Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Twelve Americans Attend True Parents in Uruguay -- Day 2

Sun Myung Moon
May 31, 2001
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks
Victoria Plaza Hotel
Translation by Francisco Lee, President of Tong-Il, Uruguay

Father, during and after Hoon Dok Hae

We are in Uruguay at this hotel. I came here for this countryís salvation, but I do not want to give them sweet words. If you make a condition with a limitation attached, it is not good. You must absolutely accomplish my point with a spirit of adventure. If you follow me within the limits of your ability, you are a thief. I know you have problems, so I help you, but please donít ask me to help you with your problem. You are children, I feel. Donít ask God to help you or guide you. You must do something. You must pray more deeply. I told you what is coming, but you donít move, and so you will die. Donít use me. You want to control me, but Ö

Yesterday, I wanted to save Uruguay, but you wanted to guide or control me. I came to save Uruguay, so you must forget your concepts and absolutely unite with my vision. There is no other concept. For example, yesterday, you thought it was impossible, but God spoke to you, so you must follow that. With Godís concept, the Unification Church came here, but with your problems and limitations, we cannot go forward. If you come with your limitations or problems, you are a thief. I do not want to act according to your program. I want to write something in this and that way. To change it is not the right way, so never do it again. I do something this way because God gives a blessing to do it this way. Forget about doing it another way.

What is the mainstream concept? You must invest and forget. You must forget. I really, really ask you, so you must do it because of God and True Parents. Yesterday I was so angry. I wanted to say more yesterday, but you would not let me and I was so angry. I do not want to act according to your program. What is Satan? Satan wanted to move God according to his plan. To the point of death, you have to absolutely obey.

You must empty yourself, then God will give you more things. This principle is the same for my children. Church leaders of all nations want to use me, but this cannot happen any more. You must ask yourself, who are True Parents here for? Am I here for you, or you for me? Absolute faith, love and obedience is your way. Donít abuse Unification Church members. You must forget your pride and position. If you move by your own selfish ideas, you will cut away from relationship with God.

Why did you come here? I know you are so busy, but I am here so also I must make a way of glory for God and so I want you to participate here. I want to wake you up. You make your plan, you want me to move your way, by your plan, but I donít want to. Four religious founders, even, believe in me. But you must know who you are -- if they follow me, why donít you? You must ask yourself why. If you put yourself in the way of absolute faith, love and obedience, making your separate way from my way, then slowly you separate, but if you follow for three years, then you naturally pay attention to me and want to go everywhere with me. So my way with every disclosed secret of spirit world, with that secret I accomplish step by step every day. That is my life until now. My conclusion is that I donít believe anyone. You must know me more clearly.

The western society is individualistic. That is the way of eternal separation. I donít want to act according to your knowledge or understanding. Only God and I must know and understand, and on that foundation, I let you know what you need to do. If you want to talk things over with Japanese people and make a way of action in Japan, then you will guide all the Japanese people to hell. If some central figure reports the situation after my directive, then is not right. You must accomplish no matter what the conditions.

Today we have passed a turning point, so today I want to say this. Now this is the turning point. So yesterday I was so angry. I made a decision. I wanted to inject many things for the salvation of Uruguay. I was the host yesterday and the president was the guest. He thought that he was the host, when he was not. Do you think my speech is true or not? We must go Godís way. Even my sons donít accept or know my role. If they donít, I cut even my wife or son. My road was over the sword, I walked day by day to here today, all the while bearing the maximum tension.

Japanese sisters, how many children do you have now? If you want to make members, you need to have a stronger feeling for them than for your physical children. You make one baby a year. Everyone wants to receive from God, but I want you not to receive from me, but to return to me. If you need 30%, or even below 50%, I will give you what you need, but if you ask for help at the level of 70 or 80%, I will not. God gave me the four religious founders and they follow my way. They accept my teachings. There is law. If you are in the position of disciple, there is the law of the disciple. If you are in the position of son, there is the law of the son. Without that law, there is no other way in front of me.

