Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Hoon Dok Hae and Speech on Foundation Day 2001 and Shin Yea Nimís Farewell Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 2001
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

To commemorate this 48th Foundation Day, I want you to study the Family Pledge in detail. We have to understand what it teaches us. Also, we will study the Coronation message, the prayers and address. Also we will study the message from spirit world, this morning from Confucius. And we will study the True Godís Day motto of this year. This yearís motto is not just for this year, but for 1,000 years. It is the millennial motto, so we truly have to understand its meaning. By understanding it, we will have the foundation to build the foundation of physical world and spirit world, and so we will be able to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven.

The motto is: May the liberated parents of heaven and earth and the children, by uniting as one body, fulfill the will of true loveís subjective character, which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. So our utmost task is to establish the heavenly family tradition. For that purpose, the second generation should stand on the frontline. They should set the example. It is set not on a national level, but by the second generation. The young people should carry the family level cross, because the first generation could not complete the task. Therefore, the second generation should pay indemnity on the behalf of the first.

So we have to mobilize the second generation from Korea, Japan, America, Russia, China and all the nations of the world, and educate them. So for this providence, particularly young people should be reminded about my teachings of the Coronation Ceremony day, of absolute purity, no violation of human rights, and respect of public funds. Then we can build the exemplary ideal family. These are the teachings we need to be reminded of every day as we continue our daily life. No more left or right wing ideologies; it should be aligned with the interreligious, international federation that was established. Centering on it, we should be able to educate all the young people from the left and right wing countries. In that regard, this 48th Foundation Day should be celebrated by studying the Family Pledge, the Coronation Ceremony speech, and the report from Confucius in the spirit world. We will study those.

I remind you again about the importance of learning Korean. We should memorize the motto and Coronation prayers and speech in Korean, not in a language of translation. Therefore, there will be a leaders meeting on May 7. National Messiahs, National Leaders and 21-day workshop participants who are at UTS will come and study this in Korean. I havenít even yet given detailed explanation about the Family Pledge, but this time I will set the tradition. The physical world and spirit world should be united.

On this Foundation Day, we go over the turning point. After this service, I will dedicate Shin Yea Nim before she is sent to Korea. She is the youngest to go to spirit world. Now True Parents are going through the most severe persecution. In earlier days, when True Mother was going through the most difficult time, the second daughter, Hye Jin Nim, was sent to spirit world. But now the third daughter of Hyun Jin Nimís family was offered to heaven. That offering to the spirit world will be made after this speech today. True Parents will give a prayer to connect North and South America with the Asian continent. It will be that condition that I establish this morning.

All Unification members should learn Korean. [You have a] fallen language. In Godís plan, the ideal world absolutely did not have a variety of languages. [There was to have been] only one nation, one language, no homosexuality and lesbianism, with everyone following True Parents. Reminded that Ö re-again, completely united Ö Without that purpose, we cannot reach Godís Kingdom of Heaven. Everyday memorize [Korean words]. Donít use a foreign language translation [for my speeches]. You have to learn that language and tradition.

We shouldnít just recite the Family Pledge without understanding its true meaning. I will give an explanation on the 7th at the Leadersí Conference. The most important message we have to remember and convey is the Family Pledge. Also, the teaching from the Coronation Ceremony prayers and speech is the message we have to carry to go over the mountaintop. By fully understanding those messages, we can finally go over Mt. Everest. These are the key messages we have to rely upon in this transitional period. In this way we can unite spirit world and physical world and enter the 4th Adamís era, the Completed Testament era.

Father is on this earth, in his hometown, for a limited time. How can we create the formula world, the model world, the standard world? Subject and object have to be established horizontally, not just vertically.

From now on, those who graduate from UTS will be sent to Korea for six months to a year so they can master Korean, because without knowing Korean, you cannot be a leader anymore. Up to this point, we have done not done much with the Unification Church graduates of Sun Moon University and the University of Bridgeport. After they finished, we provided no guidance. From now, those graduates will have the chance, with my encouragement, to spend each summer studying at UTS. In four summers, they can finish one year of the course at UTS. Then they can go to UTS for six months more to complete their UTS degree. Therefore, in four and a half years they can also receive a UTS diploma. In four and a half years, they will have received a graduate degree. Also they will hear lectures in Korea during the six months time, with only Korean-speaking professors.

Again, without knowing Korean, you cannot be a leader. This is the era of Godism and True Parentism. We should have no concept of being from America or Japan. No more centering on white people, Americanism. Only Godism, Headwing, should prevail. You have to know that to connect to spirit world. There will be a strict degree of education, giving the explanation in Korean. From today, it begins. I teach this heavenly tradition, and it is up to you whether to follow. If you donít follow, you will be left out.

[Dr. Yang reads the Coronation prayers and speech in Korean.]
[Father has everyone repeat the Family Pledge in Korean, following Dr. Yang. Then Father speaks in Korean to leaders, untranslated.]

Dr. Yang:

This is a special message from Confucius. It will be translated and edited soon.


