The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

The Way Our Blessed Families Should Go

Sun Myung Moon
August 28, 1971

Publisher's note (from the 1991 translation)

You have in your hands the translation of True Father's speech given on August 28, 1971 at Cheong Pyeong Training Center, on the occasion of the second workshop for Korean center leaders. This was just prior to Father's departure from Korea to begin his worldwide ministry in America.

In September of 1991, during a visit to the Unification Theological Seminary, Barrytown, New York, Father made an important condition centering on this speech. He read the text of this speech between midnight and 4 a.m., which coincided exactly with True Mother's delivery of a major address to a gathering of 7,000 Women's Peace Federation members in Japan.

Father then told the seminarians to translate the speech into English and that all blessed members should read it. Second generation seminarians Jin Hun Moon, Jin Man Kwak, Jin Hyung Park, Yoon Sun Park and Moon Sook Choi did the translation, and Robert Kittel and Laura Reinig edited for English style.

This translation team decided to render the speech according to Father's literal meaning, rather than risking distorting the text through too extensive polishing. Therefore many of the sentences are rough and lengthy. It is hoped that this will reveal more deeply and accurately Father's original content. At certain points there are missing phrases, or seeming ambiguities. These were checked carefully, and reflect the same problems in the original Korean text.

As the reader will see, Father's content is extremely deep and personal. It strikes the publisher that the dispensation in America is at a stage similar to that of Korea twenty years ago. Therefore, it is time for Father to explain his own personal and family course with more detail, as a model for us who are embarking along the same path of victory through sacrifice.

May God grant each reader the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

The Way Our Blessed Families Should Go

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 28, 1971
Cheong Pyeong Training Center, Korea

The mind and body of man are in the relationship of subject and object. The most serious question for us is whether our mind and body become one, thus equipping us with a starting point.

Man Should Be the Starting Point For the Historical Fulfillment of Hope

Because the body did not follow the mind's demands, mankind has been trying until now to find a place where the body can satisfy what the mind desires. In order to stop the fight between the mind and the body, and to reestablish the original point of tranquility, many people have suffered all kinds of toil through the road of religion, the road of asceticism, and the road of education. But in the history of mankind there has never been a person anywhere who could achieve the decisive victory in attaining the original point of tranquility.

This fight has constantly been going on, from the past to the present, and it is continuing even within yourselves. It has been mankind's hope to settle this fight once and for all. It has also been the hope of God, who is leading mankind. Then what should be the starting point for the fulfillment of this hope, which is the hope of God, the hope of mankind? Where should the fulfillment of this hope start? Before it is fulfilled in the world, it has to be completed in the nation, and before it is fulfilled in the nation it has to be done in the family, and before it is fulfilled in the family, it has to be done in the individual.

Ultimately, instead of desiring to see its fulfillment in the outside world, I must prepare it inside myself. Unless we find that starting point for a decisive victory within ourselves, the Kingdom of Heaven that we desire and that God desires will not be realized. The problem of making unity within oneself, who is divided, who is fighting on a forked road, is the homework that mankind has to resolve. It is also the historical desire of God, who is always looking for the starting point of victory through mankind.

When we try to find where that returning point is, which is the desire of history, it is not the world, not some nation, not some family. Without first finding this returning point within myself there is no way to go from the family to the world. Throughout history, families have been formed centering on individuals who have not found this solution. Societies have been formed by these kinds of families. The nation and the world have spread out, centering on these kinds of societies. This is the situation of today's world.

This fight has been continuing throughout history. Then where is the origin of this fight? It is not some country that became the cause of this fight. It is not some tribe. The origin of this fight is, in all aspects, between the individual's mind and body. You must know that this is the origin of the fight. Unless we settle this completely, the fight will never end. When unity is established, finally, once and for all, the authority of God will appear and the standard of perfection will come into existence centering on "myself".

When we look at it this way, the place where God's authority is established is "I". The place where God's desire is fulfilled is also "I". All success or failure begins with the individual. Therefore, when the individual is completely perfected, there you can see the image of the whole. In the middle of this image of the whole, finally, a world of true ideology with one form can appear. Therefore, we cannot deny the fact that the origin of everything does not exist in the objective world but inside ourselves.

Until Now, a History Has Progressed With the Body as the Center

Down what kind of road has history been groping? Down the road of the body and the road of the mind. The world of matter and the world of spirit have formed contrasting ideological systems.

Which side has led the way? It was not the mind but the body. In spite of the fact that the mind should be the origin of subjective content, the body has taken the leadership role in developing the history of the world.

This is also evident when you look at yourself. In your own life, things do not work out the way the mind intends. Usually when a new year begins, people make a determination that this will be a meaningful year, a year that will never be forgotten. But very few people actually accomplish what they determine.

When we see that there is not even one in a thousand who can do this, we cannot deny the fact that we do not establish the historical cause centering on the mind, but we allow personal and social circumstances centering on the body to determine our life.

So, why does the mind have to stand on the battleground in the difficult position of subject, always having to pull the body? We must know that the mind is always in a troublesome and exhausting situation.

You can see the evidence of this in each one of you. The mind wants to do this, but the body wants to do that. We do not do as the mind tells us, but we end up doing what the body demands, and this is our daily life. If we examine this problem precisely, we must say that we have always lived our life where the mind did not win the position of the subject, but the body was in the position of subject, leading the mind.

When the mind is pulled centering on the body, it will inevitably produce a result in the external world, where God does not reside. If the body is pulled centering on the mind, it will always end up in the place where God dwells. When we see that the world today is pervaded by materialism we can understand that this world is the result of being pulled centering on the body.

Before Solving the Problems of the World, the Problem of the Individual Has to Be Solved

Then, from here, what is the problem that we have to solve within ourselves before taking dominion over the external world? We must have the absolute authority to subjugate the body centering on the mind. If the mind comes to have that kind of authority, it can subjugate the body, and if the basis for that victory of subjugation can apply to all kinds of people, from there a new ideology will appear and open the way toward the formation of a new world.

Where do people place the most problematic factor? Not on the world, but on themselves. People's foremost concern is not the problems in the world. When we press hard upon each one of you for the answer, it all comes down to "I". Is it not true? You all hope to make yourself high and big instead of wanting the world to be high and big. "Before the world is happy, I must be happy" is what everybody says.

People commonly have a lot of hope for the future, but we cannot deny the fact that the starting point of this hope is not ideology centering on the world, but thought centering on the individual. In striving for success, it's got to be me. It has to be me who gets the first prize. In wanting happiness it has to be me. This is the undeniable desire of man. In spite of this, people today are trying to deny this fact, and their lives are following the flow of this denial. We must know that this kind of fight is going on.

I say I have to be happy; why do I have to be happy? If I'm not happy, there will be no real happiness even if my family is happy. Even If the world is happy, there can be no happiness unless I myself am happy first. isn't this what we think?

In Order To Reclaim the World, One True Person Must Appear

What is the core of the problem? Where do I find the true standard of my happiness? This is the important issue. If God exists, and if God is dealing with man through the providence of restoration, is He sacrificing throughout history in order to make Himself happy? No. He is not proceeding for the sake of His own happiness.

Since God is absolute, omniscient and omnipotent, He does not have limitations; He is not limited by time. He is transcendent of everything. Thus He is not in a position to be unable to break free of any complicated or limited boundary under any circumstances. If He has had the desire to make such an effort until now, that desire is not for Himself. When He deals with mankind He always has the hope of finding His children. Therefore, His desire does not find its fulfillment in Himself, but it is solved inside man and then returns back to God. Looking at it this way, each person is the problem, first and foremost.

Therefore, to create this kind of individual, God has been mobilized, and all of history has been mobilized until now. Because Adam and Eve, the ancestors of mankind, made a mistake, God established a new Will of providence through Cain and Abel, the providence of restoration. What have we been looking for since that day until now? It is the world. Even though He has been trying to take back the world, who is the causal being who can take back this world? It is one person. That one person is a true man. Because there hasn't been a single true person on this earth, that one person has to emerge. The Messiah is the person who has this kind of responsibility.

The Purpose for Setting Up the Foundation to Receive the Messiah

Our Principle says that the foundation of substance has to be set up on the basis of the establishment of the foundation of faith. And when the foundation of substance is fulfilled, the foundation to receive the Messiah is established.

Then for what reason do we set up the foundation to receive the Messiah? It is to find the place where I can finally become true, to find the beginning point for uniting my mind and my body, to find the place where the once-divided heaven and earth can unite. This is where everything is decided. This is needed in order to dissolve the historical resentment caused by my failure to perfect myself; to fulfill God's desire; to realize the Will of providence that God has not achieved yet; to find the once-lost history; to assure victory within today's world where we are still fighting; and to replace the gloomy future with a hopeful future. All this can begin anew centering on the Messiah. The decision to start from that beginning point is made by one man. We must find a way to unite with that point which starts with one man.

What do we have to do to unite with that point? Here is the Messiah. (He draws on the chalkboard as he speaks.) There is his body and his mind. Then there is my body and my mind. If you look here, the Messiah is one with God. He is the subject standing in the position of a strong plus. Mind and body exist following the relationship of that subject.

That mind is a powerful mind. How powerful is it? It is more powerful than the sum of all the minds of mankind in the world.

It is powerful enough not to retreat even if every evil force in this world gathers together and attacks. It is powerful enough not to be conquered even if one tries to conquer it with any kind of power possible in this world. The Messiah's mind has this kind of plus content.

Then centering on that mind, how is the body? It is not in the position of conflict with the mind but in the position of being able to become one with the mind. It is always united. By mind and body becoming completely one, a new individual is formed. When your mind and body become one, a personality called "I" is created. Each thing progresses centering on this kind of content.

For there to come into existence a larger being, a smaller plus and minus have to become one, and then those two have to form a new value and take the shape of a plus. When it uní´Ątes with another objective minus, it grows even bigger. When there is no purpose for uniting, there can be no progress. In this way, we see that the theory of dialectical materialism breaks down. When we understand this, we know that the Messiah's mind and body are one. But human beings turned out to be the opposite of the Messiah, even though, originally, man's mind and body were supposed to become one. Because we are fallen, the body became the plus. The mind, time and time again, loses to the body. If anybody can say, "That's not true. My mind always wins over my body," please raise your hand. This is the crucial problem. Until now the body has become the subject and has pulled and lead the mind. That is why there is war and struggle. Even though originally the mind was to be in the plus position, the body, standing in the subjective position and acting like another plus, has been pulling and leading the mind. In this situation, there can be no end to war. Plus and plus are always in conflict. There is no way for them to harmonize with each other. That is why there is a problem. Restoration means to give to the mind a strong plus-type subjectivity. Then if the body becomes the minus, that person will become truly normal.

Therefore, we must change. What must we do to reverse this? You must become one with me, and I must become one with you. The mind and the body have to become one. Then what must be the cause? The body cannot be the cause. Centering on the mind I have to harmonize with you, and you have to become me. But until now this has not happened.

How can we make the mind and the body one? By making the body weak. Religions have created doctrines that can do that. Religion tries to make the mind strong and the body weak. If religions had never appeared in the course of the providence, there could be no understanding of God. The clear historical evidence that God is trying to save mankind is the existence of religion.

Religion teaches us to discipline and subjugate the body centering on the mind. Then what is to be done after subduing the body? It is to place the mind as the subject. And if centering on that subject the body becomes one with the mind, it does not mean that this being is a plus. This being must become united with the returning Messiah. In this way, they come into contact with each other, with the Messiah as the subject and man as the minus. This is what is called the foundation to receive the Messiah. The foundation to receive the Messiah is supposed to be fulfilled in this way.

That plus has to start from God, go through the mind of Adam and Eve, and connect to the body. The mind and body were supposed to function in this way centering on God, but in the place where the mind should stand, the body is standing instead. Even when God is the subject, the body stands in the position of another subject, and thus throughout history mankind has been taking the contradictory position. Because the mind has always been following in the position of a minus, the situation has to be reversed. To reverse this, you must go the opposite way. This is the way of religion and the way of recreating oneself.

The Source of the Unity of the Mind and Body is God

So, where is the problem? It is in each one of you. Before restoring the world, you must restore yourselves. Thus, even for Father the biggest problem was conquering himself. This was the biggest problem.

Then how many problems have arisen centering around the self? In truth, how many? Restoration is not just done from some whim, but it is done through the original principles of creation, following the reverse course. What are the original principles of creation? God was supposed to become the subject before Adam and Eve, and Eve was created to dominate the angels. But the fall happened through the reversal of that course. Therefore, centering on Adam, Eve has to be guided, and the archangel has to be educated by Adam and Eve.

Then from where must Adam receive the fundamental points of that guidance? He is to inherit that from God. Unless he stands in the position of completely receiving guidance from God and uniting with Him, a complete system of guidance cannot come about, right? And unless he receives a complete education, he can not inherit that perfect system of guidance. Otherwise the type of guidance that corresponds with the original rule of the Principle cannot materialize.

Has Adam found the original point of being completely one with God - from the level of his individual emotions to his living environment to the course of his life? No, he has not. Also, does Adam now have a reason to be joyful together with God? No, he does not. Because of the fall, he is in agony. He was not in the position to receive guidance and intervention from God by becoming one with Him, but instead God had to expel him because be could not be guided or be influenced. He was standing in a place where everything was in contradiction.

It was natural for God to become one with Adam and for Adam to become one with Eve. After this, they should have loved the archangel.

Looking at yourselves, what is your situation? Your minds have made a marriage contract with God and are able to become one with Him. But your body and your environment are in the opposite place. That is, they are in the sphere of the fall.

Where did the fall originate? Of course, It originated with Adam, but practically speaking it started from the archangel, who was to be an objective being. If Adam, as the subject, and Eve, as his object, had become one, the archangel would be an outside being. (Drawing on the blackboard.) Horizontally, there is the archangel, Eve and Adam, with God up here. If you look at this vertically, on the bottom is the archangel; on top of him is Eve, then Adam, and then God. You can look at the situation in a vertical way.

In yourselves, where do you start to find the origin of becoming one? You must know this. The mind originally already wants to become one. It is the same as a compass pointing towards the north and south. But when it is supposed to point towards the north and south, it instead points in the opposite way towards south and north. Therefore, your mind always wants to go around. It operates in this way. That is why mind and body are always fighting with each other.

Then when thinking about whether the grounds for becoming one with God is in the body or in the mind, we can say that it is in the mind. Because the mind is on the side of God, it is in the environment to become one with Him naturally. But the body has become the domain for Satan's temporary residence. It has become the beginning point of evil. Therefore, where is the origin and the motive for Satan to start acting? It is not the mind but the body. The body wants to go the opposite way from the mind. In the place where the body likes to be, you cannot find a way to advance to God. You can find the way to proceed towards God only in the place where the body hates to be.

The Reason for Offering Sacrifices is to Welcome the Messiah

In the history of restoration, we say that vertical history has to be indemnified horizontally. When I look at myself, what kind of a being am "I"? I have a mind which stands in the position of God, myself who stands in the position of that mind; then centering on me there is the object, and centering on the object, there are the children. This means the four position foundation is being created horizontally. What else is there besides the family four position foundation centering on myself? There is the creation.

What is the history of recreation? It is the history of restoration done in the reverse way. Because of the fall, we must raise mankind up again. To do this, it means to come in from the outside, upside down. It does not mean to go outside. If there had been no fall, there would be expansion outward, but we must do the opposite. It means we must come in upside down trying to find something. For that reason the Old Testament era was the era of offerings. This is the age where you sacrifice all things.

From the point of view of vertical history, what age was the Old Testament age? (Father wtites on the blackboard.) It was the period when material was sacrificed. The New Testament period was the period when children had to offer themselves as sacrifices, and the Completed Testament era is the era when the parent bears the cross. Father is trying to indemnify all these eras horizontally, on the level of all things, children, and parents. The Individual alone cannot become a restored being. He has to have a family first. Do you understand? For there to be all things, children, and parents, the family has to exist. It is not possible without the family, right? In restoration history, you must indemnify vertical history horizontally. To do this, you must have the family.

In the historical process of man trying to find God, the Old Testament age was the age when people sacrificed all things to offer them to God. The New Testament era goes one step above that. Because restoration takes place through indemnity, it means people must be attacked from the outside. God strikes the people, and if they take the strike well they are on God's side. If they don't take the strike well, they are on Satan's side. The ones who complain and rebel are on Satan's side, and the ones who absolutely obey and respond naturally are on whose side? [God's.] In this way it is decided.

How does sacrifice take place? Who strikes the person who lays down his life, sacrifices himself, and stays calm? Who kills the sacrifice? It is none other than the high priest. The high priest is in the place of God, right? That rneans God does the striking. If you say, "Oh no! I don't want to die," when God is hitting you, you inherit Satan's nature as it was. But if you say, "I will die gladly," and get hit gratefully, resurrection happens from that point. Even though your body may die, you are received by God as a new being. He will see your existence in a new way. Therefore, God strikes all things and creates the standard so that He can accept them.