Buddha said that my words are magic, but this word is with my sorrow and tears. You should not use my words for yourself. I came here not to use Uruguay; I have no such intention. In every hardest time, I am fighting in front of you. If you want to stand in a high position, please go away. You must accept the way of crucifixion. You have to accept it with pleasure. Now you have some mind to disassemble.

I could live and accomplish Godís mission by going this way. You can report, but I make the decision. You cannot push me to make a decision. Until now, you thought you could use me according to your desire and move me that way. I want to remove such people from their position. Japanese missionary sisters, never be proud. Until now, what did you do in Uruguay? If God asks me to turn by 180 degrees, without any concept, I turn 180 degrees. This is my life. You must have courage that you can accomplish my mission without any help from True Parents. With that spirit, you must make success.

So many times I feel that God wants to say something to me, but He doesnít; He is silent. That feeling, I deeply understand. You must go this way until the final day. If you understand the spirit world deeply, then you can deeply change your way of daily life. Eventually, if I tell you Godís direction, you must believe it more than I do.

If I donít give you any help, then how will you accomplish your responsibility? It is not true that you cannot do it without me. I cannot guide you in the spirit world; already I have taught you everything. You can reach the same level as me. The spirit world is different from what you are now thinking. The responsible leaders must know this. Do you know me? I cannot disclose everything that I think; the secret thing is truly secret. Sometimes I want to cut off all help to you. Then what will you do? Will you succeed or be a beggar. Someday I will go to spirit world. So, shall I give this kind of speech or not?

Until the final day, we must accomplish. You must educate this world. How many people are living at Jardim? Without my help, you must fundraise, grow vegetables, do it. I donít want to give you salary. I have never received a salary. You must ask yourself -- should you receive help from God, or return help to God? Maybe you are in the situation that I helped you -- then how could you lose everything? You must find the nation and create it. After you make the nation, then you can be a patriot to me and be a real Messiah in front of me. I have no relations with that nation; you must find and make it. With that foundation, you must accept me. With your whole family and children, bring them here to make the nation. You must input everything of yours, to make the nation.

All the responsible people are here, so do you know what I am thinking? I am paying attention to making a group of young generation from 40 nations. I want to make another front of our movement, so you must pay attention. The important thing is that you cannot make a decision without reporting to me. If a father makes a decision separate from me, then his children also will separate from me. So if you go that way, then there will be no more Unification Church. Some power takes them away. With a big sense of adventure, please desire to go my way. If you do, then God knows and I know.

Regarding the Coronation of God, at that time, no one could see, hear or know what was coming, but God chose a prophet who could disclose Godís secret. I did that. If you receive letters from Unification Church members, then monthly you make notes and report to me. That is the position of a secretary. If you do not do that, it will not be good for you in spirit world. In a company, if you make a decision with the directors, then you must report to me first, and then do it. At the time of making a providential event, I am so serious. If someone criticizes or ignores me, according to your schedule, donít push me to follow that way. Those who do, naturally fall away from me. You must understand my interests and my mind in order to understand where to go. For the ocean providence and South America, I work with President Park and give him some problems.

Now my mission is to liberate the world. I have been seeking this my whole life. I never expected to die in a comfortable place. In the 50 state tour, I put my life on the line. Everyday was different. My way is to follow the program of God with action. Everyday I want to add another plus, a new thing. Yesterday I made a speech and I wanted them to misunderstand, but the translator didnít want them to misunderstand. If you make a bigger plan than mine and report it, then I will accept it and I will help you. If you have more courage than me, then you must put your neck on the line. In my entire life, I never thought of using you. I always want to be used by you or by God. If you are in any condition, and I direct to you something, if you do follow the direction of God no matter your situation, then you will never lose. This is very serious.

