Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Leaders Meeting

Sun Myung Moon
June 22, 2001
East Garden, Irvington, New York
Translation by Tim Elder and Hee Hun Standard
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks.

I regret to have to advise the reader that these notes cannot be relied upon for accuracy and in fact can be relied upon to have missed many important points and meanings. Still it renders a general impression and many valuable insights, when taken with a grain of holy salt.

6 a.m.

True Father:

I hope everyone came whom I asked to come.

We are going to consider spirit world. Please listen to this Hoon Dok Hae as if you were listening for the first time. We have to be serious about this. Knowledge of spirit world is necessary for your daily life. It is for the sake of true love. All the saints in spirit world and all of us should be united. We should not be self-centered. When you go to spirit world, you have to be prepared by knowing about spirit world. You need to know how to attend God and True Parents, so this information is not for someone else, but for us in particular. You need to have the right attitude. We should not delay doing this. We are living in a different time. We need to learn the life of attendance.

You need to learn the motto of the year 2001. [Everyone repeats it.] This is something I have been practicing. All of what I have done, you must do as well. The life of attendance is important. Don't be self-centered. You pray in the name of a blessed central family, but it should not be just words. You have to be a leader. You have to substantiate the words, which is to fulfill Godís love. Everything that is happening is for the fulfillment of love, which comes through mind-body unity. First we must be united mind and body. Then we should reach a higher level, God. God is an absolute, eternal being. We have to fulfill Godís will. That is eternal.

In order to complete a building, we need a structure. We need to have the right attitude, the subjective character. You should not think of someone else doing your job, but should feel responsible to fulfill your mission on your own. When we listen to Godís words we should have the right attitude. We should not just talk about it, but act upon it and reach the highest standard. We have to make constant effort to reach that level. You must be in the subject position. You have to do everything right. We have to be different from the way people were in the past, and have a clear concept.

You donít need me or a savior. In the past, you just had to follow with absolute faith, but now we are not in the age of faith, but we need to substantiate love. Ask yourself, what kind of man or woman should I become. Do not abdicate responsibility for the whole. Take charge in order to substantiate love. Donít be responsible just for yourself, but for the world, including your family, tribe and nation. We should have a worldwide nation. It can come only through absolute faith, love and obedience. We should take greater initiative. We should have a clear purpose. We cannot bring unity when we are self-centered. We should center on the love of the parents. We should be exemplary before the whole. We should not just live randomly or casually, but should have a clear purpose and represent the whole, going toward perfection. We should be in the position to represent God.

In order to do that, we cannot be self-centered. We should abandon ourselves totally and be united with God 100 percent. When we go through puberty, we are like a bud, compared with a flower. In the future, the flower will bloom. We are like flowers that go through the stages of growth. The flower blooming is this world opening wide, filled with the fragrance of flowers. With the sunlight, water and air, we can bear beautiful fruit. That happens by the harmony of the universe. Of course, butterflies and bees will fly into us and our fragrance will fill the universe. The entire world is to be beautiful. That is how God created. When a flower is blooming, it is in the process of preparing to bear fruit in the autumn. It is waiting for the time of eventual liberation through encountering God. That is the subject.

From this perspective, are we going to be part of the royal family, or just low class? Once we go to spirit world, we cannot come back. What we are doing is not just a joke. Koreans, please raise your hands. [73 National Messiahs came.] I have to give you a tag that can be attached to you, that can show you are either a senator or king. You begin as a senator and move on to being a king. God has been sowing seeds for good fruit to be born in the providence of restoration. Do you know anyone who can be the instrument for the inheritance of seeds? That has been happening in human history. To be good seeds you have to understand Godís life and my life, and live a good life. We were born from our parents, but do we look exactly like them, or in-between, a combination?

We need to make a leap. Then we you can create something greater. Otherwise we cannot fulfill something great. We are standing on the foundation of our parents and ancestors. That is universal law. You may think you are the best, but you should not just think like that but do your best to fulfill it. We are living on the battlefield. We have to be a winner. Then, should you surpass Jesus? True Parents? Parents have a heart that their children will save someone greater than themselves. God wants you to be the best ancestor.

I have been persecuted in the fallen world for a long time. But I would like to bequeath everything to you so that you can surpass me and create better seeds than me. To be great, you must be willing to die first. Despite all the difficulties, we should be willing to go anywhere, high or low. We should be able to say we lived a life greater than even God. At least we should pursue that ideal. Then we can create a common base with God. We should think that we will take responsibility for what God could not achieve yet. That is: love.

We should think that we are the owner, the master, the subject taking responsibility. Being subject means begin more loving, taking more responsibility. What rank do you want to achieve? Do you want to be the last, or first? Raise your hands if you want to be first. Why are you hiding your faces? You should have the right posture, and have the right attitude in all things. You donít want to be last. God exists and dwells at the place you can be number one. You should be willing to be the center. Then you can be the king. Do you want to follow me? Are you ready to be elevated again? Or are you wondering why I have called you, over and over.

When you want to reach the top, centered on love, God can be happy. Prepare in your hearts and minds. A nation must be in the position of object partner to God, for the sake of a greater purpose. The third Israel, Korea, was divided into two. Those divided parts must unite into one. If you do not want to work for that, then you are destroying your life and nation and cannot be proud of yourself. You should be willing to be in the position of a subject of heart and love. So we will have a great migration. That is what is happening in the spirit world. You should be the first as the ancestor of your tribe.

Faith goes through three areas, eyes, nose and mouth. Through three we can reach completion. We should be pure-hearted, not greedy. We sometimes need to have some ambition or aspiration. In order to reflect ourselves, we can be luminous, not just reflecting light from another source. Where is reflected light? Usually one creates light, and doesnít reflect it, like a sun and not a moon. You reflect light, but the sun generates light. If we become the light ourselves, then we can liberate hell. So we are looking forward to the day that light can be shed all over hell, so that people will not be in hell any longer. Are you going to be a reflector, or a creator, of light? You should not reflect light, but create it. It is much more important to be able to do both, like a crystal. A crystal has both natures.

Do you want to be one, or not? If you have such a desire, then you have to strive to do it, all the way up. That is the meaning of being a subject. You have to be active, not just passive. You should be in the position of giving. Are you perfected? When you have a subjective character, then you can perfect yourself. People call me a revolutionary. I have been given bad nicknames. What is the True Parents? True Parents invest constantly. Even if you become the president of a nation, you should be an object partner to God. Even if we invest 10 times, we should be able to invest more, totally. We should never be satisfied that we invested enough. We should be infinite investors, like God, then we Ö We should not just go our personal way.

