Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

New Inter-Religious Theological School at Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon
July 8, 2001
Chung Pyung, Korea
Notes from Juan Sanchis

On July 8th., True Parents held the Ceremony to start the construction of a new building. The building is located 4 kilometers from the Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center. It will be a new Seminary dedicated for inter religious and inter denominational theological studies including the research and the study of the spiritual world.

Rev. Kwak explained how difficult was to get the construction permit from the local administrative authorities. It seems that the construction permit for True Parents Palace was granted at the same time.(More details will be given later).

True Father spoke after Rev. Kwak finished his report. (The following notes are unofficial and incomplete, I took these notes from a simultaneous translation, standing in a hot and humid day of summer).

Father said: What day is today? Today we will hold the ground braking ceremony to built a new inter religious and inter denominational School of Theology. Today is July 8th, these numbers, 7 and 8, are the most precious for God.

(At this time Father gave kabalistic explanation of some of the providential numbers, but he translator couldnít have time to translate everything Father said). Twelve tribes and the time of Moses and twelve disciples at the time of Jesus, we have to establish also twelve tribes. At the time of Moses and Jesus, God couldnít fulfill the foundation of the family. Jesus and the twelve disciples, number 13. The purpose of all mankind and the providence must be accomplished and centered on the number 13.

The individual, family, clan, society, nation, world and cosmos should be connected with God. God lost all the foundations: individual, family, clan, society, nation, world and cosmos. God recreated a new Adam and new Eve, and through them, He recreates everything. Until the arrival of the new Adam, nobody have been above the level of the fall.

We have to become the children of filial piety. Centered on the sons and daughters of filial piety, we have to create a nation. If there was no fall, it could not be division and nothing could be lost, and everything could be united with God. Centered on the subject (man) and united with the object (woman), Godís true love, true live and true lineage should be established. Everything united could grow naturally, like tries, plants, and nature in general. And centered on the true tradition of the family everything could be multiplied and expanded, becoming the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and later to continue in the spirit world. The Messiah comes to liberate humankind, and connected with him, all people and everything should be recreated.

The original seed should be connected with Godís lineage. How many of you are connected with Godís lineage? How do you know if you are connected with Godís lineage? Godís lineage itís a lineage that never change.

Man is going crazy for love. Where is his love going? How precious is the love organ? Even a prince is born through this part of the body. Love is give and give, and forget what was given, this is the heart of the parents. God is our parent, He wants to give us everything. We have to go through the gate of God. Godís love should be my love, Godís life should be my life, and Godís lineage should be my lineage. Love decides the ownership.

Centered on the family God can give the blessing to all humankind. We need families to connect to Godís love, life and lineage. We have to be victorious. Centered on God we have to establish the true united world. Centered on God three generations should be united, grandparents, parents and children. God has to establish the foundation of True Parents vertically and horizontally. We should center and unite in love, life and lineage with True Parents vertically and horizontally. Centered on God we have to become the true sons and daughters of filial piety and be able to inherit everything. What you should be and do well is to become true sons and daughters of God and through your body reach everything.

Religion is the result of the fall. We should be crazy for the love of God. We should have the desire that, Godís family be mine, Godís nation be mine, Godís world be mine; and, only through true love of give and forget, and live for the sake of others, that can be accomplished. We have to establish the original holy ground. Inheriting true love we can receive heavenly fortune, and achieve the liberation of Heaven and Earth. (End of Fatherís words).

Father wrote in Chinese characters "Cham sarang sangsok pada cheonji heabangkweon wanseonghasoseo", which means "We may inherit true love and complete the liberation of Heaven and Earth" (unofficial translation).

True Parents and other Elders cut the ribbon, and shortly afterwards with shovels, continued the ground braking ceremony. A music band, fireworks, and the enthusiasm of the people contributed to reach one of the highlights of the day.

Lunch was served to everybody, and the delightful songs of a soprano created a very pleasant atmosphere. After lunch Bishop Johnson, Bishop Stallings and Rev. Jenkins sang together Bible Belt songs very enthusiastically; second generation teens joined them forming a chorus. Truly it was very inspiring moment.

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