Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Purity, Blood Lineage, Device Which Creates Life (sexual organ)

Sun Myung Moon
February 18, 2001
Belvedere International Training Center
Tarrytown, New York
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim

[Notes by Peter best shot at accuracy, includes paraphrasing]
Two of Father's speeches were read first by Rev. Jenkins at Father's request whose titles were as indicated in Dr. Hendriks notes.

Purity, Blood Lineage, Device Which Creates Life (sexual organ)

[First three Korean characters of speech title that Father wrote on the board]

Royal Lineage became lineage of butchers. "Step" fathers, sons, daughters...many in America. "Step" means already mixed like dirty water. If we have a conscience, how can we open our concave(women) container to receive just anything? In the same way the convex (man) is the resultant of thousands of generations of ancestors. Will the new baby want to say 3 cheers of Mansei, or try to run away and not even be born? We even have the cells of original Adam and Eve. Teenage boy and girl who meet, don't you think they should be scared? Because any wrong doing there cannot be reversed.

Suppose worst man and woman meet, don't you think they will create the worst devil? You young people, if you make a mistake, you might create a result worse than an atom bomb. How dangerous your sexual organ is.

Jesus said, "Repent". But how can we repent? Jesus meant repent for having false lineage and misuse of sexual organ. Fallen Adam and Eve, do you think God would want to get close to them? In the Bible it says, "Love your enemy." But what is your enemy? It is your sexual organ and lineage. You gracious lady sitting in the front, your lineage is so filthy. You need a transfusion. Religions are prepared in history to receive the Lord. The Lord comes to clean the lineage. All human beings have Satan's blood - false lineage. Messiah comes as a doctor with all skills needed to change lineage and engraft to the True Olive Tree.

From the Wild Olive Tree a thousand years old, we need only one bud. Is there a difference between the true bud and the false bud? A novice cannot tell. This is why religions have been chased out and persecuted. Do you have true lineage? Do you own true lineage? What kind do you have? Muddy, mixed, filthy? Does God expect such in the Kingdom of Heaven?

Many women put rouge and make-up on to make their faces seem really beautiful. By doing this can you change your lineage? Women want to put polish on toenails and lips and fingernails. Can we change our lineage by cutting off our head? These days we talk about cloning. Even if take one cell and repent over it for ten thousand years, we cannot complete the process of change of lineage.

Will God accept you with Satanic clothes? God will be able to smell you approaching? Dr. Lee's spiritworld book says they can smell what kind of person you are. Do you have confidence to go to the Kingdom of Heaven? Have you taken Father's teaching and grafted it to yourselves? How can you have confidence without knowing the details. Father first had absolute faith and practiced and made Satan surrender and then taught.

Satan is like a prostitute. Sometimes we also have a mind [urge] to sleep with a prostitute and think about what kind of joy we can get from this. How about the old grandma? Yes, sometimes she thinks about this. How about Rev. Yang? [Rev. Yang answered, "Absolutely no Father!" [Father was putting his hips very close to Peter Kim's hips.] How can you say no when hips are close together of the man and woman?

Unless we can overcome our sexual desire, we cannot connect to God. By man's internal power alone, he cannot do it. He needs special help from God. Even if he tries one thousand times, he cannot do it. Power of sexual desire equals the power of desire to meet God. We were created this way. What do we need? Father's words and teaching about the Fall of Man and Change of Blood Lineage.

Even old people can have such sexual desire. Woman is the enemy of man in this sense. The flesh is the base of Satan. Cut off your neck and be engrafted with the truth and cell from True Parents. Then the Wild Olive Tree history is gone and you start a new history.

There may be a man with an expensive suit or a women with beautiful make-up on, but this has nothing to do with changing lineage. Maybe a robber who robs your home is in a better situation than them. No way to cleanse such filthy blood. If a young man comes and holds a young woman's hand, it is worse than Satan's of six thousand years ago. Say after Father, "Pitchul". Every time you have to think about cleaning the blood lineage.

Messiah comes and is the first successful engrafting process. For the first time after four thousand years, Messiah came - Jesus came. How difficult it has been for God to have one man who is successful in engrafting. [Father draws and "apple tree" on the board.] After the engrafting process there is only one branch of this tree that has the one successfully engrafted apple on it. All the other apples on this tree are still wild apples. After thousands of years and many religions, it has almost been impossible. Where did you engraft? Small branch or main trunk? Different levels - family, tribal, national and world. We need to complete at the world. Also must go to root level and completely cut off. If even one little root survives, then a false apple tree can grow again.

Have you helped God's Messiah Tree to come out? But suddenly without doing anything, the Messiah Tree appears and people try to climb up and eat the fruit. Can we say we have completed the grafting process, cutting off our fingers, arms and everything? Can we say we are a "Central Blessed Couple"? We must be patient and endure the process. Even Father is teaching this truth, but some people say that Father's teaching is just "talk", but my life is my life.

