it in his bosom and now he is revealing it to you. Don't you appreciate it?

Then, that person whom you helped in the worst instance, you will get. Whenever they have some problem they come to you, because you already did it. The happiest time, they will come to you, because you did it; at the worst time, they will come to you. If you treat them as a mother, brother or sister would, then you will be with them all the way. In your life, then, you have a partner. So, you have to know this to be a wonderful leader of this movement. We can summarize the human aspect in two different categories: good and bad, going and coming, eating and sleeping (that is six) -- we can summarize human behavior in life. Don't you think everything human fits into six categories? Going and coming, eating and sleeping, good and bad.

This will be the key point, will make you a valuable person: how are you going to make these six areas harmoniously operating and dealing with one another, to make harmony? From whom you learn to discern the good and bad, for whom you are going to go and come, for whom you are doing all this sleeping and eating -- for whom -- you have got to set up a goal. If you are not a thief or robber in this area, but you are giving out, you are serving others, you are all right. Do not be a robber or thief in this area -- if you are selfish you become a thief; but if you do this kind of thing for others, you are doing fine. The same applies to the children in your center. You have to stand in a more subjective position than the newcomers, all those who are center members. Always, you have to do more; the more you can serve the members, the better you will occupy that position. You must always treat these people with a kind and wonderful heart; and then if you are physically separated, they are attracted to you -- when you are gone, they want you to come back. Even if you are separated, they want to be by you.

When you are sad, you have to project your goodness to others. When they are sad, you have to comfort them. The same thing applies to when you eat and sleep and dress. This is the life of a parent, parental life. Human life should be this way. So when you look at it this way, our human life is not rough. When you live this human life, based on the six categories, always think, "I want to give, rather than be the debtor." You have to always give something. You have to carry out this kind of a heart. You have to pass. We are about to leave for witnessing and missionary work and pioneering -- why are we going? You are not going to search for something, you are going out to give something to another person. You have to give something, heaven and earth in it; you have to think this way. "I just go witnessing, I just do this kind of spiritual work" -- that is not right. You have to set up this kind of a concept. When you come back home to the center, you have to come back, you have to report to God what you have done. Everything is connected this way -- what you do, why you are happy. You have to be happy for Him. You have to be sad, not for yourself, but for the whole world. What do I eat? -- I have to take care of myself because I am for God and all mankind. If in practicing this way, you think you are declining and perishing, come to our Master to protest.

So, we have to arrange this way before you become a real leader of this movement. In case you are extremely hungry, fasting or whatever -- but here is the food there -- instead of you going to eat this, have you ever thought about giving the food to others? If you are extremely hungry or tired, then you will think how much you did, even though you are tired, "I am tired for somebody." Have you ever thought that when you go out, you are not going for yourself, you are going for God, to give something valuable to the people at that time? Have you ever tried to go this way, going out, past the saints and patriots, to give the real meaning of God? Have you ever gone someplace, have you ever done it this way? You go somewhere; you come back to report to God to help. In the same way, Master did not come to retreat to this country or to receive glory from others. He came with the attitude: "I have to give something to it." Actual truth: with his heart he came to this country. Not only did he come to Belvedere, but he wanted to go everywhere, throughout the states, the whole country -- nationwide. So, you are here, because he cannot go, you are going out, and you are receiving from him. On behalf of him, he wants to give this kind of truth.

That is why you are here, to receive this. Also, he expects you to go out with this same feeling, this same concept of God, and to be happy when you give it to somebody; then, they will be happy. That is why you report all these things to heaven; that is the purpose. So, he expects you to leave here with the same feeling with which he came to this country. He wants to distribute this feeling to you. You may find some sadness and difficult situations. For whom are you doing this? For God, for heaven and for this nation. For goodness -- you being happy and good, for what? For this nation and for God. The reason why you have to eat, the reason why you have to rest and sleep is to make you more meaningful to God tomorrow. You should have that kind of concept.

