The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Divine Providence And The Turning Point Of History

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 23, 1971
Washington, D. C.
Master Speaks
Probable Translator Mrs. Won Bok Choi

The first day he talked about how the external world will change, and yesterday he talked about how our movement is influencing the external world. Today, he is going to speak on "Divine Providence and the Turning Point of History." Generally, people do not know those historical things. They do not know them precisely. The development of this external history is not derived from itself, but inside of that there has been an invisible cause -- that is God. Throughout history, and in the course of the providence, truth was needed; and that means man pursued the individual, society or nation by the truth, And the process of history lies in the sphere of the fall.

To get out of the fallen world, we cannot come out blinded, but we have to make our direction in accordance with the cause. Those who did not appear in this human world cannot remain to the last. If we go back to the original point, the fall, it can be said that we couldn't find the eternal truth because the eternal truth had not been formed; therefore, we couldn't find the substantial being of that truth. And, because we couldn't have the true man, we couldn't have true love. By seeing the process of the fall, we can understand that another cause -- other than God -- invaded that process.

The history of the fall started with Satan, the fallen Archangel. When Adam and Eve first had give and take action, that was caused by their words, and the initiator of those words was not Adam and Eve, but the Archangel. In the history of the human fall, the cause of this was the words, which started with Satan, the Archangel; and those words began to take the subject position. If Adam could have overcome those words, he could have subdued Satan; but because he couldn't overcome those words, he was instead subdued by those words. Because he was subdued by the words of the Archangel, from then on he became subdued -- he has been subdued by the Archangel. And the one who started first, started to move, was Adam, not the Archangel.

Originally, Adam should have moved the Archangel by his words; but on the contrary, Adam became moved by the Archangel, through the Archangel's words. Originally, Adam should have been the center of mankind and also the center of the universe, but he couldn't stand in that position. Instead, the Archangel stood in that position. From this, Satan could have the center of power over all humankind. Therefore, until the time comes when a man appears and becomes the immovable center, and can move the Archangel by his words, by presenting God's words -- until this happens -- the restoration process cannot take place. So we have to know. . . [Tape change -- missing text]

The center of the family also became pulled to Satan's side, not to God's side. These three things became the cause of the struggle between Satan and God which has been carried on throughout history. That means, first, there was truth -- at first they lost truth; secondly, they lost the center -- that means that they lost that personal character. And, thirdly, they lost love. These three things went to Satan's side; therefore, God and God's people had to restore these from Satan's side to God's side. And the history of mankind has been to restore these three things; therefore, man must first restore truth -- so that is the reason why people are seeking truth.

So far, throughout human history, man has been seeking a truth which could be applied to an individual's life, family life and to the world. Such a truth, which all people have been admiring and looking for, is not clear yet. Because such truth has not been discerned, therefore, the personal character couldn't be sought; and also, man seeks for a higher love, but man alone couldn't acquire the ideal love because of the loss of truth. As such, there is no possibility of finding these three things from the external world -- they are for God. Therefore, God had to set up a religion which seeks after the internal world; and He tried to set up the truth and the personal character and the ideal love through religion. And when the time comes, the one who lost the truth is not anyone but the Lord, Adam, the True Parents. And for regular people, they cannot find this truth.

Only those who can take the responsibility for Adam and Eve, those who can stand in the position of subject to truth -- they only can find the truth. So, when seeking for the truth through the external world comes to a deadlock, truth can be found in the religious world. And to seek truth, philosophy and science play major roles; the subject position was taken by philosophy rather than science. But now, at the present time, science is taking the subject position, while philosophy is taking an object position to it. When such an exchange of position occurs, that is the end of the world.

Originally, philosophy should have taken the subject position to science; but the time of exchanging the subject position -- the time when philosophy loses the subject position -- that means that another will appear. One which can take the subject position in place of philosophy will appear worldwide. As science and philosophy exchange give and take action, the truth has been sought after; likewise, when the religion centering on the truth comes out, there must be one which stands in the object position to that religion of the truth -- one which takes the object position to religion, which is experienced through the spiritual senses. This truth and the spiritual experiences perform give and take action -- then this truth can permeate all the world. And the phenomenon in which Satan's truth comes to decline and the truth of the heavenly side rises up -- that means the first parents, who couldn't play their true role to find the truth, must come back at this moment as the ones who can find the truth -- they couldn't find it at the beginning.

