The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Young Generation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Second International Training Session
Master Speaks
February 15, 1973
Probable Location: Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY

You are here now, after leaving your own native country. Most of you are young. There are many people leaving their own countries; those people represent their nations. Now that you have left your country and have come here, you must know that you represent your own nation and if you do wrong, you are putting your nation to shame. There are many people leaving their own countries to go abroad in search of success. Their success is to go abroad and to make money, and so on. But we are different; we are here to fight for the sake of God and for the sake of mankind.

Historically, I understand, your country sent many missionaries to other countries. But this is the first time for our group to go abroad and especially for members from European nations to be brought here to work for this nation. You must realize that it is not just the Dutch who are here in the United States, but there are already many other members from many, other European countries. As you well know, there are members from six European countries here. There are also members from Korea, Japan and America; that makes people from nine nations working for this cause in the US. You must not forget that when you work, you are working together as co-workers; but you must again realize that you represent Holland.

Until today, you have been skeptical whether or not our thoughts to conquer and govern the world were possible. But you are now seeing things concretely and you are turning the world upside down; you are changing the world.

Hitherto, working in your own country, you found problems arising, but they are not so serious as those you will make here if you act in a similar manner. You must realize how difficult it will be for people of different cultures, stations in life and nationalities working together in one nation. What we are doing is not an ephemeral thing not just done for the time being. We are doing things for eternity. No, what we are doing is entirely different from what other people do. When you worked in your own country, you didn't have too much difficulty because you have the same tradition, culture and background. If there was any difficulty, it must have been emotional disharmony or some other such thing. Working in this country will not be as easy as that. You are in the US, and since people from six and more nations have to work together, you must learn how to get along with each other. Back in your country you have been working on the individual level, but, here, you are representing your nation. You five or six nations together must remember you are working for this nation, but at the same time, representing your own nations.

Since we have nine nations, you have to surmount obstacles of nine boundaries. One thing that is very beneficial for you is that, when you influence members of other nationalities, that means you are influencing those peoples' nations. When you meet people from other nations whom you witness to, you can talk about the fact that we are from so many nations. By telling them what we are doing here, they will know that we are an international group.

Suppose you meet a British man here. You can immediately name one of the British young men and also talk about our movement in Britain. This will convince him more easily. When a British member is impatient and easily irritable, since he is representing his nation, all the rest of the members would think that British men are irritable and easily impatient. If one, of the Austrian members is dull, they would think the same of all Austrians. If even one of you is selfish, then other members will say that Dutch people are selfish. That cannot be helped. You not only represent the present country of Holland, but also your historical past. It you Dutch girls behave well and are so dedicated as to look always strong and happy, then American people and men from other nationalities would think, "If I were to marry at all it would be a Dutch girl." And if Dutch men are very promising and good, then American girls and girls from other nations would think, "If I were to marry at all, I would like to marry a Dutch man."

If we have this number of people who came here, there are many possibilities to contact nieces to ambassadors, sons or grandsons or one of the relatives of the president of the country. The channel is very wide to reach many people of many walks of life, and the number of potential mates is very great.

So, you must really feel that we have a world-wide base or foundation to work on. You can be proud of yourselves being in your twenties. We have to work for the great cause and we must not only represent our nation but the, whole world. We are a handful of people, not only in the worldly sense but also, in the providence of God, but we are representing His great cause.

We are the first group to be trained to be working for the whole world in this great nation of the US. You, also, represent your past ancestry. So you should realize that in the spirit world there are all the ancestors of those people representing the. people in those six nations. They are mobilized in the spirit world in support and aid of us. Your ancestors may be proud of you and can say, "Look at my great-great-great-great-grandson in this movement working so hard." Any of your ancestors will be proud of you. So, you must again realize that you are not alone here: People of your nation and also people in the spirit world will focus their attention on you. What you are doing here, now, will affect your descendants. When they read the history of the past generations and the history of the providence of God, they will know that on the 12th day of February 1973, their ancestors landed in the US to work for the nation in God's providence and to work for the great cause of God's restoration and they will be proud of you. Out of those first trainees, Miss or Mr. was the best worker. They will know that. Not only that, they will know who was the worst one -- who made mistakes and who did things incorrectly. Are you ready to leave a good record here? Or are you going to leave an unwholesome record? Would you leave a wonderful record or an undesirable one?

But it is not so easy as it may sound. The kind of record you are going to leave on this historic occasion will depend on how hard you struggle. You are not here just to idle away your time. You want to work hard enough to influence the people of the US and to further influence the people of the world. When you go to the movies, what kind of movies do you like to see the most? Movies of thrill and suspense, where the suspense comes in a flash and is gone, aren't too interesting. But if the thrill comes frequently and comes again and again, it is most interesting. When things seem to be tantalizing and very exciting and everything is on the verge of life or death, that's what makes the movie interesting. We are history makers. When we plan to leave a good record for future generations, we must put ourselves on the verge of life or death. We must work at the cost of our lives. If you are going to leave such a record, would you rather do it when you are in your 60's or 70's, or would you rather do it when you are in your 20's, when you are young?

Suppose the French members left a record when their members were in their 50's or 60's, and the Germans left a record when they were in their 30's or 40's, and the Dutch left that same kind of record by the members who were still young in their 20's., In whom would we take pride and praise? The Dutch members. It is only natural for the people to praise the young people more than they would the older people. This is because the older people have been doing everything in the worldly sense already. They have lived and done various things and they have experienced the repetition of failure or success. They have joined our movement and have found its value. They have done this much.

