Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Declaration of Family Kingship

Sun Myung Moon
November 15, 2001

Father's prayer and excerpted contents from his speech to assembled leaders at the 7:00 a.m. Pledge Ceremony.

Father's Prayer

Beloved Father, today, we are celebrating the forty-first True Children's Day, after forty full years. While the spiritual world celebrates today, centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth, we would like to proclaim this day as a day of joy and day of the morning sun, a day when we will perform a great ceremony of conversion to endow the title of children to all the descendants of Adam and Eve and create a new relationship of parent and child on earth; therefore, Father, please accept the entire ceremony of this day with joy.

We have entered the age when we must firmly establish, based on the victory of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, a country ruled by love before Your heart, which has to embrace and love Satan and his followers, and the age when we must go into the world transcending the level of the nation; in this age, we would like to initiate a day when we, by restoring Your ideal of creation and as Your second heir with the qualification of children, can serve You as the True Father, while the United Nations, oceans, lands, the earth, and the heavenly world are unified to protect the life of Your children. Please allow us this as we begin this day.

Father, since now is the age when all things in the heavenly world, all things on earth, and all people who have had a blood relationship with You can move towards the unified world of Your sovereignty transcending countries, the world, religion, and all borders, please accept this as a time to establish the ownership that can qualify all things on earth to serve and belong to Your children and qualify the children You have regained to be worthy of Your loving embrace.

Through this, please allow this to be the time to welcome and bless the age during which we can lay the worldwide cornerstone for the liberation of the nation of heavenly sovereignty by proclaiming the return of the oceans, return of the lands, return of the cosmos, return of the realm of heart of the fourth Adam, and return of the original ideal, by connecting the oceanic world, island nations, peninsular nations, and continental nations, and by standing in the position higher than that of having fulfilled all our plans towards the unified physical world, including the unification of the South and North.

All humanity should attain the liberated realm of blessing in which to serve Heaven as the True Parents and enter the age of the realm of blessing of the fourth Adam; and should become able to serve God as the absolute, unique, and unchanging True Father by restoring the mother and child relationship in every family and by entering the age of restored father and son in which to establish an ideal father and child relationship. Please allow that through this, all the human descendants on this earth become Your blood kin and create families of Your dutiful sons and daughters by liquidating all their mistakes so far and pledging to follow the path of filial piety.

This is the day when You rule over the entire universe in the liberated position of the True Father, going beyond all the remaining conditions of sorrow and entrusting everything to the True Parents and Heung-jin in the heavenly world. Today we would like to have time to gather as Your children, make a new determination and declare our intention to serve Heaven. We eagerly desire that You be present here to preside over the entire ceremony and allow this forty-first True Children's Day to be established as a day to commemorate this declaration to the universe.

Under Your grace, and in the realm of unification and liberation of the nation of sovereignty through Your love, all our family members desire to stand as children of Your direct lineage who can fulfill the way of a dutiful child, the way of a patriot, and the way of saints and holy sons and daughters, and want to offer You all that we own in the cosmos; we eagerly desire that with the condition of accepting this, You allow the transition of the age to be one in which You can embrace Your children as family members of Your lineage.

Through this, please open the gate to the place where we can celebrate the love between parent and child in a united heaven and earth, and make this the point of initiation from which we can tear down all the walls in the spiritual world and on earth and march towards the age of the bright light of love shining over all of heaven and earth. We sincerely beseech You. As we offer all this in this holy ceremony, I pray and declare that You will accept this in the name of the True Parents. Amen ! Amen ! Amen !

Father's Words

Now that everyone has bowed, let me say a few words. Today marks the fortieth full year of the True Children's Day, and October of this year also has to be the last month because it is the month of blessing and liberation... This year, with the fortieth anniversary of the True Children's Day, we should completely establish the relationship of parents and children. This is why today's celebration of True Children's Day is meaningful.

God and humanity have failed to form a parent-child relationship, and True Parents have been working to establish that relationship. From where should this be resolved? It begins from your blessed families. Do you understand this? Blessed families should start serving God as Father and serve the True Parents as the ancestors of humanity. You should be a family that can serve the internal and external Parents and inherit love, life, and lineage; through serving and inheriting, the root that can raise the conscience straight and level becomes firmly settled in at a ninety degree angle in the family.

Who is God? Adam is the ancestor of the family and root of the family. So remember that from today, the Parents of Heaven and Earth will reign as king and queen of the family, do you understand? So far, there has been no king in the family. In the future, the family king should receive the throne of the national king and of the cosmic king. You should know that only through this is it possible for the original realm of the ideal Heavenly Kingdom to be connected. All this is for the sake of kingship.

