Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Leaders Meeting

Sun Myung Moon
East Garden
May 7, 2001
Translation by Tim Elder
Unofficial notes by Tyler Hendricks

[I arrived 30 minutes late due to a bus problem. Father was querying the wife of Augustine about their relationship. Later I was told that the first part of the speech dealt with the settlement of God beginning with the unity of mind and body.]


If you are my child, you have to be with me with your mind and body united, whether I go fishing or whatever. If you donít do that, I canít recognize you as my child.

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is based on the kingship of God, not on the Unification Church.

Jesus died on the cross but then he resurrected. Are you confident that you will be grateful if I send you to a place where you felt as if you would die?

Each of us has to settle on the foundation of the Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship. The family-level is the second generation. Who said that the age of restoration through indemnity is over? Thatís not true. You have to take your family and go that way. Iíve worked 30 years in America, and I had to go that path [the providence in America] no matter how much suffering. Who out in the world will trust you? You will have to use my name and then things will move. You have no idea the historical background that has led up to this. You have to receive Hyun Jinís training. Just talking is not enough. He has to stand in the forefront. It is not as if indemnity is going to disappear.

The time is coming that you will not be able to come here anytime you like. Who told you to come? I suffered in America more than anywhere else. During the 50-state tour, I spoke on the average of 2 1/2 hours a day. Thatís the central root. What was lost was Godís family. When I told people to read the Coronation speech everyday, they didnít like that. Donít make an excuse; it takes too much time to make excuses. Did they like it or not? The original schedule of the 50-state tour left two states out. Everything must be liberated; you must repent. We have to follow heavenís direction. Established church ministers will understand Divine Principle better than you within six months. Then should they be put in the highest or lowest position?

What will settle in Godís kingship? First, individual unity of mind and body, and the unity of the family. Next, this advances through the eight stages. Iíve been working hard, but you havenít been. Is that absolute faith, love and obedience? It has nothing to do with it. Food tastes good no matter how often you eat it; the same is true of Godís word. If food tastes bad to you, or you donít want to eat it, it means you are sick. It is the same with Godís word.

Can I live any way I want? After the Coronation, it is more difficult.

[Father asked Dr. Yang to say something.]

Dr. Yang:

I will report about Fatherís schedule during the tour. He would start Hoon Dok Hae at 6 a.m. He wanted to use the Coronation text, in Korean. All the members and second generation of the city we were in attended. We used the English text, so that everyone could understand. It takes an hour to read. The prayers are deep and it is concentrated. It is impossible to understand in one reading. The prayers summarize Godís providence. With Fatherís explanation added, Hoon Dok Hae took 2-3 hours, and often we would skip breakfast and go straight to the airport.

No other speech by Father has been used for Hoon Dok Hae so often. Every time I hear it, there is a new depth of understanding and heart. It depends on who is reading it. Once True Father said it is like the book of Revelation in the Bible. It is a summary of the providence, so each word and each sentence contains so much of the providence. It is a concentrated form of the entire providence.

What Father is free to say depends upon our preparation to receive it. Father would prepare for each speech as if it were completely new and different, as if he were delivering it the first and last time. So Godís providence of resurrection was alive in every city we were in,. He would have a new heart everywhere. Father invested 24/7. This is an eternal lesson for me.

[Father asked Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak to speak.]

Rev. Kwak:

After the coronation ceremony, True Parents talk about the standard of our life. You already know that I had an operation. In the process of fighting the illness, many were concerned about me, and I express my gratitude for that. No one has been blessed as much as I have been in front of God and True Parents. It does not mean that my faith and heart are good, but that I have received that grace. From the time I joined, pillars of fire and cloud have guided me. I have done nothing; grace has guided me. That is the only way I can express it.

I was not healthy to begin with, but I could maintain a busy schedule with many responsibilities even though I am unworthy. Perhaps I have been more a burden than a benefit to True Parents. Since my faith reached a certain level, I felt surprising grace in God and True Parentsí love. I must somehow repay them. With that heart, I never felt it was difficult or a heavy burden.