We should be serious and detailed. Huge things, no matter how vast or large, have a focal point, a center. We should not live a casual life, but have clear subjectivity. We should become the center of history. We should become a subject whom others can follow. You feel I am your father. Then you should reach a level that is even greater than that. People should feel that toward you. We should be on the path to the Kingdom of Heaven through our life on earth.

We should become a healthy seed, like a good chestnut. Even if it rains and blows, it should be strong enough to endure through the rain. We should be ready to overcome rain and wind. You should not mind all the external elements and should be willing to be fertilizer. When we become a seed, it should not be for our own sake, but to become someone who is greater. We should be rooted deeply under the ground. That way we can bear more fruit, creating more seeds. Become a seed. You need to study my words, the truth. You should take responsibility on behalf of the messiah, True Parents, and become an illuminator. At the same time, be a reflector.

When we create light, we can help the world. We should have a sense of responsibility and mission. You need to have hope and dreams. Yesterday I spent more than four hours, instead of one, speaking at the seminary. I thought it would be daytime when I was done, but it was evening. We should learn how to control time and always think of how to use time efficiently. We need to push ourselves until we reach the goal. Then you can take a rest and feel good about yourself. Until then, you cannot take a rest. The idea of standing in the subject position: has it occurred to you? As it has to me? Now is the time we can say the word, messiah, to the nation. So far you National Messiahs have been following me but have had no thought of becoming the subjects of your mission.

I would like to feed all people, but lack sufficient funds. Dr. Yang and Rev. Hwang sent an official letter on my behalf. Did you take that as my letter or yours? [I took it as yours.] The National Messiahs have a very important mission. You should be in the subject position, taking responsibility for the nation. To do that, you should be vertically straight, connected to God clearly. You National Messiahs should not live a sloppy life. You should be straight.

What is kingship? You should pray like 360 degrees, vertically and horizontally, and be able to move around, able to reach in all directions and lay foundations, being engaged in actions that will surpass Satanís world. In order to do that, we should have the subjective conscience. We cannot just take it easy. Whether you like to or not, you have to take responsibility for everyone as the National Messiah. Even if you have to travel tens ofÖ Become the messiah through subject consciousness. Donít become human trash.

[Father moved away from the microphone, and we cannot hear. Someone in front moved it back, and Father rejected the effort, saying, "This is not your mission. I moved it. I am not speaking just for your sake."] There are a lot of trashcans on every level, but we should be able to remove them. If I continue speaking like this, it will take many days. When are you leaving tomorrow? Iím going to Kodiak.

Kodiak sounds like "ko do da," which means "tiring or difficult" in Korean. Shall I take some people there? Or not? Do you have a desire to go with me? Then, if you are chosen, you should think that you are representing all the people. If you do not want to go, then you should say so, expressing yourself clearly. Should I take you all, or just some of you? [All.] Iím not joking; why are you smiling? I do not need to see you, but you need to see me. Mr. Oh used to think I need a place fitted to me.

Again, you have to stand in the position of a subject. It should be clear that it is okay for you to be there. The first generation must be totally united. The gate into heaven is very narrow. However, we must go through that course. We should perfect only one love, one blood lineage. That is the heavenly path, the only path we need to follow. Therefore you must not live a casual life. I told you that three generations must be united. Iím even telling True Mother to keep that in mind. If you do not follow my direction, you will perish. For the sake of God, we should be willing to live a life under any difficult circumstances. That way you can resolve Godís grievances. You should become a holy son or daughter of God.

We need to live a life of attending God all the time. That is how we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Husband and wife should be united, and parents and children, and they should attend God together. Your ancestors must not accuse you for living an easier life than they did. We should be willing to sleep in an uncomfortable situation, not minding any discomfort.

No matter how high the mountain, we have to climb it and conquer it. We have to be able to stimulate people even if it takes thousands of years. When you return, you should be different from the past. You should be National Messiahs in the subject position, willing to sacrifice anything. Who is an "I"? That is a subject. You should be subject of the family and restore tribal subjectivity, then the levels of people and nation. When you die, you can live with God. Satan has been controlling the world. To restore the nation, we need to be the messiah, champions who can be the representatives. We should go beyond the level of the people and go in all four directions. We should be able to be called the filial son, filial child. Set the vertical tradition on the tribal, peopleís and national level. I have never thought about settling down. I have traveled all over the world but never thought of settling myself. I prepared for victory starting from water.

Westerners did something terrible on the waters -- stealing and killing. But we proclaim Godís victory on the waters. In the Unification Church, every four years we should be able to celebrate for the original holy ground. Every four years we must visit there. Are you going to go there alone, or with your family? Be grateful with tears for the sacrifices made in the past. In the past, I have gone to South America, even though I was busy. I prepared such a place, thinking of the future, 1,000 years ahead. Set the tradition of loyalty and filial piety. We ourselves need to be true olive trees. We should remove all the problems of the past, all those traces. That is the path of the people who are in the subject position. That is our destiny. That is how we can bring the realm of rest. When you go such a path, then you will be the filial children. Think of what is greater than you. Finally, take responsibility for the world.

In America, free sex is developed. I use the term, donkay, which means bitch, a person living a life of free sex. Some ask me not to use that expression, but often I cannot help it. Other times I use an expression for a serpent-like person. But both are pretty much the same. Women have a hole, and when someone entered that hole, that was the fall. Men who do not like women, raise your hands. [No one does.] in the past there was a rumor that in the Unification Church, members danced naked, even though it never happened. Rev. Kwak did not like it when I first talked about convex and concave.

A serpent has a flexible tail that can go in anywhere. That is amazing to see. If we serve disabled people continuously, we will not go to hell. We need to inherit from God. He wants to bequeath everything to human beings. In so doing, He can find His true son. Day and night we have to find this by living the life of a subject.

Now we have run out of time for Hoon Dok Hae. Do not think Dr. Leeís words are his own. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim must listen to me. They must think about why I sent them there. You may think you are doing the right thing, but there are people living like thieves. Even if you have been a thief, at the end you should repent and quickly change your wrong ideas. We should break down barriers and move up the stages of formation and growth. It will be difficult.

Men should be loyal subjects before women. If they are not, it will be difficult for women. There is no woman who has done more than I. I have asked ----.?--- to go out and witness, but they just stayed at home and I have been living a lonely life. Many people thought that the Bible is the whole truth. I do not want to create problems, but solve them. Yesterday I told you about total denial, about not adding your own views. What is precious about a diamond is not the cut, but the unchanging nature. I do not have an original copy of the Divine Principle. I asked members to keep it without losing it, but some people sold it. Those people will suffer a long, long time.

[How the people with the last name Park should restore the failure of President Park Chung Hee.]

