The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Where Are You Bound?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 24, 1973
First International Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Up to this date there have been so many people thinking about where they are destined to go. If you see men of knowledge, men of tradition, men of wealth, you envy them. From what point did they start in the beginning? What did they want to do, that they became that way? We will find many various motives. When you see many people in hardship and struggling, you sometimes imagine from what point a person must have started. What must have been his purpose at the starting point? One may be in quite a successful status, one may be the other way around, but both of them could have been the same or different at the starting point, we don't know. It could be true that the one who is successful now was just nothing at the starting point, while one who is a failure now was a man of position at the starting point. Sometimes we think it is unfair. If his motivation was right and good, he should have succeeded, while, if the motivation was wrong, he should have been a failure. But we cannot tell by just seeing them at the point where they are right now. One who is a success now may be a failure in the end -- while the other, who is seemingly a failure, can become successful in the end.

In light of general judgment, we can well say that one who started the course from good motivation must win the goal in success, while the other who started the goal from evil motivation or purpose must end up in evil. If that is not true, we must define that goodness is not something that is eternal. In a word, we can define a good person as unchanging and an evil person as changing and vacillating all the time. The original mind of humankind is to start with the things which we think are good and keep on doing those things -- not changing and vacillating in the course of time. If there be any God at all, He would be on the side of good, trying to make His career a success. Then, what is the "End of Days" or "Last Days"? The history of good and evil have barely passed a crossing point, and from now on, the real goodness and evil will be separated. What will come out of them? What is good must be lifted up high, while what is bad or evil must decline. We can reach that conclusion. But the people in the world can never define which is good and which is bad according to the truest standard.

Hitherto, people had thought Democracy was on the side of God. But people are gradually thinking about the possibility of Communism being better than Democracy. The general idea of man still is that Communism is something evil. Democracy has many defects and disadvantages in it, but it is still on the side of good. What makes the other people think that Communism is better than Democracy? Up to the present moment the people of Democracy have thought that Democracy must be strong to fight against evil. Good must be something stronger than the evil force. But now they find that Democracy is somehow very weak and they struggle to fight against the evil power. There seems to be no possibility of their winning over the evil ideology. On the other hand, the evil power of Communism is seemingly stronger than democracy. That brings about confusion and chaos. If God is there, and God is ultimate and absolute Goodness, and if He is omnipotent, He must make good win over evil, so why does He leave it as it is?

Man's desire throughout human history has been to have goodness win over evil. He has believed that whatever the condition he may be in, if he struggles at the cost of his life for goodness, he will win over evil in the end. That's what made men strong enough to fight through their lives, even though they may have had to go through untold difficulty. That kind of action has been left in historical record. In Democracy we think highly of goodness and righteousness, but if an evil power should attack you and you are at the verge of life or death; if the evil force were to put a sword at your neck and ask you if you will go on like this -- threaten you by saying, "If you go on like this I will cut your head off," could you [with the ideology of Democracy] be so strong as to go and do what you think is right?

In the U. S., which is the leading Democratic nation, all the people want to live in Democracy and freedom, but when Democracy is endangered, how many people would want to die fighting the attacking force? As I understand it, here in the U.S., policemen think their lives are so dear, they don't like to fight against gangsters, because in doing that, there is a possibility of their being killed. They are not fighting on the side of good at the cost of their lives. That means that if there be any stronger power than Democracy, even though it may be evil, they are willing to be defeated, because their lives are so dear to them. If in the other force the people come at the cost of their lives, the people on this side are apt to be defeated. If, in the other ideology, or other force, the ruling class of people would force the people under them to fight against this force and they come in unity and in oneness, the people under Democracy are apt to be defeated by that power. Before the threat of your life, the people in Democracy are apt to surrender to the evil force -- even the State Secretaries and the President -- maybe they want to survive -- live on -- even though they may have to surrender to the evil force -- that's what it is in Democracy. On the other hand, in the evil world, if they go in harmony and unification and as a strong, unified force, and they believe what they are doing is right, in that case that power will win over the other.

