The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Our Leader's Talk At The First Director's Conference

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 5, 1973
First Directors' Conference
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Today, I have not enough time to talk to you. After this, we must have a meeting. So, I hope you will understand. For the Mobile Team Commanders and the State Representatives, your training course is finished. Right after this, we are going to have a meeting in the Main Hall. For the long-term trainees, I am going to tell you about our plan for the training course. We did not make out schedules because from time to time there may be shifts and you are directly under my guidance, what to do and when to do it. We originally planned a 100-day training session for you, and I am going to explain about that. For every one of the Divine Principle members, it is very urgent to become a good lecturer on the Divine Principle.

You must, first of all, know the skeleton, an outline of the truth. And you must know the Divine Principle in such depth that you can freely apply this to your everyday life in the front-line. So, during this training session, I want you to hear at least six or seven cycles of the Divine Principle. Up to the fifth time, the lecture you will be hearing will be just the outline, maybe -- but the last two lectures will be very much in depth.

Well, if you struggle hard it can last only 48 days. You will be having two to three examinations during that period. Our Victory Over Communism ideology and Unification Thought, as philosophies, are based on the Divine Principle; so, without your knowing the Principle in depth, you cannot really understand those other two thoughts. After having studied and learned the Divine Principle in depth, then I am going to have my lecturer give you the lectures on both the Victory Over Communism ideology and Unification Thought. If each of those takes one month each, we will need another two months. So, that is why I originally planned to have a 100-day training session for you. I was planning to bring Dr. Lee from Korea for those two other lectures. He is going through the procedure formalities to come over to this country, but your consulate in Korea wouldn't let him come for some reason or another. He may be able to come later, but originally we planned to have him here by May 1, 1973. But now the situation demands that we plan in another way. In case he cannot come at all, F. L. F. will take charge of those two lectures; so in the meantime, he is struggling to get the visa anyhow -- but just in case, you must be planning or preparing for those lectures. F. L. F. members have already gathered the materials from Korea and from Japan, so I don't think you will have any difficulty in giving the lectures on those things.

As you may know, I brought two American members to Korea last year, and there is an English boy staying with them, and they have been studying a lot on those two ideologies, Victory Over Communism and Unification Thought. So, Master is even thinking of bringing one or two of them as lecturers for you. We have gone through many training sessions and we have tested a lot and our conclusion is that if and when you are armed with those three ideologies, you can tell any man in the whole world your theory. Last year, on our way to this country, I ordered the Japanese members to try to have open, public discussions with the Communist leaders and they are now in the process of doing this. In the Communist world, both Soviet Russia and Red China are focusing their attention on Japan. Japan is becoming more or less pro-Communist and is the base for revolution by violence. As far as the cultural background is concerned, Japan is more or less a Buddhist country, but the country is not quite directed by the Buddhist ideology, and there are various ideologies or religions mixed and mingled, and they are all weak in a way. So, the Communist people are aiming at the corruption of that country, or the absorption of that country under their ideology. And they know that it will not affect any other parts of the world by doing that. Japanese people are great readers in that they read books from our side from his own people. They have been reading books on Marxism a great deal and most of the young people are inclined to become Communists; but they are weaker because when we propose public discussion with the Communist youth leaders, they shrink back and won't come out.

Through mass communication and any other means, we have been struggling hard to get them on the stage, either on the roadside or on the television, to have a public discussion with us, and they won't. Our members are still struggling for that, but they won't appear. They are still doing this. We have publicized that we are going to have a public discussion with these young Communists, so people will know that and they expect that that thing will happen; but since the Communist young people are shrinking back, they, the people, know that the Communist youth are already defeated, because they have no confidence.

In the future, we may have to be propagating that the Communist leaders have no confidence to fight against us in the Principle -- that is why they don't appear on the stage to have the public discussion with us. Then, people will know the fact and the Communist people may, very possibly, come out, out of anger and indignation. Well, this we will do on university campuses.

