Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

God's Day 2001

Sun Myung Moon
Unofficial notes by Carlton Johnson
January 1, 2001

We had the great pleasure of dropping into Chung-Pyung for the midnight prayer and the morning services.

I am not much on taking notes at these kinds of speeches--too busy trying to catch what Father is trying to say between the lines. (Then there is also the temptation to assume that a more authoritative version will soon show up on the list, anyway).  Sorry for the cop-out.

But to share a few points that hit me (scattered and very unofficial):

After the midnight prayer, Father spoke for a while.  I don't know what came through the internet streaming.  But being there in the room (even with my still-limited Korean) I felt that Father was really concerned about our failures.  At one point he took his frustration out on the True Children, directly; scolding them so severely that the Korean translator even stopped translating for a good spell--I assume because of the of 'heated-ness' and the 'personal' nature of the content involved.  Father seemed to single out Hyo-Jin Nim at one point, asking them all who do they think they are? How do they think they can get away with taking for granted the foundation that True Parents have laid.  How do they think that they can just live anyway they want to and do whatever they want to--when they know what it took to pave the way we are going.

Of course, as much heat as True Children were receiving, I could not help but feel that they were taking the brunt of Father's frustration in our behalf.  And at one point Father chastised us all for the failures which allow Satan to invade True Family, even to the point of 4 of Father's children being sacrificed in their youth (Hee Jin, Hye Jin, Heung Jin, and Young Jin).

Father, in woeful tones, expressed his fear and concern for us.  For, as he stressed pointedly, speaking to the True Children (for us) we shall all have to answer dearly, on the other side, for "everything" we have done here (confession notwithstanding? --I don't know?).  In reality no one, he says, was qualified to register during the resent re-registration. Not one person.  And after all the blood sacrifice to create the realm of the blessing, a realm outside of the realm of Satan's accusation: How could we fall, how could we do that again to God's heart!?  Then who do we think Father is? What have we made Father to be, and the 'position' of "Blessed Couples" to be?... dragging them through the mud.

There was a moment when he chided leaders (and therefore all of us) for being too concerned about position.  There was apparently some confusion about who was 'invited' or who should enter into the VIP group.  And Father slapped us all a bit (emotionally) by saying that, from now on, only those who have some result, some victory to report should even think about seeing him.  There is no longer time to just 'be with,' or 'meet with,' True Parents without having something to report.

In fact, he reiterated, prayer itself is an act of reporting to God what we have done, what we have accomplished (or are accomplishing) in the way of the liberation of Heaven, earth, and mankind.  Of course, Father lightened up on many occasion making many jokes and switching over to Japanese (being surprised that there were so many Japanese members there, in Korea, for God's day).

In the morning message, he focussed on the concept of "Liberation" (spending a lot of time on the etymology, because one of the leaders mistook the Chinese Character when writing the topic of Father's speech on the board). Father made a lot of puns on this and other words.  But finally he emphasized that the way to accomplish the liberation that God is seeking is for us to become the 'model family of love.'  Three generations must be connected in absolute oneness centered upon the Principle and True Love, life and lineage.

God lost everything, through the fall. Had Adam and Eve waited a couple of more years (and had come to embody God) then God would have been wedded/substantiated as Cosmic True Parents through Adam and Eve(?)... [Sorry for the vagueness of the terms through translation; plus, my ideas and sketchy notes are being jumbled here, chronologically.]  Through the fall God lost 1) All Things, 2) Children, and 3) Parents.  And the only way back: we must "love the enemy."  God has asked us to do so.  But to do so, our conscience must have strong power.  Those who have responsibility, who take responsibility, must have the power of a strong conscience to activate them. Adam and Eve ruined the whole creation through playing with fire. [many, many holes in this relay, here but...)  To empower such a conscience, the love of God is indispensable. {Something to think about, for all of those who put the Conscience above God:  Its very power is predicated upon the degree of our love for God... sorry to insert commentary--where it might not even be justified--but this phrase struck that cord in me.}

Somewhere in all this, Father pointed out that because of the persecution of Christians, and their failure to receive Father, then the division of Korea into North and South resulted.  And because of this division, eventually this course led to Father's first wife's divorce.

He never wanted a divorce.  But he also, for providential reasons, could not teach her the principle. He reiterated something about her difficult course, and spoke again to the issue of the fact that 4 of his children are in spirit world, in contradiction to their 'predestined' life span.

Japan, Korea, America and the whole world failed to fulfill our responsibilities.  How is it possible that, once blessed, we could fall again!!?  There is no way to go back...  Father has to pay and True family has been paying.  He discovered the principle early on that there is no way to restore the fall unless you love Cain children. And so he has loved Cain children more than his own (hence the loss of his first wife and even his children, physically).  And so we too must go the way of giving love to our Cain children more than our able (own) children.

Then our spiritual children will provide the basis of protection and support for our physical children (but we have been totally negligent in this way)...

(some of this may have been part of his words in Japanese)

America, Soviet, and Chinese governments are afraid of Father, because of the power of his love!  Something about "blood money" being that money we take from nurturing our own children to love, instead, and educate the enemy more than our own children.  Otherwise we cannot unite all the world into one mind and one body.  So is Father a monster for asking you blessed wives to go out!?

Father has had so many situations, so much temptation, even attempts to blackmail him.  But I have never given-in because money power and knowledge I simply do not need, when I have God.  The power of God's love is so great. Surely I wish that I could run away, and if it all could have been resolved that way, then I would have run away a long time ago.  But I cannot change that I am the son of God! All the sins that have been committed must be cleaned up ... (...}  Thieves... {...}  how can we register unless we have a nation... ?

March 20 1999... (?) / Oct 14, 2000... marked some great achievements; there are no more divisions between the religions in the spirit world.  One Third of the spirit world is blessed...

Again, the new concluding lines of our prayer, in the name of the 'central family'... marks a shift to a system of 'reporting'... no longer 'prayer' as we have know it.  America must help you (to western members?) if indeed you are standing on change of blood lineage, if you are standing for eternally, unchanging, 'substantial'/'true' parents and couples.  And Koreans, you have to take responsibility or Japan.  Father has cut off further donations from Japan to Korea.  Koreans must now go out into the world more and more. Korean's should determine never to be out-done in serving God and mankind; Koreans should never let themselves become spiritually indebted to Japan....

[Sorry. I these unofficial scattered notes are far too inadequate to represent what Father was saying over hours of pouring out his heart. But I just wanted to give you some of the flavor as it registered with me.] 

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