Since kingship has oneness of blood with the love of True Parents and of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, its root, trunk, and buds grow with the same life, same elements, and same nutrition. They are growing together. This is why as the reign of the family king begins, it is connected to that of the national king, after which it is connected to that of the king of the world; now is the time of entering the heavenly registration list.

Since we have paid all indemnity and returned to the original point the realm of heart of the fourth Adam for the age of the ocean, age of the land, and age of the universe, we have now entered the age of original settlement, and thus the children and Parents should become one and decide on the day of settlement of the family beyond the forty-year hill. So you should remember that today is when the Parents of Heaven and Earth finally come to reign as the family king and queen. You should participate in the ceremony with such an understanding.

Hence, in your daily life, you should attend True Parents centered on the picture of True Parents in your home. This is not the style of a particular church or country; it is from your family that God's will for the church, for the country, and for the world begins. You should make a new beginning as a family that has inherited such a standard of lineage. It is only through this your entry on the heavenly registration list and settlement is possible.

Now we are performing the registration ceremony. Now, the families that have registered will proceed to the age in which to attend the Heavenly Parents as king and queen. Do you understand this? I am trying to connect the realm of the sea, realm of the land, and realm of heaven, because we must conclude all this before the end of October. You should know that you must see everything as the age of equalization. All blessed families will start a life of serving the family king....

As the history of restoration of the four-position foundation through the baby, parents, and ancestors takes place in the family, you should become an exemplary family that is connected only to God's love and create a home in which to serve the Parents of Heaven and Earth as king and queen. This way, this home will serve the king in the future, and this country will serve the king of heaven and earth, thereby transforming every corner of the world into the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven based on a unified realm and the standard of the blood lineage. Today is the day that this transformation starts, and you should attend this ceremony with a clear understanding of this, do you understand?

You do not have your own possessions-your things, your country or your self. The only thing you have is your family. After establishing love in your family, your self becomes connected to it through the value that conforms to the fundamental standard of that love. The entire universe becomes one centering on one core, and your family should stand in the position of this core, loving all things and becoming their owner to eat and digest them, for they are created through God's love and exist for your sake. This way, your family should form the realm of oneness through love before God, becoming able to be absorbed and to absorb. You should feel that your family is like a model, settled, and original cornerstone that serves such Parents of Heaven and Earth, who are the king and queen.

You do not serve the king in someone else's family; you should live such a life that you feel that you have the Parents of Heaven and Earth as king and queen in your own home-for your entire life. In the hoon dok sessions, you should have such a consciousness and set an example of a life of attendance before your children. Otherwise, you will not be able to say, "I pray in the name of so and so, a blessed family member that has inherited True Parents' realm of victory (or: victorious authority) through the blessing." You should say, "It is so and so, representing my family, which has inherited the victorious authority over all" while serving them as king and queen, and only then will your prayer be in the right. What is the realm of victorious authority? It is kingship. We should live with the consciousness that our family is the first family to serve God, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the king...

The kingship of the Parents of Heaven and Earth will be liberated in it's entirety only when the family king is elevated to the tribal king, national king, king of the world, king of heaven and earth, and beyond. Liberation of the ages of the individual, family, tribe, nation....and age of eternity will take place...

From now on, there should be no one who is not blessed. Also in Korea at this time, we must make sure by all means that there is no one who is not blessed. The unmarried men and women, whether they are in a Kim family, Park family, Kwak family, or other families, should be led to the blessing, so that they are entered into the heavenly registration list instead of being sent to hell. For the sake of this heavenly name list, you should bring anyone by strong persuasion, even, for example, your elder brother who has left the country and has not yet been registered.

You must know this. There was a struggle over the body of Moses and that of Jesus in order that not even the corpse would remain in the satanic world. The families that have such a traditional standard as their core should come together with families of the world that are not blessed and digest them. This way, they should connect the root of their tribal standard with the original realm of heart of the True Parents. Unless you become such an original family of tradition worthy to be grafted onto the family of the True Parents, the family king will be unable to progress to the national king...

Now we are entering an age when I can rule over your families. Isn't this so? When you have a king in your family, you will have to follow him. Do you understand? Family kings will have to follow the national king. They are the citizens of the country. Next, when he rises to the worldwide level, national kings should serve him. Next, the world king must lay the foundation of the king of saints, after which he returns to the heavenly throne. This is the sovereign country of restoration, unification, and heart. The sovereign country in the form of kingship, do you understand? You should know this clearly.

