The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Heavenly Tradition

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 20, 1973
First International Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

So far, I have told you that God wanted to have us go through the way of restoration on the substantial base rather than having us go through the way by setting the condition of indemnity. We must know that we have to pay the same amount of indemnity in order to restore ourselves. In other words we have to pay the due amount of indemnity. If we pay less than what we should, it would mean that God would have to pay that amount of indemnity for us. The Human Fall was caused by Adam and Eve, so in order for us to be able to restore our original position, we must go the reverse way by paying the toll of indemnity. Since the first human ancestors caused the Fall, in our way back to the original position, we must put ourselves in the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall. So, after we will have finished the course of restoration, we will be in the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall. A long period of time has passed, but when we will have finished, our restoration will be in the original position where Adam and Eve should have been before the Fall.

In Adam's family, God could not restore Adam and Eve right there, so He gave Cain and Abel to them, in order to work the providence of restoration. The parents, Adam and Eve, were in the position to cooperate with their children to have them restored, but they could not carry out the mission themselves. In another sense, we can say that God was in the position of the parent to the children. On God's part too, He cannot carry out the restoration of man on His own. He needs someone else to cooperate with Him. Adam and Eve were in the position not to be able to carry out the restoration providence on their own and they needed Cain and Abel to work through. Likewise, on God's part, He could not develop the providence of restoration of man by Himself; He needed mankind on the side of Abel, the other part on the side of Cain. In other words, in order for mankind to be restored to the original position, Cain must be obedient to Abel. Those two must become one with each other and then become one with God in wholesome oneness.

At present, the Democratic world and the Communistic world are the two parties -- one being in the position of Abel and the other in the position of Cain. Only with those powers put together will they be able to reach God through the True Parents. By being united with the True Parents they can reach God. That is the outline of the history of restoration through indemnity. When we look into the world we see that there are two parties of people: Cain on the worldwide level and Abel on the worldwide level. Cain and Abel on the worldwide level, when you narrow its scope, would correspond to Cain-type nation and the other to Abel-type nation. Narrowing down its scope, the Cain-type nation would correspond to the Cain-type tribe or clan, and the Abel-type nation would correspond to the Abel-type tribe or clan. The Cain-type clan would correspond to the Cain-type family and the Abel-type clan to the Abel-type family. And finally, the Cain-type family corresponds to the Cain-type individual and the Abel-type family corresponds to the Abel-type individual. And in a single individual, we find that the Cain-type mind and body and the Abel-type mind and body are at war with each other. There is a boundary all throughout those levels. The barrier was originated due to the Human Fall. Those in favor of God or on the side of mind are at war against those on the side of evil and on the side of materialism -- denying the existence of God.

From this point of view we can realize at what point we will meet the Latter Days or the Close of the Age. The war began between Abel and Cain because of the Human Fall, so, as long as that type of war continues, we cannot call it the Close of the Age. In other words, at the Close of the Age, the Abel-type must win over the Cain-type. But on the other hand if the Cain-type wins over the Abel-type, the sinful age cannot come to a close. They will struggle on to win over the opponent, but as long as they continue their war, we cannot see the end of the world. The Communistic and Democratic world have long been fighting each other. First they went through heated war, then cold war and now they are in the stage of having a peaceful war -- or war of appeasement. This fact is telling us that we do not fight with our fists and weapons alone. If we went on fighting against each other with weapons and fists alone, both would be corrupted, ruined. By doing that both the Democratic and Communistic worlds will be weakened and there will be rupture between those two. If they are weakened or diminished to be smaller and smaller, then they will both have been strengthened and multiplied and made bigger and bigger but now they are going to be weakened by the long war against each other. At that point they will not go the reverse way, but will go over the peak of the thing and both will be destroyed.

In the course of their long war, they each wanted to strengthen themselves to maintain a balance of power, and when they are at the peak of being diminished, they will not fall back to this side, but they will fall back beyond the peak to the other side. They are starting from the Communistic individual and Cain-type family, tribe, nation and world. The other party does the same. On the peak they are not going to go reversely down but they will go over the peak and they will fall on the other side. If they went up this way the idea was to have the whole world under their ideologies, but they will be diminished, although they will not throw away their ambition of having the world. Although they are on the way to destruction, their ideologies will be based on the worldwide base. They wouldn't discard the idea of having to include the whole world under their ideology. More than being the Abel-type nation or Cain-type nation, the strongest power must think that they are going to have the whole world as their nation. But having gone through the stage of the worldwide level, they will not throw away their ideology. So, even though their power will be diminished, they won't throw away their ideology of making the world into one. At the peak, if any one of the two would give up hope about having the leading power in the world, they would be faced with ruin and they cannot go over the peak to the other side. As time goes by, they will be diminished to nothing at full speed. For instance, if this course has gone through 2,000 years of history, this may take 200 years. Or it may be 20 years. In 1960 the situation was at the peak and then, going down to reach the year 1980, a new change will be brought about.