Have you ever done it this way in the past? So, you have to mind the conditions -- if you get to a house in the middle of the night and all the windows and doors are locked, you have to urge yourself to knock on the door. So, whenever you see a new person come, you are so glad to have this one person come to see you, to receive this truth. So the Bible says: "Knock, and the door will be opened." This is your part. Those you are looking for, you will meet. Have you ever done this in the past? Have you ever thought deep thoughts in front of your following? Even when you are alone, raising questions -- how can I be alone here in this room? -- so, even if you may think -- even using the method of door-to-door visiting -- even if you have to urge yourself to go out -- that kind of a conception. If you cry, stir up the neighborhood, then people come and say, "What in the world do you want? You are crying."

So, through this kind of route, you are even trying to do the spirit -- this kind of message -- or give this truth and love. Do you ever think in this way? If you are serious, then when you have this kind of mind condition, when you go to witness to somebody, God and spirit world have already prepared for it. So you have to search for what condition you have to set up to receive heavenly cooperation. No other place except here and you -- success, no other place but human life. Then, you have to evaluate yourself: what points do you have in evaluating these six aspects of daily life? The problem is you -- not others -- you. If you have a problem of having no witnessing success, that means not the city itself, but you have a problem. You have to find yourself. In front of the mirror, you must look at yourself. What kind of a person are you? Eyes, mouth and nose -- you have to know yourself, find out yourself. Do you understand what I mean so far? [Yes!]

Not only manners in the grooming and hygiene area, but he talked also about the faith aspect -- faith condition as a spiritual leader -- he talked about this so far. Then, if you reach this stage, both man and God will be pleased with you. Then when you propose to do a better job, heaven will be pleased. Then, the public, the people, will be glad to do it; then, we will be flourishing and not perishing. Automatically and naturally, we will flourish. Think, "Then, how are we going to make me that kind of a person?" You have got to be constantly trying to reach that stage -- how you are going to effectively give something life, give something love. How can I be effective, several times? One time, really influence the person with whom you are going to work. If that kind of an individual reaches that state, everybody will be bowing to you, even the heavenly Father will bow to you -- they will greet you. It applies to the Western world, too. He believes it. Isn't that true? [Yes!] It works in the Orient; so, at the same time, it works in the Western world. Then, if it works in this area, if there is a hell, then hell will welcome it, too. Then even if the people in hell are bad, they will accept your light -- they will accept that you are light. So, it automatically reaches to heaven too.

So, this way: up and down, right and left, every corner, four directions, it fits, it applies. It is finished. Then that means wherever you go, that place is your kingdom, right? Wherever you go, that is your kingdom right there. This kingdom of heaven is not far away, it is not difficult, when you look at it this way. If these kinds of individual beings appeared on earth, automatically God would come down and dwell with them. The Sermon on the Mount says that those who are poor will be the blessed, will have the kingdom of God. Always you have to face heaven, when you feel that you have given everything, but you want to give more. If you have given all you have, you feel, "I have to give more, somewhere, someplace." Even if you have given everything, you feel ashamed because you cannot give more, because you have none -- that kind of a feeling, that kind of a concept, is the key. This is entirely contrary to the world's reasoning. In Satan's world, if you give somebody something, you make a big deal out of it: "Oh, I gave something." But you are ashamed now, why, because you have to give more, entirely a present. This kind of faith attitude, faith status is necessary for you to be a leader. [Yes!]

Then you will become men of responsibility. What kind of a personal man of responsibility is able to participate -- yesterday, he talked about Abel's position in the morning sermon. And then you have to be -- as a leader and a man of responsibility-- you must love God and Cain. First chapter of your diary should say, "I must love God and Cain"; chapter two, "I have to see the things that Cain likes before God sees them." You must first like Cain, before you like or love God; that is chapter two. Then God will like you. Without Cain, God cannot come down to you. Abel should like Cain, what chapter is that? -- chapter two. Third chapter is: no claim of yourself, no existence of your claim -- then you have to say, "We both will die together"-- this is a third chapter. You have no claim at all -- you are non-existent, but you say, "I will die with both." Then you will meet the True Parents; then you become one. Abel must become one with Cain, then you will restore the True Parents. Then, after you say we are going to die, then you meet the True Parents, in chapter four, then you claim your own -- how about that? You are non-existent before the True Parents. You cannot claim yourself and say, "I am." You don't exist before them. You never did in the past, did you?