[Rev. Kwak continued to explain how he put off the entreaties of his physician concerning his need for treatment, until he could not avoid it. He had a tumor in his intestines area. They did not know if it was benign or malignant. They though that would just remove a small piece of the intestines, but once they opened him up in surgery, they removed a long piece plus parts of other organs as well. It was a nine-hour operation. He is still recovering. I am sorry that I could not take detailed notes of his explanation and offer this only as a rough summary.]
[Breakfast break]

Dr. Yang:

The tour began in New York, in the Bronx, but a Harlem minister, Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker, said, "Why didnít Rev. Moon come to see me?" During the tour, Father said he should speak in Harlem. Rev. Walkerís church is a theatre, holding 2,000 to 2,500. He is an eminent Christian leader, who worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King. It was he who carried the transcript of Dr. Kingís "letter from a Birmingham jail" out of the jail, and he secreted a camera into the jail to obtain the famous photo that is on the cover of the book. [Dr. Walker is a professional photographer as well as clergyman.]

We have just invited the top clergy, not our members to the May 8 speech at Rev. Walkerís church. There will be a number of speakers, including representatives from across the U.S. We are concerned about True Parentsí safety and so everyone here should arrive one hour early and you will sit in particular seats. Everyone else has to go through metal detectors.

Harlem is the grand finale of the U.S. tour, then on the 15th Father will speak at Congress and on the 26th at the UN. There have been sacrifices and unexpected incidents in the True Family as a result of our own unworthiness.

The title will be "God is Our King." [Soon thereafter Father amended the title, to "God is Our King and True Parent."] Already we have a schedule for revivals in 50 states. Twenty-one Korean leaders who speak English well are going out as IWs across America. They will work around the US for a limited time. The core group of 120 ministers have become 360 ministers. The top speakers among them will also be in the revivals. Each city will have three days of revivals, then education, with the fourth day being completely True Family Values education. Many churches are inviting us to come. Through the revivals, the ACLC will take root in America. It will create a new revolution.

We are always so small before True Parents and feel sorry. He went to 52 cities in 52 days. No revival has ever taken place at this pace. By human power it is impossible. 85% of our membership lives in 12 cities; many states have only 1, 2 or 3 families. Three to five states have very sick state leaders, one with cancer, one in a coma. There was no foundation to attend True Parents in those states. In one state there were only two couples operating a Japanese restaurant. But the ACC, True World Group and all members put their lives on the line, offered money, and created a miracle. So we saw the impossible happen, such as 1,000 people gathering in a city in which we have only two members. Now True Father is confident that after the coronation the almighty power of heaven is coming into substantial reality.

Ultimately, how this can connect to the providence is our responsibility. A fire is burning across America, and outside people are testifying to True Parents, even that the messiah has come and he is True Father. They have no reluctance, and they are providing the theological foundation for it. They are realizing that indeed Jesus did not complete his mission; he did the redemptive mission but not the restoration mission. The fruit we can bring from this depends upon our wisdom. We unworthy Korean leaders are taking responsibility for America and are not able to measure up to Fatherís expectation. Please encourage us and we hope this grace will spread across the world.

True Father:

What shall we do? What would you like to do? How old are you? Raise your hand if you are over 66. Over 60. Over 55. Under 48. Under 43. If you are 40, you are only half my age. I have lived a long time, but I continue to want to live more. It would be better to go to spirit world quickly. Do you know that a guard here, [Mr. Shigemi] Miyake, a few days ago passed into spirit world very suddenly, within ten minutes. Thatís human life. You can pass in the matter of a second. You can never know and always have to be prepared. You have to leave a condition to go before heaven. You cannot just live in a way you like. It is world of light, so you have to have something that shines, even if you are a leader.

The first consideration is mind and body. That is the most important thing in the Unification Church. In the world in a gambling casino, you can end the hand with one word. You say a word and immediately forget; it means you donít have interest. Your body has to follow the mind. If it is the opposite, you will go to hell for sure. It depends on your mind, whether it controls the body or is controlled by the body. If it controls the body, then you will certainly go the heaven; otherwise you will go to hell.