Up to the present moment, the Communist people have been so confident as to be able to say that they have no enemies, because no one else has the confidence to come out against them. But ' with this happening in Japan, all the people will know that we are in more or less the position of the opposition party to them as the ruling party. Since this is happening, some very strong young Communists -- the youth association under Communism -- object against their leaders, for their not being able to send out the men for discussion. But, from some sources, we have learned that the men from the headquarters would answer those young people that they [Principle members] have such a strong ideology, and unless you [Communist youth] grow more you can never defeat them, so you had better stay still. The Communist leaders in Japan planned to invite experts in Communist theory from twelve nations, and their purpose was to have them research our ideology and have them strongly armed with Communist ideology so that they could fight against our theory and they have been naming the Victory Over Communism group, and their plan was to have the meeting, but they failed to do that.

In Korea, the philosophers and professors all know that without our ideology we cannot win over Communism. In Free China, the same thing is happening. But you Western members are not quite aware of that fact, and you don't realize the value of these two ideologies. If you have the book with you, you must be studying hard, and the book is worth keeping in each and every library. There has not been any such book in any of your libraries. That is the only book we have in our possession.

If you talk with a Communist leader even one-half hour, he will be defeated, since this is such a strong armament -- and won't you be studying hard on that? Unification Thought is the Divine Principle systematized in such a way as to be able to defeat materialism and atheism. The Unification Ideology is going to be the new view of life for all the people of the whole world. After a while we are going to publish these books and send them out to every university in the United States -- and before that, you must be well armed with the teaching. The day before yesterday, I visited West Point; and the reason for my visiting there was, in the near future, since that school is of the highest level in that line, I am going to have our lecturers go there and influence those people with our ideology. Our ideology being the explosive one, they can be subjugated by ours.

If we are going to be successful in this, we will have won such a great victory in the eastern part; and on the West Coast, my target is Stanford University. Those two, being the leading universities, leading schools -- and in different, very important fields -- with these two exploding with our ideology, the rest of the schools will be easy.

In order for you to be future leaders under our ideology and in order for you to become national leaders elsewhere, you must be well armed with these three ideologies. While you have the training session here, we are going to develop the "West Point Project." And I am going to have you witness to the people on the street of the great city of New York, and I am going to put you under my direct guidance.

From tonight, I have a plan. I am going to take Joe Tully, the New York City Center Director, and Mr. Kamiyama from Japan, and have a meeting with them -- and then have them send out the vans of the Mobile Teams to the central part of the city, and as they get off the van, they will be standing about there, giving lectures and witnessing to a few people. But, as the listeners would be interested in hearing more, they would take them back to the Center in the van, right away. Well, our young people can even shout to the young passers-by, saying: "Our country is on the verge of life or death; how can you idle away time, and what is your aim in life? If you are interested in hearing a wonderful theory, come ride in the car." So, we will take the young people from the street, in dozens or more, to the Center..."If you are a real patriot, if you are a real lover of this nation, why don't you come and join us," and they will be stimulated and influenced by you. (Well, we have bought two vans for the Dutch family -- bring those two right away.)

[Mr. Salonen: We brought them up Wednesday night.]

Well, those two others which we ordered for the Dutch Family, those are for the Japanese Family.

[Mr. Salonen:] We brought three.

We can even mobilize the big bus, and if we have 70 or more people, all those vans and the bus will be used. And we are going to use our vans to take them back to their own homes, after the lecture. Then we can be on good terms with those people, and our young people can have a good conversation, even in the bus while we are sending them back to their homes. And we have to, by the fall of this year, raise some 500 members for the New York Center. If that will come to realization, I am going to have another public speech in the fall. Unless we have a certain number within our church I cannot do that.

