Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Leaders Meeting

Sun Myung Moon
January 30, 2001
Grand Ballroom, New Yorker Hotel
New York

Translation by Mrs. Hee Hun Standard and Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong; Unofficial Notes by Tyler Hendricks and Rev. Tom Phillips.

We blessed all the people centered on the national leaders and good spirits in the spirit world. Based on the vertical relationship, by establishing kingship in the spirit world, we have to organize a system on earth as well. Because we gave the blessing to many people, we also have to bless national leaders and chief religious leaders. Those major leaders, religious leaders, should work through the national leaders on Earth. That should have come through the coronation ceremony, the kingship of God. Basically, we have to establish the foundation on earth with the support of the spirit world.

So, what will happen? Now, all the territory that has been occupied by Satan will become Godís territory. So we have to establish a system, and we have to bring them all together. So far, people have been multiplying centered on Satan. Evil spirits, centered on Satan, have governed the Earth. But now we have True Parents on earth. Heung Jin Nim and Jesus are united in spirit world, and centered on the unity on earth things can happen much more quickly. On earth we have the Internet, we have means of delivering information quickly. In spirit world there is a community, and communication should go on between spirit world and earth.

We now enter the age in which we can take responsibility on earth. Then, we can establish one nation, a heavenly nation on earth. We can break down the national boundaries. Just because we had the coronation ceremony does not mean everything is done. We have a big job to finish. There are many departments, and they should fulfill their responsibility as Ö so far, what they have done is acceptable, but from now it is not acceptable that level. You have to establish a foundation centered on Tribal Messiahship. We have many family names, but there should be a chief in each family. We have to have a system organized in Heaven; we should also have it on earth. So we need to choose a chief from each family. There should be a family messiah and tribal messiah. On different levels we have messiahs.

We have to bring unification among all organizations. Centered on the Tribal Messiahship, we have to lay the foundation. We came to live in such an age. On that foundation, we can build a peopleís level, national level and world level foundation. In order to digest a nation, nation-by-nation, we cannot live an easy life anymore. We should be responsible and serious about our mission. When we go to spirit world, they will know exactly what weíve done. Whatever we achieve, we bring with us to spirit world. We need to have sovereignty on earth and in heaven, Godís sovereignty. Whatever we did Ö

By heavenly law, we cannot avoid it. Our conscience should guide us in actuality. We have the responsibility to live the right life, especially as blessed families. Everyone has to understand. Do you? Please say you understand. Do you need me or not? Basically now my mission is over.

Hoon Dok Hae

Won Ju McDevitt read the speech given on January 13th during the Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship.


Now if it is your responsibility. We have to be the king of our family. If we donít have a family, there is no way to go into the Kingdom of Heaven. We have to go over 165 or 180 families. When you listen to my speech, can you see whether I spoke to you knowing what Iím talking about? I knew exactly what I was doing. Now you have to restore your own tribe, your nation. Jesus could not do that. He could not go over his family level and national level. That is why all religions have had to suffer martyrdom and religious life has been miserable. Because I knew that, I was willing to go over anything.

You should not think of your own nationality, but go beyond that level. We have to be liberated from everything that happened in human history. Only then can our children and descendents be liberated. Otherwise, everyone will have to go straight to hell. Now I have opened the way for everyone to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. If I go east, you have to go east, not west. We have to change the direction 180 degrees, totally a different direction. Once you change direction, you cannot look back, like Lotís wife who looked back on Sodom.

I have been walking this path for over 50 years. I have been through a lot. I am doing everything possible to save all of them. From now, even if I do not do anything like that, still you should be willing to go your own way. I have resolved all the problems on the world level. You should be willing to sacrifice yourself and your family. I have sacrificed my family, tribe and people. You have to sacrifice your tribe. Should you be related to me or not? Because I took responsibility for you, my family had to be sacrificed. You did not know how to take responsibility. You did not establish the right tradition. You do not know my suffering. I should not have had to go through a divorce. People put me through difficulties. There were so many false rumors, so I suffered so much.

We are in the 4th Adamís age and by all rights you should be the prey of eagles. But I am restoring everything on Earth. God has been working so hard because of the foundation of Christianity and of our ancestors. Thatís how I could make an offering tradition. To build a new nation, I have been doing this and God has been doing the same. How can you think that Japan is Japan and America is America? You should now go your own way, fulfilling your responsibility.

Actually, I am helping you so much, and I should charge you a fee for that. That way, I can help many more people. Do you think you should go through any suffering, since I did everything for you? You should not go an easy way. Do you want to eat good food? You should not think that way.

You donít know how difficult it has been for me. It has been miserable, but I have never given up. I have wanted one thing: to liberate God and build Godís kingdom. You should pray that whatever I say is fulfilled. In a certain sense, it is a heavenly competition. Should you win or lose? I am an elderly man. Do I have the energy to look after you? The path I have gone is pathetic, so difficult and thorny. I gave you so many blessings. What else can I do more for you? You know, Satan defiled the heavenly lineage. Now I reversed that. I went through all the stages to bring liberation. Many people oppose the blessing. But I continued doing what is right, and many people have come to respect me. You now have your own portion of responsibility, your job, which is to bless people, no matter what others say.

Where is the nation, the Kingdom of Heaven, the fatherland? America, in a sense, is the enemy nation. Eight presidents in Korea persecuted me. They still try to eliminate me. But I cannot treat them as enemies; they are my Cain brothers. One thing you have to remember: you have to establish the right tradition, the heavenly tradition. There is no other way. You should never think of your own country or culture. Unification Church members are the ones to bring the final victory. Americans and Japanese are so proud of their cutting edge technology. They think they are the citizens of the number one country. From the second generation, however, we can have many geniuses. From the blessed families, the children are smart. They are good looking, too.

Letís see what a good job you can do among yourselves. You donít know how difficult it has been for me to give you the blessing. Once we establish the tradition, everything will go smoothly in the right direction. After the coronation of kingship, the foundation is laid. We should have a subjective nature -- a juche nature. You have to lay the bridge yourself. You are a blessed central family, but do you think you have surpassed Jesus, Buddha or Confucius? The prayer ending in your own name means that through intense effort to fulfill your responsibility you can become better than them. We have abolished religions. Someday we wonít need Christianity, Buddhism, or other religious faiths. Once everyone recognizes the kingship of God and True Parents, everything will be done. Did Jesus or Buddha create the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?

