The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Change Of Blood Lineage (III)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 21, 1973
First International Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Good morning. In going through the way of restoration by indemnity we do that in many ways but the final one is the transition of blood lineage. At the time of the human Fall there were four personages or beings related to one another: God, Adam, Eve and the Archangel. God did not cause any Fall, but those original trinities were shifted to another one because of the Fall, so actually four.

God created man in order to make him His abode, a shelter for God to live in. In other words, God was the internal being and man was the external being. When we say that God is Father and man is His son, His child, in other words: God is the subject and men are in the objective position; and still in another sense, God is in the position of Master and men are in the position of His subjects -- His people -- His servants -- a master-servant relationship. The human desire is to reach God or become like Him -- to become God Himself. God, being above us and ourselves being below Him, we are sort of in the relationship of master and servant, so, this man in the position of servant wants to go up, to reach God and be God -- to place himself in the position of God. If, in that case, God would deny that, there would arise a question, a problem. So, God had a pre-knowledge of man's desire -- this desire of man. He wanted to give man everything he wanted; so, He put man in the position of His outer self, while He was in the position of man's inner self.

Man, being the incarnation of God as Logos, if God would have abided in man, those two are on a parallel level. If you are in the position of a son, you would want to have all that your father has. If he is a loving father to you at all, he wouldn't refuse if you would want to have those things. Out of all the Creation in God's possession, the most valuable thing is the creativity of man. So, His son, man, would want God to give him the power of creativity. So, God gave man His creativity, and that is seen in the power of man's multiplication. When we have our own children, we experience the same joy that God had experienced at the creation of man. When all this is done, it means that God had given us everything in His possession. With all those things in mind, we can well claim, protest, that we are on the parallel line with God -- we are the same as God.

This is a sort of revolutionary phrase. No theologian and not a single Christian in the whole world has been able to give us this comment or this opinion. They always thought that God was up, far above them, and always holy, sacred and out of reach -- while man was far below Him, miserable and evil.

God, being in the father's position, would like us to love one another -- spouses and parents and children. If you are in the position of parents, would you like your children to love one another, love their spouses and love their children? Would you like to see that happen? For instance, if there was an enemy to that father but that enemy had a deep love for those children of his, the feeling of hostility toward that enemy would melt away. That could happen. So, love alone can eradicate hostility. No power, no violence can bring about forgiveness -- but love alone can do that. So, our ideal is to realize the ultimate love.

In the act of love, when we can love the individual, we are doing that on the level of the individual. But if you love a family, you are on the level of the family in performing the act of love. If you can love the whole nation, you are loving on the level of nation and when you can love the whole world, you are doing that on the level of the whole world. And if you love God, you will have loved all and everything and you will have gone beyond all the levels. In the greatest love, you have a free pass to go beyond any boundary -- like a passport. That's the secret. Isn't that true? That's why God, in fighting against Satan, would do that centered on love.

If anyone can love the person whom God would love, he can participate in the performance of love. In the Old Testament Age, when people had to offer sacrifices, God had to love what was on the right side alone. God would love the people on the right side and by doing that He would widen the scope until He reached the nationwide level -- where He chose the nation of the Israelites. The Israelites are in the position of the wild olives to be engrafted to the original one. These wild olives are under God. The other wild olives, those in the Satanic world, belong to Satan -- even though the people there are in the same position of wild olives. Their master is Satan while the master of the chosen nation of Israel is God.

Why are those two parties divided? If those two parties were still one like this, when God would want to cut those wild olive trees to be engrafted to the original, true olive, they would be afraid. So, God had already divided those two, engrafting the wild olives to the true one. There would be no question. Here God could exercise His power whether He would cut those trees or not -- there is no question. But if He comes here and does that before the two parties are separated, a question might arise. Do you know that clearly? If you are vague about that I cannot go on. Are you sure that is clear? Would you like me to say it again?

To start with Jacob, he was the first victor. With him as the center, the tribal level was developed into the next level and still the next level of the nation. Thus, the chosen nation of the Israelites came about. That nation was entirely separated from Satan. They were on God's side. So, by restoring those people, God, fighting the final winning battle, found the central figure and the Messiah, the true olive, and engrafted the wild olive to the true olive, as branches are engrafted to a tree. God can freely cut those wild olives to be engrafted to the true olive. In the other world, if God should do that a problem would arise and they would come to fight against God. So, God temporarily left the Satanic world and worked with those who developed the Providence of Restoration in the world under God through the chosen nation of the Israelites. If I have to repeat, these people are in the position of the wild olives on the Satanic side. We can call them the archangels on the Satanic side. The people as wild olives under God (belonging to God) can be called the archangelic world under God.

Since God created archangels first before the creation of any other thing, He is first of all going to restore the archangelic world into the original one. At the time of the human Fall the disobedience of the archangel caused the Fall, so now God is going to make the archangelic world into archangels who are obedient. Only after God created the archangels did He create man. So, in the course of re-creation, also, God would like to have the archangels' position restored. After doing that, He will be able to restore or re-create His own children. In other words, God wanted to restore one nation -- the nation in the archangelic position -- before restoring the nation in Adam's position. To that nation, He was going to send the person of the Second Adam, or the Messiah, as the true olive tree.

The person representing the true olive must be of a different blood lineage. In him the nature and degree of love must be different as well -- a difference similar to that between master and servant. Do you understand? The people are in the servant's position while the Messiah is in the subject position -- the Master's position. But due to the human Fall these two powers have been fighting each other. In the course of restoration, however, God want to harmonize and unify these two powers. In restoring the people God would accomplish this. The archangels existed before the creation of man. They ministered to God and advised Him in the course of the creation of man. In the course of re-creation, God wants the archangel to help His son, while still in the mother's womb, before birth. Like those Israelite people, they must be cooperative with God, hoping and wanting the Messiah to be sent in love. The Israelite people, therefore, should have prepared for the coming of the Messiah in consultation and cooperation with God, and should have done everything for the coming of the Messiah. Upon meeting the Messiah, they should have ministered to him in love and happiness.