We have no time to lose. By the end of next year, we have got to have some 8,000 members, moving from corner to corner in this country of the United States. A little later I am going to go to Washington, D. C. Headquarters and do the same, and when I visit the West Coast in April, I will do the same. And whenever you, the drivers of the van, would have to stop and park the van, why don't you park it right in the center of the street, where many passers-by will look at it, and right there you can even block their way and cry out to them, "This is no time for you to do anything else but this -- our country is being corrupted by this and that problem"...and with tearful eyes you can talk to them. Why don't you tell them, "Listen, just once, to this wonderful theory, and we are making this world an ideal one under this ideology," something like that, and you can absorb so many young people. The Mobile Teams must also be doing the same, and you cannot say that it is difficult to gain members. If you keep saying it is impossible, I will be with you on the Mobile Team and I will prove it to you.

We are the elite soldiers on the warfront for the Great Cause of God -- and there is no such thing as "impossible" in us, in our dictionary, so we are going to plan this -- and once I have planned it, I will have it tested. Throw away your old conception: "'All the past missionaries have done this much at best, and how can we do more?" But we have not time to lose; in the providence of God, we have to do things in a set time. I am going to direct the New York Center activities, and what they are doing there will be the model or example for other Centers. Last night, when I visited New York Center, I gave them some very urgent directions. From now on, I am going to make out of you good lecturers, and there will be tape-recorded cassettes sent to you, and various lengths of lectures will be provided. For instance, if you are going to give the Principle of Creation, First Lecture, the shortest one will be a 40-minute lecture, and then one hour and a half to two hours and a half, to six hours, to nine hours. And, for The Fall, you can have four kinds, maybe 40 minutes, one hour and a half, two hours and a half, four hours. With the varying length of the lecture, all those will be tape-recorded and sent to you in cassettes.

As you may know, there are many rooms in the New York Center, so I am going to have them buy many tape-recorders and put one in each room; and each visitor will come -- if you can bring the people -- and you can ask him, "How long can you stay here?" He may answer -30-40 minutes," and you can have him go into one of the rooms and give him the cassette with the 40 minute lecture; with those who can stay longer -- maybe two hours, two hours and a half -- you can give them that length of tape recorded lecture. And, in that way, the more people who will listen on a cassette, will be forced to come. You may not want them to come; but they will, I am sure, come back to listen to more. And you can give them one-and-a-half -hour tapes, two-and-a-half hour tapes, etc.

In the future, every one of you will take with you a tape-recorder and cassette tape -- and then for those who listen to the 40-minute cassette, you will have a text, on which is written the same thing as the tape-recorder, and you will study it over and over again and have to remember it by heart. Then, when you give the direct lecture to them, you will find that the same thing was from you or you can even tape record it again with your own voice. And then, if you receive questions and can answer back, they will feel that even though they have to learn from the tape-recorder, they feel as though they are learning directly from you, since you can answer their questions. And they will know that you are not only carrying that tape-recorded thing as a lecture, but, they will know that you are the very lecturer who tape-recorded that -- and they will look up to you. You can do every imaginable thing. Suppose you are walking down the street, passing by the stores; and looking into a store, you find people who are idling like this, without doing anything, and you go in, talk to them and say, "You look so bored, why don't you listen to this? I will leave it with you for a while, and when you come back to take the cassette tape back in the evening, you will find that he has already listened to it, and his response must be good, and he will be interested in listening to more, and you can give him another cassette. If he doesn't happen to have a tape-recorder you can leave your tape-recorder with him.

Neil must be prepared for that, because later we will do that. So, you need to get cassette tape recorders, lecture and measure the time. Those who have tape recorders will you hold up your hand? Each one of you should buy one.

Up to the present, you have been complaining about your not having enough members, but your tape recorder can play the role of one or more members. You can leave the cassettes with other people, you can lend the tape recorder to them, and you can earn so many members from that. And by visiting those people you can get donations from them, and there are many such possibilities in doing that. And when one person has heard the Divine Principle in that way, you can give him duplicates, more cassette tapes, and have him distribute them to his friends. You consult with President Kim and make out an official letter to be sent to every nation where we have missionaries. And tell them to start right away with this project. After awhile, we will get information from each national leader; then we can study more on that, and we can utilize the best method possible.

