Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

The Era of Father-and-Son Cooperation

Sun Myung Moon
November 2001

The most important thing you must understand from this speech is that the role of women in the providence is a weighty one. The purpose of God's providence has been to find Adam and make him God's tree of life. God also needs a woman who can multiply His seeds of love through Adam. But God's seeds were lost in Adam's family. Because of the fall of Adam's family, families throughout the entire world also have lost their true seeds. So the providential history of salvation has been God's recreation and raising of the lost seeds. For this purpose, many religions came into existence to support God and pioneer the creation of an environment in which His seeds could sprout and be substantiated in one true man through whom all the different cultures and nations in the world could be unified.

All religions basically teach people to be filial sons and daughters at home, to be loyal subjects in their countries, to be saints in the world and holy sons and daughters in the cosmos. This is because the way of restoration is to find a man that is not fallen and can therefore go beyond the individual, family and even the cosmic level of the fallen world. A man cannot grow by himself, however. He needs a mother to nourish and raise him. That is why the age of mother-and-son cooperation has been necessary.

Women have not received true love from their husbands. Instead, they have had to endure their share of suffering throughout history and still raise their children properly. Although neither mothers nor their sons have understood their destinies, history has been filled with the sacrifice of women enduring suffering and persecution while embracing and raising their sons and daughters, in order to pass through the eight stages from the age of history and the age of the mother's womb.

You must understand that women have had to walk a sacrificial path while being manipulated, beaten and broken apart in this archangelic world and yet had to take care of and raise their sons and daughters for the providence of salvation. Mother and son cooperation has been absolutely necessary, as is clear from the history of the chosen people. You know that struggles between Esau and Jacob, Perez and Zerah, and then Zechariah's family and Joseph's family centering around Mary had to be overcome. The external indemnity was accomplished through Esau and Jacob and the internal indemnity was completed through Perez and Zerah. Mary should not have had a relationship with any man, not even her lawful husband, during her life after Jesus was born. She should have overcome any persecution brought on by the Judaic law at the risk of her life. But she failed to do so.

After Jesus' crucifixion, the Holy Spirit had to come to earth. Jesus and the Holy Spirit have acted as spiritual parents to the world. After Jesus' crucifixion, the Holy Spirit, in the mother's position, has been raising people until now. And the providence of the Second Advent has progressed to the worldwide level having gone beyond the national level.

The providence of the Second Advent originated not from the West but from the East. If you compare the East and the West, the East is more internal and masculine, while the West is more external (materialistic) and feminine. Christianity is the religion in the position of the bride; therefore it is the mother religion. Christianity came into being out of the religious environment of the West, but it will lose the spirit of serving God when the Last Days come. It will be despised as women have been despised throughout history.

What we have to understand here is that the age of mother and son cooperation should pass to the age of father and son cooperation. Up until now, men have manipulated women, but a true man who has never fallen should come to this world and protect women. By this I mean that women have been responsible for restoring the blood lineage in the fallen world. But now the world is facing the Last Days, the time when they can meet and serve the Second Advent, who is in the position of the True Father.

Therefore, all the women in the world, no matter how strongly Satan opposes them, must turn to the true Adam, whom Satan cannot control. Women must restore what was lost because of Eve. There has never been a true husband and a father for those who are in the position of Eve, Cain or Abel under satanic dominion. When the Last Days come, women in the world will hold economic power. The United States is a good example of this. Since the end of World War II, American women have elevated themselves as queens. They had to kick away the archangelic realm to return to their true husbands in their original hometown, which means, to be the brides of the Second Advent. True Mother represents all these women. Based on her, children that possess God's seed of love could be born and become a family of the new Eden. True Parents' holy wedding was the first step to create the family on the worldwide level and that indeed was the marriage supper of the lamb.

As my own children were born, the age of mother and son passed to the age of father and son. Up until True Parents came into being, mothers raising their sons had to persevere through persecution. Since True Parents' own children were born centered on God, the age of the mother and son changed to the age of the father and son. By substantiating the true seed of love in a true family, the father and the children, especially sons, become connected.

