Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Arrival at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
October 8, 2001
East Garden, New York
Unofficial notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks

Rev. Peter Kim:

True Parents passed through the ninth month and entered the tenth month successfully. There were significant celebration days -- October 1 was Chusok, and October 3 and October 4, the liberation from Sodaemun prison. Also, October 14 is the celebration of Fatherís liberation from Hungnam prison. So October is the "month of liberation." Father managed all these events without any rest, then took a few days to visit the countryside, Soruk Mountains. But it was not for sightseeing, but because those mountains are located near the DMZ, and to contemplate a number of projects, including a condominium that we are running.

We left the mountains about 9:30 p.m. on October 7, a four-hour trip, and in the middle of the journey Father decided to go to Chung Pyung Lake Training Center. We arrived at 12:45 a.m. We rested a few hours and did Hoon Dok Hae from 6 a.m. for three hours. Then True Father announced the purpose to come there, to give a special prayer. They didnít know that America had started bombing Afghanistan. Everyone stood up, 24 people, in front of True Parents, and they gave a special prayer. It was a prayer that all the blessed couples in the spirit world are approved and even requested to come down to the physical world and work with their descendents and all the religious people in the physical world.

True Father:

The spirit world will come down based on their privilege of being blessed and will unite with their descendents, as Cain and Abel. Then the entire spirit world and physical world will be able to attend True Parents. This is a new beginning point to settle Godís kingship on earth. Already, everyone in spirit world older than three years old have received the blessing and are entitled to come done.

To receive them, our mind and body, husband and wife and parents and children have to be absolutely one. Then they can come down freely and work with and through us. Also the blessed couples in the spirit world belong to the archangel realm, and the blessed couples in the physical world are in the position of sons. The blessed couples on earth are in the position of Adam, and those in the spirit world are archangel. They come to our level and are engrafted to the blessed couples on earth. Based on the foundation of oneness of the Holy Spirit mother and the children who are blessed on earth, centering on Mother, all the blessed couples in physical world and spirit world should serve and attend True Parents.

That condition was lost at the fall and we have to restore it on earth, through the ancestors in the spirit world. The spirit world has been rotating left to right, but from now it will rotate from right to left. This is the first time in history of Godís providence that this will happen, and it will establish the right relationship of spirit world and physical world, with the physical world in the elder son position. It refers not to individuals, but to the entire physical world and spirit world realms.

The blessed couples in the spirit world come to their original hometown in the physical world. We are in a historical providential time period. They meet their descendents tribe where they still dwell. Therefore we all should go back to our hometown and do tribal messiahship. My ancestors will come to my hometown area, and President Salonenís will come to his hometown. They will work through their descendents. By doing so, the different tribes and clans will unite together and it will be the foundation to restore the nation for God, sovereignty.

Because of false marriage, everything was divided. For the first, and last, time, I have declared to heaven and earth to mobilize all the ancestors. This is the time, therefore, that there will be no more providence of restoration, but rather the direct dominion of God. When we pray we have to feel our ancestors and request of them to work with us and do certain projects. Godís kingship has been established, so the direct dominion era is here.

By the same token, when we make a mistake, there will be no chance to restore it, but punishment will come immediately, based on the heavenly constitution. Donít pray to God or True Parents; because they have taught us enough to know what we need to know. So follow your conscience. If you say you donít know, it means you have not been doing Hoon Dok Hae. For the last 57 years, I have taught all of this and it is all recorded. Even in the secular world, if you are an American and make a mistake, you cannot plead that you did not know the law. You still have to pay the penalty. By the same token, my teaching is written and available. If we did not study enough, it is still our responsibility.

Perfection does not come through the restoration providence, but when we truly practice and follow the heavenly constitution, in the direct dominion era we can reach perfection. In my life there is no law of indemnity, just practicing and following the heavenly law. That is the shortcut for everyone to reach perfection as I have. All the human relations, of brother/sister, parent/child there is law and a certain order. Hoon Dok Hae is the book. Even St. Paul testified that we all have to study what is given to us. Otherwise, there is no excuse when we go to the spirit world. God is my Father, True Parents are my Father and Mother; that absolute conviction and life is the mainstream thought.