You donít know what I did for you, the value of the blessing I gave you. I gave you the opportunity to become as great as or even greater than those major religious leaders. You donít know. Are you going to be fertilizer, or just someone who is like a branch? What are you going to do? Are you going to be fallen leaves in the autumn, or thrown away during the winter? It is very cold then; are you going to just freeze? Life is so strong. When spring comes, even though we think the trees are dead, they come back to life. If they do not have the ability to survive during the winterís bitter cold, they will not be able to make it. Now, I cannot help you. I told you: you should be a blessed central family.

I am the king of families; I said that on October 14, 2000. If that is the case, you have to attend the family king. That is what Adam and Eve were supposed to have done. Are you of the fallen lineage or unfallen? You have to understand the difference. You are now registered for the Kingdom of Heaven. America should be registered, or the country will perish. We should not try to live a mediocre, trivial life. We have to seek the absolute standard. There cannot be two standards. No matter how long we live; there is only one standard. We should inherit the kingship, but you have been acting like thieves. You wanted only to take.

Actually, I am a fearsome person. If I wanted to, I could have done so much. I have to claim a lot of taxes from you. You may not like that, but we have to do things centered on Godís kinship. That is how we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Would you say you donít like this? If so, you will perish. No matter what, you have to do the right thing. You have to have a clear purpose of life. Otherwise, there is no hope. That is how kingship works. If you have a brain, think. This is something serious. Even if it rains, I go fishing. During fishing, I pray. Even when there is lightning and thunder, I always think of what I can do for God and all humankind. Thatís why I go fishing.

I always try not to be self-centered. Your answer should be clear. You donít have to explain what your position is. Rather than saying yes or no, you say, I know. Did your wife come? Where is she? It seems she is fooling around. Well, sheís a woman. How many missionaries from Ö Actually, we are from one nation. Japanese people -- many, should work for the restoration of the fatherland. Korea will not perish. It is not in the same position as before, during the Japanese occupation. There is something I need to resolve concerning my relationship with all those presidents in Korea. I am a fearsome person and I have something to resolve. I have been pioneering for this reason. I am not in the position to discuss things with anyone, not archangel position people, not my children, not even my wife. Many times, Mother pays indemnity, sheds tears and has a runny nose or stuffy nose.

You may want sympathize, but actually the indemnity should be paid. Do you think Satan will let things happen as we want? You may think, "When can I come to New York?" I may not call you anymore. You may think that kind of thing. You might have an immigration problem. Then, do you call it constipation? Anyway, you go and study, and when you have constipation, you should eat some fat. Then it will come out smoothly.

We have to experience something like vessels exploding, blood gushing out, that kind of thing. We should learn self-control. Do you still have a chance to learn? I have nothing more to teach you. I say there is nothing I can teach you at all. Yesterday, I told you that you have to fulfill your responsibility. Jungsung, haebang Ö so the liberation takes place under the formation, growth and completion stages. My most serious business to fulfill is liberation. Koreans like hotcakes and kimchee, and Americans like hamburgers and cheese. I am now very sensitive in tasting food, I can be picky but I am not. We should be willing to eat anything, even if it smells bad. We should be able to adjust to all those things.

I am exploding at you today. At least today, Iíd like to do it. Now, I should say goodbye. Before you come to see me, please restore your nation. What I need is the fatherland country. God wants a person who can restore everything in the universe, even if he or she is a servant. We need to restore kingship. Restoration of kingship is more important than bone marrow or clothes. Even if the bone marrow is gone, we have to be longing for that to be fulfilled. Say, amen. (Amen.) The taste of amen is from the taste of Mansei. You can do it together: amen, Mansei.

We should think that Korea is our nation. Even if we shed our own blood, still we should be willing to do anything to fulfill tong ban kyok pah. Do you understand tong ban kyok pah? You should understand it clearly. Now I am establishing an airplane company. If I give you a chance to fly, then you will say, give me money for the fuel and will demand even more. Thatís why Iím hesitating. Why are you laughing?

You blessed wives, there are many husbands who are not fulfilling their responsibility, but are indebted to their wives. In that case, the wife should go to kings around the world. Husbands, will you send them? Wives, will you go? Kings would not want it. But you should be willing to do anything, then no problem. I would be good for you to be a queen, the wife of someone in a high position. Queen mother -- would you be happy in that position? Donít trust anyone; fulfill your portion of responsibility on your own. Can you claim kingship and queenship of your own tribe?

You should be the best king in human history. I want you to be kings and queens. Do you want to do that? Once Korea is united, the population will be 70 million, but here are many countries with more than 100 million. From now on, do not depend on me. I am a family man as well, and I should live a family life. I am a father and husband. I should take care of the Moon family; I am the chief of the Moon family but it is just a title; I cannot do much for them. If you had fulfilled your responsibility, many Moon family members would be more supportive. But because you are not doing your job right, many people do not want to be part of us.

Should I keep talking about this, or will you determine yourself to fulfill your responsibility to develop kingship? You may think it is not easy, but what is the relationship of kingship? Heavenly Father is liberated, but now you have to ask Him to make you a great person. If you are sincere, He will help you, good religious leaders and many spirits will help you. You have to go over mountains and hills. So far, without money, I continued educating people. I never took a rest. Many times, I went through economic problems, but continued. I used different strategies to over come obstacles. We often were on the verge of perishing. But I could not let God down; we could not perish.

The Washington Times could have been swept away. Who helped? God helped. So donít think you can do the job by yourself. I touch everything. I have not hidden anything. By that, what I mean is that because Adam was killed, due to the fall, the wrong seed was given through his love organ, so there have been a lot of problems. Now, through the right seeds, I could revive that love organ. That is how I could revive many people. When the ancestors do wrong, the descendents should take responsibility, and when one spouse does wrong, the other should take responsibility. You women killed Adam so when I look at you, I am fearful.

We need to have a coronation of kingship on the family, tribal, national and world level. You should become the chief of a tribe, not to mention of a family. Then there will be no indemnity. We will be totally free and autonomous, with the authority of a king and queen, living in a free environment. What is the purpose of your birth? We wanted to inherit kingship from our ancestors. What kind of fragrance do you want to smell? The fragrance of kingship. We should complete our responsibility and thereby become princes and princesses.

Now, I am over 80 years old. Still I can keep going if necessary. I can work ten hours a day. If I fall and die while speaking to you, it is an honor. This president can become that president. That president can take your title as a president. You should not be greedy to maintain your position as president. Someone may be lovesick. The only way to heal a womanís lovesickness is by putting the manís semen in honey water and she drinks it and will be healed. There have been instances like that.