After that era is passed, what has been found by the process of sacrificing all things? The son is found. Thus the desire of the Old Testament age is to welcome the Messiah. Isn't that right. It means meeting the true olive tree. It also means meeting the tree of life.

The Desire of the Messiah

Then what is the desire of the Messiah? It is to advance to the position of the parent, even if he himself is sacrificed. That is how restoration works. What has to be done to advance to the position of the parent? He must pay indemnity in the place of others. That's how it works. How does he pay indemnity in the place of others? Without a doubt, the law of indemnity unfolds centering on Adam and Eve, but who has the responsibility? It is Adam. That is why Adam comes to find Eve, to find his object. In trying to find the object, if his way is blocked, there will be sacrifices. In this way Jesus tried to find his family.

Before finding that family, who has to be found? The archangel. The archangel has to be subjugated. just as the archangel was there when God was creating all things, when the victorious son appears, who has dominion over all things, the victorious archangel must appear. Then at the time of Jesus, who was the representative of a victorious archangel? It was John the Baptist.

Jesus Did Not Completely Fulfill the Responsibility of the Messiah

John the Baptist was the person found on the earth to be the representative of the lost archangel in the spiritual world. The archangel-type John the Baptist and the Adam-type Jesus had to become one and have dominion over all things. In order to do this, Jesus had to inherit the victorious altar of dominion over all things. That altar was Judaism. Jesus had to take over from where the Jewish people had been protecting the altar, giving offerings by sacrificing all things. John the Baptist should have allowed Jesus to take over that foothold. But the whole process collapsed because John the Baptist made a mistake. Therefore, Jesus had to pay for that mistake himself. Jesus died in the second course of the fulfillment of that responsibility.

What responsibility did Jesus want to fulfill by fighting Satan? He died on the cross as he was fulfilling the responsibility of John the Baptist, the second time around. Therefore, did he fulfill the responsibility of the son or not? He did not fulfill it. After his death until now, Jesus has been trying to fulfill the way of the archangel. Only after that can he go the way of the son. Jesus did not become a direct son. He did not fulfill the responsibility of a direct son. He only fulfilled the way of the archangel, the way of the servant, and the way of the adopted son.

Therefore, by believing in Jesus, you can only become at best the adopted son. The adopted son cannot connect to the father's blood lineage. It is the situation of Cain, who is of different blood. That's how it works. The history of providence until now has been centering on the fight to connect that bloodline.

Jesus died on the cross but not as the son. If Jesus had been able to offer himself victoriously in front of God, in the position of a son, one in spirit and body, he would not have had to return. But the offering was not completely accomplished. The body was lost and only the spirit was offered. What was offered was equivalent to the world of angels in the spirit world.

Therefore, the ones who have died believing in Christ remain at what level of the spirit world? They are waiting in a level below the level of Paradise without being able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This means that their level of spirit world is the level of the archangel. Therefore, they have to build a boundary of protection for victory on the physical realm to protect the domain of victory in the spiritual world. It is God's will and Jesus' will that this be accomplished. Therefore, Christianity today must go beyond the domain of the archangel by finding and establishing at once the sphere of victory in the spiritual world as well as the sphere of victory in the physical world. This is the responsibility of Christianity. There can be no complete perfection in Christianity as it is now, only spiritual perfection. Christianity has been proceeding until now with its emphasis only on the spiritual world.

The Work that the Returning Messiah Must Do

Then what does the returning Messiah have to do? He has to attain the authority to subjugate the sphere of the archangel in the spirit world. Without this the beginning point of restoration of the physical world cannot be realized. That's how it works. Do you understand? The returning Messiah, when he returns on this earth, has to come in the position of passing down all the merit of the spiritual world to the followers of Jesus, who was victorious in the spiritual world. In other words, in the same way as Jesus received the inheritance from John the Baptist. John the Baptist passed down the inheritance to Jesus centering on the spirit, but he was divided because he did not do as he promised. Therefore, in order to accomplish this again, Christianity was established.

In the same way, the returning Jesus comes in the position of Adam. Therefore, the sphere of Christianity, which is the world of the archangel's domain centered on Jesus, and the sphere of all other religions, has to belong to that returning Jesus. In this way, all religions including Christianity have to receive this inheritance in order to welcome the returning Jesus. Do you understand? Unless this inheritance is received, he cannot reign as the Second Coming. Therefore, Jesus has to come with the plan of unification that can unite the spiritual world and the physical world.

What has to be done in order to accomplish this unity? He must pass down to Christianity existing now in the physical world what he received in the spiritual world. This has to be done, but Christianity existing in the physical world, puts emphasis not on the physical world but the spiritual world. But the chief aim of Jesus who is coming back is not focused on the spiritual world but on the physical world. In this situation lie many contradictions and conflicts. One side is looking upwards, and the other side is looking at the earth. Therefore, if even a little mistake is made, there can be division. This is the fate of Christianity and the fate of the returning Jesus. That's how it is. Unless the standard is accomplished whereby the two become one, the perfection of the son cannot be accomplished on earth.

Then what is the standard that has to be perfected on the earth? In order to know this we have to know why Jesus died. Why did Jesus die? First, it was because he did not form a family. Second, he did not have a nation. Third, the world did not attend Jesus by becoming one with him. Because of these three reasons Jesus died.

First he, died because of the family. The second reason for his death was because of the nation. What was the third reason? Because of the world, which is dominated by evil. Evil does not just control the nation. It dominares the world. Therefore, these are the three stages we must fight for.

Then what work is the returning Jesus supposed to do? Jesus, by coming down to the earth, first has to unify the spiritual world and the physical world. He must try to find the solution to the problem of disunity. He must come with the origin of victory in the spiritual world and find the starting point of victory in the physical world. Where does he have to start? It has to start in the individual. In this way the standard of the mind, representing the spiritual world, and the standard of the body, representing the physical world can become one. This is the issue. Do you understand? Before the returning Jesus can accomplish unity in the world, first there must be unity within the individual. The returning Jesus comes with a body and a mind, but is his mind and body absolutely one? If his mind and body were absolutely united, he would be inside God's dominion, never touching the domain of the fall. However, even he comes out of the lineage of the satanic world, and so this is not wholly true.

The interaction of his mind and body occurs just as it occurs in you. Centering on his mind, he has to strive to subjugate his body. Is this not true? In doing this, what standard does he have to reach? He cannot rise to a point below the standard of Adam and Eve before the fall. He has to go over the standard of Adam and Eve before the fall. Without reaching a standard of unity of mind and body above the standard of Adam and Eve, he cannot find the starting point for the restoration of the world. Do you understand what I am saying?

Then in order to achieve unity, what is the most difficult point? It is the fallen nature. You have learned about the fallen nature. What is the first fallen nature? It is not taking the same viewpoint as God. The mind tries to take the same viewpoint as God, but what does not take the same viewpoint as God? The body. Can I get my body to feel what God likes and come to like it too? The body should not act just the way it wants to but should act as God wants. Until now this struggle has been going on. Without this, restoration would not occur.

In order to accomplish what God wills, what has to be done? Is God in a higher position than the mind or in a lower position? Since he is in the higher position, can the body make a relationship with God by doing what the mind tells it to do? This is very difficult. If the mind takes dominion centering on the standard of the fall, is this perfection? The body started from the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage. Thus, this is the level that inherited the mind of the archangel. But the mind that establishes the standard of original nature has a common ground with God. Therefore, it has a connection with God and thinks centering on God. The level at which that mind operates is the perfection level of the growth stage, and thus it cannot operate apart from its desire to become one with God. This is because action happens only through some basis of relationship. However, in fallen man, the mind is object to the body, and the body has become the foremost base for the fallen archangel. In other words, since that object (the mind) is an object who has not gone over the perfection level of the growth stage, it cannot operate in the position of subject over the body.

If Adam had perfected himself centering on the mind, his authority would have subjugated the archangel as well as guided the body anywhere he desired. But because he was not perfected, who was he in the position to be dominated by? The archangel. Because of this, the mind was allowed to be pulled and led by the body. This is the problem.

The returning Jesus also has to go through this kind of battle and firmly establish the origin for the mind to become one with God. Without doing this, unity with God is not possible.

The Mind Can Function as a Subject After its Power Becomes Strong

Our mind has a reciprocal base with the mind of an archangel. Therefore, even if we want to go higher, we cannot go. However, since our mind is subject, it fights to go toward that ideal.

The other subject of our mind is God, who is in the highest position. Because our mind can become one with Him in a reciprocal relationship, we can reach a higher level than the level of an archangel. This is why the mind must become stronger. When our mind becomes stronger and functions as a subject, the history of a new creation will begin to unfold.

Universal law states that a perfected object must appear upon the appearance of a perfected subject. When the mind achieves the standard of a perfected subject, the unperfected standard will be destroyed. When the perfected enters, the unperfected automatically leaves. It is the same as the darkness leaving when the light enters.

When you receive the Holy Spirit or God's grace, then even If you don't tell the evil that has been attached to your body to leave, it automatically leaves. We are all able to experience this. Because our body is able to make a reciprocal base at the perfection level of the growth stage, we have to make our mind, as subject, higher and stronger. When we bring our mind up a little bit higher than its present position, we are engaging in the process of recreation. Then, when our mind is in its rightful position, our physical body cannot influence it. This is why Satan has to leave. When one receives grace, Satan leaves. When the Holy Spirit enters, Satan leaves.

We have been fighting for this until now. Where do you think the nucleus of this worldwide battle is taking place? Where is this universal battle going on? It's not the world. Then where? In our own body and mind. This is completely scientific. When the direction of our heart is pointed in the same direction as God, who is the absolute and perfected subject, then our mind becomes like God's mind. When you receive grace, the whole world will come right into the middle of your mind. That's true.

Why do you think it can do that? Because the world is within God's mind, and when I become one with God, the whole world is within my grasp. It's possible. That's why, when you receive grace, the world becomes yours. That's the way it should be. When the mind takes its position as a strong subject, it becomes a perfected plus(+), and then a perfected minus(-) will be attracted to it. Recreation takes place. Everything that goes against this process will be eliminated.

It's good to be completely attached to God all the time, but sometimes we move up and sometimes we go down. Do you understand? Our spirit becornes high and then low. When it goes up, it becomes one with God. If our spirit falls below a certain point, then God leaves and Satan dominates us. This is what has been happening. If you go up and down above the line of Satan, the line of the fall, the line of the perfection level of the growth stage, at least you're safe. But, as soon as you go below that line, then at once you will be subjugated by Satan. We are in this kind of battle.

Actually, the point where the universe, heaven and earth come together, causing a strong tidal wave, is where you are standing right now. Right in front of our eyes are occurring events that are both thrilling and risky. The most risky and dizzying scene in the world is the scene of my body and my mind colliding with each other.

Therefore, when it comes to fear, the fear we feel when our life is being threatened in this way is far greater than our fear that the world may be completely destroyed by an atomic bomb. Have you ever felt such fear? We are in that battle now. We are always going up and down in this battle. We always want to be one with God, but when we go below the line of the fall, then God will leave. This is the universal law. You will never develop if you have a casual attitude about it. When you have to jump, can you do it with a lax mind? You have to do it like this (Father shows how to jump). You must go forward with a fighting spirit, always centering on the highest standard. Human history until now bas been the history of endless batties. Through such a process, the tragic history of battles has expanded horizontally to the worldwide level, like the strong wave forms of the mind action. Do you understand? When something falls all the way down after going up, how miserable is its destruction.

The Way to Become One With God

Then what should the coming Messiah do? He must become one with God centering upon heart. What is the way to become one with God? The first thing is to believe. The heart of the original ancestors of mankind was not bad. They had no idea what they were doing at the time of the fall. They fell without knowing. They didn't know what would result. That's why the number one way to become one with God is to believe.

It will take me quite a long time to get to my topic - the family. But I have no choice. The title is "The Way Our Blessed Farnilies Should Go." Some might think I am talking about my own family, but we are all heading toward that ideal family.

What is the first way to become one with God? [To believe.] Then what is the second? It is to sacrifice. What should we sacrifice, when it comes time to do it? Not our heart. The heart is what does all the believing. It is good to believe. Everyone believes. But it doesn't mean that everyone who believes will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

You all believe in the Unification Church, but you won't all go to Heaven together. You all believe, right? You all came to believe, right? [Yes.] Do you believe, or do you try to believe? [We all believe.] Do you believe without a doubt? [Yes.] Then, is what you are believing in absolute? Is your score 100%, or not? [It is 100%.] Then, you must have reached the absolute standard of belief that God wants you all to attain. What do you mean, you all believe? You do not believe. You are trying to believe. You must completely clean up your way of thinking. Do you try to believe, or do you believe? [We are trying to believe.) Then, what do you believe? Again, do you believe, or do you try to believe? [We are trying to believe.] What is this? You said that you believe a minute ago, and now you are saying the opposite. Everything is reversed. (Laughter.) That's why it is serious. You should not think that you believe. Then when will the time come when you can say you believe with confidence? When you can say, "It is the principle of my life and my body always to live with faith," you are qualified to have a passing grade in faith. That's what it is to believe.

Then what happens to a person who wants to die and believes he will? Does it always happen that he who wants to die dies, and he who wants to live lives? [No.] What happens to those who want to die? [They live.] And those who want to live? [They die.] If you believe because you want to live, that means death. And if you believe because you want to die, that means life. You have to know this. This is what is different about mind.

When your body wants to die, that brings eternal life. And when your body doesn't want to die, that brings eternal death. All people in their mind want to sacrifice, right? Do you want to make all mankind happy or not? If you could make all people live happily by working hard for about one year, it would be no problem for you, would it?

So your mind wants to sacrifice. But on the other hand, your body is protesting. It doesn't want to sacrifice. You have to know clearly that these two conflicting aspects exist within you. Do you understood? [Yes.] So, what do you try to kill? [The body.] If a person who tries to kill the body also tries to kill the mind, then there would be no faith, right? You must separate them. Centered upon your mind, you must separate them. The more your mind wants to absolutely believe in God, the stronger the opposition becomes. That opposing element must be killed. If you also kill your mind, then how can you live? If you do so then the reciprocal condition for living disappears. When the reciprocal base disappears, the physical world cannot exist.

Then when you want to die, what do you have to kill? You have to kill your body. When one wants to kill his body, then he can live. Do you understand? What is the true point of belief, where God's standard is set? It is not the point at which the dead person comes to life, but the point at which the person about to die comes to life. Right? This is what is meant by the words: "He who wants to die shall live, and he who wants to live shall die." Understand?

Based on what criterion can my body's actions be approved by God? When one is in a position to say without a doubt that he will cut his own neck for his belief, his belief achieves a score of one point, You must begin as a person with a one-point score. Everything begins from that point.

The first condition is to believe, and the second is to sacrifice. There are two kinds of sacrifice. When you say you want to sacrifice for your own sake, for yourself to be saved, that also means you will use God for yourself. Isn't that true? Such a person is the one who says he will use the foundation of God's Will for himself. Isn't that so?

The Kingdom of Heaven is God's foundation. The subject in the Kingdom of Heaven is God. But such a way of thinking is to use God. He's saying he will use God's foundation for himself. Is sacrificing in such a way right or wrong? [Wrong.] Jesus got caught at this point. He said, "Father, not by my will, but please do it according to Your Will." After assessing the situation, he sacrificed and offered himself. However, no matter what, he had to be killed anyway. At that point, no matter what he did, there was no way for him to be released. But as he was dying, he brought out the word "my". When "my" is brought out, then from that moment you will perish. But when "God' is brought out, you will live. That's how it's meant to be.

Therefore, when you say, "I believe in Jesus in order for me to go to Heaven," then you will perish. That religion will perish. Such a religion will become a barren wilderness in the last days, There will be only skulls and bones, rolling around. Why is that? We can understand based on this principle.

Even If You Believe In the Unification Church, You Must Believe For the Sake of the Liberation of God and the World

Think about the fall: how did it happen? The main cause of the fall was that man could not believe in God. And subsequently he could not offer his body to Him, right? To whom did he have to offer his body? He had to offer it to God. That's why he had to be sacrificed. Then whom did he have to put as his subject? He had to put God as his subject. He had to center upon God. Based on these criteria, today's religious ideologies are destined to be judged. They are all caught by the nose. They have to be released from this judgment.

Jesus is the man who fought against Satan, set the standard in his life, and centered upon this standard for the sake of God. Did he believe in God, or not? Did he believe more than his followers did, or not? Did he believe more than his family did, or not? Did he believe more than his father and mother did, or not? [He believed more.] Jesus did believe in God absolutely. You must know this very clearly.

Then, Jesus sacrificed his body in order to prove that "whatever happens, my belief cannot be changed. No one can deter me. I am absolute." Because he sacrificed everything, the only part Satan could touch was his body. Because that's the only part he can claim. When Satan killed Jesus, how do you think Jesus died? He died as he had lived. Jesus did not die for himself. Not by my will, but whose will? [The Father's Will.] When we think about this, Jesus did know those things.