Yesterday, who caught the largest fish? [57 cm, says Rev. Sato. Number one, was the Uruguay training center leader. Number two, Ö] I already finished fishing. In the past, at the time of fishing I was very happy to catch fish, but now I feel pity upon the fish. So now my fishing time is over. Before, I was excited to catch the big fish and see the blood. If you follow my words, you will never die. Even if you have no money, still you will live. I trained myself to eat everything in the mountains. In Youngpyong Do (island in Korea) there is a famous fish. It is expensive, and I like it a lot. It is like the corbina, and I want to make a fish farm and sell them to the world.

I will stay here several days, so make a fishing team of 24 people, to go fishing. Maybe you want to go where President Park is making a farm. Maybe you are not interested in that area. You must go for the whole world, not for me. That point, God loves you. If you are responsible for the church, the floor should be wet with your tears everyday. With deep prayer you will know the future and will be able to guide the people. Without help from the spirit world, how can you help your people? If you think that God ordered me to bless the criminals and saints, well, God did not say it, but I knew that point. You did not follow that providence; you destroyed my way.

Confucius also thinks my way is correct. I fulfilled my responsibility for Uruguay; it is already finished. At the final moment, I never move to your schedule. Every time, you must put me in front of you so that you can pass the turning point. Yesterday, at the time of my speech, he said my speech was too big for him. He interrupted my speech, and I was so angry. I have said and accomplished my words, but you have not. You must do more than me. Maybe now everyone knows the spirit world. You must do Hoon Dok Hae with the books of spirit world messages. Every organization must do it. This is the absolute training to prepare for spirit world. Today I say this so that in the future you will not drift far from me. I worry about that, so I give you this message. You must help God and True Father. I have already fulfilled all my responsibility for you.

After the day of Godís Coronation, all my missions were finished. What more must I do? I accomplished, but what did you do? Last year, I arranged the June 13 meeting of North Korea and South Korea presidents, but they think that they did it. The nations and the UN have not fully accepted me. If they donít, then I ignore them. If religions donít accept me, then I ignore them. For the USA, I invested everything, even blood and bones. Rev. Kwak was in the hospital two months. For two months I could not do things I wanted to do through him. I continuously wanted to do things with him, more frequently, but it was impossible.

Is Kook Jin Nim auditing? Are you preparing for that, or not? At the time of meeting, how can you say you have no result? You can say that you honestly reported to Hyun Jin Nim or Kook Jin Nim; that itself is a result. Mother is here; I never give her money for household expenses. Is that a good lifestyle? Do you want me to retire, or stand here more? You have to offer everything you have to accomplish the mission of the providence. True Children think that they want to prepare the place for my funeral, but I told them that it is not their task. I cannot prepare that with Unification Church members and public money. The lowest level people should prepare my burial place. I want to die in an uncomfortable place, on a journey, outside my hometown. I am marching this way. If I report to God that I want to accomplish something, then I accomplish it 120%, every time. For example, I saved even Satan and made him return to his original position. Do you think that God loves you and will never kick you out? No, that is not right. I accomplished; therefore, God loves me. I never asked anyone for sympathy. I forget everything except the way I want to go.

In the satanic world, even a dictator has some followers. Unification Church members must have a higher standard and those people should be moved by the level of dedication we have. I want you to move those people. It is the same story for the Unification Church members in Korea such as the Maria Pak family. They made me suffer and now they have been given the blessing. I am making every condition for the restoration ceremony. Mr. Yoon, do you think that from your wifeís side, every family can come to the training center and you can teach them? Did you already open the way for your family to go to the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world? The spirit world I already blessed 30%, by June 13, then December 31, so after that condition, the Coronation was possible. 160 families or 180 families are the foundation to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. I want you to do that not in three generations. They must go to Chung Pyung Lake and train to follow my way. If you love the people more than me, then you are the father of that family.

All who are over 12 years old must move this summer time. Did you already receive this message? National leaders must accomplish this. Youth who do not obey this, you must chasten them. Unification Church plans must be carried out with more rigor and accuracy than any other church or government. Do you want to make your country within 10 years, or take 100 years? Every Unification Church member must be a patriot and saint. If you want to settle now, you are going the way of a thief. I never want to settle down. To make the country, you must sell everything. And then to save the world, you have to sell your country.

