The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

What The Unification Church Is Trying To Solve After Taking The Responsibility Of Jesus On Earth

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 26, 1971
Washington, D. C
Master Speaks
Probably translated by Young Oon Kim

So far we know that the will of Jesus cannot be established on the earth unless we solve all the resentment against him and complete what he came with his mind to do and he couldn't realize on this earth.

Tonight Master will speak oil what our Unification Church is aiming to solve by taking on the responsibility for Jesus Christ on this earth. We learned that Jesus did not come to be crucified on this earth, but he came to establish his will on this earth while he was alive. Newcomers will be frightened to hear that Jesus couldn't fulfill his mission on the earth at that time. So he is going to speak briefly about Jesus' mission.

Originally, a savior was not necessary for mankind-if man had not fallen. For the healthy man we need not physicians; ill men need physicians. Likewise, a savior became necessary for fallen men after they had fallen. The word "savior" means "one who saves others." That means that some were put in the position to be saved by others. Therefore, the word "savior." The Savior became necessary for us because we fell. If there were no fall, we wouldn't need a savior at all. In the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were not fallen, they could directly speak with God Himself. Because man fell, therefore, a man was needed to make a bridge to span between God and man. So it is evident that we are the descendants of fallen ancestors because we need a savior.

If man had not fallen, then what Would have happened? We would have been true descendants, who would have inherited all the blessings from God and would have realized the ideal of God's creation oil this earth. We would have been the true descendants of True Parents, unfallen parents. Is there anyone who can say that you are the descendant of unfallen parents? So fallen people came to possess false parents. Then where have the True Parents gone? God is to love the True Parents, not false parents. God will leave and head for the place where the True Parents are. To restore True Parents, God works to find a man and woman from fallen mankind. 'through the Principle path of restoration He tries to put them in the position of True Parents. When God created man He first created Adam. Therefore, when He restores True Parents He first restores Adam. So through history God has been working to find a seed Adam, if we say it that way, and He is growing that seed Adam to the perfect Adam. That is what He is doing throughout history. So He worked in Adam's family through Cain and Abel, and through Noah's sons, through Abraham, and Jacob and Esau. And He came from the individual level to family, and tribal, and national levels, and finally He comes to the time of the Lord of Second Advent.

The True Parents must come by overcoming all Satanic power. He cannot come to fight on this earth. he must come on the national level where he has to achieve victory over Satan on the national field. Therefore, God promised to send the Messiah to the people of Israel oil the foundation of the nation. That was His promise to the chosen people. The Messiah comes to deliver all the people and make them reborn on this earth. Because fallen men were born to false parents, therefore True Parents must come to give them birth. Nicodemus came to Jesus and Jesus told him, "you must be born again; otherwise You cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." The rebirth became the important doctrine of Christianity.

To be reborn, man must have True Parents, because they were born through false parents. They must have other parents. What is the Messiah? In I Cor. 15:45, the Lord comes as the last Adam. The last Adam is not the Adam who fell; he is the Adam who was to be perfect originally. Therefore God restores the fallen Adam through the unfallen Adam in the last days.

Then what is Adam to do when he comes back? Adam lost Eve by Satan, therefore he must restore Eve to give new birth to the fallen people. Therefore, through Adam and his bride, fallen man must receive true love and get new birth through this. That is the most important teaching of the Bible.

When you have lost something you have to go back to that place to find it. If you lost a man and woman, to restore them you have to find the same man and the same woman. Do YOU Understand me? When the Lord comes, first he must find a bride and then he must form a God-centered family. Which one would God prefer to love? A single man living alone or a man and wife who became one in perfect love with their loved children? Which one would God like to love? To love a family-man, wife and children-was God's ideal of creation. He gave three blessings after the creation of Adam and Eve. When Jesus came, he wanted to find his bride to make a family.

If he were a king, would he have wanted to be king alone? Wouldn't he have wanted to have a queen with him? He would love to have his wife with him. if Jesus had come in the position of perfected Adam, then that would be the true father's position. Then can he become the true father without a mother? So he came to find his bride, but his family rejected him and the Jewish people rejected him, and the priests and the believers of Judaism rejected him. Therefore he couldn't find his bride and he couldn't realize his ideal. Because of their persecution and rejection he had to go to the cross. Even on the cross he wanted to come again, and he left his promise. He would come as a bridegroom and he would find a bride. Therefore, in the Bible the wedding of the lamb became the goal of believers. And so far Christians have not known this fact.

If True Father and True Mother become one and love each other, then God would come down and become one with them on the earth. God created man and woman on this earth and blessed them. That was to be the happy family. He wanted to love them and to become one with them. That was God's ideal of creation. And when He first restores the True Parents, He will take men one by one to the True Parents and give them new birth. That is the will of God's restoration,.

