Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
April 18, 2001
Unofficial Notes by Maria Kiley

Here are the notes I took at East Garden on April 18, 2001.

When we are at a high place we tend to fall down. Now we went over all the hills, now all different levels went over the hills - traveled over 50 States giving message to people. People worked hard. In the physical world, we are very much limited, but in spirit world we are not, there are no boundaries. We can be helped. If we do not fulfill our responsibility we will be indebted.

Things do not happen at once, we need to work for it. Now is only the beginning. I know that very well. Tens of millions of years of restoration it took to come here. So far human beings suffered -- vegetable human beings. How can we restore this world - so many human beings so far away from God. I know history of restoration is centered on the religious world.

Spirit world worked so hard to restore. So far everything had been divided. Now God is trying to bring everything together. So far no one could resolve universal problems. Someone needs to come who can represent each denomination. Originally we should not have created our church. Old Testament and New Testament did not fulfill their mission - Jesus was crucified, could not have family, could not fulfill God's will. The Lord of the Second Advent takes place and has to fulfill uncompleted will of God, has to fulfill and resolve all problems - all intangibles should be untangled. Christianity should have become one - however, it did not. That's why this nation has been divided. We must understand unification of North and South Korea should take place. Eastern (external) matters should be resolved first, then must go to internal matters. Second generation from major universities they should restore.

Mary Park opposed our church. All foundation was destroyed - when that happened, it was very difficult to restore. Even without God's help I had to stand for 40 years, had to fulfill many different roles - as a father, as a husband, etc. I felt I was drowning. But I had to restore everything in one generation. Many people opposed me. Even Christianity was used by Satan. Had to climb many mountains. Had to resolve many problems on my own. Had to bring success.

Understand meaning of living sacrifice. Not only for temporary purpose. A very special condition people must fulfill. Jesus could not go over the Roman Empire. Died at the age of 33 years. In seven years everything can be over. Proclaimed Coronation of Kingship - so important. Last area we should go over. Take responsibility, that is the problem.

(True Father addresses Rev. Yang, the Korean Continental Leader of North America). No indemnity. Shed many tears and sweat. I prepared everything for you. If you are not willing to do it, it is better to die. I invested everything, now there is time to harvest.

Coronation of Kingship

Blood lineage - purity is so important. No discrimination between gender. Adam and Eve did not go to school, yet they were supposed to inherit everything. Most important thing is blood lineage. Should be willing to be center.

Gave coronation ceremony to God. It is like a dream. As a loyal person - have to go over hills. Did not know what I was doing. Myself I was willing to sacrifice all my family, my children, everything. Even my children protested me. Are you really my parents?

Now I really need to change you from inside out. Everything must be renewed. God wanted to fulfill his will through perfected Adam. It took 40 years to do this - within one generation.

At night many saints had to work very hard - had to be sacrificed first. Night goes out, should be replaced with pure water. Saints ... should all come to God. Did not know Satan's word so well. True Parents can bring them liberation. What Heaven's side knows cannot be understood by Satan's side. Blood lineage is very important. What about Satan? Should we save him or ignore him? We should restore him with the religious world. Everyone has to be restored. All are indebted to me.

Had to bring Coronation Ceremony to God. Long human history - for many thousands of years - should be restored.

Blood lineage is first, Human Rights are second, and then using public money properly. Should not do things on your own. To build God's kingdom should be willing to do something really difficult, even if it is difficult. God knows what I am doing.

Temptation -- have to know how to control yourselves. Should not be like thieves, cannot live a loose life, have to live for the sake of others -- you should not hurt others. Even in spirit world we should be willing to pay indemnity. Everything must be resolved on earth within one generation. So we need to restore all sons and daughters of God. Important to make total living sacrifices.

Need to go back to your home tribe and restore all of them. Ready to have great migration. Not seek for temporary joy and happiness. Within one generation have to restore everything. Should restore a nation, no matter what. Should e able to complete your mission within one generation as well.

From now on must go through test. Those who overcome test will belong to God. Need to bring Day of Liberation as quickly as possible. Need to witness to your ancestors. National Messiahs you should be prepared for this. 160 fish for National Messiahs, but everyone did not follow. In the future, if you do not follow, you will have difficulties. Need to build sacrificial altar. Within one generation should restore everything. Need to do it yourself - go over hills, climb up mountains, then you know what I am trying to say. Need to respect my directions. Everything has to be restored within one generation. Before you die you have to fulfill. That is your destiny. So there is no time to rest.

Something very historical. Listen to the speech during Coronation Ceremony and the prayers. Turning point - most serious time. Need to be serious about Hoon Dok Hae. From now on American members have to have mission. We should become filial child of God, patriot to our nation, that is our duty. I had to fulfill in one generation - I could not think of eating and drinking. Have to go beyond your limitations - you have not done that yet. If you cannot love your grandchildren there is no blood lineage. You have to have God-centered view.

Sometimes I thought I would get crazy - that's how I indemnified.

One generation clean up. One generation completion. Restore your hometown.

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