Of course, Judaism and Christianity have been teaching about parents and children, but never included the lineage issue, the life, love and lineage. True Parents and true children relationship. Unless we master this in the physical world, we have to go through a training session in the spirit world. Brothers and sisters have been enemies in the physical world. So, in this era now, the physical world and spirit world couples should embrace and be united as elder and younger, beginning on the individual level. Again, this is an engrafting process from the individual level on up, connecting with True Parents.

From now on, when we pray, donít think that Satan is watching you, but remember that your ancestors are standing beside you and you have pray with them, together, and if there is a mistake we have to correct it and come forward to attend True Parents and God. Unification Church blessed couples, family, Tribal Messiahs and National Messiahs, the reversal of order takes place here, now. Because of our foundation, our ancestors received the blessing and become our descendents in the history of the blessing.

Satan cannot interfere because the order has been corrected. If the order is wrong, he can invade, but when it is in Godís dominion, he cannot. Godís true life, love and lineage are with us, through the engrafting of the blessing. In that, there is no concept of Korean, American or Japanese. We are one, as Godís race. No one has anything to be proud of. You should not identify people by race alone, but as a (?). With that concept, we can consider all people of one family. Not just "you are an American," or "You are Japanese," but "you are an American sister," or "You are a Japanese father." Donít have the concept of country.

Now is the turning point. Donít say, "I am an American," or "I am a German," or "I am a Korean." Satanís power has been inside that throughout history. Especially women. Influence your family and husband the right way. No one, including God and Satan, could explain this. Only me. We have to know this.

Even in the message of Dr. Lee was his confession that over 50 years ago when I taught him about the father-son relationship, he couldnít feel it or understand it. But now that he is in spirit world, he came to know it, not just to think it. So we have to know it with our heart. To reach that level, we have to keep studying my words. God is our king, True Parents are the king on earth, blessed couples are in the position of regional kings, peace ambassadors. You may not fully understand that, but wait, for that kind of world is coming now.

We have to focus totally on the vertical relationship, the providential relationship. So you donít even recognize an old high school friend. That much concentration. In other words, in your tribe or clan, there can be members of other lineages, so different lineages are always mixed, but as Abel, you should be able to give blessing to them all. In other words, without the blessing process, we cannot unite tribes, races and nations in other ways, because the life, love and lineage are separated, like different trees.

Therefore, from now on, if some blessed couples have different standards of life, are better off than others, then you should be able to offer help personally, directly. The spirit world and physical world should follow the same principle. Then we go to the same Kingdom of Heaven. Otherwise, youíll be stuck.

"Blessed central family Michael Jenkins" has immense value. Or you can say, "Central blessed family." It means you are not out of Adamís family foundation. Therefore, in Godís providence, even if there is only one family that is absolutely united with God and True Parents, the providence can continue. It doesnít matter whether one has faith or not. Godís will be done. Even if there were no God, as a blessed family we should do our responsibility. We should eliminate all the different religions so that humanity can become one family. One nation, that starts from the true original point, the family.

Saesangae talagetda (the world has been changed) our life has been turned 180 degrees, eight stages of perfection. As a mother, when you are going through pregnancy, do you feel as if you have a seed of life as Eve would have without the fall? But we still have a remnant of the fallen world. Between husband and wife, when you are pregnant, how precious you consider the childís life that is coming. The husband wants to hear the heart beating, and even God has been waiting to hear that heartbeat. Do you think the seed in your womb is that precious, sinless?

Between the attention paid by God and by Adam, which is more? Godís. Even from conception, we should have a seed of life that attracts Godís attention and concern, so that you can give birth to a child that can be reared in the environment of absolute husband and wife unity. That is what I mean by a true family. Can we do that? As the life goes through the eight stages from fetus to death, we have to seriously think about that issue. Does God really consider my child as His own true child? Am I at that level, myself?