"Oh, you don't know who I am" -- that kind of pride, you had it. Then you never knew this kind of heavenly formula. What does chapter one say? Love God and Cain. Second chapter? You have to like Cain more than you like God. Third chapter? We both will die together. We both have the blood lineage of Satan and to be reborn, we have to die first. Then in chapter four: you will have met the True Parents. And when you meet the True Parents, you are existing, you can claim you are existing. It becomes my God, my world and my parents. Do you understand? [Yes!] Have you lived that way? There is the Principle right there -- you should know this. Then, we will say to God, "Yes, it is true, you are right -- the True Parents, even Satan." Even this Archangel we will win; every person involved, everybody will come -- we must reach that stage. This is the Principled way. Then, if you become that, a man of responsibility, nobody will dislike you, everybody will love you. Don't you think that if this kind of person exists, that the people, the neighborhood, will naturally come and gather around? Of course they will come around.

And now you know, so far, the claim of the man of responsibility. Then, if you practice it this way, there will be no problems. That takes your energy, time and concentration. The degree of these three elements will determine your success. You must have concentration of heart, effort and time. There are the key elements for your success, in addition to your qualifications as a man of responsibility. All right? Then, this covers everything. Then all the world will be coming to you. Is it as simple as that? I have many things to say that you cannot bear. By this time, it is getting late, so he plans to release you. Do you have any proposals, or what? So much for the man of responsibility who should equip himself. Now he is going to talk about another thing. How about evangelism, witnessing area.

Why don't you try to give the impression that you are a new citizen of the town, the state, neighborhood, village; that these people are very interesting young people and groups. Interest begins the heavenly business. Arouse their interest. If in your center -- it is newly set up or rented, whatever -- all the time the neighbors hear some kind of a song, lively song, good-natured song, life-giving song -- all these songs should come out from this house. All the time you should have a food element there, a smile and a flowery, beautiful perfume flavor -- all the time a live something in that place, permeating the neighborhood. All the time, smiling and wonderful harmonies come out to the neighborhood. Why don't you, instead of going all the time -- brother-sister, brother-brother, etc -- two or three people all the time walking together in that neighborhood. Sometimes you not , only mingle together, working in the neighborhood among the young people -- but sometimes you are with elders or seniors, the older generation. Show to the neighborhood. Sometimes you love the neighborhood children, too. Actually, your church center or house should be a different environment from the existing environment of that old time, since you moved into that church center. That house should be environmentally interesting to other people.

Then you have to tackle the problem of up-and-down area -- by which he means there is the older generation, younger generation and children, too. With good PR, result will come out through the old people; and the children are good PR agents. If you can, deal with the children, and teach them the songs, and learn to like them in your neighborhood. So you had better start a Sunday school if your church grows. This is the fastest way to reach the neighborhood. Also, you have to approach the elderly person. The aged people are neglected in this country, so you have to approach this from a different angle. That will be a great sensation. That way, you will cover from the children to the old folks, this area; you have to fill this gap in this nation. The next stage is to work in some attractive area, in which young people are interested. So, you young people should know how to practice exercises. You should like lots of sports, athletics; that you have to develop. Sometimes races, games, horseback riding, hobbies, that area you have to think up. Also, musically, you have to develop. Then, every aspect of our children and young people and older folks you have to cover through different channels.

So, you have to spread a sort of spiritual spider's web, in your neighborhood. Then all the neighborhood will be saying, "That house is a different house -- That is a special house" with the knowledge that this is an extraordinary place. Then you will reach local celebrities -- such as in New York City: the city mayor, senators, congressmen and even the governor. That kind of a person, you invite him to your place. Then, you open your house wide open and invite everybody from your neighborhood. Invite your neighbors when this celebrity comes -- then ask your visitor to give a speech to the neighborhood. You invite the people of the neighborhood; they will be good contacts. You must have a number. It is very easy to invite celebrities from your town or state, but you have got to have a number -- that is the key. Then you are influencing not only your neighbors, but also the celebrity. Then, you develop to the next stage: some kind of project, some kind of city-cleaning project is good, or a family counseling project, or some kind of youth program, or drug prevention. All kinds of youth programs -- you can begin right there. Then you will have a big PR victory with this material, reach the celebrities and make a big issue of it.

