Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Let's Fulfill the Responsibility of the Third Creators

Sun Myung Moon
November 2001

Excerpts from the landmark speech through which Father declared the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity.

What day is today? [True Children's Day.] What kind of people are children? Those who have parents are children, somebody's sons and daughters. Do you have parents? Can you have only one mother and father or two mothers and fathers? What kind of parents are we talking about in the Unification community? True Parents? Who created the term "True Parents?" Did you or I? [God did.] How do you know if God really created it? If you think deeply about it, it can be quite puzzling and unbelievable. What is wonderful is that you can believe in something that is seemingly unbelievable. Have you ever seen God? No, you haven't. How do you know if God is your Father? It logically makes sense. When you look at yourself, however, you could not become sons and daughters who have inherited the true value from the true and absolute God. You are not in the center. You have inevitably leant towards one side or another -- as married couples, as parents and as children. You do not represent one absolute world tradition. You live in two worlds, serving two masters. You do not exist as one whole. You exist as two, as mind and body. So, am I dominated by my body? Am I dominated by my mind? And where, ultimately, do I belong? Do Japanese people belong to Japan? Japan is a transitory nation. Americans are proud of their country as the most advanced and most powerful country in the world. However, Americans can change in a second when they meet their true and unchanging Parents.

Going farther and farther back, what about the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve were in the same situation. Although they were to be in the position of the root of all humanity, they could not fulfill the position of True Parents before the absolute True God. When you look at your lives, you don't really know God or True Parents. What that means is that you don't really know your real mother or father.

We talk about "parents" on the assumption of the existence of children. Parents mean that there are a mother and a father who created their sons and daughters through a loving relationship. The parents' conjugal relationship created their children and the parent-child relationship. However, parents themselves are imperfect. The beings who result from their love, life and lineage -- that is, their children -- are therefore neither perfect nor absolute. Such a parent-child bond is one God cannot accept. That is why, inevitably, we must realize that we have two different sets of parents. That is the only way that we can sort out the evil from the good.

That is precisely why you who have not seen God and have no real understanding of the significance of True Parents' having announced the term "True Parents" and having revealed the secret of the false parenthood.

If the nature of God is absolute, unique and unchanging, we can presume that God's love, life and lineage should also be absolute, unique and unchanging. Starting from God, if a man and a woman had united into one and become parents, bearing children, that lineage would have been absolute, unique and unchanging as well. If the children in that lineage had grown up in a healthy environment, they would surely also have turned out to be people with absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging values. Parents should be absolute. Their children should be absolute. Husbands and wives should be absolute. Families should be absolute. A tribe expanding from that lineage should be absolute. They all should be unique, eternal and unchanging. When not only the tribe but also the entire nation, the entire world and the entire cosmos have such absolute divine value, it is called the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven! Amen!

Are your minds and bodies fighting or not? Who started that fight? Did you start it? Did your parents start it? We can trace our struggles and conflicts back to the very first human ancestors as the origin. We can easily imagine that our very first ancestors must have had a direct relationship with God. How could a son and daughter who were in the direct dominion of God fall? That is the question. That has been the most puzzling mystery for humanity.

God alone knows. It is an undeniable fact that Adam and Eve turned out to be a couple that God could not like. God was unhappy with their lineage. What went wrong? That the relationship between God and Adam and Eve was destroyed and that this was the beginning of all that went wrong is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging logic.

When we can solve that very problem from the origin, we can find the true meaning of Children's Day, Parents' Day and God's Day. Without having solved that problem, without having revealed what went wrong at the origin of humanity, there is no way that the proper solution to the fundamental problems burdening God and humanity can ever be found.

The beginning of all problems was the mistake of our ancestors. What mistake? People these days say that the best thing in the world is money. Was it a fight over money? If it were, there would be nothing for us to worry about at all: money is an accessory rather than something absolute.

