Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Cheju Island Workshop

Sun Myung Moon
August, 2001
Cheju Island, Korea
Unofficial Notes

Notes of the short course on Thought of Unification and Victory on the Communism in the Island of Cheju, Korea, from the 18 to the 31 of August, 2001 Each morning we had the privilege to have the True Parents for the session of Hoon Dok Hae. The readings in all these sessions turned on the declarations of Jardim and other declarations, culminating with texts of the Ceremony of Coronation of God. On those readings I have not written anything in the report that comes next. I have limited myself the commentaries that the Father did of those readings, sometimes true speeches that lasted a pair of hours. I have not written all my notes but the phrases that you seemed to me novel (which always is very subjective). I hope that you know to excuse the jumps for meaning and that even so it can have something inspires to you.

Sunday, 19 of August, the 2001

The declarations of Jardim must be the center of your sincerity and dedication. These declarations offer the foundation to you to fulfill the Will of God. When you participate in the Inscription of the Blessing (in Chong Pyung) you complete a living offering, with your children and all the family. Father has had to go by an incredible course of 40 years to be able to make these declarations. Moses worked by 80 years to take the Israelites to Canaan. The 80 years of the Father have the same meaning. A process of eight stages had to be fulfilled. Jesus could not formulate no declaration. He did not have the foundation. Noah, Moses., did not have the foundation either. When you have been able to establish a blood lineage, Satan you cannot snatch you.

You must go beyond the religious world, beyond the satanic dominion, we therefore can pray in our name as central families. This is the situation of Adam and Eva before the fall. You take this victory to the world. If you really understand everything that I am saying to you would be an authentic miracle. I worked very hard with the only intention to find a good person, the Mother. She was 17 years old. She knew nothing of the Divine Principle and I had to educate her step by step. That is the blessing. The original Mother must not have more than 20 years old. I do not have in my mind thoughts other than the liberation of the Will of God. Hyun Jin Nim must work harder than I, suffer more than I, and in that way he will be able to ascend as if raised with an elevator. All the young people must be conscious of it.

I have lived for more than 80 years. Do you think that I need to study Unification Thought and VOC? Nevertheless I am here. You must read them sincerely.

To deny everything in order to obtain family of God has been the way that Father has gone. When I go before God I will say to him that I have been a person who has lived this way. You go to God and to comfort to him with your tears. Next, you return to the world and you live with filial mercy. You dry the tears of God and determine to end His resentment and pain. This cannot be obtained without spilling tears. I am not merciful with my own children. Who is going to solve all that? Those that they want to be the Messiah try it. They go by the way of the death. Did you see me cry when Heung Jin Nim or Hyun Jin Nim died? I am conscious that you are doing all type of bad things, but I ignore them because God needs to have a nation. Kim Dae Jung gave amnesty to thousands of prisoners when he reached the presidency. Father can do more. God cannot curse the assassins of history (like Hitler) since they are his children.

You go by the way of the prison. You find hope in the prison. How you can live so comfortably? Unite with your wife and son and then to unite your mind and body. Live in the sphere of being able to resonate God along with. To vibrate with the True Parents you must obtain the living offering ($16,000.00). You must pass an examination of Unification Thought before Christmas. You must read the book 30 times before year-end. Who loves more: God to me, or I to God? In the same way we could think, who loves more I to you, or you to me? If a mother reprimands her son and later she requests that he eat, she will give him him, yes or no? I have gone this course to teach the way of the true love and not simply to get to be the True Parents of the Unification Church. You must establish a nation of love and a full home of love. In my house, always they came to eat people who suffered hunger. We always gave the welcome to the vagabonds.

What a solitary course is this one that I have gone! It is a love cross. You must live for others. Love does not arise from you yourself, it comes from others, comes from your object or counterpart, for that reason you need to live for others. I like to be sleepy. If you are not sleepy, you are dead. I am the king of those who do not like the things to be free. If you die in this beautiful earth, it is wonderful!

