Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

True Father Speaks at Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
October 21, 2001
New York Hilton, New York
Translator: Jeong Phyo Hong
Unofficial Scribe: Tyler Hendricks

On October 8, 2001, at Chung Pyung Lake I said that the Korean providence should have been completed twelve years ago, but the government did not cooperate. Now I will go back there and re-start. Everyone should renew their effort for tong ban kyok pah (neighborhood evangelism) and we should create a family party. Go to your hometown, where you were born, and bring down your ancestors.

Tang is a Korean word that has two meanings depending upon the Chinese character. One character means government, the other means house.

A house centers on the parents educating their family. The government is the expansion of the family to the national level. True Parents came to bring this idea, to find God's fatherland. Recreate everything and offer it all to God. This is the meaning of the Total Living Offering Fund.

The ruling party, or governing party, is in the position of husband, and the opposition party is in the position of wife. Just as husband and wife harmonize in love, so too the two parties should harmonize. Therefore, women should be strong in the house, to bring the children to the father's side. She should be able to pilot a boat or an airplane.

No one knows how my plans will develop, not even Satan. I accomplish, then I declare.

Blessed couples are to be good seed, planted in good soil. My speech tonight will give the entire idea, and that's it. Unfallen Adam and his family can stop Satan. Spread the tradition of True Parents to all humankind. That means that we bring the world into one lineage. Then I can declare the Kingdom of Heaven. Satan cannot destroy the one lineage once it is declared.

In the October 8 prayer I declared that good and evil people have equal opportunity to connect to the clan and hometown and resurrect. That foundation in Korea should be set up. If not, Satan will attack Korea. So, maintain purity as blessed couples, or you will go to an especially designed hell. Be mature fruit.

We will re-arrange the world centering on the Coronation of God's Kingship. Those who support it and those who don't will clearly separate. When did Satan surrender? (March 21, 1999). Now is a period of grace to follow True Parents. When the period is over, then 2/3 of spirit world and physical world will go to hell. So, repent and be humble. [Ed. Note: That is a significant statement and I cannot be totally sure it is correct. The translation was taking place at a very fast pace.)

The entire providence is aimed at finding the fatherland. Leaders should shorten the time by fulfilling their responsibility. In Korea, the government and opposition parties must unite. To educate them, be exemplary families as blessed couples, restoring the foundation of Adam and Eve. Otherwise, confusion will come to Korea. It is not politics we are about, but education. If we educate continuously, then sooner or later they will recognize True Parents position. Then I can rest, you leaders can unite the nation and develop the government, and then invite me.

The special group of National Messiahs received funds to invest in your evangelical activities and bring 12 times the result. If you do not follow, then you will have a life sentence in spirit world. Support and educate the Ambassadors for Peace, then they can educate people in their sphere of influence. I give ideas and you leaders should understand them and carry them out. It is time to return and restore. I declared it to the ocean and land.

When you teach, mention spirit world first. Get the young people to do Hoon Dok Hae. They can catch the whole idea by doing Hoon Dok Hae. The new world tradition is Hoon Dok Hae, as I set it up.

Go to your hometown, activate your tribe and bring them to your mission country. Then it is one hundred times easier to succeed in your mission country. The holy wine is the means of changing blood lineage.

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