Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2001

Leader's Meeting on the Anniversary of HSA-UWC USA

Sun Myung Moon
September 18, 2001

From 1998 to today has been a 3 year period. We Unification Church leaders are not just working on an individual level but on a world level representing all humanity. The final goal is to restore God's Kingship. Following the providential program, 1998 began the time when Father could bring about the final division between God's side and Satan's side. Because of this God can dwell in us and sit on his throne and relate with us as the King of Kings.

I prepared from the individual to world level and proclaimed the coronation ceremony. You should know how important this is, and America should develop these ideas and the providence. This tragedy -- whether it was God's interruption or not, we should know whether God interfered or not. Jesus Christ was on the cross, now America stands on the cross of the world.

You should develop the result of love and go forward in that way. That means that America should put itself on the cross, doing it by themselves, into the position of the sacrifice, serving others. How much does America understand this? America should be put on the cross. How much are they loving others, their enemies?

Now is the time to change everything. America and Americans must take the lead in practicing "Love your enemy". America must follow the providence of God. Father established the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace.

America must connect properly with this organization for there to be peace. Our members must convey this idea to all people. The religious leaders must unite beyond their religion and guide the political leaders of their nations. If this doesn't happen there will be no peace.

The core idea is connecting religions, so I established the IIFWP and IRFF and WANGO to work at the UN. Centering on these organizations, then America can connect and combine and through that to develop God's providence. If it doesn't happen, then more chaos will come.

Now is time for American brothers and sisters to take responsibility for this country. Now is the time for this society to become the reflection of God's love. This is the time to bear the fruit. This means we can bring the whole world back to God. IIFWP has the mission to embrace all of America and the world and bring them back to God. If America stands on God's side it will prosper. If it doesn't, it will perish.

We need to inherit the absolute authority of the coronation of God's kingship, and members should convey this to all people. It is time for American brothers and sisters to take responsibility for this country. Internally move other people and in that way society can go to the way of God's side, growing the trunk, branches, leaves and flowers and bearing the fruit.

That way we can bring the world back to God's side. So IIFWP has the mission to embrace the country, America and the world. The world, when it centers on God, will have love and faith and on that idea, living trees will grow well. Jesus cursed the fig tree when it did not bear fruit.

Heavenly Father established and gave so much heart to this nation. All UC members must give love and liberate God's heart. You must have Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. You must love this country more than any other Americans.

Eight months passed after the coronation of God's Kingship. If we had poured out our whole heart in the last eight months this tragedy would not have happened. [Tragedy of the September 11, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City.] Now is the time to invite all religious leaders to come together and practice love for all religions. Now is the time to invite all religious leaders and give them the blessing.

Man's ideas can never solve the problems of war and terrorism.

Fighting in this country is not good. America has morality problems especially with the youth. All I see is family breakdown. I have invested 30 years to save this country. How many people understand this? Who feels that this is your country?

This is not the Unification Church; it is my church, our church. We can solve the conflict of brothers and families. That is the core of the living offering fund. Upon that idea we can connect NGOs and develop this activity.

My mission is done for this country. I have declared and announced everything. So far, many blessed couples pray in the name of True Parents, but on the victorious foundation of True Parents, pray as blessed central family. You don't need God, the messiah, True Parents. You are the central person, the important one. I bequeath everything to you based on the coronation ceremony. I wonder how much you understand this foundation and if you are seriously taking care of this environment.

You must think that America is My Nation and My Tribe. This is My destiny that's why I can solve these problems and ideas. All these responsibilities. Nobody can solve these problems. All these problems can be solved by absolute faith, love and obedience in the Unification Church members.

IIFWP leaders must make a coalition of leaders beyond any religion. All these leaders were just fighting each other. Bishop Stallings is here. Now is the time to be very inter-religious. Three brothers, black brother, white brother and yellow brother must embrace each other and bring love to everyone. This is a very serious time. We must unite together. We committed for 12,000 ministers to come. We must make a coalition together and unite and bring hope to this nation.

Without this kind of blessing idea this country will not have any direction. White people should be humble, not proud. Their power cannot stop these problems. The jet terrorist attack could not be stopped by power.

My God, my country, my will. This is My Country, not someone else's. If people are against God it is more difficult, with economic problems and family breakdown. If you have economic prosperity but family breakdown you have nothing.

Not our Country, My Country. My means "I" have responsibility. If you say Our Country -- you are a thief. When you say "Our" it means that you think someone else will do it.

All family problems must be solved. What is the meaning of the Living Offering Fund? Upon that idea you can connect all NGOs and build a new world.

Father's mission is done for this country. Now blessed couples pray in their own names as a blessed central family. You understand Father's position and with the coronation of God's kingship you can understand everything. How much are you seriously thinking about what Father is doing and the meaning of America?

God's nation is My nation. I want to be the best filial son and daughter. You must understand the time that has come. You must understand this time. East Garden is My house. True Family must have this concept.

You should unite with God and True Parents in oneness. God's will is my will; God's nation is my nation. I want to be the best filial son and daughter. You should have this conviction. Saints and prophets could not make it. This is such an important time; it is all connected with me, I am important. What is this? It is mine. Even East Garden is mine.

True children should have the same concept. One heart; without uniting Cain and Abel, we cannot go forward. Husband and wife should unite too; this is important. Without unity of husband and wife there is no way to go.

This is My country. How seriously did you think about this country as My country and that I am responsible. Father never follows your ideas. We do not follow any leaders. This is a very important meeting, why are not all the key leaders here?

You are the sons and daughters of True Parents. You must connect to God's Will as My will. Father's mind is so serious. Father did a 50 state speaking tour. Father went without meals many times and did Hoon Dok Hae and forgot himself and almost missed the airplane schedule.

No one knows Father's heart. Father is perfect 90 degrees to God's heart. The American government -- how much Rev. Moon sacrificed to save this country.

My eyes, my nose, my mouth etc. -- no one says our eyes etc. You must think My God. My country. The Unification Church is My Church. If we do that all other American people would start to help the Unification Church.

You must help each other and work with each other. Who is the owner? This country is My Country. How many people think this is My Country. Most don't think about it. Father emphasized that this is My God.

Father never sits in the back and is always on the frontline. Father's way is my way. Father wants to donate the entire Madison Square Garden fund to help America.

Father made a special decision at this time. We postponed this ceremony and donated all this money to America. Father is the root of the tree -- we are the branches. We must re-determine ourselves even if we die, at the price of our lives.

This is My Country. This country must inherit the tradition of our True Parents. We need ownership of this country. This is my nation. Black, white and yellow, the ownership is mine. Society, we don't care what they say, we just follow God's providence.

That's why Father did a special leader's workshop. We must have Ownership of this nation. God's blood lineage is My Blood Lineage. You need absolute faith, love and obedience.

All leaders must understand this. This is the purpose of the workshop at this time for America. You should set this up yourself. When you think about love, true love, you can't rest. You must have that kind of desperate heart.

If you don't do well it's because you are not True. What is a blessed central family? All families must be a blessed central family. I wonder how many people you will develop to support God's providence. I gave all my ideas to you from the spirit world.

All leaders must unite together to save this country. You must educate all the leaders. The liberated parents of heaven and earth and the children, united as one mind and body, fulfill the purpose of true love, God's Living Offering. The living offering fund is most important to save this nation and the world. If you don't understand this way don't expect God's Blessing.

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