If you are in debt, take it as a sacrificial offering. Ö The movement has raised and offered so much money, but I always live as a beggar. Some people I met in prison were not bad. They were willing to die for their nation. Should I leave them to go through life alone? But those people who left the church on the way, God has been walking a path of tears to see those people, to receive them again. Even if I have to travel ten thousands miles, someday I want to see them again and let them understand the path of parents and the path they must go. I still love them, and because they once were family members, I need to take care of them.

I cannot forget them; I remember their names. Even if they opposed me after being followers, I need to have more love for them than ever. If they repent and ask me what to do, I should help them. There are quite a few who used to be very close to me but fell away. Letís contact them one, two or three times. Someday they will realize how much I love them. Someday they will realize how much I love them and will hold a festival out of gratitude.

All the messages from Sang Hun Lee should be considered to be from me. You should not wonder if they are true or not. We must embrace even Satan. That is the mission of Chung Pyung Lake. I donít follow Chung Pyung Lake, but have to raise it up and correct it if necessary. Dae Mo Nim is there for me, and I also have to guide Heung Jin Nim.

We need to make a daily report to God. We should write a diary everyday or every week. If you did something wrong, you should repent. That will be helpful for your descendents ten thousand years later. Keep your diaries in your own museum. Everything must be reported. In the center, you cannot avoid recording all those records. When you write it down, you can see if your life is going wrong or not. No one will judge you other than yourself.

We must constantly find the faults within and clean them up. Who is the one who can digest everything? Those who understand the value of Hoon Dok Hae will be the victors. God and True Parents are the greatest fans of Hoon Dok Hae. I am responsible for equalization of the world, including spirit world.

A long time ago, I had a little money. I never counted it, but gave it away to members who needed it the most. When I give it to Mother, I always tell her to use it effectively. We cannot become a thief. If we are not careful with our material, Satan will snatch it away. All the money you are making should be used for the public purpose.

When you marry someone, you should find a person who is worse than you are and lift them up, higher than you. Those to whom I have married my children are families in difficult circumstances and I marry my family with them in order to help them.

Mr. --------------------, you should be willing to invest as much as you can in Africa. You built a nice training center.

Hoon Dok Hae reading, entitled "the purpose of True Parents coming."

ÖLucifer is living a quiet life, repenting, but his followers have not repented and are even persecuting him and attacking him. Iím trying to get them to repent. I cannot ask for your forgiveness.

True Father:

Now the conditions to overcome obstacles have pretty much been laid. So we should establish a four-position foundation among the four nations, in order to remove the barriers. We are in an age to go to the Kingdom of Heaven directly. Even if a 36 couple has been specially blessed in a special position, the first might be last and the last first. They can be replaced.

Tribal Messiahs should support the National Messiahs. National Messiahs should be among the saints and sages.

Everything must be reorganized from today, centering on three families, not including Clinton -- he failed. The three families are Reagan, Bush and MacArthur. Then 12 families, and then up to 120 families. Start with those 3 families and reach 120. Like the 120 disciples of Jesus. One day, all of a sudden, I got this as an order from God. We have ten days until July, so we have to pray ten days. By the end of July, it will be 40 days.

Second Session

We did Hoon Dok Hae with Father adding his remarks. My notes here are very spotty. These messages were rather brief. First, Jesusí request to Father and to all Unification Church members. Jesus feels extreme pain when he hears church bells because Christianity persecuted True Parents. Now the Christian spirit world has changed. Many Christians are hearing lectures in Divine Principle in spirit world, whereas they used to attack them. Jesus wants Father to take down all the crosses.

True Father:

They should realize that it is right to remove them all. Tell the ministers, as elders teach youngers.

Buddha reports on Heung Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim.

True Father:

The blessing is fearful. It is to go back to God, at least you are given the opportunity to do so. Husband and wife should have the same standard and be able to fill in for each other and fill in the gap in between you. Stand on parallel lines, not crossing, so there can be give and take action. Instead of amen, you can say "Mansei," which means liberation for 10,000 years.

Go to spirit world and become a "family teacher." All in spirit world are receiving the blessing, including infants who died. Ask, am I living in glory, the way Buddha wants?

Muhammadís message.

I am teaching my followers, telling them to listen to me now the way they did in the past. When I get to the part about the sexual organs, it is difficult for them.

True Father:

Witness to all the religions. Yellow is the color of love, or the closest to it; it is the color of heart.

Confuciusí message: Ö

True Father, to Confuciusí wife, Kyun June Lee, President of Sun Moon University: If you keep praying, you may get pregnant by the holy spirit.

Socratesí message: Ö

Kim Il Sungís message to his son:

I know this will be difficult, but take my body out of the display case. Take down my statue in Pyongyang.

Dae Mo Nimís message: Ö

True Father:

The most important foundation for unity is culture, also ideology.

From (or after) 2004, no earphones will be allowed. You have to know Korean or you cannot come in. Learn Korean.

UTS is the place to become a minister, which means to become a priest, which means to make a sacrificial offering of oneís own life, which means to sacrifice oneself. This is why I established the Seminary. I spoke at UTS graduation for four hours, even though they wanted a 15-minute address. It had to be done for the sake of Heaven, to give the blessing to the graduates.

It was a gift to celebrate the graduation of a true child. If you have three children, then at least two should attend UTS. The third can do what he wants.

Mary arranged marriages for her younger children, but not for Jesus. Therefore Jesus said my mother is the one who is doing Godís will, not her. She wanted him to change water into wine, a trivial request, after not fulfilling her main responsibility. If he had married and had even one child, then he would not have been crucified -- or even if he had, the providence could have gone on to save the world at that time through his lineage.

There are UTS alumni who make money for themselves instead of following my direction. You must know the difficulties others are going through.

[Rev. Kwak is honored because several of his children and his childrenís spouses graduated from UTS.] The graduates who are over 30 years in the church, please stand up. They now bowed to Rev. Kwak (who returned the bow). If he has faults, you indemnify them. Those couples in whom both husband and wife graduated from UTS, please stand. Rev. Kwakís is the model family. [Father gave him a large flower arrangement as an award.] Rev. Kwak is the model family that is the root of the model nation, and of the world. Those who graduate from UTS will lead the Unification Church internally and externally. After you get an undergraduate in a field that is your specialty, you should attend UTS.

[Then Father set up in the front]

True Father / True Mother / Hyun Jin Nim / Jun Sook Nim / Chun Hwan Kwak / Mrs. Kwak


Hyun Jin Nim, always have True Parents on your right and your wife and Rev. and Mrs. Kwak on your left. If you are not sure of what to do, talk with them. Now UTS can stand in its own position. Children of all Unification Church members will graduate from UTS. I gave scholarships and you didnít understand the value. You should create schools on all levels.