From now on, only the constitution and law will judge sins, determine victory and defeat, and determine existence and destruction. If you live for the sake of others, you will be able to overcome all laws, while living for your own sake will make you stumble everywhere. In serving True Parents, if you do it for your own sake, you will stumble, and heaven and earth will be united against you. If a husband and a wife only serve themselves, all exchanges between the east and west will be stopped. Everything that flows like air and water, will all be blocked. Love flows even more freely than air or water. It can flow wherever there is a leak, but when you demand that your self be served, then it becomes blocked. Hence, understanding this, you should establish from your own self a family tradition of living for the sake of others...

Now, you should establish the pattern of a family. You should form a four-position foundation, and three families should unite to save one family that is in ruin; you have such a responsibility. That is the four-position foundation. Our Unification Church has now come into an age of good heavenly fortune. When you pray in your family you should say, "in the name of a central blessed family," do you understand? Please teach members to say that when they pray in their family. They are the center of the world and of heaven and earth. Since the ways of a dutiful child, a patriot, a saint, and a holy son or daughter have emerged through the historical ages, you can represent them all...

The central people who are blessed are the father and the son, and they become one with the king. Father should give the blessing, and everyone should be worthy of the blessing. Do you understand? When the blood lineage is correctly established, everyone can automatically follow. Now is the time we do this for the country. In every country, we should become the kind of families never seen before in history.

You should understand how fearful a thing this registration is. This is not something that will come and go. What of the three ages? Now is a great transition. History is turning a complete circle at a great transition, and it is through the settlement of the family that the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age are completed. Family settlement is the settlement of kingship. Do you understand this? It is neither democracy nor communism but the settlement of kingship. The settlement of kingship means settlement of the kingship of love.

The great transition of the three ages, four-position foundation...What's next? The registration of the four-position foundation. And next? It is the ceremony of unification and blessing. These are all included. The four-position foundation enters is registered on the heavenly list, in three stages. If God is the first generation, Adam and Eve are the second generation, and yet the third generation has not been connected.

What was the fall? It was the blood lineage going wrong. The three generations were lost because the blood lineage went wrong. This is a huge problem. What should have grown into a true olive tree ended up as a wild olive tree. This is why the history of restoration is taking place. The history of restoration starts with the three generations centering on God's flesh and blood. The three stages give birth to sons and daughters by connecting to the new blood lineage of blessing and this goes to the global level. In the realm of three generations, each one has the same value. If you see this vertically, God is the first generation, my father and mother, the parents, are the second generation, and I myself am the third generation. Expansion starts from the third generation...

So everything will be over once we have restored a country. Korea has a great responsibility. We have to establish a country within the next four years. We should ask mothers to work for the establishment of the country. Mothers and the second generation must do it. Now is time when the second generation stand in the front. But do not think in comfortable terms. You should work as soldiers on the front line. You should coach your mothers. When a mother has gone beyond restoring the country, you should inherit her tradition and stand in the position to continue your father's lineage. Do you understand this?

The mother and children must be ones who stand in such a position in order to bring back the father, who was chased out. In other words, they can bring back Adam. It is the same with you. Now, you can attend me by restoring the nation. You can attend me by becoming one as a couple and making unity with your children. Do you understand this? You must become one with your own father in order that the vertical axis emerges centered on the family on earth...

As a Unification Church member, you cannot consider your possessions, your house, and other belongings as belonging to you. Now there is nothing. How can you inherit kingship in your family? You cannot think that your family is the realm of independence. There is nothing your self desires; when you fail to walk the central course to establish your country, you cannot desire anything that is greater. Do you understand this?

From now on, although I may not be here any more, or talk about Hoon Dok Hae any more, you should still keep it eternally in your family. You must save your relatives, tribe, and village. You should visit the village and invite the people for Hoon Dok Hae. You should fulfill the responsibility this way to make connections. Gone is the age when you can sit comfortably and live your life. We must equalize the four directions. Whether we like it or not, we must do it. You will be restrained if you do not do this. At this point, that is the only thing I have left to do. We must do it no matter how difficult it is. We must go to North Korea and show the tradition and ideal of the Unification Church. We cannot go back even a step, because we have been dedicating ourselves for fifty years...

When we attain the fatherland, the whole of humankind will be one family. Your families are the root of kingship. The position of blessed families is the foundation for establishing kingship. A king is the basis for establishing kingship. Do you understand this? We must establish kingship.

Japanese members, do things thoroughly. The country of Japan does not exist. Hence, when an environment is established in which Japan's position of original wife is lost you will have to move out. It is the same with the European members. No matter how difficult it is, you should move to Father's original country. You have to prepare. If you understand this clearly, you should put it into practice. You should bring results through continuous work. That way, you will be able to register on the heavenly list of Father's nation.

[Originally published in Today's World, November]

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