In the Scriptures, what does it say will occur at the time of the Last Days? Scripture teaches that, in the Last Days, the Messiah will come. And that word, "Messiah," means the one which should restore the three things: eternal truth, eternal personal character and true love, as the True Parents for the brothers and sisters. Therefore, Jesus taught that he came as the Bridegroom, and he came to find the Bride for himself. Therefore, in the Last Days, he must go the contrary way, the opposite way, than that through which the fall occurred. The Lord is the subject; therefore, when he comes to the fallen world, he must speak the truth. When man hears his truth, man's mind and man's body will belong to him. And when man fell, man was drawn to Satan by weeping, by shedding tears of sorrow; but when he returns, he will be drawn by the Lord, and should go with joy. Such a movement must arise in the Last Days. So, that is just the contrary of the other. Man was taken by Satan's words; therefore, all the people in the fallen world could be drawn to the Lord, by his words, his message. Thus, his words must be superior to the words of the Archangel. And the Lord stands in the position where God acknowledges; therefore, he draws all the people with authority.

The restoration providence has taken three stages; therefore, the Lord must restore individuals and families which represent three ages: the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. We are all struggling to restore the lost Adam and Eve. So the Lord must restore three families, which represent Adam's family, Jesus' family and the family of the Second Advent. Three families represent the peoples of the entire world; and you know the principle of indemnifying all those lost in the vertical history through the horizontal history. So, we indemnify all the vertical things by the horizontal. It is very complicated. Would you like him to give you a simple explanation? [YES!] If so, he will give you one, but he will have to omit some things. He does not explain that . . . you cannot know where you are.

In our present position, we have to know at least two directions; by that we can point out our position. His words, his speaking is for a short period of time, but in these words all history is contained.

Adam was taken by the Archangel, through his words; therefore, when the True Parent comes, all the fallen people must be drawn by the True Parent, through his words. And when the Lord was told, "Take the fallen people back," there is one who is holding them -- that is Satan. And when he tries to expel Satan from the individual -- if there were but one individual in this fallen world, then it could be done. But this world has not just one individual, but many individuals, families, tribes and nations. Therefore, when the Lord wants to take one man back from Satan, if Satan loses that man, then, at this state, he holds on to the rest of the family, tribe, nation and world. And if the Lord takes back families, then still Satan hangs on, holding back tribes and nations -- like that. Therefore, the Lord must speak those truths which can take individuals back from Satan, those words which can take families back from Satan, those which can take tribes back from Satan, nations . . . all those things.

Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent must come to this earth with the words with which he can restore the world, nations, tribes, families and individuals. When that happens, Satan cannot do anything but give up his position. And this fallen world will come to a dead end, and will have no other direction to go but to the Lord. By the failure of the first parents, all the people of the world came under the dominion of Satan; therefore, the True Parents must come and restore all the failures and take back their lost children from Satan, by themselves subduing Satan. And when the Lord can subdue Satan, who holds dominion over all mankind, the entire world -- from that time the center of personal character will be set up by the Lord. So, in the Last Days, the center of truth and the center of character are to appear on this earth -- and that will be the Lord of the Second Advent. And when the Lord stands in such a position, then Satan cannot intervene anymore, cannot stand against him.

The fall came through the woman -- and by woman man was taken away. And when the Lord comes, he will not come to be taken by a woman, but he comes to take a woman. So, the Bible says, "The Lord will come to seek the Bride." That is not heaven, as most Christians believe. When the Lord stands as a character acknowledged by heaven, then he can subdue the Archangel and find his Bride -- and through the wedding of him and his Bride, true love will be performed on this earth -- and that match, that is the Marriage of the Lamb. So, after 6,000 years of struggle, the Lord takes back the lost ones or passed-away ones -- and thus forms a new family, to restore that which was lost in the Garden of Eden.

You think it is right, from an ideological standpoint. Until this base is formed on this earth, there cannot be any salvation. So, God worked from this base for a long time, for many years, and so many people have been sacrificed for this base. And one billion Christians of this day are having faith to meet this day, to meet this basis -- all the faiths, all the religions are to be concentrated on, focused on this point; and all the miserable wars, fighting, which took place in history -- they were all for this point, this base. And the terminal of history is also this base, this point. The goal of God's providence is also this point. The place where God's ideal is realized is also this place. The place where we can meet our lost parents, lost True Parents, is also this place. So that base is the center for all; this point, that is the term "True Parents," and in history there were many places, but this place is the most worthy of all places.

