Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Twelve Americans Attend True Parents in Uruguay -- Day 4

Sun Myung Moon
June 2, 6 a.m. National Garden
Rev. Ki Hoon Kim translating
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks

I have fulfilled my responsibility for South America. North America and South America are not just two continents; they represent two ideologies. They have to bear fruit in the motherís womb. Asia is like the mother, so they have to bear fruit in a Pacific Ocean nation. Abel has to bring the ideal of the kingdom. The US has a mission for the world, not just for itself. After World War 2, the Unification Church and Christianity divided. After World War 2, Koreans returned to Korea from Japan and from America. Those who came back from America obtained the political power but made mistakes, and Korea divided. When Kim Il Sung was 30 years old he attained power in the north. He was Jesusí age when the Korean War started. This was a worldwide issue.

Without black-white unity, centering on God, there cannot be peace in this world. The problem is the value of human life. Based on North America, we need to build Godís kingdom. The fifty states are equivalent to fifty nations. Take care of them and they should unite centered on a united Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. The US should live for the sake of all nations, not bring other nations to live for her. If the US lives for itself, it will perish. The Hoon Dok Hae meetings are for the sake of establishing Godís kingdom. The Family Pledge prepares us for the new millennia between Cain and Abel, to bring Godís kingship for the sake of Heavenly Father.

Without building Godís kingship and the unity of east, west, north and south with a strong economic and cultural foundation, we cannot be united. Everything starts from the family. It all comes together centered on the Family Pledge. I prepared until today to connect the South American and North American providences. From June 1, the providence restarted. I should bring a great fruit. Where is the final place to bear fruit? The ocean. Indonesia represents the Islamic world, centering on the Indian Ocean. I have made a great relationship with the president of Indonesia because of this providence. Indonesia is an island country, as is Taiwan. They have to unite in the ocean providence, centering on True Parents. Four nations need to unite, representing east, west, north and south: Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia. If Japan fulfills her responsibility, then they all can.

Israel failed externally, so we have to follow Godís providence internally in Abelís position. I tried to restore the internal and external foundation for Christianity and Islam. Islam is Satanís side. I received persecution in America, but fulfilled my portion of responsibility. I want to bring world peace through international marriages mingling blood lineage. Without this, there will be no peace. I am not a guest, but the owner of the providence. I act, therefore, like a king and leader of a royal family.

Japan and America should unite. America is the champion of Cain. Cain should live for Abel, centering on the blessing, bringing the unity of America and Asia. I want to make a flat land between Asia and the Pacific Ocean countries. The Pacific Rim countries are enemies of America, but I want to bring unity among them.

The Vatican will perish unless they follow my direction. They should unite with Protestantism. On June 1, Noahís family settled down. It is a new era and a new start, like Noahís family. We will move our movement to Pacific Rim countries such as Hawaii, and many will be shocked to see this. I invested in Uruguay and at the same time in the Pacific area. I want to build the new culture in the Pacific Ocean countries out of all the old ones.

First we need education based on Godís Coronation. If not, the American family will be destroyed. America is responsible to be the nation of Godís kingship. How can we raise The American second generation to be pure? We need to teach Godís ideal family. Absolute materialism and idealism do not unite. Should I help America or not? That is your responsibility.

If Christianity supports me, I can easily bring Godís kingdom. You should know my concern for Christians. After 12 years, Bushís administrationÖ until 2012. All white Americans and all Americans in general are like Jesusí 12 disciples, so they need to unite and make the foundation for Godís kingdom. Unify the nation, not just the individual and family. Invest 100% to build Godís kingdom, or communism will return, through Russia and China. I will educate them and build a new movement. Last summer we educated over 4,000 youth from those four countries. I blessed everyone, including saints and Mafioso. So we shouldnít take the registration ceremony lightly, or in the Kingdom of Heaven, you will be garbage. We have to save the Christian foundation and then build the nation on that foundation. You need to know my view of how history is moving. If you donít prepare, you will lose out. Without centering on True Parents, nothing will happen. We are stuck and need to move forward somehow. I will build a new leadership for the Pacific Ocean area.

The mission of Japan is that of Eve. If you donít succeed, accusation will come through the third generation. Unification family tradition includes worshiping oneís ancestors on their anniversary. We need the foundation to fly like a rocket. Many black leaders have key world leadership posts. Donít assume things about me. I am not free to move around. Even if you invite me, I may not be free to come. South America is the headquarters of Roman Catholicism, which has lost its life force. The key point is the unity of Japan and the US. You must follow me, not matter how famous you are. The US has been my enemy for fifty years. How can we connect to the realm of the Pacific age? We need to pay indemnity. Consider my sweat and tears. You need to serve as the crew of a fishing boat. We have to recover the ocean. I need to put a pillar in each area, including the air.