You have to understand it completely. It is not connected with the fallen world, but with Godís true love. Godís providence is leading us to the Kingdom of Heaven. In the fallen world, everyone is against the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the opposite way, and demands opposite action. Absolute obedience, thatís the kingdom.

[Dr. Yang reads the message from Confucius, in Korean.]

Father adds, right at the start: It comes from spirit world, teaching on the earth, in America. Completely united, making the mainstream, Father taught the Divine Principle concept, the four religious leaders completely follow the Divine Principle. The spirit world is open, and so following that kind will spread over the fallen world.

Dr. Yang:

Confucius studied Divine Principle under President Hyo Won Eu, Dr. Lee and Rev. Eom, a famous Divine Principle lecturer and national messiah who passed to spirit world a few months ago.

Confucius mentions the 50-state speaking tour. The four saints completely supported the speaking tour.

Jesusí message to his spouse (at Belvedere): Just convey, "I love you, I love you, I love my spouse."

[Dr. Yang concludes with a prayer, then explains as follows.]

Dr. Yang:

The conference of four saints plus Socrates and Augustine was on the topic of God as Parent of humankind. After Jan 13, all the walls between religions and denominations are torn down. Jesus and Buddha are exchanging disciples, and all are united attending True Parents. They have sent messages to their followers that True Parents are the second coming that each religion has expected. Christianity is awaiting the second coming and so are Buddhists and Confucianists. They emphasize to all earthly people to recognize who were living in the precious time, because we can attend and follow True Parents.


The center is only one. Spreading out horizontally is the Kingdom of Heaven. Center, center. You have to have that center, and have absolute faith, love and obedience. That concept. Flat plane, in there, a seed is dropped, one center, true Heavenís concept. God and the perfection of the family. That is the ancestorsí family. Father does not need that family. True Parents coming represents Adamís family center, combined, starting. Your mind and Godís spirit flesh body attention on the earth, expansion, combined one, true love, expansion at 90 degrees. That visible True Parents represent the invisible God. True Parents coming, coming down, one, is True Parentsí concept.

You mind cannot separate, why, connecting true love, family starting from the 90 degrees. How can the restoration go back to that original Godís creation ideal? Connect to the settlement place, one concept, that is parentsí combined, absolute, unique, unchanging, eternal, that is True Parents. True Parents on the earth, True Family connecting as one, upwards.

[The event closed around 10 a.m., so it was mostly Dr. Yangís reading. As you also can see, Father spoke a good deal in English.
After the speech, True Parents walked up the hill to the Main House at Belvedere to give the offering prayer for Shin Yea Nim. She is the third and youngest daughter of Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim, who went to spirit world on Saturday night. She was one year old. After True Parents departed, many members filed in for incense offering, kyung bae and prayer. At 3 p.m. national headquarters and East Garden hosted a Farewell Service. Rev. Jenkins was emcee, Dr. Yang gave the opening prayer, and Rev. Kwak gave remarks.
Rev. Kwak said that the cause of Shin Yea Nimís death cannot be explained humanistically. When Heavenly Father calls us, it is absolute. God has a clear purpose that we may not comprehend. The question is whether we are completely united with Heavenly Father and True Parents. After Rev. Kwakís remarks, Rev. Levy Daugherty offered a touching medley that left many in tears. Rev. Peter Kim offered the closing prayer, and then we heard that Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim were on the way.
Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim offered incense and prayed silently. Hyun Jin Nim said a few words. He said that Shin Yea Nim is a pure offering for the opening of the new era. The new era will come through the horizontal expansion achieved based upon engrafting into the central lineage of True Parents and the True Family. He said that his tears were not of sadness and that we should have a joyful feeling at this pure offering.
After Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim departed, Rev. Sung Rae Moon, of Paraguay, led three cheers of Mansei.
Shin Yea Nim will have her Seung Hwa in Korea. She is a beautiful daughter of God and is safe in the arms of her family in Heaven, where, as Rev. Daugherty sang, she will grow strong.


With reference to the passing of beloved Shin Yea Nim, in my unofficial notes, I recorded Father as stating:

After this service, I will dedicate Shin Yea Nim before she is sent to Korea. She is the youngest to go to spirit world. Now True Parents are going through the most severe persecution. In earlier days, when True Mother was going through the most difficult time, the second daughter, Hye Jin Nim, was sent to spirit world. But now the third daughter of Hyun Jin Nimís family was offered to heaven. That offering to the spirit world will be made after this speech today. True Parents will give a prayer to connect North and South America with the Asian continent. It will be that condition that I establish this morning.

Through Jin Man Kwak, I received some correction and supplemental information:

At the point of severest persecution in the restoration era, True Mother gave her second daughter as an offering. In the age of the second generation, Hyun Jin Nim gave his third daughter as an offering.

She is the youngest of the True Parents' third generation, therefore she will liberate everyone older than her, in particular the females.

This offering will connect Korea, Asia and America.

Mr. Kwak also informed me that Todayís World will publish an accurate translation of Fatherís words and publish it.

ITN, Tyler Hendricks

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