Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

God's Day Midnight Address

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2001
Chung Pyung International Training Center
Simultaneous Translated by Mrs. Soon Ja Richardson
Unofficial notes by Michael Jenkins

At midnight True Parents offered prayer to begin the new year.

Today your prayer changes. You no longer pray as a family that inherited True Parents realm of victory but now you pray in your family name as a central blessed family. After the registration blessing you have the name of being True Parent's own children. You need God's eternal True Love and True Life. We must connect to God's life, love and lineage. This connection should have occurred at the time of Adam and Eve but unfortunately it was lost due to the fall.

I'm the first generation and you're the second generation. Once you have become a member of the second generation you can't run away from your position or deny it. To protect our second generation I founded many universities such as Sun Moon, UTS etc. You don't realize how complicated it is for God to change your blood lineage. It took God 6000 years to achieve this. There are so many hills and struggles you must go over. Be careful from now what you are taking with you. It may be poison. Until now you couldn't pray on the foundation of your own merit. 40 years of fasting and prayer is not enough to change blood lineage.

In reference to the registration blessing. I feel ashamed before Heavenly Father when I look at you. Not one single one of you was qualified to receive that blessing. You have been doing Hoon Dok Hae for two years to develop yourselves yet you still don't realize how carelessly you have lived. I didn't take care of my children at all so that I could take care of you - the Cain children of the world. I completely sacrificed my own family. There was no one qualified to receive the registration blessing.

Now I have to let Hyun Jin Nim take responsibility for the providence. Four of my children died prematurely and could not fulfill their normal life span. This was not God's original plan. You have to try to understand. This occurred because you could not fulfill your portion of responsibility. How can you proudly show your position in front of Hyun Jin Nim and me?

Especially wives must wake up at this time. We still have a battle to fight. You must pray with your holy candles. If you don't know this then you can't come so freely. You must know that the time of judgment is at hand. When I look at my children sitting here, I feel sorry to them. (Then Father went to the True Family members) Are you ready to make a new commitment? One by one all affirmed. Then Father looked toward True Mother and said, "Oma, no more crying for your children." (It was a very solemn moment. True Mother was so sincere and serious and yet her countenance communicated deep empathy for True Father. Then Father began to address us again.)

You can't expect things to go your own way from now. All the dirty things must be cleansed. We can't go on any more with the dirty things of the past history. God will no longer permit you to carry such things as we enter the Kingdom. We must repent. To offer our repentance we do Hoon Dok Hae. Hoon Dok Hae is not fun. Why do we do it? To repent. Repent!

The era of the 2000 years of Christianity has now ended. The third millennium leading up to the year 3000 has begun. The "3000" era has begun. Now we are entering the realm of the heart. You are going to pray in your own name as a central blessed family. To do this before your ancestors and future descendents you must not have anything that is shameful. You must deeply repent to cleanse yourselves.

We must think of the Father's words, "In the shoes of a servant, (you are a servant), shedding sweat for earth, tears for man and blood for heaven." This is the theme. You are an offering. God has been suffering for 6000 years and must now be liberated. You must realize that you are a sinner. The things that you think are important to you are not important to God. The people you love may be blocking your way to heaven. You need the life of an offering to win people. It's like fishing, you must have good bait. With True Parents heart, with the body of a servant. Shedding sweat for earth , tears for man and blood for heaven. Tears are offered to God - not for yourself. Saints shed blood as an offering to God not for themselves.

Parents, teachers, loved ones will all persecute and ridicule you. We must have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Giving your bone marrow, all your tears and sacrificing all your blood could not repay the grace that has been given to you. You must feel like you are a convicted criminal before heaven. You must have the heart to make this up in 2001. Don't come and report to me who died. Even people who were not true to heaven - still I gave money for their funerals out of love. Don't pray for things anymore. The only prayer that is acceptable to God is a report. You can report your results. Without results you cannot come to me anymore. Not just to see me or receive from me - the time has changed. You must have results to report - then I will see you. I gave you everything for the past 24 years. I have not prayed for the last few years but have given pure action as prayer for the sake of God. True Mother has prayed for the last three years for a new era. I went over every barrier and obstacle with True Mother. But you have not.

Now you must go over centered on your family. You are the Tribal Messiah of your family and lineage. You must win your family and be loyal to the nation. If I chase you out will you cry? The kind of person that I like is the one I can scold and beat on and still they come back to me with an unchanging heart. That is the kind of person God loves.

I was persecuted for 30 years. How much persecution did I endure. No one knows. The whole world tried to destroy me. You must take my scolding and hard direction gratefully. If you don't you'll get caught. If a someone's heart is not right from now many will be taken to the spirit world. Liberated cosmic parents and children of heaven and earth. Let us realize the unity of mind (heart) and body. Through True Love which is the substantiated unique, absolute, unchanging and eternal. Let us make 2001 a year of great victory for heaven and earth. Amen!!

Then True Parents wrote the motto for this year in calligraphy.

By Creating One Mind and Body between Liberated Parents of Heaven and Earth and Children, Let Us Complete The Will of Subjectivity of True Love Which Is Absolute, Unique, Unchanging and Eternal. 

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