In the Communist world, even though they think that what they are doing is evil, they have to do that, they are forced t do it. They are doing things at the cost of their lives -- even though they may be on the verge of death. In this Democratic world, people, though they think what they are doing is good, they are not willing to go to the point of death. Then, which power will be triumphant over the other in the end? The evil force! It is because there is evil force all around that Jesus told his people to be so brave as to lay down their lives in doing things for the sake of good. Only people who are doing that can win over the evil force. Also in the present days this is so. Otherwise there is no way to win over evil.

If there be any group of people in the world now who will volunteer for this job and who will fight on at the cost of their lives, that group must be the strongest in the whole world and God will set His hope in that group. That's more than clear, but when we look closely into ourselves, are we really devoted to that cause and are we really qualified to be members of that group? How do you find things? If that group is ours, if that place is here, what would happen? After awhile some of you may say to yourselves, "Well, I have only one life to live, why do I have to go through such struggles and hardships? I want to enjoy my life. I am in the prime of my youth and I just hate to live spending my youth in such bitterness." On the other hand, some others may think that it is worthwhile living in this way, "I have one life to give and I will put my whole life in this business for this cause. That will make my life a valuable one." To which group do you want to belong? Those who want to idle away their time and enjoy their lives -- or the people who want to die for a great cause and take it as a valuable life? [The second!]

Then, where are we destined to go? There are many forces around you waiting to drag you back: your friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, parents, clan and your nation. There isn't much power trying to push you forward or back you up. What are you going to do? You are now in the U.S., with great hope, but after a while you will get homesick. This huge land will seem to you to be barren fields, you will feel all alone and feel lonely, you will miss your parents and your brothers and sisters and your friends. What will you do? Sometime later you will think, "Oh, it usually takes a lifetime to change a fallen family to a prosperous one and this man says he is confident to make this whole world turn upside down during his lifetime. He is crazy, I cannot believe him." You will be faced with that. In the course of time, if you enjoy your life, if you dance, eat good things, wear good clothes, that may be soothing, but if Master drives you out into the field and what you hear is only battle cries, can you stand that? You will find that he, the Devil, will have to slap you on the cheek and kick you in the back because this is the battlefield. Would you be happy or appalled? There may be one who would like to turn away, but he will turn around and come back.

With me you may have faith and have confidence, but later on your boss will be the mobile team commander -- an American man on each mobile team and you will say to yourselves, "I came because I know Master is a great man and he is going to lead me to the goal of goodness. I knew that and that's why I came, but this man is not quite that way, and he commands me all the time and he is not really qualified; he tells me to do this and that; sometimes he chastises me and disciplines me according to his own way, but I don't agree with him in this and that." Then, what would you do? More than that, you will find among the mobile team members those who are weaker and in many ways less then you and sometimes you have to serve them, and they are more experienced people and they are in the leading position and you have to obey them. You will hate the idea of your having to obey them.

When you go out to meet the people in the outside world, you will be faced with more difficulty. If you are going to meet 100 people, you must be sure you are going to be faced with 100 difficulties. If you are out to complain against those people, you cannot dream of going away. Isn't that true? "From what I heard from Master," you may think, "well, it is all right, we cannot belong to the Communist world and we are not quite willing to go on living the way they do in the Democratic world. We have to do something to make this world a better one and a world of goodness under God. That's why I am here. But I am not quite strong enough to do that. May I go back to my own country? I am not quite brave enough to be a soldier, so may I go back?" All those things will come to your mind. Then, you are forced to go this way. You find no other way to go than this way -- this path.

Some may think, "I think I have to leave now. I want to marry a worldly man or a worldly woman according to the worldly standard." Go on and do that. You will find yourself in utter misery. Some may say to themselves, "I hate to see these people. They are too strong in so many ways! I want to conceal myself in some small village." But our team will visit from corner to corner and you are destined to meet our group. We have one of those cases in England: there is a Japanese boy who had been so many years in the movement and he somehow felt like running from our movement. But finally he came to England and on the street, he was witnessed to by our British members. He had to come back, and now belongs to the English Family.