Then the six people made a circle and Father prayed: (1:55 p.m.) Representing three generations. To realize Godís will is the most important thing about theology and a theological school. Now we know why all children should graduate from seminary. May they have no source of shame. Hyun Jin Nim and all other alumni are connected together. They are a group to inherit the education of heaven. May this blessing expand to the world through the seminary. All UTS alumni should connect with Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim, and work together as one.

[Then the three couples kiss and/or hug each other.]

3:30 p.m. Session

Dr. Yang:

Father said that we should create an award with the same kind of flowers as in this arrangement for all families that reach the model standard as Rev. Kwakís family -- 7 children and children-in-law graduated from UTS. We will let you know the kinds of flowers.

We are collecting the media coverage of Archbishop Milingo. (Dr. Yang had a collection of about 20 articles from Taiwan.)

July 3-6 there will be speaking tours, simultaneously covering 12 cities in Korea and Japan, by True Father, True Mother and Hyun Jin Nim. It is on the foundation of the 50-state tour of the U.S. The top evangelists from the American tour will accompany and speak.

Milingo is testifying to True Parents in a straightforward way. It is having a great impact on Catholics worldwide. The Vatican is deciding what to do at the top level. Now we need to pour oil on the fire, so that a system can be established to bring salvation to the priests and nuns. Father said that things should change dramatically in Roman Catholicism. Celibacy started in the 11th century. Now four archbishops received the blessing, although Milingo was the most prominent.

75% of priests advocate priestly marriage. How can they guide families when they are not married, they ask? This is not a sudden thing; it is on the foundation of the blessing for the last 40 years. We have received many telephone calls about this. Candidates for the priesthood and those married before they became priests. Their organization is called CORPUS, with 20,000 members just in America. The head has met Milingo, who has shown the way for Catholics to go.

There is a war in the media on this, but we are doing better than the opposition. The New York Post compared H. G. Milingo with Henry VIII, Luther and Galileo. They say it will change the history of Roman Catholicism. So we are at a critical point in the providence, and Father is pushing it forward after seeing these media articles.

We have created a website <>. Many connect to it from Rome and the Vatican. We post all the positive information, good media articles, letters, etc. Now we need to guide it in the best direction and the clergy of ACLC is in the forefront, not us. Now the time is come. Prior to the predestined time, all effort does not have much effect, but when the time comes, everything can happen.

Now True Father has the kingship authority from God. Everything that challenged from the past is falling by the wayside.

The national messiah of Italy brought articles from newspapers. One has a photo of the Pope with H. G. Milingo. The Italian media is always calling our headquarters. They showed the blessing on national television. Photos in papers of Milingo and wife, and True Father. She was a missionary in Italy for years. Milingo is a great singer and dancer and has healing power. In Chicago, he healed more than 60 clergy. He is also an exorcist and is famous in Rome. That evening in Chicago he restored one assistant pastorís hearing, and others he healed, including a babyís eye problem by touching the baby with his hand. He has written 52 books. His heart is childlike. He danced yesterday at UTS entertainment.

True Father:

Rev. Kwak, give a report. We are in an age in which the events in America affect the world. All members should hear this report. Write it in your diary and expand it. The responsible person is important.

Rev. Kwak:

Today is one of precious grace for my family. Since we began the way of Godís will, we were not enough.

True Father:

Donít leave the room in the middle. Remain here until the meeting ends. Donít go in and out.

Rev. Kwak:

We are at a loss as to how to repay Heaven, and we have been forgiven for so much. We have a great debt and burden. When we look back, our son and daughter graduating from UTS became a blessing. That was another blessing for us. That would normally not be given an award. We have 8 who have graduated and two more in UTS now.

As Father has directed we have early morning kyung bae and Hoon Dok Hae, and we spend time together as a family and that in itself is the only education we give our children and grandchildren. All we did was practice True Parentsí directions. It is Father who directed kyung bae and Hoon Dok Hae. So this is a very precious award.

True Father:

Make an award using the same flowers for families in which 2 out of 3 children have gone to UTS. These families will blossom as beautifully as these flowers. If each family becomes such a model family, then that family will be able to attend God in the Kingdom of Heaven. We are beginning this today; it is a new age.

Rev. Kwak:

In each continent and country, Father has named peace ambassadors. He told us to bring together outside leaders for Hoon Dok Hae seminars. We couldn't imagine it, but they receive grace and blessing much more than from our own level of seminars. The Hoon Dok Hae seminars have been going on 1.5 years. The words themselves are conducting Godís work. They have that kind of power. They can guide the world. We have always puzzled how to introduce True Parents, and recently Father said to have seminars by continent and appoint peace ambassadors. They are to work in place of Father.

They will carry out his vision and ideals. The leaders who receive this ambassadorship are grateful and deeply moved. They are trying to have a deeper connection with True Parents, and this spiritual atmosphere is increasing in the world. The final goal is to build a world without boundaries. They start at the place they are presently located. What is a peace ambassador?

Share Fatherís content, namely, to serve others and give true love, completely different from the fallen love that destroys mankind. Fatherís life is a model of that ideal.

Testify to Fatherís concrete accomplishments, centered on work for peace to break down borders, including in the spirit world, and even blessing criminals and saints.

Father is putting into practice what he is teaching, so you also have to put all this into practice, becoming model leaders as Father is, to transcend philosophical differences.

If they fulfill this, it will make them true ambassadors of peace. Purity of lineage, respect of human rights, and make sure not to misuse public funds. We also educate them in this way. That is the basic meaning behind the appointment of ambassadors. We have one on each continent at first, but now there are 1,088 appointed or on the way, and the goal next is 1,200 and then 3,000. Then continental and world level ambassadors will be set up, and going down to the regional and city level.

But members who have the UTS degree and the National Messiahs are higher level than these appointed ambassadors. The four saints in spirit world and others there are truly working hard to accomplish True Parentsí work. We must work at least as hard as they. We must not fall behind any of the leaders in spirit world. We must be able to act in place of True Parents more than them. Especially National Messiahs, who are to be governors, must act in this way.

True Parents are signing these certificates, the first they have ever signed for people outside the church. We put it in a frame for them.

Testimony about --------------------------- (the sitting president of a country). We presented ----------- with a peace ambassadorship. He could have received it in his office, privately, but he invited the media and set up a meeting to receive it officially. His assistant read the appointment letter. No matter what happens to -------------------------, he will receive a great blessing from God. So, a sitting president received the ambassadorship.

Mr. Dong Moon Joo:

Report about the recent awards program in DC, centering on AFC. Then on the creation of the Cosmic Federation for World Peace (CFWP). The congress thought the Unification Church was growing weaker, but see we are actually doing more work in the country.

