The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

God's Strategy and Satan's Strategy

Sun Myung Moon
April 23, 1972
The Messiah and Ourselves
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 55
Unofficial Translation

Satan's strategy is the strategy that attacks first and then perishes. It is the strategy to sacrifice other people for the sake of his own gains and success. God's strategy is to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others and offer yourself to be beaten first, and then to succeed. They are fundamentally different.

How about Satan's strategy or evil people's strategy? An evil person stomps on others in order to gain success. A good person serves others in order to get along. Then, naturally, other people want to come to him. Such a person will be elevated as the central person. Therefore, through this method, they can occupy others without fighting. This is God's method -- He tries to serve first in order to get along well. He never has been defeated.

Look at the past lives of saints. They walked a history of being beaten; however, the descendants of the nation that persecuted them eventually came around to becoming the servants of the saints, as a result. This is how progress has been made. This is the real fact of history. This is a fundamental principle. This is why the Unification Church adopts this strategy.

For example, there are two brothers. They are elder and younger brothers. The elder is 20 years old; the younger one is 10 years old. Their parents discuss with the older brother every day. However, if the older brother hits his younger brother for no reason -- the younger one did not do anything wrong -- the trust and everything that their parents had with the older brother will be lost. The parents must take the side of the younger brother. This is absolutely true. They will ask, why did you bully your brother? What did he do wrong? If the older brother rejects his parents in this situation, he will be cut off from his parents for ever.

Then, where did good and evil originate? Evil is one who harms others first. No matter how much one talks about good ideas, if he harms other people first, he is considered evil. You must know this point clearly. If a nation was invaded without committing any wrong doing, the nation invaded first will be occupied by the invaded nation in the end. You must know this principle clearly. Within Unification Church, some members are good people. There are Cain and Abel within the church. A person causing any harm is Cain. In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel caused harm to Adam and Eve. Someone causing harm to others is evil. The law is intended to control evil. Is causing harm good or evil in this society? It is evil in this society as well as in Satan's world.

Looking at people, you will be drawn to a person whose smile gives a pleasant feeling to you, right? Physiognomy speaking, if someone's face is hard looking, he is considered evil. Because of this reason, when you meet someone face to face, you should bow while smiling to him. This is a very awesome strategy. This divides good and evil.

When you speak to each other, you can see if someone is humble or arrogant. One person speaks like a bird singing on a spring day and gives an impression of pleasant feelings. The other person speaks with a posture of arrogance and a critical tone. You feel bad just looking at him. It is human nature that you always want to sing when you are smiling. When you open your mouth, you want to sing. Whoever has such a feelings and attitude can never be evil.

A person who causes harm is evil. On the other hand, if you are harmed first, you are good. If the person who was unjustly harmed continues the path without saying a word, he will inherit all the good fortune from all the people who harmed him, without ever fighting back. Jesus knew this path very well. This is the logical conclusion, observing all facts in life. 

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