Monday, 20 of August, 2001

You all should to go to Pantanal once every four years. It is the original sacred earth. It is the point of connection of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. You must go to the short course of 40 days in Jardim and pass to a your descendants everything that is happening there. I want you to always be on the same teams with the same equipment (there were 430 participants and we were divided in team of 10 people). You have not come for relaxation. You must read Unification Thought and Victory over Communism three times. You should also read the Divine Principle once. Grandparents, parents and children must persevere until the death to set heavenly tradition. You must guard the eras of the First, Second, and Third Adam before establishing a nation in the era of the Fourth Adam. You must pass the tradition to the children and the political family.

You must go to the short course at Jardim, if not, in the spiritual world you will regret it. We must go beyond the third, since it is the number of Satan. Therefore you must study 16 hours to the day, 30 pages per hour. The 14 members that were expelled from the Ewha University are like a family. They would have to live together. They try to save those that have gone away from the church. They celebrate funerals together. You must go to the hell and restore their path. The 36 Couples are going to be the people in charge of an inner level. You must evaluate whether you have been practicing these declarations. Hyun Jin Nim cannot act as he pleases. There is no rest, not even when I sleep. I feel the pain of God and I feel like a soldier that has not been able to fulfill the will of God.

This evening, Rev. Kwak read for three hours the message from Saint Paul in the Spirit World. In it, Saint Paul describes his entrance in the spirit world and his encounter with Jesus. His to peregrinate (?) in the other life. The enormous transformation in his heart until finding Dr. Lee. Now he is very animated giving testimony to the True Parents and learning to give lectures, since as he says, his style was to preach, not to give lectures. In this sense Maria Pak, the president of the Ewha University is helping him, she knows all the conferences very well. She thinks that perhaps when a VIP go to Spirit World the finish in hell. Paul said to Dr. Lee that they can form a team and go together to hell to give testimony there.

Tuesday, 21 of August, 2001

These declarations (Jardim) had to be proclaimed for your good. You must overcome all the obstacles. The spiritual world is like the ocean. A drop of water that falls sooner or later in mainland returns to the ocean. It goes by a purification process. Humanity does not know the fall or the will of God, and it even cursed to which try to fulfill it. There must exist a filtration process. We must return to the ocean, the spiritual world. This is a family. The of Unification Church is not a group of individuals but of families. We are all interconnected. It is a crime to think that you can live by you yourself. Which is the center of absolute faith? The eternal Adam. You must get to be that type of child.

Wednesday, 22 of August, 2001

There are three stages in the blessing. In the future there will be a constitution and we will receive the blessing at national level. You must live in harmony with the nature. All of us must go. Can you go to the Pantanal? (After embracing True Mother) You think that it is normal for a man of 40 years to marry with a young person of 17? For the Gentleman of the Second Coming it had to be normal. The grandmothers must even get to be granddaughters. This it is a time for the Second Generation. It is a war of capacities. Father wants that you study, but you do not know the Divine Principle.

Paul (in the read revelation) cried out to the man wanting to see him but it did not happen until the indemnity was paid. Adam and Eva were not conscious of their own fall. The 36 Couples come to America, send their children to study in America, but do not even appear to greet Father. Will they be able to go to heaven this way? Until now always I have pardoned to you. Always I forgave all. To have the signature of Father is something fearful. To have things signed by Father does not mean that I give my recognition to you. If you do not live according to the standard, those signed photos will accuse to you. All the leaders have failed. Here we reunited all the failed ones. And I am the king of the failures here. God has tended to digest us, all we do, to digest to us as if we were eaten spoiled. I have invested everything in America. From my arrival to now there is 30 years of mission in America. In 2004 33 years will be marked. Christianity and America are in the fiancée position. They must respond in this time. The Second Generation must assume the responsibility for all errors. I also am a failure before God. All of us are. Japan had to be established as the mother nation although in fact it was a enemy nation.

In 1962 I had to go to America and to initiate my mission there. But I could not because I could not leave the 36, 72 and 124 couples. When closing my eyes, if I see the person towards the right is a good person, if I see it towards the left is a bad person. You choose 108 people of the 430 participating in the short course. (36 representing 36 couples and 72 representing the 72 couples. The selection was carried out by lottery. Luckily or unluckily, I was called on to be one of the 108.)