We should not try to live an easy life. Did you do everything Rev. Kwak said? All Christian ministers should be educated. Then they didnít know what to do, so they should be educated and guided. We should educate them to the extent that they can believe that what we are telling them is true. Did Sang Hun Lee say that what I taught him was correct? He discovered that my teachings are correct. He is in spirit world. You had better communicate with Dr. Leeís medium. She should fulfill her responsibility, or the spirit world will take her away. When are you going to go, Rev. Kwak? Okay, tell her that this is an emergency and it should be done by the 5th. If I were you, I would have finished it in a day. Those who want to live will die, and those willing to die for God will live. We should have that spirit of which Jesus spoke.

What kind of child does that person have? Even if things are difficult, we have to make them work. Her name is Young Soon -- I am confused about her name. Anyway, we have to take care of that matter with her, as soon as possible. I need to raise the consciousness of all these people, especially the national messiahs. You should live like a fishing pole, always flexible. You should not break. A fishing pole bends. You should be able to catch anything -- snakes, animals, whatever is necessary.

So, is it good for you to meet me? Was it a misfortune that you met me? If you think so, you can walk away from me, pack up, and go to your parents and hometown. If you do that, you will be in between and not achieve anything but lose everything. You should be aggressive, strong and willful. If you are a Unification Church member, you should be determined to restore the fatherland. You can borrow money for this purpose.

In a sense, I am the king of beggars. But I wanted to serve the nation all the time, no matter what position I was in; I desired to serve the nation and world. During the past 40-50 years, that is what Iíve been doing. Even True Mother is sick at this time. It is a serious matter. Whenever we want to fulfill something historical, we have to pay the price. We should be willing to die, right here. We have go over the hill and make a final decision. We have to resurrect the fatherland. Then a new procession will begin, or you will be hit, struck. If you do not understand, do whatever you want to do.

Again, coronation of kingship. You have to do that on the tribal level, societal level, national and world level. That depends on your heart. Confucius, Jesus, all those major leaders are in spirit world, but are not on the top level now. They are working with Heung Jin. You should be connected to the royal family. I am serious about that. I have walked the entire path I need to walk. I wish I could exhibit all my articles from the past, but they were lost. Those who were to have taken care of them did a bad job. It was bad for them. In a sense, you are all brothers and sisters, and whatever happens to each other, you feel for them. You are coughing right now; maybe I need to give you a shot. You lost your wife and you are having some difficulties and you have a longing heart and Ö do you want to be with your husband? (No, I want to attend True Parents.) I cannot say I am the Messiah, because people do not understand the importance of it. In the past I could not claim to be the Messiah. Well, people from the Moon family come to me and want to get ahead of others such as Rev. Kwak. I do not let them do that, and it has been difficult for them.

Right now, I was confused between night and day. When it was dinner, I thought it was breakfast, and vice-versa. Even these days, at 2 a.m. I am sleeping, tired, but at 6 a.m. we should start, so I have to get ready. Are all of you doing Hoon Dok Hae? I have so many emergencies, I am not in and I miss dinner. I donít take a rest. That is how I have been living. You should always be grateful, even in a lowly position, be grateful always for what you are and where you are. In a sense, I am like a computer chip that never forgets anything once it is in my brain. I know each of you well. But I do not want to point a finger at you for your wrong doings. I am an unusual person.

Even If I donít want to, I am led to go if I have to go, even without realizing what I am doing. When I am left alone, I do my job. If I continue, there would be no end to this speech. Itís time for breakfast, right? Those who are leaving today, raise your hands.

Why did you follow me? Was it Godís will? ÖYou should fulfill your responsibility as a father and son. Over three generations each person should fulfill their responsibility, so as to be in the position to be praised by the grandparents, parents and spouse. To be exemplary, we should be in the position of giving. If we are in debt, we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Second, we should treat each other fairly, as equals. The equality of humankind, regardless of position. We should not treat each other unfairly, for instance based on the clothes people wear. If they are poorly dressed, we should give them good clothes. If we do we will not perish. I went through difficulties. As a laborer, I did delivery work. I wanted to experience many things. We go through many ways of life and we should not discriminate between them. If you make an appointment, keep it. Pray for someone who is not doing right. Do not mistreat people at all.

We have to go through proper training. Suppose the master of the family keeps a promise, and then the person who is working under him should apologize for him.

[The microphone went off. When I came back, Father said, "I am done with my speech."]

When I returned home from school [speaking of his childhood] my dog was waiting for me, he knew I was coming home. Koreans used to eat dog meat. But I loved my dog so much, and the dog loved me. I cried if something happened to him. We need that heart relationship with dogs and animals. It is because I have such love and heart. I need to have many friends because I loved them so much, so they confided in me about everything. They came to me and shared their secrets, knowing I would keep them. I kept my promises and was very good at it, and they trusted me completely. Even now, if I promise something, I keep it. People know that, and I have a good reputation worldwide. In South America they know that. We should be trusted by people and should be proud of ourselves, and work with all kinds of people and go to the top.

The question is, for how many generations are our descendents going to keep their purity? Dozens, or hundreds? When we go to spirit world, everything will be known. I know principle and spirit world, so I have walked this path. I could have been president of Korea, but I knew this so I went this path. God knew I could fulfill the mission He assigned me. In our church, some people performed miracles in the early days, but I would not say things like that. We should always know what we are talking about and what we are doing. When I pray, there is a certain principle and formula, because I know what I am doing and what is going to happen. Our words and actions should align. My words 50 years ago are consistent with my words today.

The question is the kind of heart relations we can build. Everyone has equal rights. They have parents, family and clan. They represent all families. Family for the nation, for the world, for God and then God exists for the individual. If we live just for our own family, that is satanic. We are connected to each other, like a chain. We should live up the to the principle of life and sacrifice for love. That is how the universe exists. Small things exist for bigger, and it continues like that. We should make an environment of purity. It is not important to eat three meals-a-day, but rather to set a good standard.

The question is, did I live well or loosely? There is a rumor that I have 72 concubines and many children. This is totally false. People should not say inaccurate things. I have not been living loosely. I have been responsible and took responsibility for my own actions. I have been guiding people properly. There are many blessed wives, elderly ladies here, who do not even want to be married. But are they married or not? Did I bless your mother in marriage, Dr. Seuk? (Yes.) You didnít think about it, did you? I know that in the spirit world we need a partner, and need to go back to our companion of life. Thatís the reason I matched all those major religious leaders as well. Who are their spouses? Koreans, or foreigners? Koreans have been making incredible indemnity conditions throughout history. Because of this merit, they are the wives of those leaders.