When you feel low and gloomy, you may think it is foolish to do this work in this movement, but why don't you look back at your own brothers and sisters in this movement. Are they fools to have joined this movement? Have they been doing all these things for nothing? Are they at all more foolish than you? No! They're bright people. Master, too, he is not a foolish man at all. He is good at everything. If he felt like escaping from this Providence, he would have done that long ago. If he had done that, he wouldn't have to put you through such difficulties. Do you think it is an easy job to gather and call these people from the European countries and train them? He has only a handful of people from each nation who don't speak English well enough to be understood very easily. They are quite young in the movement; have various inclinations and dispositions and various family backgrounds. How can I train you to be Unified Soldiers, to fight against the evil force? The great nation of the U.S. has not been able to do it. The strong force of Communism has not quite done that. Am I going to do that with this small number of people from various backgrounds? [YES!] Your faith will save you. Normally speaking, that cannot be possible.

I have spent the best part of my life doing this and in doing this I have always consulted with God. In the worldly sense, I am not a successful man, but I have the greatest of all the powers because I believe that under me there are men that are ready to die for me because they believe that what I am doing is for the sake of God and for the world. Are you sure of that? If so, hold up your hands. In doing that, I am not going to force you to do that or make you do that by violence. You are willing to do that, I am sure. From my part, too, if I had found any way to run away and be saved, I would have done that, but like the fish trying to swim away but is still in the ocean, I am like that.

Do you really imagine or believe that Master is going this way because he is all willing and happy to do this? [YES!] Thank you, but I have my gloomy days and low hours, too. That's not because I am discouraged, but because I find that I have not quite influenced you to go the right way and because I have not quite done that amount of work in time, but I feel the urgency of having to do this work in time. I know too well that after a certain period of time this world will be one under God and I've got to make it in my lifetime, even though sometimes I feel like running away from my job. I know too well that in the spirit world, after I die, all the spirit men will accuse me of not having been able to accomplish my mission and having thus nullified God's dispensation, while God trusted me and laid everything in my hands. While I know all those facts too well, I cannot help but go this way. Master knows that if he is a failure, in the future his descendants and the future population of the world will scoff at him and, knowing that our ideology is the leading one -- being from God -- they will somehow be able to unify the whole world under this ideology and they will scoff at me and say that I was a failure -- being the founder I was a failure and I will be put to shame. The future generations, who will have established the Kingdom of God on Earth -- which will surely be done -- and will have gone to the Heavenly Kingdom of God ... when they see him down somewhere, they will point at him and they will say, "That's Mr. Moon, that's him." How will I feel? We sometimes feel like accusing Adam and Eve in the spirit world, for their having been a failure. Don't you feel like doing that? The same would happen with me if I were a failure.

I respect God, love God, but I fear God also. I fear the people around me having to accuse me of being a failure. So, I have got to go and I have got to make this project a success. Fear will surge into my mind if I think of that. That's what makes me or forces me to go this way. If I've got to go, I want to go in happiness and zeal; then one of my burdens is how to drag you people who are not willing to go with me -- to follow me. That is the most difficult problem.