Now, you think how great it is. All sacred men fought for this base, this point. God acknowledged this point as that way, and all spirit men in the spirit world recognize this place as that way; therefore, all mankind on this earth should recognize this place as that way. But you know this place is that valuable. By listening to his explanation you think it is so valuable, but before this you couldn't know that, you didn't know the true value of this point -- and this place cannot be exchanged for thousands of earths. You cannot exchange this place with a diamond as big as the earth. Do you think it can be exchanged? You cannot exchange it, you cannot get it, even if you offer the United States as a sacrifice for God.

Have you ever thought: if you could see such a place with your eyes, then how happy you would be; but if you couldn't see that place, the base, then how miserable you would be. You have to think over again. So, the eyes of God, all spirit men and all the people must be focused on this point, and if we see history from this point, there is no history. History has no connection with this, because this place is a place for the unfallen first ancestors; therefore, before this there cannot be any history, any fallen history. Then, what will be the end of democracy? We have to think that democracy will be recognized from this point, from these two, these True Parents. You judge it for yourself. Even primary school children will get 100 points. That is not a matter for laughter, but a great problem. Then what will happen to the communist party? Neither of them will be recognized. So, they have no history -- just like a baby -- they have no view of life, no view of anything.

From this point, new things will start -- the center of everything, the content of everything, the results of everything will start from this point. And those who can participate at this point with them will be the first victorious people on the earth. So, from this point, the providence of God will start horizontally. From this point, by centering on God's love, to form families, we will subdue Satan's dominion -- and can start to form a new Kingdom of Heaven on this earth. And this point will bear the fruits of history. This place is the central point for all the world. This point will be the starting point for the future. From this point, the perfection of past history will be fulfilled, perfection of the present world will be deserted, and the perfection of the future world will be started. If you can hold this point, this place, then you can be conqueror of everything as a man. Do you think it seems true? [Yes!]

Then how great will its value be? How gracious will it be, how much will you still love it, how much should you praise it, how much should you respect it, how much should you like it? This place must be the highest one, must take the highest position ever in history. All those great people, however great they might have been, they cannot be compared with this. So, when you see this, you must be moved with joy. Have you ever danced while you were sleeping, in your head? So, whenever you think of this place, this position, you should come to such a feeling that you could dance while you are sleeping. So, you have to be attracted to this place, more than any other place, more than your life or anything else. You have to feel that you would like to go and see, like to live with, cannot live without this. By such an explanation, you can understand how valuable the True Parents are.

How much are the True Parents loved? Have you ever thought about it? If there is anyone who protests against God's death, he would love the True Parents, more than God does. If you pray to God to give to this person, and if he were to take this person and love the True Parents, then God also would be pleased. And if that man would be the wisest man . . . and have you ever thought such . . . you can never be defeated by spirit men in the spirit world, if you love the True Parents. If you can say to the spirit men, "I love the True Parents so much -- then what did you spirit men do?" If you could accuse them, then you would be the richest man. If fighting occurs among the members to love the True Parents more than anyone else, then what would God say about that fighting? [Laughter] In that fight, if one were killed, how would God judge? You think of it -- do you think God would take him to the hanging position? Undoubtedly, God would take both . . . God would make them the model for loving the True Parents, and would tell other people to love the True Parents as they did. That is the standard: God, the spirit men and all people should look at the True Parents. Now, we must think about this in our lives.

If those things which our Master spoke are true, then the problem is great. How far are you from the standard? From now on, we have to pray for this -- and all those who follow after our True Parents, cannot go without tears. Therefore, we cannot put our bright faces on. We have to serve, and even if we do our best, still we have to feel sorry for heaven. I think you can guess what our actions should be. The True Parents must overcome all of history. They must have such qualifications, and they must overcome this fallen world. They have to pave the way for the future. They have been doing such things. They work to receive such admiration, such respect. They have plenty of qualifications, so you have to acknowledge their qualifications -- and some of you received blessings from them through that acknowledgement. Such a husband and wife can fight each other. [Laughter] If this is in fact truth, can such fighting take place?