This is a relationship similar to that of the archangel and Adam. The Messiah is the fruit of Abel and these people are the fruit of Cain. In the beginning the archangel should have obeyed Adam. If we put the Messiah in Abel's position and the people in Cain's position, in the beginning Cain should have obeyed Abel and the Israelite people should have obeyed the Messiah. But there was a barrier between the Messiah and the Israelites, making it difficult for them to obey the Messiah or to reach him. Before the human Fall, Abel and Cain were on the side of God. Both the archangel and Adam were under God. Both came out of God. But after the Fall, the archangel was out of Satan. He is the restored being here, but his starting point was from Satan. He had to come back from Satan. The starting points of these two are different. Isn't that true? So, in the Providence of Restoration those two must have the same starting point. Then, for whom was the archangel created? The archangel was created for the sake of Adam -- in order to realize the ideal of God. The ideal being God's love, the archangel should have loved God and by his loving both God and Adam, he could have become one with them. Because of illicit love, the blood lineage was stained or shifted to a different one, so in the course of re-creation or restoration, the blood lineage must be shifted back. So, centered on the Messiah, they must be united into one. That means it is inevitable that God has to cut those olive trees -- the Israelites -- and engraft them to the true olive. By engrafting those in the archangel's position into the tree of Adam without the Fall, they can be united into one with Adam without the stained blood lineage. In that way they will become one and enjoy the same father in purity. Do you understand so far?

Then, what must be done to make the action of engrafting possible? What would you do first? Separation. Separation in what way? To separate means to cut. Simple, we have to cut those, wild olive trees. Where do you cut the wild olive? Cut away the leaves? Trunk? You have to cut the trunk, barely leaving the root. If man is in the position of the tree of the wild olive, where would you cut him? Are man's legs the root part? If you stand upside down you look like a tree. You may leave your head and cut away all your body. Then what would happen if your neck is cut apart from your head? You will die? If you are ready to die by having your head cut off -- if the Messiah's head was to be put on your body -- what would happen? It is similar to engrafting. You will go through the operation of having the Messiah's head replace yours. After that, who do you become? You no longer are yourself, but you are the Messiah. You will think, speak, act in the same way as Jesus does. You will always think about God and act in the way God wishes you to do. All your thoughts and actions will be in accordance with God's will. God would have multiplied so many people like the Messiah in such a way that the whole world would become like God. In that case you are in the position of the Messiah, so you can say that in you is running purified blood and you are under God's lineage. And that's what makes the Restoration Providence possible.

Originally, God could not put the archangel in the position of His son. Only by bringing him under the same lineage can you put him in the son's position. Do you understand? Nothing else could help in this case. No words can purify him. No other way but by engrafting -- cutting away the major part and engrafting him to the original olive tree. This is what has to be done. For fallen men in the archangel's position to be sons of God there can be no other way than to cut away the less important part and engraft them to the true olive tree -- the Messiah. Is this clear? So, do you need the Messiah or not? How important is the Messiah for you? More important than your head -- than your whole being! That's why Jesus said that if you are going to follow him, you have to deny yourself. He meant that you must cut away what you have been. Those who want to die will gain their lives. Those who want to gain their lives will lose them.

Then, who is going to cut off the head of the people? In the time of Jesus who was supposed to do that? Jesus? Then, we can say that Jesus, the Savior, came to the world to decapitate people. That was the mission of Jesus! It sounds funny, doesn't it? Could that be actually so? Could that be the Messiah's mission? In actuality, if that had to be done, who should have cut off the head of the people instead of Jesus? The sinners themselves should have done that! The first man, Adam, caused the Fall, and he himself fell, so you in the position of fallen Adam must cut yourself. Doesn't that sound logical?

People say that they believe in God and the Messiah for the sake of God, for the sake of the Messiah, but ultimately they are doing that for their own sake. You believe in the Divine Principle, believe in God, believe in the True Parents. But whom are you doing that for? For yourselves, in the ultimate sense. So, if you are going to work here, don't ever think you are doing that for the sake of God or for our Master. You are doing what you are doing for your own sake. You say that you are going to work for this nation, but ultimately you are going to work for your own selves. Everything that you are doing is connected with yourselves -- with us. You can say that for your own salvation, for your own good, God, Master, all the members, all the people are in cooperation with you. While the people must work for the sake of God and for the sake of the Messiah, both of them, on their part, want to work for the sake of man. God is there for the sake of men, and the Messiah is there working for the sake of the people. After going beyond the stage of the Fall, by being restored into the original position, only then can they really say that they are working for the sake of God and the Messiah. We can conclude, therefore, that Christians of the world not having been able to go beyond that boundary should not say that they are working for the sake of God, for the sake of the Messiah. Up to the present moment, no Christian has ever know this fact. Unless you are beyond that boundary, you are always indebted to God, to the Messiah, to the past saints and to the helpers around you. Isn't that true?

So, even though you may be in the position of the leader, you cannot have your members under you just obey you unconditionally, ordering them to do this or that. With those people under you, you can play the role of the commander or the leader. Those people made you their leader, so in order to keep your position as a qualified leader you must come down to the level of your members, serve them, be recognized and served by them, They as well as you are in the position of fallen men and you are made the leader above them, so you are indebted to them in a way. In order to repay them you must come down to them and serve them. Only by serving them can you qualify to be their leader. If you take yourself too dearly, wanting them to serve you alone, then you will become the Second Satan.

In Romans, Chapter 8 it is said that all the Creation groans in travail together, waiting for the day in which they can dominate themselves. The resurrection of man will be through his acquiring the power to dominate himself. Only after going through that boundary can we control ourselves. Before that you cannot advocate your own selves. So, in the path of faith, those who will persevere to the last will win and become the victors. If you want to put yourself in the higher position, you must be able to return all glory, all praise, to God. Do you understand that? As to the blessed couples, until you have restored the whole nation under God, you are not really qualified to be served by others. You must be able to interpret anything and everything in view of the Divine Principle. Everything taking place in our group will be done in the light of the Divine Principle and in accordance with the Divine Principle. If you have a hole in the wall of such size and shape you must fix it with the same size and shape. That's why Jesus said, "I came not to be served, but to serve." In fact, he came to be served, but in order to teach the people, he said that. Is that clear to you? Master, too, is in the position to serve you and to help the world be restored. Until he has restored the whole world he will not be able to enjoy his glory. But you are still in the stages lower than the Master. You must be well aware of that fact. You must never want to be served but to serve.