Thursday, 23 of August, the 2001

All ancestors must be liberated. You must fulfill the living offering ($16.000.00) to be able to liberate your ancestors. Otherwise you cannot anyway declare the era of the fourth Adam. Conditions for the settlement era. For the year 2004 we must establish all the conditions in the family. Instead of teaching the Divine Principle to people we must request that they receive the blessing. In that way all the barriers will fall. Without all these declarations the Sovereignty of God could not have been declared. From now on I do not want that you say that you are Japanese, American, Korean, German. We are a family. The differences of being East and the West, rich and poor must disappear. You must bless your children with your enemy. In this way the pain God can be solved. Leave your nationalistic concepts. Now, which of you can carry out the blessing of your children, you must promise to me that you will match them with the enemy. Raise your two hands and to promise it. You think that it is easy to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is like constructing a building of 100 floors brick by brick.

From now on you must teach to your children so that they marry disabled or ill people. Find the most difficult person and match with her. The 36 couples did not understand this law of indemnity. In the Era of the Fourth Adam you do not exist. Negate all. You have serious debts. You do not know what can happen to you. You must live the standard that I request you to. Father has matched the criminal with the saint. Love your enemy, match with your enemy. We are going to enter a world where there will be no enemies, only peace. We are all going to be together. How you can obtain the equality in Heaven and the Earth unless you go this way? If you want to go by the way of the Will of God you will receive the opposition of your family. When you give everything to your enemy, everything will return to you. I have had to be in the frontline until now (I will digest the Pope that needs that somebody helps him to walk). Always be a pioneer. Always do the declarations. There are so many things to fulfill! You must study my words and get to be children of filial piety before True Parents. Thirst as the light of day and shine in the world. You must promise me that you will not leave conditions to be accused. You must go beyond judgment and find liberation. God and Satan are being united peacefully. The light of day will shine in the darkest places. The mission of the True Parents is to establish the authority of God.

Father has helped with scholarships even for people who are against the Unification Church. This is a difficult time. Those that do not want to go to South America are crazy. I have established the conditions so that Satan can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You get to be princes and princess and create a huge new morning. The world cannot be against us. 108 are the number of sins in Buddhism (I also discovered that 108 in Korean history are like a vanguard squad, a magical number) 58 or more young people of the 108 form a line!

[I was called on to be in the line and could no longer take notes.]
Father gave of details, saying that these 108 were going to live in a community model in Paraguay, in the property yet Victory. Father requested whatever money and time were necessary to construct 108 four-family houses. The Father gave of term a year to make the houses. He was asking how many rooms for house, etc.

You cannot create an idea without emotions which is all good Already he did not see me of Menonita by Paraguay.(?) But Father said that it is more difficult: we must live to fish and to hunt -- that is to say, of return to the Neolithic age, but without the caves of Altamira or Lascaux where there are cave paintings.

[After digesting the good news, I decided to put myself in the hands of God and that this is what He wants.]

Father requested that the 108 buy 2 boats costing $65,000.00 each. He ended up extending this possibility to the 430. We had to give a date when we would buy them. It must be before 2004. At night we heard that the Father has bought a shipyard, INP and plans to expand the marine industry. Part of the shipyard plan includes the construction of all those boats that we bought in the morning. I hope that I his the lottery for 2004.

Friday, 24 of August, 2001

You must bless your clan and release them. All must offer the living offering ($16.000) so that we give everything back to God. You must become masters of nature, lords of creation. Go and perceive the beauty of nature. The creation feels ashamed. There is no liberation without blood. You must go to Jardim, to register your blessing, to go beyond the number 43. Is Father playing? You cannot be dead. If you die, die with your eyes open. In order to release hell you must establish a nation. And for that, you must go the way of persecution. You must shed light in all directions, but until now that light been it has blocked. You are mirrors that reflect light. You need an absolute faith. You must educate the Ambassadors of Peace (named by IIFWP).

