Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

The Coronation of God Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
January 13, 2001
Chung Pyung, Korea
Unofficial Notes: Alphons Baltesen

Father and Mother are walking through the isle with their crowns. They were looking happy.

(There was not an official translator, these are my notes.)

Halfway the isle they stopped and Father talked about the founders of religion attending and that we should have the attitude of attending.

True Parents were the officiators and we must be grateful and heartistically unite With the True Parents

True Parents prayer:

Father talks about 8 steps to a victorious foundation. Connecting husband and wife, nation to nation and tear down all the boundaries in the world and the creation of a free world. Connecting true family and true lineage. Heaven can be connected to True Parents, True Kingship. True Parents can be the Abel to the kingship of God, united with the foundation of true love. You can be the Lord over the creation after this ceremony. Receive this with a joyful heart. Now family’s and family’s of the holy man can come down and be "seated?". God can come down and establish the nation on the earth and in heaven. To liberate the homeland (Korea).

Inherit the registration unification blessing. 8 steps of the family. New standard of love. Ownership of love. True Parents came and indemnified to that level. All families in the world centered on the True Parents In the name of the total offering, everything can be dedicated to you on this day, in the position of king, the position to be free, to be standing on that restored foundation. Celebrate this nation of kingship.

Victory can reach the whole cosmos. This time…made by True Parents….to offer you in the original position, realm of love. I can dedicate this to you. I offer this to you together with all off the blessed couples. You can be the Lord of this celebration of coronation. … True Parents sincere and dedicated heart. 3 x Mansei True Parents than bow towards the podium.

Rev. Kwak speaks,

True Parents had to officiate everything. True Parents were totally dedicated with a filial heart. This whole ceremony is held in order to liberate God, The Cosmic Parent. We are not worthy to be here because of our sin. Because of True Parents’ forgiveness we are here. We praise the True Parents for this Coronation-ceremony of Kings.

(True Parents’ children who died like Hyun Jin, Hee jin, etc. played an important role in this.) Then the True Mother bows to True Father and then True Children and different representatives of the Christian faith of old and new testament, the 36 couples, 72 couples, 124 couples, national, continental, important religions of the world, relatives of the True Parents, the Cain nations and the spiritual world all bow to the True Parents

True Father's prayer:

In front of Heavenly Father… glorious day together…children on the earth

And blessed couples in spirit world and True Parents centered on…to the year 3000. Liberation of parents and children … absolute unique eternal.... to restore true love. If we report to God we report as central blessed family (in prayer) Mind and body can unite.

After the W.W. II indemnified the whole… The position to liberate True Parents After 40 years past is indemnified. (Jesus 30 years to be indemnified in 3000 years?) (Number 12 total offering is offered we can be able to establish the kingdom of heaven) We start with the unification of Korea and the UN.

3 Organizations. Your absolute power can dominate the whole cosmos.

With True Parents we can go forward victorious by uniting centered on the earth, Restoring the elder and younger brother. The consummation of the will of God. Attending kingship God on the earth. Equally distributing the blessing together with all of the people who have been liberated.

Rev. Kwak

Before our Cosmic Parents the True Parents perform the cake cutting ceremony. God will take the meal that has been prepared. The Kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will be completed

(Father gives a piece of cake to Mother and then takes one piece himself. Then the cake will be divided.

Father speaks:

Coronation of Kingship of God. All of the people of this earth, all races, together with True Parents made this possible This is an age of which everything will be blessed. All the leaders are educating all of the people. Judaism and Christianity paved the way of believing in God. When the elder son was born there was a son, but not a daughter. First God had to create Adam and next to create Eve.

The woman was made from the rib. Adam was to restore one lineage, restore a family and a nation The first was centered on Jacob. The family of Jacob was successful. It became the Israelites. If Jesus could have been blessed he would have expanded to a nation and the world. No matter how strong the Roman Empire was 2000 years ago God would have been liberated. If Jesus would have had a wife everything would have happened. Instead everything had been destroyed. Instead of that the Islam started. … Israel representing the world and Christianity centered on Jesus representing the spiritual world could have united the world. God was on the side of the Christian power.

1945-1952 the world could have been united. Because Christianity couldn’t unite with the Unification Church.

They are still opposing us.

There is no unity between husband and wife, parents and children. All the families have struggles. In the mineral world everything lives in pairs.

Formation, growth, and perfection stages Jesus should have formed a nation, a Christian realm with this victory. The struggle between Catholics and Protestants still exist. If this continues everything will be lost, families, nations and world.

Couples have become like animals. We have to become like God. The sexual desire has not overcome. Beautiful woman will seduce man and vise versa.

Everything is over in seconds. Judgement will come. How serious is this

God has lost the world. That’s why religion still exist. Millions of years have been lost. God has won and lost, won and lost. This cycle has been going on and on. What is the meaning of the Messiah? He brings true love and true lineage.

True sons and true daughters form true lineage. Even God can not separate them.

You go through the different stages. Once you reach God, Satan cannot attack.

If you are connected to the lineage of God, Satan cannot invade. Adam and Eve ate before the fruit was ripe. Man himself can not do it he has to be connected to a woman. When the internal and the external are united there will be an explosion.

Love is an eternal cycle that goes around. People bear fruits of God. Flowers will blossom, centered on God….race and kingdom of God must be connected.