You can organize many things and it will start up from that time. Then the mayor and celebrities will come: "I am here not because I am great, because I was invited, but because I am impressed with your work, and I am here." He has to exhibit why he is there. Then your center, your neighborhood and your city all mingle together, and environmentally you are in very good shape. Then you visit the interior with all the deans and college professors and presidents and ask them, "Why don't you invite us to your place?" Then you will have the last chance to have a big battle. You appeal to the young people, if you ever get a chance through this -- the president or dean will give the young people to you or give you a chance to have a talk or presentation, whatever, on the campus. You appear, and then this is the last battle -- you are going to have success. This can be applied in a small town, in a big city or a metropolitan area. The same rules go for the various states and various levels of cities. So, now it is the same strategy that Master uses. So, he naturally has met many, many people, senators and so on. He is laying the foundation within his strategy. Then, if we have 10,000 people under his command, then we will invite people to this assembly of 10,000 and they will come, because they are curious. This case in New York: the mayor will come, senators will come, congressmen will come, whomever he invites.

With this kind of plan, individually, you have to set up a plan through which he can project this national-level fight. So, he will do the same thing to solve the world's problems, on the international level. Do you understand what he is planning? [Yes!] You must be ready, with this environmental factor. Then you will succumb to elderly persons, celebrities, responsible people -- and you can expand from the city, village, town, county and state. Then you can do any kind of project, if we reach that state. In order to make this, you are doing everything. Sometimes go to the farm; sometimes you are witnessing, you are working hard -- witnessing, preaching, lecturing, for this purpose. Don't you think this is possible? [Yes!] So, please do extraordinary things when you witness.

The statement he says is do extraordinary things, you do look crazy to people, but you do everything with a purpose -- like at midnight, maybe it does not fit your culture -- ringing bells and going to each house, passing out literature. It may look like an extraordinary, crazy thing, but you are doing this for a certain purpose to set up the foundation. So, you have to engage in extraordinary things for this one purpose. Then somebody will say, "What are you doing, you crazy man?" You say, "I am distributing literature," and they say, "How many have you distributed and you say, "Thousands -- it is an ordinary thing." And the person will be amazed at what you are doing -- she will think, "What content do you have here?" and will be curious. There are various kinds of witnessing methods. Then -- sometimes extraordinary methods -- you will play the game of "Kick the dog," and then make an issue of it: you, kill the dog, pick it up, bring it over and you will have a chance to, talk about something. It may not fit , but ordinary people don't do that. You hit a poor person intentionally, and then pretend that it was an accident, and from there a conversation starts: "Do you hurt somewhere and where is your house?"

You have all the information this way. From there witnessing starts. You are playing the games right now -- this is a part of witnessing. Sometimes, when you play, you grab his necktie and hit him -- you are in a rage at the time -- and when you calm down, he says, "Once I did the same thing" and you have a common ground right there. The person might say, "I did, while I was young, the same thing -- but, you are more brave than I was." You may have a chance to have a conversation. Say to them, "Let us go talk, and I will buy you lunch." Then you start with what you would like to say. You have got to give some extraordinary impression to remain in that person's heart. So, you cannot say there is no method to win his heart. Sometimes you can go to a farm, and if nobody shows up, then you scream -- farm has milk -- he said meadow -- the farm has a milk cow -- and if nobody shows up, you hit the cow with a club, then somebody will come up. You are plotting to win the soul. Sometimes you will not do exactly the same thing, but in a different way. You tell the person, "I hit the cows, because I thought they were well tamed; so I planned to test how your cow is responding." So, you begin your conversation like that. Sometimes you can block traffic in a nice car, and they cannot hit you -- you stay right there -- this crazy thing you are doing is not for you, actually and eventually it is for the other person.

