The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

The Base and Means of Unification

Sun Myung Moon
September 12, 1971
Sunday morning, Headquarters Church, Seoul, Korea
1971 translation

All the Korean people have been longing for the territorial unification between South and North Korea. Though seemingly, the territorial division might have been brought about by June 25th Conflict, [1] as a matter of fact, it is sure for it to contain more profound causes.

Providentially speaking, there has been no person, society or world that has been free of historical disruptions due to the Fall. There are differences of desire, directions and opinions but all are affected by the Fall of Man. Consequently the world has been developed by discordant historical phenomena. It goes without saying that there can be no true unification by military conquest.

Then where should unification start? We start by solving the cause of our difficulties, not by trying to solve the results of those difficulties. The world is resultant and man is causal. Nobody can deny that there is a severe conflict between our mind and body. We are to seek the proper relation between them. Even if the desire for unification is from beyond myself, nothing eternal can be accomplished while we are in self-centered discord.

Realizing that there is contradiction between our desire and the desire of the Absolute Being, we search for our purpose. This search may lead us to ask whether there is a God. We ask, what is the proper relation between God and man? There is nothing that we can do alone, because the physical world is the objective world. God Himself needs His object. Then what is the object that can please Him? It is neither plant nor animal nor anything other than we human beings. Man should be God's absolute object and share joys and sorrows with Him for ever and ever.

What is His ultimate desire? It is not wealth, power or knowledge; He desires a stimulant full of life. Is there one sage, world leader, great statesman or any human who can stimulate Him by wealth, power or knowledge? No, none of them can fulfill His desires. Is there any way we can be assured of becoming one with God, once we connect with Him? Yes, it is love. The way of love is what God and man have sought.

What comes after love? Happiness does, and what is it for? For the ideal family, and what follows happiness? Living well and what's meant by living well? Living well is formed in family, society, race, nation, world and finally the entire universe. It cannot be accomplished by individuals by themselves; we need others. In the same was as long as God remains alone, He cannot enjoy happiness. This is the reason why God has sought His absolute object to join with Him.

Thus neither wealth nor power nor any knowledge can be the unique standard and starting point of happiness. Only love can be the unique standard and starting point of happiness. What we are anxious to have is absolute, unique and eternal life and love. Since only love can fulfill life, even God the subject of life and love, needs an object to receive power stimulated by love.

Where can we find an unchangeable, unique means for unification in our variable changing situations? That is the question. What can make the entire world one, power, knowledge, or wealth? No, only love provides the means of unification.

What kind of love: conjugal love or parental love? Of course parental love. Conjugal love is horizontal and changeable whereas parental love is vertical and unchangeable. What does it take parents love to be absolute?

How is it possible for the parents love, derived from conjugal, changeable love to become unchangeable? Because it originated from something other than conjugal love. It originated from God who is the subject of vertical love. God, the subject of love, is unchangeable and absolute, so the love derived from Him is absolute, unchangeable and eternal. No wonder everyone has been anxious to receive absolute, unchangeable and eternal love from the subject of love.

To return to our subject, what is the base of unification? It is love. And where does the love start? From loving your people and nation, being patriots, loyal subjects, and should devoted sons. If we can win God's love, the entire human world will be unified naturally. World unification is preceded by individual unification, that is unification of mind and body. It is our eternal desire to be united in mind and body.

Then which is the standard for my mind and body to unite, humanity or divinity? Now let me take example. What is a sage? A sage is a man based in divinity showing the way to humanity.

It has been said that there are four great sages named Jesus, Confucius, Buddha and Socrates. Socrates is anything but a sage; he is nothing but a man of letters who did not dominate life. Mohammed is more of a sage than Socrates; briefly, sages are also founders of religions. Sages have been our moral standard throughout history.

What are sages' ideas? Their thoughts are based on cosmopolitanism [2] rather than racism or nationalism. They are centered of saving the entire world.

There are about 1.7 billion religious believers in the world. Therefore, for one to be a world level statesman, one must be talented in uniting religions.


1. June 25th Conflict: North Korean forces supported by the Soviet Union and China invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950.

2. Cosmopolitanism is the ideology that all human ethnic groups belong to a single community based on a shared morality. 

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