However, Jesus was a little insensitive. Whenever anyone puts "I" in front, then he definitely perishes. When Rev. Moon of the Unification Church puts himself in front in order to do God's Will, will the Unification Church rise or perish? [Perish.] That's why Rev. Moon of the Unification Church does not want to stand in front, because God does not stand in front Himself. Do you understand? I am going such a way. If God were already in front, then my mind would be released.

When I come out on this platform and pray, I can tell what kind of people are out there. I ask God, how many are here who can make You happy? If there are three, then my body feels like a balloon. It cannot be expressed, but I feel like I'm floating. But if there is only one, my bones feel like they weigh a thousand pounds. This is the necessary indemnity. The central figure has to take the responsibility and become a living offering, You must know that. If you feel your bones weigh a thousand pounds, and you escape by saying "Oh, no, this is a disaster," then it really becomes a serious matter. You have to fight right on the spot and push those feelings down. You must prepare the correct realm of liberation and then stand on a platform. We are fighting this battle. The first fight is your individual fight. Every individual is fighting it. What must you do? [Believe!] Why? [To become united.]

Where is the foundation for this unification possible? It is in the body. What is the method for bringing the body and mind into oneness? It is absolute belief. You cannot go against this principle.

The way to achieve unification is through absolute belief. Are you in the position of believing, or are you trying to believe? [Trying to believe.] Do you feel good or bad about that? [Bad.] You thought you were in a position of believing, right? I thought so too. You are not in the position of believing, but you are trying to believe. Centering on the world, you are still going forward, trying to believe, right? That's why you always have to be careful. You must be serious.

Are you serious? Some of you who joined in the sixties say, "It was really good in the beginning, when I first joined." Those who say so have all failed. Think about it. You feel good when you enter school for the first time. But later, if you fail in school and then recall the time when you first entered school, do you feel good or bad about it? Have you all failed, or passed? Think about that. [We failed.] You have to understand that. In order to understand that, you must absolutely believe.

Then, you have to sacrifice. You have to be martyred. When you are martyred, you don't do it centering on yourself. Do you know how many people there are in the spiritual world who were sacrificed during the 400 years of persecution by the Roman Empire? When you go to the spiritual world, you will see that those who said, "If I die like this, I will go to Heaven," all got caught. At the point of death, the point where their destiny was decided, they all got trampled down. You have to know this. They all have to carry the cross once more. So I have to give them practice in carrying the cross. I have to go there and coach them.

Our thinking must be, "Even if I die a thousand times, or ten thousand times, I am so honored and grateful to be able to follow the way of death of the Lord." Do you understand, or not?

Why do you believe in the Unification Church? Do you believe in it in order for you to receive a blessing, or in order for you to liberate God? [We believe in order to liberate God.] After liberating God, what then? [To liberate the world.] Isn't that wonderful? When God is liberated then there is a way that I will get blessed and have the leftovers. When the world is liberated, I can be a perfumed flower sitting in the most honored position.

When we say the word "Will," [or Providence] first comes God's Will, and second the will of the world. You must always remember this in your head. Going the way of the Will is for whom? [For God] Jesus also prayed, "I will do my Father's Will," right? What is the Will of our Father? It is to save the world. That's why, if it is for the sake of unifying the world, even if you die a hundred times, you have to do it. Do you understand?

In order to become one, what is the first thing? [We have to believe.] Believe and then what? [Sacrifice.] Sacrifice and then? You must have God as your subject. If you put yourself as the subject, you are dead. Can you go above the perfection level of the growth stage? [We cannot.] What is the secret you need to know in order to go above that? You must have God as the subject. If you have yourself as the subject, you cannot go up. Today, you must not be separated from this ideological viewpoint.

Where We Can Become Close to God

When you are feeling good right after eating breakfast and you call your son, you must call him as a representative of the world, and when you embrace and love him, you must love him with all your heart as a representative of the world. Your thinking must be like that. Even now, I am like that. When I come home, if possible I give each of my children a kiss. That has become part of my life. Also, my children kiss me when they greet me. When they go somewhere, they always come back and tell me, and if they have good news to share they always come to me. You must raise your children the same way. Then God will watch over you with a happy feeling. For the sake of God and for the sake of the world you have to teach your children this. Your children also have to do this with their own familles.

Do you give birth to a child for the sake of "I", or for the sake of God? It is for the sake of God. Then, what about raising a child? It is for the sake of the world. Also, we believe in the Unification Church for what? For the sake of God. And then, when we ask people to believe in the Unification Church, is it for the sake of the Unification Church? No. It is for the sake of the world.

Until the world is standing in a better situation than I am, I cannot rest; I cannot relax. Until God is in a better situation than I am, I cannot rest. If you say you can relax before God is in a better situation, then you are an undutiful child. Such a person is a traitor. Because God is now throwing His life down for the world. Sometimes I feel extremely sorry when I wake up from sleep. That feeling is quite similar to how a woman must feel when she wakes up and finds a lot of men looking at her naked body. Why do I feel this way? Because God is engaged in a bloody battle twenty-four hours a day for me and the world, without a break, but in that situation I took a rest. So I feel so shameful. Was there ever a time you felt such a feeling? Do you understand what I am saying? So, you all know now the way to become one, right? You must believe. Absolutely believe. And then you must absolutely kill your body. I didn't say kill your heart, but you must absolutely kill your body. So how do you know you have absolutely killed your body? It is when you can say, "Even if it's the most difficult task in the world, I will do it." Do you understand?

What will happen if you retreat? If you continue to go up like this, then your will develops. But, if you are going forward like this and say, "Oh no, it's too difficult to go on, let's go back and start again from here," then you cannot go. If you restart, you can't go forward again. (Father draws on the blackboard.) If you retreat once from the path and go back to the beginning, then you can never go forward again. You must know this.

That's why I advanced forward persistently until today. If I retreat from the path, then I cannot take another path that is more difficult than the one you started out on. If I can't accomplish God's will because I can't go over a more difficult path, then I become a failure who has no relation to the Will of God. In comparison to such a situation, what a blessed place I am in if I can be martyred for the sake of God by offering my life. This is a very serious place. Can you understand?

Don't you think God wants to prepare a place for you, a place at the highest worldwide level, where you can inherit His worldwide level of power, a place where you can have complete unity with God, where you will never be separated from Him for all eternity? Does God want anyone to watch Him while He is preparing that place for you? Do people who are deeply in love want to love each other where people are watching and giggling, or do they want to go where no one else is around? You don't even want one person looking, do you? You feel bad, when another man looks and whistles at your beloved wife, don't you? Everyone is the same.

When you and your beloved breathe, you breathe in rhythm. You must go even beyond such a place. You must reach a point where you can say, 'You and I are the same being." Such a place is where you can have true give and take. At that point you are breathing as one; you enter a new realm of unity. Both your hearts beat as one. The unified world begins from this point. It is a very solemn place.

Then, where do we try to become one? If you say, "It's a place where we can sing and dance following the beat," then you are wrong. It's not such a place. If you become one in such a place, it has no relationship with God. Do you understand? In order to fight against and bring victory over Satan, you must do the thing he hates the most.

The One Who Wants to Become High Will Become Low, and the One Who Wants to Become Low Will Become High

The people Satan likes best are those who don't look like either a man or a woman and who do what Satan likes to do. You shouldn't stay around those people. You must be in a completely opposite place. The place where you are standing decides whether you will live or die. Understand? You have come up to this level because you have heard there is a way to go beyond the place where Satan likes to be. But from here, you cannot go up on your own. Unless God's power is involved, you cannot go up.

Have you ever thought you were going up when you were actually going down? (Father draws on the blackboard.) If this goes up, then this goes down, and... These are two starting points. These are going to find the point three. It is meant to start from here and pass by this place, and go around like this. This is meant to go around. Three same ones have to become one. Understand? Otherwise, they cannot go forever.

When you look at this very carefully, it has eight stages. (Father draws a picture.) You must go through eight stages. The fallen world has been progressing upward, right? Our religion is not going up; it is going down. But even if we go down, it doesn't mean we go all the way down. We go down, but then we go up again, right? We go up to here, and from here we go upward on the way of restoration.

This is resurrection. The three stages are formation, growth and completion, right? Centering upon myself, there are three stages of the restoration of the individual, the restoration of the family, and the restoration of the nation. So we are always moving one step ahead. That's how we develop forward. That's why, in order to go up to the peak, we have to go through this critical moment.

Then is it good to go down, or bad? [It's good.) Can you find the way up without going down? If you say, "Oh no, I don't want to go down, so I will go up this way," then where do you end up going? You end up going to the satanic world. The satanic world goes up, right? But if you go up, you find a world of suffering. That's a world where each individual wants to receive blessing centering upon oneself. The world, where people want to receive blessing centering upon themselves, is not the world of true love. The world of true love is where everyone cares for others. Right? When you want to receive a wife, what kind of wife do you want? A wife who cares for you, or whom you have to care for? You all want a wife who cares for you, right? [Yes.] Then, is a person who cares for you a good person or an evil one? [A good one.] If I care for others out of my own motivation, then I become a good person, but if I simply let others care for me out of their own motivation, then I am a most stupid person. Servants are like that. Servants cannot become the object of the master's love, Do you understand?

Did Jesus say, "Those who want to live will go up"? What happens to those who want to become high? [They become low.] And those who want to become low? [They become high.] Everything goes the opposite way, So we have to find the way down.

Korea also has to go down. She has to go a place lower than a prison. If you go to a prison after being chased and captured, that's not a place of liberation, because you got caught by others. Do you understand? That's the position of a servant. Because you are being pulled by someone else, you cannot be in a position of the subject. God has to appear as the subject. That's why you have to go down voluntarily. Uniess you go down voluntarily, God can't be the subject. When you sacrifice, a central figure appears. The way to bring back the right of the subject, without conflict or collision, is to go down and sacrifice. At last, at this point, the right of Heaven, which God wants, is established. Do you understand?

The Borderline of Victory and Failure is Me

What if you met your friend in the morning and said to him, "Give me everything you have in your purse," and you looked inside it? What if you tried that three times? Then, if you told your friend to stay with you, would he stay? He would run away and be afraid ever to meet you again. But if every morning you met him and said, "You are such a loving friend," then would he think you were a good friend, or a bad one? If I want to use my friend centering upon myself, then I become a bad person; and if I want to be available for my friend, then I become a good person. This is the principle. Do you understand?

Goodness starts from this point. It starts from the place of truth. You should know the standard of good and evil.

If one has ten friends but all of them abandon him, then what happens to him? In the end he will decline. If something is evil, it is bound to perish; that is the principle. On the other hand, if something is good, then it is bound to prosper. Why is that? Even if a good person says to his ten friends, "All of you, don't come to me," they will plead, "Please allow us to follow you around for at least this year." They will feel they would not be able to find anyone like him anywhere else, and thus they will try their best to be with him. The ten friends will not leave him but will join him and multiply. Every one of these ten friends would feel, "Oh, is that true? Then I want to go with him, too." Therefore, would the number of his friends increase or decrease? [Increase.] If the number increases, is he prospering or declining? [Prospering.]

Is anyone here who wants to decline? [No.] When I look at you, all your eyes are straight. All of you want to prosper, don't you? [Yes.] Is a teacher who teaches people to be prosperous a good teacher or a false teacher? [A good teacher.] What about a teacher who teaches people to decline? [A false teacher.] (Laughter.)

Can a teacher who only teaches about things that will lead people to decline be a true teacher? Should a teacher say, "Oh, there is nothing else to do except to do whatever you want," or, "You have your youth only once; therefore, you must try drinking, smoking and everything else. If you want to walk the path of man, you must do all these things"? In the secular world, I even know of parents who teach their children to drink. In the Unification Church that can never be permitted. We must oppose that. In opposing such things, we must recommend the difficult path rather than the comfortable path. Does that lead to the path of prosperity or the path of decline? [To the path of prosperity.]

Then what place holds the key to the greatest prosperity? Where is the borderline that decides the verdict of victory or defeat in the fight between God and Satan? Where is such a 38th parallel? It is in me. Therefore, I want to give this body a knockout punch. This is the boundary line. When you knock the body out, you must do it for the sake of the world.

You can advertise this truth in the Kingdom of Heaven. When God knows about it, the angelic world knows about it, and all of the spirit world knows about it, then history will know about it. Isn't that right? If you do this, then wouldn't all your ancestors know about it? They will say, "You are indeed better than we are."

When one stands on a place that is thousands of miles high, and he falls off, wouldn't he inevitably die? Therefore, what will happen to you? When you make even the smallest mistake, you will be completely devastated. Therein lies the decision for total victory or total defeat.

The Secret of the Way to Subjugate Satan

When one has to go down from this high place, what should he do? He really has to hold on to it, like stretching a rubber band. What happens when you stretch a rubber band down until you reach the very bottom and then let it go? It will snap back up to its highest point.

If there is a man who is determined to go down like this, would God walk away from him or would He look at him with His eyes wide open? Think about it. If God had a nervous system, would all His nerves focus on this person, or not? If God had a heart, wouldn't it really palpitate? Wouldn't God say it is a most exciting event for Him? Wouldn't God look down and say, "This is good"? Wouldn't God say, "Why don't you try it"? Satan will tell him not to do it, but God looks at him with hope.

We should soon be able to see a great wave of people coming who can bring in the cosmic heart and claim ownership of the Kingdom of Heaven. Isn' that right? In order for a great sound to be heard, its amplitude must be great. Then it will a last very long time. If its amplitude is small, it will sound "weak". Therefore, I am telling you to live in the widest possible way. Wouldn't God have the largest amplitude in the world? God is number one in loving what is great. Isn't that right?

Have you thought about how happy God would be if you rose up victoriously on the path of death without dying, even though you could have died a thousand or ten thousand times? That is why Jesus spoke, "The one who wants to die will live and the one who wants to live will die." If you go down for the sake of God, then would God just let it be? God would want you to be in a high place as much as you go down.

To speak until I cover the topic of the family, I don't know how many hours it would take. However, this content is needed. I am teaching about the formula course by which I fought in the spiritual world. I am not speaking in just a half-hearted fashion. What I am telling you is reality. You wait and see. (Father draws a diagram.)

True Father's chalkboard diagram

Once we go down, should we turn around or just stay at that place? [We must turn around.] How good would it be if we remained down there? We must go down like this and then we must climb up again with hope. This is restoration.

To accomplish this what must we do? We must be better than Satan. If we are not better than Satan, restoration cannot occur. What is the essence of Satan? It is putting oneself above others. What is the essential action which can subjugate this? [Going down.] It is lowering oneself. Therefore the principle is to sacrifice oneself.

If I go down, what happens to the distance between me and God? The distance between God and man (A) is fixed. The level of the purity of man's conscience and the level by which God can relate to man is different in each person, but it is fixed within that person. Therefore, the more I go up and up, God appears as a God of power and as a thankful God.

If I go down, I am only going down this short distance (B), but if I go up to that place again, then under that realm the nation is included, and the world is included. Not mere tens of years but hundreds of years are indemnified by that. Do you understand? By doing this, the world will receive benefit.

Then how far does God come down? If we look, centering on this standard (A), if I go down to here (D) then God will come down to here (C). Therefore, even this evil satanic world will be above God. Do you understand? The things in this realm cannot interfere with God's side. People like the prophets have been doing such work. One comes down until this position (D) and then circles around like this. This kind of one-sided dispensation has been carried out. God has been working behind here and, centering on this realm, He is relating to us. If this place goes up like this, then this realm will crumble down.

In this perspective, what is the secret of conquering the world? What is the secret of destroying and purifying the satanic world? It is in going down. In going down, if we go down to here (D), then God comes down to this place (C). If one circles around centering on that point, then the circle becomes another shape. If this is the result, then because God is in the higher place, He will work centering on this circle. Therefore, if we go down under there, then the standard is widened like this. (Father draws on the blackboard.) If I circle around here (D) then the environment in this kind of place is restored back to its original place. If I advance in this fashion, then that environment naturally gathers around me. Do you understand?

If anyone sees that kind of person, then already his mind is drawn to that person and pulled in. Do you understand what I am saying? Why is his mind attracted? It is because of the strategy of God. Centering on that one person God's loop [or link] is working just by the presence of that person. Just by the words of that person, positions are already established in the satanic world. The realm of the Kingdom of Heaven is activated. Why? It is because this realm is changing into that realm. Good people are carrying out the dispensation of goodness and in that process, the environment which they create in working with God will completely eliminate the satanic realm. Therefore, what happens when I go down more and more? I am expanding the realm of my possession. I am expanding the realm of my victory.

Endure to the End

In the process of going down while attending God, the individual self always becomes a problem. Each individual has to gain victory. Each individual needs to establish the foundation which enables him to gain victory from the individual level to the world level. Namely, we have to make Satan surrender. We have to gain the victory from Satan.