Now, first comers can understand what he (Master) has said so far. So in conclusion, Jesus couldn't fulfill his mission. He failed in fulfilling his mission on the earth. That is the reason why he comes to find a bride on this earth. Can you understand? He spoke about the details Jesus failed in fulfilling last night. To restore the failed thing God must establish the same situation as in the time of Jesus and he must reverse that.

Last night he taught that to restore the family base of Jesus the Unification Church became necessary. If Jesus had not died at the time and if he had a bride, then how much better it would have been for Jesus! Then why couldn't Jesus find his bride at that time?

He had disciples. Would Jesus have wanted to be rejected by his disciples? Jesus would have wanted to have his 12 disciples and 70 followers to welcome his bride. In that situation he wanted to have his bride. If the Jewish people and Judaism had followed Jesus at that time what would have happened? Do you think Jesus would have been crucified on the cross? He never would have been crucified on the cross in that circumstance.

Therefore, when the Lord comes again, there must be disciples and a religious group like Judaism which welcome and prepares the bride for the Lord. Is there any religious group which is preparing a bride for the Lord to come? Is there any place where they have all the disciples, all the churches, and the national base on which they are waiting for the coining of the Messiah? When Jesus first came he couldn't fulfill his mission because all the people rejected him. Therefore, in the last days there must be an organization which is prepared with all the things that Jesus lost and is waiting for his coming again. Do You think there is any such Christian group on this earth? Because there is no such group, there must come out a new organization which will prepare all these things; that is the Unified Family. Now the first comers can have an outline of the Unification Church and its mission.

All the people must know that Jesus couldn't fulfill, that the 3 disciples of Jesus failed, and also that the Jewish people failed in receiving Jesus. All those things must be clearly understood by those, who are preparing to receive the lord of the second advent. You cannot understand all these things from the scriptures, therefore you have to learn new things here.

When Adam and Eve fell, not only them, but their children Cain, Abel, and Seth were also lost. Therefore, when the Lord comes again, he first restores his bride, and then each of the three sons that were lost when Adam fell. In Adam's family, 8 members were lost -- Adam and Eve and their three sons and their brides, making a total of 8 members. Therefore, in Noah's day, God gave Noah an 8 member family, because that was the number that was lost in Adam's family.

Restoration history is carried out according to the strict Divine Principle. Therefore, Jesus selected three disciples. That was to restore the 8 members of Adam's family at his time. Therefore, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, there Must be a family of 8 members restored. Those 6 members Q sons and daughters-in-law) were the ones restored from the fallen world. They are not true children from True Parents. When true children are born to True Parents, these restored 6 members must serve them and become one with the true children.

The fall of man is this: the three archangels could not be subdued by Adam. That was the fall. Therefore the three children of fallen Adam's family Must be restored by True Parents -- by these 3 children and their wives uniting with the true children born of the True Parents and becoming one. By that we can indemnify the three archangels who couldn't serve Adam in the family level.

When man fell, the archangel seduced Eve. By becoming one with her, the archangel subdued Adam. Fallen men, the children of the archangel, can be saved. Now fallen men are in a position combining the fallen spiritual archangels and the physical archangel. Therefore man has two sides. These things have to be restored by God. For the Lord there must be 3 sons in the position of 3 archangels and 3 fallen sons in Adam's family. Those who stood in that position were Peter, James and John. They had no direct blood lineage; they were in the position of adopted sons. For these adopted sons to become true children of the Lord, they must be engrafted to the true children of Jesus. By loving the children of the Lord they can be saved through them. When Jesus the Lord would have gotten married, then these three sons would also have married. And by this they can form the 8 member family. Through becoming one with them, this family can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. That became the condition for all members to get the blessing front God we have to have at least 3 children of faith. So for everyone there are two kinds of children: 3 children of faith, and 3 true children who are born through them.

If we see this world as a whole, there is the son who is in the position of direct lineage from God and there are, fallen men who are in the position of adopted children . . . Salvation is not for the individual, salvation must be at the family level. Therefore we have to have 3 children and make them become one with true children of our own. That is the formula. If you ever thought that when Jesus got married and had children, this world would be destroyed? This world cannot be destroyed! The children Of Jesus Christ would be the grandchildren of God. When those grandchildren are multiplied they become the people or children of God. They will form true families, true tribes, true nations, and finally the true world. Can that world be destroyed?