By using this method, you can reach out to every person -- every professor, theologian or scholar. They will find that this is a wonderful theory to teach their people and they can be proud of knowing this. They will even be interested in gathering their neighbors and giving the lecture themselves. Can you imagine this happening? [YES!] So, we can start doing this right away. In the official letter, you can say it is an order from Master. If we have 100 duplications of the cassette tape, it means 100 people will be hearing it while you contacted just one. Well, in the future, it is possible to have 100 people listening to the lecture at the same time, or at different times, and we need 100 rooms where we can tape this. In one room, we can have 100 tape recorders, tape-recorded at once. Do you understand? [YES!] All the members, of so many nationalities, can send us money, and we can have those tape-recorded and sent back to them. They can pay the expenses. Let them know that we will be able to send them the tape-recorded cassettes only by their sending money. (He talks so rapidly, I sometimes don't understand myself -- Mrs. Choi) We can even order the tape recorders by the hundreds from Japan. Now, do you want to buy the tape recorders? [YES!] You must be doing that and all the rest of the members, too.

If you take orders for members in other countries, you can even make money in this way; because they will expect you to send them back at a certain price and you can do the same with outsiders, and you will have no difficulty in earning money in that way either. When you do that, you can have more and more orders; and you, being the lecturer, having tape recorded that yourself, when they listen to you, they will be familiar with your voice, and they will respect you for being a capable lecturer; and you will be known throughout the country, and so many members will like a certain person to have it tape recorded and sent to you and you want to be a better lecturer. You must have the zeal and ambition to do a better job. If those listeners have some questions, they will be anxious to meet you. And, if you have no time, you can say, "I have no time for that," and they will leave and come back to visit you and even buy you dinner -- and you can talk back and forth. You can tell them that you cannot go if they don't have three to four people gathered. At the earliest possible date, you are going to have to gain 20 or more members in each state. By using this method, you can see the crops right away. Does it sound difficult? [NO!] Are you confident? [YES!] Well, if you go on using this method, the whole country will be stirred up.

There are so many people in this country, from so many nationalities, studying here; if you can get them interested in the lecture and in our movement, then sometime later they will be so interested as to bring this truth back to their own country -- and you will have earned missionaries to other countries under you. Some will be so radical as to be in a hurry to go back to their own country for this purpose -- and we will have many such missionaries to other countries. Through the tradition and foundation that Master has already laid and by using his method as the strategy, you can carry out your mission to fulfill the project in due time.

So, if you are well armed with these three ideologies, and if you are wise enough to apply and use these methods, well, no senators can compete with you, no top-level people can compete with you. Some may be skeptical about this; those who are skeptical will be failures -- but those who believe in what I say and go on doing this will be helped by the heavenly side, and you are going to be a success, victorious. Is everything clear? [YES!]

Make an official letter and let them know they have to send money in advance for the project, for the cassette tapes and things. You consult President Kim over that matter, right away. We are not going to send them the tape recorded material, but have them tape the lectures in their own language -- the leader of each nation. Let them send one copy of each lecture back to the United States Headquarters and you do [the same] with the Centers in your country, and let them do that as soon as possible. We will listen to their lectures, discuss those things, make a model lecture of each, and then we will have it tape recorded in the English language and sent out to every corner of the United States.

Do you have the day off Friday afternoon? Your weekends are not Friday afternoon, but Saturday and Sunday, right? [YES.] You have two days off? You will be working all the harder on those weekend days, and you have no time to rest. During this 100-day training session, see how many people each of you can gain for the New York Center. How many can you bring? Each of you can bring four to the New York Center while you are here. You must try hard. You must decide. Let us decide how many each one of you will bring in, minimum, for the 100 days. Well, you can talk it over and decide on the number of people you are going to bring in, you can do it later. How many people can each of you bring in during the period of 100 days? 3 months and 10 days?

[QUESTION: How much time witnessing?]