If you follow and are obedient to the Master, you can go beyond that boundary without having to pay much indemnity. Do you understand what I mean? Then, how much do you need the Messiah? To what degree? He corresponds to the whole world -- the universe and more. For you to be engrafted, when the true olive appears as a tree you can cut some of the branches and have them engrafted to you. Even a small bud, when it is engrafted to you, will make you into a true olive. We have here both the wild olive tree and the true olive tree. Before bearing the fruit, no one can tell if it is true or wild. However, the value of those two are entirely different. You would have one bud of the branch of the true olive for all of the wild tree. Unless people are experts in discriminating, when they see it done, they might call you crazy -- when they see that you want to cut off the big tree.

Here in this world there are many families and nations already grown big in the Satanic world. If they should cut away their glory just for one bud of this tree, to the amateur, yes, it would look foolish. People here will claim and call out to the world, "Let us make a family, a nation!" But the people of the Satanic regime have already made families and nations throughout the world. They will laugh at you. If someone leaves the glory of the whole world to come and join here, wouldn't people laugh at him for leaving all that glory for a small budding thing? But you are wise to cut away all your worldly glory -- your family, friends, nations and all other things for the sake of one budding movement. Jesus was going to explain that point to the people when he wanted them to deny their lives in order to join him. He said those things only in parables and in symbols because there were Satans all around him. He said he came not to bring peace to the world but to bring the sword. Then, it was only too natural for him to arouse controversy.

In sending you out of your own country to come to the U.S., your physical parents may have thought that you were going to have wealth and glory. For that reason they let you alone. But if you were going to the African jungles or to the mountains, would they have let you go? You must be grateful that Master is here and calling you here so that you have not been faced with so much objection. You must know that Master has gone through a lifetime of difficulty and hardship in order to bring this day. Are you grateful to me or not? The answer is simple. If you join in the efforts with Master, in utter obedience to him, you have already gained the family level of restoration. By engrafting yourself you have already become one with him and gone beyond the level of family and nation and are entering your work in the worldwide level. If you have restored one nation with him then all other nations are on the same level in a position to be engrafted by him. That would make things easier. Even presidents of countries could come to our ideology and our Master. In the long run, after awhile, we will be able to engraft all the people overnight. We will have restored all the nations and influenced the entire political world. At that point we will be able to amend laws, articles of constitutions, if we wish to do so. Does it sound easy or not? Again, I must say that if we have the nation fully restored, from that nation we can influence all the nations of the world on the political base. If we can make amendments on one of the articles of the constitution to make it possible, we can do it overnight.

With so many nations coming under our ideology, even the Communists will have to bow down before us. Do you want to be swallowed by Communism or to swallow Communists? If we can unite three other nations with our nation, the restored nation, we can work. We are going to restore the nation in Adam's position and in Eve's position and in the archangel's, then our work will be easy. By training the people and by having them armed with the weapon of Truth, they can never escape -- they will not want to escape from God's side.

Since you came from such far away nations, what I have said to you is something that I have never said to other groups. Of course, I told them something about engrafting, but not in such detail. Then, are you ready to be engrafted to the true olive tree or not? Are you ready to have your family, your relatives be engrafted to the true olive? As I have said before, at the time of the Fall, there was separation between Cain and Abel, so by coming back together by Cain's obeying Abel -- those two put together can go beyond that level to the original position. So we can say that only by those two coming to one in harmony can they go over the boundary. So, when you want to bring your family, your relatives in the course of salvation, you must have them obey you and have them be united with you in hope and oneness and then you in Abel's position and they in Cain's position put together can go beyond the boundary. Suppose there are Abel and Cain, even though they have already become one with each other, they have God above and Adam below. Abel is in the position to belong to God's lineage, so that means that those in Cain's position must become one with the person in Abel's position. Through Abel or through the person of purified lineage alone you can enter that stage. God has nothing to do with the person belonging to the Satanic side. In loving, he must love under him on God's side. In doing things for man he is going to do things for people who are on God's side alone. So, those who are in Cain's position, those on the Satanic side must reach God through those people -- by loving those in Abel's position, by joining that person. Adam or Abel will be the first one to enter here and by following him alone, the man in the position of the archangel can do the same.

Broadening the scope, we can say any family in Cain's position must reach God through the family in Abel's position. This family is ahead of families in Cain's position -- by following the family in Abel's position, the family in Cain's position can reach the same level. The same applies to tribe and nation. The relationship between the archangel and Adam is something like that between Cain and Abel. So, in that sense, the archangel should have obeyed Adam in order to reach God. He should have become one with Abel in order to reach God. One thing you must remember is when you put yourself in Cain's position and try to obey the person in Abel's position then you are safe to reach God. In ministering to Master, of course, and to the Messiah, you are always in Cain's position. In order for you to reach God you must be obedient to the Messiah. In following the Messiah you will go over the boundary of the individual level, tribal, national and worldwide level. Before you, he has already done that by his own effort. He has already gone through the stages of the individual, family, tribal, national levels. As the person in the position of Abel, the Messiah must do the things ahead of those in Cain's position.

Without the one nation restored, can you ever dream of saving other nations? Let's suppose there is a big city with ten or more churches. If we don't even have one of our own can we restore those churches? With one church of ours there, we must walk ahead of the other churches to show them how to go that way, to train them and teach them the truth. If the leader of the church would put himself in the position of the master, teaching them, serving and loving them and doing everything for them, he can lead the people to the same goal. By your doing that you can influence other churches, other communities and the whole nation. In the days of Jesus, if the people of Cain's position had ministered to him and followed him, he could have influenced the whole Roman Empire and around those nations there could not have come Arab nations or Moslems. They could not have come into being and he could have restored the whole world in his lifetime. Now there is the enemy of Communism and after that, very possibly, we may have to fight and win over the Moslem religion. With that great task ahead of us we have to strengthen ourselves by arming ourselves with the truth and zeal to work for the cause. With all those things in mind you must know how great your responsibility is going to be.

Where did the true olive come from? In what way did it come into being? This world is Satanic, so out of what lineage can it come if all the lineage is stained? From what lineage can he be given birth? This is a great problem. Don't you think that God must have been thinking how to shift the lineage -- how to shift the Satanic lineage into God's? If we were to describe it in detail, it would be a limitless story. This is only an outline of how God would shift the lineage.