Now, in order to win the woman, the wife of the husband -- he [Leader] planned to win her. He stayed in that house for one year and six months in order to approach her -- one person. He was a target of hatred for the husband, but he ate together with that family -- our Master preserved his prestige; he insisted on staying there, even though at the table, the husband didn't like him at all. He had to be dumb; the husband would not let him talk. That kind of persecution he was receiving, but he stayed there for that one purpose. So, later, he succeeded; the house wanted went to God's side. Because of the dispensation, that house was so important to God. By that family coming to God, thousands and thousands of people will be saved, by God's dispensational planning. So, he did it, one year and a half, that period of time for one person. So, your brain is to be used. If you do not use it, you become dull.

8,000 members by 1974, that is our goal. If we don't do that, all of our Principle Family, from all over the world, will dash to your country to put you to shame. At that time, you will be the disgraced sons of America. It will be a shameful thing if this happens, because you are a leader of a free nation, you are a citizen of the leading free nation. What in the world is going on if this thing happens -- if from all the states, from all over the world, they come dashing to rescue you? It would be better to die than to have this type of shameful situation. If you die, why don't you die for God? If you do that, that will be a little bit better. Don't you think so? [Yes!] Two years before us. One conversion per month per member. How about that -- three ones in the movement. One person, one soul, one month.

I am getting too aggressive now. So much for instructions to you. Now he is going to talk about the One World Crusade. You have two vans right now. He will give you a strategy for the New York center, before you go tomorrow. He has already made arrangements for five vans to mobilize in New York City. One driver, one receiver and the contacts will be riding in the vans to come back to the main center. Then, 10 people go out and bring people -- let them ride in the van and bring them to the church center, to listen to the lecture. Today, they had 50 people come to the lecture. You have to lecture; there must be uniformity throughout the nation and worldwide, so you have to follow this spiritual pattern: three times for lecture, 12:30, 4:30 and 7:30. 12:30 -- to bring the people, then your mobile vans will be waiting and witnessing and bringing them over. The direct approach is necessary. Start talking about how this nation is dying under the threat of communism -- we have to save it -- we have something to offer, and so forth. Block them on the street, grab them, use a direct approach to bring them over. You can use an enthusiastic attitude. The girls should be more stubborn, more aggressive than the boys in order to bring them over to the center. Say, "Why don't you come along with us? We have a ride for you." Then, you have to present an enthusiastic lecture presentation.

Now, suppose we have new people in the audience here right now. Always the new people should be sandwiched between you, with you sitting on the right and left side of the person. Beside a man, it is better that a sister sit there. In front of the man, a woman better sit -- encircle them. Physically, spiritually, you are encircling this one person. You must have a seating arrangement, Everyday you take notes, you are seriously listening. Four members per person -- front, back, right, and left. Now if it is a male contact: two girls right and left, male in front -- that will be enough. Two girls centering on the contact another man in front. Seriously and intensively you must take notes in the lectures. The newcomer will be impressed with this, and say in his mind, "I had better write down certain things." So, under these circumstances, no conscientious young man can stand up and leave. Environmental factors block him right there. You have to show your reception and your attitude to the newcomer; you should be exceptionally well organized, so that this newcomer will have a wonderful first impression of you and that place. Before the lecture presentation, you have to sing a New Age song -- powerful, enthusiastic, spiritual song.

You have to be really piercing the four corners of darkness. Twenty people should sound like 1,000 singing voices -- not peacefully but powerfully -- you must sing and the impression will be mounting. You have to insert prayer before the lecture. When you do pray, you should really, seriously pray to God as you would talk to a real person, and refer in the prayer to the state of world sadness and political corruption, and seriously appeal with a real heart, and this student will be doubly impressed. The prayer may mean more than the lecture, and will have a great, powerful influence on the audience. The lecturer or preacher has to adjust himself powerfully to the environment supplied through the prayer. You must sing to the new person and treat him just like a real brother, and welcome him: "We are very glad to have you here." And when he goes back, give him a ride; even say good-bye in front of the van, and let him go back by your transportation. This person will feel he has never met such a kind group of people in the whole world. When these people go back to their homes, they will naturally talk about your group. They never have experienced you in the past; they will talk about you. All their family will be talking about you.