God never had the privilege to be the master of true love, as He had to deal with fallen people throughout history. So we have the responsibility to prepare ourselves and make the foundation to serve God as the true maser, true parent and true king. To do so, we need to rid ourselves of our national consciousness, cultural consciousness, etc., so that we can be reshaped as totally vertical persons. We all are contaminated in some ways by the fallen world. We have to cut if off, absolutely. Or we will be in the mid-level spirit world. Then our children will complain that you gave birth to them in that mediocre stage. I want to get out of here and go up higher.

We have to turn around 180 degrees. Remember that. You sisters, imagine that you are born in the worst possible position in the physical world, such as Africa, and that is your destiny. You have to have a mind to accept that. But when you turn around, there will be God right in front of you. Go to the worst place, and turn around and God will be right there, closest to you. Mr. Salonen, are you a president or rifle? (Turning around the world for president in Korean, chongchan to chanchong).

So, no more "Iím a German," but "Iím a German brother or sister." You may think this is a small point, but from the smallest point we have to change ourselves and be renewed. I emphasized, at Cheju do, that we have to learn from nature and return to nature. There are abundant resources there. Spring comes, the animals and birds come together and mate, the new chicks emerge and grow and multiply. We can learn myriad things. If you have more experiences with nature than anyone else, youíll become the leader.

As blessed children, once 60 or 70 years passed from the liberation of Korea, many geniuses have been born. Koreans create noise wherever they go. They are experts in lying; they are revolutionary and soldier-like; their brain spins faster than others. In Harlem and Los Angeles, they took over the markets and the black people felt manipulated. Another characteristic is that they are so stubborn that they cannot be united easily. I am the only one who can unite them. Koreans have to unite, because Americans and the other races do so under me, so the Koreans have no excuse. In other words, as non-Koreans, donít complain that Koreans are not united with me yet, because you have to show the example to them, and they may follow you in a few years. They may be ignorant of the value of being united with me. But once they unite with me, they will never separate; it will be absolute.

Geo-politically, Korea is located strategically. They still are surviving as a homogeneous race, even though they are now divided north and south. The Korean race has been well known for archery for several thousand years. Also they are known as the righteous people of the east. They dominated the eastern continent, but got sick of the corruption and tried to escape the dirty seed and withdrew to the tiny corner. Korean women archers are the Olympic champions.

Some Japanese blessing candidates hesitate to be matched with Koreans nowadays. If two distant races marry, their descendents will be superior to the parents. Thatís why birds migrate from far distant places, and the humpback whales from Hawaii to Alaska. When the penguins mate and give birth, they walk 100 miles inland at the South Pole and huddle together to create heat. Then they give birth to the egg on their foot and sit on it and protect it all winter, and in the spring bring them out. Thatís their survival tactic. We have to learn from them.

Americans, if you are sent to Africa, you may not last more than three months. What about the North Pole? Young people try to avoid the North Pole, but as the founder of the Unification Church, an old man, I go there to show you the example. This place in America is well established, with nice food, but will you come to the North Pole to greet me, even if your feet will be frozen and you may die? The ice is over 800 yards thick. You can drill holes as deep as you want, and put a generator there, or a building. We can build the kingdom on or in the ice. We can do it as long as we have enough love.

Peace does not come where people live for themselves. Selfish life has nothing to do with the world of peace. Water flows naturally to the deeper place. It goes downward. That is why the water tends to make a hole even in rock, constantly flowing. Pure water.

What kind of water do you wish to be? Pure, from a deep well, or common spring water in the secular world, or contaminated, dirty water? Air is the same thing.

A different time is here now. We have to change 180 degrees, have a totally negation of ourselves. The parents of true love are my father, my mother, and if we live that kind of life, and we will become True Parents too. To enter the Kingdom of God, we have to follow the parents of heaven and earth, not following you. When the sun rises, you donít need or want to follow the candlelight. The natural world always seeks brighter light. There is no exception; Sun Jin Nim too.