God is the God of Principle. Apart from the law, the Principle, God cannot work. At the time of the creation of man, in what way was it done? The creation was done centered on love. What kind of love? The love of God, and He could not but advocate to the world that the love of God is the first thing. The desire of fallen Adam was to perfect himself, to perfect his love. God wanted to abide in love. Adam and Eve also wanted to live there. God is the ultimate subject of love. Then we must call the people and tell them to come back to God's love. Love is all, love is the only thing. In restoring God's love, you must be able to deny yourself, your family and everything. Love alone is what you must take heed of. Without love, nothing could have come about. From love alone creation was possible and everything and anything came into existence. Love is something made possible through the action of give and take. God is ready to give out His whole being, and man, in return, must be ready to give out everything to God.

From man's part, man must be loving God so dearly as to be able to deny his own life -- to give his own life. You have a false life born out of false lineage, but you want to be restored to have true life born out of true lineage. If there be any constitution under the law of restoration, the first article must be the love of God. So, the Bible said the first commandment should be to love God with all your sincerity, with all your heart and with all your soul. That's the first commandment. The first article of the commandment in God's world is love. The second article should be you must love your neighbors as you love yourself. With those two done or practiced, you can do anything. When you are told to love your neighbors as your own self, it means you must love your neighbors as God would love you. We are going to put this world of fears and confusion into order by practicing the love of God in this way.

When you were given birth, were you born out of life or born out of love? Whose love were you born out of? Parent's love. Will you put God in the position of parents? Without your being one with God you cannot be given birth -- rebirth. So, only by going through the person of God's love -- the person whom God loves most, only by joining him can you reach God. There are a vast number of individuals living in the world, but each and every person living must join the person whom God loves most in order to reach God. God needs desperately those whom He loves most. By setting up the tradition through this man, God is calling the people to follow him or join him. Not just the people on the individual level but also their families will come together with the family at the core, which God loves most. All tribes must join the tribe of the central mission and all nations must join the nation of the central mission. That's the leading center family, tribe and nation. That's natural, isn't it?

Where does the restoration begin? We must restore the angelic world first. Isn't that true? However, can God trust the archangel? Even at the time when there was Adam with the archangel he was so evil as to cause the Fall. Therefore, God cannot trust the archangel. But without the person in Adam's position, can God trust the word of the archangel -- the people in the position of the archangel? Since all the people of the world are in the angelic position, God cannot trust them. By giving them words, training them, almost forcing them to follow Him, through a central personage, He would want to have the people restored back to Himself. Since the sinful people killed the son of God at the time of Jesus, who came in the position of Adam, God can never believe or trust the people in the angelic world. This time, however hard people may try, by denying themselves and doing everything for the sake of God, still God cannot trust them. Only if you can deny yourself as many times as you may be caught under persecution, under trial, will God be able to trust you.

God had raised and prepared the chosen nation of Israel to receive Jesus and He wanted to trust them, but still the nation of his choice killed Jesus. How can He believe the people of the world now? God had the people go through trials and difficulties. If they persevered in loyalty and faith in God then He could believe the people of the world. For that reason, God had many people go through martyrdom. God would want the martyrs to glorify Him even at the moment of death with all the people around watching -- God wanted His people still to believe in Him. Out of those martyrs how many were in that position? Some have died in order to save themselves, but how many were willing to die for the sake of God and for the sake of the Messiah? How many were in such a position as to be martyred that they might leave a good tradition to the world? Most of them were vacillating until death. They were barely able to go through death; and then because, in doing so, they could save themselves. Most of them died not to love God more than anything else, but to save themselves. Those martyrs who were ready to die for the sake of God could be saved and be near God in the spirit world. For the others there were no such places. Do you know that much?

God is in search of those whom He can trust, but on this side men want to have God for their own sake. Both sides have different ideas. The same is true between you and myself. When I want to have you work for this cause I want to locate persons whom I can trust. But on your part, you are doing things in order to save yourselves. If you are sent for a more difficult task, you will complain saying that others have better jobs and yours is a difficult one. In that case are you loving God or loving yourself? Which is true? In the course of their faith all the past people of religion had goals different than what God would have them pursue. Would you want to have a God who will trust you or who will love you? You want first of all to become one whom God can trust and then you would want to become one whom God can love most. If God cannot trust someone, how can you trust that person? If God cannot love that person, then how could you love that person? Unless God trusts and loves you, you cannot even dream of being loved or trusted by people.

With that in mind we must follow a way even worse than what is taking place in the Satanic world. So, there must be a revolution in our thought. When I trust you, when I love you, you can trust and love me. But where there is no trust and love between you and myself then how can trust and love come about between us? The same is true of God. You must cultivate yourselves so that you can be trusted and loved by God. In order to train you for that God is sometimes putting you on trial. God wants to find out that you are loving and trusting Him as your own life. You must be so prepared that you can be loved and trusted by God -- that's what must be done from your own part. So, in restoring the people of the angelic world, God would have them martyred, and at the time of martyrdom, He would examine the attitude they had. Are they giving their lives for the cause of God or for the sake of their own salvation? Let's suppose that out of the martyrs who died in the hands of Satan, there were persons who were ready to die for the sake of the Messiah, because they felt in the bottom of their hearts that the Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sake. So, they were prepared to die for the sake of the Messiah and for the sake of God. Even though they may not be saved by doing that, they were ready to die for the sake of the Messiah. God would trust that kind of person.

Peter died on the cross by being put upside down. In that case, he would kill himself, because he knew that he was the very person who put Jesus on the Cross. So, even shedding blood, he hated himself to such an extent as to have to kill himself -- and he glorified the Messiah and asked forgiveness from him. He thought he was so much indebted to Jesus that killing himself would not do anything to repay the debt, so by dying in that way he was forgiven. Do you know what I mean? In the days to come, when you have to go through the trials in victory, God will watch you, and if you say to yourself, "I am so much indebted to God and to the Messiah, and I am out of the stained lineage, so why am I not ready to kill myself and be willing to die?" At that point God will be on your side, trying to save you.