Those husbands and wives who have had struggles or quarrels, raise your hands. You should be struck by a stick. How can you bear the shame of sin before God, before the spirit men, when you are seen by the people, seen by your descendants? So, when you think of those things, you cannot but respect your wife as you would heaven, and you have to respect your husband as you would heaven. If there were no True Parents, they never could get blessed; husband and wife could never receive the blessing. How valuable is the wife or husband? They are valuable only when next to the True Parents, and because they have such value -- they can be next to the True Parents -- therefore, they can be called the children of the True Parents, children of God. Then, from where will the traditional history start? That session of the new history can be set up only during the lifetime of the True Parents. And that will be just like the bone of mankind. The life of the True Parents and the lives of true children who are serving God will ultimately become the central tradition -- and that will set this world into circular motion.

In the old days, man sought for the day of hope by looking toward the future. But because the central perfection is in the True Parents, this center will stand still and all tradition will come out of this. So, there is no other place where a person can be set up and there is no other place where we can place our hope. That means you have to devote all your sincerity and loyalty to the True Parents -- and by that you have to create a new tradition. The lifetime of the True Parents will become the standard scale for all history. Because you are alive at this time, you can stand in a position where you can cooperate with them and live with them. In spite of such circumstances, if you cannot live that way, then how much you will repent in the spirit world! And how much your descendants will accuse you then, because their friends' forefathers devoted their lives to the True Parents, and they acquired a certain position, and their descendants could inherit such a glorious position; while the others, through their failure to serve the True Parents, made it impossible for their descendants to inherit such a glorious position. Many of those descendants will accuse their forefathers who lived in this time [and yet failed to serve the True Parents] Therefore, how much you know about the True Parents -- that will be what is most important.

Now, you know the value of the True Parents, but do you know how they came to such a position, how they fought to come to such a place? You don't know that. You have to know how he formed his family, how he is teaching his children, how he formed his tribes, and how they will restore their nation and the world. Such things we have to know. But they haven't been able to restore the nation and the world yet; therefore, the course of restoring the nation and the world is yet to be fulfilled. If, during our lifetime, we cannot restore the nation and the world, then all our descendants will have to pray to find out the way, and they will have to become sacrifices in order to restore the nation and the world. Therefore, before the True Parents die, all the people should assist them, cooperate with them, and work with them to restore the nation and the world -- otherwise, there will be another great problem. [Their descendants will suffer many difficulties.]

Then, where would you like to cooperate -- in the restoration of the nation, or in the fight for the restoration of the world? Which one would you choose? If you look at the problems superficially, then you might think that it would be greater to cooperate in the restoration of the world, but in this case do not do that. Without the nation, we can never have the world. Then, on which nation will the True Parents concentrate in restoring the national level, nation, divine country? Without restoring a nation, you cannot work for the restoration of the world. If you do that, it will be just like constructing a bridge without a middle span. And if the True Parents come to live in America, then America will be the nation. In America, there are more than 200 million people; therefore, it will be very difficult to restore this nation. So, a smaller nation would be easier. Also, in the United States, there is a great mixture, many kinds of people. The German-Americans would like to control or dominate America by centering on the Germans. The Jewish people have the same mind [would want domination by Jewish people . . . there are many nationalities in conflict in this nation]. From that point of view, America has nothing that qualifies her to become that nation. You are right if you feel sorry. We are not the children of the True Parents. We have no qualifications to become the children of the True Parents.

Then, the country where our Master (the True Parents) is living will be the nation. If that nation listens to the True Parents' words, then that nation can become the nation -- must be the nation -- which is divided in two. And, in this world, there are four nations which are divided: Korea, China, Vietnam and Germany. Which nation would you like to have? Now, the U. S. is pulling out of Vietnam, while Red China and Free China (Taiwan) are divided by the sea, so they cannot be the nation. How about Germany? Germany was on Satan's side, the Adam country during the second world war. So, from the standpoint of America, it can be no other country but Korea. Master is very grateful that Nixon (the American government) decided not to pull American forces out of Korea for another two years. So, from this world situation, because Nixon took such a policy for America -- America is worthy to receive God's love. From this, you can see that the United States has the responsibility of the Archangel country. So far, he has spoken about the Adam country, Eve country and Archangel country. These countries are necessary until the time when the restoration providence is fulfilled. After that, there will be no difference -- all nations will stand the same. On the contrary, those nations which are not chosen for such a mission, they are going to be happier than these, in one sense, for they do not have to undergo the hardships that these others do. Even American members, if you think of Divine Providence, and you take the same action as Korean members do, then you will receive the same merit as Korea.