Unification Church members know this only in words, not actual practice. You forget it, donít you? Control your love, your coming and going. It is training for the next world; otherwise you donít know what to do when you go to spirit world. So, after you go there, you donít know where the border is. You think you are still on earth. You have to know those things before you go to spirit world, then you know the laws of spirit world before you go there. Learn it while you are here. It doesnít matter if youíve been in the church a long time, even one hundred years. You have to be able toÖ

The whole world went to spirit world believing in the four religious founders [Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius] They live in their realms but now they can cross the borders and communicate with each other. Now everything in spirit world centers on God, going beyond the realm of Satan. No matter how well people lived here on earth, when they go there they cannot cross the borderline of Satan unless they understood the laws here. We have to go over them here and thereby create one religious realm and do the unification of north and south. The UN went beyond the north-south unification, signified by the Blessing in the UN. All the dividing lines were crossed. Because we have gone above the religious realm, and I also blessed Hye Jin in spirit world andÖ

The problem is the people who are not in the religious realm on earth. People who lived in the Buddhist realm go to the Buddhist realm in spirit world, Christianity is the same. But now in spirit world they [Buddhists and Christians] are able to participate in the same realm. So the fact that the four religious founders were blessed and became one means that no matter what religion people have, they can go beyond Satanís world as a blessed couple.

Jesus has waited until now to be blessed. Now, as a result of the blessing, everyone there became the same family. The four religious founders must become one. On earth, the second son position has been blessed. So, we have established the condition to accomplish the liberation of the world through the blessing, to get rid of paradise and hell in the spirit world. After the 40 daysÖ

So all the ancestors and descendents were blessed, you blessed them and they also entered into the blessing realm. Through the National Messiahs this was connected to the world, so the world could cooperate with this providence. So the people in the spirit world who have received the blessing can cooperate with the people on earth to attend True Parents. The people on earth are the center, not the spirit world. To do registration, the four-position foundation and the three ages, what does that means? The three ages, the four-position foundation and whatever are connected and registered in the Kingdom of Heaven. The unification blessing, registration blessing. You can arrive at theÖ then we can do the Coronation and have no problem. Before that was the blessing of saints and murderers, when was that?

Yang, explain how a saint and murderer could be blessed.

Dr. Yang:

True Parents established the indemnity conditionsÖ (the translator could not hear)

True Father:

A murderer and a saint; how can they be in the same place to receive the blessing? Rev. Hwang, can you explain? You donít know? Kwak Chung Hwan, how about you? [True Parents, through Dr. Sang Hun Leeís message, took on Godís grief and Ö]

True Father:

Even if I decided, there had to be a condition.

Rev. Kwak:

The things God and Satan cannot do, only True Parents can do, and that was your responsibility, so you took it on.

True Father:

Listen to this explanation; it is important. If someone asks you how I did it, how will you answer? The saints will come in and go out [single file], and the last one to go out is the murderer; then [they turn around and] the last to go out is the first to come in, so horizontally they are in the same position, right and left, and God could not breathe because it was such a bad smell.

It was only True Parents that could bring about this harmony between God and Satan. Now Satan is about to die. If Satan is going to die, God is not going to say, go ahead and kill him, but will say to save him. But the True Parents are the only ones to do that. True Parents say to God, this is what you want, right? God will tell them, True Parents are the only ones who can save you, do you want to be saved? God wants Satan to live. So, saints and murderers are not enemies to each other. Neither God nor Satan want all people die in sin. God and Satan both want all people of the world to receive salvation. So the salvation now can be spread to all. That is the time we are in now. In the fall, God, Satan, Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel all became dirty. Now all can be reversed.

Now is the changing time. True Parents can know the entirety of physical world and spirit world and liberate God on both sides. Because we are in the last days, this is possible. This is the only way you can explain it, Rev. Kwak,, you forget all this. You were not interested.