What that means is, since someone in the archangel position became Satan, we can be restored to the level of Adam today through making Satan surrender. In order to do that, you need to go down to the deep valley where you can make Satan surrender. Then where is the valley that you gain submission from Satan? There is a place established that Satan hates the most. Satan likes going up. Therefore, you have to go down below that certain line, in the opposite direction. You go down to the realm where it works. That is why a person who endures to the end will succeed. Where is the end? Going up to the top of the universe, is that the end? No, you have to go down. History has been going down this way, hasn't it? [Father writes on the blackboard.] In this way it has expanded from the individual, to the family, nation, and the world. It has become bigger in this way. This is that world. It has been a way of endurance.

Did Adam endure or not? As he was dying did he say, "Heavenly Father, I am dying"? The Bible doesn't tell you, does it? And did Noah endure or not? Did Abraham endure or not? Did Moses endure or not? And did John the Baptist endure or not? Didn't John the Baptist endure until the age of 30? As a young man it was miserable for him to eat locusts and wild honey and wear elothes of camel fur. Try it once, and see how miserable it is.

In the desert did he have a good house built with bricks? Could he find wild honey just anywhere, stuck somewhere like a piece of stone? Could he eat whenever he wanted and whenever he felt bored? Do you think it was like that? Do locusts fly around right in front of your eyes in order to be eaten? Think about how difficult it must have been. How do you think he caught and ate them? Do you think there was a nest full of locusts so that he could eat many at a time, or could he eat only one at a time? [Laughter.]

You find wild honey in between rocks, and it lasts only a few days. Then how wide a territory do you think he had to travel in order to get things to eat? Three miles, thirty miles? Not only many miles, but also he must have been going around many countries. He wandered in many areas. So did he endure or not? [He endured.] Do you think his mother and father came to visit him? When his mother and father came to visit him, don't you think they said, "Oh, my son, don't do this. Why do you have to do this when you have a mother and father?" Then did he endure or not? [He endured.]

Jesus also endured. Consider Jesus' heart when he died. When he looked for Peter, James and John, did he say, "You! Now I am going to take revenge, you," and cut off their heads? Jesus died because of Peter, James and John. Even so, did he endure or not? Even with the enemies who killed him, he endured. When he prayed, "Father please forgive them. They don't know what they are doing," (Luke 23:34), did he try to go over to this side or try to stay on that side? [Tried to go over.] He tried to go over, didn't he? Do you know why he did that? He did that to overcome this. [Father points to the board.] He stood in front of history. Unless you stand in front of history, you can't become a person who starts a new history, isn't that so? We go through history with endurance. If you can say, "I want to be the last," then raise your hands. There is no one. Everyone wants to be number one, don't you? When you think that way, you feel good and it becomes very interesting.

How Difficult It Is to Become the Champion in the Providence of Restoration

Is it easy to become number one? As a marathon runner, it isn't easy to become number one, is it? How much more difficult is it when you say that you will become the champion of God's providence of restoration. Would it be easy? Is it easy or difficult. How difficult it is. Then is it right to be educated by grandfather Moses? Is it right to be educated by John the Baptist? Is it right to be educated by Jesus?

That is why I had to say one thing firmly to God, "I am not going to receive any education from anyone. God, if you educate me directly, it will be the best way." I have had this kind of thinking, "God, if you only promise to teach me the best way, then even if I have to die a thousand times or ten thousand times, I have confidence that I will endure and remain. Try it once." I had this kind of boldness. "God, if you teach me, that will be the best way. Because I didn't believe in you, I couldn't have done better before now, but now I believe in you, and I will resolve your sorrow (han). Because you haven't met anyone who could resolve your sorrow, then I will resolve it. In compensation for that, will you tell me the best, deepest secret that will bring a victory to things that no one ever could solve?" I had that scale of thinking.

Then do you think I would hold on to Abraham and go with him? Do you think I would try to hold on to Jesus and follow him? I am trying to hold on to God and follow Him. Don't you think it was that way? In the very beginning God said, "This is the first time I've met that kind of man among those born on the earth." Once I knew what kind of God there is, then I wouldn't ever let go. I am the stickiest of the sticky leeches. In terms of glue, I am the strongest glue. [Laughter.]

If you don't know, then it's different, but once you know, how can you let go? Think about it. If you don't know, you don't know. But if you know for sure, then you can't let Him go. Would you let go of Him if your hands get pulled out? If your hands get pulled out, then hold on with your mouth. If you can't do that, hold on with your legs. If you can't hold on with your legs, then hold on to His waist. If you can't hold on to His waist then hold on to the neck from the back and don't let go, How difficult it is to meet Him whom you may or may not see for hundreds, thousands, or millions of years! I am stubborn in that way. In that sense, I like Jacob. Jacob, in Korean, is "Yah-gop."

In Korean, "Ah" means because of the fall and "dam" means wall. So "Adam" means because of the fall, a wall was created. Eve was in the position to restore herself and come back; is that why her name is "Hae Wah" in Korean? In Korean, "hae" means to do and "wah" rneans to come. [Laughter.] Why are you laughing? Next, what is Abel? "Byul" is star in Korean, so Abel means to catch the star. He was named Abel so that he could sit on Adam (wall) and catch a star. "Noah" in Korean means setting free. Noah was set free to do whatever he wanted. [Laughter.] "Do as you wish for 120 years," God said. During that period God did not interfere. Then how about Abraham? He shouldn't be "ah, bul hap gyuk haet da" ("bul hap gyuk" means not passing). [Laughter.] In Korean, "Moses" means to gather details because he had to gather everybody in detail. He shouldn't miss anyone. For that reason his name was Moses.

And then next, John the Baptist; "serye yohan" means: if you do it wrong, it will bring sorrow (han). [Laughter.] Also "Yesu" (Jesus) means to ask "how much did you get?" and reply, "Yetso" (Yugi-itso means, "here you are," in Korean). God's providence of restoration has worked that way. I have thought about so many different things while sitting on a chair. [Laughter.] Therefore, can you imagine how complicated Father's mind has been?

Through all these troubles, I met God. Then how can I lose Him? Jacob wrestled with the angel, and did he let him go? His name means he has to restore. He has to prepare. He cannot restore Esau unless he comes back in multiplication. "Cob" means multiplication, in Korean. "Yah" means you have to bring it back in multiplication. That's why his name is Jacob. Think about how firmly he held on to the angel. "If my back breaks that's fine, but I cannot take my hands off." Do you understand? Even though he would break his spinal cord, he could not take his hands off the angel.

How desperately the angel must have been to hit Jacob's hip bone. Nevertheless, Jacob held on to him firmly saying, "It doesn't matter whether I have a hip bone or not, I am not going to let go," and stuck to him. Do you think Jacob said it while he was laughing? Think about the situation. His countenance could be firm as he was aiming for the last weak point in the most serious situation.

We Have to Walk the Opposite Way to Meet God

Have you ever lived that way? How about Reverend Moon and the Unification Church? These kinds of things happened to me constantly. Once I held on, would I let go or not? Should I let go or not? God must have had a hard time since he met Reverend Moon. There was a person who met the angel and won. Jacob won over the angel and became Israel, didn't he? Do you think you can attain the Kingdom of Heaven without winning God? Winning over Satan doesn't even come near that. It cannot be done without winning God. This may sound irreverent, but it's true. Without winning God, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established.

Israel is the adopted son. Do parents get defeated by their children? [Yes.] They get defeated every time. Don't they say, "Hey, please listen to my words"? The same thing applies. The way for a son to win over the father is in that kind of situation. With what? The way of love. If you only go the way of heart, then you can even manage a father like a slave. There is something in that.

Therefore Jesus, without winning God, cannot become the son of God. If Jesus doesn't become the son of God, then the true ancestors of mankind cannot appear. Do you understand? If outside Christians hear this kind of thing, they will be so shocked that they will fall apart. If that is the case, so be it. People who get shocked and fall apart over this are bad, not I who am saying these kinds of things. I am saying dignified things. I studied about this with God's recognition.

Everybody should think about this. The pathway of Reverend Moon of the Unification Church is a formidable course. I always give God's blessing. But when it comes to the providence, then there is no forgiveness. There is no forgiveness even for parents, wives, and children.

Why should it be like that? Because we have to be separated from one world and welcome another world. Isn't that so? To say it in other terms, it is the same thing as a once married woman getting remarried. Do you follow? The way of the providence of restoration is like a woman who lived with Satan getting remarried to God. It is like that. Don't you feel it as if it were real? It's the same thing as a remarried bride. When a bride remarries a new husband, if she thinks of her former husband, would the new husband like it? Would the new husband like the bride who thinks of her former husband? If there is any man like that, raise your hands. There is nobody, is there? Those who like it, raise your hands. Do you like it or not? That person shouldn't appear even in dreams. In that way, we are trying to rise up to the stage where we can't think about just anything, even in dreams.

In this world, if you take care of only families, does the new world come? There is a different, invisible way. If you try to go that way, it gets blocked. That is not the way that you can go beyond the world. Do you follow? So, trying to get away from this situation, we have to go the opposite way from the way of the world. And we have to walk the opposite of the way that the world likes. There is no forgiveness for even one wrong step. Where is the border? What is the 38th parallel between God and Satan? It's "I". When you try to take the world centering on your own desire, you can't transcend the standard which took six thousand years to establish. But when you deny all of those things, and try to turn around, then it's going to be the same as if you met a new husband. Is going down good or bad? [Good.] When something sticks in you, how do you take it out? Do you push it down or hit it up? Do you say, "Well, go quickly, go up"? You say, "You, fall down." And what do you do? You kick it down. To where? Up? Kick it down a cliff.

The Fastest Way to Connect With God

When God loves, it would seem to be nice if God appeases. But God cuts him off ruthlessly and throws him down to the bottom of a cliff. God puts him into a deep valley so that Satan cannot come again. And then, when he is without Satan, God comes to visit and to cure him. If his leg is broken, then God will treat the leg. If the head is broken, then He will treat the head. And if he became unconscious, he will try to wake him up by giving him a massage, If God can't move his body very easily, then God would put him on His back and climb up the cliff. It is like that. In that kind of a place, you can connect with God.

So what is the fastest way to connect with God? There are two ways. Leaving the world in order to train and study the truth in the mountains or going into the world and sacrificing. Which one is faster? The way which is three times faster than training and studying the truth in the mountains is to go out to the world. That is why the Unification Church must go out witnessing instead of praying. In my experience, that is three times faster.

What is the purpose of praying? To practice. If you practice even without praying, you can reach a higher stage than you can reach by praying. Any way I think about it, this is the fastest way. I persevered through so many hardships, made sincere effort, and continued until I met God. But when you come out to the front - suffer centering on God's will. You will be in the realm where you can meet Father directly whenever something happens. If you really suffer for God, then in just a few days it's going to be like that. Therefore, that is a fortunate place. When Father comes and becomes a master, then should Satan go away or not? [Go away.]

Where is the place you can witness that? If you can stand before God and reach the realm where I deserve some kind of medal, then God wants to give me the guidance which He never gave until now. Shouldn't he? (Recording stopped for a while)

You Can't Expect to Have a Father/Son Relationship Without Walking the Miserable Path

Do you want to go up or down? [Go down.] If someone says, 'Since my life is difficult, I will find an easy way," then we should beat him to death. [Laughter.] Don't laugh. "Wife, my heart aches because I cannot feed my children. I cannot go this path." Then Satan will dance with the rhythm, and God will pack up and leave. Do you think Father didn't go through this path? Since you lived in the south, you could go and see them, but Father packed up and went to the north, beyond the 38th parallel. It wasn't as if I prepared for packing and greeted them before departing. When you leave, usually you leave after you greet them. At that time, I had gone to buy rice in Baek Chun. After the liberation, we couldn't buy any rice in Seoul. So I tried to bring rice back in a truck. In the truck on the way to the Baek Chun, I received an order: "Go over the 38th parallel." I couldn't help it. I couldn't say, "Oh, my goodness, I've got to call my wife." At that time I didn't have a ride, so I went to a friend's house, borrowed, a little amount of rice, saying that I would come back the next morning. And I brought the rice home and left. We used up everything and had no money. In that situation, I went over the 38th parallel. It was after Sung Jin was born. He was born on April 2. So it was one and a half months, about 50 days after Sung Jin was born.

I received the order on May 27. I departed from there and arrived at Pyung Yang on the sixth of June, leaving behind a newborn baby. Sung Jin's mother was 22 years old then. We didn't have any relatives. We were all separated in the world. I left a person in that kind of situation without saying a word. Even after I got there, I didn't write to her once I determined to go because I thought, if I leave after I greet them, then it may become impure. If you cry for your children, then it becomes impure. Because of my wife, I, who would be an offering, could become impure. That was my thinking. I went over the 38th parallel like a soldier who leaves everything behind and rushes towards the place of death, prepared to go to jail. Do you understand? It was so serious to think, "I am going where there will be persecution. Would these hands be ripped off, would this leg be cut off, will I be cut in the back or the front?" I went to the north preparing to die. I wanted to take note of it. I know everything that happened on each of those days. I couldn't write a letter. Once you depend on God, you shouldn't interfere. You shouldn't ask, "Will it be like this or that?" After I departed from my parents, I haven't asked God a single time, "Are my father and mother doing well?" I never said this kind of prayer, "May blessing be with my parents." If I pray, I could find out if they were dead or alive, but I haven't tried to find out until now. However, I know spiritually all who passed away and at what time. I have lived doing those kinds of things.

After I carne back to the south, I knew how Sung Jin and his mother had lived. I even knew where to go to meet them, but I didn't go. I had to take care of the people I met in the providence. The reason that I started this path was not to meet Sung Jin's mother. I started it to restore Cain and for the people of the world. I wouldn't allow visiting my family to get in the way. I had to find the people whom I had relationship with and who did not oppose me. It had been three years and six months since I left home by that time. I could have met them if I had written a letter. But I didn't write. There were people I had to see first, because I couldn't meet people that I pledged and promised to bring to God; until I met them I had to wait to see my family. Right after I met the people, I called them and they came to me right away. From a secular point of view, I was a husband who met his child when the child was seven. That was around the time that I was living with members. I stayed with grandmothers, and if I welcomed my son and became happy about it, then it became the condition to be accused.

Whom does Abel go through? I should love Abel who goes through Cain and is introduced by Cain. When Cain says, "This is Sung Jin," and reports to Father, "Father, Sung Jin has returned," then I can embrace and welcome him as a manifestation of love. This is the way of Divine Principle. Do you understand? When Sung Jin and his mother came to me, I said, "Is this Sung Jin?" That was all. That was a heartache to Sung Jin's mother for her entire life. Even bears and tigers protect their young, but what kind of man would do such a thing? After a father and son meet for the first time after going through the jaws of death several times over and suffering all kinds of hardships, I only said, "Are you Sung Jin?", not holding his hand even one time. I just nodded several times and did not even tell them to come in when they were standing in the doorway. The members are supposed to tell them to come in. I have gone through all kinds of miserable situations until now in order to live the way of the principle.

Once you entrust yourself to God, God takes responsibility for everything. Speaking in terms of the Will, if the parent paid filial dues to God, then the child is supposed to become filial to that parent. The child must do his filial duty towards the parent. What kind of love would the child have towards the father who has met him in such a way? In spite of all this, when Sung Jin's mother was already opposing the church for a good while and when Sung Jin was seven, he abandoned his mother and came to his father. His mother had been taking care of him on her back and loving him until he was seven as if he were gold or jade. Leaving behind that kind of mother, he carne to his father who had not done anything for him. He was not tempted by someone to come. He came on his own accord. And when his mother was becoming hostile, he came beforehand and told us everything. Isn't it strange? I feel sorry to Sung Jin now because I never had the chance to educate him. I never could tell him that the principle is like this or that. I did not fulfill the responsibility of a parent. Looking at the situation from a secular point of view, I would get zero percent in points as a father.

Until the sixties, I made Sung Jin live in another person's house. Why? Because I have to walk the original way of the principle. Because Cain has to become one with Abel. Therefore, I let Kim Baek Moon take care of him. I let him live in another person's house. Therefore he was educated while he was being treated contemptuously. He was supposed to live in an environment where he was not mistreated, but because these kinds of things exist, I let him live in another's house.

While Sung Jin was going to the elementary school, I never bought him a case of pencils. Do you understand? I never bought him pencils even when be was going to junior high school. After the holy matrimony of 1960, finally the face. Hui Jin also had to be involved in this kind of thing. Even Ye Jin after she was born went through the effects of restoration. If this is not so, the principle is wrong. Hui Jin was born in Japan. And then by going to the Buddhist temple and living in it, he passed through the process of living in other people's houses. He also was born in a foreign land and died in that foreign land. The Unification Church is not going to perish just because of this. You who are standing in the position of knowing this heavenly history, how can you do something like that? You will be punished by heaven. This way is the road that Father has cultivated with his heart. That original law of principle is already an axis for heaven and the earth, and it can become the constitutional standard of the restored Kingdom of Heaven. If you do not go the same way, can the connection of father and son which can inherit the traditional ideology be realized? No way. Before you are told by someone, you must voluntarily go this kind of way.

