Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Pure Lineage and the Love Organ

Sun Myung Moon
February 18, 2001
Belvedere International Training Center
Tarrytown, New York
Translation by Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial notes by Dr. Tyler Hendricks
[who had to leave early]

First, True Father had Rev. Michael Jenkins read HDH, "View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation." When he finished, Father asked him to read "In Search of the Origin of the Universe."


Did you all understand the message just read? It is about pure lineage and the love organ. The origin of the human fall was the misuse of the love organ. Without the fall, the lineage and love organ should stem from God directly. God is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. Therefore, our lineage should be absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging and our sexual organ should be the same way. It should be the organ God likes, not Satan interferes with. The fall means the wrong turn of the lineage.

American has many blended families including stepparents and stepchildren. People consider this normal. It means the lineage is mixed. The water is dirty, everything is mixed and contaminated. What about your lineage? Is it crystal clear, like ocean water, with no debris? Or all mixed up? Originally, human lineage should be like ocean water, crystal clear. The practice of free sex denies the traditional lineage. Can God dwell in such a society?

The sexual organ is like a pipeline to connect and continue the lineage. Do you understand that? We are inheriting from thousands of generations. We are a culminating point and this lineage is to be connected to another level. But it is not clean; it is mixed with the practice of free sex.

Concave is a container shape. Is it full of clean water or filthy water? What is your answer? When we see what is in the concave container, will it be clean, or will you be shocked by all the mixed up, filthy, dirty stuff? If we truly have our conscience, how can we go around and open our container to receive just anything? By the same token, the convex entity, manís love organ, is the culmination of thousands of generations. So when the two organs meet together, the lineage gets mixed and through that the new life is created, the baby. From the original standpoint, will the new life want to get involved in the mixed up, contaminated inheritance? Will the new baby cheer, or try to run away? It would rather not be born.

People say that human beings have over 40 billion cells. These in your body include even Adamís own cells. So think how complicated and complex is the structure of human cells. If you truly understand the background of lineage and your sexual organs, then as a teenager you will be afraid of making a relationship with the opposite sex. This would be because you would know that if there is any wrong move, you cannot reverse it. According to the law of heredity, if there is any mixture, it will show up down the lineage somewhere, even if not in your children or grandchildren.

Imagine the worst possible man and woman making a relationship. Wouldnít they create the worst devil in this world? They inherited satanic lineage, so do you think they can separate from that lineage? Remember, when you young people make any move together, you may create something more dangerous than an atom bomb. People do not believe in their children. When your children reach a certain age, their parents cannot control them; they have their own lives. But can you control your love organ without knowing the principle? How dangerous it is.

That is why Jesus said to repent because the kingdom of God is here. Repent for what? For the misuse of the sexual organ and false lineage. Because in that, the good and evil, the Kingdom of Heaven and Hell, are included. Originally, Godís lineage was to have started and continued for eternity. But because of the fall, it is not appearing anywhere. The fall means the creation of false lineage. When human beings have satanic lineage, will God want to get near them? The Bible says to love your enemy. But when we look within ourselves, we see that our enemy is our love organ and lineage. No one has thought this way.

You ladies look pretty and gentle, but your lineage is filthy and dirty. You need a blood transfusion from somewhere. But there is only the satanic lineage to transfuse. Where can you find Godís blood? That is why through human history, God has created many religions and through them trained people to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. The role of the Messiah when he comes is to cleanse the filthy water, filthy lineage, and to give the pure lineage to humanity to cleanse their false lineage. Since everyone has Satanís blood, false lineage, someone has to bring the technology, the skill, to change it, so the Messiah comes as a doctor with those skills. It is like an engrafting process, between the wild and true olive trees. [end of my notes]

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