Your mission is to make a country that is the top in the world (to a ship building company leader). Without me, you have to accomplish it. I never shed tears. I only live for the liberation of Godís nation. Today I am here for the liberation of the nation. Everyone must repent today. I suffered more than you. So God feels my situation and automatically wants to help me. I lived that level of life. If you can ask spirit world, ask about that point. Never disgrace or spoil True Fatherís name. You must fear my name. Finally, making one conclusion, this year the Unification Church goal is to liberate the cosmos. I have explained that true love is not for your things; it is for something or somebody else, not for "me." I explained the three iron laws -- blood lineage, not abusing human rights, not abusing public money. I already gave these three. The archangel abused Eve according to his desire, and Adam and Eve moved that way. You are not an exception. If you use someone, you have to give him ten times more than you used. That is my working way until now. If you have a very suffering life, then you naturally want to give more to me. I never want to be in the position of a debtor.

Donít complain. I never complain and never sleep comfortably. I feel not only in my heart but in my bones, and God remembers this. If I give a direction, then you must accomplish it. I have become the father in front of you. The fatherís mission is to make the nation. I want to give a prize to those who caught the biggest fish. I am preparing a cattle ranch, and I need the funds to buy the cattle. This represents what the UN should be doing.

David Rogers, how is your attitude? God is a living God who protects me. My health is good and God adds to my strength. Because I take that characteristic attitude, no matter how high the waves of the sea; God will make them smooth. Highs and lows are leveled. The natural world moves that way. One time you are at the top, saying, "Oh, this is great, Mansei!" then another time you are going down to hell. That is not good; you have to make every time level. That is the Unification Church membersí attitude you should take. Then whatever weather comes, you make the horizontal line. This is principle. So go back to the original position. Is the Top Ocean attitude and situation perfect? [We are trying to make it perfect, with no mistakes.] I want that perfection spirit. No need to go back and correct. If you have a good report, you must report first to God, then God can reach to everybody with that good result. If it goes down from one person, then the current disappears. But if it goes up to God, then it can reach everyone and reach 1,000 generations.

I know everything, but yesterday there was a mistake made in front of me, so I am angry and speak now. I cannot accept it. Donít forget. If you find that point, then ten times the condition you must make. I have given you the essence of the tradition today. After I go to spirit world, remember this. If you go without my help, with absolute faith, we can naturally make success, because God will automatically reach us, be with us and help us. I never say to anyone that they are working too hard. If someone works hard, I tell them to work harder. The time you work so hard is very precious, so I cannot say to take it easy or relax. If someone gives the church an offering, I want to send it to help people in Africa. This is my concept; it is different from yours.

Will you forget what I have said today and go your way, or will you remember and make a new start? Nobody believed the day of Coronation, but in the spirit world, the religious founders believe. If you like this way, you have to follow my way. If you hear this explanation, everyone must Ö The completion step starts from the lowest level, lower than in jail. From that point, we must accomplish. This yearís motto is the motto for 1,000 years. One heart in one body, we must unify. Everyday of the year, we must check inside. Another way, the physical world and spirit world must unify in our daily life. It is to accomplish the Family Pledge.

Number one, there is no nation, so we have to make it so we can serve God. This coincides with Pledge 1. Number 2 is to be a good son in front of Father, patriot, saint. The first thing is filial son. Do you live that way? Without a nation, you cannot be a patriot. So we have to prepare for the day to make the nation. If we cannot go over the level of patriot, we cannot become a saint of holy son. If I cannot accomplish it, then our members must go to that level. This is the vertical eight steps. The vertical line has to be correct, then we can expand branches. Then seeds can come. This is the vertical principle. From our family level, we have to go forward according to my speeches. That family will grow to 1,000 to 10,000 people and that many can create the nation.

