Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

East Garden Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
March 31, 2001
East Garden, New York
Unofficial notes from Japanese Kodan News

You have to know the spiritual world in the Completed Testament Age.

The reports from 4 Saints are not merely the messages from the spiritual worlds. They are officially approved by God, and these messages came from the spiritual world, because of True Parents demand. In the Completed Testament Age you have to know the spiritual world clearly. If not, you cannot understand how you should go the way of the restoration, expanding the stage of individual, family, clan, race and nation. If you understand the spiritual world clearly, you can clearly understand what you should do, how you can get results, and how you can settle down.

Now is a time to take ownership of all things. Now the spiritual world is very busy, never keep still. You have to know how to mobilize the spiritual world clearly. From now on, opponents of me will be eliminated. Those who are opposed to True Father will be directly judged. Now Jesus' message is prepared in the spiritual world. (Buddha's message has been already published.) When you read the message of 4 Saints, you can understand how valuable True Parents are.

Members in New York worked hard. They worked actively, when they went to countries to help them. You should move to the countries to settle down rather than only supporting another state.

Now is a time when the sun sets. You have to throw away the old concept before the sun entirely sets down. True Parents have an authority of God. True Father is busy harvesting seriously. From now on you have to do Hoon Dok Hae centering on your clan.

This time I am teaching the problem of blood lineage clearly at the 50-state speaking tour. Fall means that Satan chased away God and invaded the true lord, in other words the guest became the lord.

You have to behave strong and vigorous. The spiritual world will help you directly now. The time when the Holy Sprit cooperate has passed, and now is a time when your ancestors in the spiritual world cooperate with their descendants directly. The time of Holy Spirit corresponds to the situation of Eve. Now Satan surrendered completely, and it is not necessary to use much time. Ancestors can help their descendants substantially through the relation of blood lineage. Americans do not understand this. In the East they know that ancestors are related with their descendants through blood lineage. Western members in the Unification Church have to know this. In the spiritual world 7 generations make one group.

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