Will you die in the Unification Church? It is the same as if you are falling in the water and drowning. But God is giving his blessing to everyone, to all people in the Unification Church and to Satan even. Now, people are thanking me very much. So now, even the people who tried to kill each other in World War 2 are coming together. That is liberation. I told you to liberate your ancestors and bless them, right?

The origin of the fall was in defiling the lineage. All Unification Church members have to feel this way.

Do you have the book from Kim Il Sung? Maria Pak, Ö how much love God has. 360 million couples blessing. In the Completed Testament Age, you have to know the spirit world. If you donít, you will go out and have all sorts of terrible things happen. Because you know the spirit world, you cannot leave. If I didnít know the spirit world, I would have run away. But to where can I run? The people who know hell will not, cannot ever let themselves go there. Only the people who donít know can go there.

Hold up your hand if you are confident you will go to Heaven. You have to know Divine Principle. Whatever you donít know and believe will define the point at which you stop your progress in spirit world. This woman went to spirit world and taught Divine Principle to Confucius. She used to talk Ö

Why did you come? [I came instead of my husband.] Why donít you talk? [An elder Korean, Mrs. Eom, whose husband died recently comes to the microphone.]

Mrs. Eom:

Mr. Eom, Eu Sup, was very organized and systematic. He had very clear controlling style, he made sure he was always in control. When we were blessed, he was in the military and so I went to the mission place. I was so naïve, as if in high school. I was in the church 4 years. I told him that I didnít expect much from him, except that he be loyal to Godís will and not let his family or wife stand in the way of the public will. He didnít know how to respond.

In the first mission area, we were too poor to eat good rice. I didnít know how to help him, and we just worked day by day. I told him to study in his room and I would take responsibility for everything else. We moved often, and when we did, I was the one to make the move and suffer. He would be off somewhere in training or in public mission. I had to pack everything, and move, and he would come back to the new house. After all the work was done, he would show up. Finding a new house, after he went to America I had to find a new house for our family. After it was done, he would come back and say it was good.

But wherever he went, he would get victory. Sometimes he would help a person who was mentally disturbed and pray for him overnight and the problem would go away. Even if there were no one there, he would restore 40-50 people. He had a high sense of responsibility, and would always take it on himself and not pass it on to the members. I think the members liked him.

True Father:


Mrs. Eom:

When he left [leadership of a particular church], the members would be in tears.

He always controlled the money; I had no control of the house finances. From a humanistic point of view, I have many things I didnít like. I had no control of the money. When we were married, we were in the blessing of 120 couples but all the authority he kept to himself. I felt bad many times and it was a difficult course. But after it was over, I think he was a wonderful husband.

He was short, but he looked tall. Maybe because I liked him a lot, his shoulders looked wider than the universe. When I stood in front of him I felt happy, better than if someone had given me the entire universe. The most valuable thing he left us is the fact that this man who was not very strong could go the public course 38 years. It was a miracle. What I respect most is that he worked so hard on this fearful course in front of True Parents and stayed on it for 38 years.

Second, we have four children and all of them are blessed, and if they asked him for money, he never said he had none, just, come to me another time. He never said no. He just said, Iíll give it to you another time. He raised his children that way. We had twin sons. One is the dean of a graduate school at SMU.

The last words he said were, in this world I attended the Lord and left my name in front of the Lord and that gives me the greatest happiness and I have no sadness about dying now, because I attended True Parents. The fact that the two of you [the two sons] are going the same path makes me happy. So now the two of you should become one and when you become one you have to compromise. So become one and live as one.

He told them to give my mother a good Seung Hwa ceremony. After he has gone, I wish that I had helped him a little more, and that is han in my heart. I told True Parents that I said I would like to die in his place. But I wasnít able to say that to him. My own parents are still alive. If I said it, I would have had to take responsibility, and I wouldnít be able to. When you cut a fresh fish with a knife, it slices to the bone. I feel I didnít do well in sending him to spirit world. I feel like that fish being cut by the knife. He was a good lecturer, and I miss him very much.