We are responsible to education the people. So we have to train ourselves and our children to love the country as patriots. So I ask that children go to UTS, to learn the ideology of belief. Hyun Jin Nim wants to go to Harvard to study some ideology of belief, but I said no, go to UTS. If we donít go the way to serve God, but you want His blessing, you are a thief. Four realms of heart, you love other people with the same love you feel for your family. The four relationships are parents, conjugal, brothers and sisters and childrenís. This is educated in the family, but we should love others with the same heart. This is the essence of the four realms of heart. [Father is explaining the essence of the 3 great kingships, but our translator is flagging.] If someone goes to jail and you donít shed tears, how can you say you are his brother? We should feel the same sadness that he feels. If we donít, we should repent and shed tears everyday, to prepare for the future. This is very serious.

In the Family Pledge, number fourís main point is the cosmic family, not my family, but the one family of all humankind. Freedom, peace, unification and happiness -- this is the theology of principle. All people must live this way. We must be unified, happy, at peace and in freedom. But now our situation is false.

Number five, the entire big family is linked with the spirit world. The second messiahís mission is to unify the spirit world. The Unification way we must gradually go day by day. Like giving more spur to the horse we are riding. Everyday, spur it on more. Faster every day. We cannot sleep sweetly or be idle. Everyday spur yourself with a high spirit. Without that, eternally we cannot overcome that level.

Number six, I donít want just you to live well, but you must give that blessing to our neighbors and other people. If we donít do that, then the heaviest mission we must do in spirit world.

Number seven, in the world of heart culture, I wanted to add one more word --

Number eight, absolute faith. If you have doubt -- donít. I do not permit any concept of your own. Forget your education. God also forgot. The cosmos is the house of God. Absolute faith, love and obedience requires absolutely to forget my own things. God will have the heart to give you something. We make that relationship of love for all things, as if they are those gifts that God wants to give us. I fish and hunt with this feeling. Restoration is with true love. If we come and go and sleep and awaken -- we must do it all for true love. Devote for true love, for God and me, and love all nature with this heart. If we accomplish just one of these Family Pledges, we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven directly. The final conclusion is that we must keep the True Parentsí blood lineage. We donít need the nation, or Father, or anything, but must keep the True Parentsí blood lineage.

The position of parents is very serious. If the way of blood lineage, the responsibility of parents is very great. We must think that the family pledge is so precious, that it has such a high value. But we never do. Blood lineage is the final point, the purity we must keep. Purity of heart comes from purity of lineage. Repeat the eight pledges everyday. If we work without doing that, it is the way of thief. Since Unification Church members donít follow the Family Pledge, and have no sense of shame, we are going the way of a thief. We have to analyze our daily and monthly life about this. Are you false, or did you really do this? Dr. Y., did you? [Maybe I am false.] Why do you say maybe? False is false.

The new millenniumís motto. There are thousands of levels of true love. We are in the period of arranging with spirit world. So every realm of spirit world is open to us. It is establishing a new relationship between spirit world and us. Everyone is liberated through absolute faith, love and obedience. This is to create the Kingdom in this world. So at least accomplish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We donít need to sway; just go with the motto. Do you live for everyoneís blessing or just for your own? Without me, no one can open the secret of the Kingdom of Heaven, so what God wants most in the world is my liberation. I never asked God to help. So my way is one of recreation. I have taught you everything; there is no more.

Before we die we must make the nation. If we donít, for the Kingdom of Heaven, then we will still need the help of True Parents in the Kingdom of Heaven, and I donít want that. Japanese members, donít be proud of Japan. Every year, Japanese members betray me, according to the family background. [Father talks with individuals about their mission. He gave directions regarding the number of boats we need here, gradually increasing the number. He encouraged the Japanese sisters not to think about going back to Japan, even to make preparations. He told Mr. Joo to invite President Bush, and Mr. Jooís response was ambiguous, and True Father queried that maybe Mr. Joo is afraid that True Father will do something that would offend President Bush, the way they were afraid here last night with the Uruguay president.]