Did Father go through suffering because he was not as good as you are? Did God make Father's family suffer for no reason at all? Why did God do that? It is for the sake of your families. Your family and Father's family have to become one. They should become one, right? Where do they have to become one? They must become one in the place which is separated from Satan. Will you become one in the position where Satan is always following you? You must become one in the place where Satan does not exist. Satan will fall apart in the place where you sacrifice yourself for the sake of others; isn't that right?

Therefore, the wives of your families are all supposed to be sacrificed for this race and for the nation. Just as Father has traveled to North Korea to restore the clan, you also have to do the same. Everything has to be separated. You will not be registered in the Kingdom of Heaven unless you are first separated and then, after, united again. In the bitter history of Korea, you must do that kind of work until the unification of the south and the north takes place.

In this way, without equipping yourselves with the force of heaven to bring about unity, and with the domain of a national victory, and with the attitude to face the nation in the sphere of Eve, you will all be sacrificed miserably on the road of suffering for the fate of unification. Just as Christianity became miserable, your future will be miserable beyond description. Do you not know this?

The Right of Inheritance is Passed Down to A Low Place Where There is No Hope

Because the Israelites made Jesus miserable, they were miserable historically, weren't they? Although they liberated their country and returned home, the enemies are pointing guns at them and threatening. Centering on God, Israel must go beyond the tribal level, but couldn't go to the worldwide level. The twelve tribes who were friends in the past became enemies and were now pointing guns at each other. Why? Because they have to indemnify what their ancestors had done wrong. Because they cut and separated each other with guns and swords, they got aimed at with guns and swords. The life of the Israelites - I have to put my hands upon them. There is no other way. So you want to go down? Will you go down? [We will go down.] You will go down crying or go down smiling? [We will go down smiling.] Where does the right of inheritance get passed down? Doesn't it get passed down where there is hope? [Yes!] Didn't I say you should endure until the end to receive salvation? That is why, when Jesus went to the spiritual world, he had to overcome three days in a suffering course. Centered on the spiritual realm, Jesus couldn't do favors for people in the spiritual world after Noah's time. It had to have a starting point of victory centering on both the physical and spiritual world. Therefore if he cannot open the road centering on them, he has to go into places where he will get accused. He has to prepare the road.

For that reason, Jesus went down to hell, pioneered, and opened the way. He had to perform such sort of work there. It was the same for Father. What did Father do in North Korea? Because I knew this principle, I went to jail. Didn't Jesus perish in jail? Therefore, Father also had to be imprisoned and go back the way that Jesus had been thrown into. Do you understand? Even during that time, when I was handcuffed and went on trial, I received a promise that I would encounter particular individuals. I received a promise saying, "If you go there, you will meet people like Jesus' three disciples." If you don't follow the Heavenly way, you are going against the force of fate in the providence. That is why, even on the way to jail with my hands handcuffed, it was a way of hope. Those people I met there are the same people who are currently giving testimonies to you. I went to the jail with the hope that I would meet such people. I went to jail in hope. I didn't go to jail in despair. Because I went there, I could prepare the way; through the conditions I had to make, the doors would open automatically. In order to do that, I had to indemnify everything completely. I should live a prison life and become an offering in jail. For that reason, even when I was in jail, I did the most difficult tasks. I did the most difficult things which required physical work. Do you understand? I didn't yield the work one bit to other people. So I received awards which were given to model prisoners, every year from the communists. All of them were given by the Communists. Since Father went to jail and became number one, as the most exemplary laborer, wherever Father goes in the world, there won't be any problems. Unless I did that, the providence of restoration could not be achieved.

I suffered from malaria for many months in jail. But even in that situation, I didn't take any rest, not even for one day. Other people would want to make excuses in every possible way for taking rest, but I wanted to fulfill at least the amount of work given to me until I died. I never failed to fulfill the amount of work given to me. So as a prisoner, I even received special treatment from the chief manager of the jail. I didn't say anything about it, but everyone looked up to me. I made a different place without saying a word in the jail. Do you understand? There they reorganized the prison groups differently every morning because there were nearly a thousand people, and many people went through the group I was in. All the people who went through my group liked me. It was the hardest prison of all my prison lives. There were many "dogs" behind this person "Moon". Do you know what "dogs" are? But I was not a man who got accused for that kind of thing. This situation happened without a word. There were people who would escape. If I say escape, it was at the risk of their lives. In the jaws of death, I had to restore Jesus' twelve disciples who had escaped. I had to restore them automatically. If I didn't open my mouth, then the spiritual world would have to be mobilized and witness to them. My number was 596. It was five-nine-six. Somehow it sounds like "oh gu yuk" (to be modified and also 'oh gu yuk" is 596 in Korean). Ancestors of some people would appear in dreams and order their descendants, "In such a room, there is 596, a particular person. Go there and offer him the rice powder that you received without keeping any of it for yourself." But still they wouldn't listen to the dream, thinking, "It is an absurd dream." After trying two and three times, the ancestors would strangle him saying, "You, will you do it or not?" Then he would say, "Yes, I'll do it."

In jail, the rice powder was more valuable than life. This man would walk into the room and ask, "Is there number 596? Who is it? Who else could it be but this man here? This man is your teacher." In this way, the spiritual world fed me.

After that, when I took refuge from Pyung Yang, four people followed me. It was restoration of the four position foundation. Do you understand? I brought out four people centered on the church. In this way, history cannot deviate from the principle.

Four Different Types of Countries Which Will Appear in the Last Days

What is the reason I took four people? Our mind and body are separated, aren't they? The internal mind has Sung Sang as well as Hyung Sang. The external body also has Sung Sang and Hyung Sang. Therefore, it becomes four. Perfect unity has to internally subjugate the spiritual Satan and to externally subjugate the physical Satan. These four have to become one. Do you understand? If these four do not become one, then even the world cannot become unified. Do you know why Jacob had a second wife?

What happens in the Last Days? In the Last Days, there will be a division into four different kinds of countries. Two parts in the free world and also two parts in the communist world. The world will be like that. The whole world will be divided into four. The country of Jesus, the country of the thief on the right, the country of the thief on the left, and the country of Barabbas. What is the country of Barabbas? It is Islam. It's a country of force. This is a religion which says, "Take either the Koran or the sword." It's the opposite of Christianity. That is the country of Barabbas. They are a group which does not know charity although they received benefit from Jesus. Such was Barabbas - only thinking of himself. This is Islam. It is like that.

The left wing and right wing originated at the time of Jesus. When the time is ripe for Jesus to come, centering on the country of Jesus, these countries will meet and try to take the right path. Because history was split from that point, history has to be controlled beginning at that point. A new way has to be found. The world today is divided into two, the right and left wings, isn't it? Next there is Islam, right? And isn't there Christianity, too? Christianity came into being centered on a new heavenly cultural realm which centers itself on the second coming. The time to gather the four parties is coming. Now is that time. Then what is going to happen to the Communists? The Communists will hold hands together with the Arab world. I have been saying this for a long time. This is what I said when I met Eisenhower, the former president of the USA, in 1965. I said that when the Communist world perishes, certainly there will come an opposing force to the free world through the Arab world. Now it is just like that.

In the flow of this kind of history, the Soviets and Nasser held hands together. We have to overcome him; thus it has to fall to pieces. When the time comes, you should know that our time has come. Do you understand? America became isolated in the democratic world. It was divided, was it not? It is now isolated completely. And the Soviet Union is isolated completely in the Communist world now. The same thing goes for China. The whole world is isolated. Isn't that right? The Arab world centering on Nasser is also isolated. Because Nasser died, all of them became isolated. It is the same thing with Christianity. Christianity itself is also isolated. Isn't that right?

Does Christianity have a way to go? Does the free world have a way to go? Does the Communist world have a way to go? No, they do not. No one had the solutions, but through the second coming of the Messiah, a banner will arise saying, "We should do it this way," centering on the ideology of second coming, with new solutions. Looking at history, these are the Last Days.

The Reason that God "Turns His Back, As If He Didn't Know" After He Puts Us Into the Place of Suffering

To unify an individual, what do you have to do? One's self has to sacrifice. Sacrificing oneself does not mean to go up but to be forced down to the bottom. Is forcing oneself to go down to the bottom good or bad? [Good.] Was there anyone who didn't force himself down to the bottom in history? Did Abel force himself down to the bottom or not? Did Noah force himself down to the bottom or not? Did Abraham force himself down to the bottom or not? Did Jacob force himself down to the bottom or not? He was forced down to the bottom countless times, wasn't he? Did John the Baptist force himself down to the bottom? Did Jesus force himself down to the bottom? Well, did Reverend Moon of the Unification Church force himself down to the bottom or not? Please answer. [Yes, he was forced down to the bottom.] Didn't I force myself to the bottom? [Yes.] Then the members of the Unification Church who should inherit that and pass it down, should you force yourselves down to the bottom or not? If you try to make a living on your own, then you will perish. God did not block the way and force me down to the bottom of hell, but I forced myself. There is no way to live if you try to avoid this path. Will you put yourselves in the bottom of hell or not? People who think forcing yourself down to the lowest point is correct, raise your hands. Put your hands down. You can imagine how merciless God is to Father. He claims not to know me when I enter the valley. Where is a man who has a master like that? If I were a secular person, I would not stand still and do something even if it means dealing with God. It is absurd. After making me interested in something by smoothly and softly assuring me and making me raise my head, He puts me down to the lowest place. There is no greeting. [Laughter.] Is that good or bad? [Good] Do you know that? Why should it be like that? You have to know this. It is to avoid Satan's accusation.

For example, when two boys are fighting each other in their town, this fighting by boys becomes a man's fight. In this fight, let's say a person from the town hits your own son. In this situation, if you show up and say to that person, "It is your son's fault," would this not become a man's fight? At that time, in front of the other boy's mother and father, you should yell at your boy "You, you shouldn't do that" and if the man hits your boy once, then you hit your own boy three times. Then, would he feel sorry and say, "Hey, hey, don't do that," or not? [He would.]

If this happens, does Satan come and accuse? He turns around without even holding his face up. If you try to make him surrender in an easy way, it will not work. First, you have to make even his shadow disappear. You shouldn't let him go away without receiving his blessing and recognition. You have to have the receipt saying that you won over Satan. When you ask, "What will you do to my son," you have to receive a public document saying, "Ah, I can't do it. You handle it yourself." We are making plans to have this kind of contract. Is that good or bad? Doesn't it need any witnesses? If father and son are not serious, who will believe them? Satan has to testify in front of heaven and earth. That's the way.

Do you want to follow Father or run away? [We will follow.] Do you really want to follow? I am gathering you to go this way. Thus, as I said before, the ones who feel that it is too difficult, go back home. If you can't stand it, go back. I know everything even at this time. I see some people thinking, "I had better pack up." I also see some people who think, "I will think about it after I attend the workshop this time," or "Well, I had better go to the factory now. Why should I be different from others?"

The Main Ideology of Unification Thought

You have to know this. The six thousand years of history before the coming of Father and of the Unification Church should all be forgotten. Do you understand what I am saying? Have you ever thought that history starts from the age of Father? The cultural history that has come through thousands of years is a miserable history. The history up until now is a history in which Satan betrays God. However, the record of history that God can preserve starts from Father's generation.

The 50 years Father has walked so far is the history of Unification Thought. The fact that you will remain within that history says that you will become historical heroes. The preparation of the historical base in the universe, in the present time, is the most serious moment which will decide our success or failure. It depends on whether we advance one step or retreat. This moment only exists at the time of Father's life. Before Father goes to the spiritual world is the only time we have. From now your history proceeds centering on this time. You have to inherit the history of tradition centering on Father and the world that Father is trying to establish, and preserve it completely. It is for the future. What is the content of it? That which was established centering on Father was to unify the whole world. What is the origin? It is True Parentism. Can the history of true children come about without the tradition of True Parents? The beginning of culture starts from the parents, right? This short period becomes the standard of universal history. Have you thought about that? That is why Father is so serious. That is also why Father asked us to establish the traditional foundation of Unification Thought. What I have been asking you so far is this. On this foundation, the family and the nation have to be established. What is the main ideology? It is not the ideology centering on oneself but an ideology centering on the whole. One has to walk the sacrificial way for the sake of the whole. This is the main ideology of Unification Thought. Do you understand? Is that right or not?

In Order to Grab Satan You Must Enter the Cave of Satan

Have you ever thought about the true significance of being in this place? You are in the position to receive the benefit of glory that can only be obtained by going through a world-wide barrage of indescribable hardships.

Jesus said to Satan, "Man does not live by bread alone but by the word of God." That's the truth. Does Father live by labor? By money? [No.] God lives by the word. But He still does not perish.

You must know this, and the absolute way to unite is to cross the battle front together with God. It means to go over the final and the last line together with God. Where is that line? It is the place of severe battles and a place of boundaries adjoining at a crossroads of life and death. You must pierce across the encircling net.

Then where is the final front line that you must cross with God? Is it a place of glory? Is it a place where you could fool around and drink alcohol? It is the place where you are in agony centering on the love for humanity, shedding tears and even water from the nose. You must go directly into the place of ambush that Satan has prepared in order to defeat it with the most cruel and brutal weaponry. You must go into the middle of the trap, destroy it, and make the place a level land. Do you want to go into the trap or not? In order to catch the tiger you must go into the tiger's den, right? [Yes.] In the same way, in order to catch Satan, you must go into the den of Satan. In order to grab God you must go into the front line where God is.

God and Satan met in the spiritual world. From that time until now they have been fighting. When are they gong to leave each other? Where is the place of parting? We must think of this.

Until now Satan has been accusing. God and Satan have not left each other yet. Can you understand? Where is the place of parting? It is the place where Satan cannot endure. The place where Satan cannot endure is the place where the people of Satan's world cannot endure. Therefore, you must go to the most miserable place in mankind's history. In jail, you must become the owner there; in doing manual labor, you must become the owner. When you starve without food, you must work more than anybody. Until 30, there was never a day when I was not starving from hunger.

In this way I have come into the sixties. Coming to the sixties, we have celebrated the Blessing when all of Korea was persecuting us. Isn't it right? We have taken away by fighting. The satanic world has been taken away from us. They have to come bursting out without us having to go in and take it back. Do you understand? They have to come out over the wall. We are waging this kind of battle.

Take whom back? We must take Eve back. The byproduct of the battle for taking back Eve is the persecution and abuse that the Unification Church faces. Everyone including the prosecutorial authorities have been mobilized. I was at the prosecutorial offices until two days before the blessing in the sixties. Do you understand what I am saying? All of you do not know these facts.

There were twelve people who have been involved in the event. Just as at the time of Jesus, they were all close to the Unification Church. It is amazing how it came to be twelve people. The fight has happened because they signed something. When planning the strategy for the blessing, there was the greatest risk that could decide if it was a total failure or success.

Whenever you go over the hill of individual grief and start a family, you will go the road of lamentation of the family. The risks taken centering on the individual pass away. Because Father has gone the path centering on the family, all the individual struggles collapsed. After that, the thing remaining was the road of bearing the cross on the family level. That is the first seven year course. It is Father's going through the family level cross. Do you understand? [Yes.]

The Meaning of the 36 Couples Blessing

After going over the first seven year course on the family level, the seven year course of the children comes. In this way, you go through the seven year course. If Sung Jin does not stay firm at this time, it would be a big problem. Do you understand? Fortunately, he realized God's will after going to Japan. This is all restoration through indemnity. Centering on this kind of content, Sung Jin has established himself quite well so that even some of you would not feel it so easy to deal with him. Right now Kuboki-san, the president of the Japanese church, is turning around, and all the leaders are turning around. Therefore, centering on Sung Jin, you are in the formation stage, and Sung Jin is in the growth stage. This is like Cain and Abel. I am looking at the situation this way. This kind of result comes about. These two have to become one. Restoration is not easy.

The family comes into existence through Father. The way of the family is the way of restoring through indemnity the griefs of women. In the Bible's history there is no content centering on the woman. Until now the vertical history has been the history of finding the subject. The 6,000 years was for finding and establishing an Adam. After finding the Adam, Eve has to be found. In the world of men, women are absolutely necessary. All the miserable situations have been experienced together with women. The vertical history has to be indemnified horizontally. Centering on the horizontal standard, the history until now becomes 7000 years of history. The period of restoring through indemnity the 7000 years of history based on the horizontal standard is the first seven year course.

Father declared the first seven year course, based on Father's individual victory, because Father had to prepare the standard for the horizontal family level indemnity centering on women. To build this kind of family level foundation, the 36 couples have been blessed. They have prepared the grounds for the victory from Noah's family.

Noah's family was the family that came out of the relationship caused by and connected to Adam's family. Because Noah's family was victorious, Jacob's family could exist centering on the hope for the future. In order to connect the spiritual world and the physical world that were separated centering on Noah's family, Father has blessed the couples who were married in the satanic world of their own accord. These are the descendants of Adam's lineage.