At the end, he requested that we pull the tubes, when he knew he would not recover. We sang holy songs and he went to spirit world, and then he came back, and he suffered for a few hours more. His family was there, more than 20 people. It was like the kingship standard. Everyone was there and watching, and he finally passed. Cancer is such that until the end, one is conscious. It is an extremely difficult way to die. Once he was gone, the oldest son, director of the second generation, lit the candle and we did all the important things, and kissed him. And I told him that I loved him very much and was grateful that he left so many things, and I prayed and did the offering, and said God, our Father, on this date and place he was born, and on this date is passing, and only you and your angels receive him and take this son in your right hand. He did not leave a great result for you, but worked for True Parents and stayed on the front line. So donít leave his side and donít let anyone take him away.

Father asked Mrs. Kang [wife of Augustine] to give a testimony.

Mrs. Kang:

I prayed to Jesus that I be the first to meet him when he returned. I believe that is why I was the first follower in South Korea. I have eight family members, God, True Father and True Mother, Heung Jin Nim, Jesus, Ö [I am sorry I didnít get her testimony.]

Father asked a 120 couple husband to testify about how lonely his life is since his wife died.

[Korean elder man] She passed due to lung cancer. 1,000 people came to her Seung Hwa. We have more than 200 spiritual children between us. She came 3 days later to another member. She told me through that member me to dye my hair and take care of myself. I feel her and talk to her and feel she is around me. We can feel what each other want to say. The sperm finding the egg, it is the seed of love that needs to be completed.

True Father:

What shall we do now? Itís 11:35 a.m. Pak, No Hi -- you almost died and then came back to life, right? Why donít you come up here and talk about it? Donít laugh, you have to have this kind of experience to learn how to go to spirit world.

No Hi Pak:

[During the Hudson River tournament he fell down and hurt his head. But the problem was that his kidney burst. Blood was collecting in my stomach and lower abdomen. He was treated in the emergency ward and survived. "Iím very sorry I suffered this injury at East Garden."]

True Father:

Some people die at East Garden.

No Hi Pak:

[He testifies to the generosity of our True Parents and also the generosity and kindness of the doctors and hospital, through which he could cover the hospital for the sudden, severe illness.]

True Father:

Do you want to sing? What song? Shall we have lunch at 12:00 or continue? [Continue!] Unification Church people have something wrong with their mind. Western people follow a regular schedule. Is that good or bad? Never in history has this occurred. It is really amazing that we are able to overcome what has been done in history. We are trying to substantiate all these things in this life. The people who do that have to be crazy. It sounds like a dream, talking with saints, establishing a liberated realm in spirit world and talking with God. Is that possible? Letís read the speech for May 8th in Harlem. It is a combination of the 50-state tour content and the Coronation ceremony speech. All the ministers are gathering in NY.

[Lunch break, after the speech was read.]

True Father:

Most important is to practice the Family Pledge. Then establishing Godís kingship. Then, third, the new millennium motto. [Dr. Yang shows True Father a new book, a collection of relevant quotes from speeches.] We canít do all of this today; itís 400 pages. Weíll do the first part.

Dr. Yang:

This book is called, Family Pledge and the Tradition of Blessed Families; it is a new book published in Korea; consisting of Fatherís passages connecting with the terms of the Family Pledge.

True Father:

Letís just do the first part.

