Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Twelve Americans Attend True Parents in Uruguay -- Day 1

Sun Myung Moon
May 30, 2001
Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks
Uruguay National Garden

We arrived the afternoon of May 30 after late night departures from America. After settling into our rooms, we enjoyed lunch on the 25th floor restaurant of the Victoria Plaza Hotel. We then gathered in the lobby and went to the "Uruguay National Garden" with Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Peter Kim, Rev. Sung Rae Moon of Paraguay, Rev. Michael Jenkins, Rev. Eric Holt and Mr. Howard Self. At the National Garden we went to where True Father was meeting with several leaders, bowed and joined the meeting. Dr. Yang immediately reported about what is happening with Archbishop Milingo.


Reverend Jenkins should go with Archbishop Milingo to meet the Pope. Explain to him directly, so that he does not need to rely upon second-hand reports. Remind him that he has to solve all the terrible things going on within his church, such as the spread of AIDS among priests or pregnancy of nuns.

Announce to the world that the religious founders are united together in the spirit world. Satan surrendered, so the evil that is still going on is just the remnants that are left over. They have no root. Twelve thousand clergy should receive the blessing; then the world will listen. Luther was just one man, but he began the entire Reformation.


A spiritual medium, live on Italian television, was questioned by a top Vatican leader, who expected her to oppose Milingo, but she said the Blessing he received is from God. They quickly stopped the interview, stating that Milingo is in need of psychiatric examination.


Today, the sitting President of Uruguay and two former presidents, the former head of the opposition party, and all 33 of the nationís senators and many of the 99 representatives, and the entire elite of the nation will attend the opening of the National Garden. I will tell them the meaning of the Cosmic Federation. It will be a surprise to them. This building is the central headquarters for the Cosmic Federation for World Peace and Unification in South America. In North America you also need a headquarters, and George Bush should attend the opening.

Dr. Frank Kaufmann:

Just prior to the May 27 blessing, Milingo conducted a healing revival meeting in Italy. He filled a stadium and the Roman Catholic Church would not support him, so he had to carry in the elements of the mass by himself. Thousands lined up to be healed. He touches them with his finger on the forehead, and they faint and so forth. The Roman Catholic Church pulled him out of Lusaka twenty years ago. He was growing a powerful ministry of healing and exorcism, and they wanted to suppress it. He was brought to the Vatican and hidden away. But Pope John Paul II knows and likes him, and gave him leadership of a Commission, so that his enemies, the secularistic Roman Catholics who dominate the Vatican, who are literal devil worshippers, could not destroy him.

For the National Garden, we spent a total of $7.5 million, of which $5-6 million was for restoration. It is a national treasure of Uruguay that was built by Argentina as their embassy. So the Uruguayan people could never access the building. Now True Parents have restored it and are giving it to the people of Uruguay. It has to be open a certain amount of time to the general public. This is why there is a huge interest to attend the opening tonight.

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