Father just came from Patanal where it is a natural sauna. But now in New York Father feels something different in his nose. Now we "report"; no longer "pray". Report how our central blessed family is growing. We must teach. They cannot go to Heaven without learning from us. [To a sister in front] You're from Italy. Have you thought about engrafting Italy? So many men and women there. You need a knife to cut it off.

[To the sisters side] You ladies, Father has seen you for ten or fifteen years, but every time you come alone. By misusing your sexual organ you might destroy your family or nation. The most fearful enemy of the world is lineage - the sexual organ, if you misuse it. The Kingdom of God might be torn apart. Our five senses should not be misused - manipulated by sexual desire. There must be absolute unity between mind and body. If your five senses are manipulated by you sexual desire, then don't follow the Unification Church.

Father was thinking on the plane to America, "I have had many disciples from many countries, but whose country gave the most followers between Korea, Japan and America?" It was Korea. But eight Korean presidents opposed Father. For forty years leaders in Korea could not even restore one nation. So Father went out to the world and transcended even the United Nations. There are thousands of years of homogeneous Korean lineage. Pure lineage. Father mixed this lineage through the blessing. Is this good or not?

You Western husbands who have received oriental wives, you must sacrifice your everything before asking your wife to go back to her country to get money. Do you Americans like receiving help from Korea and Japan? [I said, "No". Father then spoke strongly something in Japanese. Mike Jenkins responded, "We appreciate it Father, but we want to become self-sufficient."] It's easy to say that.

What is more difficult, getting a Harvard Ph.D. or remaining a Unification Church member and going the complete course. In the future the University of Bridgeport (UB) will be more difficult to get into. Father warned members and second generation to go to UB. Sun Moon University in Korea was building more and expanding during the recent IMF crisis. Patanal, UB and Sun Moon University were supported by Father, but we families have not been supporting Father's idea.

Through three generations filtering system. Hoon Do Hae is the filtering system. Has your family failed or become successful though doing Hoon Do Hae? Success is when your family is more excited to do Hoon Do Hae than to eat meals. A prefecture in Japan started morning Hoon Do Hae with thirty or forty members three months ago. Others were curious and now about five hundred people meet every morning. Who but Father comes up with titles such as "In Search of the Origin of the Universe" etc. People who are stupid like us don't appreciate it. But wise people who are smart will travel a thousand miles to hear. Do you know how this truth was discovered? It is above our level. Who has thought of this kind of "Coronation Ceremony"? If this is true then nothing else matters. Nations will dissolve.

If eight American presidents speak from the spirit world, then America will believe and follow God. Absolutely they will. This kind of time is coming. We have Hitler types of evil people in the spirit world now who are matched. There is no difference between killing one and killing a million [in terms of evil]. Christians and Jews killed by Hitler went to the Kingdom of God. Suppose Father acts like Hitler and puts all UC members in a gas chamber such that there are no more UC members? In spirit world will you run away from Father and not go to Heaven? Song Hwa means glorious ascension. Secular people think we're crazy.

Young UC members, do we know how to launch a demonstration? Suppose you make a demonstration and say, "Rev. Moon go home"? Who is closer to Father, Koreans or Americans? [Italian brother says, "Koreans". Father says to him, "You must not be from America"]

Many dignitaries at our gatherings were shocked by Father's talks that were distributed to them. Authority has been given for Hyun Jin Nim to assign anybody under forty to be a leader anyplace. Now Father is planning a world level demonstration against evil through Hyun Jin Nim. after the Coronation Ceremony the First Generation is over. IRFWP forty-four billion young people to be mobilized and given blessing and take charge to deal with this situation [Father points to blackboard apple tree diagram.]

Was the United Nations blessing good? Yes! In the future people will compete to get the blessing. When Father hears your prayer [to Mike Jenkins] it sounds tenacious. He is bold and courageous. When he gets kicked out, then he goes back. That's why Father made him president of the UC. Professors at UTS are shocked by the perfect papers that Hyun Jin Nim turns in. Dr. Hendricks goes many times to Hyun Jin Nim to ask for help for the seminary. Hyun Jin Nim's wife testifies that she studies hard and gets 80's, but that Hyun Jin Nim gets 100's even though he is involved in many public activities. This comes from Father. Therefore you should know that lineage is important. Soon all families will want to have some connection to Father's lineage. In school Father didn't study or read but only used his brain and memory and wrote down what came to mind. Hyun Jin Nim is the same.

[Peter Kim interjects a short testimony that the "In Search of the Origin of the Universe" speech when it was originally given in front of two thousand dignitaries was extemporaneous with no notes or preparation on the part of Father.]