As God's value and nature is absolute, unique and unchanging, our original internal nature is likewise. Therefore, for us, money cannot be an absolute necessity for living. We can live without money. The next best thing would be knowledge! We can live without knowledge, too. Were there people with Ph.D.s in Adam and Eve's time? Did Adam hold a Ph.D.? Did Adam go to elementary school? He didn't even go to kindergarten. People are supposed to live without any of that.

What is next? Politics. Power. Did Adam and Eve fall because God did not have enough power? Did they fall because they didn't have any power? It was not power that made them fall. They had all the power in the world; however, they fell because they did not understand their own positions and responsibilities.

So, what is the most serious problem? Money, knowledge, or power is not the real problem. Not fulfilling our responsibilities is. That is why we put so much emphasis on responsibilities. What is the position of True Parents? Where does the position of parents with absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal value begin? It should begin from the position of God. Otherwise, even something true realized in the world of conflict could not be absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. In order for you to solve your own problems, you should go back to the origin to understand God once and for all.

When God created the world of His ideal, what did He start with? What was the origin of all the Creation? The origin can be simply depicted. It is God's dual characteristics. What is the perfection of dual characteristics? What is the perfection of God's will? It is the perfection of His dual characteristics, which means perfection of the four-position foundation. To perfect the four-position foundation, Adam should have created a family that fulfilled the three-object purpose and that was connected with the third and fourth generations of his descendants.

Because of the fall in the Garden of Eden, Adam's mind and body were divided and Eve's mind and body were divided. Their love became increasingly complex as time went on. The lineage continued centering on Eve who had two different kinds of loves, having had a love relationship with both the Archangel and with Adam. She had fear in her heart and had to face a negative environment. She denied her husband because she felt a stronger pang of conscience the closer she came to him. As she tried to live centered on her body, her heart was weeping. The heartache of her conscience caused her to live in sadness.

The devastating mistake of the first woman involved the first man and was connected to the entire world of angels. The world of fear, the world of denial, the world of sorrow and of agony began. As a result, no one has ever been able to break the chain of sin; it has just continued on. You are substantial and historical beings, the result of that false love, false life and false lineage. You cannot run away from the fact that you are the fruit of Adam and Eve's fall. In you is an exact copy of Adam and Eve's struggle and their inclination to deny God and choose evil. So naturally, the world will turn into one of gratifying bodily desires in the Last Days. That is a logical conclusion.

Do people living today not deny their consciences? They do whatever their bodies tell them to do. The body claims that it is the most important. It recognizes no parent, no God, no husband or wife-denying everything that really matters. The era of the kingdom of selfishness has arrived. Our world has lost the heavenly kingdom, lost God, lost our ancestors and lost our nations. In the families of a nation, people deny their grandparents, parents, spouses and their own children, just as Adam and Eve denied and rejected God and all things. All the phenomena of the Last Days are presently taking place in the world.

There is no hope in sons, daughters, husbands, wives or parents. Some people lament over their own situation and wander about with no sense of direction, find no solution and end up killing themselves through drug abuse. We have the task to find ways to liberate this age of lamentation, these Last Days in which people are doomed to be entrapped by self-destructive ways of life.

Where can we find the solution? It begins with the realization that we have two different sets of parents. The fallen parents are false. There is, however, one man who is completely united with God's mind and body in the oneness of love. And there is a woman, her mind and body connected to God through love.

He and she are the external form of God's internal characteristics. If such people's minds and bodies are in complete unity with God, and they become parents, a unified four-position foundation is created. Centering on God's absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love, I should be absolute. You should be absolute. Men and women should be absolute. Sons and daughters should be absolute. Husbands and wives should be absolute. We lost all that absoluteness and must recover it. To bring this about, God has been carrying out the history of restoration, the providence for the salvation of humanity. The time has come for us to resolve everything.

Children should first find their parents. Then, centering on Parents' Day and Children's Day, you must completely deny everything including all the substantial and heart-to-heart relations with this world, and return to the new original world! Adam and Eve could not establish three generations centering on God; however, we should do so!

