The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Let Us Be a Victorious Jacob

Sun Myung Moon
December 5, 1971
God's Will and the World
Victory or Defeat and the Present Time
Unofficial Translation

After Jacob had struggled and completed his suffering course of twenty one years, he had to confront an angel; and only after defeating an angel at risk of his life could he receive the name Israel, the victor. Therefore, anyone who desires to establish God's kingdom must go through such a path. Moses, too, struggled all by himself in order to fulfill that purpose, for 120 years.

In order for God to strike the power of evil, we must accomplish and fulfill the conditions that God needs by our own power. If God had eliminated and uprooted the evil world by His own power alone, for what purpose would He have required any assistance from human beings? Therefore, as a representative of God, you must strike and destroy evil, and bring forth the day of victory. You must accomplish this; it is no value if you retrieve from and yet, give up midway.

While confronting and wrestling with the angel, had Jacob embraced a weak and defeated thought, saying to himself, "Oh, I just can't take it anymore. I wish someone can help me," then, what would have happened? Surely, God would have bemoaned saying, "what a helpless man he is." But Jacob struggled and persevered by himself alone and gained the victory. Thus, he was able to receive the title Israel.

In order to gain this victory, Jacob endured and fought, even though his thigh bone was broken. You must visualize Jacob who wrestled with the angel at the risk of his life. He never let go of the angel holding on until he was declared the victor. You, too, must be tenacious and determined until the end -- to gain the victory.

In order to enter the Heavenly Kingdom, you must show the proof that you have overcome Satan. Without the certificate that proves you defeated Satan, you cannot enter heaven. However, Satan does not easily give up when you try to defeat him. Rather, he resists and opposes until the end. Because Satan resists and counterattacks so hard, God must be concerned about your battle against him.

When you walk God's path, you will face all kinds of difficulties. Have you ever seen a woman delivering a baby? When a woman gives birth, she does so with her utmost effort, being ready to die. You, the Unification members are standing now in the same situation -- you must endure until the end at risk of your life. 

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