Next, Noah's family situation was similar to Jesus' situation who had not accomplished his hope and will. Always the second is hit. Jesus died because he was the second. Abel and Ham are both second sons. Looking at it this way, if you see all of Noah's family as Abel-type in the providence of God, it is the same as Jesus-type family. This family is the family that could not fulfill the Will. All the people who have been included in Noah's family are this kind of people who have not realized their first love even when they are born as men. This is how complicated the restoration history is. Do you understand?

Next, what is Jacob's family, the 3rd type family. They are all maidens and virgins. From this, perfection has to be established by restoring through indemnity all the foundations of this physical realm. That's how it works. Thus, finally, centering on the twelve Jacob type families, the horizontal happens in all directions. This sphere builds foundations, centering on the 36 couples who represent the whole. There are twelve types of the three ages centering on the twelve tribes. Looking at it centering on Jacob, these are the three ages of formation, growth, and completion. All of this has to become one.

The Meaning of the 72 Couple Blessing

Then did this go wrong only because the ancestors did not fulfill their responsibility? No. Not only ancestors, but brothers made mistakes. Therefore, the 72 couples are like the brothers of the 36 couples in two types, Cain and Abel. Do you understand? By forming the 72 couples, until Jacob's generation, until there was a horizontal foundation in the physical world, centering on the family, the 72 couples were established upon the restored standard to the two types of Cain and Abel in the family. In this way, the families of direct ancestors until now, all of them who are families of restored type, were present on the earth. This decided the important center. Centering on the 12 families, the beginning of Israel's tribal types occurred.

Then, in whose age should Jacob's purpose be realized? In the time of Jesus. Jesus had to, centering on the foundation of Israel, advance to the world, crossing the tribal level and the national level. What kind of responsibility did Jesus have? Judaism was a representation of the tribe, and the Jewish nation was representing the race. That's how it works. In order to connect Judaism centering on Jesus, Jesus had to have a restored tribal family and, centering on that family, form twelve tribes. Not doing this, the Jewish group, who depends on the twelve tribes, cannot fulfill its responsibility. Jesus did not accomplish this Will. He had to do this centering on his relatives, centering on his first and second cousins. But on the way, in a foreign land, he was killed after being discredited and chased about. If he tried to fulfill the will around brothers, at least he would not have been killed.

Why was it inevitable that Jesus was killed? It is because Mary and Joseph made a mistake. Day and night, Joseph said, "Whose son is this?" and fought with Mary. Because of this, everybody heard about Jesus' birth. The reason why Jesus was persecuted as an illegitimate child was that Joseph and Mary made the mistake. If Joseph had kept the secret and said, "This is my child," if Joseph had kept silent, Jesus would have been loved by the neighborhood as an elder brother and a younger brother to everybody. Because this did not happen, he was driven out as a lonely, illegitimate child. Because the kinsfolk did not accept Jesus, he stood on the road of a miserable fate and went out in order to restore the clan and the race by re-indemnifying the external circumstances and by establishing himself from the outside. This is the cause of Jesus' death on the cross.

Who wants to become one with a bastard who was born by the blood of another person. If Joseph and Mary had done well, Jesus could have formed the 70 disciples and the 120 followers through household relatives and cousins-in-laws. If this had happened, all of his clan would have been standing on God's side, and so everything could have been done just by Jesus' having children. After having the support of the mother, if father and daughter could support him, the Will would naturally be fulfilled. Wouldn't this be true?

Because we have established the 72 couples today, a base centering on the ancestors is established on the earth.

The Meaning of the 120 Couple Blessing

Because Jesus' not having built a Jewish foundation is an historical regret, 120 couples, who represent that standard, are the blessed couples who will dissolve that regret. Therefore, the 120 couples must stand on the front line and sacrifice themselves. Do you understand?

The regional leaders who were educated for mobilization last time were almost all 120 couples. 120 couples must sacrifice themselves. The 120 couples, representing the 120 disciples of Jesus' time, are the national foundation representing the 120 nations in forming the worldwide tribes. Do you understand?

If the national foundation is the twelve tribes, the worldwide standard for starting, which can advance to the world, centering on that national standard, is the 120 disciples. What, then, is the reason for the demise of the 120 disciples? There were no 120 women like the 120 disciples. In this way the Will could not be fulfilled. Right? If, centering on Jesus, 120 women could unite and live together beyond life and death, the Will would have been fulfilled even if Jesus went into the desert. Is it right? [Yes.]

Centering on this kind of traditional history, we must, in this time of Unification, form separately on a worldwide level a standard which can take the place of the 120 disciples, centering on the internal and the external. Therefore, since the world came to have more than 120 nations, representatives of those 120 nations, the holy grounds had been selected centering on 40 nations worldwide.

At this time, in the time when the Unification Church is going through the second seven year course and you also are going through the second seven year course, I have mobilized 1200 wives. This is an event that is one step beyond the time of Jesus, making a worldwide foundation through ten times 120. Do you understand? [Yes.] Before 1200 disciples appear, 1200 Eves are appearing, and you are going over the racial and worldwide destiny by absolutely uniting centering on the Eves. Right now, whether we can go over the fate of Korea and the fate of the world is uncertain. Do you understand?

This will go on until 1972. This is because 1972 is the time when Father has to dissolve through indemnity Jesus' worldwide resentment (han) and at the same time make the line for a new, worldwide starting point. This is how it works.

Therefore, these couples can make an internal relationship directly with Father, and thus there will be entries in the family register. This is all principle. It is not guesswork. By doing these things, women's history can be indemnified in this age. When did women pay the indemnity? What Mother is doing with the seven year course is just that. She is doing everything that is difficult in a woman's work. Even when she is in the position of being discredited by the husband, she has to keep absolute faith.

Now is the Time for Family Level Pioneering

Adam and Eve are enemies. Right? They were enemies who have placed death for each other in the place of life. To make them able to be welcomed as benefactors, even in the position of being enemies, Father has walked the indemnity course by fighting for seven years. Do you understand? In order for you to inherit that victorious foundation on the horizontal level centering on that standard, you must also make a victorious foundation centering on a woman. If Father and your wives unite, making a relationship with Father and preparing the ground for victory, you will automatically enter the position of becoming victorious. In this way, historical indemnity will all be done. Cain and Abel's indemnity will be done, and Adam's, Eve's and the archangel's indemnity will be done.

Can your children oppose you even after paying the Cain and Abel indemnity? Can your mother and father oppose you? Your mother and father will be able to support the Will. Isn't that right? Moreover, if you are the archangel, Father is Adam, right? Therefore, without Father's permission do not go near Eve. There is no other way.

In the sixties, Father did pioneering using women. Right now is the family level pioneering age. Along this line, if the women of the families of Korea say, "Let's restore our nation and our people" and rally forth trying to eliminate the 38th parallel, carrying guns and knives and centering themselves on the whole nation, on that day, North Korea will crumble. Do you understand?

You are going downwards in order to prepare a horizontal foundation. If there comes a man who chooses a foundation based on unity and makes a victorious foundation, the woman has to absolutely trust that man. Therefore, the woman who does not know anything is the best for being Mother. Why? It is for increasing the quantity of value by adding onto the condition of absolute faith. Do you understand? When Father needs an object, if a person, through the spiritual world, becomes the object, at that time it is not good to be dominated by the spiritual world. The person who can be Father's object has to be under twenty years old. It is the age when Adam and Eve fell. At the age of 41, Father received an 18-year-old girl who had no worldly knowledge. Thinking in terms of the problems of the world, it is almost absurd. It was not because there weren't any other girls. There were plenty of women who graduated from universities and who had such and such credentials.

What has to be done in selecting mother? She cannot be chosen from a complete family. Mother's mother had to become a kitchen maid in this place. It means being loyal from the humblest position. She was in a circumstance equal to living in prison, but that was all her blessing. Unification Church life means not feeling resentful even when living a prison life and suffering. It means thinking that everything is my fault and always attempting to be loyal to heaven. Seen from this point of view, everything is chosen according to the principle of restoration. Moreover, what kind of course does the person to be Mother have to go through in terms of lineage? It is not simple.

I looked at the ancestry of the Moon clan in secret, and the Moon clan started from an illegitimate child. If you look at the clan register, it started when a king of the Shilla dynasty, King Chabi, had a dream where he was ordered to find a special baby born in Shilla. He found the baby at a rock of Phoenix called Moon Am Bong at Nam Pyung city, and the clan started from this incident. Looking from a providential point of view, the founder of Hwa Rang ideology (Shilla dynasty, Buddhist teaching for the discipline of young people to observe filial piety, fidelity, loyalty to the nation and compassion toward nature) had the last name of Moon. Nobody knows this. This kind of complicated matter is entangled in the ancestry of the Moon clan.

Then, does only man have to be restored through indemnity? It cannot be dissolved without a woman standing in the position of being victorious. Right? Cannot have any starting point. Therefore, in the second seven year course, the church was not the serious issue. From 1964, I did not give sermons from the podium. I left it all to the president and walked the family-level course. After going through the individual cross, I had to bear the family level course. Do you understand? You do not have that cross. Father has to bear the individual and the family-level cross in terms of the world. Do you understand? We must confront Satan.

The Situation of Today's World Seen From the Principle of Restoration Through Indemnity

Next, Father has to bear the national indemnity on the worldwide level. Thus, we have entered the time when we have to decide the worldwide fate while deciphering the situation of the world. By sitting here alone, I am connecting the bridge from China to Japan. Father's moral and spiritual influence is greatly increasing. This time when Kuboki is going to America, he is bringing a man named Hirodo. He was taking care of the Japanese Consulate General in America in the past. As a New Yorker, he has quite an authority in Japan's main political party, Jamindang. He is going as a delegate after receiving a personal letter from the former prime minister Kishi. Japan's Jamindang is being suspended. Sato's political regime has nowhere to go. Therefore, after devising a context that could allow Fukuda to remain as the prime minister, he goes to America and opens the door to do that within the government and people of the United States. Fukuda goes there, stays put, then seeing his chance, returns. He is going there in advance in order to make an unexpected adventure. Father is creating the spiritual context for all of these things to occur.

Chiang Kai Shek of Taiwan's government is also influenced by Father's moral authority. This time the Japanese Unification Church did a seven-day fast for the protection of Taiwan. Therefore, If Kuboki goes there, he is welcomed and loved. The archangel has to serve the Church president of Eve's country. Everything has to be restored. Why did Chiang Kai Shek become a historical man of Asia? It is to restore the Rock (Chiang Kai Shek's Shek) ['Shek' means rock in Chinese characters]. Isn't this true? It is the history of restoring the rock. China is an archangel country.

Japan is an Eve country; thus two male countries were influenced. With some mistake, Korea could perish, and China could be ruined. That is why Japan is an Eve country. This is because Father has chosen Japan to be the Eve country. In the 1920s, Japan became a beautiful woman without a match in the world. Right? When going away to a husband, you do not carry a knife around. You must go with some money. Therefore, Japan until now has been without defense forces. But in the future, don't you think that that will change?

If you look at China and the Soviet Union, even the satanic world comes with formation, growth, and completion. The formation stage nation is the Soviet Union; the growth stage nation is China. The completion stage nation is North Korea's Kim Il Sung. The growth stage is equivalent to the Eve type. Also, Kim Il Sung is in the position of Adam, and the position of the archangel is the Soviet Union. Soviet Union and America are both in the archangel position, and therefore will cooperate with each other. Do you understand? Since the time of restoration is coming and since the world should not die out, the heavenly fate turned around, and America and the Soviet Union who were enemies joined forces. The first worldwide fence surrounding all nations is bound to join hands together. Even Red China will be surrounded and have to come out of their internal dealings.

In the democratic world if America is the archangel country and Japan is the Eve country, Korea is the Adam nation. All three have to cooperate with each other. Therefore, the Eve nations, Japan and China, are wrestling; Adam and Adam, i.e., South Korea and North Korea, are wrestling; archangel and archangel, i.e., America and the Soviet Union, are wrestling. In that, the Soviet Union will be drawn to America. It will be attracted in. Then what is the heavenly fate from now? Time to influence the destiny centering around the Eve nation's national fate comes. But looking at both Japan and China, Japan will be pulled by China. This should not happen. It will perish. Therefore, it has to come around from here. It comes around interestingly. By becoming this way, in Asia, all are gathered, centering around China and Japan. Right? America, Soviet Union, all are gathered here. After gathering they made a whole scenery and then all of them were broken apart. Because of China, the Soviet Union broke apart, and because of China, North Korea separated. Right? Moreover, because of Japan, America broke apart, and Korea broke apart. Thus it is inevitable that the Unification Church's Reverend Moon has to work something out. In this way Korea will never break apart.

Then in the Asian domain, in terms of foundation for restoration and centering on the environment for the restoration, who is the archangel? The archangel in the Asian domain is Chiang Kai Shek. The archangel is the formation type. It happens in the formation type because centering on Father fulfillment happens in three stages. Then who is the growth level type archangel? It is America. Who is perfection level archangel? West Germany. Then is the Satanic Adam and the world level archangel one? Both of them are separated. America is separated by the left wing and the right wing. Everything is divided, You must know this. When there is a four position foundation. (A black board demonstration) This kind of four position foundation shape is happening. Korea and the part must be separated. One nation must be cut in two. Right? All become left and right wing, America and the Soviet Union. And then Korea, which is one nation, becomes two. West Germany becomes two countries. When these two nations are decided, the world will enter an era of heavenly peace. Will this be true or not? Korean unification, German unification, east, west unification, when all these happens, communism will completely...

In this viewpoint, you must know that until the blessed family is able to emerge, the individual has to pay the indemnity. You were able to form families because of Father's accomplishments that came about through bloody battles. In the first process, the individual restoration took six thousand years. Secondly, the restoration of the family took a seven year course until now. For the third course, the way of the cross to restore the children remains.

If Christianity Becomes One Centering on the Unification Church, the World Will be Turned Around

In our family centering on Sung Jin... I thank Hui Jin for his passing. His character could deviate if something goes wrong. If that happens, Satan will accuse the whole. If you look at his abilities, he is a very active person. He has quick wit and is very masculine. In this sense, I was very worried. Even in Father's family, the second is separated. Right? It is easy for that to happen. That is the principle of restoration. When I see this situation, ah, the fact that he passed away is a big sorrow; however, think also that it is not a loss in terms of the physical world. So, now if Sung Jin does well and sets the right tradition, his younger brothers will naturally follow. Right? The important matter here is Sung Jin.

All this has to be known. In terms of types, Sung Jin is restoration of the Adam type and Hui Jin is restoration of the Jesus type. Jesus was sacrificed. Next, the age of Hyo Jin is the age of the Second Coming. There are altogether three ages. From the vertical standpoint, it is formation, growth and completion and for this to be connected... Therefore, what does Sung Jin have to do? He has to take this kind of responsibility. That is why he went to Japan. Sung Jin went and came back from Japan? I told him not to come back when he goes this time. If he comes back, he won't be able to go out again.

What is Father's worry right now? If one thing goes wrong going through the women, since Japan is an Eve nation, it will be entangled in something. It could be drawn in with Satan's work in a foreign land. It must come back after keeping its fidelity and chastity there. This is like Father's past. What I am thinking now is that I should send someone, among Korean members, not among Japanese members, as missionary to a foreign country. I am not able to do this right now. I will do it in the near future. All this, while you are not thinking about it, is going on through the formula course of the restoration condition. I cannot go into the details.

On this kind of ground, the ground that was of the resolutions and fulfillments of a complicated, six thousand years of history, you have been chosen without any accomplishments. It is the archangel who was looked for in the six thousand years of history centering on religions. The religions until now were looking for the archangel.

Fallen man has been establishing the foundation to receive the messiah, and believing in religions was to stand in the position of the adopted son. The adopted son is Cain-type and thus is in the position of the archangel. Right? Therefore, the purpose of the religions that have been believed until now is to make one worldwide archangel and make him a loyal servant to the messiah. This is to be established through Christianity which is the world's central religion.

There need only be one to three of that kind of loyal servant. Do you understand? It could just be one person representing all three, but three persons are inevitable. In any kind of meeting, there is a president but there inevitably are two other vice presidents and they move around with the combined decision of them all. If Christianity becomes one with the Unification Church the world will change. Then Korea will be revived. Communism will disappear. Think about it. Think about what will happen.

Upon this kind of foundation, if there is a person representing the democratic world, the nation, and Christianity, and he submits himself to God's Will then at one time the individual restoration, family restoration, tribal restoration, national restoration, and the world restoration would be accomplished. At one time, the grounds for family type victory, grounds for national victory, grounds for racial victory, and grounds for world victory will be prepared. Therefore, from here, perfection of the individual restoration, perfection of the family restoration, perfection of the tribal restoration, perfection of the national restoration, perfection of the world restoration will all be done at once. But because this did not happen, once again going through the indemnity course of the individual struggle, individual restoration has to be done; through the indemnity course of the family-level struggle, family restoration has to be done; and through the indemnity course of the tribal struggle, the tribal restoration has to be done. You must clearly understand that this kind of reindemnification course of blood stained struggle is unfolding in a single generation of Father's life.