The new AFC has inherited the spirit of the ALC that was dealing with communism. We had 80 or more ALCs around the country, in each state and 7 in DC. The total attendance was over 20,000, including state legislators, religious and community leaders. The seminars are Hoon Dok Hae, edited for the occasion about successful marriage, then parenting, then community leadership. Then we have discussion about application. As people listen, they are skeptical because they have heard only bad things about us. But as they read several passages, they wonder if it is really Sun Myung Moonís words. The conferences begin with some tension, therefore, but the end is a revival atmosphere.

On the January 19 prayer luncheon, in a hotel near Congress. In attendance were Rev. Robert Schuller, the religious affairs advisors of the last five presidents, John Ashcroft, top Southern Baptists and leaders of Billy Grahamís organization. Father spoke only 15 minutes. It was the shortest speech Father has ever given.

January 25, there will be a faith-based initiatives meeting.

Koo Bae Park:

About the Ocean Hope 1 fishing expedition. It is mid-winter and there are only two boats out there fishing. They are not catching very much. There was a fire onboard, which went out quickly, and that is considered a good sign. But there is not much to report by way of catching fish right now.

Regarding our land, 70 years ago a German religious group moved to the Chacagua area of Paraguay. They have worked hard and developed forestry and animal husbandry, developing their own technology. They were afraid when we bought the land next to them. Others were worried as well about what we might do. They feared we would dig for oil.

The challenge when you develop agriculture is maintaining the ecological balance. Tree farming. Cattle. Trees on 50,000 hectares, working with the national university of Paraguay to get the highest level local technology. We are working with different universities, including SMU (Sun Moon University).

Providentially, Father said that settlement period corresponds to the period after the flood judgment in the time of Noah. Settlement requires land. We should create the model for the world, beyond othersí standards. It should connect with the UN, which represents the world, and be owned by God. Agriculture is for the sake of the world, taking care of the environment including the people who are living there originally. It all has to be developed in harmony. This is difficult. Many scholars have volunteered to work with us.

Many people in the area raise cattle. It is relatively easy and there is a stable market. Lots of feed is available. The demand for beef in Europe is rising. Many countries have failed in agriculture. The US has succeeded but is losing nutrients in the soil, so it will fail later. There has to be an agriculture that replenishes the nutrients in the earth. There is good technology available, using the energy of the sun and, as in Oriental philosophy, of the entire solar system. So the land is in the west and the philosophy is from the east. Our ideals and goals are high and we are moving forward cautiously. We donít have enough people. We need people to live there and help us, the National Messiahs.

Also, tourism -- eco-tourism. There is a 200 km railroad, of which 100 km are left. It was built 100 years ago and is historical. Paraguay won a war with Bolivia back then, and the Bolivian Indian culture is reviving and offering tourism potential. We own a mountain and are building tourist facilities. We are attracting investors from around the world. It is a large ranch.

We are planting trees on 200 hectares. We will have a 200,000 hectare green band, for producing oxygen. This is a kind of business now. We can sell the oxygen producing capability of the land. Companies that produce pollution buy it to balance the pollution they create. To produce the trees takes 7-10 years. During that period we will raise cattle. We will not use chemical fertilizers.

This land is Godís land, our land, "my" land. You may be asked to emigrate there. Agriculture requires technology. What is important is understanding nature. They never heard of farmers having an international conference. Many people of good conscience want to join in. So we have created a good network.

The Catholic Church is tense there, so maybe our new Catholic friends can help us if they know someone there. We can have a conference or worship in their churches. Iím trying not to be too excited right now about the possibilities. We need people to come from one hundred countries. If you dig down 30 meters, you find water. [He shows Father a chart of the development model.]

Baek Joong Ku (Los Angeles Regional Director):

Recently True Parents have been bringing this South America foundation to North America, blessed as the second Israel, and taken this energy through Hawaii to Korea. There are four large Hawaiian Islands. Kona is on Hilo island. This is a new maritime base. True Parents bought a small coffee plantation there. That was their jumping off point to North Korea in 1991. Then they didnít mention it for ten years. Then last October, after their visit to the Marshall Islands they stayed there and outlined their Pacific plan. Then they came again with True Children and stayed for ten days. They had a 40 days ocean workshop at the coffee farm. 30 attended from Japan and 10 from Korea.

At the end of the workshop Father visited the four islands and started the Oceania providence. The conclusion was that Hawaii will be prepared as the worldís foremost oceanic base. It is 5.5 hours from LA, 7 from Japan, 8 from Korea, about 8 from Australia, so it is really the middle of the Pacific region. It is the center to protect all the island nations. The settlement of the oceanic providence will be there.

Father gave a gift of high schools in 14 island countries. Then 40 days later, Father called 72 missionaries from Japan, one from each region. Suddenly the Hawaii church went from 15 families to 120 members. The oceanic providence began, dividing them into 7 teams, so there are 7 evangelical witnessing centers. Hawaii is an extension of the Japanese providence, so Rev. Yu is responsible. We have seven houses for the teams. After six monthsÖ thereís no other place in America that has such an infusion of missionaries.

The ocean providence started in Boston and is coming to a conclusion in Hawaii. LA is midway between New York and Hawaii. The True World Group is preparing boats and a maritime training base. We have many boats now. True Parents have a high expectation for Hawaii. It will be a forward base for the unification of Korea and for the world oceanic providence. We are just beginning and there is no result to show you. People from Japan come to Hawaii for education. It should be once a week, but we are doing it once a month. Right now the tourist company people are guiding people around. It is a tourist site worldwide.

True Father:

Raise your hand if youíve been to Hawaii. I want to send everyone in America to Hawaii for a 40-day training. The women have to protect the ocean. You have to unite with the Japanese. Hawaii is not part of America. More than half the population is Asian. Everything is expensive, ten times what it costs here. The Pacific is huge, the womb that encompasses the world.

North America and South America are twins. Iíve brought together North America and South America. Iím the only one who can bring them together. We founded the headquarters for the Cosmic Federation recently. Itís beautiful in South America; if you go there you will want to live there. That building has a famous garden full of trees from around the world. The president visited there for the opening. Montevideo is a good base, with a hotel, a newspaper companyÖ You can imagine how many plans I have in my head.

To follow me, you have to do many things but True Mother has followed for 40 years. American women would last only one month. There has to be love. Lineage raises up eternal love. Lineage comes from man and woman combined in love and life. The result is blood lineage. Can you complete true blood lineage?

In July and August, many fish are there in Hawaii. If I call you to gather in Hawaii in two weeks, will you come? [Yes.] Even 1,000 people? Then we need 35 ships. Everything I do is for history. I have to create a country. I have to have a country that owns the Pacific Ocean, in order to have peace there. It will cost much money and we can create cities there, in harmony, that people will want to visit.