So, what is the blessing? God is the first creator. Adam and Eve were supposed to be the second creators. The first creator gave birth to Adam and Eve as the second creators, but Adam and Eve could not give birth to the third creators. What that means is that God could never have His own grandchildren, the third generation. Why not? Adam and Eve could not fulfill the responsibility of the second creators; they never perfected themselves as the second creators. Their sons were supposed to be the third creators. The grandfather's love represents the spiritual world and parents' love represents the physical world. The sons of Adam and Eve were supposed to receive love representing both the spiritual and physical worlds.

Having completely inherited the world of the mind (the spirit world), the world of the body and the father-son relationships of the two previous generations, the sons of Adam and Eve-the third creators-were to be the ones to inherit the spiritual world and the physical world. Adam and Eve's sons should then have given birth to their own children. Only then could their families have grown into a greater dimension.

No matter how great God is, He created only one man and one woman, Adam and Eve. But how about Adam and Eve? How many children could they have given birth to? Even I have thirteen children. If Adam and Eve lived a hundred or hundreds of years, how many children could they have given birth to? Probably, thirty-six would not have been a problem. Their sons could have been better than Adam and even better than God Himself!

God wants the ones He loves to be so much better than Himself. He wanted His objects of love, Adam and Eve, to be better than Himself. For Adam, Eve was his object of love. He wanted her to be much better than himself. Adam and Eve wanted their own sons to be so much better than themselves. They are no different from you and I in that respect. That explains that God's fervent wish was not just to create Adam and Eve but to see the day that the third generation, Adam and Eve's children, His grandchildren, realized the ideal of creation! Amen! That is perfection. That is when the seed becomes perfect.

There are heavenly parents and physical parents, the parents of the vertical and horizontal. Couples living on earth will be couples in the spirit world, husbands and wives in the physical world, the engagement period in the physical world, the son's period of the physical world, the baby period of the physical world and child period of the physical world-all these would be connected together. The eight stages of the realms of heart would have been perfected in the original blood lineage and God would have been the rightful owner.

You are the central blessed families (chukbok joongshim kajong) in the realm of the fourth Adam. The realm of the fourth Adam of the central blessed families! This is not a simple matter to consider. We are not talking about a single Adamic family. Having overcome worldwide barriers, you have become the central blessed families with victorious supremacy and having equal value, representing millions of families in the world. You are in the position of the new Adam who did not fall but, rather, received the blessing from God to become perfect. True Parents came to this world and restored false olive tree families to be true olive tree families through the restoration of indemnity and filled a warehouse in the heavenly world that had been empty for thousands of years.

Of course, God has done so much, but you should understand how heavy have been the crosses I have carried all by myself to achieve what I have. The fruit of my efforts are the chukbok joongshim kajong (central blessed families).

Do we have just one central family of the blessing or millions? Millions, but they all have equal value. Whether they are Adam and Eve's direct children or the thousandth or ten-thousandth generation of descendants, they are equal in value. All of you have the same value, however, you are split up into different ancestries after Adam and Eve. Your nationalities are different and you belong to different peoples. You are from developed nations, developing nations or underdeveloped nations, but all are equal as the first generation of central blessed families. Here, those who can go to the heavenly nation and those who can go to paradise will be decided. But even in paradise there can be a prison: those who break any law of God's kingdom will find themselves in hell. That could potentially be an eternal hell, with no way to get out-but, if such a person indemnifies his sin completely, he will be able to emerge from hell.

The family members, ancestors and entire nation of such people can help and support them. Then through that support and liberation they do not have to stay in hell forever. But if tremendous effort is not made and restoration is not accomplished, it will not work. Do you have any idea how hard it is to enter the original world (from hell)? Your suffering during your own earthly lifetime in keeping faith in the Unification Church is nothing compared to that. Do you understand? ...

I put Satan in his place by indemnifying everything in the satanic world. There will be no persecution from now on the individual, family and tribal levels, because I have put things in order by being persecuted myself. Now on the national level, you should work hard to put the world in good order, such as Adam and Jesus were unable to do. Israel, the chosen people, lost their country and you have not found your country yet. From the most spiritually developed country's standard, I got rid of all the persecution and brought about the surrender of Satan. Satan is defeated, and the one unified realm of God on the family level has been established, so we have to bring God's country up to the world level based on the national level (that was accomplished) at the time of Jesus, who had paid indemnity for the fallen people of Israel. So, what matters the most to you now? Those of you who received the three blessings in front of God are in the position of His children. Your families are supposed to fulfill their responsibilities as the third creators.