When you go to spirit world you will understand this and be proud. So, again, according to the Divine Principle, I was supposed to love Cain people more, and so that is what I have been doing. You should follow my path. You are very interested in me and pay attention to me. Even when you are sleeping, you turn your head to me. If you donít the Unification Church will perish. If you donít feel that way, you are stealing my heart, abusing my love. I love you and you should love me.

True Mother is really great. We have to really attend her as our own mother. We should stand on a higher position that our own grandmother or mother, heartistically. We should be willing to give. I asked once, why are you wanting to give so much to children? Many times the children may not need it materially but because of your love you want to give. A long time ago, when I was little, I stole some clothes from my parents and grandparents and gave them away to needy people. If I had not done that, I would have felt so bad. I wanted to help people. It was not a matter of money, but of heart. There are people who sell their bodies, smiling and laughing, but still I wanted to love and embrace them. They need love as well.

Who is Adam? He is elder brother, husband and father. When we see a man or woman, we should think of them as an elder brother, father, and grandfather, or elder sister, mother, grandmother, like that. We should look at people who need our help as our younger brother or sister and help them. Many times, people came to me to ask for help. Because of that foundation, I could love you and give you the blessing, because you can inherit that heart. Many times I did not say it, to brag about it. Whatever you offer to me and God, that will never been taken away. It will be always remembered. If you treat a beggar on behalf of me, you will be blessed more than what you gave the beggar. You should set an example, living an exemplary life.

What if True Mother needs your wife and wants her as an assistant? What would you do? (Absolute obedience.) Now, you have to make it on your own. (Yes, that is so!) If you want to live for your own sake, then you will not receive the blessing. My desire is always to have you become in-laws with a couple you do not like. Give me a simple answer; donít elaborate. If you love each other, there will be no problem. If you do not love each other, there will be more and more problems. That is why we should love our enemies. It is the best way to prosper. That is why I tell you to love your enemies.

If your children are about to be blessed, do you think about the merits of your family? If you think like that, the blessing will be cut off. You have to think of how you can make the other family happy. Also, you have to think whether you like that marriage or not, whether God likes it or not. Sometimes people think of the university their child attended; donít think about that. Things can be overturned. Gradually, I am going to clean up the people in our church. Because of some external status, people cannot reach a high position. That is not principled. The most important thing is your mind. The body is object. There is only one world of the mind; it is vertical, up and down.

We have to live for the sake of others. We are born for each other. What is so great about a big university? Intellectuals often become communists. How old is your son? (20.) Why is he not blessed? (He is in the military.) But he can be blessed while in the military. (He doesnít want to be.) Then you have to act strongly with him. We have to really be serious about it. We have to educate children properly and be ourselves exemplary. Make them recognize it. If it is God-centered, what is wrong with it?

You have daughters and they like your way of life and wanted to marry quickly, but your son doesnít want to listen to you even though you are his father. Is it because he went to military service? That is not right. Donít think they can do whatever they want to do. Well, the reality in which we are living is very tough. There are some children to whom I feel very close. I want to send them to school and pay their tuition. They used to spend time with me. I really feel close to them. Actually, when you have really loveable grandchildren, there is no joy greater than that. You want to be with your grandchildren and really enjoy yourself with them. Until I reached 80 I was really busy; you know that. Why would people oppose us if we really go back to the kind of life we can enjoy, the ideal of life centered on love?

We should not use people. If we do, no one will be grateful to us. Many are grateful to me, because even though they thought their children just left them behind, they see your depth of heart and appreciate you were saved through working with the Unification Church.

Even if I am harsh, I have to be so. That is my way of loving you. I let you do what you want to do. Some times I have to spend time with you, sleeping with you and doing things with you. That is how we become friends. Even if the other person is older than you, if you relate then you can make that person your friend. When people become older they become like children and they need some special care.

What time is it? Do you want to eat or shall we continue? Okay, so we can be done in 30 minutes. Rev. Kwak, there are many guests. What do you think even if we skip one meal; should we still continue? If you are a miser, you will say good. Rev. Kwak said that you need to eat. That is why I donít like it. I want you to be really honest. When you pray you should pray really sincerely, but I donít know if you are really sincere. You may complain why I went over the hill. No matter how great a man may be, at the stage of puberty he can get really love sick. So perhaps that is the reason God likes me. I am not sure if He loves me but I know that He likes me.

I had better stop here because there are many things that I would like to say, but I am not sure if it is good to say it now. Four of my children went through a lot. Hye Jin passed away and some children passed away on the highway. But when I think of God, I cannot just think of my own physical children. The only thing that I thought about was the will of God. Some people may complain that I did not do a really good job. I could have been fired so many times because I was persecuted so many times. But I didnít care. It is a mystery how I continued. Well, also I didnít fire too many people, even though they did something wrong. But I just tried to wait for them to return to the original point. Sang Kwon Park has visited to North Korea forty times. Yesterday I was shown some pictures. Well, going back and forth forty times is okay. Even to go ten times is very difficult. He is the kind of person needed by both North Korea and South Korea. He cannot be abandoned. Even though they think he is a spy of some sort, they know his value.

You should care about the nation and not pursue your own interests. When you go, you should go alone. You know that what they know is not so much compared to what you know. You should be very prudent. You should not say things loosely or carelessly. You have to be quiet and stable. Donít talk too much. As a man we have to be trustworthy.

[Father now describes a gift he received from North Korea for his birthday.]

This is not a painting but embroidery. Some people from North Korea sent this fabric. It was the best gift; others donít have the same heart. This is really embroidery; it took a lot of time and heart to prepare this. In the beginning I thought that it is only a painting, but it is not. I looked at it very carefully. I considered the effort they made. In the future will this be thrown away or put in a museum? I cannot disregard what they prepared. Rev. Kwak, you come and look and examine it. In a certain sense I feel saddened because I wish that Unification Church members could have prepared this kind of gift. So I should give the blessing intended for Unification Church members to North Korean people. You become Ėsa members. Sa means death. Without the right foundation and merit you receive precious gifts carelessly.

Rev. Kwak, what kind of gift did you prepare? Well, the fact that you prepared a gift is an honor for your descendants. Your descendants will come in amazement that their ancestors prepared such a gift. So you are preparing things to affect history. More than effort, their heart is so precious. It is not something cheap. To come up with this kind of artwork takes time and effort. In South Korea, when young women are going to marry they want to show their heart to their in-laws. Likewise when we want to make some kind of offering we should invest even our heart and mind. Do you feel well after hearing this? How could you? What did the others do? Someone sent them a letter, and they sent a something so small. That is terrible; such a shame on them.