Water is becoming a problem. Whoever controls water will control the world. Transport icebergs to the US and Japan, and they will yield a profit of millions of dollars each. It is ancient water. People will move around the world in search of water. For 30 years Iíve been preparing for this. The person who prepares for a long time will be the central figure of the new age. Raise your hand if you were trained in Ocean Church. It went from 140 to 40 in a few months. Now, 20 years later, the issue of the ocean has become very serious.

Kim, Dong I (Iím not sure of the spelling):

I am in charge of the shipyard in Uruguay. I was an evangelist, who graduated from a seminary, intending to do that my entire life, but Father told my wife he would make me a sailor. I thought Jesus made a fisherman into a minister, so True Father made a minister into a fisherman. So I accepted it. We bought a boat and went out on the boat during the week, almost dying several times. I studied Fatherís words concerning water and the ocean. In volume 83 of the Hoon Dok Hae series is a deep speech about this. He said there is no owner of the ocean, so it is very lonely. And Father said he could become the owner of the ocean to resolve its resentment.

Mankind did not go to sea out of love. Women who sent their men away hate the sea. So they cannot have a normal family life. So Father has invested a lot into it. Now I work with the shipyard in Mokpo, Korea, Il Heung. We build ships for the government including the coast guard and chemical tankers. We are making boats for the South Pacific now. We are using the blueprints made by True World Group in America, designed ultimately by Father.

We bought a second yard during the crash of 1999. We built a 20-ton ship for ------(name of a country)------, and another to -------------, and a 23-ton ship for -------------. We have an order for 6 ships from -------------. They are for test-boring for oil, highly technical although small. With the ----------------- deal, they sent a large sum without a guarantee, on the basis of their knowledge that we are part of Tongil Group.

True Father:

In the future we will build residential submarines.

Mr. Kim:

Father says the capacity, 20,000 tons, is too small and we should have capacity for 100,000 tons.

True Father:

What time is it? [9:30 p.m.] Are you tired? Letís hear from Rev. Kang, Hyun Shil (she is the first person to join in the south, when Father and Won Pil Kim lived in the mud hut).

Rev. Kang:

I congratulate the graduates of the 25th UTS class. I was once a seminary graduate. I am the first member of our church who graduated from a seminary. When I met Father he was 33 and I was just over 20. We have all changed a lot externally. Iím 75 years old now. In Lithuania there was a workshop for those under 43, but I spoke for 6 hours in one day, and still I didnít want to stop. I received a lot of grace there, especially from Hyun Jin Nim. He truly moved me. There were 300 people there, all of whom he completely enraptured. His words were filled with conviction. He is now 32 years old and is just like Father was when I met him. Over the meal I told him I met Father when he was 33 and that he is just like Father back them. Father was so active and powerful enough to shake the world, and I feel the same thing from you. He replied, please help me have power and strength. Hearing you talk makes me feel more energy. Hyun Jin Nim is speaking with confidence and conviction, and so Iím sure this someday will be our world.

He gives a true heart to young people and courage to everyone to go into action. He told me that Father told him to report everything but Father doesnít provide time for him to report. So he asked me to report to Father about what you see here and report to many people. I felt that a new history is beginning.

We have to become a fence around Hyun Jin Nim and help him. Sometimes he sits, sometimes walks back and forth and gestures, just as Father did back then. When Father spoke to me sometimes he would sit in front of me and sometimes jump up and I thought he was dancing. Hyun Jin Nim is the same way. He voice is so loud, the whole room was shaking. The young people became intoxicated and affirmed their determination. Wherever he goes, many people will be moved and will re-affirm themselves in this new history.

True Father:

Thatís why blood lineage is so important and precious.

Mrs. Kang:

Father has told me many times to speak honestly. Tim Elder asked me, what is it that he wants me to speak about honestly? So I decided to speak more forthrightly. Not just the external things. Mrs. --- advised me and we talked deeply. That night I couldnít sleep, because whatever you tell Mrs. --- will be spread all over the church. So I asked her not to tell anyone.

1,647 years ago, my husband, Augustine, was alive on the earth. I was an evangelist in an established church and donít know what happened to me. His mother wept every day for him to become pure and faithful. God heard the prayers and brought him into the church at age 33. He heard a voice, telling him to pick up and read, Romans 13:12-13. It says, take off the darkness and put on the armor of light. Put on Christ as armor. This is what he heard, and he wept and made his new determination and became a Christian. He studied a great deal and made effort and took responsibility and to accomplish everything, he led a very active life and died at 76. He was a bishop, a scholar, a professor at a university. I bought ten books about him, and theologians around the world talk about him. They are moved by The City of God.

He regrets he could not meet True Parents on earth. He is grateful to serve them now. He heard Divine Principle from Dr. Lee and believes that it is biblical and solves the problems of the Bible. God is light and wherever True Parents move, this light follows them around.

People ask if Augustine really comes to me. If they are mature enough to understand, I answer: Yes, he comes. When? Without notice, anytime and anyplace. People who do not have the experience think that I am lying. I met him several times and had dialogue with him, especially how to involve the four saints to help Korean Christianity support True Parents and carry out the great providence. You lose track of time. Once in Namdaemun market, I heard a voice saying, I love you. No one was there. All the boundaries are falling down.

So these boundaries are falling down on earth too, so thatís why we have to know the spirit world. "Have you done the 3-day ceremony with Augustine?" I answer, "After the workshop, we did the 3-day ceremony as we were directed. People of a different age experience it differently, and I experienced all those different ages. I looked like I was that age in the mirror and appeared to be those different ages. I had the experience of appearing to people to be very young while preaching in the pulpit.

In the principle of creation, it says that the basic problems of life and the universe all have to do with the true love of man and woman, with the sexual organ. So I told Father about this experience. I did experience this, as if I were a twenty year old. The ultimate state of man and woman relationship we have to experience a lot in the physical world before going to spirit world.

True Parents have come to build the world of true love. This means the sexual organs are the palace of love, life and lineage. This one term that True Parents have given, that none other have given, no one else has said this. For this, Father deserves hundreds of doctoral degrees. When you are with another, your happiness is doubled, and your unhappiness is halved.

I speak to him in Korean and he answers in thought forms that I can understand. I can hear him speaking in Korean. Father wants us to know the spirit world so that we can live in the world. Then everyday is a miracle, full of gratitude, mystical. There are many people who do not feel this, that everything is difficult, that they have bad ancestors. How much people suffer who say that. Live in the mystical world! If you go into a deep state, you can hear the voice. "Beloved one, hear this: you are truly beautiful. I never grow tired of hearing your voice. The more I hear it, the more I want to hear it. I always love you because you are always longing for and loving True Parents. If I feel tired, your voice gives me energy and encouragement. I go to you so that our hearts may be one. When we are one, our True Parents are with us."

