Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1967

My Determination and Heart

Sun Myung Moon
June 16, 1967
Speech at Special Gathering of Tokyo District
Shibuya, Tokyo
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han bless the 3 Couples, 1960

No matter how many times I am imprisoned, it cannot be compared to God's suffering. Although I have experienced misery and agony, I did not pass over the borderline of death. I prayed in front of God by offering my pledge, "I will go this path regardless of the suffering and pain awaiting me. I will go over hills of death many times over." However, I have never faced the situation even once. I have a long way to go. Knowing the long road to travel, how can I even think of resting? I feel sorry to God and I cannot allow myself to do so. That is my honest feeling.

So, if you share the same feeling towards God with me, go out to the four corners of Japan, I am convinced that Japan will be saved very quickly. Sharing my determination and heart, uniting as one and investing all of your spirit, energy and loyalty to save 100 million people in Japan, the restoration of Japan will not take long.

Those who need to be restored all share a desire to be saved by someone who has the heart. Centered on such a heart, all people long for a leader who can lead them to Heaven. Even though they are fallen, it is the natural desire of human beings.

There is no class difference. The heart of unification goes beyond classes. The Communist party advocates class struggle. But, it is different somewhat. This is the way that everyone can be praised regardless of upper class, middle class or lower class. I am convicted that this world of the heart and the way of the heart of the Unification Principle will offer a path to save all mankind. Without this method and path, humanity will not be saved.

Therefore, even if you are imprisoned, there is a long road remaining. So, you get to be more serious. The more serious you become, the firmer and stronger you become. You get more determined. You will never forget this experience. Facing the situation, you hold your hands tight and clench your teeth to endure the pain. Then trying to comfort God, you say, "I will stand up and move forward again. Please do not worry about me." If there is a man who endures the unendurable and pierces through all difficulties -- or if such a woman exists -- God will depend upon, and be comforted by watching him or her. God will have to sympathize with such a person.

In my prison experiences, I found the most challenging was that under extreme hunger and starvation, did I love God and long to fulfill God's Will more than my desire for food. When facing death, was I able to be grateful to God. Such were the greatest challenges. 

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