Then, what you American members should do is this: you have to influence foreign governments, so that you make the Korean government, the Korean people, unite with the Unification Church. If such a movement occurs in various nations, then Korea will be encircled by such influences, and the restoration of Korea will be speeded up. So what you do in America, you should use that for the restoration of Korea. So, at this point, at this time, there is no way to serve the whole world; therefore, you have to concentrate your efforts toward the restoration of one nation -- and this is Korea. You must always remember this. It is possible that all the Christians in America may persecute you and drive you to death. If one whole nation, a nation of one sovereignty, then they can do everything they want. Now America is doing this. They try to upset other countries' governments, and they have all kinds of political activities. They can determine the destinies of small countries; therefore, no one can say what they will do with such a small country. Especially in Korea and Japan -- those governments can do anything to our group. So, when he does anything in Korea or Japan, he has to be so cautious; he has to have a strategy or tactic, by thinking every way. Until this time, Master has never appeared in public, on the public streets [or spoken in public]. He has remained, so far, in the shadows. Living that way, he established such a foundation.

The reason why he has been living in the shade (shadows) is because our members had to fulfill the mission. For example, when we take a family back, we have to struggle to bring them back; then the whole world behind the family becomes our enemy. When we restore tribes, the nations behind those tribes become our enemies. When we take a nation, that means the Abel side, then the rest (Cain side) will become our enemy. And, by all coming, all these enemies, until we take the nation, then we can't go up through the evil nations and other nations. In the Satanic world, no countries with adjacent, physical borders are friendly to each other. Right here -- how about Mexico? Do you have a good, friendly relationship with her? Canada is no different -- Canada and America, no different.

[Tape Change]

In Satanic countries, Communist countries, they unite people by threatening them, by using force; but in God's country they will have full freedom, and by devoting their lives to it, they can create unity. And when these two countries . . . one is the united force and the other is run by free will and donation (which is backed by free will and love), then that nation becomes stronger than the Satanic nation, and for the first time in history God can intervene and control. So now, in Korea, we have two authorities: one is the Communist regime centered on Kim Il Sung, and we don't have a government, we don't have any sovereignty, but our members in all nations, not only Korea, but our American members and German members, all our members in various countries, they will be united with our Master, our True Parents. And when this stress becomes stronger than that of the North Koreans, then it can have dominion. And when God's nation appears, then maybe the ambassador of that nation to America can come from among your members. Maybe the ambassador to Germany will be one of your members, and he may send a German-American member to Germany. And he will send a Jewish-American to Israel. We have all of the strategies here. It would be very easy for that ambassador to worship with that government, because they are essentially the same. Then the ambassador and our church members will become one, and we will stretch to encircle the government, and we will protect that government. So, after we restore the nation, it will not take too many more years to restore the whole world.

We now live in a time when any event occurring anyplace in the world can be known to the rest of the world within 30 minutes. One nation pulled over to God's side can influence [all others] through this medium. Now, the American income is about ten times as much as the Korean income; but American members, still, if they were to go to Korea . . . do you feel that you might? [Yes] You have to have the experience of shedding tears of joy and tears of sorrow for Korea, because Master shed tears of sorrow and tears of joy in that country (not tears of joy but just tears of sorrow). So, when you come to Korea, you might not find anything joyful.

If we had so many members that we could change all the front-line troops with our members, then what could we offer? And when the American government pulls out the American forces from Korea -- even at that time, if American members stayed there on the front-line of Korea -- then what will the American government do? Then, the nation of Korea will soon decrease. We have to know what a grievous result was brought about by the federal democratic Christians who are in the positions of responsibility in this democratic world. . . . Not only American members, but members of every other country want to go to Korea to hold the front-line; then how will Kim Il Sung of North Korea attack . . . without even fighting, we can save South Korea. Therefore, our most important thing is to influence the Christians and give them the truth -- that is the most important thing. And evil always attacks when the equilibrium is lost. And now, Russia is surpassing America in some fields; for instance, in the number of submarines, planes or certain types of missiles. So, when they feel confident -- when Soviet Russia surpasses the American missile strength, then they will attack. And those in North Korea are prepared for another war -- they are ready to attack [at any time]. During World War II, when Soviet Russia found out that Japan was ready to surrender, they immediately invaded Manchuria. Even they had what they called. . . tactics. They were for a Communist agreement or pact put down on paper. Thus, for America, there is a great responsibility to maintain the balance of power or the superiority of power over the Communist world.