But for you young people, you are able to pour out your whole energy so fresh and pure. This is your first passion and first energy which you are pouring into this movement. So you deserve more honor. You must realize that you are lucky to be able to work here while in your 20's -- while you are still young. You must be able to take pride in your youth. Do you understand? [Yes!] We are young and we are doing things for the cause of God. We will burn up our young passion for this cause and we will pour out our energy, our knowledge, and everything we have for this cause.

Holland is a small country compared to the US. This is a huge nation. What is the population of Holland? 13 million. If you were to leave a great deed in your countries, at the best, 13 million people will know of you. But if you set up a great record in this country, not only the people of the US, but, because this is the leading nation of the world, all the people of the world will know you. So, this is a great land and you really will want to work. You know that here in the US there are 120 nationalities mingled together. There are many international political and cultural associations here. For example, there should be something like the American-Dutch association for culture here, because there are all types of international associations here. International relations are woven and interwoven like a spider's web. So, if you move on the axis of everything around you, everything will be set in motion. You can take pride in what you are doing here in this great nation through which you will influence and reach out to the people of the whole world.

Even if they were in the same environment, older people would not feel as much zeal as you young people. I want you to be very zealous and enthusiastic in carrying out your mission here. Even if you don't become famous in a year's time or so, your Master is going to be famous in a year's time -- he is sure of it. Then, because he is the commander-in-chief, if you are entirely obedient to Master, you will deserve the same merit. I am in my 50's, but whom do you think I would rely on, the younger people or on the older people. I rely on and trust you young people. You have bright eyes which are emitting light to shine out to the whole world. You have enthusiasm, zeal and every quality which will enable you to be the future leaders.

I don't know what you have in mind as the ideal person that you would like to be. But I can imagine that my idea of what I am going to make out of you is different from what you are dreaming. Then, are you ready to become what I would have you become, or would you like to become what you have been dreaming of? [Master!] That means that you will have to deny your way of thinking, deny what you are and restart by obeying Master and trying to do what Master would have you do. In doing that, will you be willing or reluctant? I can imagine that there are many different types of people here. Some will complain and grumble on the way and some will be exhausted and unwilling to follow, and others will be lighthearted and happy. Some of you would be very serious and work strenuously to carry out what you have in mind. There will be many different types here. Suppose there are members with whom all people will be pleased. They will all set their hopes on you and watch you. Those kind of people are the promising future leaders. People will praise you, envy you and rely on you. That is a big job.

Now that I have laid the foundation to be conspicuous in the world I want to train you to be the future leaders. I am keenly observing you. First of all, if you are going to be entirely united with me, what I deserve will be yours too. In doing that, I also rely on younger people rather than the older generation. If you think of that, you will realize how precious your youth is. We can decide whether or not a nation will prosper or fall by looking at younger people rather than the older generation. It is not because the president of the country is a wonderful man, that his nation prospers. But more than that, if the young people of the country are promising and brilliant and of high morals, then that nation is going to prosper. Don't you think so? [Yes!] When we look at the young people in the US, what is your opinion? Is this nation going to rise or fall? If they are left as they are, what will happen? There are many hippie people here who are decadent and corrupted, using drugs and having free sex. Do you think this nation would fall or rise? Are you concerned with American youth? Are you going to follow their way?

You must not follow their way. You must be able to turn their way towards a better way, or the right way. Those people in America are the people who are on the satanic side. You should never be influenced by satanic people; you are the sons and daughters of God. You must take pride in what you are and even though this country is huge; if the youth go on being like this, then the nation will be destined to ruin. "If more young people rise from our nation to work for a great task such as this, our country will be far better than yours." You may say that. You may also say, "I am proud of being in the Unified Family, helping to turn the youth here to a better way. In doing that, I will help the whole world in the great providence of God." When you look at Americans from their outward appearance, they may seem better off than you, but you can be proud of yourselves. If you are going to rescue this nation and help this nation to be a better one you must know that you are far better than they are; you can be proud of what you are.

You may be only a handful of young men on the mobile bus team working in this nation; to the eyes of Americans you may look strange or funny, but you are here to save these people and you can be proud of that. And you can tell them in your heart, "I am here for you, you need me. If I leave you as you are, you will be ruined. So, why don't you follow me, and I will make a better man of you, and by doing that I will make a better society in the US." In doing this you must not be pitiful of them and you must not be arrogant, but you must be proud of your being God's children and doing this. You can tell them in your heart, "Because you young people of America are so corrupt, don't you see that your parents, your relatives, and your president are weeping over what you are and what will become of you. But because of the way we live, our descendants will be proud of us. We are entirely different from you." You must keep that dignity as the children of God. If you are confident in what you are doing, those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, will see something attractive, valuable and of untold virtue in you.

I repeat, that you must remember you are in the first group of trainees sent from the many different nations, and this is going to be the first such international activity in the history of the Divine Principle movement. You must be proud of what you are and what you are doing here. This work is the hope of your ancestors, of the past saints, the prophets, and God Himself. They have all been wanting this to happen. God, man, and the whole creation will take delight in watching you do this. Since Adam and Eve fell while they were in their teens, you must be able to restore this whole world -- especially the youth, to a world having nothing to do with sin. I want you to be resolved and determined to work for this great task while you are young and able to restore this world, and to restore the young generation especially, keeping them from falling into corruption. In doing that you can be proud of yourselves. If you set a great record in your work here, you will have set the record on the world wide base and your ancestors and descendants will be proud of you. In the US, not only God, but the people of the US, whether conscious of this or not, have long waited for such a group of people to appear and save this country from the dungeons of corruption. Even nature itself has awaited your arrival. The natural beauty of America will sing in praise of you. In that case you will be in the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall. All the creation will sing in praise of you and all the people around you will trust and rely on you for the future of this country. I want you to be that kind of group to the whole population of this country. I hope and expect that you will be able to set up hope, credit, and good deeds in this historic enterprise, while you are still young.

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