After W.W.II if the powers had connected and if they had excepted the Unification Church in 7 years the kingdom of heaven could have come on the earth. All 2000 years of Jesus could have been connected. If God and Satan could have reconciled , religion could have been united. After the W.W.II the second Israel couldn’t be connected to the Lord of the Second Advent (L.S.A.).There have been many years after 1940. It is a dream that we have this Coronation.

Who can recreate everything that God had made? God could only do that through the perfected Adam and Eve. Now you pray in the name of blessed families. They then would have prayed in the Adam's family name. All blessed families in the world are central families. How many are gathered here today? 4000? The center is the problem. Who blessed you? The parents. Father and mother united at the wedding. Saints and religious leaders are united. The king must be the parents of all parents, and their oldest son. The world today is upside down and confused. Incest takes place. Everything is in a great mess. They don’t understand. Some men brag about how many relationships they had. True Parents appeared and indemnified everything. Are you afraid to die? Those who seek to live will die, and who are willing to die will live. As a Messiah I have to be willing to die. There are different levels between God and Satan. Every level is more difficult. It is the same way with God and True Parents. If you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is not easy. We have to risk death, in order for human beings to live. God risked many deaths. God is the oldest being. God and the messiah risked thousands of deaths. Does the messiah go a course that is more difficult than God? It is a matter of life and death. If a father can die for his children, they can both live. They will not be separated. In spirit world if you are separated you can not even kiss husband and wife. Mind body problem.

(Father talks in English, hard to understand).

In the west, people have individualistic concepts. Free sex, homosexuality, catching aids, 60% catches aids. In 20 years they are completely gone.

Do you have confidence to follow me? So many nations are not free. We must witness to 360 families. It means reclaiming all the nations of the world. Have you fulfilled your responsibility as blessed couples. In the UN all the nations are talking for their own interests. Live a pure lineage. You want to follow me. The pacific era arrived. You should be on the ship, husband and wife. What is better. That you receive wages? If people see the prophet they will follow.

You have to be willing to die. Now with the blessing you have to make it real now. We have to go the way to be willing to die. You have to do the ceremony to your own tribe. You want to live you want new hope, acted upon the coronation. Blood-lineage is the most important. Follow God and True Parents, there is no other center that exist. The democratic system can not have a big voice. Bush should change in 4 years what normally takes 8 years. Man and woman centered on the family. 42 years to revive. Going back to the king era. Unions are a problem Owners must have power. Can we have a union of religious people? Willing to sacrifice our life for one third of our salary? Let me take care of America. Unions can not demand they must go. In communist countries is there a union? Is it possible to chase the unions out? We have to do it. I met with President Bush. I have to teach him, You can be saving the nation and the world. If you go home will you be happy or sad? Renew yourself and make a new determination. Push yourself. You have to study English otherwise you cannot take care of the white people. You cannot make excuses. Are you looking like a flower, pink or white? Are you smelling and beautiful?

Make the total living offering. Restoring the things done by Adam and Eve. The total living offering must be for me not for anybody else (for creating government buildings?) You must make something great out of your lineage. You have to create embassies schools etc. Do I have any land. The buildings are put in my name. I just let my name be used for a good future. What is a filial son? It is a son who dies in the place of the parents.

The motto of the year is liberating the cosmic parents and their children united in one body. United in one body and one heart only than true love can exist. 3 eras…total change…4 position foundation …unification registration blessing. Everybody must be free. Die or live don’t worry. What do I long for, to eat or to do God’s will. You must have a love life to know that you need your wife to be beside you. I have to empty my pockets all the time because I have so many children. I should go to the Chinese restaurant. We can get diarrhea. Mother’s tummy get troubled eating that food. Mother has to go to the bathroom every hour.

As a woman be an example in front of your husband and your children. Who is worrying about God’s will? We have to be supporters, so that God can do what he wants. His children have to go ahead. Can you guide? Do not sit and worry. You have to go out and do something. You know mind and body should unite. Can you just do what your body wants? (Then all of a sudden Fathers pants went down, there was a lot of laughter.) 1. We can not stain our blood-lineage. 2. do not hurt the right tradition. Your national representative took with him someone who he likes. Sometimes the leaders cut others off who might have better ancestors than they have. The leader is the one who sacrifices for others. 3. Don’t misuse public money Don’t violate the money or power of the people.

We must not forget January the 13th. When husband and wife fight then remember January 13th.

Even if we have to die 1000 times. 1. Don’t violate peoples rights. Don’t take anything but which is yours. 2. Keep a pure lineage. Even carrying a knife to kill yourself before you will be violated. Do you want your wife to have another man? 3. Don’t steal public money. Don’t look down on brothers and sisters, families and relatives. It is very easy because of money or education. If you take money out of my pocket, you steal public money. I know how to make money.

Keep your pure lineage especially westerners. You didn’t work much. You look for a good place to sleep. Who likes to be indebted to Father? No one likes a person who is indebted. Don’t tell me. You have to write these three points inside of yourself These words have to come out of your mouth automatically, like being brainwashed. Is it good to live alone? You must live together in order to live a good life. Live together with your brothers and sisters, parents and children. You have to live together and to live exemplary to each other. Those who live most exemplary should be rewarded by the king. Children can see and learn from their parents.

Coronation of God, Kingship of God forever. If we keep this in our hearts we can go everywhere freely. Husband and wife should be the example to the children. You must want to live with that person. Where ever I go so many people will follow me. If you live such a life of goodness. Do you want to live with me? Even if I spanked you?

Today is the Coronation of God’s Kingship so that we will not be stopped to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Together with these thee points must be our lifelong motto Amen

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