On my belt there are many, many things dangling down. One bottle of bitter medicine, one bottle of sweet things, a club, a rod, a needle for acupuncture. For those who get sick I have to give them bitter medicine to be cured; for those who are discouraged I have to give them sweet things to be cured; for those who are idling away their time, I have to prick them with a rod or with a club; for those who are dozing or slumbering, I have to give them the needle and awaken them. You are apt to misunderstand me. You want to have sweet things, but I will give you bitter things, because I want to cure you. I know your disease. Sometimes when you don't want to be beaten, I will beat you and you will be appalled and there are many such possibilities ahead of me in leading you. I have done that through my life until my age of 53. At 53 a man's life is beyond the peak. But he knows on the spiritual level he is descending right now, but for another peak he is destined to go. He is a man who would walk with his feet on the ground but looking up at another peak, while there is a valley below. He is going down into the valley, so when he looks up he will find Heaven, the next peak, higher and higher. He will be in the valley of despair. More than that, the people he is guiding will be like that and in that case as the general, he has to kick them to be awakened and have them gather new strength to climb up the peak. If he would let them alone, they could collapse right there in the depths of the valley. Then, the general must kick them or beat them or shoot them or else they would not gather the courage to climb up another peak. If he would leave them there in the valley, they would remain in Hell. But if they would begin to climb up and die there, they would be headed for Heaven. Would you like me to leave you alone in the valley of death? Or to stimulate you to climb up to the peak so that you can have the Kingdom of Heaven? On the battlefield if I have to kick you or tread on you, would you mind? [NO!] That will happen, I am serious. Are you sure you will try to go up or will you escape down and down to the depth of the valley and slip away? However difficult it may be for you, you have got to at least try to climb up. Maybe I will have to fasten a rope under your arm and with those ropes in my hand I will climb up ahead of you and on the peak, I will pull you to make you gain the top. Would you want me to do that? [YES!]

Where to go is not only your question, your problem, but mine also. Sometime ago there was a seemingly vague future in our movement, but now you have seen the crops, you have seen how much we have gained. You know that what we are doing is something that will last through eternity. So, you are wise to follow me. In this world even the president of a nation will last four years at the best -- or eight years if he is re-elected. After that, he would be just like any other man. In this world, when a president or any man of authority is retired, he is a lonely man -- he has not had as many visitors as he used to have. But in my case, when I retire, there will be more and more visitors who will come to see me. Why is this so? If the people of the world really know the value of this truth, the ultimacy of this ideology, they will want to meet me face to face before my death. So, the older I get, the more people will want to see me while I am on earth -- so I will have more and more visitors all through my life. Isn't that true? When I think of that, I think I am quite a successful man. Don't you, national leaders, have this kind of thought? I think that if I visit your country, you want to put me in the best possible house. You want to buy the best car for me and take me to wonderful places. You want to do everything in your power. Aren't you that way? I am the kind of person whom you would want to stop from going away. You want to have me with you, while in many other cases, if you have guests, you would want to have them leave you after awhile. In that too, I think I am a successful man. Don't you think so? But if you look back at my past history, I have not gone through that kind of stage, being welcomed by everyone, being received by everyone, but I have gone through persecutions and difficulties. Everyone shunned me, turned away from me, hated to see me and called me names. I have gone through that stage of life. Some perhaps thought that there were reasons for my having to go through such difficulties and persecution. "He must be a bad man or must be doing wrong things or his ancestry must be evil." They can possibly think that, too. At that time those who persecuted me looked down upon me, at best with merciful eyes, looking down upon me. But they had found Mr. Moon going up and up like this and they're down here looking up at him. Now you can see that. You are now in that stage and can start from it.