In the western world, individualism is prevailing. Externally they seem to cherish worldwide idealism, but inwardly they don't discard their imperialism or nationalism. They have tried everything on each level but those all being a failure they all go back to the individual level. Why is it so? When they fall back, they are back here in the position of Cain and Abel at the time of the Fall. Here they went up having hope, but now they are going down in utter distress, but they would not discard their world ideology. By this time, when they will have reached this point, when they look back, they will miss or long for the age of the peak, because they had something great there. What they had there was something worldwide. So, as small as they may be in scope, they still want to keep the worldwide base ideology here. At the point of their downfall, if they see an ideology as big as to encompass the whole world, they will be destined to follow that ideology at an instant. Human history, after 2,000 years of struggle, will diminish and reach the lowest point, but it's not going to die away. At that point something great will happen, like a seed planted to grow into new life. At that point it is supposed to be called the worldwide base or the Close of the Age.

There will be no single nation which would claim to be able to bring the whole world under it. No such idealism or ideology will survive. If at that point a certain group of people would appear proclaiming that they are going to make the whole world into one under God, people of the whole world are destined to follow that ideology. That is what we call the Unification Group. We can never imagine that any other group than ours can do that. People will have tested all other ideologies, religions and other things and will have reached the point of utter despair. At that moment, if the U. S. would claim to be the leading nation of the world or to be responsible for the welfare of all the nations, anybody would scoff at them. Could the Soviet Union do the same? Could Japan do the job? Could Germany? No, never! With those utterly helpless, who would do that? One of the religions maybe, Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam? No, no such religions. People of the world will look around with attentive eyes and they will find our group, even though the men and women in this group might look shabby and miserable. This group of people, when they throw away their families, discard their nations and do things for the whole world, transcendent of national boundaries, what will be brought about as a result?

We have a fearful strategy -- the strategy of matrimony in holy blessing. That's something to be feared. That's more dreadful than atomic war. Have you ever stopped to think of that? Do you want to have free marriage or marriage under Master's blessing? If you are ready to be blessed by him, you need Master. Even though he may want to run away from you, you would have to run after him and stick to him. If you really know the value of holy matrimony, even if I may have to hide myself in the remote village on a mountainside, you will have to search for me, beseech me and bring me back to bless you. In the future, even the son of a German president, premier or chancellor as well as a prince or queen of England will be brought into our movement. If they really are our members, would they want to marry under his blessing? [YES!] There will be no difficulty to unite those two nations. No tradition will be there. They can tread down on the tradition. If that kind of thing is going to be done, by weaving all the people of the world interrelated like that, nothing will be difficult for us. After holy matrimony, we can never dream of parting with each other. It goes through eternity. If we think of that, we become more and more confident and we believe, we know that God will concentrate on us and focus His attention on what we are doing, always there helping us, so we are sure to win the victory in the end.

You must be grateful that you are given life in this age and you have joined the Unification Movement and that you have met your True Parents in the core of the family. While the world is going to be diminished and getting smaller and smaller we will rise and be multiplied, shining over the world.

By this point of time we will have our own nation and the nation will be hailed by all the population of the world. Then, what will happen there? Can you imagine? If we have a restored nation, we can use ambassadors and other diplomats to influence other nations through politics. A worldwide level atmosphere will be created. The year 1981 is the time of new start -- we have 7 or more years left. By that time we will have finished our third seven-year course. At that point of time we will have to pay the indemnity toll focused there. The Communist power will be at its height, and on the other hand, God will have raised up and strengthened us so that we will have the power to fight them. If, in the future, the champions of Democracy among the European nations, such as Germany, France or Italy, will have been absorbed by the Democratic power, God will be using the Democratic world and have it turned to other nations for that. By that time the Communist power, exercising its full strength, will have to expose the evilness of its ideology. The people of the world will turn against that horrible ideology and then it will make it easier for us to absorb the people. Then people of the world will look for some group in which there is full strength united into one and we will be there serving that purpose. In the Eastern world, Red China, North Korea and Russia have been massacring people and have committed incredible evil, but the people of the Western world won't believe that. They think those are fabricated stories. But they will be faced with those horrors as a reality. They have to go through all those stages in order to be able to recognize our group and recognize our God-centered ideology and for that day we are training ourselves here. And Master has chosen the U. S. to be the stage or scene of our training from which to fight against evil. You are the trainees, but not only trainees, but co-fighters, soldiers, being trained in the first international training session. You must well realize that you are at an historical occasion.