Is this genuine or fake? Do you think they wanted to use me or do you think they really love me? In the future I can have my own museum and at that time we will show what they did. North Korea really loved True Parents while South Korea was persecuting. Our descendants can judge and evaluate the history. Now my hometown is being repaired and renovated. They want to make the place where my old home is located into a state park. Even now you should be willing to go to North Korea and educate all the young people and live there. You should think such a way. Rev. Kim, you come out now and examine it. These gifts make me think what they did for us. Here are some cranes. One is about to land. This is symbolizing North Korea and they are flying to us to love us, missing and yearning parents.

When I look spiritually, some things are not always right but I still feel like saving them. So when we treat each other we should be really sincere. We can recognize authenticity. I am not a native-born American, but I love America more than many native-born Americans. I think people recognize that. When I went to prison, I treated all people equally without consideration of their crimes. I went to prison without complaining, because I wanted to harmonize and create a way to advance Godís will. There are many complaints about racial discrimination, but that doesnít matter to me. I came this far by the grace of God. I officiated over the coronation ceremony but I am not bragging about that. I am over eighty years old and I cannot live that much longer. You also cannot live that long. Think about how many people die every 10 days. It can be over 200 people. I did not even have time to die or become sick. Even if I loose my bone marrow, I completely invest myself. That is how the coronation ceremony was possible. That is how I made God cry. Do you think it was easy to find all the answers that are in the Divine Principle? If God could have taught people easily it would have been done a long time ago. Everything had to be investigated and then approved.

A long time ago Sung Jin Nim's mother hit me with a rubber shoe. Maybe some of you saw that. Some people wanted to disgrace me, but I even wanted to save them. I donít think you can understand words of such deep heart. You have to go to the deep value of heart and climb up to go over the hill. I didnít want to share such things. But, how long do you think it would take you? Even though I went through so many difficulties, I did pretty well.



Those under the age of fifty raise your hands. We came to change the leadership and the generation of leadership. It should be changed. Actually my family is doing quite well. It has a reputation for being a Harvard family. I feel strongly that it is good to send children to a good school. There is so much to learn, and we need to rear children so that they have a field of specialization. From now Iím going to work with many young people. You need to pay attention to that. I may bring my own children to lead you. Would you complain because they are young?

We need to have young leaders. Then we will have hope. To make you understand is very costly. I would like to see people who can do things well. I do not want to always be on the frontline. It would be nice to see people who are doing well. So it is time to use young people for important missions. The problem is that we have an older generation that has children, but you did not realize there should be a change. But the time has changed. What we eat and everything should change. Even if I use young people, you should respect them. You should have absolute faith and love and you need to obey them absolutely.

Absolute faith and love are necessary for obedience. Through absolute obedience we show that we have absolute faith and love. God cannot use us if He does not think we are better than Him. Japanese please raise your hands. Wow. Koreans. Wow. Europeans. Western. Koreans are the most. Japanese women, raise hands. All Japanese. I heard that 150 came from Japan, are you those people? (It was 210.) Should I use young people or old people who stay for an hour in the bathroom? [Father digresses on the bathroom need of young versus old.] Those who think we should use young people, please applaud. (Applause.)

What about changing the leadership in our church? Among my children, I have Hyun Jin, Kook Jin and Hyung Jin. Hyung Jin is the youngest. Whom shall I use? Will you follow a young leader as you follow me? They do not have the toleration I have, and may fire certain people. They will do it. The young children of mine do not like the older generation starting from Rev. Kwak. They think the leadership has not really attended and served God and True Parents, but were out for their own sake.

They think they can do many good things. What do you think? They may not be so experienced, but in order for them to go to school, unless they finish reading a book in two hours, they cannot pass the test. Can you finish Hoon Dok Hae materials in two hours? Not only read, but also prepare a report on it. Rev. Kwak, how many people are college graduates? What if we replace the 700 people here with someone else? Will it be good or not? (Good.) Did you hear that? He said it would be good.

Some leaders want to use their own children to increase their power; they will not prosper. I have found out that they are not doing so well. I do not need money. Many people can do things on their own without being indebted to me. The time has come for this. Supposedly you educated your children. Youíd better believe that they can do better than you can after ten or twenty years. From now, I will use young people as much as possible. We need to train them and lift them up. We need to give them scholarships and lift them up, and then they can do much better than you do.

The words I have spoken fill about 400 volumes, and they can study them and absorb much more than you have, even though they have not had the direct experiences. We do not need people who are accustomed to the old ways. Rev. Kamiyama, should older people or young people lead? To plan a new thing you have to have new money. You can recommend to me who will be the good leaders in our church, irrespective of national background. If there are 100, or 1,000, it doesnít matter. If you think they are qualified, you can recommend them.

Those who are under 40, please stand up. You are candidates for CARP. If Hyun Jin Nim wants you, you can be picked and it takes priority over whatever you are doing now. Hyun Jin Nim can use you. My voice was powerful before, but I do not have that strength anymore. Do not complain, even if they are chosen. I told Hyun Jin Nim that he can pick anyone he wants, and they can be chosen depending upon their experience, results and grace. Where is Hyun Jin Nim? [Jin Man Kwak comes forward to represent him.] Are you Hyun Jin Nimís friend? Whose son is he? Rev. Kwakís. Were you number one at UTS? I heard you were first at UTS. Give him applause.

We need to have capable second generation members. Letís see who is better looking, Jin Man or his father. Come out, Rev. Kwak. (Much applause.) Now you can say something. You young people donít know how you will be used. So youíd better listen to him well. If you donít, you can be fired. Rev. Kwak, you probably didnít hear his testimony, even though he is your son. Who is taller, Jin Man or Hyun Jin Nim? Hyun Jin Nim. Good; the one who is taller should be the captain. No matter how long it takes, you can talk about anything -- what school you went to, whatever. Take your time. I got a call from True Mother. They want me to go. Should I go quickly or slowly? I should be more concerned about the nation than to congratulate one family, so I will stay.

Jin Man Kwak

I just suddenly appeared in front of you.


Death comes suddenly.

Jin Man Kwak

I will start by reporting whatís going on in Mongolia, where my family is national messiah. [There were 14 members there when I arrived; now there are 820, plus very good relations with the national leadership. Jin Man concluded in deep respect for the first generation leadership and asking for their help and appealing that we unite as one.] Hyun Jin Nim has a ten-year plan for the unification of North Korea and South Korea. I request you to encourage us. We are your sons and daughters. If you are with us in spirit, then no matter how difficult it may be, we will bring great results.