If you really know that in you is running the stained blood of Satan, you would not only want to cut off your head, but every cell you would want shifted into God. With that knowledge can you complain while going through the way of the Divine Principle? If God is loving me, why does He put me to such a trial? Can you say that? Master, himself, has had to go through such difficulty and even in prison there was not a single moment when he complained to God -- rather, he consoled Him, His heart. In that situation, he said to himself, "I am the son of God, I have the dominion over angels, over Satan. I will not be defeated, I will not look or be miserable under their persecution." What he was worried about was God's heart worrying about him, so he would tell Father, "God, don't worry about me at all, I am sound and sane and ready to win over Satan." Sometimes he would cough up blood and he would soak his hand in the blood and lift his hand up high to all who had martyred their lives for the sake of God saying: "You had the martyrs go through their suffering because You wanted to find a person whom You could trust. Now I am here to do Your will; You can trust me. Not only can You trust me, but also You can love me. I want to be qualified for that. My blood is the proof of that by which I am trusted and loved by You. So, I glorify You for this." He did not have a complaining attitude about God; neither was he saddened by his own suffering. He turned the situation into one of gratitude, because he knew that in that situation he was loved and trusted by God. If he was like that, would God love him or not? Would God like him or not? Our Master says: "I feel God's love. I feel as though God is loving me. I am always feeling the love of God in me, so I am happy." In the beginning of his mission he was resolved to give away his life. But he still has his life and he is grateful for that. If in that situation, he is ready to give up his life, would God not want to save his life? If you are in that position, God is ready to love you, because His love would abide in you when you are ready to give your life and love out for Him. Love alone is victory, Jesus said it's everything. Do you know that? Do you want me to continue?

There must be the point of time where the central figure representing the true olive and the central figure representing the wild olive meet. Who could be the representative for this side? The person in the position of John the Baptist. If John the Baptist had become one with Jesus, what could have happened? If John the Baptist believed in Jesus there could have been brought about love between him and Jesus. No love being there, Jesus was destined to die. The question is, out of what lineage was Jesus born? Do you think that Jesus had his father or not? What makes you think that? He was the son of man. Could there be any father to Jesus who was out of God's lineage -- the purified lineage? Then, we have to trace back his lineage -- the ancestry of all purified lineage. Isn't that logical? Then, in what way can we trace that, and who must have been Jesus' father? That's a riddle. Today, I will not touch upon that. The condition of blood lineage is something so complicated that it would take hours for me to explain it in detail, but if I were to give it to you in simpler form, it may take an hour or so. In what way would you have me talk? Long? It would take me such long hours that you may have to listen to me until almost midnight. I don't want to stop a minute and I don't want you to leave this place until that time. Would you do that? [YES!] You are liars! Then, you will see streams of tears running. I hate to see that happen, so I will cut it short. I am only joking. (Writing on the board ... )

Before the human Fall there was God, Adam, Eve and the archangel. The order of things was for God to dominate Adam, Adam to dominate Eve, and Eve to dominate the archangel -- or man to dominate the archangel. If the order had been kept, there could not have been any Fall and the whole world could have become the Kingdom of God. This order is the original one. But due to the human Fall, they went the reverse way -- the archangel dominating Eve and Eve dominating Adam. Because of the human Fall, God had to follow men in order not to let them go; He had to work through them. Why didn't God kick away man? Why did He have to follow man? That's because even though man had fallen, the Principle of Creation was still left. So, He had to restore those men to the original position. So, in the course of restoration or re-creation God had to locate a person prepared to follow God or to obey God. Then, with this person located, whom else did God have to find? After the person in the position of Adam, He had to locate a person in the position of Eve -- as husband and wife, or brother and sister. Then, whom else must He have found? The person or persons in the position of the archangel.

If it had not been for the human Fall, the multiplied descendants of theirs could have formed the world population without sin; but due to the Fall, God had to restore this world. Until now, this world has been under archangelic or Satanic dominion. So, first of all, He must bring these people back under the dominion of the restored archangel. Then, in what way, in what manner, is God going to restore these people? Due to the human Fall, people were born out of Satanic lineage -- that means out of archangelic lineage -- bringing them back in the course of re-creation. What must be restored? The people under the lineage of the restored archangel or something else? In the stage of people's restoration of the restored archangel, those in the position of Adam and Eve are not connected yet, they are in the position of brother and sister. So, in the Christian world, especially in Catholicism, they advocate that their people remain single -- leading a life of celibacy. Because the original parents or True Parents have not appeared, they are in the same position as before the Fall. At the time of the Fall, Eve caused the Fall by her being tempted and by becoming one with the archangel. So, at this time, people in the position of Eve or in the position of fallen man must go into the Satanic world and restore the people back to God -- Adam and Eve again. By the time of the Second Advent, the restored archangelic world in Christendom must come about. Only at the time of the coming of the True Parents, can all those people be restored to God in a real sense. The original order being this, the fallen act being the other way around, in the course of re-creation, we must put all things in the right order this way. With that done, the element of the Fall is eradicated.

So, through the True Parents the original order will be produced again. Can the people put the True Parents in the position where they have to go through difficulties again? Is that the Principle? But for the human Fall, with the appearance of the True Parents everything could have been in order and all populations from that time could have been without the Fall, by ministering to the True Parents. However, could Master start from the point of being ministered to by the people? Then, where did he start his career? Where did he start his mission -- in what way? Was there any servant? Any son before him -- any adopted son -- any true son before him? At the time of Jesus, God wanted the people to be brought up to the stage of adopted servanthood, adopted sonship and true sonship. But because of Jesus' crucifixion, all was nullified, and the Lord of the Second Advent must go through all the stages by himself. Those who are under the age of 38, will you hold up your hand? If, when Master started his mission, the Christian world had become one with him, you, under the age of 38, could have been born in the Godly world. But since the Christian world did not cooperate with him, you were given birth in the miserable world under Satan. The Christians who could not minister to him or could not cooperate with him are doomed to destruction, while the second generation, who are to follow the Master, will enjoy life in the Kingdom of God. But unless you work so hard as to put yourself in the position of your forefathers as they commenced their life in Christianity, you cannot build the Kingdom of God. Do you have more zeal than your forefather, the early-day Christians? [YES!] They were all ready to be martyred for the sake of their Lord, the Messiah. Are you ready to be martyred, kill yourself, for the sake of Master? Even though you had to sacrifice yourself for the sake of evil men? If, at the command of our Master, you would have to die fighting against Communism in a Communist country, would you do that? I would not like that to happen, but you must be prepared for that.