That is what I heard. Love is stronger than death. Love is a fire that cannot be extinguished. I tell you this because you never know what will happen, but at some time, Augustine and Kang Hyun Shil -- I want you to know that we shared this love between physical world and spirit world. Everyplace I go, I tell people about this amazing fact. Everyone says, you know what we want to hear, so tell us about that. Today Iíve spoken more deeply and in the future I will speak more deeply still.

True Father:

Weíre almost at the time to close.

June 22, 2001

International Leaders Conference

"UTS alumni total blessing" The focus is the Unification Church. In the official establishment, so not everyone can say they are a minister. Another way to say minister is moksa, which means "dead eye," which means blind. So if the sheep are that way, then the shepherd must know everything about the herd, what kind of sheep and what kind of wolf is trying to steal them. So the minister must have a living eye to see the surroundings. Before he goes to bed he has to know, or he will be in trouble with the master of the herd. He needs to know their footsteps and breathing and the creation of the lambs.

If there are hundreds of people in your congregation, you have to know all their names and what is going on in the spirit world around your flock. If there is a problem, call people on the phone and talk to them about it. Then the church will become one. But you need to cooperate with the spirit world. Otherwise, the wolf will pick them off one by one. Your concern will let you know the truth about the herd. Pray to be that kind of shepherd. Wipe away the tears; that is the true clergyman. Not everyone can be a minister. Some ministers donít know how to do this. The sheep must drink water. The minister must be responsible for their spiritual life, to raise them up. This is a serious matter. So, at this time, grads of UTS can give the blessing.

Who gave you the title, "reverend"? Did God? True Parents? Did you give it to yourself? I have to give it to you, systematically, because there are different generations. You have to receive it through an order and discipline. Systematize it. Grandfathers, uncles, husband and wife and older brother -- all have to be in the system. Letís make this now.

Whatever responsibility you are given requires your loyalty and dedication, to create and raise a flock that the society will welcome. Even if you have to dedicate all your property, as parents do for children. Lead them to water, pass on the tradition of God to the flock.

Minister of the family, as your flock.

Minister of the clan, as your flock. Goal: have them participate in the registration blessing. Offer this fruit to God. You cannot go this way alone. The sheep wonít follow you if they know they will lose something, but only if you can give them something. Invest time, and invest yourself, for the sake of the people. The more you invest, the more you will expand your area. You cannot go up by yourself, but with your flock. There are many family messiahs in the Unification Church, and you have many relatives. Four generations become one. Family has to include four generations (grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren) returning joy to God. [This really is three generations.] You must not fight in front of your children, or your tears. If you do, they will fight. If you beat them, they will beat their children.

Jesus created 12 tribes but couldnít create the vertical 120. He sent them out to the world, to declare the true family to 180 families. From the individual to the nation that is the flag-bearer to the world.

Abel cannot do it alone; he needs Cain, namely, 180 couples, and has to send them out to 180 countries.

What we need is 120 families to receive and pass on the tradition. This will be the blessing of 36 million couples (?). 12, then 72 then 120 (formation-growth-completion). Then go to the next level and expand it. The Unification Church has done the 360 million couples blessing; canít each of you do ten? If you do 60 couples, you can go beyond this world. We cannot allow children who have received so much grace to fall by the wayside. If they do, your ancestors will leave you. So we need national level ministers.

Minister of the nation, as your flock. 12 tribes and 70 elders and so that even other nationalities, and have 12 ethnic groups and become a people based on your own clan and go forward. The national level minister, centering on the family, must have 12 elders, as in Mosesí time. From these couples, send out missionaries around the world. Pattern of 12, to 72, to 120 to 180 countries. Cut off the false olive tree and graft onto the rest.

Minister of the world.

Minister of heaven and earth.

Rev. Kwak, evaluate all the people from UTS and SMU. Jesus could not find twelve. We will go beyond the 72. Finally this leads to the unification of North Korea and South Korea.

I must have the same living standard between north and south, and find your flock on both sides, as a realm of subject and object.

So I expanded throughout the world through the 3 couples, 36, 72, 120, 430, then 777 to the world, then 1800 next. Then 8,000, then 6,500, then 1,275, then 30,000. [Rather a confused count, but I gave the chronological order.] Then the second-generation blessingsÖ (?) then into the worldwide blessing age in form, growth and completion, reaching 3.6, 40 and finally 360 million. No matter where you go, no one will chase out Unification Church blessed members, but will welcome them. We are going over the arirang pass, so to speak. Becoming a perfect minus to connect with Godís lineage. It was accomplished through the 360 million couple blessing.

The lineage must be reformed and fixed in order to enter the Kingdom of God. The value of the leader on every level is the same, centering on the family.

So, how much are you able to expand this? That is the important thing. How long have you done it? This is the time that has arrived. Your own descendents must be brought to perfection, then the larger spheres -- 12 clans, 12 ethnic groups. So the blessed families now have to go out to the world and form nations. These nations go beyond Satan, hence, to the world. 18,000 families can expand by factors of ten and twelve.

The first stage is family level messiah, formation stage is 72, then 120 is national level. The Completed Testament Age is the worldwide age. Then 180 couples have to be sent out to the world, and go house-to-house, and then 430 -- 180 times three is 540; that many must do missionary work. So they need 36 couples. Home church was for 360 families. In the age of the returning lord, bring at least 540 within the three generations. Work systematically. If you cannot do that, then the family will have to go back to the first generation and start again.

This evening I will report to God that we have decided to take on this responsibility. How much you are able to accomplish your responsibility on the national level, the result of unificationÖ It doesnít matter when you joined the church or which blessing you got. We are in the midst of registration and migration. If I tell you to, you must be ready to move, even to Africa. If you do, you will receive much blessing there. I have nothing of my own. I hold everything in the name of the church. Remember the Bible story of the rich young man. You must make the living sacrificial offering. The fall lost all things. You cannot live a prosperous life. But we are entering the age in which True Parents can live in this situation.

Lineage must be received and inherited. It is the public formula.

Centering on August 1, you have to have north, south, east and west and the World War II allies the US, England, France, and Korea must be the center. Because Japan wasnít able to fulfill its responsibility, England, France and Germany must be brought back to fulfill theirs. Seven countries have opposed True Parents. The UN must not oppose True Parents. If it unites with the US in opposition, we have to create the alliance of island countries, and I have already created the foundation for that, to establish the Ö Seven island countries should be made one, then seven nations of [ECOSOC -- a UN committee, apparently].

From Aug 1 to Sept 1, arrange everything. Family level minister, the mother must raise up the minister. The minister or the shepherd is the messiah. The first stage is the family level minister. The family level is the parents.