Out of all of you, who will make the top record in this historical event when we are going to be soldiers to fight for the great cause? That person will have set the standard, and people coming after us -- the trainees in later days-will set the standard on him. Who will earn the top record here? One of the German, Italian, British, Austrians, French, who? Centered on those who have made the top record, our heavenly tradition will be established and God will be with us, helping us. Whether or not you will gain the top record will be decided from whether or not you love the people of the world, you love God, so that you will, at any cost, have His cause made into a reality. Now I believe you know the outline of what the world will look like after we have fought that much.

God is working behind human history. In a way, He has made the world like it is -- to be in turmoil, chaos and confusion -- and in the background He will put all those things in order. This kind of thing cannot be done with human hands, but since God is working with man, it is possible. There is no question about that. When we are at the dead end, all blind and stalemated, you want to dig a hole there. Would you need a sharp pointed chisel -- a drill? Would you have the drill pointed and sharp or dull? The sharper the drill, the more pointed, the better. You may at times be impatient and you may think that if God is helping our movement it has to be multiplied by leaps and bounds. But don't worry about that. God is making this drill sharp and pointed. Small as it may seem, it has a lot of power to dig a hole in the wall.

By the year 1980, God may not concentrate on increasing the number of the people in our movement, because He knows that there will be more sacrifice if we have more members. If we have too many members, more sacrifice will be inevitable. Number does not count, if we have a great number of young people in the movement. Unless they get strengthened, it will cause more sacrifice. We are going to train you to be real strong members, to go through real hardships and difficulties. The question is not the Unification Church, but you, yourselves as individuals. Who is going to be the edge of the chisel? Each of you must be struggling to be that. You must be trying to become the top-level Abel... to become Abel in the sense that you want to sacrifice yourself at that point more than anyone else. Suppose there is a person in the position of Abel here and the person in the position of Cain may beat this person. This person never resists and you will gain friends around you. The people, while watching you being beaten, will be angry at that person beating you; those who hear the rumor that you were beaten, will be angry at Cain. While you will be silent, without appealing to other people for sympathy, the other person will brag that he beat you. You will be in a helpless position while he will be boastful of the fact that he beat you. Then, if he would go out and beat you the second time, the watchers, the bystanders, and those who have heard the rumors will be really serious. Those in the position of Cain will say, "I won't leave you alone. If you do that again I won't let you, I'll beat you." So, the third time, when he beats you, he will have so many enemies around him trying to fight him, beating him down. When you are beaten, you gain more friends, more helpers around you to fight against the evil force. After we have gone through persecutions and hardships and being beaten three times, then God will be there fighting for us. So, we have nothing to worry about.

The three years of 1972,1973 and 1974 are the most critical years for us and people around us will be negative towards us and there will be no helping hands for us. Even in the last year when I made my third world tour, you know very well that the State Department of the U. S. tried to stop me from coming to this country. This time, too, something difficult happened in Korea before I left my country. But if we go through those stages without resisting, in silence, there will come the time when the people of the whole world will be on our side to fight against the evil force. You must be resolved to help this country -- make this country indebted to you. You must know the fact that your work here will influence the whole world. I advise you to write diaries while you are here and those diaries will be of great, untold value in future days. It's going to be something like Acts in the Bible-what is going to take place here, around us, will be the record of the Apostles. One of the diaries may read, "Today I visited this person and I was faced with a negative attitude from him and it made me weep deep in my heart. But I remembered that I am here to fight the battle on the side of God, to be strengthened to fight against the whole world under Satanic power and I persevered under great patience. I have done this and that for the person and in my prayer I could not but console the heart of the Heavenly Father. I am resolved to fight on in such a way." Your records will bring world attention in future days. You can go on and write that the founding ideology of this country was Christianity and this has been a God-loving people, but now they are losing the love of God. The first settlers of this country were our forefathers, having come from the European nations. We must fight against the evil force in this country in order to stop this country from being ruined. We must do that at all costs. In that case, even though you are not too courageous to fight in the battlefield, later, 20 or 30 years from now, your diary will be a witness to you and will influence the whole population of the U. S. more so than you would have thought. So, don't worry too much about your not having done showy deeds. In that case you are going to play the role of the seeds planted in the hearts of the people of the U. S. Have you ever thought of that? Now, let's go back to the topic.