Where are you bound? Where are you going from this point? Upward. Are you ready to climb up the mountain? In going up, are you going to go up in a zigzag way or straight up? [STRAIGHT UP!] You are impatient, you want to take a short-cut and go the straight way. But after awhile you will find that this is the steepest way and you will be faced with a wall-like thing in front of you. Then, what will you do? Looking down you will get dizzy and looking up there is too much there, like a steep rock. What will you do, you can neither go up nor down. Then, you must stop and think. Looking down you feel dizzy, so you have got to look up and try to think which way you can reach the peak. Looking around, you will find some root of a tree or some pointed edge of a rock to hold on to. You wonder if there is any crack between the rocks. You find a big tree but it's beyond your reach. However, you will imagine that if the tree is as big as that, the root must be very strong and perhaps has been spread out, and one of the roots may be near you. If you find the root set behind the rock, making a crack, then you must know how to make a fire and you may be so wise as to burn that wood and there you can make coal. You can even learn a lesson from a spider which may be there. You can even put a fine thread on the hip of that spider and he will carry it up and if he comes down the second time, you will do the same in such a way that he will carry many fine threads up and set it on an edge of the rock high up somewhere. God will help you somehow. You can even utilize the insects, the frogs you find there and if they are there, they are for you. Anything and everything there is for you. I cannot imagine his imagination [Mrs. Choi]. In the face of death, you may perhaps have to carve out a pound of flesh from your leg, fasten a rope around it and throw it up to one of the rocks up there. An eagle will come and try to carry it away and in doing that, he will have that piece of meat on the peak of the mountain and after eating the meat, the rope will be there behind the edge of one of the rocks. There will be ways open, if you struggle hard to find one. While you are on the verge of life or death, you must never be excited, angry or disappointed. But you calm down in deep meditation and intensity of nerve and you can ask Father, consult with Him, or meditate within yourself for wisdom and you will be given that. Prayer comes last. You must try to help yourself for wisdom and then God will be there. In that case you have got to be bound for the height of the mountain. If you try to slip down, you are done for -- there will be no way. But if you try to go upward, there will be ways open to you. If you think that it is more than what you can do, stop there and think. Think in a more difficult way -- you try in a more difficult way than the difficulty and then you will get over that.

You say that you are in the prime of your youth -- but as I see it, you have at best seven years or more of youth, and then very possibly the young people will spend so much time contemplating what to do and in doing that, they idle away all their prime time -- so it is wise for you to find the great leader, and then by following him, you will make your life a success. So far I have paved the way for you and many past religious saints and leaders have shown their effort and have struggled. Now you are safe to follow me and you are going to make your lives a success and will be recognized by all humanity and by God.

We have many examples back in Korea, in the early days of our movement, of some people who considered themselves wise and thought it would be wise for them to leave this movement, for some time at least, because they found it was so difficult for them to go this way. They thought they would leave the movement and would come back when we have paved the way and at the end they would be saved. They hated to go through all the persecution and hardships, but after awhile they found that our movement was successful. They didn't imagine that our movement would be so successful in such a short amount of time. However, during that time, the people whom they thought were foolish in going on, following the way, were successful and became president of such and such an association, president or boss of a factory, the director of a church organization, etc., and were even welcomed and received with hospitality by dignitaries. The ones who left became more and more ashamed to come back. Even their parents, their relatives would be scornful of them, pointing out those successful people and would tell them: "Look, they are so successful in that movement! What kind of a man are you? " It's an evil thing to betray the movement if it is in difficulty. So, they would be accused of that. That's not the problem of other people, but the problem of you, yourselves. What will become of us ten years from now is going to be beyond your imagination....

With that in mind you have to decide, and when you decide you must be resolved to go this way at the cost of your lives, at the cost of everything. When you have decided that you are going toward this goal you must plan how to go. Do you want to make a roundabout way, once or twice in the course? You will be doing that many times, in your head at least. Will you do that at all? How can I trust you? Are you sure I can trust you? [YES!] Once you have decided to go through this way, you must set your goal at the same point and then you must plan how to go. How are you going to go the way? Are you going to vacillate or turn away? Then after awhile you feel that you must come back. In that way are you going to make a roundabout path? You will be doing that at least in your mind. Are you sure you are not that way? Some of you answered yes! I can trust only a few people out of you. Even in your mind you will never make that roundabout thing. Are you sure? [YES!]

On the mobile team you must know that you must earn your own livelihood. There is no financial support from Headquarters. Is there any army in the world like that? Self-supporting in the battlefield? We are the first examples of such kind and perhaps in the future I will command the mobile teams to raise money and to send some portion of the money back to Headquarters. In that case are you going to be discouraged and complain? We are in such an armed service where the soldiers have to raise money and send a portion of that to the rear-line. Is there an army like that anywhere in the world? You are going to be the first example of such an army, and we will more than win the whole war.