Can you find any blood lineage Of Jesus Oil this earth? You cannot, and that is the sorrow of God. If Christians hear that Jesus had to be married, then they would lose their mind. What the wedding of the Lamb means is the wedding of Jesus the Lord. That should have been done 2,000 years ago. Because of failure it was prolonged 2,000 years. To form such kind of families, will that be realized by Jesus' coming on clouds? There cannot be such a providence. But Christians believe that. That is the reason why present Christianity is failing down. Therefore, there must be a new reformation movement in Christianity, not to be defeated by Communism. We are now in such a crisis.

In such a mission, the Unification Church is holding the world-wide mission for mankind. Therefore, we have to amend all those things that Jesus couldn't fulfill in his lifetime. Those 3 disciple's Of Jesus Should have died with Jesus at the same time oil the cross. This number 8 is the absolutely necessary number to restore Adam's and Noah's families. The holy wedding which took place in 1960 was the wedding to restore Jesus' marriage. The reason why the year 1960 became tile turning point of history was because the foundation of new True Parents was laid down then. At the same time as the holy wedding there must be the wedding of 3 disciples. Those weddings took place in 1960. By these blessings, we restore 3 families in the corresponding position right after the fall of Adam and Eve, not heading downward, but upward.

From Adam to Noah there were 10 generations adding Cain and Abel, 12 generations. We have to restore all these ancestors corresponding to those 12 generations. That is because God lost 12 generations from Adam to Noah. He had to restore all those things. Also from Noah there were 10 generations, but by prolongation from Isaac to Jacob, God had to restore those 121 generations. There were 12 generations equal to 10 generation s- because of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, there were three generations equal to one . . . (end of tape)

These things form the basis to restore God's nation. By doing these things we restore man; therefore, the next step is to restore land. To make a linkage between man and land we began to restore Holy Ground. That was done in 1965. After blessing Holy Ground we blessed 430 couples. That was the year 4,300 in Korean history, corresponding to the 430 years of the Jewish people in Egypt. That meant the start of new history. Also the 430 couples represent the families of the world. After that, on his first world tour he blessed 43 couples in America, Europe, and Japan. By that he joined the 43 Couples to 430 couples, world level. By linking the 43 couples with the 430 couples he could link the base of triumph which was established in Korea-he could link that base with the Western world, even though there was no such base actually done in the Western world. By doing these things, all the families (not just Unification Church members) of the world could come into the position to be able to receive the heavenly fortune at this time. So the door is open to all families on this earth.

After these things the first 7-year course was finished in 1967, on New Year's Day 1968, we could have God's Day. By going through this first 7-year course we could have true Parents' Day, true Children's Day, true World Day (Day of all creation) and God's Day. If man had not fallen, God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and World Day Could have been set up at the same time. So we restore the lost 6,000 years in 7 years, and for this we liberated Parents' Day, Children's Day, World Day and God's Day. Through this first 7-year course Adam's family laid a firm foundation on this earth. The first 7-year course was leaving the sphere of Satan. The True Parents' family has settled upon this earth., The True Parents' family could settle down, but the children's families couldn't.

There is a second 7-year Course for this children's families. For Children's families there must also be the setting up of Parents' Day, Children's Day, World's Day and God's Day. If they were born directly from True Parents that would not be necessary. But we are in the position of adopted children. Therefore we ourselves must set tip these days through our effort. For us it is easier because we can make those days by following after the True Parents. This year, 1971, is the middle year of tile second 7-year course, it is the highest crest. This is tile year when good and evil confront each other. The United States and the United Nations branded Red China as the invader 20 years ago, in 1950. But after that 20 years they came to admit her to membership in tile United Nations. By these things we can say this is the period to go over the crest. The talks between President Nixon and Mao of Red China become world events. This cannot be seen after that. From next year history will go down. But on the contrary, Unification Church will go up.

We are now doing two things: Divine Principle movement for the Christian world and anti-Communism movement against the communist world. Until we can unite these two worlds there cannot be God's world. Now we are fulfilling that mission. The Communists fear us. Christians fear us. If they open their doors to us, then we can just bring them in. They cannot stand against us ideologically. We come to this point now.

Now he (Master) is on the third world tour. To come to this place he came by Japan, Canada, and now United States. So he came through 4 countries, including Korea. What he has spoken during this period is historical. You may not know what he spoke, but he knows.

The second 7 year course is for the children. During that period children's families must be settled down. In Korea we sent out 1,200 blessed wives to the front line. When man fell the first responsibility was on Eve. There has not been such time when woman took responsibility for the safety of a nation. Always man took the responsibility. In our days women must take the responsibility. In our days women must take the responsibility. Therefore in our movement when a man and a woman go witnessing, the woman may bring better results than the man. It is the same in Korea, Japan, and America.

