The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Your Ego Is the Starting Point of Your Heavenly Pilgrimage

Sun Myung Moon
July 18, 1971, early morning
Headquarters Church, Seoul, Korea
1971 translation

As you see, the existing world is far below our final goal, and there may is neither a good person or good life full of ecstasy. Meanwhile some people have been searching for a new world to escape the existing world.

What is meant by the chosen man, then? He is neither a man of letters, nor artist, nor a person yearned after by the multitude but he is attractive to those who long for the Heavenly Kingdom, that is to say, he is a religionist.

You will find that the religious world has various denominations and sects that are quite different from the desires and direction demanded by our situation.

Every person following heaven is forced to conquer the conflict between the different directions of flesh and spirit. Who on earth can be proud of his united, centralized faith in both flesh and spirit?

All that makes a new pilgrimage to heaven in close coordination with the chosen man difficult to find in our current world. On the contrary our current world is willing to make a bad use of, pull down, objection to the chosen man and even drive him out of the new pilgrimage.

There are very few who are without a standard of judging good and evil. Also there are not so many persons who take the lead in trying to be the good. It is almost impossible to find a person intending to lead in the way of goodness and to exceed any existing standard of goodness. This is because it calls for more courage than any other hero to take the lead.

Then what is the reason why very few persons are willing to be chosen man of good will? The chief and major reason must be that the way to goodness is not an easy path, even though it is an everlasting one.

If goodness is to be connected with eternity and human beings, it will surely take our lifetimes to achieve goodness. Regardless of how long you have been wrong it is possible for you to find the turning point to goodness. On the other hand no matter how long you have been good, you can easily be pulled down in a moment. Goodness can grow higher and broader each day, month, or year; coming to be connected the new world. If we try to be good, we will be sure find nothing but great gladness as time goes by.

A lot of people have been seeking for a more peaceful world and a heavenly kingdom and have not found it. How can we reach it? Wherever does the peaceful world begin?

In this fallen world, even with all our heart and all our mind, we cannot reach anything but the fallen world. This is not the final goal of the ideal world God created.

What is the standard to fulfill our heart, then? It could be no other than to find the starting point of heaven.

It has been said that the Heavenly Kingdom is in one's own mind. What does it mean? It's the very point to find amnesty for our life. It stands aloof from the environment established by the fallen world and nobody can find it in any physical world.

Such a standard must be on a 90 degree angle from the vertical, making the beam on the scale horizontal. The main purpose of the scale is to balance between two sides, on our way to heaven; the standard should not incline to the left side or the right. That's the starting point.

The center of the scale's balance beam is the starting point. The ends of the scale's beam can be an object to make a new point but can't be the cardinal point, the starting point. It can only create a new direction.

Likewise, pilgrimage to heaven begins from the mind. From what mind? The mind that is able to conquer its environment. Unless your mind adapts to your environment, you cannot find the heavenly circumstance in the external world.

This is the reason why the formation of a heavenly environment is preceded by creating a heavenly environment in one's mind. That is to say, your own ego is the starting point of your heavenly pilgrimage.

If someone fails to find out the way to heaven on their own, another person will appear to guide him. So he should keep pace with the other person. And who will be the other person? The other person is someone who can show the basic standard for human beings. To save mankind, such other persons have appeared in the world's religions.

All the religious founders have paved the way to welcome the final hope of mankind. What has human history sought? It cannot be found in any fallen human being. This is the reason why all religious people have sought for and ideal that is far beyond our world. It comes from God Himself, not from any human brain or organization. Therefore it is the course for love for the heavenly nation. It is also why human thoughts become vague as the end of the world draws near.

Accordingly, man is to start following the lead of his mind -- the mind is willing to make a sacrifice itself for goodness. The mind can be the lord of human history and goodness should be able to block our fallen personalities.

When one's personality is formed centering with spiritual basis with a longing for divinity and divine heart, the Heavenly Kingdom develops. In other words, we have to seek for the organization, family, society, nation and universe based on divinity and divine heart.

Our mind acts and there is not a single act without an object. What is the subject of mind? It is our conscience. Then why are we conscience-stricken? We feel guilty because our minds are separated from our actions.

There is quite a difference between incoming and outgoing forces in in our actions. In our actions, it is proper for the outgoing force of our actions to have less power than the incoming power of our actions. But love it is the opposite. In love the outgoing force has more power than incoming power. This is the reason why it is possible for us to form an ideal world.

As you see, the more one sacrifices themselves, the larger his value grows. Accordingly the more you invest, the more will be added to you. Then where does love begin? It begins not from man but from God, because man, the one created by God can't be subject. Man is God's object, so its center is God. God is center of the nation, race, society, family and individual. This is the very reason we Unification Church members persist in our historical viewpoint based on heart.

Who should be hero of the heart of love? What heart? Heart based on God. Love should not be ego-centric. Where there is ego-centric selfishness, there is unity with Satan. 

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