[From the book] Explanation of the first point. [It talks about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. Homeland is most valuable. We pledge to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It is the ideal of creation, centering on the original homeland. It is from Godís side. Centering on the family, we build it. It will not just happen by itself. We have to make it, in myself, in the family. The fall took place in the family, so we need to restore the ideal of creation in the family.
Adam and Eve lost it, so we have to work to establish it. Until now, religions told people to leave their homes, but we are the opposite, telling people to return to their homes. Through true love, it is established. Where is our homeland? Originally, it was God, Adam and Eve living together. When representatives of the society, nation and world and cosmos are united and restored, that is the homeland.
The parents are living there. From the cosmic standpoint, the world is our homeland. The size of your homeland increases as you go from individual to family, tribe and beyond. You cannot go into heaven if you like material things.
God appears as the love of husband and wife and love of parents and children. Love cannot exist without parents, spouse and children. Only that person who can receive that love can stand as a reciprocal partner before God. Then God can begin to express His love and show Himself in the world. Weíve never seen that homeland. It is also the homeland of spirit world and of God. We can receive the vertical and horizontal love of God and have the right to do so. Even if you have to sell everything to get there, join the ranks of the refugees in order to go there. There have to be relatives, parents and possessions of the family in the homeland.
We miss the homeland because out heart began there. The earth is the homeland that God desires. Before there are True Parents, there cannot be a homeland. The homeland is the country where True Parents are. If Korea becomes the kind of country God wants, it will become the homeland of the world, and God will dance there. If it does not, then God will not dance there. The homeland is the world in which there are no national borders or national sovereignty and in which we can commune with all people, heart to heart. It is where the Garden of Eden lives. It is not the place you were born. It is the restored original world, where we have eternal joy. It is where our heart wants to be. We cannot go there because we fell. Therefore there is a distance to the homeland. Many religious people have suffered for the sake of finding this homeland. All the world will want to go there when it is created. If Korea becomes that land, the people will love Korea more than their own country.
It is as large as the universe, and the family is the factory that produces people who can live there. So we should have as many children as possible. When the wife goes to her husbandís house, she brings gifts. The more she takes, the more welcomed she is. We must take love as our gift to the spirit world, then we will be welcomed. God wants His own people. This was Adam and Eveís responsibility. But they let the body control the mind. We have to restore that.
It starts with the true family. There are three stages, the parents, the husband wife, and the children. You have to establish a tribal foundation. We have to go to the completed family. We have to create heaven. What God dislikes most is the celibate life, but people did not know that. God disliked most people leaving their homeland and living a celibate life. But now we have to go back to the homeland and live a married life. Even if God doesnít do it, each of us has to do it. But I have already laid that foundation, and you automatically have the authority to speak about it everywhere. You can wake up everyone in the neighborhood and bring them together for Hoon Dok Hae.
The family pledge must be recited by the individual, family and tribe, all of whom have accomplished mind-body unity.
Government posts will be assigned by family units, not to an individual. In the future, men will not be appointed to lead by themselves; the president will be a family; the wife will be the vice-president and the children will be the cabinet ministers. The sons have to agree or they cannot carry it out. So there can be no corruption, because everyone will know if one of them is doing something bad.
The family must become the place in which God can settle. The family has to live for the sake of the nation. Adamís family becomes the model for 10,000 years.

[That completes the readings on the first point.]

True Father:

This is the way to complete your family. Keep reading.

Dr. Yang:

This is the second point of the pledge, first, on central and representative families.

True Father:

The second generation carries the cross for the family and nation, for the second generation and third too. The first generation of the Unification Church should cooperate with this. What does that mean? You have to build. Those things that donít work, you have to cooperate and work together to accomplish them together. Yesterday I spoke about "fruit of struggle." [Tim Elder had never heard this term, perhaps a neologism.] Struggle and competition for goodness. Communists talk about struggle as with eliminating one side. Is that necessary?

Youíve read the Family Pledge without knowing anything. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth has to be accomplished through these eight points. 50 days after Jesusí resurrection was the Pentecost, and 120 people went to 120 countries. The same way, everyone has to be mobilized when you are national or tribal messiah, go to 50 familiesí homes and be responsible for those. Wherever you go. You came here to make that dedication. The age is changing. If you were not able to marry, what would happen? People would disappear. You have to bring together 2-3 families at once and give them the blessing. That is the time we are in. It is no longer natural subjugation, but subjugation by law. Did you see the official notice telling you to go to 50 places and have rallies? CARP and Youth Federation for World Peace, did you receive that official notice from church headquarters?

All the SMU students must receive the blessing. From kindergarten and elementary school up, each age should be taught by the next older age -- elementary school by middle school, middle school by high-schoolers, high-schoolers by college students.

[To Dr. Yang]: Read one-third of each chapter.