I have reindemnified through offering my whole life until now what one person was supposed to have done. Therefore, if we go over the national standard, it becomes the time to solve the source of the resentment and regret of Christianity that was acquired through the failure centering on Jesus. In this way, finally, by taking the normal stance, we will be able to ascend as a son with a worldwide authority. This time is coming soon. Do you understand or not? [Yes, we understand.]

As the Chosen People Upon the Grounds of an Historical Victory, We Should Do Our Responsibility

By Father's preparing that kind of base and accomplishing the resolution of the vertical history and the world-wide horizontal restoration, you, even without any accomplishments, were chosen just the way you were, on the basis of a victorious family. Then what kind of existence do you become? You become the beings who are standing on the place where the worldwide archangel has fulfilled his responsibility, i.e., on the place where John the Baptist has completed his responsibility. You were just put there, just tagging along.

If you are to pay back the benefit that I have given you, you must suffer 3 times, 7 times more than what Father has suffered. Do you understand what I am saying? Where there is a place to die, you are supposed to go out before all else, and die. If there is a place to suffer, you should go first to suffer. The ones who want to make Father suffer will not be able to stand in that kind of place. All of you, do you want to make Father not suffer hardships? Do you want to make Father suffer or do you not want to make Father suffer? [We do not want to make you suffer.] Is that true? [Yes.]

Look. The ones in the regional churches want help from the main headquarters when they have difficulties, but it was told not to give any help. This time helping each church a little was because of the Christian churches. Christian ministers are thinking it over and giving it a thought to join the movement, and should we be disgraced? In order not to receive shame, we should even put a shawl around, therefore we bought the land in Yoido.

They thought the Unification Church did not have any money and when we said, "Within three months we can pay about 5 to 6 hundred million won", Seoul city hall's major, bureau directors, and sectional chiefs all were listening to the Unification Church. For a few months, we were paying 150 million won in cash. I know that the richest man in Korea, Lee Byung Chul, does not even have 20 million won in cash. We have used a loan from a bank. When Unification Church pays in cash 150 million won to 200 million won, i.e., about 5 to 6 hundred million won in a few months, would they think the Unification Church has the money or not? [They will think we have it.] Because of this, everybody believes that the Unification Church will build a 120-story building. If you look as you pass the Seoul Dae Bridge and look at Yoido's air view photograph, the place where the tallest building in Korea is drawn is the Unification Church's spot.

Korea must prepare at least symbolically. Do you understand? [Yes.] If we really want, would we just build a 120-story building? Even 12000-story would be possible. If that building falls, Korea might perish; that is why we are building only 120 stories. (laughter.) You can think like that.

If you are sitting in a dreadful, small bedroom and moving around with a rag over you, they might think you are a national chief of police force who stays like that even with a lot of money. If someone deals carelessly with you, he will face disaster. What do you think I have done until now? Many of the local officials respect our work. That's what happens. It would do them no good to laugh at you because you are wearing rags. Did you ever do that? That is why it is more difficult nowadays. They will not feel pity for you. They will think that you have a hidden weapon. Even if you eat by begging, they will not pity you. That is why I am saying we have reached the tough road of crisis. Does the region say that the Unification Church does not have any money, or does it have money'? [Have money.] Then why do you say that you are living that way? Why do you say that you are living that way? You at least feel good after hearing this.

You should advertise that Father will build 1000 churches in 40 days. Then everybody will ask, "What is going on?" Then, tell them like this, "We have bought enough land to build 1000 churches in the land, and this land somehow reached the price of 2 billion won."

This time we gave out rooms nationwide because of our prestige. It is not the principled way to help you. Do you understand? Even taking off the skin from your back, I should smudge it and sell it to make a bigger base to build something bigger than the Christian churches. It is not right for Father to help you right now. Have the right attitude. Do you understand? [Yes.] To express your sincerity, should you build your own house or let someone else build It for you? If you entrust a nation to that kind of person, he will probably sell the nation and keep the profit for himself. Would that be true or not? If I give because I want to, that's OK. But if I give to you because you want to receive it, it would not be right.

"Father and Mother, I will receive your inheritance;" can this kind of person be an honest person? There is the parable of the prodigal son. He receives as he desires and then goes off somewhere. He is going off to squander and waste. The parents should give when they want to. If you are a filial son, you should not receive from the parents but offer something to them. Right? You should, in all four seasons and every time the season changes, offer a pair of clothes to your parents. You must do at least that much work. You should 'offer at least 12 preces of clothing in a three-year period. Even fish, you should donate the biggest fish in the East and the West sea, one fish every season. Should I tell you more, or should I stop?

Even when you are eating, you are not supposed to eat alone. Even alone you have three family members. Including God, there are four. Do you think so? If there are less than eight family members, then there is no restoration. Right? You cannot be restored without having eight family members inside and out. If there are eight family members they will become twelve.

Is there not the four position foundation centering on Father? There is also a four position foundation based on each of you. Even your direct inheritor of your lineage will fulfill the four position foundation. So then how many are there? There are twelve. Do you understand? This is the domain of God's side. You must make the number twelve centering on the four position foundation. Is this not the way it is supposed to be?

Do Not Lose the Chance to Shine on Top of the Public Foundation

Do you now understand the individual? [Yes.] But only the individual standing is not enough. You must solve the indemnity course of the women. Who must solve this? It is not the woman but the man who must solve it for her. Eve was made from Adam. Is that not right? Because Adam lost its dominion over Eve, Eve fell. Therefore, in order to restore this the man must indemnify even what the woman did and 7,000 years of history of resentment through the seven-year course. This is the Unification Church's family-level seven-year course. Do you understand? [Yes.] After this we go into the children's age, and this is the national seven-year course.

Therefore, what happens when we go across to the 1980s? The second seven year course ends in 1974. Then when does the third seven year course end? It ends in 1981. If you do it by the multiplication table it is, "nine times nine equals eighty-one". It is the year when the multiplication table is over. That's how it works. Therefore, wait till you get to the 1980s. The Unification Church will fly silently towards the world. Do you like it? If I just give a phone call, there will always be plane tickets available. If I call there will always be a hotel wherever you go. Even if somebody already made the reservation, you could cancel them all and go yourself. Do you feel good, or do you feel bad? [Good.] At that time Father will be in his sixties. I will be 61. That's how old I will be. Until now the number seven could not be passed. Within Father's lifetime, we will go past that resting period and re-depart into the world. Is this not visible in your eyes? Ask the fortune teller whether this will become true, will it be possible? [Yes.]

Father's generation was a miserable generation. I must rearrange the history of the world and usher in world peace. And then for the internal 21 - understand, or do you not understand? [We understand.] Thus, an external 21 years from 1960 to 1981, the external 21 years from 1960 to 1981 and the internal 21 years until Father became 40 added together become 40 years. In this 40 years Father has to rearrange the world centered upon God. If this is not done the fate of the Unification Church will become miserable.

God has always prepared things beforehand. For this He is keeping time and goes ahead of us to bequeath everything to us. God has prepared everything. Is this not so? [Yes.] Who would have known that there would be such a drastic change? Even though the Unification Church does not look like much, the whole world goes forth here and there following Father's playing of the drum.

Is this a lie or the truth? [It is the truth.] If it is really true, wake up. History is short. If you stand on the front of the critical line and stand like this, you become a person of two countries. Standing on the 38th parallel, if you take a step forward, you will become victorious. We are in that kind of time. When you step forward you are not the only one who is stepping forward. With a command, you can step forward together. When you do that you will be enlisted in the first resurrection. That's how it ls. Do you want to join the first resurrection? [Yes.] This will remain in history. Thus, I might not give the blessing for seven years. Even now, aunts and uncles are making a commotion, but it does not even enter my mind. Right now is not that kind of time. Father will give the blessing only to those who will burst out to the front line right after the blessing. Will you receive the blessing just to go to the forefront? It is the principle to give the blessing if the person wants to go to the battlefront, not to give the blessing if he just feels that he is lonely,and sad. You are supposed to ask that kind of thing only at certain times, when you are really sad. That kind of a thing comes out cut. It comes out by being pushed. Tears push that kind of question out. A lot came out?

Looking from this viewpoint, the fact that you, representing your ancestors to your clan until now, have met this glorious chance to shine brightly upon that ground of accomplishments is not exchangeable even with zillions of gold coins. In terms of the value of this, it is not exchangeable even with the best diamond in Korean land. Do you understand what I am saying? We met somehow. You might say that it is a good thing that we met, but it could turn out not only good but also bad. If you are pushed back from this, everything will be over.

A person, who has committed a crime and is in jail, is always thinking about his past crimes. "Oh! If I could had gone only one more step, then the situation would have been different..." Such thinking constantly evolves around him until he gets out of the jail. He cannot separate himself from it. If you go to jail you will know this. Likewise, when you realize the fact that you have left such a tradition in your life and when you realize the value of such a fact is revealed all over heaven and earth and all nations will esteem and glorify it, Korea can be revived. At this time if we who stand in such a situation make a mistake, then we will cause very great sorrow in the heart of our ancestors, to all tribes living on earth and to all descendants.

If a mistake is made, do you think our descendants would come and bow at our grave? They would detest and condemn us by saying, "You terrible ancestors." We will come in the same position as Adam and Eve who are being condemned. Do you know this? In order not to leave such a unthinkable, fearful and shameful reality, I live with the heart that even when I cross a stream stepping on rocks, I think as if there is only one way to go. Do you understand? [Yes.] You are the people who have to inherit such a tradition and ideal. Therefore, I'm telling you to walk this path as a real man. Then I don't think there will be any reason for me to hear many complaints because of your wives. In this place there is no one who is in such a position. If you eat less than your children and wife, if you sleep in a worse place then them, if you suffer much more than they do, how could they complain? It is simple this way.

Father is like that also. I'm not a person who wants to eat good food. I eat only because they give it to me. In such a situation I aiways think about when I was in prison from December 14th until the 20th, I think of prison life. "Oh, today these people gave me this food and is there anyone who will accuse me because of this food on my table." Therefore, if good food is placed on my table then I don't eat it, but always share it with someone else. Then, do I have food on my table because I wish to have it, or because members put it on my table? Members should offer food in this way, then do you feel angry because Father ate well? [No.]

In order to be a filial son, even if you live in poverty you have to feed your parents well. Even you have to sell you wife's dress... Do you understand? [Yes.] Even if you have to starve your children, you have to serve your parents. That is the way of filial piety. Father has already practiced this. Isn't that right? Therefore, Father is not an example of failure. Just as the teeth of gears mesh, causing the wheel to turn... the teeth which are meshed are going out and new teeth are being meshed in, thus the wheel spins.

Because Father has practiced this, you must inherit and practice this also. Somebody has to do this task on this earth, enabling the gears to mesh and turn; centering on earth, heaven is starting to turn. The gear can spin if it has at least three teeth which are meshed together. Likewise, you have to do this. You have to establish a trinity, centering on Father. Trinity couples are fulfilling such a function. Following Father's direction, unite into one. If you do this, then on this earth such a tradition is established and will become a text book for future education. Don't you think so? This becomes the resurrected substantiation of history and the cause of the foundation which will be a testimony for the future. Isn't this right? [Yes.]

How many times have you starved for the sake of God? How much have you longed with your eyes for people? This will become a problem. These things are things which I have established, persevering through incredible difficulties and sufferings. When I see your lifestyle, I don't feel happy. I think I might have to go through such a path again. With bare feet I must run again. I have to repeat what Jesus did when he washed his disciple's feet.

You can only stand on the foundation of Father, but you cannot stand by yourself. Do you under- stand? [Yes.] Centering on the family, inheritance is possible. By yourself it is not possible to inherit anything. Jesus, by himself, cannot receive the inheritance, isn't that right? Because Adam and Eve both have fallen, in order to inherit the world centering on the family, we have to present the content of indemnity. Otherwise, the process of inheritance is not possible.

Because of whom are you standing on this incredible position to receive a foundation? It is because of your wife who you really dislike to see. Do you like to see, or don't like to see your wife? Do you like or don't like your wives? You're not standing in a position because of your merit. You can stand in this position because of a woman. Also a woman doesn't stand here because of herself, but because of a man. The reason that you met in this position is because of each other. Without each other this is not possible. You cannot possess the horizontal foundation, isn't that right? [Yes.] You require a reciprocal foundation. The family is established centering on man and woman, and in a family man and woman must meet and become totally united.

When a man and woman meet centering on whom do they meet? Centering on True Parents you met, but are still separated. You have to bear children and unite centering on your children. This is the standard of God's desire and the standard of parent's desire. Therefore, it is the duty of you who have familles to receive God's spirit and God's love, and implant it in the right place. Do you understand? [Yes.] This is the way which our family must walk.

What is the way which our family must walk? We must become the true ancestor of goodness by implanting the model of heavenly family. We must become the foundation for the blessed kingdom of heaven in which Satan cannot influence, but only God can. This is the way our family must walk. Do you understand? [Yes.] From this, the name of True Parent comes about. Here God's victory emerges and true sons and daughters are able to be received, and all things can be embraced. Therefore, you can receive Parent's Day, Day of All Things, Children's Day and even God's Day. Where do we receive them? Isn't it in the family? [Yes.]

Therefore, the family is the place to receive God's Day, True Parent's Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things. In other words, you will become awe struck and immeasurably grateful for your position when you realize the possibility that one insignificant family can be a holy foundation upon which these four great holidays can be united. When you realize this, even if your wife's eye is strange or impaired it doesn't matter. Do you understand?

When we center on this law, if we violate this, there will be merciless consequences. If you violate this, who will accuse you? Satan will accuse you and treat you as Satan's Satan. He will say to you, "You illegitimate one! I have fallen at the completion of the growth stage by the inducement of unsanctified heart, but you have fallen from the position of growing toward the completion level of the completion stage."

Just watch and see those who fall away and leave at will, see what will become of them in the future. How many generations will be penalized? That depends on what God decides. God can even condemn them for thousands of generations. Do you understand what I say? Maybe their whole lineage will be rooted out... Loathsome, hateful and unimaginable things will unfold in front of our eyes.

How can I save them by creating a different law? Should I do it? If I did so then it will become a great cancer for our descendants. How can I get rid of this cancer? By letting the blood out in our generation I can resolve it. Presently God is concerned about these problems. Do you understand? This is not a lie. This is not a threat or intimidation.

If I do not accomplish this task and go to the spirit world, then I would be contrary to this law. Isn't this right? [Yes.] Therefore, the woman you meet is the person whom you have been waiting and longing for, for six thousand years, and whom God looks over and parents have introduced. Isn't love reached through God and parents? Do not become thieves. So is our family great or not great? [great]

That is why the path of salvation which Unification Thought is teaching is not individual salvation. If the family is not saved then nothing can be saved. It is the salvation of couples and children. If we are not able to save our children then we must wait in the spiritual world. Thus in the spirit world the educational law is established. Everyone must go to the spirit world in a single line. Do you understand? In the spirit world there is an educational system, and all the things which were not able to be accomplished on the earth are educated and everyone must cross (pass?) over together. We believe for the sake of family salvation. Do you understand? [Yes.]

I believe for the sake of my wife and a wife believes for the sake of her husband, and the children believe for the sake of their parents. Do you understand? The Unification Church believes for the four position foundation, that is the three-object purpose. Do you understand? [Yes.] Anyone alone cannot receive salvation. That is why even Father has much interest in Mother. It's not simply because I like Mother, but from the principle perspective I want to love her more than she loves me; that's why I am thinking very much about it. Each spouse has to do like this.

Looking from this perspective, all of you must establish such a valuable family. And in that family three great loves... God's love is nothing other than the love which combines the three great loves. Isn't that right? The family which substantialized such love is a heavenly family. Therefore, during the period of bachelor life one must receive love from God. Afterwards, during the period of husband he must receive love. And then during the period of father he must receive love. These kinds of love are not separate loves but the love of one God, which a person likes when he is a bachelor, when he is a husband and when he is a father.

A woman also must receive the love of God when she is a maiden, when she is a bride, and then when she is a mother. Isn't that right? Shouldn't it be so? Only then can they stand in the representative parental position centering on God's standard of love. Isn't that right? Because it is inherited... After I have experienced love of children, love of spouse, and love of parents centering on God's love, in the horizontal subject position of parents I can inherit God's three great loves and I can progress toward the world horizontally. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Therefore, you must consider your wife as "oh, she is a person whom as a daughter no one else has surpassed in receiving God's three great loves, whom as a wife no one else is to surpass in receiving love, whom as a mother no one else will surpass in receiving love." Then how should you conduct the education of your children? It must be an education through which your children can be proud saying "My father and mother are the best in the world. Except God there are no people who are higher and greater than our parents." This is the method of education for the Unification farnilles. Do you understand? [Yes.] If this is what God can agree and your descendants can agree to then this will be publicly recognized.