In going to the original position before the Human Fall, we need to examine this. God is there with Adam and Eve and their children making the foundation of four positions. But those multiplied children of Adam and Eve -- the first human ancestors-are divided into two sides: one on the side of Cain and the other on the side of Abel. By Adam and Eve, mankind multiplied Cain and Abel first on the family level, then on the tribal level, then on the national level. Then all the people of the world are destined to go back to the original position, but in what way? When anything falls, it falls straight down. When you want to reach a certain place, you want to go straight ahead, not making detours. Most people cannot go back to the original position from the situation they are in, but they must join the central point. In going up, they cannot go right up from the point where they are situated. They have to do something else. They have to look for the central point, to join the mainstream, and from then on, go upward. People on every level must join the central point, the mainstream, to go upward and reach their original position. The crossing point of any level must be on the vertical line -- the same line. At that point you will find the True Parents because the Fall was caused by the first human ancestors, and being children, you will meet them. The children were cut off from their True Parents. So, in the core of restoration, always the central figure and his family were most important. Noah's family, Abraham's, Jacob's families, all were important. God would want to restore a nation of His choice but in that too He wants to have the core family around the person of the central figure. So, always the core family is the problem.

So, how did mankind first fall? That is going to be the Principle of the course of restoration. First of all, you belong to God; second, you belong to the True Parents. Then you belong to your spouse. Without the Human Fall, there is God, then your spouse, and thirdly you belong to yourself. Then, you belong to your children. You, yourself, are for those four beings. But because of the Fall you are apt to want to belong to yourself and you want to do things as you please without recognizing the fact that you belong to those four. In saying that you belong to those four, you mean that you are in the objective position to those four. But while there is God as the subject, you still want to play the role of subject. So, you want to place yourself in the position of perfect minus. If you are in the position of perfect minus, you can have the person in perfect subjectivity. So, we can define that where there is perfect minus, perfect subject is sure to come. It is because God is at the core of the whole universe.

Let us think back; if Eve thought of herself as belonging to God and to her future husband, would she have been tempted by the Archangel? If Adam in turn had believed in his being for God and Eve's being for him, he could not have fallen. But they fell because they were not aware of that. So, God was going to develop His providence of restoration centered on Cain and Abel. I have said that if those two became united into one, no more problem would exist. The person in the position of Cain should have thought that he was there for the sake of God. He, in the position of the elder brother to Abel, should have thought that he was for his younger brother. Because centered on Adam and Eve, Adam was created for Eve, who was created next, so Cain was in the position to be for his younger brother, to belong to him. Let us put Adam and Eve, respectively, one in the position of first-born, and the other in the position of second-born. Cain and Abel's relationship is something like that between Adam and Eve. In Adam's family, Eve caused the Fall of Adam. Being the second-born, she caused the Fall of Adam, the first-born. But in the course of restoration, Abel (in the position of first born) must be able to restore Cain. But the way they do things must be different. In the first family, Eve caused the Fall of Adam by force, by tempting him -- by forcing him to do the same as she did; but, in the second case, Abel cannot do that by forcing his elder brother, but in such a way as to impress him, to move his heart. In other words, Cain must be obedient to Abel and Abel should have restored Cain in such a way to move his heart. Then Cain could have obeyed Abel to be restored. If Abel could move the heart of Cain and reversely speaking, if Cain utterly obeyed Abel, everything could have been solved right there.

Likewise, in restoring ourselves, we have to obey the central figure, while the central figure is going to move our hearts to obey him. But you must know that Cain must keep the position here and in joining those who are in the position of Cain, must move towards Abel. So Abel is trying to move our hearts, enlighten our hearts to the truth, but we in the position of Cain must be obedient and willing to join him. You cannot dream of dragging Abel to your side, but you are destined to go to him and join him. On every level the people have to go through the same course to join the central figure. The people on each level must do the same. Only the scope is being broadened, but the course you have to go through on each level is the same. So in the Latter Days, when the Messiah comes as the central point on the worldwide level, the people of the world must minister to him, come close to him and join him. He cannot do that on his part. Unless they do that, the people of the world must go through a lot of difficulty on the worldwide level.