True Father:

The four realms of heart and three kingships. The four realms of heart are the hearts of grandparents, parents, husband and wife and children. Horizontally speaking, it is parents, husband and wife, siblings and children.

Your families are all in terrible situations. You have to know spirit world. If you do, you will continue even if it is difficult, to avoid eternal death. You must all be a textbook for your children. Everything Iím teaching is in the Family Pledge and the coronation ceremony speech. This is how you build a family that can reach final settlement. You have to obey absolutely. Absolute faith, love and obedience. I have to teach you this by Hoon Dok Hae. I may have you come back tomorrow and the day after. Letís have Hoon Dok Hae like this continuously. Do you know how significant this [Harlem] rally is? You canít live any way you want; you have to be models.

Grandparents are at the head of the family; this is a heavenly law. The grandfather is at the head of the family. In Korea, when the grandfather dies, it is the responsibility of the sons to maintain and protect his grave for at least three years, even building a house beside it. That tradition doesnít even exist in China. It shows how close Korean tradition is to the heavenly law.

The final textbook is the love between husband and wife. The position of the husband and wife is incredible, where their love blossoms. Adam and Eve should have accomplished it and had children. The invisible God would have taken visible substantial form. He would have gone through the age of parents, siblings and children. The family is the place to exercise love and learn about love. We accomplish the ideal of creation here.

The center has to be vertical. The grandfather represents God. The second generation has to take responsibility for the mistakes of their parents and in the place of God they have to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Without the family, you cannot reach final settlement. We see divorce and adultery today in the satanic world. There is no spirit of restoration. We have to know the content of love, the tradition of the filial child, of the patriot, of the parent. No matter how wonderful you are, you have to have that tradition.

21-day workshop people, hold up your hand. You cannot do anything unless the family reaches settlement. You have to be a model family and have to accomplish what your parents were not able to do. If your parents werenít able to do something, then you have to accomplish it. [Fatherís microphone went dead, so from here it is bits and pieces for a while.] You must teach about restoration through indemnity very strictly in the workshop, about the difference between good and evil. That is the ideal of creation. Everyone must know more about the principle of restoration through indemnity, and the difference between good and evil is not clear enough. You have to receive my permission before teaching what you are teaching.

You cannot change personnel on your own, just any way you want. The principle of creation, the law, if you go against the law, youíre in big trouble. The central blessed family doesnít God, king or True Parents. [Sorry, my notes on that sentence are not clear and the meaning is not obvious.] Absolute faith, love and obedience. I taught everyone in South America about it. So absolute faith, love and obedience, the three are together. The satanic world doesnít even have the concept of having absolute obedience to God Himself. Without doing that, can you reach completion? You have to have tribal messiahship and then establish a nation. I said to start a federation using the 36 couples. Three generations together. The sons and daughters must become one. If something in the Family Pledge is wrong, you can ask me.

How many years have we had the Family Pledge? If itís been seven years, we should have accomplished everything by now.

After the registration ceremony, you become the king of the family. Do you have the ability to accept that? Even if you donít see me, you can exchange through e-mail and we can educate the world through e-mail and Internet. We can receive the cooperation of the governmental communications infrastructures and all these services of each country in order to bring out the people and educate them. I could do it in one month. Then we can announce the establishment of Godís kingship. If you canít be responsible for that, then you shouldnít be in that position. Publish it in newspapers in each state. In order to take responsibility for this world, I have to create problems. Itís not a question of living or dying. Give direction both to white people and black people and announce the establishment of kingship. In Washington, DC, announce it. In the future, if a newspaper wants to have a scoop about this, they will have to ask us, because we are the only ones who know spirit world. If a president gets into a fight, he will need us to resolve it.

Letís take a bathroom break.

True Father:

If you donít do the registration ceremony, youíll be attacked by Satan. You have to be responsible for that; Iím not just joking. Mother told me not to curse at you so much, but a parent can do that. I donít know how to say it, so I have to express it like that. What shall I do? You all know how to give the blessing. If recognized leaders were to do it, they could do millions in one afternoon, so the availability of the means to do it is not the problem.