After World War I, there is a 70 year period during which woman takes a superior position to man. In America, does woman have a superior position to man? Can a woman slap a man's face? What if a man slaps a woman's face, will he be caught? Contrary position. That is because woman is in the position of restored Eve. Man stays in the position of the archangel. Therefore, woman is in the higher position. In America, there is a trend that man and woman do not want to get married. That means you want to have free sex, just as Adam and Eve did when they fell.. In that sense, it is the last days. It will last no more than 70 years from World War I. So women should not think that that way will last forever.

The reason why woman's superior period comes is that there must come a True Mother in a higher position than anyone else for men. So far, men have fought in the front line. That is to fulfill the mission of the archangel. From now on woman must stand in the front line to safeguard the heavenly nation. When man's fall took place, by destroying the family, we lost everything: family tribe, nation and world. Therefore, to restore the nation and world they must dedicate their families; they must fight. Therefore, women, leaving their families behind, go to the front line to fight Satan. So now in Korea those 1,200 blessed wives are fulfilling their mission for the world.

The satanic world is the Communist world. To represent the Communist world there are three nations. One is North Korea, Adam's position on Satan's side. China is Satan's Eve position. Soviet Russia is Satan's archangel position, These nations were brought about by the fall of Eve. Therefore in the last days Eve must restore all those things from Satan. Therefore, the time must come when the blessed wives must fight with the Satanic world on the front line, actually with arms. We must win tile Communist soldiers. Therefore, in Korea the time will come to fight with arms and defeat the soldiers. Now we are fighting with Christian churches and later with the Satanic nation.

For the world on God's side, Japan is in the Eve position. Therefore, Satan's world, Soviet Russia and Red China, are aiming to invade Japan. We have to prevent that. Also, we are fighting for that, too. The history of the world situation changes according to the providence of God through the Principle formula. Therefore, all tile women members of the Unification Church around the world must unite and defeat the Communist world. Are all tile women confident'? That must be done. Without fulfilling that mission, women cannot be liberated. During the remaining three years of the second seven year Course men must obey their wives. By doing that, we go through all tile indemnity. By going through Such a process, the children's families can be liberated from Satan. Therefore, by uniting with the True Parents' family, a new nation, a free nation can be established. That will be the foundation of the heavenly world, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now we have the tasks to fulfill. Without overcoming the Communist world, there will be no Kingdom of Heaven.

He is going to explain why the Communist world is Satan's side. So far in human history, all the people with superior heads have succeeded in their lives. Until World War I, all those with superior heads took the power. After World War I, all those who had power took the sovereignty. That means those who had military power: the soldiers, generals. (From head we come down to shoulders.) Next we come to labor. After the Second World War the labor groups came to hold power. Next we come to communists. Legs mean they are far from God. That means that God takes the upper part; therefore, Satan goes down. So Satan comes on the basis of laborers and farmers. And if Satan is expelled from here, there will be no place for Satan to go. And everything will return to God. Therefore, to prevent them from returning to God, Satan is insisting there is no God. Therefore Communism came from Satan's wisdom. Therefore we have to defeat this.

The Communist world will fight with us. This fight will be carried out with mouth, not arms. Because we have atomic weapons, both sides cannot fight with arms. Therefore, the last fight will be done with words-ideology. There are many members who came from the Communists in Japan. We did not go to the Communists. This means that the Communist world began to collapse.

So far the men of force and men of legs (that means laborers) had power. They could move the world. But there was one class which couldn't have power, that is the men of conscience. Among the people of conscience, the highest people are the members of the Unification Church. The Communist party has the motto, "Unite all the workers." We have such a motto: "All the people with conscience, unite and mobilize." The Communist party denies the middle and upper class people, but in us, the men of conscience., all three classes will be united. That is our fighting field, if we include all the people-black men, white men, yellow men-everyone. When we overcome by mobilizing such concerted people, overcome the Communists, then the true world of peace will come.

In North Korea, Prime Minister Kim Il-Sung calls himself father to his people. Also in Korea there is the 38th parallel. On that line is a place called Panmunjom, where God and Satan accuse each other. That is the only such place on this earth. All our members have to go to that place and must defeat Kim Il-Sung, who is the worst Communist in the world. We have to defeat North Korea, and by defeating North Korea we can defeat all other Communists.

In North Korea they train all the guerrillas. They send them to South America and all over the world. So we have to fight as heavenly side guerrillas. So we will send all you people all over the world. Therefore the North Korea Communist Party and our movement resemble each other in external form.

Red China stepped over the United Nations in 20 years. Likewise, we of the Unification Church must do that in 20 years. So you know where we are now, and by fulfilling our mission we have to fight until God declares the victory of our movement. We have to solve the resentments of Jesus, those of the Jewish people, those of the democratic world, and Christians. We have to diminish the Communist world on this earth. By that our mission will be concluded.

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