If I look at my children, they say that "Our father is right after God." You too must teach such thought. To your family I am your grandfather, isn't it? So, do you teach your children that "Because I received love from grandfather, I am like your grandfather?" Do you teach these things to your children? Do you or don't you teach? Do you teach to your children that "True Father became as he is because he received love from God. He receives love from God and he is your grandfather. I received more love from this grandfather than anyone else and I am one with the grandfather. That is why I am the world's best father. So I am the best in the world when it comes to loving you"? Are you the best in loving your children? You must instill these kind of thought into them. This must be continued for centuries and millennia. If this lineage is not polluted and is succeeded for centuries and millennia, then ancestors in the spirit world and the descendants on the earth will receive blessings thousand and ten thousand fold.

Do you understand the way which the family must walk? [Yes.] All blessed familles, do you understand? [Yes.] You men, you are thinking about absurd things with your thief eyes. Am I right or not? [Yes.] Eu Chong-young! Do you like your wife? [yes, I like her] The person behind him, do you like your wife? [Yes.] Those of you who like your spouse because you have to, raise your hand. Those people will in future receive mob-thrashing.

Now, do you approximately understand the way of our family? [Yes.] Inherit the tradition from your forefathers. Properly bequeath that tradition to your descendants. By doing so, if we are to subjugate Satan who opposes this will, we must be liberated from the ordinary path as a family. Do you understand? [Yes,]

We must be liberated as a family. Even I haven't completely liberated myself on the family level. I am in the process of liberation. We must be liberated as a family. One should not go comfortably by oneself. You may be an individual here but you stand in the position to resolve the fate of the whole. In order to grant the condition that you have crossed over as a whole family, I have now educated your wives to enable them to create their own foundation in relationship to God. On the day when this is crossed over, all of you can cross over at once. Everyone can cross over.

Therefore, knowing that it is such a time, you must determine yourselves to be responsible for the problems of Korea, Asia, and the world. When father looks around the world, I feel these things. However vast this world may be, we must have conviction that we shall capture the heaven and earth. That is why we must determine that even if the Unification Church perishes we must save the world. Do you understand? I must do things for the sake of country even if I have to let the members go through suffering. Isn't that so? If the Unification Church was pursuing its happiness and welfare, then it would have perished. If it did, then the church would not have progressed until now. We have this hidden ideology. Isn't that right? [Yes.] Until the time comes when all thirty million people of this nation from head to the tail, centering on God's direction, we can not rest idle and must walk this path. You must understand this. When one releases something it must be completely coiled in order for it to be released completely. Then through the end we can find the way out. The path of restoration is such as that. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Among you, if you have beaten your wife raise your hand. I will forgive you so please raise your hand honestly. Oh you! If ever there was an incident to hit your wife, you should have first shed tears over it. At the place where Satan is watching over furtively... Are you going to ever repeat such action again or not? [we will not do it again] In order to restore three great loves, you must experience the love of mother. Next, the love of your wife and then the love of younger sister. Isn't that right?

Because of the fall of Adam and Eve we have lost the love of mother, the love of wife, and the love of younger sister. We have lost three great loves. From a woman's perspective, she has lost the love of father, the love of husband, and the love of older brother. Even in the Satanic world living without a father is not proper. It is a failure according to the most fundamental principle. If you cannot live more happily than anybody in the Satanic world, you are failures. If you cannot love your wife more than your own sisters then you are a failure.

Your wife is a holy being who has now appeared in front of you as a representative fruit of the feminine image of three ages; therefore, you must be grateful to Heavenly Father. In my case it is opposite. I have to raise my wife as my daughter. After raising her as my daughter, I raise her as my wife; and then educating her as the mother and establish the name of mother. Isn't it opposite? I have raised her. If my age is compared with Mother, then her age is comparable to the age of my daughter, isn't it? Mother is like a daughter, and it is more difficult to say that she is like a wife or a mother. Think about it. If her age is more substantial then I can overlook the age and say "Mother." That's why I use language of "Umma (mother)" to the Mother. I call her so and so "umma." That is the most difficult problem. Can you understand? A husband when coming back from outside to home and when he looks for his wife, he calls her by saying "so and so umma," doesn't he? I call Mother "umma."

Sometimes when I return from some place, as if I was a little child I report to Mother everything. A long time ago, when I returned, I used to report to Mother all through the night. I reported with the determination to surpass such mind. That is the restoration. All must be restored through indemnity.

You must become a man whom a woman cannot be suspicious of even if she tries to. Therefore, whatever you do you must first discuss with your spouse and then do it. Do you understand? "God's will is like this, the path which we must walk is like this, shall we do this or not?" In such a fashion you must explain by deciphering the principle. When you ask, "Do you have any objection?" she should say, "No, I don't have any objection." The way which men must walk is the way through which they strip off everything which women made mistakes about. Isn't this so?

If a husband says that "This is the path which you must go and if you go this way then you will collapse," nine out of ten will collapse. "Thus, shouldn't I stand ahead of you? Because I have more experience in fighting, I will go this path ahead of you. So wouldn't you cooperate with me in such and such manner?" then she can not help but cooperate with him.You must do this kind of task. That is why our family becomes unified. The relationship is that of a most close relationship. You must love her in place of your mother. Think of it as if you have mother, wife and younger sister in your home. When you face any difficulty if you consider your wife as a mother and discuss with her as "this is so and so," then she will shed her tears in the place of mother. If she sheds the tears then she will not become more distant from you.

In the world, if people shed tears, they often become more distant; but if we shed tears then we become even closer. After two shed tears together... Each feels sorry to the other and cannot even speak nor even greet each other, yet they don't become distant. Rather they become evermore close. If we become a couple in which the spouses can truly become one by holding hand in hand and truly trust each other, this is none other than a most blessed couple, isn't it? God will see them and will He proclaim them by saying "These two love each other more than me"? We must reach even that kind of degree. Raise your hand if you have lived like this. Raise your hand if you promise that you will live like that from now on. All of you should try. If you are like that you will bear descendants who are greater than you. One thing that I am really grateful for is that when a spiritualist sees my children, there is an interesting phenomenon. (The tape recorder is briefly stopped and thus not able to receive the content)

If you bear children then those children are born by inheriting the fortune of the Unification Church and Father. Do you understand? [Yes.] Even if you are terribly stubborn and malignant your children will not be like you. So, do you like to bear good children? If you want that then love the spouse which Father has chosen for you as you love Father. Love your husband, your wife as you love Father and Parents. If you do so then the children who are to be born from you will inherit that fortune and they will be nothing like you.

Now I am only quietly observing. Some people, I have matched with a cripple. How would such a couple live heartistically? I have much interest in that. We are not the people who live for the present. Consider that we are born for history. Because of mistakes of my ancestors in history, in order to indemnify that in my generation I became a cripple, but the ancestors as a whole are not bad. The history itself has not gone wrong. Therefore don't be resentful. Think of the fact that in the heartistic world, that position does not become misery but it becomes a place where one can be connected with blessing.

In such a family would God come or not? If the relation of three great loves are fulfilled, then the four position foundation is established. Isn't this so? Does four position foundation become established? If a four position foundation is established then God will surely come to that place. Isn't this place a four position foundation? The love of parents, the love of spouse, the love of children, these are the four position foundation types of love. Would God be dwelling in the place where the four position foundation love exits or not? God dwells there. In that place attending God we must live for censures and for a millennium. That place is the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven.

If this is realized then we can receive God's love and we can inherit God's lineage and thus are able to love everything which God possesses. Do you understand? [Yes.] Such an incredible position is the position of the blessed couple. Do you understand or don't you understand? [We understand.]

Let's defend our family. If the Unification Church cannot defend the family... You are not to believe in the Unification Church for the sake of your wife. You believe for the sake of the nation. You believe in order to restore Korea. One must give up one's own family, wife and children for the sake of world. This love is in accordance with God. Do you understand? [Yes.] Don't live with the mind set of a haphazard stupid person. If one lives with such kind of seriousness then nothing in the universe can break this mind. If anyone who tries to break such a mind that person will be destroyed. If you march like this in the future then wherever you go the Satanic world will crumble. That is true.

During the process I have toiled together with Mother, God always worked ahead of everything which I have planned; this is very marvelous. If I say one word of judgment here then it is destroyed over there.

Now a new era has come in front of us. Do you understand? This shining historical era, if you loose this time then your cherished desire will not be fulfilled. Your desire is not aimed at just tomorrow. It is the establishment of the four position foundation centering on the devotion toward and the bond with True Parents; and in order for your descendants to inherit this after millions and billions of years...

Until now this fallen world has been looking toward the future and tomorrow but from now on it will be moving backward. Here is the culmination point of history, the solution point of all the victory of heaven and earth, and the core point of all hopes. We are putting this on the line and because anything that is outside of its expansion belongs to the Satanic world, God will judge it.

The position on which you are sitting today, the position which is bonded as the family centering on Father is the position which your ancestors of thousands and tens of thousands of generations had been longing for. All the ages of history have longed for this place and right now everyone in the spirit world is longing for and devoting themselves for it. Today I myself am devoting all my heart centering on this.

This position is a position where the purpose, motivation and content are united. Do you understand? Therefore, the person who lives at that time can become the victor of three ages. You must clearly understand that such an amazing position is the position of the blessed couple. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Father's Prayer

Heavenly Father, I understand that a day of sorrow occurred to your mind which wished that Noah be better than Abel, and again a sorrowful incident approached Abraham's family whom You have chosen hoping that they be better than Noah. I also understand that You have established the victorious foundation through the journey of battles, longing for the better offspring centering on Jacob.

We understand that upon such a foundation, Moses bearing the responsibility of national leadership was to be more absolute than Jacob. That is why he left Egypt and spent eighty years in Midian, in the barren wilderness. We understand that John the Baptist should have had even more devotion and effort than Moses. We feel and behold through our own eyes that the Israelites became the people with thousands of years of sorrow because John the Baptist was not able to fulfill the world wide mission.

Heavenly Father, thinking that Christianity should have invested more devotion than the Israelites, and that the Unification Church should invest more devotion than Christianity for it is the third Israel set apart to fulfill God's will, this son standing in this place understands clearly that I have to invest more devotion than anybody in all of history.

You understand very well about the situation of this son who feels deeply ashamed when I think about how inadequate I am, how many imperfections I have in front of the Heavenly Father's dispensational will which longs for absolute perfection, as time passes by, as I relate to You with a sense of mission.

I have not sought the recognition by others, I have not started with the expectation of recognition by anybody; however, I know very well the fact that You sympathize with me, going ahead of me and clearing my path. Not one person but numerous spiritualists and many people whom I have encountered testify that this person is the most miserable person in the whole world, however I am not the miserable person. You know my mind which wants to perceive that I was an unfilial son who did not yet realize that You are more miserable than I am.

The Unification Church was able to remain until this day not because of anyone's accomplishment or merit. I understand that it is only because You functioned as an invisible root and became the driving force which eliminated every obstacle, this Unification Church was able to remain at this place today.

I understand well that when the question is raised concerning who is in the important position to be responsible for navigating the fate of the Unification Church, it is not the insignificant church leaders who are here today, but a person who cannot even speak "Heavenly" of the Heavenly Father and wail and speak "Father" and again cannot close his mouth for his mind is so aroused by the piercing heart; I know that You are looking for such a person.

Father, please let this period be a time to reflect back at the most shameful past, to shed the ignorant self which promised the result of insignificant value, and to pledge oneself to Your solemn teaching.

We now understand that I am my own enemy. Where I am victorious over myself, You are there. We must understand that You who drive us to be victorious over ourselves have already been victorious to Yourself. When we think of how great your suffering endurance had to be and how much your grief had flowed into You, especially as You are omnipotent and omniscient, until You stand over all those things, we can only dare to understand and fathom it. Please look down with mercy upon us who are lamenting for we are unable to reach your situation from this place.

Father, here at Cheong-Pyeong at this time your young children have gathered not to find something. They came looking for a place where they can again be drenched in your deep heart and again experience your heart. Facing difficulties is not a problem. We came here with our earnest desire to find the place where the relationship with you will never be shaken eternally and eternally, and where the bond be never unbound.

We understand that we must win over this world. We must win over Satan. When we observe this, we realize that the destined course of the Unification Church is a course overcoming misery after misery. Father, you know very well about the heartache which we feel when knowing that the nation is in a difficult position yet we are unable to stand in front of this place. Because You know about the heartbreak which You feel when you know the difficulty of this world yet You are unable to stand in front of the world, You easily know our heartbroken situation.

We should be proud to have Heavenly Father who has persevered through so much sufferings in order to prepare the way for us before this time has come. Before being proud of anything of our own, we should be proud of Father. Before we venerate anything of our own we should venerate Father. Before looking forward to be recognized with all our value, we must feel indignant about Father being unable to be recognized. I know through my own experience that when the children, who can really live for You, perceive Your miserable situation, not knowing how to properly respond to You, feeling empathy toward You and cry out in tears "Why must Heavenly Father walk this miserable path! When will we bring about the day of liberation for You!" then You can be liberated from that miserable situation.

Your children who are gathered here, please don't let them shed tears for their own children. If their children are miserable, let them realize it is because You are miserable and let them pray embracing You. When You look at us tearfully praying "Please Heavenly Father, do not be in such a situation" Your heart aches thousand, ten thousands times more. When realizing this we must comfort You in such a situation and tell the children with prayerful heart that "Although you stand in a lonely, miserable place now, your descendants will not perish, and your future will not be bleak. This I will prove to you. Don't feel resentment because we can't feed and clothe you now." Let them know that such parents are holy parents.

Because I could not clothe and feed my wife like others sometimes I would see her groaning in the sick-bed. At such times, instead of worrying about the difficult situation and environment, I think of how much misery would Heavenly Father's heart feel when He sees His children go the heavenly way in such a situation, and even if my wife collapses and I fall down, pray for Heavenly Father's heart to not be miserable and shed tears, then I would be liberated from such a situation again and again. Father, please let them realize that when they become crazy about loving Heavenly Father, and when they become crazy about caring for Your will, they shall never perish.

Now our bloodline which gushes forth as the blood of artery from the heart and our bosom must be connected with Heavenly Father. Therefore we must reach the place where our blood can be identical with the blood which pours out from Your artery and Your bosom. In order to reach that place, I realize that I must die and You must survive. Heavenly Father, I earnestly pray that You would grant me to walk this path gladly.

Because You love this place, Cheong-Pyeong, You have made this place as it is. This is the ground which You have sanctified through much dedication. I pray earnestly that this meeting can plant the tradition which, in this place the tears of dedication can be entangled, in this place every occurrences can be related with you more closely, thus all people of all nations can visit this place and long for You through their tears and tears, through their difficulties and sufferings.

Even if we are in the situation of naked, orphaned, persecuted people, the place where You walk together with us, that place is not a miserable place but a happy place, that place is the place where the Kingdom of Heaven will be resurrected, and that place is where the happy settlement of future will spring forth; thinking these things, we must go forth again. Straightening our tired body, we must go forth again. Stimulating the spirit and vigor in our lifeless eyes, looking over the far away mountain, we must go forth again. Heavenly Father, I desire earnestly that You will allow us to be Your children who struggle to go first on the thorny path which we must walk through, rather than belatedly following the footsteps which You have left.

We have not yet understood our holy Father's heartbroken mind to achieve restoration. We have not understood that in Your victimized inner mind, which endured so far with pledging, bleeding heart, there is a grieving and longing mind which pleads to us that "Oh my son, please become a son of subjugation and victory."

Let us understand clearly that although we have become the children of disappointment and despair living under the pressure of wretchedness, in the midst of this, Heavenly light approaches, and that light becomes the dividing path, the new Kingdom of Heaven is opened here and thus the luminous Heavenly glory begins.

Father, please allow us to pledge that from this time on, for the energetic steps of tomorrow. Please let them understand that if they can become the sons who already determine themselves to go like this once they become such a person, to go like this once they receive such a wife, to go like this once they bear such a child, and carry this out in action, and if these sons can go forth in the way of your will, then your day of new prosperity can rest in a safe place.

Please allow us to cross over fruitfully (or effectively) this hill which we must cross in any case, and allow us to not become a small-minded man when we are at the crucial juncture of determining our destiny. I earnestly wish and plead that You would allow them to be bold and courageous, and to become the victorious fighters who can introduce Heavenly Father by petitioning to all people.

I ask your favor once again that now all the things which we undertake from this first day on can be embraced in your glorious bosom and I also hope that you will grant this day to be blessed. At this time when August has almost passed away please grant a new start for the Unification Church and allow the binding of hopeful Heavenly fortune to be fulfilled.

We must think that by the one who knows and the one who is unknowing, the person who is ignorant and the person who is enlightened the heaven and earth will divide. I again ask your favor to please protect, enlighten, and guide all the children who are gathered here so that they may become the wise people and that they may appear in front of your blessed presence. I pray all these things in the holy name of True Parents, amen.

Special thanks to Charles Kannal for this updated version of Rev. Moon's 1971 speech.

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