Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Twelve Americans Attend True Parents in Uruguay -- Day 3

Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks
June 1, 2001 5 a.m. Pledge service

[Hoon Dok Hae: Confucius text]

Before our death we must know every secret of the Kingdom of Heaven and paradise. Then we will have no conflict in the Kingdom of Heaven after our death. After this knowledge, we must work harder than they do in spirit world.

Angels neither teach nor guide. The fastest way to Kingdom of Heaven is to be a son of filial piety, patriot, saint and divine son. Now we know everything through the Internet, so everyone must know this about spirit world through the Internet. In this world there are many blocs, they cannot communicate with each other. We must destroy the barriers and expand our area. In the Kingdom of Heaven the area of activity is easily expanded. During our time on earth we must learn and practice, and after death we can reach paradise and the Kingdom of Heaven. I can see that everyone is so dirty. It is like people on the street eating dung, but they do not know what they are eating. You must know the world of angels is crying for the coming of the Son of God. So the spirit world angels are one of Ö If we do not know spirit world, it means we are in darkness and we can easily slide into hell. So we must appreciate how precious this life is, and fight against evil.

Do you want to ignore the spirit world, or is everyday precious as you live your life with this knowledge of spirit world? The level of the Kingdom of Heaven is to destroy the national borders. It means to have enemies love and marry each other. This is the indemnification. This is the role of the church. Three generations did good things, accumulating the conditions for True Mother to appear.

What was the date to destroy the border of paradise and hell? Was that mission for me easy or difficult? I had to move the whole world of religions and the spirit world. After the blessing we have to go to the Kingdom of Heaven directly.

Everyone must erect a son who will go the same way as me. The son must completely go my way, 100%. I blessed my family last year, October 14, until Hye Jin Nim. Now they are 100%Ö Now the family level is finished, so it is now time to destroy the national borders. For my whole life I have had this goal. To expel the world of evil angels, we must make a tribe. Once we go over the tribe level, we can expel the evil angels. We must try to make a tribe soon. Heung Jin Nim cannot take care of everything by himself, but only according to my order and mission. We must make the nation. After doing that, the level of national messiah is real and will destroy the borders of nations. We must know everyday they are selling their eternal blessing from God in the street. We must keep in mind the will of God. We are so far from it most of the time. So we must turn around our position.

The books of spirit world and earth were separate, but now they are unified as one. Through the "A" level we must unify. This is our role. If we cannot accomplish this "A" level of unification, it is a big problem for us in spirit world. This is our eternal role. We make the media, to reach everybody with this information. We must restore the nation and world. God and I know about this, so there is no time to be idle. Normal people are eating and enjoying, but we have no time; we must go and march. We must unify our mind and body and turn over 180 degrees; then we can go to unify. If we do not unite our mind and body, information will come to us but we will not absorb it and really know it.

We live with many angels beside us. We must kick away every condition that evil angels utilize to get into us. This is to liberate ourselves. This is the religious life. The spirit world is rising; this is the breakthrough. We should tell everyone in the world so they can turn over 180 degrees. It is not according to your will, but according to Godís will you must turn 180 degrees. If you want to go your way, you can go. After that, you can ask me to help you, but I cannot any other way.

In this world we must live in the light of eternal life. Eating is nothing; in everything we must expand the area of eternal life. Not just by words do we follow the Family Pledge, but we really must do it. If you really know the spirit world, then you really could do something. You must know the spirit world directly, and your relationship with it. You must know your direct relationship with the will of God. According to my words, we have to live and practice and then we are liberated. If you can do nothing but serve God absolutely through the Family Pledge, then you are okay. The only way is true love, so if you die by true love, you will go to heaven. If you live by the old habit and old manners, you will go to hell. If you see the rising sun, you have to change your life. Now the sun is rising in the spirit world.