A daily diary and the four-position foundation. The husband and wife must know what is in each otherís diaries, review, sign and grade it each week in terms of percentage. The father cannot tell a lie. Then the parents must go to the childrenÖ They must not break human rights or misuse public funds or defile the lineage. The body must not defile the mind. Unification must start with the individual. If the lineage is not pure, you cannot pass down the tradition, so the lineage must be fixed. Individualism is the problem. It leads to materialism. The parts of your body know about each other, so husband and wife must know absolutely everything about each other. How about you? Are you controlled by your wife? [No.] You want to love her and does sheÖ who does the coaching of love? Does she want to start, or you? Why are you so quiet? Thereís a problem. Your face is red. If you like your husband and try to have relations butÖ In the garden, Eve was among five males, so there was a greater possibility for her to fall. As Adam and Eve saw animals mating, they saw the male sexual organ was similar to a snake looking for a hole to go into, and the womanís like a mouth of a snake, so once you are bitten, the poison goes into your blood. What do you think is good and evil? If the Mafia seed is in you, it brings the fruit of the Mafia, and a good seed will produce a good fruit. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil represented Eve. The women in the Russian church must understand this. You can have no spare key.

The angel, spouse and children will report. Women paint their mouth red to suck the blood out of you. Children and all living things like the nipple. The son, daughter and husband like it. The husband who loves his wifeís nipples must also establish the position of a child before the wife, so thereís no falsehood there. What belongs to the wife belongs to the husband.

In America, it is a mistake to send the children of divorce to the wife. Change that law. When you touch the womanís mouth or nipples, the feeling goes to the vagina. Women go through a change at age 17 or 18; they want to be with men and their nipples harden. Some womenís mouths are shaped strangely. Women with many babies have large hips and breasts. Small means it is difficult to give birth to many children. Nowadays women want to be slim, which means having no babies. Then what will you do?

Settlement of the restoration of the subjective realm. We are beyond the time of following. We are in the age of the settlement of the restoration of the subjective realm. It is the perfection of the subjective realm.

Youth and middle age -- responsibility thereunto appertaining. Everyone goes through school, all the way to university and Ph.D., and you are done when you are 30. In the Unification Church, centering on Hyun Jin Nim, those who graduate from the university must go to their hometown and establish the tradition and put down their roots. Your elementary, middle and high school place is your hometown. You were born there and ate food there. The body and the land are indivisible.

Where is your hometown? [Hamtong province] You must goÖ a person grows up by eating the fruit from that area, so you become one with the land of that area. So your body and the land are indivisible.

Age of youth. You are more than fifty now, aren't you?

Homogeneous blood relatives, the completion of the salvation of the single or homogeneous blood relatives. Homogeneous means unitary; it means that everyone in your clan receives the blessing. After that, then you work for everyone else in the country to receive it. There cannot be two lineages. The original world divided into two, which have been struggling. When the unitary blood lineage is blessed, then the nation can be established. The living offering sacrifice will bring together the island countries and weak countries of the world.

The completion of the kingship of cosmos. We must establish Godís authority and bring about the cultural sphere that will enable you to live anywhere in the world. "The unification family blessing and unification peace blessing." Even if you have to go somewhere as a refugee, there will always be that order. Then you can rest anywhere you go. You must become this kind of family. If you establish that model, then the people of every neighborhood share their food with beggars and travelers and feed those who are hungry. If you are a family that does that, then all the money of the world will come to you automatically. Feed the travelers and beggars. If you have three children, two go to the seminary and the third can be blessed with whomever he or she likes. Because the boundaries have been removed, enemies can be blessed with each other. So if you have three children, thenÖ The first two connect with the priestly tradition. That kind of family will never be destroyed. Both family and church will prosper. Love the church more than you do your parents. Offer things to your minister prior to offering to your parents.

Completion of the practice in the age of the great changeover and eight-stage age, and this is talking about the love relationship. You loved the child in the womb, but not as much as God did. Become the master of the seed of love prior to the birth. The child grows to finally be engaged and married and the process comprises eight stage of love, and you have to be master of it on each stage, including the womb.

If you can work with God, then heavenly fortune can work with you and you can build the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the new age, you must inherit the foundation of the UPI. We are in the age of the UPI unification. The Washington Times can create newspapers in 185 countries. It also has to do with inheriting the oceanic foundation. Twins are born out of the mother. To create a country that can change over into Unification. Protestantism and Roman Catholicism are united with the bride, and Asia is the masculine figure. Japan must become one with Korea in the masculine position. All the island countries long for the continent. In Shim Chung there is the underwater palaceÖ Father gave a new ending to that traditional story.

Japan fought World War II to gain Hawaii, but lost it. Now Japan can offer Hawaii to the True Parents. The king of the ocean and queen of the land can be married. Then Islam will follow after this. Be inheritors of UPI, and mobilize all your people.

Inheriting the transcendent art foundation.


From now on, the people who lead the world, especially the foundation of art, the leisure industry, will be fishing and hunting, centering on the ocean foundation. Americans donít want to go out on the ocean for a year because their wife runs away. So I will help them by rebuilding the moral foundation. I will educate and raise up people who fish well and they will share the fish they catch according to demand.

Inheriting UPI and oceanic foundation and foundation of art and sports. So now we have the Olympics, but there is no cultural component [Father talked about the WCSF here, asking Rev. Kwak how many we have done]. Soccer in South America and Asia will connect. That will never perish.

Those who follow this content will never perish. You are people who can live in the transition age.

In the future, SMU students do divinity school for two years after their four-year course. Study through the summer in order to complete six yearsí study in four and a half years. Make a school of Principle, from which they need credit in order to graduate. Do away with all the vacations in order to graduate in the shortest possible time. Make the college of Hoon Dok, the college of Principle. If America does not allow Divine Principle to be taught, it will perish. It is the Bible of the Completed Testament Age. Already you are half-asleep (it is 12:20 a.m.). You are preparing yourselves to leave. If I say goodbye, please go and rest.

The national realm -- you need to take a gift so that the national realm can follow when the parents and children become one. Centering on Adam in the Adamic family, True Parents as the returning Lord can receive the offering. If the boundaries are created, then there will be no way for that to be resolved, but telling enemies to marry will then create the liberated realm. So now, when you go hunting, watch theÖ I have to go the fatherís course. Gather people of every age group and have a feast for every age group. Comfort these people and I have the authority and power, and before that power, every man and woman have absolute faith, love and obedience. Hyo Jin and Hyun Jin say "the blood of true love is boiling." The love of what? Of absolute authority for the liberation of Ö [There was a rushed translation of several terms concerning absoluteness, realms, nations, world and cosmos, as Father departed.]

Rev. Kwak:

Those UTS grads who worked thirty years for the church, those people indicate who you are when you turn in your biography, that we will hand out soon for UTS alumni. Be sure to fill out this form. [Nothing was handed out; apparently a biographical form will be sent to all UTS alumni. We will do our best to keep you apprised about this.]

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