The battleground is middle school, high school and college. Some may desire to get a job, but you have to try to save these young people. As first generation you should try to guide the young people; you have lay a foundation to help the second generation. We need to do that, but we do not have a solid foundation. We have to strengthen CARP. The timing is right. We need to mobilize young people, so they can work on the highest levels. Then sooner or later weíll have a strong foundation.

So far we could not do that, because in the past CARP had no outside support and could not be too influential. But now we are at a point at which we can bear fruit. The college freshman and sophomore are crucial. Students at that age can be active and they are idealistic. Even the UN is concerned about the future of the young people. We have a better foundation than before. From August 18 of last year, we have laid this foundation and it is recognized everywhere. A certain nation has 3,000 NGOs. We share common goals with them and can add great value to their work. We should work in cooperation, advising these organizations.

The age of 40 is the borderline. Now I have come up with this strategy. I have been thinking of how to mobilize the youth. Here is someone in charge of that. So letís listen to Bong Tae Kim, who is in charge of CARP in Korea.

Bong Tae Kim

He reported about the pure love movement since 1997. There is an active feminist movement in Korea, promoting free sex. They say purity is a way to enslave women (double standard). Our answer is that two wrongs donít make a right. Now, people in our church say there is no other way to witness than through purity education. People pay their own fee and the government is promoting it. We are making a six-month purity curriculum.


Many great things have happened in the past few years. Those who know this, raise your hands. In the future, the impact of the pure love award will be so great.

International IWs, please stand up. There should be 12. You should each receive education from Bong Tae Kim, and so also the six Continental Directors. We have to be prepared to go through it. I know many other leaders also should receive this training. Rev. Kwak, give instructions to have them go through the training. Make sure that the right tradition is established. All (what K-CARP did) should be done. Establish a reporting system. When you come to the Dowon Building, you will see all the material.

Those who are under 40, stand up again. These can take different positions. They need to work with a new system as necessary. Like a Korean grandfather, you may think Iím meddling too much, but donít complain. Compared with the young people, Ö Rev. Kwak, you are 65, like my younger brother. There are first generation members who are still trying to work hard. So the second generation should be inspired and more serious about going over any obstacles.

Now Rev. Kwak will report on the coronation ceremony for the kingship of God.

Chung Hwan Kwak

It has been difficult for us as followers to catch up with True Parents. What Father has been doing has been so hard to even comprehend. As True Parents, Father is not in the position to discuss anything with others. Father never thinks of his own comfort. He does not think of what he has to do for his family. His main concern is to fulfill Godís will and complete his mission. By understanding Fatherís formula course, we can understand our course. True Father emphasized the importance of having our own coronation of the Kingship of God on our family level, as well as tribal and national levels.

Based on love the coronation takes place. So we should have a parental heart. The external ceremony doesnít mean so much. We have to be connected with Godís heart, focused on liberating God. That is what Father has been trying to do. Although there are so many people on earth, including religious figures, they cannot understand the reality of spirit world, but True Father does. He also understands Godís situation. He tries to keep those two aligned. As you know, through Dr. Lee, we received a great amount of information. Father has mentioned it publicly, including about Mary Park and Ki Boong Lee. We should understand how God guided Sang Hun Lee to fulfill this mission. What is Fatherís view on it? Father took it as a message from God, indirectly given. When he hears what is going on in the spirit world, he wants to bring some results to help God, because God Himself cannot say directly what He wants True Parents to do. It is an indirect method.

Father does not go fishing for the sake of having fun. In the Pantanal, it was not so safe, but still he went out. For him it was going to hell, where there are dangerous animals. Nevertheless God wants to save all of them from danger, so Father went through such danger himself. Now, Father prepared the foundation through which he can bring people to the blessing more easily than before. There are many doors open through which to bring people to the Blessing. When God is liberated, people are liberated. Father is concerned to practice filial piety to God.

God is the master of the universe, the Creator, but He has never been able to exercise authority over His creation. We often call God omnipotent and omniscient, glorious terms, but God could not fully exercise those powers. He not truly free. True Father wanted to liberate God from bondage and hardships. To do that, Satan should not accuse God. If He is accused, He cannot be totally free. So Father had to make the conditions to be free of accusation.

So the coronation of kingship refers to Godís sovereignty. But God has no sovereignty now; Satan has it all. God should be free from those accusations. As you know, in our church we make conditions, but if it is only a church -- level condition, it is limited. We need to lay the foundation on the national level. Thatís why Father has been trying to restore three nations. Whether in the field of religion or academics or media, it doesnít matter. By some means or other, three nations have to be restored, especially Korea. We cannot offer the Korean peninsula unless Korea is united. Even with difficulties, we have to follow everything in accordance with Principle. Ultimately it can be done through a family of true love.

We have been establishing the true family movement for 40 years. Not everything is automatic; it comes through indemnity. Now the second period of Godís providence is coming, centered on the True Family. Therefore, True Father put all the important issues in the coronation ceremony. True Parents completed all Godís providence and the foundation of True Parents is done in Heaven and on Earth. Now, in the 4th Adamís era, there is no nationality or pride or arrogance. Father invested totally to liberate Heavenly Father. But somehow, even we who followed True Parents didnít realize Fatherís idea. We now can see beyond religion and national boundaries, but we donít really have a substantial foundation on Earth.

Father developed two or three different ways. Three years ago, Father gave directions about the UN providence. It is an alternative, a way to move beyond the national level to the world-level symbolic nation. So we are reaching out to the UN organization. I didnít deeply understand the idea when Father first gave it. I feel sorry to True Parents that I didnít know the purpose of this providence. Now I am sorry to True Parents. But I have tried my best to achieve Fatherís ideas.

In the end of 1998 we began substantially to develop the UN providence. 1998 was a watershed year, having to do with eliminating boundaries in spirit world. At the end of 1998 the UN providence also became clearer. It was an alternative way. Last August, I absolutely served Assembly 2000 and it was completely successful. At that time, there were three big ideas on education and Fatherís delivered these ideas to the world summit leaders. Then Father began to embrace the NGOs. All those NGOs committed to True Parents to support certain points. And we educated leaders of NGOs worldwide.

Father prepared one by one, and each was accomplished. No country can create this kind of vision and prepare for it through organizations. The fruitful harvest was poured into the January 13 ceremony. It was supposed to happen in the public place with world level presidents and so forth. But it happened in Chung Pyung. Therefore we prepared the January 27 World Peace Blessing. True Parents wore the special holy robes and conducted it in the UN. True Parents represented Heavenly Father and there were 210 couples representing the world. True Parents declared the real coronation ceremony.