Did you send out the official letter about education? Centering on the media. It should be recognized by the highest echelons of society. This is the way to get ahead in the world. You canít get ahead unless you can speak English. You have to convey to him everything I am saying to all the worldís leaders and get their response. With their support we have to stand on the forefront. Make ALC and ACLC one. We canít have two heads. You donít know how terrible I feel about that.

The ALC needs to use people who graduated from UTS, so anyone who has not graduated yet has to go to the Seminary. You have to check everywhere. The limit for CARP is 43, Korean age. If it were 48, then the entire church would be vacant. We have to send to UTS and SMU, 200 students, they need at least 500 people a year, UTS and UB. Give them a university degree and graduate degree in four and a half years. Dr. Yang, are you going to do it? Youíre the chairman of the Board, two years then two and a half years; then give them an undergraduate and graduate school diploma. I will only use UTS graduates. Hold up your hands if you did not graduate from UTS. All of you [who have your hand raised] have to go. Donít laugh. Iíve given the order. Donít use non-UTS grads as leaders in the future. How can you lead if you havenít been to UTS? You have to be led.

To do UN work, you have to have enough money to buy an airplane. The time I can help you has passed. The individual appointment age has passed; we are in the family appointment age. The car needs all wheels, and the wheels are the family. Anyone who cannot witness to 120 people a year will be disqualified. Even if we say donít witness, people will be coming in. Do you know how famous I am? We are at a point at which people will bow if you but mention my name.

Weíre in the age of practice and accomplishment. Otherwise, youíll decline. Iím here if you want to see me in the morning. If anyone did not receive the blessing, there will be a problem in the clan. That is the time that is coming. If we had started at 12:00 noon, we could have finished. Now it is 2:00 a.m. and you all are falling asleep. [Father meant that if we had reached this providential point when we should have, years ago (i.e., "12:00 noon"), then we would have been done by now. However, we have reached the point just now, far too late in the game (i.e., "2:00 a.m.") and everyone is exhausted.] I have no mind of sympathy. I am also studying myself. If you catch a large fish and take it to Miami, do you know what it sells for?

How many Japanese UTS non-graduates are there here? [They stand up.] You have to graduate from UTS within 1 1/2 years, as Hyun Jin Nim did. The same number of Korean and Japanese should go to UTS this time. You have to take care of your own tuition.

The UTS top ten graduates should attend the Harlem event and you should be mobilizing ministers.

In four years, memorize the Family Pledge, the motto and Coronation speech and prayers, in Korean. UTS and the SMU graduate school of theology are cooperating, therefore, graduate from either of them.

On family Hoon Dok Hae: You have to know about spirit world and the Coronation Ceremony. Make them an iron rule; you will have to take a test. Each organization, for example, CARP, should give its own test, but the church will give an overall test. Those who do not know spirit world will be disqualified. Make these things known to the world through e-mail and newspapers. Announce all of it through the newspapers.

[At this point the lottery for those who would go to UTS took place, so the meeting dissolved for a time. It picked up again with Dr. Yang reading more Hoon Dok Hae from the same book. I was occupied with those chosen to matriculate at UTS in the fall, so I missed what followed for a time. The meeting ended rather suddenly with Father spending a short time giving the Instructions. I caught only the tail end, and got only a brief note about the topics of the first nine. In any case, Father was very brief.]

True Fatherís Instructions

Family Pledge
Coronation of Godís Kingship
Millennial motto
AFC and ACLC become one
UN-related work
CARP and Youth Federation for World Peace go under the national leader
The new settlement age starts from family and expands to the tribe, nation and world
Japan financial offering to the world providence
Strengthen family Hoon Dok Hae: know spirit world and the Coronation message. There should be examinations.

Now everyone has to witness. Each person, each blessed family, needs to witness to 120 families, and individuals to 120 individuals. So, the total is 240. Center on your own relatives. Submit a list of your relatives on both sides, and your spouseís relatives. Invite them all, bring them together. We have to have tens of millions of members quickly.

Thatís it. Have dinner now and then go visit ministers. [End of the meeting.]

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