Even in the Communistic army they are financially supported. They are given food, clothing, arms -- but I am going to use you, trying to get money out of you. Are you ready to follow that kind of a leader? You must be crazy people. I am sure you know that, if I am going to do that at all, I am not going to do that for my own sake. I have everything with me to support myself. I have earned quite a sum of money on which I can live all through my life. Some 13 million dollars I have earned. With that, I can lead a well-to-do life. That money I have deposited in the bank, but I have bought land for you to use in the future for international training centers to be built and I have established factories to make more money for the movement. When I am telling you to make your own livelihood and even send back some of the money to Headquarters, I am not doing that for my sake, you well know that I am going to do that for the sake of saving the world. Even dictators like Hitler, when he utilized the people, he had to financially support them. Even Stalin had to financially support the people when he used them. But here I am, as the leader of this group, and I am going to use you by being paid! In that case I am the only example of that in the whole world in all human history. Am I not? Still, do you want to follow me? [YES!]

Frankly speaking, you are going to be faced with difficulty and hardships -- and if you are not willing to go this way, you can wrap up your belongings and go away. Do you still want to follow me? [YES] That is what you, yourselves, have said. Do you mean what you said? Then how are you going to go the way, slowly or at full speed? [FULL SPEED] Are you ready to be defeated or to win? [WIN!] Even among yourselves there will be competition. While other members on the mobile team will want to sleep eight hours, how many hours are you ready to sleep? Seven hours? Five hours? When I ask you seven hours, six hours, you say, "Yes!" Five hours, "Maybe!" Four hours, "Well There may be one who can go with three hours' sleep. You will be defeated by him and you will try to win over him by sleeping only two hours and 59 minutes, and you will be the victor over the other person.

Suppose you are hungry and feel like eating, but at the moment someone calls you before you have your breakfast. Who will win? Those who will dash out to the battlefield without having a meal, or those who will stay there to have breakfast? Your commander may have to tell you not to eat sitting at the table, but to eat standing with just a plate in your hand and just stuff it into your mouth in an instant. What would you do? That team will win over the others. Some of you may complain and call your commander names, saying: "What a man!" He has no appetite to sleep, he has no appetite for anything good, and he commands us to do bitter things. How can I stand him? His eyes must be different from others. He doesn't have a wink of sleep all through the night; his stomach must be made of iron, which doesn't shrink back when he is hungry." The more your commander is bitter toward you, the better he is -- by training you in this way, he will have your team win over others. Then your eyes will be distracted looking at other teams, and you would want to belong to other teams where they have milder and sweeter commanders. Would you want to do that? Where are you going? The conclusion is to belong to the mobile team where the commander is such a harsh man as to drive you that way!

Never at all dream of living easy and satisfied on the teams. For at least several years you must be ready to clad yourself in rags and feed yourself with humble food and drive yourself out to the battlefield, to fight hard. You will have no time to make up your face, no rouge, no manicure, and you will be told that you got thinner, your skin lost its sheen. Will that be all right? It is your custom to take a bath everyday, but on the mobile team you may not be able to have frequent baths. In that case, like Master did in the prison, you have to wet your towel, wring it and wipe yourself. In the jail there was no water to wet his towel, but there was a cupful of water given to him -- he was also thirsty to drink it, but the jailer had to take away the cup right after he had drunk it, so he had to drink it and leave some in the cup and with the mouthful of water, he would wet the towel. What you are going to go through is far better than what he had to go through in the prison. Then will you be all right without having a frequent bath? Well, don't you see the tigers living in the deep mountainside? They are so beautiful all the time. Do they take baths every day? They don't know; of such a thing as a bath, but they remain beautiful. Once they appear with a roar resounding throughout the mountains the other animals will shrink back trembling before them. The young tigers, when they grow, will become regular tigers. In following me, I want you to resemble me. I want you to go through what I have gone through. Do you think you have to rest, sleep on a bed? [NO!] You must sleep on the hard cement floor, sometimes. That's too luxurious maybe for you -- you must sleep in the jostling van. You are from well-to-do families and you have many places to go, you are welcomed and received by everyone else, but in this group you have to go through this bitterness. But, still, do you like that? Are you saying what you mean? [YES!]