Next Father requested that President Hwang explain the meaning of Chil Pale Jol 7 x 8 which we were going to celebrate the following day. The explanation was very good and I think that it will appear in the Today's World.

Saturday, 25 of August, 2001

Today we set out again to go beyond any obstacle. Father requested that Rev. Kwak show new determination with words. Later he requested President Hwang do the same. We must be able to say God is mine. Love, life and lineage belong to God and never to us. has been able to use the pronoun (talking about man). When you are united in love, life and lineage with God, when saying yo, God will come to you. You can say yo when you have a united mind and body. God needs to be able to say ours.

Sunday, 26 of August, 2001

Father went to Hawaii and many other places to make conditions that allowed him to establish the Sovereignty of God. The Ambassadors of Peace represent the side of God and must have influence on the parliament and the president of their own countries. They must be able to visit the president at any time. That would bring the Pentecost. The culture of the heart must be constructed. You must learn Korean. Before Christmas you must have read Unification Thought 30 times. You must go to fish and let the mosquitoes prick you. Determine that you will go to Jardim. In the future there will be one Holy Ground in the world. Rev. Hwang complained that he does not have fiancées for the Korean candidates. Good, because they will be matched to brides from of other parts of the world. First they will be last, the last ones, first. I am conscious of the terrible things that are happening (with some spouses that have come to Korea). But the Korean women were sacrificed.

Those National Messiahs and members that are older than 63 must retire from their missions. Father requested that those who were still in their mission and were 63 years old or older go to their home town and retire from public missions. Soon he made a promise to all the National Messiahs that before the month of May 2002, they must have fished the 160 prescribed fish (40 x 4) in the Pantanal. Two National Messiahs have already completed that goal. From now on, in the short course at Chung Pyung, the man must participate at least 8 days and non-single three days. That is not sufficient.

We must be stronger than any other ethnic group (in the zone of the Pantanal). The Father continued with the calculation of what the houses would cost using different plans. Those minors of under 40 of the group of 108 must go to Paraguay to help to construct the houses.

Monday, 27 of August, 2001

I am very occupied trying to find a nation. Each country must send 12 pairs to the blessing of religious leaders on the 22 of September in New York. America and the United Nations must push the Vatican so that Milingo can return with a victory. In the future policy will disappear and an administrative body will direct nations. Everybody will live in equality. Liberation must take place through the true love. The sovereignty of God has been established. It will not allow a religious person such as Milingo to go to a place of death. The era to pray in the name of the Messiah has finished. Father continues asking Mr. Pak whom to report on the cost of the construction of the 108 houses. After the Father leaves, there was a report from Mr. Yang (the leader of the United States) on Milingo.

Tuesday, 28 of August, 2001

Promise to learn Korean. All leaders must come to the Sun Moon University to learn Korean. They will be like orphans if they do not learn the Korean language. To have absolute faith means to act without your own concepts. Our country does not exist. We cannot insist on we, ourselves. You must become like hexagonal crystals so that everything that is within you is transparent. An axis between Kodiak and Jardim exists, but the root of that axis must be planted in Korea. You must return to nature (several times in the short course, Father explained that he had used observation of nature as a base for the Divine Principle and Unification Thought).

If the Vatican allows this couple that lives (Milingo and Maria Sung) they live, and if they leave, they will die. If you do not have a country you cannot have sovereignty. Those that they marry with Koreans will be the people responsible for the future. Absolute love opens the door to absolute obedience. (In another speech the Father explained that the absolute confidence opens the door to the true love.) Peter was a symbol of faith. Jesus was a symbol of love and John of hope. The mother of Sun Jin felt that her husband was mistaken and fought until the end. She finally tried everything that she could against me, but it could not move me, and the persecution went away. She prayed two hours a day and had read the Bible five times. She felt that she was better than I. She was a great woman. I said to her that she should marry me, but. I know everything about it from the lessons of Confucius. When I was a child I had to copy all books of Confucius. Mother has made things that no a man could do. There is much pain in that way and Unification Church will not be destroyed while it stays in that way. What you are doing? Not even you have read these declarations. You do not have anything of which to be proud unless you fulfill the Will of God.