Since he had to go through all the different stages, beginning from servanthood, where do you think he began his mission, in what way? Have you ever stopped to think of that? He had to go through the dungeon of dungeons, the hell of hells. You can never imagine what he had to go through. If he was to start his mission somewhere in the middle, he could not save the people in the rear, so he went to the extreme end, or bottom, to save those people -- not leaving anyone behind. He chose to put himself in that position. What did I tell you about cutting off your head would you have God do that or would you prefer to do that yourself? Master, being a representative of all the people of the world, would like to put himself in that position. If he remained with folded hands without doing anything, do you think that God's ideal could be realized? In fact, he should have started his mission through the prepared nation, with the tribe, family -- all those things already there. But all those things being multiplied and not being brought about, he had to start all over again from the bottom. He would not allow Satan to come and capture him, but he would from his own accord fall down to the bottom and save the world by serving the world. What he had gone through is more than the scene of Gethsemane for Jesus. By serving servants or the last of evil people, he had to build and pave the road for his followers to follow. He did not complain even though he may have had to throw away the throne as a prince of God and come to the servitude of mankind by putting himself in the dungeon and hell of the world. He was in the position of not only a servant, but of a servant of servants. He came down to the very bottom in order to save everyone there.

When he had to go through life in prison, that was something miserable -- a dungeon of dungeons. At that moment God was so grieved. He didn't want to grieve God's heart, so he would turn away from God, so that God would not see what he was going through, but God was always there helping him. In many instances God appeared and helped him. If you had the knowledge of everything Master had to go through, you could not lift your face before him. Even before some of you were born, or were still young, he was already going through those trials. He found many disciples in the prison, like the twelve disciples of Jesus. The basic number of elder members were found right there in prison. The people, the Christians as well as the government, the nation, wanted to kill him. Not to speak of the Communists. He went through many instances where death was waiting for him.

Now, in Korea, no Christian or government officials can get to our movement, and they are more or less in favor of our movement. They now realize that they cannot go without us and our young people, who are the ones putting our ideology into practice. When he was visiting the U.S. and the world and many other European countries, he shouted out to the world and he had no opposition from the audience. That means that he was in the position of Jesus crying out to the multitude in the Roman Empire. All the people came in cooperation with him with no objection. In Jesus' days, because of the crucifixion of Jesus, he realized the resurrection of the people only on the spiritual level, but now with Master here he is going to make it a success both spiritually and physically. So, think! You having been born in this age and having met Master, walked hand and hand with him, you must be grateful for that. Jesus, in his life, was barely in the stage of the restoration of the nation, but you are now in the stage of restoration on the worldwide level by working with him. So, this is a miracle of miracles -- your working with him in your own lifetime. Do you really know and feel that?

You must know that there is one thing you must be afraid of. If, after you have joined this movement, you would go astray, and would do things opposite to those things that he would have you do, in that case you should be fearful. But if you are ready to dedicate yourself in utter devotedness to carry out the mission with and through him, he is a loving father to you with all love shining over you. Which way would you choose? If you are really sensitive to spiritual things, if you have not quite carried out your assigned mission and have been doing something else or thinking something else, when Master appears to you, you feel fearful and uncomfortable. However, if you follow in utter obedience to him, by carrying out your mission in place of him, you are privileged to shift your blood lineage into the purified one -- the original -- God's blood lineage. You can inherit what he has already won. You can possess the whole world. Can you imagine that you cannot find anywhere else in the whole world a place where you can enjoy this much? Then, you must be afraid of not being told to do things. If he would let you go without doing things, that's when you should be afraid. If you are let alone, that's something to be concerned about. If I should let you alone, would you sit still and do nothing? Even though I may let you alone, if you do this and that and offer to work for him and ask him to send you out to the front-line for the most difficult job, would Master scold or punish you for that? Now, you know that much.

Can you idle away your time on the mobile team without doing anything? While your mobile team commander is away, you want to rest and relax; while he is there, you want to work or you pretend to work. Can you be that way? Then, in that case you are committing double sin. You are evil in the sight of the commander and he will say to you, "I am watching!" God will say the same to you and the members will see you from that angle. I hope and I believe that you will not do that. Can I trust you? If you want to, you can go ahead and do that and try to pretend to work when your leader is there and not to work with folded hands, when he isn't -- but your conscience will not let you do that. You will be tortured in heart if you do that.

When you have worked so hard during the whole day and when you are in bed, you would have to lift your legs like this, because you feel your legs hurt. Even though you have sore legs you will be happy and satisfied for what you have done. You may have to groan in bed for the pain you feel in your legs, but you are grateful for what you have done and God will love you. Since God would love you, you are satisfied with yourself and people around you will look at you in the same mood. In that situation, even though you are in pain, when you look at your own hand you will find it shining, your whole body gleaming, emitting life from God. You will find the whole room being ignited, lighted by yourself. That actually happens. In that situation, are you unhappy or happy? So, we can say that you are the happiest people in the whole world.

While you must be proud of yourselves, if you are gaunt and helpless in despair, would God like to see you? You have to keep your dignity as children of God. So far, I have told you because I wanted you to know that; in order for you to be restored, there must be some toll of indemnity to be paid by you. But before you, I have gone through all those things, to pave the way, to make your burden lighter than what it should be.

Now, let's talk about in what way, in what lineage, Jesus was born. To shift the blood lineage is to bring the person back to the original place where the blood is not stained. Who was the first person whose blood was stained by the Fall? Female or male? Female. After the Fall, between Cain and Abel, who nullified the Providence of Restoration? Cain. It was Eve as the mother who sowed the seeds of the Fall, while the fruit of the Fall was Cain and Abel. So, in our study of the Divine Principles, we know about the cooperation between mother and son. Then, in the Providence of Restoration, who is in the place of Eve? Because of the human Fall, sinful descendants were multiplied out of the female, so we must restore the whole of mankind by putting them in such a position as to go through a mother's womb and be given rebirth. Therefore, you must put yourself back in the womb of a mother having nothing to do with sin. That's why in the Bible, when Nicodemus asked Jesus how to be reborn, Jesus said, "Unless you go into your mother's womb again you cannot be given rebirth." It was Nicodemus' question: "How can I be given rebirth? Do I have to go into my mother's womb again?" Jesus answered him: "Are you a teacher of Israel, and yet you do not understand this?" Jesus was speaking symbolically, of course. The word "rebirth" refers to resurrection.

Then, how can you be given rebirth, and in what manner can you go back into your mother's womb to be given rebirth? Adam and Eve, due to their Fall, gave birth to two children and the first-born was Cain. The second-born was Abel. In the course of the Fall, Eve caused the Fall and next was Adam. In this case, too, Cain nullified the restoration. But for the human Fall, Adam had to dominate Eve. In this case, too, Abel had to dominate Cain. In the course of restoration, Adam must come first and Eve come next, Abel must come first and Cain must come next. That means we have to reverse the order in the course of restoration. By doing that we will shift the blood lineage. Because of the human Fall everything came into the reverse order, so in life you must shift your lineage. In the beginning, God created the archangel first and then man. But in terms of dominion the second-born, or man, who was created after the archangel, must be in the dominating position. But due to the Fall, dominion was shifted to the archangel or Satan. So, to shift the powers is to shift everything. We must do that.