Lineage -- makes your five senses work. The meaning of the human fall is contamination of blood lineage. Because of this God was imprisoned for thousands of years. God could not help. Think how great and precious Father's teaching is. Father sends out tribal and national messiahs to save the world. Should Father live to 950 or 960? Some Christian sects think that if the Fall had not occurred then man would live forever. Methuselah lived to 960. There is something to this. Father controls the entire spirit world as easily as having a TV remote control and pushing one button.

Suppose Father came to your home. How long can you properly take care? Two weeks? Soon you get tired. But in spirit world it is more easy. You can have a big banquet everyday. What if Father blows his nose on your face? Are you happy? Handkerchief and wallet formula in Father's two back pockets. Father's handkerchief complains if Father uses it? Shoes? Father has small feet. Father likes shoes with no need of a shoe horn. Convenient.

[It was 9:10 AM and Father said it was time to finish. Father said he was supposed to finish at 8 AM for 100 Day celebration at East Garden, then threw his handkerchief to the sisters side and one sister caught it.]

Even fasting for forty days, mind and body cannot unite unless you forget about food. Go to a restaurant and find the most humble spot. Our forks usually go to the best food first. But go first to the worst and most humble food. If a hundred people see you doing this, then they will recognize you as the leader. If you take the most humble bed and sleeping place, after long practice the hand goes automatically. Plant the seed and it should be covered with dirty, smelly fertilizer. Why is anus near sexual organ? True seed always needs good fertilizer [meaning "live for others"]. Good seed always needs to go to the lowest place. UC members know that. If I go most difficult life, then I can inspire thousands of young people.

Korea is more spiritually wealthy than America, so Father came to America and brought young people. This summer go out pioneering. If Father goes to London and gathers those that went there pioneering with their families and children, then Father might buy clothes for your children. Even after working for ten years, one might not get this blessing, but just being there as a pioneer you get. Young people go to Japan or Europe.

Global express airplane soon, so Father can go anywhere to visit pioneers. Father had a gold credit card years ago with a limit of $1000 or $2000, but this was raised to $40,000 after complaining to the credit card boss that Father is "no ordinary man". Now Father's credit card is maybe $1,000,000. Father has paid for all the dignitaries at conferences for many years. Now you dignitaries can pay back by taking care of UC pioneers and missionaries in your countries.

This summer we saw an alligator swallow a small calf. The calf should be grateful that the alligator swallowed it whole without biting it into pieces first. We should have that kind of guts. Even if Father doesn't give the order, you should do what you're supposed to do. Remember, all ancestors are waiting in your blood, lined up there. We always need to be reminded of hundreds of generations of ancestors are waiting in line and they are at the tip of your sexual organ expecting the best possible descendant.

Father's advice to brothers -- man's right hand pocket should have a small pair of pliers or scissors. Then once a day when you go to the bathroom, give sexual organ a pinch as a warning. If it doesn't listen, then cut it a little bit. Don't you think Father went through this kind of training?[Yes!] How do you know? Did you see? Even if you think you saw it, it's good.

This is the meaning in the Bible of "Love your enemy."

Women should always carry a small pistol or razor blade to protect lineage and sexual organ.

We should have confidence that we have nothing to do with Fallen Adam and Eve or their lineage and that we have been born anew.

American women are so aggressive that they try to pull Father and kiss. Father places a one meter limit/barrier -- Father's warning to women[keep you distance at least one meter away]. The CIA tried to send many women to seduce Father, but the final report that remains for history is that they tried everything and failed. Did any woman here ever hear Father say, "Let me kiss you?" No.

Sometimes a naked woman got in Father's bed and said, "Come on, it only takes five minutes." Father concentrated and nothing happened and Mother trusts Father.

This is the enlightenment process to go to Heaven.

Feb. 18 is 2/18 ... 2 X 18 = 36 means 360 degrees full circle.

Many Westerners want hamburger and cheese out of habit, even though there are many wonderful oriental foods at the banquet. We have to control sexual organ by habit. If America has no teaching from Father, then no future.

Father's speaking tour begins next Sunday. Japanese members raise hands. About half. Japanese members, why are you here? To save America or live your lives. The goal is to bring 2500 ministers in each city. If not enough people, Father won't come. Father is not cheap anymore.

[Then True Parents left and Rev. Jenkins had a short meeting concerning preparation for the speaking tour. The 100 day ceremony was for Shin Man Nim, the child of Hyung Jin Nim and Yuh Na Nim (spelling?) ... Shin Man Nim picked the money and the book out of four objects. The other two were "thread" and a "brush". Peter Kim remarked that in his memory only Kook Jin Nim and Shin Man Nim had picked "money" out of all the True Family Children].

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