You have seen the bats. They always leave to eat at exactly the same hour. You must love nature, the water, the air. You leave nature and it speaks to you. This is the hour of woman. The future president of Korea will be a woman. Later Father had the continental leader of Africa stand and he promised him $300,000 dollars of aid. He began to explain to us that we must should not have a bank account. He began to ask some ones how much they had in a bank account. Between laughter, we finished by all promising $700 dollars to aid Africa.

Wednesday, 29 of August, 2001

The attitude that a member of the of Unification Church must have is to think that I am the problem. Sexual organs have gotten to be one of the most hated things. But when a boy is born, this one is the first thing to that we paid attention to. Hae Jin Nim was incapable to receive maternal milk before dying. God cannot create love by itself. Love arises from the good of others. It rises when subject and object are united. You must protect your sexual organ with more fervor than a mother protects her son. The bottom of the living offering ($16.000) is as a debt in the bank of Satan and you cannot be free until you have paid it. Vertical tradition must be established in Asia, the West is horizontal. Man constitutes the bones and woman the flesh. We must inherit from the father, bones; of the mother, the flesh. Learning the relation of man and woman is instinctive.

Father said to us that today we could go scale the highest mountain of South Korea, Mount Halla, that is on Cheju Island. It is a volcano, with a great crater in the top. Father said that it seems like a feminine sexual organ. Next, he explained all his plans for the Cheju Island that were frustrated by different administrations of the government of Korea. Father wanted to construct a great tourist complex (that the government authorized other companies to build). He wanted to make a great port and a naval base that would be the most important in the Eastern Pacific. All along the coast I bought land, but the government was against me and ruined everything. Father asked the continental leaders who created two academies of dance, one in Europe and one in Russia. There would be four great academies of ballet in the world. One in the United States, one in Korea, and the two new ones. They must be top level. Father suggested possible location in Europe, London. Father explained his early great projects with the Little Angels and how through them, we could contact with President Eisenhower or the Queen of England. Unfortunately the Korean government was against his plans. We must solve that pain in Father's heart. Giving testimony through the arts is faster than giving testimony through Unification Church directly. You must read the Unification Thought and VOC 30 times before Christmases and be prepared for the examination.

UPI, Washington Times, Times of the World have gotten to be a journalistic empire. This term (The News World Communications empire) has been used by Washington Post. It does not matter to me if the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy are against me. They will not be able to solve the problem of the family. Father requests to hear that 40 people are volunteering to buy boats before year end. He requests that those people put stand in front of him and form a line. Father divided them in four groups (Pantanal, Hawaii, Kodiak and Cheju) and ended up asking them to each be responsible for selling 10 boats. He spoke on the hunting, to get to be the most important people in hunting tournaments. He explained that when he was an adolescent he was curious about rifles and hunting and became a good shot.

Your oration must change from now on. You must pray to obtain a good house, a good car, good rifle, and a good boat. You share hobbies with your grandsons and all your clan. To weigh very is amused.(?) Also you can make aquariums or zoos. When I ask you, where you are from? You are not responsible for your nationality. Respond I am a member of the Unification family born in Japan. Or I am one of the second or third generation of Korea, born in America. Are you my disciples or my children? Your roots must be planted in this earth. I am going to shorten the time until I go to the spiritual world. When I visit, are you going to make a celebration in my honor? You must spend everything in that celebration. Father asked who celebrates their birthday today? A Korean brother does. Father gives him some money. He asks the continental leader of Africa who is receiving all the aid to sing a song. Father has a great interest that all the nations send a representative to the sport fishing competition that is going to take place in Japan in October.

Next the National Messiah of Brazil reported on the situation of football teams that Father owns. The Solocaba team is in the second Brazilian division this year. The Brazilian NM explained that part of the team's ascent was due to sprinkling holy salt on the lines of the field when the stands were filling with people. The television commentators said that Solocaba had engaged a Korean wizard to help. Later a testimony came from the NM of Costa Rica on the opening of auto repair shops in that country and how the Father wants to take that project to all the Latin American nations.