The first creator wanted the perfection of families, tribes, peoples and nations. All we have now is our task of establishing a perfect nation. It has not been done yet. Neither Jesus nor the Second Advent could do it. What are the things that have been indemnified during the age of the Second Coming? I have purged away the satanic world in the spirit world, even hell. I have made the foundation on which spirits can be reborn to this earth to help and to support you. Now is the age of the realm of Israel expanding to the realm of the world...

Because I have gone over hills in the spiritual and physical worlds, you can cross over those same hills automatically when you are one in heart with me through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. When you think of who you are, you should see yourselves as the embodiment of God's internal masculine characteristics and external feminine characteristics and of Mother and Father's flesh and blood. You are the substantiated unified beings of the internal and external characteristics of God, inheriting the blood lineage created at the time of Adam and Eve's creation. Simply put, you exist on behalf of Adam and Eve. You have God's love and God's life and you are directly related to God's lineage.

We should fulfill the role of the third generation, which God never had. Centering on the four-position foundation, we should serve and love God so much better than filial children do their parents in the satanic world by completing the realm of three generations. Couples should love each other much more than couples in the satanic world do! Parents should love their children so much more than the satanic world's parents do. You should love your brothers and sisters so much more than is demonstrated in the satanic world!

You should be able to say that you are not struggling with anyone and your mind and body are not fighting. Therefore, you are the sons and daughters of one unified lineage. Your minds and bodies are united based on love and God is longing to meet you. In that position, you should be determined to be the best filial children for your families and patriots for your nations and holy men or saints for the world, who have an unsurpassable standard when compared to anyone in the democratic world or communist world -- that is, the satanic world. You should be able to tell yourselves that true filial piety, patriotism, holiness or saintliness all start from you! No one else. That's how you should be thinking...

I held a speaking tour for the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity covering eight Korean cities. My point is that there is no way to bring peace without realizing the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. In order to realize this, you must enter the realm of the third creators. Just as Adam and Eve's children should have done thousands of years ago. As God's grandsons and granddaughters, from the point that you produce the fourth generation, the great-grandchildren, the time has come to actualize the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity after consolidating your families and passing through the tribal, national and worldwide levels. There will be no persecution.

What should you especially remember today, True Children's Day? You may forget everything else, but remember that you should establish one tribe, one nation and one world on behalf of God, as the third creators. Each one of your families can do so without God or True Parents' help. You should not wait for True Parents to help you. It is time for me to do my work in the spirit world. I will leave everything on earth up to you. I have prepared the road for you even in the spirit world. I have blessed the spirit world, haven't I? I opened the way for spirits to be resurrected on earth. You should restore the elder son's position by going through the indemnity. In your own families, you should realize the true love objective realm for you to go to the original world by making the younger son the elder, by swapping positions. You should raise sons and daughters-in-law to perfection, whom God can love as family representatives. Couples must realize perfection and families should realize family-level perfection. That is what you can offer to God. Your families do not belong to you. You should offer yourselves to God.

We should sanctify and offer to God all the things that have become tainted in the satanic world, including, for example, land and people, the entire nation of Japan or the United States. We should praise God and sing songs of victory for all the things True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, have established. You should make God the King of Kings and make yourselves royal families as filial children, patriots, saints and holy people. You should be able to cheer the perfect liberation that perfects the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven! Amen! You should find determination once again. Blessed families should fulfill the position of God's grandchildren, and their responsibilities as the third creators. On behalf of the first creator and the second creator, it is time for you to administer the world, and the cosmos. You should be able to feel that God's love for you is completely natural and deserving. You should make Adam and Eve naturally respect you as kings and princes with victorious authority. You can bring that victory to God.