My words are very precious. You must live absolutely by them. Until now you lived 100% according to your will. So our lives have only been fertilizer. You must eagerly go to the spirit world. You must make your position as the host, the eternal host in the Kingdom of Heaven; this is the Fatherís will. So if you stick to your own lifestyle, the dung, then you might call to me but there is no relation with me. I explained using the example of one bowl. It is very dirty, and I am giving you a clean one, so please put your food in it. It is bigger and more valuable. You must put your responsibility, which is your content, into the bowl. You must purify yourself 1,000 times. Even after 1,000, I think you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. We must turn over 180 degrees and climb eight stages. It is not just words; really we have to go.

From now, everything is disclosed from the world of good angels to hell. We really know the spirit world. If you are in some place by yourself but are ignored, alone or together, you must live straightly according to Godís will. We can turn over 180 degrees -- at that time, God will help us. The key is in your hand, not mine, not Godís. I have nothing, only my words. Ask yourself, and your mind will respond. Your mind knows everything. You know you are a thief. So I teach you the Divine Principle.

Yesterday Confucius; today is Buddha. So until now you might not believe these things. Absolute faith, love and obedience. If you cannot believeÖ Satan abused seven generations of women, from the level of queen, seven generations he abused. You only think of your will and live only for your familyóthat means you have no relationship with me. You must be different from other people in the world. We must clean away, as soon as possible. You must see the future of Japan. In the future, maybe it will be destroyed by earthquakes or volcanoes. So Japan must give welfare to the world. Japan has received too much from God and must give to the world. This is a terrible word from me; you need to respond with fear. In a forest, for example, a robber is there and you are walking quietly but he will fall upon you. That is like Japanís destiny. From inside myself, I donít want to sign, but someone presents something not so precious. Maybe I will not give speeches to you. I want to more and more, but something inside says, no more. Until now I have continuously invested and endured. I could smell from the outside, bad smell of fishes, a humid, rotten smell. I am here to teach you and to teach all the world. If we do not change our habits, the family level will be expelled.

Should we witness or not? We must do more activities than spirit world and than my standard. If you only eat and sleep in your position, it is serious. If you go to spirit world, what will happen? This is the problem. After the liberation and blessing of the spirit world, these secrets could come out. We finish our mission in this world and then we must go there. The blessing family is the essence of liberation. What is the blessed familyís value? It is to liberate every level of people. After completing everything, then I proclaim and speak. You must forget your wife and business. In this time of Hoon Dok Hae you must think of me and the will of God and His heart. You must concentrate absolutely. If I invite you to go fishing, you must go even if is a typhoon. If you want to go fishing somewhere, is it for you or for me? If you donít know, then it might be impossible to do and that is not such a big problem. But I have shown you everything, so if you cannot do it now, this is a big problem. With a selfish mind of Satan, we cannot go.

When we first joined the Unification Church, we had maximum enthusiasm. We must have more than that feeling now. We have the key and right to solve all problems. So if we cannot do it now, what can be done in the future? After the Unification Church has liberated hell and paradise,Ö In the spirit world, even the 36 couples carry criminal labels. Everyone knows each other in spirit world. You live in this way eternally; every one naturally knows. Do I know spirit world or not?

After our lives, we must act and create. Then the percentage will increase. We go forward even facing death, with no complaints. One thousand times, again and again, if we dare, we must go. In the time of a nation falling, you must take responsibility even if you are just a captain. You cannot say it is not your responsibility. We must know and do everything. This is the fact; we must do. We must do just like I do. If you put water in a bowl, it will overflow; this is that time that spirit world is pouring out.

Even True Children have to know the law of the palace of the Kingdom of Heaven. They have to know and learn that law and serve True Parents. If make a deposit and then the children deposit three times as much, who is the owner? If I must go to the national level, then the children must go to the world level. I came here to give the world-level blessing to Uruguay. Everything must be recreated, brighter. For example, you are national messiahs and you must meet the president.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee saw the dew. The dewdrops are like the tears of God who is wanting to see His sons and daughters. He wanted to take the dew to Hell, but could not. This is Godís predicament with you.

We cannot fish today, so we should do Hoon Dok Hae continually. Please check and see the weather condition. Was the destruction of the border with Buddhism my doing or yours? [Fatherís.] [The weather is okay for fishing. Father asks Dr. Yang to pray.]

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