In order to restore man to the original position we must shift the position, or shift the order. In the human Fall, Eve dominated Adam. So now we must have Abel dominate Cain. Abel must be loved by God before Cain. Through Abel, Cain can be loved by God. So, God received Abel's offering first, because Abel was in the position to be loved by God. By Abel's offering being accepted by God he could become one with God. So, if Cain had become one with Abel, he would have become one with God. But he failed to do that and God's providence centering on those two was nullified. In the order of love, Abel was to be loved by God before Cain, so he was to come to the position of God on the right side, while Cain had to come on the left side. Is this clear to you? So, the Restoration Providence between Abel and Cain, centering on Abel, was nullified there. Do you understand?

Originally, Adam and Eve could not participate in the Providence of Restoration because they were directly stained by the Fall. The restoration was possible through Abel and Cain. It's something like the idea that the subject can be realized through the object. At the time of Noah, through his faith in God and 120 years of preparation for God's providence to be carried out, he set an example of obedience to God in utter devotedness. So, through Noah God was going to make his Restoration Providence a success. So, through human history the Providence was narrowed down to be centered in one person. Two thousand years passed from the time of Cain up to that time. Through Noah and Abraham they reached Jacob. God failed in shifting the blood lineage because He had to work through the two brothers separately born. To make things easier He worked through the twin brothers, Jacob and Esau. Twin brothers have many things in common -- when one has a certain feeling toward a certain matter or cause, the other will feel much the same. In having them do that God is narrowing down the scope of bloodship or lineage. At the end, in order to be able to really shift the blood lineage, He has to do that at the same point. So, He has to work through the twins. Do you understand?

(Writing on the board .... ) Since Jacob's family was the in the position of Adam's family, we must know this. Adam caused the Fall, and Cain was the first fruit of the Fall. In this case Rebecca was in the position of Eve and Isaac was in the position of Adam, so those two must come into cooperation with each other. Now the reverse must take place. What did Eve do there? In the first place Eve cheated God. What did Eve do first? (She fell in love with Lucifer!) Yes, and by doing that she cheated God. Because she did that without God's consent. Second, she cheated Adam. She cheated Father and son. Rebecca, when she was in the position of Eve, had to undo that or do that in the reverse order. She had to cheat the father and son for the sake of goodness. Isaac was in the position of father. Esau was in the position of son. Rebecca had to cheat the father and son for the sake of goodness. Due to the human Fall Eve gave birth to Cain, the first-born, so this time, after the Fall, the one in the position of Eve must become one with the person in the position of Abel. Do you understand? So, Rebecca in the position of Eve became one with Jacob in the position of Abel. By cheating the father and son she had Jacob inherit the blessing of father and son. One is in the place of God on the spiritual level, the other in the position of the world on the spiritual level. So, the reverse order was made here by inheriting the blessing.

In the beginning, by Eve and Cain becoming one and Eve giving birth to the evil son, the restoration was nullified. So, in the course of restoration, Rebecca, in the position of Eve, by becoming one with Jacob, in the position of Abel, reversed the order. The failure was undone, and the blessing was inherited. So, by Rebecca's becoming one with Jacob and restoring the blessing, Heaven won. In Christianity, no one has ever taught that fact to the people, so that they have been entirely ignorant about Jesus' lineage. Morality or ethics were all nullified then, in shifting the lineage. Mother cheated father and again cheated her first-born. Jacob had to cheat his elder brother. But at all costs those central figures had to link the blood lineage in purity. So, that kind of cheating had to take place.

In doing that, was Jacob right or wrong? I know it may sound paradoxical, but we read in the Bible that we must be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. The first Serpent stained man by causing him to fall. In doing that he cheated man. So, in restoring man from the evil sovereignty, we must cheat. If Esau had surrendered to Jacob, at that point the restoration could have been accomplished. But because Esau hated Jacob and wanted to kill him, Jacob had to flee to Haran, and then after 21 years of hard work, while he was on his way back, he was faced with the angel who was trying to fight with him, and by winning over the angel -- by wrestling -- he gained the name "Israel," meaning "victor." And that being done on the spiritual level, he could then win over Esau on the physical level, in actuality. That was the starting point of the Israelite nation -- the name "Israel" signifying victory.

What was left unaccomplished in Adam's family must be restored in Jacob's family, from Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and down to the family of Jacob. Jacob won over the family of Esau and the shift of the birthright was accomplished. Jacob was successful in winning the birthright to his side -- being the second-born. There was a success there, but it was done after they had reached maturity. They restored the lineage at their maturity -- so a portion was left unrestored. Rebecca, when she found out that the twin brothers were fighting with each other, she told God that there were two forces fighting with each other in her womb, and God said that those were two nations fighting each other and the second-born would win over the first and the first would have to serve the second. Symbolically, that showed the possibility of two powers, one on the good side and one on the evil side, having to fight against each other. The restoration was possible when they were born as twin brothers, but something else must be done there. The restoration must be done while those two powers are still in their mother's womb.

At this point we must also have a person in the place of Eve. That was Tamar. Tamar was in the position to have to cheat the father and son. But what kind of woman was she? She had to deny the father and the son. Tamar was the daughter-in-law to Judah. Judah's first son, Tamar's first husband, died. According to the Jewish custom, she would have to marry the second son, but he had died, too. The third son of Judah was too young for her. What could she have done to keep the lineage? She had to come together with her father-in-law. So, she disguised herself as a harlot and waited for her father-in-law to come back from the field, where he worked during the day. In that case Tamar had to deny the father-in-law relationship of Judah, denying father and son. She had to deny the father and son relationship. The only thing the had in mind was how to connect the blood lineage -- under Heaven -- under God's blessing. That was most dear to her, more than anything else in the whole world. She knew she had to restore the blood lineage at all costs, even if to be with her father-in-law meant to kill herself. At that time if one committed adultery, immorality, he or she was destined to be stoned to death. But she was ready to do that, at the cost of her own life. By doing that she was going to reverse what had been committed in Adam's family.

