Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

How to Witness

Sun Myung Moon
February 6, 2001
Unofficial notes by Josip Posavec

1. The church's floor should always be wet with our tears in prayer

2. Progressed planned education makes progressive development

3. Make strong systemized heartistic and deep human relationships

4. Make heartistic proper conditions to penetrate people fallen mind.

5. Continuous multiply visits make a good result in witnessing, one visit will not make result

6. Try to witness by various methods based on true love heart. Live for others not for your own results.

7. Conditions, prayer and activity should be harmonized and united.

8. Witnessing is a kind of serious battle to get back people from Satan's bosom. So we need good preparation.

9. To witness we need a trinity, in order to establish a four-position foundation including the person that we witness to.

10. Witnessing is the same than rising our own beloved children. As we cannot forget our children even for one moment, so we should do with our spiritual children.

11. The Father' speeches that we give to the people should be well selected. They should be delicious for the person. In order to do this we must have love for him and interest in everything about him. He should be just as our brother or sister.

12. Do you want your family members go to hell? To save a person, if you have tearful prayers and activities, his ancestors that are in spirit world, will help you.

13. Repent for your laziness and re-determine yourself. Then you will make it. Thanks to the ceremony of God's coronation. Act with double effort!

14. Hoon Dok Hae is very important. Today is the age of HDH. Through the HDH we will make everything we want.

15. We today should be different from how we where yesterday.

16. Sacrifice for others is the best investment for the future and our descendents.

Special prayer for

1. UN and UPI projects

2. True Parents' speaking tour in 50 states of USA, from February 25th

3. Albania VIP project, for the sake of Europe.

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