The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

We Must Not Retreat

Sun Myung Moon
December 5, 1971
God's Will and the World
Victory or Defeat and the Present Time
Unofficial Translation

We must not retreat. We must not become losers. We must never be defeated. For this reason, my prayer is really serious. In this sense, my prayer is different from yours in quality. Knowing that the destiny of the entire world is hanging in the balance, you must consider and view your own situation.

The Unification Church must not perish. You must fight courageously in order to make this people and nation survive. You must not excuse yourself for your own personal situation. If you do, you will become a loser. You will be escaping from your vocation. Once you take up the responsibility for God, you must not abandon it. Of course, you may face a time of misery and a time of despair. But you cannot quit or retreat from this path. You must be resolute that if you fall short to accomplish this, you will pass this mission onto your descendants to carry it out. This is the most awesome thought. Anyway, you must stand at the front line. Then, you must prepare to defeat your enemy at once.

We must determine to give your life for this mission. When I started this path, I made up my mind to give my life willingly for this cause. From this point of view, what I regret most in my life is that I did not serve in the military. But I believe that I am a man of courage, as I am willing to venture out for this worthy purpose without regard to my own life. I am committed to stand at the front line.

Who in the world founded the Unification Church? Who guided the fortune and destiny of the Unification Church? Did you guide it? Or was it directed by history? You did not guide and direct it. The history has guided it. You must clearly know the fact that you did not do it by your own effort.

You must also know clearly that the only reason why you can participate in this mission is because in the past, the great saints laid the foundation with sacrificing themselves, shedding blood for over thousands of years. Therefore, you must take up this historical responsibility. This is the path that the Unification Church has been treading.

As you stand in this position, you must resolve difficult historical tasks as the subject or representative of history. Under this common purpose, you must fight together as co-laborers. You cannot do that by sitting inside a comfortable room. Given that you know these facts, how can you be helpful just sitting around in the room?

Those who damage the beautiful history (that was made by the great sacrifices for God) will be left behind forever. You must not be the one who damages such a diamond. Seeing the Unification Church from the historical standpoint, this precious phenomenon has never happened in the past and will never happen again in the future. 

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