Even though the world has been pitch dark in my life, I never complained because I knew that once the sun appeared, everything will be lit and no darkness would remain. Light conquers everything. No darkness anyplace.

Please remember, you have to be able to mobilize your ancestors from spirit world to your hometown, even within a one kilometer boundary, millions of ancestors can be there with you. They will have a hierarchy of levels, more patriotic, more loyal are the higher level spirits. Please remember that you should be able to mobilize your ancestors. For example, if you leave NY and go to LA, your ancestors can contact colleagues there and ask them to mobilize to protect you on their behalf.

The boundary is my life of faith. Even though we are blessed couples, without living an exemplary life, through our prayer only, they will read our mind and know we are only giving lip service. We have to prove ourselves. The best way is absolute faith, love and obedience. If you are able to live such an exemplary life, then spirit world will belong to you. You can make a territory, a realm. It means that at night they come to you.

It is so great that True Parents liberated heaven and earth. If it is true, can you digest it? Can you feel that the person God loves most is me? That I am the son of filial piety, more pure than fallen Adam and Eve? More patriotic. We should be confident that we are better than Adam and Eve, but I am well-qualified to receive everything from God. That kind of life, I should live. Then I can proclaim to the cosmos that my blessed family is the best seed of life in the world. There is a competition in good faith for everyone. Hundreds of millions of blessed families, but if we rate them, there will be a number one blessed family.

Even if you say, I am a son of filial piety, itís not just you, because tens of millions are seeking that position. Be convicted that you will be a true prototype, such that everyone can follow my footsteps to reach true sonship. Same principle for patriot, sainthood, the king of the saints. We can have that ambition. Try to reach that goal without sleeping, so that no one can surpass you.

You ladies, do you like True Mother? What if you desire to be 100 times better than True Mother, as a filial daughter of God? Will God blame or scold you? No limit exists in that world, no boundary. As we watch the Olympics, new records are always set. What if there were an Olympics with no new records? It would not be a real Olympics, but Satanís side.

I think you all will forget this after you leave. (No.) Then please eat your dessert and go home.

You Americans are affluent. Sell your house and go to Africa and take those poor brothers and sister as your own. Between a white sister and black brother, what color will their children be? If you have five children, 3 are black and 2 are white? Will you love only one color? No, you will give equal love to all of them. You will love the one of the opposite color from you. If you love those children more, and raise them well, then they will be more happy, and that is a good thing.

Letís welcome Mrs. Chi to sing a song of love. It is a long lyric song. I have been creating a new heavenly culture for restored people, such as the Shim Chung ballet, which has been received well throughout the world. Then next one is Chunamjung. This song is from the Chunamjung story. About a model in Korean history, General Lee. Itís very long, but sheíll sing only a part of it.

Hyung Jin Nim:

Iíll tell a story that may turn out to be a song. I told this story to Appa on a plane flight to DC: The air was cold at night, crisp to the breath and cold to the touch. The young farmer was walking across the field, and heard growling. It was a tiger that started descending upon him. He began to run, for his life. The tiger was getting closer and closer. He could feel the claws on his heels. He could discern a cliff, in the dark, and leapt in fear of his life. He grasped a vine, for his life. The tiger said, come up and I will eat you. He looked down and saw another tiger, who said, fall down and I will eat you. Then two mice, black and white, began to gnaw on the vine. Then he saw a strawberry, and he plucked it and ate it. How delicious it was. This means, be grateful for the strawberries in front of you. When I told this to Appa, he said, "Give the strawberry to the tiger."

I cannot say I am a Christian or a Buddhist, or Muslim, because all those people believe in Father. I just say, he is one who is one with the One. As Appa reminded us tonight, the drop becomes one with the ocean. So be mindful and pay attention to what he says. Even when he says, this fruit is delicious, itís like the Zen master who says, "Old pond, frog jumps in, plop."

I donít know exactly what to sing, but maybe that is good. Iíll stop here.

True Father:

Sing a song.

Hyung Jin Nim:

"Tears in Heaven." Then Father called him to demonstrate Chinese martial arts.

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