The reason my family has had problems in the process is that blessed families, who are in the satanic position, did not fulfill their responsibilities. In order to rectify the situation, I have blessed saints and evil people. Now it is the time to clear away all faults so that all the wrongs in my family can be forgiven by the authority of True Parents, who can break down the wall between hell and heaven.

I have to finish everything I came to do by the time I am eighty years old. All the vice my children have been tainted with must be cleaned up by December of this year. It goes along with the great transition in the providence. As you learned in today's Hoon Dok Hae, you cannot be God and True Parents' direct children without having gone through the eight stages. It is quite a fearful fact. I am not making this up. Women have to live sacrificially, based on the original root that is the seed of true life. If they live self-centeredly, it will be as if they are recommitting the fall, which has been indemnified.

You must realize how many women have been sacrificed in the providence of mother-and-son cooperation throughout the Old and the New Testament ages. I am here to save those women. The sons in the age of mother and son cooperation are the Archangel's sons. That must be indemnified. The Archangel has manipulated women through love until now. Women's earnest wish has been that they meet true ideal husbands. Without meeting a true husband, a woman cannot receive God's original seed of life.

Can you imagine what kind of suffering lives women have been enduring for the past two thousand years while trying to raise their sons and daughters properly and waiting for the Second Coming as his brides, as Christians? St. Augustine's mother was the one who saved him from his degenerate lifestyle. Thanks to his mother, St. Augustine became an exemplary figure of Catholicism. Mothers were behind the history of the Protestants as well. The suffering and tears of mothers have filled the valley of Christian history. The Second Advent, the true bridegroom, must be born on earth and connect himself to the worldwide spiritual foundation of Cain and Abel made through the struggles of the first, second and third world wars until he becomes mature enough to be married in a holy wedding. When he substantiates the worldwide spiritual foundation in his own life, the age of mother-and-son cooperation age passes to the age of father-and-son cooperation. In the age of father-and-son cooperation, which is the age of direct dominion, women who want to bear the seed of true life have to absolutely obey their husbands.

Going beyond all the sacrifice women had to make throughout history, women have to set the right path of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience towards their original true husbands. God set up this absolute standard when He created Adam and Eve; today's women must put this into practice. Women must do their duty of absolutely believing, loving and obeying their husbands. Having passed through so much agony, women absolutely have to obey God in order to receive His absolute love. Mothers have to walk the path of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience in order to receive all the blessings that are the fruit of women's having paid indemnity throughout history.

After receiving the blessing, men must never think of other women, not even in their dreams. Otherwise, there will be frightening consequences. Do you know what kind of agony God must have felt to embrace and love His children who are being abused in the satanic world? You need to understand clearly that the age of mother-and-son cooperation changes into the age of father-and-son cooperation. True Parents have finished paying indemnity. They paid indemnity for women and Christians who did not fulfill their responsibilities and set the tradition so that you can move from the age of mother-and-son cooperation to the age of father-and-son cooperation with the words of the Principle. That is the only way we can arrive at a clean conclusion.

Since this is the time for us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven within the realm liberated by God and True Parents, who ultimately desire true liberty for the world, we have the Transition of the Three Ages Four Position Foundation Registration Unification Blessing Ceremony in Chung Pyung. Americans are proud of their democracy. But I will tell them that they should forget about democracy when it comes to influencing the world. Democracy will also decline. What happened in the presidential election in America is a sign that our time is coming. True Parents are in the position of a nation's kingship and will advance to world-level kingship. Once the United States acknowledges the value of blessed families we can create a unified world centering on the United Nations. We have come to such an important time.

Hawaii is the place where Japan and the United States can be unified. So I passed through all the four islands: the big Island (the island of Hawaii), Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. When I look at the four islands, I think of how to embrace the United States and Japan together.

During World War II, Japan attacked Hawaii. Japan must indemnify that. She should gain back what was lost, through True Parents and in the position of a mother. Japan's attack on the United States can be explained as Satan's mother having tried to occupy the heavenly archangelic world, the Christian cultural realm. Although Japan perished then, Father came and regained the mother's position on the heavenly side for her .

You can understand that what I am trying to accomplish has not changed. There has only ever been one direction.

[Originally published in Today's World, November]

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