After 40 days of concentrated training, you will spend more time witnessing than in hearing the lectures. Out of the 60 days left, about 25 days will be used for witnessing purposes. Well, the minimum number of the people you are going to bring in must not be less than two -- bring in two solid members at least. And, after contacting the people, you must be diligent and write as many letters as possible to them or cal I them on the phone -- don't you let them go. You must be confident -- so confident as to contact as many people as possible, but to bring in two or more solid members who will never fall away. With that confidence, with your capability, you can have good competition among yourselves. Those who set a good record will be used for a good purpose -- to be Mobile Team Commanders. We have to make many personnel changes; those who are incapable of being leaders in the state or local centers will be shifted.. After this 100-day training session, there will be many changes coming about. Do you understand? [YES!]

Thoughts always come in flashes into his mind, so he hates to make schedules beforehand, and if he has a set schedule, he can neither violate it nor can he visit you according to that schedule -- but after this rough plan is given to you, you can walk out according to your capabilities; and he will be traveling from place to place, and if he feels like coming to you when he is drawn to you, he will come to see you. Maybe sometime, in the course of days, he will have to mobilize you or call you in the middle of the night -- two or three in the morning -- and, like soldiers, you must gather at one place, right away.

You must realize that you are in the front-line, so whenever you are called you must know how to assemble in a second, in a minute. And if you fail to do that I will court martial you. [Laughter] Are you prepared for that? Then it is decided among you and me -- so no violations. You know that if I am going to call you at three in the morning, I too have to wake up and get mobilized. Will you obey me? [YES!] Then I can come to you at midnight or 3:00 in the morning or 2:00 in the morning. I will go visit you at Washington Headquarters, nobody can say when, three or four in the morning. Can we be relaxed and can we be easy in rest while God doesn't rest and Satan doesn't rest? Those who are reluctant to do this and those who say to themselves, "Oh, things are becoming more and more difficult in this movement -- I should not have joined this movement". Then pack up your things and go away, now. Aren't you in that mood? [NO!]

If you should leave this movement, you will be forced to come back. There is no other way possible. If there were any other way possible, I would have gone that way. It is a most difficult job to be a leader to you. I am forced to do this, because I know there is no other way possible in order for us to reach God and in order to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. You must be compassionate over me as I am sympathetic with God. To be a leader is something; you can never complain against me, as I never complain against God. We are in the same shoes, we are before the same destination, same destiny. Life or death, we must be treading on the same way. If I let you do this while I am resting, taking relaxation, you can complain against me. I am doing more than what you do, and I am in the vanguard of you, paving the way.

I originally planned to visit the Mobile Teams in the front-line, right from the beginning of March, but since I am so busy, I cannot carry this out. That is why, at times, I cannot set the schedule and you must understand this. I wish I could speak your language, so that I wouldn't have to use my interpreter. Would you want that? I do, too, but I have no time. I am in the United States -- I am in a hurry. So I cannot study English. He has so many things to talk to you about. In Korea and Japan, when he speaks, he speaks like motor boats. If you really want me to learn your language, why don't you let me have some time -- by your taking any job in place of me, I can have time, and in three years I can master your language, I am confident, but I have no time for that. If I am not going to direct you, I am going to study the language; I would have no time to guide you. What will happen? So, to direct you in person, that is more important. My determination is to make out of you leaders like me or greater than me, so I am so anxious and so busy for that reason you must understand me. Do you understand? [YES!] You must be so anxious to carry out your mission as told by Master, and you must do that with your teeth gnashed. Well, every minute is so precious for you and me, and he is going to have his breakfast, and right after that he will call all the State Representatives and Mobile Team Commanders to the Main House to have a meeting there ... and the I. W.'s.

David Kim: I will take care of the administrative area. The problem is ... Master does not want official State Representatives participating in the 100-day training session -- that is the main thing. I see some of the State Representatives here according to that sign-in -- some of them overlapping. In other words, even though they are State Representatives -- he said that State Representatives who signed in have to go to their own state. That is the instruction, because that is a hindrance, because people keep coming. If the State Representative cannot be in the 100-day training, then, in that case, assistant State Representatives can attend the 100-day training. Now is that clear?

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