The location itself is very significant. Young couples gathered representing each nation. I can share several unique points. It was the new year event. The decorations should have been greater than those set out for a king, but it was so humble. There was not even a banner or nice chair. There are all kinds of regulations. But the building itself was the meaning. We could connect with the founding spirit of the UN. It makes the UN a real organization for world peace. Nobody connected the UN with God over its fifty years, even though it is a house of God.

Actually, Father encouraged us to be of good courage. He did it so naturally, because world peace is the true purpose of the UN, so he naturally developed this idea. The number of participants was 600, including top leaders of different religions, connecting to the past history of their religions. Also current and former presidents and ambassadors represented the present world. The participants represented the world, with newly engaged blessed couples representing the future centering on True Parents. The building symbolizes the world.

Father prepared it, and I as the main organizer didnít even understand so much. So I realize how much indemnity Father paid himself. God prepared everything. The satellite broadcast went to the entire world, every part, to show our True Parentsí holy love for all mankind publicly. By mentioning these ideas, Father is the son of filial piety who wants to liberate Heavenly Father. In the coronation ceremony, it is the new beginning of human history, not the conclusion. God is no longer in prison, but now He can see and give His blessing to all humankind, to fulfill the Principle of Creation.

From now, we are responsible for all humankind, corner to corner. They all are ready to learn and connect with true love. That is why each nationís leader should prepare a coronation ceremony in their nation. We have a clear goal for the future. That is why we need to develop ideas for how to do this. After the coronation ceremony Father said we should be the king and queen of your country through this ceremony. Through this you will liberate Heavenly Father. It means you are the number one person in that field. My understanding is that whatever your job, you should be the number one person. Through that, people will understand Heavenly Father. You should be number one in your family, tribe and community. The people should admire you as the central person. The National Messiah should conduct this ceremony. The main 12 countries, or 21, should do this ceremony. After it, you will have a lot of potential for spirit world support. So this ceremony is your number one mission.

Satan tries to make barriers, to make us give up these ideas. It is the way to start this New Year. Godís kingship energy will support us. I feel that God has used True Parents to develop this providence in a very mysterious way. True Father has more plans for the providence and we are working on it step-by-step. I feel strongly that God prepared those ideas. The UN is confronting confusion, a dilemma. They need Godís help to provide the key to the solution. Many top leaders were so excited on January 27 and asked what Father is planning next. Top leaders say the world peace blessing is Fatherís mission. In the UN are photos of their peace activities. But from Godís viewpoint, the blessing had the greatest spiritual impact in that glorious history.

I urge you to support and help the UN to go the right way. We need to support the UN to return to its founding spirit. In the future, wonderful events will happen. One testimony about the president of the Comoros. It is an island, whose name means "Moon Island." It was originally populated by people from the Middle East. Como means moon. They saw the moon when they arrived there. Now is the time for Godís sovereignty to guide, support and help the UN directly. The nations have to see how to give glory to True Parents.


I just mentioned that those under 40 should be on the frontline of the providence. The providence should have concluded before I was 40, but it had to prolong another 40 years, and now the second generation should be on the frontline to embrace young people. In 20 years I will be 100 years old. We have to give the young people the right idea, to become future leaders and work internationally in support of the UN goals. Iím referring not just to young people inside our movement, but to the Cain-side young people too, outside our movement. From now it is time to find smart Cain-type young people, make them leaders and work together with them. I encourage you to embrace smart young people from outside our church. The UN has a dilemma and the solution can come only from God. We will work more on the international level. The UN has such a potential to create a world of true peace if it develops wisely.

Now, Hyun Jin Nim has arrived. How old is he? He is 30. Jesus started his public mission at age 30. Hyun Jin Nim has power to work with youth. So a new era has come. Rev. Kwak, you are his father-in-law. You should report your activities to me and also to Hyun Jin Nim. If I am not around, you and Hyun Jin Nim cooperate to make decisions. I desire to develop the providence this way. I think that decisions you make together will be acceptable to put into practice. In the future all parts of Godís providence should be connected this way.

I want to give the instructions now. These are very important. Listen carefully. It is all connected with Godís new providence. Are you ready? Write it down quickly.

As we enter 2001, a new millennium, may victories be brought through the Blessing. May the parents and children be united in one mind and one body. This is our motto. Heavenly Father, thank you so much that the lamentable periods of indemnity of the first, second and third Israels have passed and now we are entering a new age. Now we receive the new morning. We are so grateful to receive the new age of Heaven and Earth together. I pray that peace will be realized on earth for tens of thousands of years. Amen.

I wrote this as we received the new millennium and New Year, so from the New Year, 2001 through 3001. I pray that liberation be brought. What is this yearís motto? It is pretty much the same as the motto of the entire new millennium. Now we have to indemnify what we did as a result of the disunity between mind and body. We have to indemnify the body blocking the mind. Now through the coronation of Godís kingship, we should be totally united in mind and body. There should be no gap between the two. No air even should be able to get in. If we cannot have that degree of mind and body unity, we are not qualified to have a blessed family. If you are not united in mind and body, you have to really re-determine yourself, even through fasting for 40 days and that kind of thing.

Letís say that a beloved couple is separated until the fatherland is established. How long will that be? Even if it takes forty years, you have to long for each other as if it were one day. Would a treeís bark dry out in that time, or still have moisture in it? When that couple finally meets, how grateful they will be. How many thousands of times will they kiss? [Father queries a couple about this, and says that the husband is a lucky man, and when they reach the climax of love they have to feel it or they cannot overcome physical limitation.] In Confucianism, they say that man and woman should avoid sitting together from the time they reach the age of seven. Sometimes there is the temptation from women, and you may be tempted. You must never give in to it. You should have no physical contact, especially in the love parts.

Do you think there are women who desperately wanted to be with me? When I was going to school, there were such women. They had lots of money from their wealthy parents and they tempted me with money and were naked at night. What do you think I should have done? It was simple. I told her that she should not do that but meet someone she loves very much and love him. She said you can finish it in five minutes, and I said I cannot commit such a sin; it is not right. She cried and wailed. I experienced this. Unless we go through this experience, we cannot be engrafted into Godís lineage. No matter what temptation we receive, we have to overcome it or we cannot become Godís children and be totally one in mind and body.