Suppose you contacted 50 people, and they went back that night, and talked to their families -- hundreds of people talking about you that night, about your lecture and your One World Crusade. And, naturally, parents will say, "Well, why don't you children investigate what they are doing?" They'll send them to you. So, you are working for eight hours; ten people go out into the street. He doesn't think it is impossible for you to bring ten students. He experimented in Japan and Korea; so he is experimenting now. It worked in New York City. Fifty people came. You have to adopt the same method for your mobile unit. In 60 minutes, 38 people contacted by one member. Thirty-eight persons contacted in 60 minutes -- and out of that you will have some. It works -- you better believe it works -- Master opened the door. You go and get them, it works. So, keep it in your mind. Then, on this basis, this technique, don't you think one person can bring one person per night? Do the One World Crusade mobile units understand? [Yes!]

Now, one lecture out of three by the State Representative, if you go there. Give him a chance then. At 4:30 give the chance to the European commanders; and at 7:30, a formal lecture, you have to take over, you have to do that by yourself. Otherwise, spiritually it doesn't fit, until you have multiplied your number. So, you send your troops downtown or to a college campus or whatever, and all the commanders should be prayerfully prepared for the climactic evening lecture. Then, the downtown people who are coming and going will have a chance; the downtown people who are shopping, whatever, might have a chance to listen to one of the three lectures -- and you go on for 12 days.

Now, whenever you have a State Representative and you have ten people -- similar operation as the One World Crusade operational system, do it -- you try to buy a van and raise funds for this. Now, Neil has succeeded in getting vans without a down payment, because he has built up credit. So, you just pay monthly payments, just like the One World Crusade. No bother to National Headquarters -- your payment of 150 dollars should be paid by the State Representative, because you have ten people -- self-governing. If you have ten people in your State Representative center you are self-supporting. Now, if you are in a small town: you go to the bus station or railroad station, or sometimes you go to the Sunday school, somewhere to a social activity meeting -- you look at the calendar and grab the people while they are loitering, get them into your van -- you may pick them up outside a theater. Sometimes you may have to change it, because of the customs where you live and the people. You can make a slight change in the schedule -- times can be flexible; but the main thing is that you have three lectures daily -- constantly blasting the message. That is important for your foundation. Also, he explained the cassette-tape approach. In other words, President Kim has already given permission to make outlines in English, not perfect -- you practice it in your own voice -- later, quickly, your cassette-tape approach -- and if you are not there your friend can listen and study everything. Okay? So, 40 minutes or an hour and a half, each chapter -- Principle of Creation, Fall of Man, Part II -- even if you are not there, they can listen to your voice. Then, after study -- already he has talked to you about these instructions. We are not going to repeat. That is a very powerful approach.

Now, the mobile unit within your State Representative region is the inner mobile unit and you are the external mobile unit. Church-style means that you have to have at least 20 members, and then you area church center, Unification Church Center. Then, when you increase and bring in good, strong members, you have to transfer these people to the main One World Crusade -- the regular mobile unit. This way, internally and externally, you are tuned together -- same joint strategy -- the mobile unit is there to help the State Representative. Now, the State Representative will be the commander within that setting (the center) and you have to do the same thing as the bus team -- organize your area. Also, this happens here in New York. You cannot do it full time morning and evening, so you will perform a similar function at night, when everybody comes back from work. It is preferable that you do this in the afternoon and evening, because of work, etc., but not exactly similar to the full time operation of the One World Crusade.

He has to talk about the real authority of the One World Crusade mobile unit. Now, the commander of the mobile unit has full authority in the place where he is staying for twelve days. Now, as soon as the Mobile Unit Commander leaves -- the State Representative re-assumes his normal function.

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