In that way, even Adam and Eve can be restored as the masters of the world. God can be the master of the world. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth as well as in heaven is where all of humanity serves God as the one Parent of all. God is the only one who should have that supreme power...

Those who are determined to be such sons and daughters of God, raise your hands. You do not belong to your spouses. Your sons and daughters do not belong to you. Your ancestors do not belong to you. All things do not belong to you. They should all be offered to God. We have started a task with a tight schedule, to realize God's kingdom on the worldwide level by the deadline of 2012. We have no time to waste. No wars will be like this war. Therefore, you should be as determined as though you are really going out to a frontline in a war to fulfill your responsibility to become the people of filial piety and patriotism. You should fulfill the role of saint as the ones called by God to a mission, on His behalf, on behalf of Adam and Eve. Make certain that you bring God's supreme power back to Him. Do you understand? Those who can do this raise both of your hands and applaud.

Please repeat after me: My family will fulfill the responsibility of the third creator! My family will be the winners who consolidate the victories of three ages and will complete the establishment of God's kingship in the heavenly world as well as in the physical world! Amen! We will complete God's kingship in the heavenly world and the physical world! Amen! Say that. Perfect the heavenly world! Perfect the physical world! We will perfect the victorious Kingdom of Heaven centering on the authority of the Parents of Heaven and Earth! Amen! ...

The responsibility of the Eve nation especially is to raise the second generation. You must fulfill your responsibility by sacrificing everything in Japan, even if you have to sell the entire nation. The motherly responsibility is to raise children so that they can be the people of God's nation, sacrificing everything she has with all her heart. Therefore, you, Japanese women, must not think that you will live and die only within the boundaries of Japan. Do you understand?

You have no way to fulfill the responsibility of the Eve nation without serving and raising the children of God's kingdom who live in every corner of the world, city-by-city and nation-by-nation. You should raise them to be people of patriotism and filial piety for God. Am I making myself clear? European members are in the same boat, too. No matter how difficult it is, you women, must live your lives for God. You must raise your children properly, perfect your families and eventually offer all the people whom you are related to and all your property for the sake of God's nation. That is how you can connect to this base of God's kingdom. The base is like an army base. Everything starts from there. Are you following what I'm saying here? Understanding that point clearly, you must remember today, because you are entering the age in which you can register yourselves in the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. You must understand this point clearly.

What is the abbreviation of the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity? (Cheon Il Guk.) In Cheon Ju (cosmos) Cheon means "heaven" in Chinese characters and is made up of the character for "two" which is drawn as parallel lines, and the character for "person." The Chinese character Pyung contains the character for "ten" which is drawn like a cross [the meeting of the vertical and horizontal]. What this means is that the unity of two people can achieve the unity of heaven and earth. The word Cheon Ju, incorporating the meaning "two people," already carries the notion of peace. That is why we should call Cheonju Pyeonghwa Tongil Guk [the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity] "Cheon Il Guk." That is what it means.

It should be the one and only nation that God likes the most. It is the one nation God wants. Cheon Il Guk. Say it. [Cheon Il Guk] It is the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity-simply put, Cheon Il Guk!

It is the one nation God loves. It is the one nation our families love. It is the one nation our clans love. It is the one nation that white, black and yellow races love. That two people are united into one express that the Kingdom of Heaven can come true. You should explain that very point...

All the regional leaders in every nation should take this as an example and go back to their countries to start a national campaign like the ones happening in Korea to expand the foundation in their nations. The first level is the study level; the next is the training level; and finally the advanced training level. You should organize things according to these three stages of training.

Who will guide kindergartners? Because Cain and Abel should unite with each other, they should unite with elementary school students. Those elementary school students should unite with junior and senior high school students. And likewise, they should unite with college students. College students should unite with those who are working in society. Cain-Abel type of unity should be organized stage by stage. God can only work when Cain and Abel are united into one. No one can work alone.

Cheon Il Guk! The Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity. This is God's ideal of creation. Do you understand? When someone asked you where you were from, what were your answers? They are not going to be "America," "Japan" or "Germany" anymore. You will see. They will all be the same.