After joining with her father-in-law she was wise enough to ask for some signs of that night. She received the cane, the seal and sheep. Then she conceived a child. Her physical appearance soon showed to everyone that she was pregnant. Rumors spread and her father-in-law was furious. He was ready to have the people stone her to death. At that very moment Tamar showed him those three things, saying that the child conceived in her womb was the son to the father who gave her those things. Judah was surprised to realize what happened. He knew that he was the father to the child and he could say or do nothing to her. From then on the Providence of God was going to be realized.

The child was conceived in that manner -- and in the very womb of Tamar, twin brothers were fighting each other in this case, too. When Tamar prayed before God, the same message came from God, that she had two nations fighting with each other in her womb and the elder would have to serve the younger. The time for the moment of deliverance came and the elder was going to come out first. He let his handout first and the midwife fastened some red thread on his wrist. Something very strange happened: he drew the arm back to the mother's womb, signifying that Communism was going to appear in the world -- the red thread. After the first one drew his hand back, then, by pushing him aside, the second-born came out first. His name was Perez. Perez was born first. The name Perez means the one who came out by nudging aside his brother.

This is the first occasion in human history in which the birthright was shifted right in the mother's womb. Through the woman Tamar, for the first time in history, the shift of blood lineage was successful. Right in the mother's womb, the birthright from the elder to the younger was shifted. What is taking place in the mother's womb means to have gotten rid of the condition of indemnity. So, the shift of blood lineage was possible there and from then on.

Then, if Perez was born that way, why wasn't God able to send the Messiah right there? Up to that period they had to restore what had been lost during 2,000 years, so at that point in the Satanic world the people had multiplied to form a nation, so God had to send the Messiah on the national basis, and the people were not prepared yet. So, He had to prepare the people to be the chosen nation to receive the Messiah. Centering on the lineage of Judah, people multiplied to form the nation of Israel. In view of that law, from what lineage, from what tribe, was Jesus destined to be born? He had to be a descendant of Judah's lineage. So, all the Israelites think highly of their tradition and their blood lineage set up by Tamar. Tamar's idea and thought must be linked down to the point where they form a nation. And at that point there must come out a woman in the position of Tamar -- who would think more highly of blood lineage than of anything else. That was Mary. She had to go through the same thing.

Mary had her own father and her own husband. Mary again is in the position of Eve, but before the Fall, Adam and Eve were in the position of brother and sister -- they were in the engaged stage. Mary and Joseph were in the relationship of engagement. When Eve was in the stage of betrothal to Adam, taken away by the evil force, she had to do something similar to that -- so while she was in the stage of betrothal to Joseph, Mary had to bear a child out of a different lineage. An angel appeared before Mary, predicting the coming of the child under God. Then Mary said, "I know no man, then how can I bear a child?" Then the Bible says the angel told her what she had in her womb was of the Holy Spirit -- was of God. Instead of Satan, God would have something to do with the conception, and make her link into the lineage of God. She was one of those born out of this lineage and the baby conceived in Mary's womb had nothing to do with sin. The baby was coming without anything to do with the stained blood lineage. So, even while it was yet in her womb, she could love the baby. And at the time of his birth he was the first and only one to beloved by God to the full extent and that is why God called him His only son. This man can be called the true olive tree. Then, you can imagine how difficult it was for God's Providence to make that a reality -- to purify the blood lineage. Do you find that true, or do you think that is a fabricated story by Master? What took place far back in human history under God's Providence is truthful here and, with Master in the center of the mission, we are going to carry out the things which should have been accomplished by Jesus himself.

With the knowledge of all those things, can you deny the existence of God working behind the people and having the people work in such a way that His ideal can be realized? Can you deny the existence of God at all? You may want to deny Master, but with the fact that he discovered this truth alone, you can at least name him to be the world leader and the prophet of prophets. I deserve your belief in me -- your following me. There have been saints, prophets, many religious leaders and theologians in past human history, but not a single one of them has been able to find out that theory, that truth. So, Master here is more than any of those people and greater than Jesus himself. Don't stain the dignity of God by acting foolishly. You must think highly of your situation, of what you are, and you must keep the dignity of God. With the authority and dignity of God, you must build yourself, your family, your tribe, your nation and the whole world under God. Is everything clear so far? Joseph, in that case, was in the place of the archangel. So was Joseph in the position to be able to live with Mary?

With that done, with those things accomplished, now that Master is here leading you, if you devote yourself to him, cooperate with him, obey him in every way possible and follow him, you can make the whole world centered on God and there will be no Communists. Only Godly people will build the whole world on earth. That way we can erect the Kingdom of God on Earth. We will be the first citizens of the Kingdom to enjoy that. Are you ready to go that way despite all the costs you have to pay? If you are unwilling to do that, something miserable will happen to you and to your future descendants. Because this has got to be realized on earth, even though you may pass away to the next world, you will have to do that again.

You are in the position of the diseased and you need a physician, and Master is in that position. If you are a patient with an incurable disease -- almost hopeless -- would you not obey your physician in order to be cured? Even though you may have to drink bitter medicine, you have to do that. If he's going to give you a diagnosis and give you an injection you have to let him do that on your arm, your hip, even though you are virgin girls, you have to show him any part of your body. If you want to be engrafted to the pure lineage, would you do that on the individual level or on the family level? For you to be blessed in Holy Matrimony, by Master it is best. Then, would you expect him to bless you in the holy marriage? Would you want to be blessed? Sometime later I will tell you the significance of our mass weddings. For awhile we have to have mass weddings instead of blessings of single couples. In marrying people, too, I want to have it on the worldwide level. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, though they were only two, they represented the whole world. Master wants to have wedding ceremonies on a worldwide level, in front of all the people of the world. In the next wedding ceremony he may bless 2,000 or more couples from all over the world. If so many nations participate in the mass wedding it means that upon the formation of your family, you have something to do with so many nations and you are connecting your family to many other families or tribes in so many other nations. Would you like to have a mass wedding?

Today I have talked a lot, but the main point is that by the blessing we have to engraft ourselves to the purified blood lineage and by going through those stages you are shifted to individuals and families under God's lineage. This is a privilege and glory, so you must be grateful, and must glorify God for it. In going this way you may have to be placed in hardship and trials, but you must go the way in gratitude. Are you ready for that? You want to erect your family, engraft it to the lineage of God, and you will erect your family, your tribe and the whole world under that lineage. We must do anything for that, not complaining, but glorifying and praising God.

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