May 31, 2001, 10:30 a.m.
Breakfast meeting at the Victoria Plaza Hotel

[Father received a report about Archbishop Milingoís blessing and what is happening with the media and Vatican.] Let the Cardinals take a vote if they want to marry. Let the Italian people vote. [The Toronto Globe and Mail writes: "Milingo has blown the door off discussion of priests marriage."] Make a public announcement that there are too many requests for blessings, and we will limit the number to 12,000, then 120,000.

[Report on krill fishing by David Rogers and Koo Bae Park. We can fish all year round. We are taking a small percentage of the allowed catch, ecologists are positive because of the research data we provide. Japanese markets are waiting to buy, and we have good Polish and Russian crews. Top Ocean 2 is getting fitted out.]

You all need True Father absolutely. Even leaders are not fully aware of your need for True Father, from the viewpoint of Heaven and earth. American people in general, when they join the army are obedient, but as civilians are free, and wild horses. You didnít even do the army and have no discipline yet.

At UTS, train the students in farming, fishing and hunting. Do you have the nets that I made in the 70s? My tradition of fishing was discontinued. What will you do? [We will make programs that will better serve our church and other churches, and develop Fatherís property to create income through conferences and workshops.] I foresee the river tour from New York City to West Point will go up to UTS and further. Along the Hudson River, they can look at historical sites. You can develop that, all the way up to the Hudson Bay. You can make student field trips, also to Long Island Sound.

UTS students should have commitment, as missionaries do to the church. Even students of other denominations should have that dedication and fundraise for the seminary. By that training, they can become our members.

May 31, 2001 9:45 p.m.

Make an association to support married priests. [Rev. Jenkins: One exists, called CORPUS -- Corps of Retired (?) Priests, U.S.; Rev. Leo Beato is part of it.] The Vatican, Protestants and even Jews have united against us in the past. They have no biblical authority to refuse married priests. If the Vatican excommunicates Milingo, it will make a bigger issue out of it and they will lose more than they gain. Once we restore the family, the nation and world will naturally follow. Since the Coronation Ceremony is an important time. The sun is rising not only from the East but also from the West. Since the Coronation Ceremony, my direction of prayer has changed 180 degrees. My prayer goes into Godís bone marrow and brings everything directly out. Not going through formation-growth-perfection, but directly. Iíve mastered the three stages. So I can deal with God directly.

The world follows America because America has the power to embrace the world. We have that authority. As long as I provide power from God, you should provide the foundation for me to realize that power horizontally. Therefore I did the 50-state tour. The end of the tour is not the time to rest, but to restart. Heavenly democracy takes everything from the satanic democracy. It is the first time to attack the satanic side with the power of Divine Principle. Clean up the spirit world that is lying in front of you and move forward.

You eat three times a day and sleep; it is more than you need to do. This is important; it is not an ordinary matter. We have to stand firmly since the Coronation, and open the doors of the spirit world. I am dealing with the top of the world and cosmos. Everything you are dealing with is under that, even the Vatican. Move with the same pace as God. It is all the declaration of God, not manmade. If you die in this battle, you will go to Heaven. Even the four religious founders pursued the Coronation ceremony, but we went beyond it, through absolute faith, love and obedience. Who is in Fatherís line? I give up everything, and God replaces it.

You must understand the Coronation Ceremony speech, so recite it and memorize it every morning. I made it on your behalf. Confucius wished he could have done the Coronation Ceremony, but still you are not moving. It is not just Buddhaís opinion, but all four founders share it. Therefore you need absolute faith as top leaders of America. Get rid of selfish individualism. Your attitude has been to keep your opinion and include within it God and me. But even Dr. Lee cannot criticize God. All of it is true. There is nothing false here. If you continue, your ancestors will punish you. Jesus spent all night praying in Gethsemene because neither he nor God could touch anything. But now, prayer doesnít work; you must take action. Now that you are blessed, you can take care of Satan.

The main issue is America and the UN. Communist has controlled the UN, and democracy has controlled America with humanism, free sex. It is the enemy of God and I am standing up to demolish it. No one can contradict me logically. If you do not understand spirit world, you understand nothing. Act according to the word of God. "We will stand in oneness" -- with God. Go one way, not two.

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