When the central figure sets up the family as the core, the people on the next level must inherit the family level foundation and broaden its scope to their own level. If they don't inherit the family level, they must restore that by themselves and then widen its scope to their own level. So, the efforts will be doubled or tripled or more, and it will make it more difficult for them to do that. So, to inherit the family level already laid by him is most important. Unless you do that, it means that you discard the heavenly tradition. This is why the chosen nation of the Israelites puts great emphasis on their tradition. On the next level, the scope will be broadened, with the family-level tradition there and the previous level added.

In Jesus' days, centered on him, the Jewish people and chosen nation of Israel should have done that, but since they failed on the spiritual level, they should have connected their spiritual tradition to the Christian world. But that again having been a failure, they have to connect all those things by themselves. So, just as Jesus, as the central figure, was in persecution and difficulty, his followers have to pay a certain amount. Do you really realize how important heavenly tradition is? What Jacob was able to set up as his tradition in his family should have been inherited by his tribe and his nation. What Jacob earned there was a victory -- his name denoted victory. So, the Israelites must have set up a tradition as victors on God's side. They should have followed Moses completely. And they could have connected their victory on the family level to that of the tribal level. In Jesus' day he should have set up that tradition on the national level and gone beyond the national to the worldwide level. Jacob was a victor and his descendants multiplied, and then Moses appeared. At this stage the people should have cherished the tradition set up by Jacob. Centered on Moses, the people should have inherited the tradition which was set up by Jacob. With the inherited tradition around Moses they should have followed it. At this point they should have inherited Jacob's tradition and when all the people follow the inherited tradition from Jacob, they should become one with the tradition. All that would then become the new tradition. Only in that case could Moses have carried out his responsibility, setting up a new tradition and broadening it, with Moses himself in the core and all people around him. That would be inherited by the people of the next stage. The tradition is like that core, like Abel in relationship to the people who would be in the position of Cain. So, they had to obey the inherited tradition.

The core tradition inherited from Jacob is in the position of Abel while the rest is in the position of Cain. In other words the core tradition is in the position of Jacob as Abel to Moses as Cain. And only those put together in oneness will be able to set up another tradition bigger in scope. The next level of thing must obey or follow the tradition in the core -- with the former in the position of Cain, and their scope will be broadened to the next level and to the next, up to the time of John the Baptist. The same thing applies to any personage of historical providential importance. Centered on John the Baptist we can say the same thing. He should have inherited Jacob's tradition and should have added to that the tradition which Moses had set. With these two as entirely one, and with Jacob as the core, he should have set up a broader tradition, with his added. If John the Baptist had done that he would be in the position of those three put together. He inherited Jacob's, Moses' and those two put together as the core, and set up his own providential tradition with Jesus. Then he must transfer as inheritance -- or bless -- the personage or people of the next level, like Abraham blessed Isaac.

In the Old Testament we read that the personage of historical importance would transfer his blessing to the next personage. Jesus, as the fruit of all this should have inherited the tradition that John the Baptist had laid up to that time. Baptism was the ceremony through which Jesus could inherit the heavenly tradition. Through baptism John the Baptist could transfer everything to Jesus.

Jesus had inherited what was laid by John the Baptist, he would inherit Jacob's, Moses' and John the Baptist's tradition. If Jesus had inherited all those things, even if the chosen nation of Israel had failed for not ministering to Jesus, he already had the heritage. So, he could not have failed even though he lost the whole nation of the Israelites. So, from then on he could multiply his tradition through Christendom, after his death. If Jesus had not inherited what was laid by the forerunner, his mission would have been nullified to naught. But since he had inherited those things, even though he had lost the chosen people, he was able to carry out his mission on the spiritual level, to increase and multiply people in the Christian world.

When the Lord of the Second Advent comes, he must inherit those things from Jesus on the spiritual level in order to start his mission. First, on the spiritual level, and then, later on the physical level too. The heritage must be handed over to him twice. This time the Second Lord must be able to make his heritage a success both on the spiritual and physical levels with all the people of the world around him. Since this person has made the foundation both on spiritual and physical levels, if you stick to him and unite with him into perfect oneness, you can also be a victor. If the Christians of the present world can believe in him and be united with him on the physical level while on earth, both levels of things will be realized. But in the early stage of our movement, the Christian world went against him. So he has to reorganize a group of people who aren't Christians -- but including some Christians who are willing to join us -- and then in the course of 20 years from 1960 to 1980, he will fulfill that.