Those who are trying to reach the peak of spirituality will be tempted at that high point, and fail. God has been looking for children who can overcome that and go beyond that level. You should be willing to bless those whom you hate the most. You should love your enemies the most. Godís children were violated. Do you think God should have killed them? Should He have killed Satan? No; His way is to let them live and change them. Otherwise there is no way to restore them. Forgive and embrace them. Is it easy or difficult? Among you, is there some possibility to fall? If so, youíd better train yourself. The standard is that when you reach the point of climax you have to be able to deny your feeling and go back to zero. Otherwise you cannot control yourself with someone else, either. You have to train yourself to overcome the most difficult temptation.

I do not think that those whose mind and body are not united can follow me. [To a sister] Do you love your husband? When you love him, money is not a concern. Husband and wife should be able to give completely to each other. True love is more difficult to give than bone marrow. All women, even old ladies, desire absolute love. I treat them like true daughters or sisters. That is something natural. When you meet me, you should be able to give anything, withholding nothing. Do you understand how to bring unity of mind and body? Let me tell you again. Letís say you met a person for whom you have been yearning for twenty years. Finally you meet and are so happy and are making love, and when you reach the climax, you should be able to stop and go back to the zero point. You should have that level of discipline.

And you should be able to bless and embrace your enemy. I can go through that kind of test. I even liberated God. So, that is not too bad for me to endure. If you have a heart to die for someone, then you can overcome. Mr. X., you brought your wife, so Iím sure you love her, but I heard that you fight a lot. [We used to fight.] But you donít fight now. Is it because you love her or hate her? You are supposed to love your enemy and bless that person. Can you do it? It is not just a matter of talk, but truly blessing that person. Are you able to bring unity of mind and body? If yes, raise your hands. Everyone says okay.

This is continuing from the directions given at the New Year, from number 12.

12. May the blessing of the creation dwell upon us.

On January 19 I wrote this down based on directions from the spirit world so youíd better take it seriously.

1. The prayer luncheon main theme: may the coronation of Godís kingship be the basis for us perfecting ourselves.

2. We need to have a congratulatory rally welcoming the establishment of the heavenly sovereignty in the heavenly nation.

3. The next stage is to go into the federation of heaven and earth, or the proclamation of the coronation of the Heavenly Godís kingship. There are several stages. The first centers on Jesus, the second on Buddha, the third on Confucius and the fourth on Muhammad. We need to build a nation based on these religious leaders. Where we were born and where we live does not matter. The people whom the people follow should be united, so that they can establish one nation. We are all connected, so we have to bring all people together on Earth and in Heaven. When we have a close relationship with each other, we can be totally liberated. If we include Socrates there should be a federation of five leaders. Some people like philosophy, such as communism, and they should be brought back too. They are staying in the middle realm of the spirit world. They should be brought back and we should trust each other or there will be no way to restore the world.

4. Let us establish sponsoring organizations, inter-religious, international supporting organizations.

5. From now on, we create the great events to determine the future of the heavenly nation. We need to perfect education.

6. In the cosmos there should be only one nation, so we should complete one cosmic nation and the relationships of the world as one people. On Earth and even in spirit world, everyone should connect with True Parentsí lineage. We need to create a foundation whereby we can establish one cosmic nation and one people through or as one parent-child relationship. We need to bring all the major religious leaders and they should be able to support each other. Through this they should be able to support the UNís goals together.

7. January 26, 2001, was four days ago. May the purpose of the UN be fulfilled. We need to have a General Assembly dedicated to an inter-religious gathering. There need to be a conference for all religions. Then we need to establish a united federation, holding an assembly for the organization that unites all religions. We need to connect all dimensions of leaders on all different levels. This organization needs a senate and embassies for ambassadors. To do that, we need to bring unity between spirit world and physical world.

8. The next point is to establish Godís sovereignty and enter the age of globalization to realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven through the unity of mind and body. (We need to enter the age of utilizing all mass media.) We need to open a new age. Then I put down "amen" at the end.

What comes next? We should explain the media work in 60 nations, with three people as a team in each nation. Other countries will have only one representative; the big ones will have three. They should be connected with the newspaper company and report on all events taking place.

5. The Secretary-General should pursue the interreligious, international activism of WANGO membership more aggressively.

6. January 30, 2001 The establishment of each nationís official mission. For each nation the cost is about $2 million. It should be done based on discussion among the six continental IWs. You discuss the details. For African countries, what is it on the average? It should be a place of diplomacy, church, hospital, school, a multi-purpose building. So, come up with a budget.

There are 11 international IWs here. Each nation should be in a hurry to build their mission headquarters. They should witness to many people. The Japanese should be traveling around providing education. In each nation, members should come up with the funds necessary to build it. It should be a place you can teach that nationís language or use as a church. You should be connected to neighboring nationsí leaders and teach the language necessary for doing this. Now we need to connect to the responsible people who have high-level positions. We need education in their language. It should be a multi-functional post, a training center that serves people in many different ways.

7. Economics. Each nation should be responsible for the funds necessary to maintain the building. Be self-sufficient and independent enough to purchase vehicles, oil, etc. To fulfill this, we need to be doing true public service. We need to get in touch with the people who are leaders of each organization and connect them.

Iíve gone through it all, and itís a lot. May God bless you all.

National Messiahs and Regional Directors should get visas to go to Paraguay and Brazil. Japanese members, raise your hands. Do you want Rev. Yu in Japan, or not? President Otsuka, can you do a better job than he is, if he is gone? Rev. Yu brought a lot of substantial results and he guides you very well. Koreans in Japan, raise your hands. You can never be indebted to the Japanese people. You should bring better results witnessing to people and building the mission posts. You should come up with international missionary fund. If you witness to one million members, you donít need to worry about making money. Itís not a matter of money, but if you increase the membership you will in the process solve the money problem.

The Japanese came to Korea to exploit, but you went to Japan to save them. Donít act like the Japanese did in Korea; work harder. If the Koreans donít do the right thing, kick them back to Korea.

Dr. Yang, you are representing the elder son nation. You should be able to perform three times better than Japan. This nation is much larger and has a bigger population. Ask Rev. Yu about the results he is bringing because you have to do better. Maybe Michael Jenkins is too afraid and wants to run away. (No.) If you do not want to fulfill your responsibility then you can pack your things and leave. Donít complain about what you need to do. You gathered 2,500 Christian ministers to work with us. But it doesnít seem weíve reached that goal, so keep working on that project. We need 2,500 ministers. America is in Romeís position, and Rome killed Jesus, but America cannot kill me. We really need to liberate Jesus. Now, Mr. Joo, give a report on the event on January 19th. I have to go to see Mother. Mr. Joo, please encourage everyone here, whether it takes thirty minutes or an hour.

[Mr. Joo reported for about thirty minutes, and that was the end of the general Leaderís Meeting.]

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