We have to digest everything centering on America. The twelve who came from North America are like the 12 disciples of Jesus. If they had united, Jesus would not have been crucified. It is not so easy to unite with my ideal. Make kingship everywhere in the U.S. You are the only ones who have that concept. Others who lead the U.S. and the UN do not. You can create the new concept of the Kingdom of God on Earth, which is rooted in the coronation of God. Without that action, America will fall. But with it, America can embrace all nations. Pioneer that central point. Have more determination than I have. I have sold properties and invested on the UFC building in DC. How can I do more than that? You ask for more help. I tried to sell all the Belvedere land. Many media entities require a good deal of funding. I support them financially but they donít unite with my ideas. They use our members. How can we make a new mainstream concept? We need to be self-supporting. The Washington Times should be within three years. Our enterprises in Uruguay as well, should be self-supporting in three years.

Those whom God selects as central figures will perish if they do not fulfill their calling. Do not expect Japanese women to support the American providence. Your wives should do it. The bride has to unite with her husband. How can you think of your family when you are still on the frontline? If you donít listen, Japan will suffer more and more. A president worries about his nation, but I think about the world. So I cannot come down to his level; he must take care of my world vision. How about women serving as church leaders? They would be better than archangelic leaders. All leaders, without me, cannot fulfill the leaderís position. All leaders follow my direction; I cannot follow yours. If you follow your way, you will kick out Heavenly Father as well. I brought the coronation idea to build respect for America. God longed for the Coronation, but no one really understands.

Later, we will make a church-related university like UB. We provided financial support for church related education, but it was used up and now you need more. You need to collect large donations from the UTS alumni. You should have done it last year. I invite professors to Kodiak this Ö You donít do well, but I support you. I like success; I do not want to support failure. We need to create the best school, church and family. By 2004, we have to reach the level of Jesus occupying Rome -- on Hawaii or mainland America. God came down to the palace for seven days. Who wants to build the palace in Hawaii? I will make a competition, and American should be first. If America canít support it, I will look to Russia and China. Invite me as master and owner, or it all will fade away and be broken. The Capitol Hill, the UN -- I should be the king. All nations prepare for the Kingís birthday and anniversary.

The west wants to destroy Asia; this has been the goal of white people throughout history. They are proud of this vision, to occupy the world. But no one can do that without God. They didnít try to do it by peace, buy by fighting. When I establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, that concept of fighting will disappear. Top Americans will understand. Set up the foundation in America. The Indians are my cousins. White people destroyed them. Why did God bless America? It centers on Christianity. God is crying inside. Only I understand. I poured thirty years into America and made of Korea and Japan beggars because of your viewpoint. God says you have failed, with my blood. From now, go back to your native country. All my missions are finished, from South America to the spirit world. The Coronation Ceremony centers not on me but on God. For eighty years I have sacrificed my family and my relatives. It is all broken up. But now I am free everywhere. Now the center is God, with a new tradition; God wants everything new, in heaven and on earth. If you want, I will stand on the frontline. I will pour out more now for Godís sovereignty.

Spirit world told me to change a plan. I canít even share with True Mother and I donít know where to go today from now. How many can come to Korea for three years? Can you come? [Yes!] The principle of the Unification Church is to live for God even if your wife and children are suffering. Even now, True Mother is sitting, suffering, waiting while I speak and share Godís will. [At that point, True Father was about 30 minutes behind schedule to depart for the airport, having not eaten breakfast.] Sometimes one must mercilessly go forward to fulfill Godís will.

[True Parents departed with a small group of leaders to the Pantanal.]

Dr. Yang:

Yesterday, June 1, Father went to the beach in Punta del Este where there are 33 fishing poles fishing all the time. It is because Uruguay is the diametrical opposite of Korea on the globe. Father wants to finish the South America providence. Therefore he called twelve representatives from North America. The path to Korea from South America is to go through North America, which includes Christianity and the UN, then to Hawaii and the Pacific Rim, then to his eternal hometown, either Korea or spirit world. Because of that he called us.

This is the first headquarters of the Cosmic Federation for World Peace and Unification. Next Father will choose a building in North America. I offered the UFC building, and Father said no, it will be in Canada. Father bought a building for the UPI near the White House. The UFC building needs $3 million more to complete restoration. It was built originally to be an embassy.

On the evening of June 1, Father wrote a banner for the Cosmic Federation building. It translates: "Heart of Heaven and Earth and Eternal Unification."

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