You will see. No one can receive this ID card as they please. What do you have to understand? There will be laws for the heavenly kingdom. Where is the law? All the things I have spoken to you so far, all the things I have guided our church with, will be replacing all nations' constitutions in the future. The time will come.

I asked you to send your sons and daughters only to Sun Moon University and the University of Bridgeport, nowhere else. Although you've heard my message, those of you who did not listen are a problem. Do you understand? ...

My words will be that nation's constitution in the future. I do not decide that. Did I do whatever I felt like doing? I just followed directions from God. There was nothing that was done by my own will. God has no mercy on me. In order for the heavenly law to be set as the eternal law, God never gives me an easy way or grants me any extra forgiveness, because I walk the path as the model and because the entire spirit world is watching. If I am successful with something ten times, God tests me a hundred times. You should understand that is how I have come this far. Because God lost the one whom he loved the most, He had to push me down to the most miserable place, the most hated position, even lower than Satan's position. Adam was pulled down by Satan, wasn't he? God put me into a position lower than Satan and had me find the way up by myself. You should understand that.

As God has trained me, you should be trained by me. How real are your families? That is the question. A breakdown in a blessed family is a very serious problem. There can never be a second blessing. You must not think about that possibility even in your dreams. From now your families should bless people. Go ahead and find out yourselves how hard it is to bless people.

If you just look for some good people for a match, you will surely go through some trials and tribulation. God gave me the blessing and showed me the most wonderful future and said, "Your life is going to be like this." Right after that, He put me right into a prison. What I mean by this is that you must love your enemies. What do I mean by loving your enemies? Simply uttering empty phrases cannot do it. Your children should marry your enemies' children, allowing your enemies' children to inherit everything you own. Intermarry! Do you understand what I am saying?

Is my character that of someone who feels urgent or not? [Urgent!] How urgent am I? My character is more urgent than even God's. What kind of life or death path would that mean? An ordinary person would run away. However, because I know the spiritual world, because I know how things work in the heavenly realms, then even though I might die I must go straight along this path. In going this way I must submit to the spiritual laws that apply.

If you just try to marry off your children to good people, then things will go wrong. Try to marry your children off as you please and see what happens. Your ancestors from the spirit world will surely come and oppose your choices.

Japanese women cannot just stay in Japan. From now, you should pack up and go to several other countries together with your entire family to fulfill your responsibilities as missionaries. That is the way you can fulfill your responsibility to raise your children to be heavenly people. There is no other way. You should clearly remember that those who want happiness just for themselves will surely end up in the bottom of hell. Without me, Japan is without hope. I have been investing because I, too, have a responsibility to take care of the Eve nation. You must invest with love and sacrifice to realize the Kingdom of Heaven at the bottom of hell. I am investing this way so that I can make a starting point of love. Think about the miserable situations I must work on to make things happen.

You don't really know happiness, do you? You have no idea how precious the heavenly side of happiness is. You cannot simply compare it to your daily habits. Those have nothing to do with the heavenly way. The gap between your perception of happiness and the true reality of heavenly happiness is one of thousands and tens of thousands of degrees. Therefore, you should truly be grateful that God's will can be realized through your individual lives. You should realize that you couldn't repay God's grace and love even if you were to offer the entire nation of Japan.

It is a very precious day, today. Shall I make you the people of the Nation of Cosmic Peace and Unity? That is so much harder than having you earn a doctorate degree from the most prestigious technological or law school.

Are you qualified to receive what I giving you? Do you think that Jesus would have been crucified if he distributed these kinds of cards to all the people in Israel? If Jesus had not been crucified... Do you know how much Christian blood has been shed for two thousand years? You know about the four hundred years of persecution in the Roman period, don't you? Blood was shed wherever Christians went.

It was like that in Japan, too. There are unforgettable historical records in Japan such as the martyrdom in Nagasaki. With more intense hearts than those martyrs, you should truly feel and understand the value of having received the amazing authority of heaven. You should praise God by shaking up your entire nation if you can.

[Originally published in Today's World, November 2001]

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