Now we have had to come here and speak. Now, you must follow the True Parents. You must follow as missionaries, as individuals, as families, as tribes -- as true missionaries. At one period -- when the nation is falling -- there will be no ideal, no Kingdom of Heaven on earth established. If you die before you have seen such a national foundation, then you must come back in spirit. Then our descendants will encounter many great difficulties in the future. And if our True Parents die, then what will happen? No nation, forever. Do you believe that the nation can be established in your lifetime? [Yes!]

So, we must, in effect, [hurry to] form that nation. We have to always keep this in our minds. And for our Master: how speedily can he make this nation live -- that is what concerns him day and night. Now, when we consider the death rate, 1%, and we now have 3.6 billion people on earth -- then 36 million people go to hell every year. If for ten years we lose 360 million people, we lose to Satan. Those people who went to hell this way will accuse us. But, if there is a possibility of restoring a nation, then they will wait, they will not accuse. Because there is hope for that nation, they will not accuse. But if we cannot restore a nation through our True Parents, our lives on this earth, then those spirits will accuse us, not the True Parents. And, because of the prolongation of the providence, hundreds of [millions] of people went to hell. Therefore, they accuse those Christians who persecuted our Master and our movement. Therefore, for those misdirected Christians, there is no other way but to go to hell. Then those spirits are accusing them. But when they see the possibility of our success -- the restoration of the nation -- then those spirits will wait -- for there is hope.

Now, we are in the position of Abel, and those persistent Christians are standing in the position of Cain. When we become one with Cain, then the nation will be restored. And when the nation is restored, then all the spirits in heaven will receive the merit of national restoration. That is the reason why they are waiting, without accusing, now. But if we cannot restore the nation, then all the spirits in the spirit world will go down to hell, and they will accuse the misguided Christians -- and us also. But for us, if we make ten times more sacrifice, than our members, our descendants will have prosperity, because we restored the nation at greater sacrifice. If we cannot restore our nation, then the Communist countries will take over the whole world, and then they will slaughter all our members and all the Christians -- in case we fail to restore the nation. There is still a possibility of this.

So, you have to remember this: Jesus came to restore a nation, but because he failed to do that, all the Jewish people went through period of misery. If Jesus could have restored the nation, then he would have been the King of Kings within his own lifetime. So, you should not forget this: you have to seek and find the True Parents, you have to become one with them, and you have to restore the nation with them. You can't forget this. We must resent the fact that we cannot see such a nation, we cannot live in such a nation, and we cannot have goods produced in such a nation. This is why we use holy salt to sanctify things. In that nation (of the future) we won't use holy salt -- we will not need to use holy salt, because the things which are made by the children of God can be used; they will be sanctified. That is the way for the highest children to go, and that is the way they dedicate their loyalty to Him. That is the mind and feeling of God. God has worked for His children to live in God's country -- to live with things made by the children of God. God thinks of things that way; therefore, Master thinks and feels that way also. Therefore, we should live on this earth under the protection of God's country. Those who live in that country, together with the spirit world, will live there forever with God's love. That is God's ideal. How will it be -- forming the Kingdom of Heaven and living there together? You should be that way, just like God and our Master. When we find such a nation, then we will live in the perfect truth, we will live in the perfect personal character, and we will live with the perfect love of God in that nation. And you will be guaranteed the perfect right, the authority of the Principle. All other nations, all other worlds, will be subdued God's nation.

When we witness, we receive persecution, we receive objections -- and when we live, we can't live freely. But what we are doing is undermining the sovereignty of Satan; therefore, we have to live freely. If, on the foundation of that nation, speaking the truth clearly, living freely with heavenly characters, and enjoying God's love freely there . . . here we cannot do that, we cannot have that freedom. In this country, we see many strange loves; America is stained with various colors. But in that world, in that country, in that nation, all people will live together, believing with each other, loving each other in the full heart of God's love; and by living in that nation, you can grow into the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world. That nation becomes the nation of perfected truth, perfected character, and perfected love. That is the Kingdom of Heaven. We cannot resist the subject of that nation. Have you resisted? You are resisting America. In order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to assist the heavenly nation. He hopes all of you will work as the children of the True Parents, on behalf of the True Parents -- and that you will do your best, devote your whole hearts to the restoration of God's nation.

Master's Prayer

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