On the first of February there will come strangers from many mobile teams to choose some out of you and take you back to their mobile teams. You will be sent to the mobile teams where strangers will have command over you. Living together, doing things together, if you try to find fault with each other, there will be many such things. There will be instructions going out and reports coming in to the Headquarters and we will know clearly how you are doing and in what manner you are performing there. You may be quarreling with each other on the mobile team -- and the very man you fought against, who knows, may be your spouse in the future. The one you most disliked may have to become your spouse. In matchmaking, my plan is to put people of two extreme ends together. Bear this in mind, if you find one whom you feel like hating most -- think that, in the future, that very person is going to be your spouse. That's possible, I am serious. Master is a strange person, how can that happen? Still he has that kind of plan in mind. Are you still ready to go in this way? [YES!]

Instead of "Where are we going?" now our subject is "There, we are ready to go." Are you determined to do that? There can be many ways in treading on the road. You can jump, you can dash forward, you may be going in a crippled way, but still you want to go. Even though you may have to tumble or go upside down or jump on one foot, you can go. Are you sure of that? Then where to go is no problem -- it's solved. We will go this way. You promised me. Can I trust you?

After having sent you out on different mobile teams, do you want me to visit your teams on the front-line? On that day you may expect me to buy you something to eat because you are hungry, buy you something to put on because you are in rags. Would you expect me to do that? [NO!] Would you want me to drive you even harder there? Don't ever expect me to do anything sweet to you on the front-line when I meet you. Still, would you want me there? It's easy to answer. Now, I think I can trust you. But somewhere in the future if you feel like resting or if your mind vacillates like this, you must think of today and I told you that I have gone through all those things myself, so you don't have to worry about that. It's already been tested. I have paved the way for you. On your part you have just to obey me and you will win the goal. I have thought of all those things. I have tested all those things and I have found that this is the only way for any human being to go. That's what I have done so far. So, if you do things in obedience to me, you are sure to win the goal. Once you vacillate, that will harm not only yourself but other people, too. I have many such experiences. Not that I have vacillated, but if I had thought and planned a slightly wrong way, then in order for me to restore it, it would take hours of strenuous prayer, and days and weeks and months of hard struggle to restore that. Whatever a situation you may have to go through in the future, take it as a challenge and interpret it in this way. You may be repaying the debt which your ancestors have made. You may have to go through indemnity in order that more grace be given in the future. You may be going through indemnity for the sake of other people. What you have gone through will be yours to be saved for your future descendants to use. It will be inherited by your future descendants. I hope my talk today will be helpful in making your decision.

The lectures on the Divine Principle will end either today or tomorrow morning, and you will have a test. On the second of February, Master and his party are going to leave for San Francisco, where he has many things to do, and then right after his departure, the next day your national leaders will leave for your own nations. On the first, we will send you out on the mobile teams. I hope you are grown-up enough in the Divine Principle to be separated from your parents, your leaders, and from now on you are going to be one with your commanders and your brothers and sisters on the mobile team. And I hope that you will carry out your mission on the mobile teams in perfect harmony with the members there.

Since I am here with you, training you, encouraging you with everything, back in Korea and in so many other nations, our members are focusing their attention on what you are doing and praying for your activities on the mobile teams, so you are of the greatest concern to those people, so please remember that and be good examples on the mobile teams. That will, reversely, stimulate those people and encourage them to know that you are doing international, worldwide work. While you are on the battlefield, in the front-line, I have equally many things, important things to be settled and done by myself on the rear-line, as the Chief Commander. So, you must remember that I am working as hard as you are. After the victory is won, we will tell our stories in happiness and with good memories, and after you have won a certain victory, you can be shifted, and with all those things in mind, I want you to fight really hard because I am fighting even harder in the rear-line.

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