When you are self-sufficient economically you will be able to convince people. I can be the best agriculturist, best fisherman, best miner. Who has done the pioneering work in South America for four years, you or I? To establish the foundation that can give salvation to a country, grandfathers are worthier than fathers, since the grandfathers know everything that you have done badly. When a person becomes greater, you must prepare everything so that you can pass your work to an able person.

Next there was a report that detailed the future of the web site of the Unification Thought Institute. It will be an immense site with very well organized content. All the content will be translated to English. You must study nature. Father discovered the Divine Principle by observing nature. Philosophers have created very complicated thought, but Father's thought is very simple because it comes from nature. After the seminary, determine to be a leader on worldwide level. Study hard. Create a concentrated version, 160 pages, of Unification Thought (the Korean Unification Thought has more content than was translated Japanese or the English). You must invest more in the word of God that in eating, sleeping or making love. Father gave us free time next.

We did not go to Mount Halla since he was very cloudy. We took buses to different places on Cheju.

Thursday, 30 of August, 2001

From the declaration of the Sovereignty of God you have to present yourself like a member of the family (unification) living in America. Make a new beginning and return to the nature. The beings of the creation think that we are better than they are. The blessed couples must be like the couples of salmon. You never must show your children your tears. Your grandsons do not have to ever see your tears. Relatives do not have to fight.

Must I marry to my grandsons with famous families or simple families? You must go to the short course of 43 days at Jardim. Sell your house if it is necessary, but you must fulfill the indemnity requirement. In the principle, when I was in Pusan, I wore Japanese trousers, a Korean jacket, an American jacket. Is this not correct Mrs. Kang? Mrs. Kang, do you feel pain because instead of turning to me, I turned I to you? Mrs. Kang was seated in the entrance and she did not want to be inside completely, in case she had to leave. One day I offered a cushion to Father to sit on, but he did not accept it. She thought that we were a rare group of people. And in truth I was it.

Kim Won Pil and. Kim Young Whi, why you are seated in the back? Who has created that distance? That is the problem. Perhaps you will go to the spirit world before your wife. Family is most difficult. The worst problems are not the problems of the nation but your my own family. I have not been able to take care of my family. Now they know the lack of days, which they lived with their parents. When they feel lonely Father and the Mother know their need.

Is it good that Father has had many children? It was necessary to go from the position of adoptive son, son of the concubine, and true son. Harvey Cox, a famous professor at Harvard, wants to help Hyun Jin Nim to be a professor at Harvard. You must give a model to live by to others. The 36, 72, 124 couples have failed in living that model and your children never married with my children. What percentage of perfection you have reached? You simply do not feel proud by the fact to belong to a certain blessing group. (Father is speaking of the revelations of Paul) Father more is interested in the spiritual world that leisure activities. Paul did not realize that God was his father. He thought that the knowledge of God was enough. You have to know how valuable is to be able to serve to God like your father. I want you to present this revelation from Paul to everyone. You can divide in three parts. After the Coronation Ceremony the light of God shines even in the deepest hell.

Friday 31 of August, 2001 (Last day)

You must say: I am a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven that was born in Germany. We cannot recognize any country but our own. The intention of this short course is so that you have confidence to establish relations with academic, mass media, etc. Do not use the nation. Nationalism is in opposition to the religious world. In order to recreate Eve we needed a country. In order to pass the judgment of the fire, we need a nation. In order to gain a tribe, you need ideology. You must have an inheritance of true love and true lineage so that you can be the root of 10,000 generations.

For them you have to love with your enemy, in that way you will have the deepest roots. The conclusion of the Coronation Ceremony is victory. (Father began to speak in Japanese for several hours with the 2400 Japanese sisters who arrived for a weekend course).

When taking leave Father said goodbye in English. He said goodbye to the Europeans by waving his hand.

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