In order for him to be able to do that mission he must at all costs bring us up to the point where our balance of power will correspond to that of the Christian world. We must strengthen ourselves as soon as possible, to correspond to their power. Since our growth is slow because of the negative power working against us, if our growth is harmed or slowed down, God will make the Christian world corrupt all the sooner, all the more. So, we will have the balance of power to win over them or absorb them. From the year 1960 after the second seven-year course, that means by the year 1974, the balance of power will be created between our group and the Christian world. All over the world the Christian world is faced with corruption and people can realize that fact. If we can lay the national foundation during the course of that second seven years, we will be able to go into the worldwide level.

The Christian world will be absorbed by us during the next 7-year course. In Jacob's days, Jacob could set up the tradition on the tribal level. Moses inherited that tradition and with his people obeying it, he set up his own tradition, broad in scope, which became the national tradition. If Jesus had really become one with John the Baptist, he could have laid the foundation of tradition for the worldwide level. If the people could have followed the tradition laid by Jesus, the ideal world would have been realized. The first true Israelites having been a failure, the second Israelites, which means the Christian population, will have to follow Jesus. But they too have failed.

At the time of the Second Advent we must be able to carry out the mission left unaccomplished by Jesus. So, we have to realize God's ideal both on the spiritual and physical level, by following Master, who has inherited what Jesus left to him. So, you must be well aware of the tradition we have -- tradition coming from the very beginning of human history -- in the providential history under God. If we consider again the Human Fall, those on the worldwide level must come closer to him, joining into oneness, and go back upward. And the people on the national, tribal, family and individual levels must do the same. They must come closer to the central point to join him to go back to the original position. Why is it so? It is as if they had no roads opened to them, so they have to join the mainstream to go back the reverse way on the vertical line. We must join the mainstream to go up to the original position. (Pointing to the blackboard) In this chart the people of the world are placed here, and by coming together we can join the mainstream, and by means of this we can go back to the original position -- by winning all those levels. And if we come back to the original position as the core, we reversely, centered on ourselves, have to erect the tradition on the family level, national level and still next level. Then you can freely go back and forth within those boundaries.

What has been done on the vertical level must be indemnified or developed on the horizontal level. These must come together to establish one tradition, one culture, one people, one world. With this core any and every type and level of thing must be joined to become one. From then on we will start to have a new tradition, a new world. If we are at all going to make the world into one, all the people of the world must join and be united into one to set up the new tradition. Then, you can leave one tradition, one world, one culture to the future generations. It must be done with your family as the center. You must be able to set up the tradition of your family -- especially the blessed couples -- the tradition centered in your True Parents.

What was my subject yesterday? Blood lineage. I told you yesterday about how to become a wholesome offering. Today, I talked about how to set up the heavenly tradition. In doing that you have to join the central person, go back to the original position and from then on set up the core tradition to have its own culture, own tradition, in the one world. In other words, the whole world, the families of the whole world must be connected with his as the core. With the whole world in such chaos, confusion and turmoil, as I said before, God is working behind the human scene to put all those things in order centered on a certain figure of His choice. Tomorrow I am going to talk about how to purify blood lineage. The blessed couples must realize that you are the resurrection and incarnation of Jacob's tradition, the incarnation of Jesus' tradition and of Moses' tradition and the realization of True Parent's family tradition.

We are going to set up those traditions and leave them to your descendants. You are going to connect all that he set up to different people of the world, so they can join and become one with us.

So, the Unified Family members must always be watchful over what Master does and says and where he is. Only with keen observation and attentive ears can you carry out your mission. God would have me and you be able to carry out what is left unaccomplished by Jacob, Moses and Jesus and all past saints. When you join the effort with me, you can do everything in utter obedience to me, because what I am doing is not done at random but what I am doing is under God's command. You will be safe in obeying me to carry out your mission. With these things in mind, you must think of all the difficulties and hardships as a challenge. You must win over all those things and by going though them you will set up the new tradition, new culture and new world. I hope and desire you to do that, and to be brave and courageous when you accomplish your mission.

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